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Yea, saith God, I have called thee to this place, and I shall not fail thee, saith God, saith the Lord. Look not at the circumstances, but look to my Word, saith God, for I have, indeed, said that I shall prosper this work, for indeed, it is the work of my Son. And I shall use each and every one of you mightily, saith God, and this work shall grow like a plant, saith God. Yea, even like the mustard seed that I speak of in the Scripture. It shall grow, saith God. It shall turn into a great tree, and that tree shall fill the earth, saith the Lord, and my Spirit shall indeed be in that tree, saith God. And I shall curse not, but I shall bless, saith the Lord, and I shall bring forth the Word of Truth, and I shall bring forth life, and I shall indeed be all in all. Yea, I shall indeed bring every man into the image of Jesus Christ, saith God, and my truth shall swallow up the lies in the earth today. Yea, saith God, I shall swallow up the lie, and I shall indeed deal with thy enemies, saith God, for thou hast truly followed my instructions. Thou hast blessed, and cursed not, and thou hast indeed prayed for those who despitefully used thee. Yea, I have watched thee, saith God, with a sharp keen eye. I have watched the fruit of my hand, saith the Lord. For surely I have been bringing thee to this place for many a season, and I have watched thee, and thou hast prevailed, saith God, and thou hast implemented the principles of my Word. Yea, watch me, saith God, I shall indeed rise up, and scatter thine enemies, saith the Lord. I shall do this thing, for no weapon formed shall prosper against thee. Yea, saith God, what God has put together let no man put asunder, saith the Lord. Yea, saith God, the Church age is nearing an end, and the Age of the Kingdom has already been introduced into the earth, saith the Lord. Watch my Spirit, watch me, watch me, saith God, I shall give thee eyes to see, and thou shalt see the Church age swallowed up. Thou shalt see my Kingdom imparted to the many, saith God. I shall show thee glorious things, and I shall permit thee to be a partaker of this move of God. Cling unto me, run not from the persecution, saith the Lord, but wait for my delivering power to deliver thee. Move not on your own, saith God, listen to my wisdom, stand, stand with all that I have given thee, against thy enemy, and thou shalt indeed prevail and have a part in this work, that which thou can not even now imagine. The glory that I shall pour out, saith God, that I shall permit thee to partake of, thy mind at this point can not even imagine. Believe my Word, saith God, and thou shalt enter in. Hallelujah!




I am going to be speaking today from the Book of Hosea, which is in the Old Testament. It is found after the major prophets, the last of which, is Daniel. God has given me something to preach to you. Basically, it is the whole Book of Hosea. I do not even know how this is going to come out, but we are going to read Chapter11, and then we are going to see what the Lord has to say to us.


"When Israel was a child, then, I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt. As they called them, so they went from them, and they sacrificed unto Balaam, and burned incense to graven images. I taught Ephraim, also, to go, taking them also by their arms; but they knew not that I healed them. I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love: and I was to them as they that take off the yoke on their jaws, and I laid meat into them. He shall not return into the land of Egypt, but the Assyrian shall be his king because they refuse to return. And the sword shall abide upon his cities, and shall consume his branches, and devour them, because of their own counsels. And my people are bent to backsliding from me: though they called them to the Most High, none at all would exalt him. How shall I give thee up, Ephraim? How shall I deliver thee, Israel? How shall I make thee as Admah? How shall I set thee as Zeboim? Mine heart is turned within me, my repentings are kindled together. I will not execute the fierceness of mine anger, I will not return to destroy Ephraim: for I am God, and not man; the Holy One in the midst of thee: and I will not enter into the city. They shall walk after the Lord: he shall roar like a lion: when he shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west. They shall tremble as a bird out of Egypt, and as a dove out of the land of Assyria: and I will place them in their houses, saith the Lord. Ephraim compasseth me about with lies, and the house of Israel with deceit: but Judah yet ruleth with God, and is faithful with the saints."


I am going to read a few verses from Hosea 14, starting with verse 4, "I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him. I will be as the dew unto Israel: he shall grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots as Lebanon. His branches shall spread and his beauty shall be as the olive tree, and his smell as Lebanon. They that dwell under his shadows shall return; they shall revive as the corn, and grow as the vine: the scent there of shall be as the wine of Lebanon. Ephraim shall say, What have I to do anymore with idols? I have heard him and observed him. I am like a green fir tree. From me is thy fruit found."


This is basically the situation of the natural man. Hosea was a prophet to the house of Israel. As you may, or may not, know the nation of Israel came forth from the twelve tribes of Jacob, and there was a war. The tribes of Judah and Benjamin became known as Judah, and the remaining ten tribes became known as Israel, or Ephraim. There was a civil war in Israel. There was a separation. Israel set up its own king which was not from the tribe of Judah. We are told in the Scripture that spiritual authority must descend from the tribe of Judah, and Ephraim set up his own king, Jeroboam, who did not descend from the royal seed.


Jeroboam was a man who was not from the tribe of Judah. They set up their own priests which were not descendants of Aaron, and the tribe of Levi, and this was, according to the law of God, an illegal government. Hosea was a prophet to the house of Israel, or to Ephraim, as God calls him, and he was calling the people to repentance. The prophets are always calling the people to repentance, and the reason for this is that the natural man must sin. It is the very essence of his nature to sin. Last week we spoke about this, that the human nature is in direct opposition to the law.


If we did not have the law, and we followed after our feelings and our thoughts, we would be continuously breaking the law of God. That is how God made us, so He knows that is how we are. A big question to many people is, well why did God make us that way? Without the correct answers, people get very confused. The answer is that we are not completely created. We are in the process of being created. God made the part that would surround His Spirit, first. We are darkness, we are the negative aspect of creation. We are in this condition waiting for the positive Spirit of God to be injected into our very being, to join Himself to us, and to give us the ability to keep the law.


The reason that we cannot keep the law is that we are only partially created. If you know anything about science, or chemistry, or physics, negative always draws. It takes, it takes, it takes, because there is something lacking in it. Man is the negative aspect of the creation. God is going to add the positive aspect of the creation to it, to make us one whole creation in the Spirit of God, so that we will no longer have these problems. However, this creation is taking thousands of years to come forth.


While we are in the earth in this negative condition, God has said, "You do not have to suffer. I am going to tell you how you can survive this condition that you are in, of being partially created. This is what is right, and this is what is wrong, and you have your choice. You can listen to my law, or you can listen to the yearnings and the urgings of your flesh. If you listen to my law, and you obey it, you can live a good life."


God promises us corn, and oil, and wine, which, in the Scripture, are typical of a good life. He gives us all the good things of life, and we are told that He rains down these good things on the wicked as well as upon the just. They are out there for everybody's taking, until the day that the Spirit of God calls you forth, in your particular order and says, "This is your time for my Spirit to be joined to you so, that, you can move into the fullness of the Kingdom."


We find Israel....well, let me start with Abraham. We know that the nations of the world all came forth as descendants of Adam. God decided to bring forth a people from the nations through which He could manifest to give the Law to the nations of the earth. So, He went to a man called Abraham, and Abraham believed God. We are told in the Scripture that Abraham’s belief in God was counted unto him as righteousness, and that righteousness covered Abraham with his Spirit. Jehovah covered Abraham's sins.


