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This evening we are watching the movie entitled, "The Matrix Reloaded." This is the second movie in a trilogy which is three movies. We did quite an extensive commentary on the first movie called, "The Matrix." This is basically the difference that I see from the first, second, and third movies or parts of the trilogy.

            The first movie was an action movie. It had a lot of deep spiritual principles demonstrated, but for people who did not understand the deep spiritual principles, there was enough action to make it a runaway best seller.

            The second and third parts of the trilogy, "Matrix Reloaded," which we are doing tonight, and "Matrix Revolution," which, Lord willing, we will do some time in the future is much less of an action film. Although there are a couple of very strong action scenes, the spiritual principles were so deep that I had to watch the movie two and three times to really get it myself.

            Now, the second and third parts of the trilogy were not a runaway best seller like the first part. I think that the reason why, this is why I am telling you, the reason why is that the message was so deep. There were a couple of colloquies or dialogues, maybe just five or ten minutes in the movie of straight dialogue, especially when the architect speaks, that I could not get it from the movie. I had to wait until the video was available, and I had to put it on replay several times to get what he was saying.

            How could the average person go to a movie, see this once and get it? I think the reason that the second and third parts of the trilogy were not runaway best sellers is because the spiritual principles were so deep that the average person could not comprehend them. It is a very exciting trilogy. Tonight we will be watch the movie, the second part of the trilogy. I will be stopping the movie to make comments. For the people listening to the tape you can try it just by listening to the tape, or you can rent the video if you want to. I will do my best to describe the scene that I am commenting on before I comment on it, so that anyone that wants to watch the movie along with us can relate to it. That is what we are going to do.

            We are going to go off tape now, and the movie starts with an action scene of Trinity entering into the Matrix with a bang. If anyone has a question, if there is anything that is happening on the screen that you do not understand, just raise your hand and we will stop the tape, and I will answer you. In the absence of anyone raising their hand, I will stop the tape when I feel that the movie requires an explanation. Please feel free to raise your hand, and we will stop the tape to answer any question that you have.

            Just in case there is somebody listening to the tape that did not see "The Matrix," Part 1, or has not listened to our commentary on "Matrix" Part 1, let me tell you that the movie is about the human race being enslaved by machines. The Matrix is a computer-generated society, and a computer-generated world, which is supposed to exist...well let me not say it that way.

            The machine world has captured the human race and is holding them captive in a generator. The source of energy that the machine world needs is being extracted from human beings who are actually trapped and bound with all kinds of wires and cables connected to them.

            In order to make this existence tolerable for humanity, the machine world has generated this computerized fantasy or this computerized illusion whereby the people are captured and bound into pods, and this house that they actually think that they are living in, in a world that looks like the world that we are living in now.

            Of course, there is a measure of truth to this. This is Satan's world. Satan has incarnated this world, and she feeds off of the energy of the people of this world. If you want to hear more about that you need to listen to some more of the other tapes that have come forth in this ministry. Satan and all of her hoards feed off of humanity. Just like mosquitoes that bite us and take little sips of our blood, they feed off of us. There is a spiritual truth to this movie, and that is why we are analyzing this movie because of the spiritual truth that is present here.

            That is what the Matrix is, and there are a group of people who have escaped from the Matrix. They have pulled out all of their plugs that kept them plugged into these pods where they were continuously drained of their energy. They have escaped, and they have a city. The people that have escaped have a city. It is called Zion.

            There is a war between the machine world and humanity. The principle that you will see emerging in this movie is that the only way the world is going to survive, both the world of humanity and the world of the machine, is that if the two worlds make peace and join with each other and work together for a better society. That is the underlying message of the movie.

            Right now, the machine world has suppressed humanity, continually using and abusing, and humanity is fighting back. The hero is a man called Neo, he is the one. There is a Messiah principle running through the movie. He is called the One. It is prophesied that he is going to save humanity and the whole world from utter destruction. Neo has a lover, her name is Charity, and they love each other desperately. It was prophesied...did I say Charity? Trinity, her name is Trinity. It is prophesied that Trinity would marry a dead man. In fact, Neo was briefly dead. Trinity's love raised him from the dead. This a theme I have seen in several modern movies or recent movies that human love can raise from the dead.

            Only the love of Jesus Christ can raise anyone from the dead.

