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Part 3 of 3 Parts

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Praise the Lord, we are about halfway through this film. I believe I described who the Key Maker is on Part 2. The Key Maker symbolizes Abel. Abel in the individual is the key. Abel is the root system of Adam who was blown to pieces, and he is the potential in every human being to be restored to the original state of Adam and Eve, a higher state than that. Adam was in a condition of immortality that could be lost and, in the restoration, humanity will be catapulted to a state of immortality that will be irreversible. That is the condition that the Lord Jesus Christ is in right now.     

            I am trying to relate the characters in this movie "The Matrix" to Scriptural characters, or to the people in the Scripture. I do not know who Morpheus is, but the Lord has showed me that Neo obviously is the Savior. Trinity is the Bride of Christ who will follow Neo anywhere. The Oracle, the Lord revealed to me, typifies Jehovah.

            Now, it is interesting because of all the characters I can relate to Scriptural characters, Jehovah is the most maligned, although I do not know whether it was unconscious or conscious, but Jehovah is made to appear as a woman, and all I can think about are the elements in our society today trying to make God into a woman.

Jehovah is made weaker than the evil. Jehovah is not weaker than the evil. The reason I say that The Oracle is Jehovah or typifies Jehovah is because the Asian Karate, or Kung Fu expert that defends her is named Seraph, and we know that the two Seraphim guard the Mercy Seat. The Mercy Seat is the place where Jehovah says He will meet us.

            It is so interesting that the story of humanity is so ingrained in the minds of this society that it rises up out of the people’s unconscious mind. The story about what happened to humanity is engraved in the Serpent's crowd. Everybody knows it; it comes out perverted through the carnal mind.

            The truth of our existence, the truth of our creation, and the Fall, and what happened to us is engraved in the soul of the people of mankind. What is not known, the secret of the ages, is Jehovah's plan of deliverance from the Fall. The end of the whole story, that is what is not known.

            Of course, the secret weapon is Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. Even the Jew who has waited and is waiting for Messiah for all these years does not seem to understand that the Messiah, the long awaited Messiah, will be a manifestation of Almighty God

            Back to our movie. The Key Maker has just been released. He is appearing as a weak individual. Abel is very weak, Abel can do nothing of himself. Christ must be grafted to Abel to give him the strength that he needs to rise up into Christ who is the warrior or the regenerated Adam, who is Christ, the warrior. The Key Maker is running for his life. Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus are defending him.

            We see the Merovingian, which I think typifies the Serpent, and the wife of the Merovingian typifies the woman who was seduced and is now married to the Serpent. She is very emotional and filled with lust. That is her description, the wife of the Merovingian.

            At this confrontation, we see the Merovingian brings forth supernatural creatures to oppose Trinity, Neo, and Morpheus. This is the action scene that is coming on now. Unless the Lord shows it to me at this time, I do not have any particular comment on the supernatural activities of these beings.

            I do not know who they are, they all seem to come in twos. There were several creatures. I know two of them appear to be vampires. I do not know that there is any specific significance other than to say that the Serpent controls all of these underworld supernatural creatures. Are there any comments or questions at this point?

            We are going to watch the action scene now of the Merovingian trying to recapture...okay, the Lord just gave me something to tell you.

            We are going to watch the scene of the Merovingian trying to recapture the Key Maker who has been rescued, who has been able to escape from the dungeon that he was in because of Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus. The Lord told me that this case scene is significant of how violent and desperate Satan is to get back all of the saints that are moving towards Christ, that have been set free to whatever degree Abel has been set free, to whatever degree Abel in you has been set free and moving in the Lord.

            Satan is desperate and will use every method at her disposal to get you back. We read about this in the Book of Revelation.

            I think it is at the end of Chapter 12, but I may be mistaken, where it says, the woman flees into the wilderness. The flood follows after her. What does that mean? It means that once you start to follow after Christ you can expect trials in your life, you can expect trouble in your life, and you can expect spiritual warfare in your life.