He said, "Because you believe in me, your sins are forgiven. Just go on, and do what I tell you, and I will bring forth a great nation from you." So Abraham had Isaac. Well, Abraham had two sons. He had the son of the flesh, which was the son of Hagar, Ishmael, and he had his son Isaac, which was the son of promise. This is very important. Abraham had a flesh child, and he had a child of promise, a spiritual child.


You will see that there are always two or more children, and God always chooses to fulfill the promise through the spiritual line. Then, Isaac had Jacob and Esau, and the spiritual child there was Jacob, and Jacob was a usurper. Jacob is called a thief because, in those days, the first born was entitled to the entire inheritance, but Jacob tricked his father, Isaac, with the help of his mother, and literally stole Esau’s birthright. Jacob’s name means usurper, and he stole Esau’s birthright.


Now, a lot of people seem to think that if you are a preacher, or if you are a man of God, you have to be perfect, and be a wonderful person in every way. But when we really look with a critical eye at the characters in the Scripture, we find out that they did a lot of terrible things. Abraham abandoned his wife to the king of Egypt, and Isaac did the same thing. They were anything but perfect, but God chose them any way, not because they were good, but simply because He chose to use them, so God covered them with his righteousness. We have already spoken about how the imputed righteousness of God, the gifts, and the calling of God are without repentance. But you do not have to be perfect, you do not have to be clean. God cleans you because He has chosen to use you; nevertheless, you are still not purified in your spirit. You have received a "cloak" of righteousness.


Jacob had twelve sons, which are the twelve tribes of Israel. The Scripture calls them "the fathers of Israel," and out of the twelve, God chose two. God said that Joseph would have the birthright. This means that the land and the natural promises would go to Joseph. Joseph received the promise and his older brothers were rejected.


Reuben, Jacob’s first son, was rejected because he fornicated with one of Jacobs concubines, which was considered incest, so he was not considered eligible for the birthright. Reuben was rejected, and the others after him were rejected for other reasons, so the birthright went to Joseph, who we are told, is a type of Christ. Joseph wound up in Egypt, and became the representative of Pharaoh’s government that distributed food to the people during the seven years of famine. Joseph is a type of Christ, who is, indeed, dispensing spiritual food during today’s spiritual famine.


Joseph married an Egyptian woman, and produced two children, Ephraim and Manasseh. Manasseh was the oldest son who was entitled to the birthright, but God gave the birthright to Ephraim instead of Manasseh. So we see a pattern here. Esau, who was the oldest, did not get the birthright. Jacob got it. Manasseh who was the oldest did not get the birthright, Ephraim got it. So we see a spiritual principle in the Scripture that God prefers the second over the first. We do not really see this any more today, but in times past, the oldest son always inherited the entire substance of the father. But, we see that God can, and does, reverse this order when He chooses to do so. God can reverse it. He has the authority to do that.


We see a deeper spiritual principle here, that everything we see in the natural realm is a reflection or mirror image of the spiritual realm. In the natural, the older son would receive the birthright, but God chooses the second, because from the spiritual point of view, the second is really first. Jesus clearly said that the first would be the last, and the last would be the first (Mk. 10:31).


The prophesy is that the scepter will not depart from Judah. This means that God’s spiritual authority will be manifested through Judah, the tribe that produced Jesus Christ. The spiritual rulership, the kingship, whoever the king in Israel may be, must come forth from Judah.


There was great envy and controversy between Ephraim and Judah because of this prophesy. There was great jealousy. Ephraim was very powerful. He was one of the ten tribes of the northern kingdom, he was great in numbers, and very wealthy. Ephraim was a great warrior, and always one the tribes that was up front when it came to warfare. We are also told that Ephraim was very proud, to the extent that on several occasions he did not even call his brothers to assist him when he went into battle. He just went and fought the battle by himself, because he though that he did not need anybody. Ephraim, who was very lifted up in pride, is a type of the natural man. So, we have twelve tribes of Israel, with Ephraim the natural man and Judah, spiritual man.


Now, all this is to help us understand what is going on inside of each of us today. We are both a natural man, and a spiritual man. We are told that everything that happened in the Old Testament happened as an example for us, yet it is virtually impossible to understand spiritual things unless God anoints our ears. God teaches us in two ways. He gives us natural examples so that we can understand spiritual principles, and he gives us spiritual experiences.


This is the only way, because trying to understand spiritual things is like trying to comprehend what life is like on the planet mars. If we cannot relate to the experience personally, we will never understand it. God gives us historical accounts and parables so that we can understand what He is doing in us, and what He is doing in us? He is making us a part of the Kingdom of God. We are going to be spiritual men, although we are still soul (flesh) men at this time,


There is this great controversy between Ephraim and Judah because Judah is the tribe designated by God to produce the kings of Israel. At the time of Israel’s civil war, Rehoboam, the son of Solomon, was king over all of Israel. Solomon had died, and his son Rehoboam became king, but Rehoboam was not a wise king. The people came to him, headed up by Ephraim, and asked him to make reforms. Apparently towards the end of Solomon’s reign, Solomon had put a lot of hardships on the Israelite people, who came to him and said, "We would like reforms, we do not want you to tax us so much." Whatever the abuses were, they asked for reforms, so Rehoboam sought his counselors, because every king, everyone in authority, has counselors.


No one can know everything, so you get counsel before you make your decision. Then you take all your information, evaluate it, and make your decision. Now, the old, wise men, who were the counselors to Solomon, said to Rehoboam, "Give them their reforms, they are right, and the reforms should be made." Then, Rehoboam went to his young friends who had no experience.


Now, experience is more than years. It is what you have seen, and what you have lived through. When you are young, there is just no way that you could have experienced everything that an older person has experienced. In God, we do not measure that experience by how many years we are saved or how old we are, because there is no time or space in the Spirit of God. It is possible, then, for God to take a man, and in five or ten short years, impart to him great wisdom, even much more wisdom than someone who has been reconciled to God for fifty years.


When we are talking about spiritual things, we have to be careful not to get caught up on how many years we have been with the Lord. We recognize a spiritual elder when the Spirit of God in us witnesses that a particular person has the wisdom of God. The witness continues to be revealed when, after we follow the elder’s advice, the power of God moves on our behalf in the situation for which we sought counsel. This is how we know that someone is a spiritual elder, spiritually moving in the kingdom of Judah, and anointed to lead.


Rehoboam went to the friends that grew he grew up with, who had no experience at all, and were as young people so often are, self centered and selfish. And Rehoboam’s friends said, "Oh, no, do not give the reforms, we want all of the tax money for ourselves. Do not do that." And Rehoboam rejected the counsel of the elders, and took the counsel of his contemporaries, and said to the men of Israel, "Not only do I refuse to give you the reforms you have asked for, but I will increase your taxes, and your burdens."


Israel rose up in rebellion, saying, "We will not tolerate your response, but will separate from you and appoint our own king." And they went forth, and put someone named Jeroboam on the throne of the northern kingdom of the now divided Israel, and Jeroboam was not a descendant of the tribe of Judah. The separation of Israel into the northern and southern kingdoms was an illegal act of rebellion, but, nevertheless, when Rehoboam rose up with arms to put down the rebellion, God said, "Do not go to war. This separation is of me." It is of me, let it be.