            There is a computer program called "Smith" who manifests as a man, a humanoid, not a man, someone in a human form, a male in a humanoid form that is the arch enemy of Neo who is the one who is the Savior of humanity.

            We have two characters that look human, Neo and Smith. Smith is a computer program, he is not human. We will see throughout this movie several human- looking people. Of course, they are actors, they are humans. They are human- looking people that are computer programs.

            We are talking about a level of computer technology that is so sophisticated that it can produce a program that just generates a human being that you can never tell that they were a human being. Is everybody okay with this?

            The machine world is producing this whole illusion of a society that looks like our society. I told you about Neo, I told you about Trinity, I told you about Smith, the computer program, and there is the Oracle. She is a woman that turns out to be a program, but they did not know that she was a program in the first part of the trilogy.

            They call her the Oracle. She is the one that prophesies that the one would come and deliver humanity. Another hero, Morpheus, I cannot re-teach the whole Matrix, this is just a synopsis. He believes in Neo, he believes in the prophesy, he believes in the Savior, and we see that Neo could not believe that he was the one. In our terms, he could not believe that he was the son of God, he would not believe that he had supernatural powers, but found out that he did have supernatural powers in the first movie.

            As this movie starts we see Neo dreaming, he is having a nightmare, what we just saw where I stopped the movie. That was Neo's dream, he was having a nightmare. In this nightmare, Trinity, his immortal love was in a battle with an agent. They are shooting at each other. Remember, an agent is a computer program that is really stronger than the humans.

            Let me make that point. The machine world is stronger than the humans. Even a collective group of humans fighting together, the machine world is stronger.

            Neo was having a nightmare that Trinity was falling, that she was shot, and severely wounded. For those of you that are here with me, or watching the movie, Neo just woke up, you see him in bed with Trinity. Of course, they are in fornication. We are looking at this movie to gleam the spiritual principles. This is Hollywood and they are in fornication. Neo wakes up, and he is very disturbed because he sees that woman that he loves desperately in a dream falling and severally wounded, and he does not want to tell her. He is deeply disturbed. Are there any questions before we go on with the movie?

            After Neo wakes up from his dream the scene changes, and we see Morpheus, one of the military commanders that believes in the prophesy. Now, there is a conference of all the war ships and the leaders. Zion, which is under the earth is attacked. The sentinels which are a type of machine are burrowing down and are seeking to destroy Zion. Morpheus announces, before he says "deliverance is at hand, but before deliverance can be accomplished the Oracle must be consulted. We see that what he is talking about is some of his group, some of the leaders going into the Matrix to consult the Oracle.

            At this moment, Smith the program that is opposing the free human being is approaching this meeting place and about to crash in and get into a fight with Neo. We have a question over here.

            COMMENT: Actually you have explained it.

            PASTOR VITALE: Praise the Lord we will go on with the movie.

            Apparently from what Morpheus is saying, the military of Zion, the commander has commanded the pilots of these ships to leave this area. Although I do not recall hearing that. Morpheus says that they cannot go forward with the deliverance, or what they have to do for the deliverance to come, unless the Oracle is consulted. Morpheus says he would like one ship to remain behind while all the others go into the Matrix to consult the Oracle. Morpheus is challenged by all the other pilots who say, "We have been commanded to evacuate this area." Morpheus says, "No, one ship must remain behind just in case the Oracle tries to contact us here."

            We see a hero here that is going beyond the direct command, and that is such a dangerous principle, because I know that the Lord has led me to do things in the church world that would be considered rebellion, and it was the Lord. The bottom line is that the spirit of God in you rules. The problem is, are you really sure that it is the spirit of God? We all at some point have to come to a place were we rise above instruction that is not for the benefit of all. It is such a problem because on the surface this is supporting rebellion.

            We had a situation in the United States Military recently, where a commanding officer in Iraq broke the rules, he did something he should not have done. What he did saved his men, and he choose to do it. He was disciplined by the military. In this situation, if he obeyed orders his men would have died. The man sacrificed his whole career, now he is out of the military. He almost lost his petition, but we thank God that he did not lose his pension. The bottom line is that he lost his whole career to save his men by breaking the rules.