            It is because Satan is running after you trying to get you back. If there is no warfare in your life that means that you are really not doing anything that is threatening Satan's kingdom. You are really not escaping, you are really not going on if there is no trouble in your life.

            I do not wish trouble on your life, brethren. Part of my job is to teach you how to defend yourself and to deal with trouble. This whole journey that we are on, it is a journey that is designed to change our nature from the fallen nature into the nature of Christ. The process by which we accomplish this is called trials and tribulations, obstacles which try us and test us and give us the opportunity to overcome.

            Every obstacle that we overcome, we die to our carnal mind a little bit, and Christ in us increases a little bit. It is a long warfare. We are told in the King James Translation that David engaged in a long warfare until he came into his kingship.

            It is a long, ongoing warfare so we have to learn how to breathe deeply (I am using metaphor now) - breathe deeply and take the trials as they come, take them in our stride and learn to live this life under the protection of the Lord. That is what we are challenged to do. Any questions or comments? Here is the battle. Praise the Lord.

            That was very fast so I do not know if you saw it. The Merovingian went out the door and slammed it. When Neo opened it, it was a mountainous range, it was no longer inside of his house. The significance there is that the Merovingian travels faster than the speed of light. That is the significance.

            I cannot explain it any better right now, but that is the significance. We will see this principle come up again. Maybe I will be able to explain it better then.

            Also, the Lord asked me to tell you (I do not think I made it clear) that the significance of the supernatural opposition is the fact that the believer is up against supernatural opposition but, in Christ, we are more than able to overcome the enemy.

            We are in the middle of the action scene. We saw two policeman driving along. Their features morphed, that is the technical word, all stretched out and distorted. They became Agents. This is the same principle that I spoke to you on Part 2 where the woman was walking by and she saw this supernatural fight. Then the woman turned into an Agent.

            The principle is that the higher spiritual being, which is the machine here, has the power to ascend into the spiritual place where the human being generates from.

            If you think of the spiritual man as a plant, and that plant has a root going deep down into the earth, using that analogy, the superior being has the ability to access the root of that man, and rise up literally within the man, and change or take over his whole mind, and also change his appearance. Does anyone not understand what I am saying?

            This is the movie. In reality, what I believe is a reality, is that Satan can rise up from the root of the human being, rise up into the person’s mind and utterly pervert his thinking, and turn someone who loves Jesus into an enemy of the cross.

            What is so difficult from our point of view is that their external visage does not change, it is the same person. It could be an old friend, it could be a relative, it could be your pastor, it could be someone well known. We have seen this happen to a pastor who is on TV everyday right now. It is more like "The Body Snatchers" where your body looks the same but your complete mind, attitude, and spirit changes. For Hollywood, the way Hollywood is showing this spiritual principle, is that the person’s physical appearance changes. Praise the Lord.

            A couple of points. I would like to point out to you how weak the Key Maker is. He completely needs to be defended. He has no defenses of his own. That is Abel in you. That is how weak he is, and Christ is coming to save him. If you can see it, if you can see what I am going to tell you, Trinity, Neo and Morpheus typify the believers that have been liberated in their minds, who are now thinking with the Mind of Christ and have power because they are joined to Christ.

            We are sent back to the rest of the Church to liberate Abel in the rest of the church who are completely defenseless with regard to coming up against these supernatural forces.

            I believe that the church is in this condition, which is just completely defenseless until Christ is grafted to you and you have to be trained in warfare in order to deal with these situations. We see the church is divided into the Bridegroom Company and the Bride Company.

            It is the Bridegroom company that has the warfare skills. I can just hear the church screaming, "We’ll pray spiritual warfare, we have spiritual warfare." Not on this level. The spiritual warfare that is in the female church does not liberate Abel, though it may help somebody overcome a problem. They come in, they bind the strong man all over the town, but that is not enough power to liberate Abel and bring that person into the warfare stature of Christ.

            One more thing I wanted to point out, if you recall it, it goes back a ways. When they first started, I do not think they called it the Throughway. The Expressway, whatever they called it. Trinity says to Morpheus, "You always told me never to go on the Expressway." He says, "Well, let us hope that I was wrong."