The two kingdoms separated, and were called Judah, and Israel or Ephraim. I think God prefers the word Ephraim because Israel really, ultimately, will be the name of the two kingdoms when they are rejoined. There is a promise in the Bible that there will be one head over Ephraim, and Judah, and the name of the rejoined nation will be Israel.


God distinguishes Judah from the ten separated tribes, which is called Israel, by calling Israel, Ephraim. Now, Ephraim fell into great sin because they did not have the blessings of the Lord, since their king did not come down from the line of Judah, and their priests were not from the tribe of Levi. The Levites, basically, except for one or two renegade Levites which were out of God's will anyway, stayed in Judah because they honored the law.


The Scriptures say that once a year at the time of the feasts, Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles, every Israelite has to go to the temple in Jerusalem to worship God. The people of Israel wanted to go to Judah to worship on the feast days, but Jeroboam was afraid that if the people went to Judah, they would realize that they were in sin and not return to Israel.


What did Jeroboam’s greed and pride force him to do? Jeroboam established a form of false worship in Ephraim. He built several golden calves, and said, "These are your gods." He appointed men that were not from the tribe of Levi, and said, "These are your priests." He set up a substitute religious system, and a kingdom that was not governed by a descendant of the tribe of Judah, all of which was totally illegal.


What this represents to us who are trying to understand spiritual things, is that inside each of our persons, inside of our very beings, is a natural man that we can liken to Ephraim, and a spiritual man that we can liken to Judah. Nevertheless, we are told that Judah sinned also. He sinned after the similitude of Ephraim. Isaiah was the prophet to the nation of Judah, and Isaiah went after Judah just like Hosea went after Ephraim. However, God tells us that Judah's sins were not as severe as Ephraim's sins because he did not have golden calves. He did have the legal priests, and he did have the legal kings.


Eventually, God destroyed Ephraim, which was conquered by Assyria. They went into captivity in Assyria, and the Assyrian Emperor sent other subjects of his kingdom into Ephraim’s natural territory to settle the land. There was no more Israel. It became another nation. What happened with Judah? Judah was conquered by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, who took the seed royal and upper-class society of Judah into captivity in Babylon, but let the common people of Judah remain in the land. He took all the nobles into captivity in Babylon, all of the princes, anyone that would possibly be in line to be a king, and he left the common people in Judah, which he let it remain as a nation. And, of course, it is the will of God that Judah remain as nation, and that Samaria be utterly destroyed.


You will find from time to time that God will say in the Books of Kings, "this king was a wicked king, and he sinned after the sin of Jeroboam, or he sinned after the sin of Israel." What God is talking about is idolatry. That is what Ephraim fell into, idolatry, and that is about the worse sin in the Bible that you can fall into. This is what is going on in our spiritual being today. We are two men, and our natural man is an idolater. He worships golden calves, he denies the established deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, and he hates, and removes himself from everything that is of God.


There is a Scripture in Hosea, it is Chapter 12 and Verse 1, "Ephraim feedeth on the wind and followeth after the east wind. He daily increaseth lies and desolation, and they do make a covenant with the Assyrians, and oil is carried into Egypt." Now there has been a lot of carnal interpretation that they are trying to set up some kind of holocaust in the middle east, but we know that oil is a type of the Holy Spirit, and that Egypt is a type of the flesh man.


What that Scripture is saying is that Ephraim does have some spiritual power. We know the natural man does have some spiritual power. Now, that spiritual power has to be exercised towards God, but this Scripture says that Ephraim sent his spiritual power to Egypt. Ephraim did not turn his spiritual power not towards God, but he turned it downward towards the flesh realm. That is what Ephraim, the flesh man, did. He became the witch. Spiritual Ephraim, our flesh man, is the witch in our mind that opposes God on every turn. Nevertheless, God has promised to redeem him.


God loves fallen Adam, our flesh man. God knows his condition. He knows that we are going through these stages, just like a natural baby in utero that is being formed goes through all these different stages. The doctors know all about it. There are three trimesters. At first they are like this, and then they are like that, then this part of them is formed, and then that, the brain is formed, the heart is formed. That is what is happening to us, fallen Adam, over thousands of years.


We are a natural man and we are a spiritual man, and even the spiritual man within us falls into idolatry, so we have to be joined to Christ Jesus, because we cannot save ourselves. Without Christ Jesus, we are half a man.


God has let us marry and have children in this natural realm, just like He permitted the Jews to marry and have hybrid children in Babylon, as a type of the marriage between the Spirit of God and man. But God is coming to us, to marry our soul realm, and to be our husband, so that He can abide within us forever. We talked about this last week. When a man gets married he leaves his mother and father, or when a woman has a child, he leaves her body, grows up, gets married, and he has his own family. Remember this realm is the mirror image of the spiritual realm. Everything is happening outside of us in this realm. We get our food from outside of ourselves, and we get our affection from outside of ourselves. Our children, our jobs are outside of us.


In the spiritual realm, everything is going on within this outline that we call the body, within this form. I am a form, you can see my outline, and everything that is happening in my spiritual life is going on within this body. Within this body is a soul that is in many parts, we have talked about this. There are many aspects to my soul, just like in our life today, we have a husband, daughters, sons, grandchildren, bosses, friends, all kinds of relationships in our lives. Something similar is happening within our spiritual being that is all taking place within this outline, or this form, which is basically our mind, although we are not aware of it yet.


You take a little baby like Joshua. He is not aware of what is going on in the outside world. His whole world is home, his mother, his father, his sister, his brother, his grandparents, and aunt. He comes here, he goes to the supermarket, but he does not know that there is a state known as Illinois. He does not know that there is another continent known as Africa. He does not know that there is a country known as France. He does not know there are people that speak other languages. He does not know anything beyond his immediate experiences.


Well, those of us who have not yet entered into the spiritual realm, or are very new or very young in the spiritual realm, is not the aspect of the spiritual world that we see, just one planet in the spiritual universe? The whole spiritual reality is in here. It is in our mind, and we are learning just like a young child. Right now, we can only hear the basic teachings, or see a little bit because we look through a darkened mirror. It is a wonderful experience to receive the Holy Spirit, and speak in tongues, and have hands laid on you when you are sick, and to be healed. That is wonderful, but that is like Joshua saying, "Well, look, this is my highchair. I have three cookies here, and that is all that I need." There are many more spiritual experiences out there that we cannot even comprehend at this time. It is in here, it is within.


The scientists tell us that the universe is infinite. Well, the infinite universe is also within our mind. The physical aspect of the universe is expanding outward, but the spiritual aspect of the universe within our mind is expanding inward. The spiritual universe is infinite in Christ, who can give us infinite experiences in Himself, because God is infinite. He is eternal. Now, spiritual principles are very hard to understand, but God is trying to teach us by using the things of this physical world as natural types of spiritual principles. The Lord will show us the spiritual truth of everything that we could look at, if we ask Him.


We see Ephraim, who is in great idolatry, and God, who is very angry at him, and the love of God manifesting in anger, which chastens and corrects the child so that it is not lost. If we let our children do anything that they want, they can run off, fall out of the window, and kill themselves. We do not understand spiritual things because we cannot see. Sometimes we are blind, and sometimes we can not hear. I know many times, God has warned me, and I have heard Him, but I did not get the understanding of what I heard. It is like saying to a small child, if you touch that stove you will be burned. He will hear me, look at me with a big grin and reach toward the stove. If you do not stop him, his hand will be burned.