            As human beings we are challenged all the time to know when to break the rules and when not to break the rules. If you are in a ministry and the Pastor tells you to commit suicide, you do not obey authority. The bottom line is that we all have to grow up, find out how to recognize our God and cling to Him. Learn the rules of communication with God. For example, silence means "no." You have to learn when the Lord sends you to somebody and who to submit to. You are to find out how the proper method is if you think they are doing something wrong.

            All of this is taught here, and it is very hard to understand all of this. I cannot deny that certain situation exist in the world where authorities must be opposed.

            Of course, this whole concept of opposing authority started after Hitler's Germany where so many of those military officers said, "Well, I was just following orders." They were tried and found guilty in Nuremberg, because you do not follow your commanding officer when he is obviously telling you to do things that are morally wrong. What is the message here? We have to stop being children which is your problem, and do everything that the law says even if it is completely pointless or destructive or does not make any sense. Or you are misinterpreting the Law, let me put it that way.

            Neither are we to be in rebellion. We are to have a strong relationship with the Lord that we can submit to the God given authority that He puts us under. In the even that, that God given authority, which is just mortal, goes wrong, because of our relationship with the Lord, we can overcome the error of the authority in that even that, that happens. Is everybody okay with what I just said? On with the movie.

            Someone has just come to the door, and this person sounds like he has the iteration in his voice of an agent. He said to the guy at the door, "I am here to see Neo, because Neo set me free." The object that he passed through the door was the ear plug by which this agent received instructions from the higher machine mind.

            What we have here is a program that has been the enemy of Neo and all of the free humans saying, "Let me in to your house, I am no longer programmed. I am not longer attached to the machine world, Neo set me free and I want to join the humans in Zion."

            If you are a Star Trek fan, we see this principle in the race called the "Borg." Captain Picard and the crew on the Enterprise initially set one of the Borg's free. The Borg is a humanoid race that is similar to... that lives like insects, their space ship is a hive, there is one group mind, everyone is programmed to do their part. There is no individual thought. The enterprise crew were the first ones to set one of the Borg's free. Their mind was separated from the group mind so that they can be an individual.

            We see this program, Smith come knocking at the door saying, "Let me in I want to join you, Neo set me free. Here is my ear plug, this is my proof that I am not longer plugged into the machine world." As you see, when he gets through the door that he is really the enemy of the humans. Any questions?

            Please not that the agent referred to Neo as an anomaly. An anomaly is something that should not be there. What the agent meant by that was in this prefect world, the machine world created called The Matrix, there is something that is doing, something that is not in the program. It is anomaly, it is an unknown. It is something that should not be there.

            What you just saw was Neo taking off, flying with supernatural powers. In The Matrix one, Neo acquired supernatural powers and one of those powers is an ability to fly through the air like Superman, which I believe symbolizes spiritual power and the spiritual travel. Any questions?

            In the next scene, you see the agent that initially appeared to be defeated by Neo. Neo chased the agent, then took off like Superman in great victory and superpower. You see one of the agents that was defeated walking around the corner and meeting someone that looks just like him. The first agent says, "It is happening just like before." The second agent says, "Not quite like before." What is happening is that agent Smith is reproducing himself.

            As you will see later on in the movie, he is reproduced, or he reproduced himself millions of times over.

            Now, this is what is happening with Leviathan and Satan. This is what is happening when we see the human race that has increased into so many human beings. This is the expansion of Satan and Leviathan in the earth. Now all human beings look different, we each have different facial features, and different characteristics.

            This movie is making a spiritual point. This agent Smith increases into millions and trillions of other programs that look exactly like him. Spiritually speaking, all human beings look alike. We have minor variations, but the principle behind it is that the Serpent has increased to... how many do we have a couple of trillion people on the earth? Everybody okay? Any questions?

            We are in the scene where Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus' ship, has returned to Zion. We see a young man running up to Neo, with, if you can see it, obvious idolatry for Neo. Neo is very embarrassed and subdued.

            What we see here is very interesting because Neo, if we want to relate him to what the church is going through today, at least the level of the church that we are in, he is a son of God that has manifested on some level. He is still imperfect, but he has supernatural powers, he is flying through the sky. Apparently, he was at least the vessel that was used to bring this young man out of bondage into the safety of Zion.