            I want to point out to you that in the spiritual life, it is not uncommon to have to shift gears. When the Spirit moves on you and tells you to do something that in the past had been forbidden, you have to be able to make that shift, you have to be able to recognize that it is the move of the Spirit and make that shift. That is part of the spiritual life.

            Anyone that is caught in a religious rigid spirit will not be able to make that shift, and they will be destroyed. Of course, the key is you have to be able to hear the voice of the Lord and then go with it. It is always in a crisis situation. That is what you are in training for.

            When you are in a crisis situation, you should be able to hear the voice of the Lord and respond when He is telling you to do something that you never did before. You life could be depending upon it, and the life of others. This is a very exciting movie. Any questions or comments?

            COMMENT: I do not know if it is the same example, but when the towers came down in New York City, one of the instructions to some of the people that were up in the building was to stay put, that everything is going to be all right. A lot of them sensed that it was not and came down. I believe that they heard from God and they escaped. Those that listened to the carnal...

            PASTOR VITALE: To the authorities.

            COMMENT: To the authorities, they were killed.

            PASTOR VITALE: It is deadly. I am talking to you, it is deadly to be under that kind of law. You have to be able to function creatively and hear from God to deal with the situation at the moment. Praise the Lord.

            We just listened to the wisdom of the Key Maker giving instructions to the warriors as to what they have to do to reach the Source. I remind you that what is going on here is that Neo has been told by The Oracle that Zion can be saved if he can reach the Source. Neo is trying to reach the Source.

            We see that this very weak Abel has wisdom, and it is ancient wisdom. It is the ancient wisdom that is resident in Abel. Abel is the one that the myth of the Sleeping Beauty has been built upon. The prince that is coming to kiss and wake up Abel in the individual is the Lord Jesus Christ. Abel has a memory of the wisdom of Adam in antiquity.

            Of course, this is a worldly movie, and they are saying that all that wisdom is resident in the dead Abel, but the truth is all of that wisdom is in the resurrected Christ. When Christ is grafted to Abel, yes Abel is moving in this function, but the wisdom is really coming from Christ. Abel completely died.

            That is the principle of the movie. That part of us that is being resurrected into Christ has all this wisdom that we do not even know where it is coming from. It will rise up in the hour of need, because that is the part of us that is connected. Of course, when it is reactivated to the eternal world of God.

            We see that the ancient wisdom is coming through Abel. Now, what is really interesting is we see this weak, weak Key Maker being defended by these brave warriors, and now the tables are being turned. The brave warriors are listening to the wisdom of the Key Maker. You will see the theme throughout this whole trilogy is that we all need each other. We need the machines, and the machines need us.

            The warriors need the timid one with wisdom, and the timid one with wisdom needs the warriors, so that is the theme throughout the whole movie. Any questions or comments?

            In this move, Abel dies and he is not resurrected, but he has done his job. He has connected Neo to the door that will lead him to the Source which will save Zion. It is more like Rachel dying as she gave birth to Benjamin. It is my understanding of the Doctrine of Christ that Abel does not die, he stays in the third center, but Abel is the vehicle by which Christ is grafted into the human being.

            In other words, if a male sperm enters into a woman that has no eggs, or if her eggs are barren, or they are atrophied, the male sperm has no power. It is my understanding now of the Doctrine of Christ that Abel remains in his position in the third energy center but is raised from the dead and now rules over Cain, while Christ rises to the heart center and rules from the heart center, but this is the movie.

            According to the Doctrine of Christ, Christ becomes the only one that you see, even though Abel is still there in the third center. Christ becomes everything. For all intents and purposes, Abel is dead. Of course, this is Hollywood. That is the principle, Abel has done his job. He did what he had to do so that Neo, or Christ in the Doctrine of Christ, could get to the heart center, in this movie could get to the Source.