God has many restrictions, on us as we grow in God. because, as we have been told, the natural man who has spiritual power, is determined to prevent Christ from ruling in our spiritual vessels, and to block the spiritual marriage that will join mortal humanity to Christ permanently. Spiritual Ephraim is determined to rule. He does not want to give us over to Christ.


Now, as we said last week, Christ is coming in us. We receive the Holy Spirit, and it is the work of the Holy Spirit to fertilize our human spirit and bring forth the Christ child. When the Christ child if fully brought forth, he marries us, he joins himself to us, he nails himself to us. We have said earlier in other meetings that the natural man is all fused together, fallen Adam, Eve, Satan, all these elements of the soul are fused together. Well when Jesus nails himself to us or to the powers and principalities in us, that is what he is doing, he is fusing himself to us. We have spoken about this. When we are a natural man, we are in the wrong moral order, and Christ Jesus is breaking us apart. It is very painful, it is called tribulation. It comes with great trials, he is breaking us apart, and he is putting us in right order, and when we are in the right order, he is going to fuse us together, and this is what happened to the man, Jesus, on the cross.


Christ Jesus was the Son of God himself, incarnated in a natural man, known as Jesus, the Christ. That natural man was just like we are. He had a soul, fallen Adam, Eve, and Satan. The Scripture says he was with the beast of the field. He went through everything that we went through, only he took the victory. He was tempted forty days in the wilderness. Satan tried to get on top of the Christ Mind within Jesus, but could not. Jesus was with fallen Adam, the beast of the field, but fallen Adam, Jesus’ carnal mind that he inherited from his mother, could not convince Jesus to fornicate with him. Jesus was polarized, he was separated, he maintained his integrity, for all of the years, that the Lord let him live on the earth. The very last act before Jesus let himself be offered up on the cross was to say," No one can take my life, I lay it down." Jesus offered up his soul life on the cross. That was simply a type of what happened within his spiritual being. Jesus was in proper order, the carnal mind of Jesus, the natural man, was not on top of Jesus’ Christ Mind. Christ Jesus was on top, and Jesus, the natural man, was completely in submission to God in that, Jesus’ mortal soul was under him, and Satan, the unconscious part of Jesus’ mortal soul, was under him. Jesus took a total victory over Satan because he was in complete submission to the Christ Mind within him.


The natural man, Jesus, was in the proper moral order, so Christ Jesus fused the creation together. He fused it together, and one of the results of Christ Jesus fusing the creation of God together in the proper moral order, was that the natural man, Jesus, became a spiritual man, who had the power to ascend in an incorruptible state into the heavenlies. All this is available to us too. All this is available to us so that we, too, have the privilege of ascending to such a high place in God that the torment, and the horrors of this fallen soul realm cannot touch us. Sickness, disease, mental torment, war, hatred, envy, jealousy, will not touch us, because we are being broken apart, and we are being put back together in the right moral order. We are going to be fused together in Christ, Hallelujah. Jesus said he will be with us forever. He will never leave us, He will never leave us.


This is what God is doing today, and all of these rebukes in the Scripture toward Ephraim and toward Judah, we can apply them to our natural man and to our spiritual man. We can read these Scriptures, and look at the very things that we are doing. We have just talked about the Holy Spirit entering into us, fertilizing our human spirit and bringing forth Christ, and when Christ is brought forth, he marries us, he joins himself to us.


Well, what happened in the spiritual realm is that we know Eve married Satan. She was seduced and married Satan instead of God, and Satan is a spirit that is a parallel to the Holy Spirit on the evil side. He fertilized her human spirit, and he brings forth the fruit of the carnal mind, and when that fruit matures it marries her. It joins itself to her, and that is why we are told that the harlot fornicates with the kings of the earth. These are the kings of the earth. Their carnal mind is the fruit that is being brought forth as a result of the spirit of Satan, and then she marries them. She fornicates with them continuously and produces more fruit and more ungodly fruit, and that is why she is a harlot, because she is spiritually going to bed with all of these entities. It is not just Satan. She is not just fornicating with Satan. She is fornicating with the spirit of every carnal mind that has been produced.


We had a message a few weeks ago, God calls them the names of blasphemy in the book of Revelation. She produces them, and then she fornicates with them. She is unrestrained, the human spirit is unrestrained. She has no power to resist these spiritual male entities. They take her at will, and that is the state of the natural man, the powers and principalities of this world system take her at will. It is only when we come into Christ that we cry out to God, and he guards us against them. But until we are married to Christ Jesus, and are joined to him, we will always be susceptible, even though Christ is in us, even though the Holy Spirit is in us. The Holy Spirit is fertilizing our human spirit. Christ is coming forth at the very same time. Until this work is completed, Satan is still in there. Under the right circumstances, he can still fertilize our human spirit, and we can still bring forth a name of blasphemy or an evil fruit. When that happens we need deliverance. We have to repent of the sin, and the fruit needs to be cast out. And it can continue to happen.


I know my personal experience is that it is happening less and less because God is imparting the ability, to me, to prevent the spiritual fornication. The fornication, remember, is in our minds. The fornication is in the form of a thought. A thought comes to me, an evil thought, a thought that will break God's law, a thought, let us say that someone is annoying me, and I think hatred towards them. I have the choice to say, you are a wicked thought, flee from my mind, I will not fornicate with you, at which point, no evil fruit is produced, and I do not need deliverance.


Or if I am weak, if I am in a moment of weakness, if I am under stress, if there is pressure on me, and I say, I just cannot stand that person, and I really hate them in my heart, I have sinned. I have to ask God to deliver me from any fruit that has come forth from this thought. Now, it takes a long time to get to the point where you can even discern what is going on in your mind, but God knows that.


This is a long journey that we are on. This is a spiritual process. We are being made from a soul man into a spiritual man, it is a process. We have a lot to learn, and one of the major things that is happening to us is that we are becoming aware of our spiritual surroundings. You know how babies are, you know they look in all the drawers, and they open the closets, they are exploring. Well, we are exploring, and when we learn, we are going to find out what is in our mind. It is not going to come upon us as just a big blob. It will be very clear. You know, sometimes when we are new in Christ, and when we are a natural man there is an oppression on us, and it is just an oppression. We cannot determine what it is.


As we grow in Christ, God is going to give us the ability to say, "This is what is in my mind, this is what is happening, this is what is coming against me," and until we get to that point there is no way we can deal with it.


We just cry out to God. Let us say we have a weak area, that weak area is fornication, overeating, smoking, whatever, it is a weak area. We are doing what we are not supposed to be doing, and we cannot stop. We can feel the urge coming upon us, and we cannot stop. Sometimes it takes him a really long time to get us to the point that we do not do it, and he has taken that long because he wants to deliver us. It is like a drowning person in the ocean, he does not want to just grab us by the neck, and draw us to shore. He wants us to learn how to swim. He wants us to grow up to be adult spiritual men.


We cannot spend the rest of our life having mommy and daddy taking care of us. We have to become adults. We have to learn how to handle money, we have to learn how to travel, we have to learn how to hold a job, we have to get an education in the natural realm.