            The young man is idolizing him, and Neo is uncomfortable with that idolatry. This is something that the people in the ministry have to deal with. If you do any good for people, the tendency is for them to idolize you. For this reason, I know the Lord has told many ministers, and I am one of them, that it is important that you hear my testimony about my weaknesses, and the things that I have done wrong. It helps you to not idolize me.

            What is interesting is the whole Messiah overtone of this movie. Not only the Messiah overtone but what touches me is that he is a human, he is still very much in his humanity, and there are some very real expression of what we will all have to go through as God does more and more miracles through us.

            This is how people are going to be behaving. We are going to have to be able to deal with it, because we do not want to fall ourselves. I just wanted to comment to you on that. Any more questions?

            We see Neo and Naomi getting off of the elevator, all of the people waiting for Neo. This is the scene of Messiah, all of the people there looking for him to heal them and to take care of their children. We see the Messiah motif again, and Neo is very uncomfortable with it. Apparently, what I gather from that is his powers are not complete. Sometimes he can help people and sometimes he cannot. He is very overwhelmed by the burden, which a lot of ministers feel that way.

            I do not know how Jesus felt, He did not tell me in this area. Jesus had the power to help everybody, but He did not always heal everybody. We se that Neo is very human, and he is taking what happened to him very seriously but also very burdened by it.

            I also would like to point out to you that the plugs are missing. When Neo was raised from the dead by Trinity's love, somehow the plugs disappeared. We see that he not only had a change, an internal change, but an external change. His body was healed from the plugs that the machines entered into him. The machines entered in him through these plugs to extract energy from him. No, his plugs are missing. When the movie goes back on and you want to witness this, when ever the camera shows somebody from the behind, I just saw it.

            Trinity, you can see a black plug on her neck, but Neo did not have any. I also would like to comment, somebody had asked me about this movie. They had said to me, "What is the significance of all of the black people in the movies?" I want to put that on the tape. I believe the significance is that humanity or the members of humanity that have been liberated, have overcome all racial prejudice, and they have gathered together as humanity vs. the machines. It does not matter what race you are, that is the significance of the director putting all of the black people in the movie.

            The Lord told me, I believe that, that was his intentions to show that humanity was gathered together and that everybody was accepted as they fought against the machine. Any questions?

            We have just heard Morpheus' speech, we are about to see the celebration of Zion. They are celebrating. I find it very interesting to see the drums beating. It almost looks to me like movies I saw years ago of natives beating their drums for their tribal celebrations. I am not really quite sure why the producer and the director of the movie would show Zion to be in that primitive vein, although I guess I do understand it.

            What you are about to see now, and I am probably going to fast forward it at one point, because what you are going to see now is a mass orgy. The first time I saw the movie I could not really understand why they are showing an orgy in The Matrix. I believe what the Lord has told me is that the significance here is that humanity is sexual, whereas the machines are just machines.

            The writers, directors, and producers attempt to distinguish between humanity and the machines. They have portrayed humanity in a sexual way that is against the laws of God. Sex is allowed between husband and wife under the auspices of marriage. In this movie, we see that Neo and Trinity are in fornication, and there is nothing said about marriage anywhere in the movie, which is something that if you are looking for it you will notice it in any of these movies with the New Age flair to it, even the whole series of Star Trek.

            Marriage is not even mentioned, not that it is put down, it is not even mentioned. The only thing that you see concerning couples is that they care for each other, at least you see that much, and they are together. Nothing about marriage, nothing about God, nothing about marriage. We see some kind of clergyman standing up and praying and preaching but no mention of God.

            This is what the Lord told me when I questioned Him why an orgy scene would be in the Matrix.

            This is the concept of the writers, the two brothers that wrote this trilogy. This is their concept of human sexuality, wild drum beating and sexual dancing and suggestions of an orgy going on. That is their concept of human sexuality. That is what you are going to see, and at some point I am going to fast forward it, because I think it gets offensive. Any questions or comments?

            We see two humans entering into the Matrix and the agent Smith comes and touches them with his finger right in the heart center. The agent turns into a duplication of Smith. What is happening is the program called "Smith" is absorbing human beings. He is swallowing them up. He swallowed this human up, and now he became a program and a part of the program, Smith. I told you earlier that is going to multiply into thousands of people.