Well, this is the kind of education we are getting in the spiritual realm. We have to know the world around us, and as we start to recognize the world around us, we start to see in the spirit, we start to see things in the spirit, and God speaks to us in the form of symbols. We have to learn to interpret the symbols. Sometimes, very young Christians get visions from God, visions and dreams, and they do not know what they mean. These symbols should be interpreted in accordance with the Bible definitions, not in accordance with Freud's definition.


If we find a naked person....once when I was young, I had a dream that I was naked from the waist up, and two men were looking at me, and I was mortified. I thought I was in some kind of sin or something, and then God showed me, "No." In the Scriptures, when you are naked you are spiritually exposed. He was telling me that I was spiritually exposed in this particular area. He was saying, "Be careful, if you continue to expose yourself to this situation, you could be seduced, and produce an evil fruit." That is what he was telling me. He was telling me that it had nothing to do with natural nakedness.


When we get a dream or we see a vision, we have to find out, we have to go into our concordances, and we have to find out what that means in the Scripture. We cannot imagine what it means, we cannot figure it out in our own carnal mind, and we certainly do not want what Freud had to say about it. You have to get the Scriptural interpretation.


God is teaching us a new language. I spoke to somebody the other day, and they were talking to me about what language they thought would be spoken when the kingdom of God is established in the earth. They had an opinion, and they are entitled to their opinion, but my opinion is that the language that we are going to speak, when the kingdom of God is in the earth, is telepathy. Well, that may be a wrong word for it, that might be an occultish word, but I do not know the Godly word for it. And we know that everything that is occultish exists in the spiritual realm of God. I do not know what God calls it, so I am calling it telepathy, but language is for the natural man.


As you start moving on in God, you find that you will stop responding to what people say. You start responding to what they think. It starts registering in your heart, you know, and this is a sign that you are moving on in God. When this first started happening to me, I thought I was losing my mind. Someone would come up to me and say really nice things to me, and in my heart I would feel that they were really my enemy. I would throw myself before God, because I thought there was something wrong with me, and the Lord would show me, "No, you are moving in the realm of my Spirit, and you are discerning the intents of their heart."


What do you do? You do not stand up and attack them in the natural if God is giving you knowledge in the spirit. We have to react in the spirit, and God says to pray for your enemies. We do not hurt anybody, but it cannot hurt us to know who our enemies are so we can at least ask God to defend us. We are moving into a whole new life, brethren. We are moving into the life of the spiritual man, and God wants to rise up, and to limit it. Hallelujah!


You know sometimes, it is because a lot of people think they are okay if they do not act out there ungodly feelings toward you, but Jesus said if you lust after a woman, you have committed adultery. If you have hated your brother in your heart, you have killed him. So, we are involved in a process whereby our thoughts are being purified. We have spoken about this. The first thing that is happening is that we are being cleansed by the washing with the water of the word. God is imparting to us the ability to separate the thoughts of God in our heart from the thoughts of fallen Adam, or from our darker side.


Unless we can separate those two thoughts....if every thought that we have is partially Christ and partially fallen Adam, and they are joined together, and they are fused together, we cannot take the dominion in Christ. They have to be ripped apart, the soul has to be ripped apart from the spirit. The thoughts of Christ must be ripped apart from the thoughts of fallen Adam. Tribulation, trials, fiery trials, pain, and torment, and I am sorry to give you this word, but it is just the way that it is.


We do not really know what somebody is like until God puts the pressure on them. You do not know, you do not know. You do not know what you are like until God puts the pressure on you, and we are told in the Scripture that we are being tested. These vexations that he permits to come upon us are used as a touchstone which tries, and tests precious metal to see how valuable it is, how much of it is gold. He will put the pressure on us for the express purpose of seeing how we react under pressure.


There are a lot of self-righteous people in the church world today. I am sorry, but the truth is supposed to set you free. I love you and I bless you, but if you are self-righteous you have to get delivered, because you are not Godly, and you are not holy because you go to church every Sunday, and you are not Godly and you are not holy because you give food to the poor people. Neither are you Godly and holy because you cast demons out of people and heal the sick. That does not make you Godly and holy. You are Godly and holy when Christ is ruling and reigning in your mind and giving you the victory over every ungodly thought that comes forth. That is when you are holy, and we cannot be holy without Christ. We cannot do it, it is impossible.


We hear a lot of people say is not Mother Theresa saved, are you telling me that Mother Theresa is not saved? I do not know whether Mother Theresa is saved or not, only God knows, but I will tell you this, that if all of her good works proceed forth out of the natural man, she is not holy. We must get our definitions straight. The church world has all of these wrong definitions. Stand up, and take the victory. It is in the mind, and we take the victory when Christ rules in our mind. We are just in spiritual kindergarten, people.


We need God to give us this victory over the thoughts in our mind, so that we no longer hurt our brother, because when we have spiritual power, if we hate somebody or if we are envious towards somebody, and we do not take the victory over it, we can do great damage spiritually to these people. Anything can happen. They could get sick, they could lose their job. When you have spiritual power, and you permit your ungodly thoughts to reign freely against your brothers, you can do them great harm.


I had an experience that really shocked me, this is before I got saved. A woman that I knew...there was something that I wanted to do, and I did not have the guts to do it, and a woman that I knew, that I personally considered a person with no backbone at all, stood up and did what I wanted to do. I could not believe it, and I really was not basically an envious person, although everyone has the potential for all of these things under the right circumstances. I was not one of these people who was envious every day of my life, and this envy rose up in me. I was horrified. And I was not saved at this point, but I said to myself, "I do not ever want her to know what I am thinking, I am not going to tell her, you know, I am not going to hurt her, I am not going to insult her, I am not going to say anything to her face at all."


Then one day we were sitting in the house having coffee. She was a member of my family, and she told me that she had gone to sleep the other night, and as she lay down in bed, this spiritual entity just attacked her, and she knew that it was a woman. She knew that it was a woman, and the minute that she said that to me, I knew that it was my thoughts. God must have quickened it to me. Like I said, I was not saved yet. I knew it was my thoughts, I was horrified, because I really did not want to hurt her, but not having Christ, I did not have the power to control my thoughts.


Our thoughts have spiritual power. They have the ability to do great harm to people. Of course, depending on who they are going against, different people have different spiritual strengths, even if you do not have what you call a born again experience, if you are raised in a Christian home, and you know the Scriptures, you do have protection in that. God has given us protection in this realm. When we get to the place in God that we have power over our thoughts, hopefully, we are going to stop thinking these hurtful thoughts. We will have progressed enough into Christ that these destructive Adamic thoughts do not come often, but even if they do, we are right on top of them, and we know that they are not going forth as a spiritual arrow.


We are told in the book of Psalms that these thoughts go as arrows into the people's bellies, that when we reach this place where this is not happening anymore, we are going to receive spiritual power. We have some power now. Yes, we can heal the sick, and we can cast out demons, but we are going to get real spiritual power. We are going to have the power to come up against people in a poverty stricken area, and produce food for them. We are going to have the power to come in with one loaf of bread, and break it, and see it feed five thousand. God cannot give us that power today because we will go around killing people. You do not give a two year old a steak knife. God has great things waiting for us, great things.


Fallen Adam has risen up in the church world in the preachers, many of the preachers, most of the preachers, and he is just denying this message. He is preaching against it, he is turning the people away from it, and all these preachers are telling the people that when they die, they are going to heaven, and will walk on streets of gold, no, no, no, no, no! It is much greater than that! The promise is much greater than that! We are going to travel in the spirit. There is a demonic manifestation of that. It is called Eckenkar, soul travel. It is occult, it is witchcraft, but God says that when I cleanse you to a certain point, and only God knows what that point is, and I bring you to a certain place, you are going to travel in the spirit.


John Lake had a testimony that someone had asked for help for a woman that was hopelessly insane in a mental institution in another country. He and a group of people got down on their knees and started praying for this woman. God took him out of his body, he flew across the cities, he said it was like he was in an airplane, and he could look down, and he could see all of the cities. He flew right into the room of this deranged woman, she was in isolation, rebuked the evil spirit, and flew back, and when he came to, he was right there with this group of people. This was a great man of God, John Lake, and they were still praying for this woman. The next day the word came to him that the woman had awakened the next morning totally sane. The doctors could not explain it at all, but they released her from the hospital. This is what is waiting for us people.


God is breaking the bondages on the entire earth. We do not have to wait until we die to go to another planet. God is delivering this planet, and if you are in Christ today, you are called to the company, the first fruits company. If you can hear this message, and you can receive this message, whoever you are, whether you are listening to this message or sitting here, if you can believe this message, you are one of the people that is called to the processing which is going to bring you to the place where you are going to do these mighty works for God.


Who wants a mansion on Mars? I want to set the people free. I want to move in the power of God, but we have to get there. Spiritual authority is not a free gift, reconciliation to God is a free gift, you receive the Holy Spirit as a free gift, but from there on in, brothers and sisters, it is nothing but hard work.


You do not have to drive yourself with a religious, legalistic spirit. God will bring you at your own pace if you submit yourself to him, but it is hard work. We have things to learn. We need deliverance, we need healing, and we need to grow in God spiritually. We have a lot to learn.


What I see happening in the earth today is.... I see God bringing people to mature believers in much less time which means, Hallelujah, that the time is short. The hour is upon us that he is going to raise a group of believers up in great power. They are going to go forth, and they are going to deliver people.


Someone told me the other day that there was a homosexual man who received Christ, and he is sitting in a local church right here on Long Island? He has stopped practicing, but he still has the urges. So he stopped practicing. God gave him the power to stop practicing it, but in his heart he is a homosexual. He is tormented, and he has been sitting in this church for four years. No help for him, no help for him. We are going to have the power to set these people free.


That is what is waiting for us, but if we stand up there and we say, "I cannot have a curse, and I cannot have a demon, and this is not idolatry, and I am not doing that wrong." Well, that is it, you know, you cannot go on with God. You have to confess your spiritual condition before He can change your condition.


Jesus said to the Pharisees, "You say that I see, therefore your sin remaineth with you." Your sin remaineth with you. If you deny that it is sin, how are you going to get healed, how are you going to get delivered? If you do not get healed, and you do not get delivered, you are not going to become the spiritual man that God has called you to become. You are not going to move in the power of the great and Almighty God. He is permitting us to share in His power. I have never been so excited in my life. To say to someone, "Rise up and walk, rise up, and do not be poverty stricken anymore, rise up, and do not be an alcoholic anymore, rise up, and do not be a drug addict anymore, rise up, and reproduce Christ." Hallelujah! Glory to God, he is going to give us that power.


I am really not into knocking other ministries, but sometimes I just get so frustrated. There are all these preachers running around saying, "But, you are okay." You are not okay. You have to admit your condition, to admit that there are curses on your life, because everybody has curses on their life. The curses could go back hundreds of generations. It does not mean you are bad, it does not mean you are evil, you do not have to defend yourself, you do not have to convince me or anybody else that you are okay. We all know that you are not okay. Only Jesus Christ is okay. So let us stop this nonsense, and enter into the promises of God. Hallelujah.


I did not say very much about Hosea, but talked about what God says our natural man is guilty of, so we can at least pray a prayer.




Father, you know, if this is true of me, clean me up, and move me on, because I do not want to stay in this realm anymore. I do not want to hate my brother, I do not want to be envious, I do not want to be poverty stricken, I do not want to be sick, you know, I want to move on with God and want to be brought to a place in Christ where I am walking on the water, where I am walking over the soul realm. I do not want to stay here till I die, I want to get it now.


Message Continued


God gave us Hosea 11 this morning, and He said, "When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and I called my son out of Egypt." We have spoken in past meetings about men that have been incarnated at the express will of the Father, that they existed in pure spirit form with the Father before the foundations of the world, and he had sown them in the earth with the seed of beast, and with the seed of man. We are fused together, that spiritual spark of the life of Christ, the soul and the body. This is the condition of the natural man before God calls forth his son.


He said, "When Israel was a child I loved him, and I called my son out of Egypt." Egypt is the flesh. God goes to the man that is incarnated at the express will of the Father, and he says, "I know you, I called you forth, and you are in the earth because I called you forth, and now I am calling you up to be a spiritual man, come forth!" And when Jesus says, "Come forth." You come forth.


You don’t have to go out in your own power, and say, "You are going to go to hell." No, no, no, God has the seeds of his son buried in the earth, and when he says to you, "Come forth", you come forth, you come forth! You come out of Egypt. "And they called to them, the prophets of God," because sometimes God calls you through a prophet. In most cases, when you are carnal, He does not go to you as directly as the Spirit of God, because you would not even recognize that it was Him. So, frequently, and most of the time He will go to you, through a manifestation of Himself in one of His prophets. And it says, "And the prophets called them, and they went from them." They ran in the other direction.


Well, look at the church world today. You know, they hear this glorious gospel coming forth, and they call it, I do not even want to say it, but they say that it is not of God. They say, "No, do not believe that. You are okay, you are clean, you are not under the judgment of God, you are just under the dealings of God." Let us play with words, You are not being judged if God is dealing with you, you are wonderful, and you are fine, just wait until you die. Do the best you can until you die, and you are going to go to heaven, and walk on streets of gold." That is what they tell you, and they tell all of the people, do not listen to these preachers that are preaching the gospel of the kingdom, you are going to be destroyed.


They called to them, and they ran in the opposite direction, and they sacrificed unto Balaam, and burned incense unto graven images. Graven images, remember we were saying earlier that whatever we see in this natural world, there is a spiritual counterpart. Graven images is that fruit which is produced from the human spirit when it fornicates with an ungodly spirit. It is a graven image. There is only one image that is permitted in the earth, and that is the image of the Lord Jesus Christ graven on our hearts.


Any other image that comes forth is a graven image, so these people are worshiping idols and graven images. They are worshiping the ungodly fruit that has come forth from their own heart. They are believing the lie. They are choosing to believe the lie. And the Scriptures tells us that the preachers that have the responsibility to bring forth the truth to these people, to bring them forth in the image of Christ, that they are going to be held accountable with a much greater accountability than the innocents that are sitting under them. They are going to be held accountable because they know better, or they should know better.


"I taught Ehpraim also to go, taking them by their arms." Now, I would like to point out to you that He says singular "Ephraim," taking "them" by their arms, so we know that there are many people in Ephraim, " and they knew not that I healed them." What this means is that God took hold of the natural man, and when He comes to us, and He joins to us, we are healed. We are knit together with Him. We are joined to Him, and that is the healing, and He says here that they did not even know that He healed them.