            This is really interesting because that is what is happening in the world today. The Lord Jesus Christ has entered into the world, and He is acquiring and absorbing human beings into His body. Before the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world every human being was a member of Leviathan's body. In this hour the Lord Jesus Christ is in the process of translating us into His body. I wish it was happening that fast but it is not. Any question or comments on what is going on in the movie?

            Also, I have to make a correction. I see that Neo still does have his plugs. The movie indicated that he still has his plugs. I stand corrected. Now, the human, the liberated human that was swallowed up into the program Smith answered the telephone. You may recall from Matrix one that the telephone is the vehicle that humans travel into the Matrix and return home. The phone rings, they pick it up, and they are translated into the telephone back into Zion.

            The human that was swallowed up into the program Smith now answered the telephone and was translated into Zion. You will see later on in the movie that the agents Smith has taken of humanoid form, and he becomes a citizen of Zion. Nobody knows that an agent is in the midst of them. This agent who now looks like a human becomes Neo's anti-Christ.

            Every particle in the universe has its matching anti-particle. The opposite of Adam is Leviathan. The opposite of Satan is the Spirit of Christ. This agent that now has taken of human form in Zion becomes Neo's anti-particle, but nobody knows about it. He is undercover in Zion. That is what just happened. Any questions or comments?

            We see that Neo has entered into the Matrix. He meets, what we find out later on, that this agent man is a program that defends the Oracle. He challenges Neo to a fight. At some point the agent man says, "Enough, I recognize that you are Neo." Neo says to him, "Why did you not just ask me? Why did we have to fight like this?" The program says to him, "You do not know somebody until you fight them."

            That is a spiritual principle. I have told you in this ministry many times that I do not know who somebody is until the first conflict. The first conflict, the first time that I do something that hurts you, or the first correction that I have to bring, and I see how you handle yourself, and I see how you handle it. Then I know what I am dealing with. I just wanted to point out that spiritual principle to you.

            Also, we saw the agent man illuminated. If you want to know what that meant. It meant that Neo looked at him with x-ray vision to discern who he was. He saw past his external appearance of the man. Any questions or comments?

            We just heard a colloquy by the Oracle, who is now revealed to be a program. She is the good aspect in the machine world. We will later on meet her anti-particle, which is called the Architect. I believe the Oracle typifies Adam, and the Architect typifies Leviathan. There is a competition between two programs in the Matrix. One trying to find peace. I think I am going to roll the tape back and let you hear this again.

            The Oracle is looking for peace, because there is a war between the humans and the machines. The Architect is seeking simply to destroy humanity. What the Oracle just said and the counselor said earlier when he was talking to Neo is that the only way for peace is for the two races to work together. This is what the Oracle just said. What she said to Neo is, "You have made a believer out of me." What she was saying is that there really is some decency in the human race.

            We see both the human race and the machine race are good and evil. We have a hero. Now this Oracle, she only tells you as much as you can bear. She spoke to Neo about his dream that Trinity was falling. Something that the Oracle said, Neo thinks or thought that the Oracle was telling him that he would have to decide whether or not Trinity lives or dies. The truth of the matter is that he has to decide weather he will live or die.

            At the end of this movie, actually what happens, happens at the end of Part Three, so I will not tell you what the answer is. I will not tell you what happens at the end of Part Three. Neo is the one. It is so interesting, you are going to see the role of Neo develop into the role of Christ. Christ in you the hope of glory.

            There is this whole concept of Christ being grafted to us, and humanity being merged with the Glory of God. That is what Jesus Christ is. In this movie, it is man and machine instead of man merged with God. That is the message. Any questions or comments?

            I am going to role this tape back again and let you hear this colloquy again because it is important.

            Please note that as soon as the Oracle leaves and the door is closed, the program "Smith" appears. Neo is tested again. He is continuously tested in this conflict with the enemy, which is what happens to the believer that is going on in the hope of immortality.

            We see that the Oracle gives Neo the option of a choice. This principle, this spiritual principle of choice is further developed, or is developed further on when we hear the colloquy of the Architect. She is the good guy or the good aspect of the machine world. She is giving him his choice. She is not forcing him to do anything.

            God gives us a choice. Satan forces us. God says, "This is what is going to give you life, and this is what is going to give you death. Choose this road and you will live, choose that road and you are going to die." That is the way God deals with His people. He tells you what the consequences will be, and He lets you choose.