A lot of Christians around there today, carnal Christians, they do not even know that they are doing better because it was God. They might have an initial experience with God. "I am not smoking pot anymore, and I know it was God, okay, but that job, no, I am making that money because I know my job." No, you are not. That was one of the hardest lessons that I had to learn in God. I thought that I had skills for a particular form of employment that is desirable. There are a lot of jobs around, and I am good at what I do, and I can get to where the jobs are. I was making my own living until God showed me, after a trial that lasted for years of me losing my job, that there is no job for me unless I acknowledge that He has provided it.


It looks like the trial is over at this point in time. I hope it is, but I acknowledge publicly that I cannot earn one red cent unless Jesus Christ permits me to earn it. It has nothing to do with my job skills, it has nothing to do with the availability of the job, it has nothing to do with having a car, has nothing to do with me being male, female, educated, uneducated. Promotion comes from the Lord. He will do it for you, if you give Him the glory, and I had to be beaten to a pulp to get that revelation. I really wish that I did not have to be beaten to a pulp, but I did. Eleven years of torment.


"I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love..." What that means is that he developed them by placing them in this body, with a soul in the human body. The reason the spiritual sons of God that are incarnated in the earth of these vessels that we are, the reason that He is doing it this way is that He is developing us. He is teaching us many things, and He is joining Himself to us "with bands of love." His Spirit is the bands of love, which is the Agape, God love.


He is teaching us, and He is developing us, and bringing us forth as the sons of God by being in this body, and attached to this soul, and by the presence of His Spirit.


"And I was to them as they that take the yoke off their jaws, and I laid meat unto them. He shall not return unto the land of Egypt, but the Assyrians shall be his king, because they refuse to return." God is out there today, and they get as far as the church world, by and large, obviously not all of them, and they cannot seem to get past that false doctrine that is being preached today. They just cannot seem to get past it, but the day is coming real soon that God is going to send forth His message in real power. They are going to get past it.


Well, listen to what He says here. "They are not going back to the land of Egypt. They are not going back to being natural men, but the Assyrians shall be his king." Now, in the natural realm the king is outside of us. We talked about this earlier, our king is within. Either our king is Christ Jesus or our king is Satan. He is within us and He rules within. Assyria is a type of the soul realm. We are told in the Prophets that in that day, Israel shall be one third with Assyria and Egypt; Egypt being the body, Assyria being the soul realm, and Israel being that part of us that is in Christ.


We are not going back to being a natural man when we do not listen to God. You cannot get out of it. If you are called, you are called, but if you do not acknowledge Christ as your king, the Assyrian will be your king. You are going to be ruled by the oppressor within you, and the only deliverance is in God. And this is the result of the Assyrian being your king.


"The sword shall abide on his cities, and shall consume his branches, and devour them because of their own counsels." They followed after their own counsels. They do not like the gospel of God. It disturbs them, their Adamic man is ruling in their minds, and it disturbs them, because when this gospel is fulfilled, he will no longer have an independent existence. He will be swallowed up by Christ. He will be nailed to the Christ within, he will be joined to Christ, and Christ will rule and reign. So, these are the Adamic thoughts in our mind, and the people are following after their own counsel, and the sword shall abide on its cities, pestilence, sickness, torment, however it is manifesting in your life.


"And shall consume his branches."... Now, we know that trees live by their roots. The roots are underground, and the life of the tree is in the root, even though you cannot see it. The branches are that which is seen in the natural realm. Jesus said, "I am the root and you are the branches." That means these vessels are going to die, they shall be consumed and they shall be devoured. Their soul realm shall be devoured, and the body shall die. This is what happens when you do not follow the counsel of God.


"And my people are bent to backsliding from me. Though they called them to the Most High, none at all would exalt him." The prophets are calling, the prophets are in the earth today, the ministry of Jesus Christ is in the earth today. There are many Christians that are moving in this realm of the flesh that God calls Ephraim that will not come. They will not come, and the Lord cries out, and he is in agony. God has feelings, and he says, "How shall I give thee up Ephraim, how shall I give thee up Israel?" Now remember, we said that Israel refers to the combination of Judah and Ephraim, the totality of the nation of Israel. He is saying, "How can I deliver thee Israel, because Ephraim, which is a part of you is just running away from me." Okay, he cannot deliver Israel until Ephraim is turned around, and that is the natural man.


"How shall I make thee as Admah, how shall I set thee as a bone." These are cities that were right next to Sodom and Gomorrah. They were destroyed along with Sodom and Gomorrah. Now, that is the judgment on the flesh, utter destruction by fire, but God is God, Hallelujah, and He does not have to do that. He has another alternative, He can catch us up where He is. He can redeem us whether we follow after Him or not.


This demonic doctrine that is in the church today, "God will not violate your will." God will violate your will. He will violate your demonic will! You better believe it! If you have a child and he needs to get an inoculation, you will violate his will, you will take him to the doctor. And when he is old enough to go to school, if he does not want to go, you will violate his will, and you will educate him, and, Lord willing, you will violate his will when it comes to going to church, because that is a part of his education too. And if he kicks you, you will violate his will when you paddle his behind. And let me tell you something, God will violate your will if you are going off in the wrong direction, and praise God for it. Praise God for it that we are children that he chastens, because if he does not chasten us we are bastards. We thank God that he chastens us, Hallelujah.


"I will execute the fierceness of mine anger, I will not return to destroy Ephraim, for I am God and not man, the Holy One in the midst of thee, and I will not enter into the city." He is not going to execute the fierceness of His anger. He is not going to destroy the human race. "I will not return to destroy Ephraim, for I am God, and not a man." You see, man has no choice. When a criminal commits a criminal act in our society, all we can do is lock him up, and sometimes we have to kill him. There have been all kinds of rehabilitation programs in the jails for years! They fail, they fail! Only Christ has the power to change a man's nature so that he is no longer a criminal.


If you have the power to change a man so that he is no longer a criminal, why would you want to destroy him? Amen? Why do you want to destroy him, just fix him up, amen? So, He is not going to destroy them. He says, "For I am God and not man, the Holy One in the midst of thee." Even though you are rejecting me, He is saying, "I am still in the midst of thee, I am still in the midst of thee!"


How many times have your kids told you that they hate you? You are still their parents. You still have authority over them, and He is still God, Hallelujah, He is still God. I do not care how many idols are raised up on the land, and how many people blaspheme His name, He is still God and He is still power, and He still casts out demons. He is still making us into spiritual men, and the truth is the truth, and you can preach the lies, all you preachers, all that you want, but the truth of God is the truth of God, and you cannot stop it! Hallelujah! You cannot stop it. It is coming upon thee, and if you are not prepared He is going to come upon you like a thief in the night.


"They shall walk after the Lord, He shall roar like a lion, and when He shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west." We know that the sun rises from the east, and it sets in the west. So the west is a place of darkness. It is a place of the ending of life. Life starts in the east. Life is a circle. We are born, it is in the east. We live our whole life, and when we die, our life, our personal sun, sets in the west. Well, the Lord says, "They shall walk after the Lord." He has said that those who have been running from Him shall walk after Him. And when He says it, you do it. His wisdom lets us have our tantrum, but when He says it is your time, you come.


So, He is going to roar like a lion, He is going to make a loud noise, you are going to hear Him. When He calls you, you are going to hear Him. He is going to call you with power. You are not going to turn around and run the other way. You are going to see this big lion looking at you, and you are going to come, amen. When you come after your kids with that paddle, they come, amen.


"And the children shall tremble from the west..." That Hebrew word that is translated "tremble" means that they will come forth when they are called. So, they are going to come forth from that realm of darkness, and they are going to serve their God, Hallelujah. "They shall tremble as a bird out of Egypt." They are going to come forth from the carnal realm of Egypt. Now, that Hebrew word that is translated "bird," really means a pelican. It is an evil bird, it is an unclean bird that eats unclean food, and it is constantly overeating, and vomiting up what it eats.


God is saying here that all of the demons that are in the realm of the flesh, even those that are in the Satanic realms, are going to come forth. When God calls, they are going to come forth. They are going to come into their proper place in the kingdom where they can do no harm.


"So they are going to tremble as a bird out of Egypt, and as a dove out of Assyria." Now Assyria, we said earlier, is the soul realm. The natural man is going to come forth, and the soul man is going to come forth when God calls. "And I will place them in their houses, saith the Lord." It does not say anything about dying and going to heaven. When he calls, He is going to place you in your house, and that means the house of the Lord. He is going to put you in your place in the house of the Lord, because we all have a specific place that we are called to.


We are the body of Christ, we are stones in the house of the living God, and we are put where God puts us, not where we choose to go. If you think you are going to go where you want to go, you are going to be fighting with God until you give up. You cannot win. "Ephraim compasseth me about with lies, the house of Israel with deceit, but Judah yet ruleth with God and is faithful with the saints."


Now, this is the spiritual condition of the new creation. We have talked about it. Satan is not going to be destroyed completely. He is the darkness that is going to give the Spirit of God form. The whole purpose of this creation is that God, who is Spirit, who has no shape or form, has chosen to manifest in a realm of appearance. He wants to be seen, but He is invisible. Well, if you want the light to be seen you have to put darkness around it, because otherwise the light just shines unabated.


He has created man out of the dust of the earth, which is filled with creeping crawling things. We are told that He is going to speak to us out of a dark cloud, that He is going to talk to us out of the darkness . He is going to speak to us. This is the new creation man. Christ in you, the hope of glory, the spirit of God formed by the darkness. Jesus said, "I form the light." Well, if you look that up in the Interlinear Text, He is not saying He creates light. That is not what He is saying. What He is saying is that He gives form to the light by putting something around it.


If you have a liquid which is likened to the realm of the Spirit, you give it form by pouring it into a glass. If you are making Jello, you put it in a mold. Something has to form it. Well, God is taking the darkness, and wrapping around it the light of His Spirit.


That is the purpose of Satan and the demons. There is place for them in the new creation man, However, just like you do not give your two year old child your finances to run your household, Satan must stay in his place. Right now he is out of his place. He is ruling in power, and we see the result of it on the face of the earth. But he is going to come underfoot, into submission, to the Spirit of God. The whole creation is going to come into right order, God on top, then Christ, then the living soul, and then Satan, and the demons underneath. They are going to be fused together by the power of God, and you are going to have your new creation man, in which Paul says, "Eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what God has in store for us." When we get in that condition, where we no longer are killing and destroying each other, God has glorious things for us, a spiritual life that we cannot even imagine.


The Scripture likens us to a child in utero. The Scriptures liken this realm of appearance to the womb. We are being formed in the spiritual womb, and when we are birthed, we are birthed into the spiritual realm. There will be a whole new life waiting for us, just like a child is birthed. We spoke about this earlier, they have all of this to learn. We have been birthed possibly partially into the spiritual realm. If you are seeing visions and you are getting dreams, a part of you has been birthed into the spiritual realm, but we are not fully birthed.


We are not fully birthed until we can stand up and function totally in the spiritual realm, just like we function in the natural realm. We are going to be spiritual adults with full authority over the spiritual realm. Just like you could go to a bank and borrow money, we are going to have power in a realm that we can barely scarcely see. We have to learn to talk the language, the language of symbols.


We have to hold of our Father's hand every step of the way because there is ungodly spiritual power, but this is it, this is the gospel of the kingdom, Hallelujah. We just praise God for it. Even though we are running from Him, He is going to grab us by the hand, and He is going to put us in school, and He is going to give us our chastening, and we will grow up to be fully formed men in the Spirit of God, whatever that means. We do not even know what it means, but right now we are looking forward to spiritual power to set the captive free, to deliver the brokenhearted, and to do great and mighty works in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has loved us from before the foundations of the earth. Whose love we cannot even imagine, who will deliver us out of our every destruction.


And for everybody out there who is preaching this false doctrine, He is going to deliver you too. He is going to deliver everyone on the face of the earth. He shall be all in every person, he shall be all in all. He shall not leave one, he shall not leave one because he is God, and he has the power to rehabilitate. He has the power to change lives, He does not have to kill you, He just has to call you, and we praise Him for His magnificence, and that He has called us to be His sons. We thank you for this word Lord, Hallelujah, glory to God. Hallelujah!




Yea, saith God, I have called thee from before the foundations of the earth, yea, I have called thee unto my Christ company, saith God, and none shall defeat thee, saith the Lord, and none shall destroy thee, but thou shalt come forth for, indeed, I have called thee, and I have said, tremble forth from the west, and I have prepared thee, and I have given thee a high place in my kingdom, saith the Lord, None shall cast thee down, and none shall destroy thee. Be not distraught at the oppression and the power of the enemy coming against thee, for I have indeed the power to overcome. Yea, I shall strengthen thee, saith the Lord God, being in this flesh as said by the word of my prophet, I shall indeed strengthen thee, but remember that my Spirit is in thee, and also joined unto thee. Thou canst not be defeated saith God, but I do have a ministry for thee, a very powerful ministry, saith the Lord. Indeed, thou shalt lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, yea, thou shalt cast out demons, saith the Lord, and thou shalt raise up those that are in poverty, saith God. Thou shalt bring forth great power in the earth, saith the Lord. Yea, thou shalt be a part of my first fruits company, saith God, thou shalt set the captive free, yea, great demonization shall come to naught because of thy hand, saith God, yea, those that are considered insane and incurable shall be healed, saith the Lord. Food shall be prepared for the poverty stricken, saith God. Fear not, fear not, for I am with thee, and the hour is at hand, saith the living God for these great manifestations to come forth. Yea I speak not to you about a year in the future or ten years in the future, but the hour is at hand, yea, the kingdom of God is at hand, saith the Lord, it shall indeed swallow up the church age, as I have said earlier, and I have called thee, saith God, for my kingdom is within you, and at this very moment it is swallowing up the church age within you, saith God. Yea, thou art ascending saith God to the high place that I have called you to, let no man deny you, saith God, but turn to me in everything. I shall bring thee, I shall bring thee to the high place that I have called thee to, and I shall give victory after victory, after victory. Know that I shall send thee to carnal men, saith the Lord. They shall not recognize you, they shall call you woman, they shall say that thou art a mother with three children, they shall deny you on the left, and they shall deny you on the right, they shall tell you that thou hast false doctrine, they shall tear thee down in every way that they can, but I have ordained, saith the Lord, that thou shalt stand. Thou shalt not strive with man, thou shalt not argue, thou shalt not defend thyself, but I shall show mighty signs and wonders through thee, saith the Lord, and their talk shall turn to stone.

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