            Now the Oracle mentioned to Neo the concept of going back to the source. We will see that, that will be developed, that idea will be developed. Actually, it is fully developed in the third part. She is talking about programs being deleted, saying that most programs when being faced with being deleted would come here rather than be deleted. Then she says the programs that are not willing to accept deletion become ghosts and vampires. Let us listen to that, and I will comment on that after you hear it.

            A program can either choose to hide here or return to the source. What she is talking about is reincarnation. She is saying that when a human being dies... of course, she is saying that it is about machines, but the principle is that when a human being dies, that part of him which is immortal is supposed to return to the source which is God. Some people when they die refuse to go back to the source, and they remain as ghosts, or werewolves, or vampires. That is what she is saying. I do not know how true that is.

            That has always been my definition of a ghost is. I do not know about vampires and werewolves, but that has always been my understanding what a ghost is, the immortal aspect of a human being that has separated from the physical body that refuses to go back to its source or is trapped here for some reason. I only have a limited knowledge in this area. Any questions or comments?

            Please note that the Oracle has said to Neo that she is concerned with the future. She is convinced that the only hope for the machine world as long as there are human beings is that they get together and help each other. The source is the machine world main frame which we get to in Part Three of the trilogy.

            The Oracle wants to help Neo to solve the dilemma and to stop the war between the people and the machines. The Oracle tells Neo that in order to do this you have to come in contact with the Key Maker who is being held captive by a malevolent program. As soon as the Oracle leaves, you see that Neo is going to be tested by Smith. You will see that Smith has multiplied into quite a few manifestations of himself.

            In the next scene, you will see Neo and Morpheus going to see the wicked program that is holding the Key Maker captive. I have prayed a lot about this concept of the Key Maker. I think it is just the general idea of the keys having the answers that we need to find peace.

            The goal of everybody in this movie is to find peace. Neo wants peace, the humans want peace, and the Oracle wants peace through union and cooperation of humanity. The Architect wants peace by crushing humanity. Everybody wants peace. We know the Scripture says peace, peace but there is no peace except in Jesus Christ. Any questions or comments?

            As we listen to this conversation between the Oracle and Neo, I want to point out to you that what she is really telling him, but not telling him, is that he is going to have to die. The conclusion that he drew from what she was saying was that he would have to choose between life and death for Trinity, because he was blinded to the reality that he is scheduled to die on behalf of humanity.

            If there is no peace between humanity and the machine world, the machine world will destroy humanity. That is what she is telling him.

            Neo is the one who is slated to be the mediator, he is the one that is slated to become half machine and half man that will put down the enmity coming from the program "Smith" and will bring peace to the machine world and to humanity. He cannot see it. She is telling him that he has full sight now, "You should know the truth that your end is crucifixion." Of course, it is not crucifixion in the movie. I am relating it to the Scripture.

            She is saying, "You should know the truth about the end of yourself," but he cannot see it. He cannot see it, and his carnal mind perceives that the one he loves is going to die, but he is the one that has to die so that humanity can be saved.

            In order to make peace he has to get to the source of the machine world. In order to do that, he has to get to the Key Maker who is going to tell him how to do it. Now, he is being instructed to go see this malevolent program to help the Key Maker escape. Before that, there is this big fight with the program "Smith." He is being tested. We are tested every step of the way. Any question or comments?

            We see the Nebuchadnezzar which has a form of radar saying "Who is that?" It is the agent Smith, but he is not reading like an agent, because the agent Smith is now being assimilated into humanity. Neo is being assimilated into the machine world. The agent "Smith" is being assimilated into humanity. That is what is happening, and this is what is happening in our world.

            I told you earlier that our Lord Jesus Christ is in the earth assimilating human beings, and Satan is also in the earth trying to gather human beings into her side of the body.

            Now, what is really interesting is that according to the theme of this movie is there is now a race that is part machine and part man. The reality of what Jesus Christ is doing for us is that the carnal mind, Satan and Leviathan, has to die and humanity is being absorbed into the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

            They have the same principle but, of course, if you were to apply the principle here to the Doctrine of Christ what they are saying is the only answer to the survival of the human race is that everybody should give into Satan, and everything will work out. You will see at the end, Neo becomes completely merged with Smith.

            If we were to become completely merged with Leviathan, we would never be able to be delivered from this world which is Hell. We have to be separated from Leviathan and merged with the Glorified Jesus Christ.

            The agent Smith is telling him that something happened in Part One of the trilogy where Neo died, and Trinity's love brought him back to life. Neo attacked agent Smith in the end of Part One. Neo supernaturally got inside of Smith and blew him to pieces. What Smith just said further to what the Oracle said she was talking about machines that were deleted are supposed to go back to the source but they do not.

            Smith was saying, "Something happened when you got inside of me. I stopped being what I was, I changed. I am not sure what it was, and I was unplugged from the machine world. I did not get back to the source like I was supposed to go back. When a machine dies it is supposed to go back to the machine main frame, but I did not go back. I do not know why, I just could not."

            Now, Smith has become an anomaly in the machine world. He is a rebel machine. He is not connected to the main source, he is doing his own thing. Smith has become a threat to the machine world as well as to Zion. What Smith is doing is he is going around and, apparently, he has the ability to absorb human beings into his anomaly. Anomaly meaning he is no longer in line with the program in the machine world.

            Smith did his things. Neo started to become converted, started to be absorbed into this anomaly which is half machine and half human on the evil side. Half machine and half human. Smith is part machine and part human, but he is on the evil side. He started to absorb Neo into himself but, at the last moment, Neo threw it off, threw off the assimilation. Now we are going to see a big battle between Neo and the anomaly.

            This is a major principle that Smith is going around absorbing humans into himself. He is in competition. Smith is in competition with the main frame of the machine world. Smith was supposed to go back to the main frame that makes him a spiritual vampire who refused to go back. Any questions or comments?

            COMMENT: A woman entered the scene with this battle going on, and she changed into another form, then the form...it looks like Smith, and then another person comes and Smith absorbs into this other person and becomes himself again.

            PASTOR VITALE: You are asking me what happened? While this big battle is going on between Neo and Smith and many manifestations of himself, an innocent woman walks by and sees this battle. Now remember, Smith is in rebellion against the main source of the machine world.

            When an agent from the machine world who is after Smith, because Smith has become a criminal machine...an agent from the machine world came to arrest Smith, if you recall Matrix One, the way the agents do that is that they can take over any human being and take on...because I guess the significance is that they do not have any form of their own. We would say that they were spirit.

            They can just appear in any huLman being walking along. Of course, in the movie the person who now is being a host for the machine agents changes, their physical forms changes. We know that, spiritually speaking, Satan can rise up in anybody, can rise up in a human being and anyone in the church and use them. Now, if you are an average person you are not going to agree to murder somebody. Satan or Leviathan can raise up in any human being, and cause you to day or do anything that will interfere with the purposes of God.

            The only people who will not be used this way are the Christians who are exercised in discerning between Christ and Leviathan within themselves, recognizing the thoughts of Leviathan that are being piped into their minds.

            The principle that is here was that this innocent woman was walking along, and an agent for the legitimate establishment of the machine world was coming to arrest Smith. Then he took over this woman's body. Because it was a movie, her appearance changed.

            Then you see the two agents, one is Smith, and one is the agent that is coming to arrest him. Smith absorbs the agent from the machine world that is coming to arrest him. We see that Smith has become a threat, not only to Zion and humanity, but Smith has become a threat to the machine world. Being half man, half machine on the evil side, Smith was stronger than the agent sent from the machine world. Do you have it? Okay, on with the movie.

            Please note that this battle that we have just witnessed between Neo and all of the manifestations of Smith typifies the conflict that all believers will eventually go through once Christ is grafted to us and we become a double- minded man. We have this conflict. Who is going to win out and rule over this personality in this body? Is Satan and Leviathan going to rule through us? Or is Christ going to rule over us?

            This is what is happening. Smith is now half man half machine, and he is more evil machine than good. Neo is good, he has acquired some supernatural ability. You will see that the end of the whole process is that Neo is going to merge with the machine world. We have two people both of them half human and half machine, one emerging as a good person and the other, Smith, emerging as an evil person. This is the conflict that we will all go through, the spiritual conflict of who is going to rule through you. Satan and Leviathan? Or Christ? Everybody okay?       

            This is the end of Part One. Good night everyone.



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