            In both cases, the salvation of the man is at stake when Christ ascends into the heart center. That is when He starts to rule over Satan and Leviathan and the whole vessel of the human being, from the heart center. So, Neo has been catapulted or directed to what would be the equivalent of the heart center, and that is what this is all about. In the movie, Abel is not resurrected. Any questions or comments?

            We just turned the film back on, let me tell you what is about to happen now. When Neo goes through that door, he is actually entering into a computer program. He is going to be speaking to a man who calls himself The Architect, the brain that created The Matrix. You are going to see some strange looking things so I am telling you in advance what is happening is that Neo is entering into the computer program to speak to The Architect, the guy who devised the whole thing.

            This is going to be a long colloquy, this Architect goes on and on. I probably am going to stop in the middle of this colloquy, because it is very long, and I will need to explain things to you.

            We have just listened to the colloquy of The Architect, and now one of the brethren here has a comment after which I will attempt to analyze what The Architect has said, virtually a sentence at a time. We are going to replay it again, and I will stop it very frequently to make comments, but right now we have a comment from the congregation.

            COMMENT: It seems that The Architect put it to Neo to make a choice, either to save Trinity or to save Zion, and he has to contemplate which door he has to open. He has to decide what to do.

            PASTOR VITALE: We have another comment here.

            COMMENT: Even though he has a choice, The Architect says they already know what he is going to choose. I would like to know what the outcome is.

            PASTOR VITALE: I have to tell you that I do not understand that completely, but I have seen the whole movie, and I have seen the third part of the trilogy so I know that The Architect lied to him. Trinity does not die, Neo is the one that dies. The choice that The Architect gave him was an illusion, because it was not on the facts upon which the choice would be based. They were inaccurate.

            Apparently, The Architect knew what Neo would choose, which really surprised me that he would choose to save Trinity rather than Zion, because he is supposed to be Messiah. That really surprised me that he did that.

            Apparently, The Architect knew that would be the way he would go and wanted him to do that, because the ultimate end of The Architect is the destruction of Zion. I have to tell you that I do not 100% understand that. I am surprised that Neo chose his selfish desire instead of the good of humanity.

            Although, what is coming to me now is that all of this is a part of the testing of the Son as he is raised up to be perfect in Christ. This is one element of selfishness that has not yet been purged out of Neo. He is still very human, he has supernatural powers but is still not perfect in his nature.

            Perhaps for that reason, that The Architect knows and even the Merovingian, when Neo was fighting the Merovingian, told his supernatural soldiers, "This is just a man, he is not supernatural." Neo is a type of the believer that has not yet been perfected. We have supernatural power and a lot of wisdom, but we are still very much human in our nature. That is the only thing I can tell you about that now. Maybe more will come to me as we go along.

            I find it interesting that The Architect says that "Neo has five predecessors." I am trying to think who the authors could be thinking of. Perhaps Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Noah and unless they are saying that Neo comes after Jesus Christ, they may be saying that Neo comes after Jesus Christ, then Neo would be the sixth time a Savior arose in The Matrix and each time a Savior arises in The Matrix, Zion rises.

            What is Zion? It is the city of the rebels, of the humans that are rebelling against the system. I may have it backwards, I may not have it right. No, here it is. Neo is the sixth one. They have already destroyed Zion five or six times. I am sorry I do not have the numbers straight.

            This concept of a Savior rebellion keeps rising up in The Matrix, and that is what they call an anomaly. An anomaly is something unexpected, something unknown. Now, The Matrix is a computer program, it is a work of science, it is the fruit of an equation.

            We have talked about equations in this ministry what a mathematic equation is. It is a set of symbols or numbers that has two sides to it. One side has to equal the other side, and then the equation is balanced and everything runs smoothly. An anomaly keeps rising up in this system, something unexpected, a bug in the computer program that causes problems.

            That bug, that anomaly, is the nature of man that does not want to be controlled. That is the whole issue, the man will not be controlled. You will see Neo appearing on all of the monitors around him. What that means is The Architect is aware of Neo's unconscious thought, because Neo is standing there calmly, but you see Neo on every monitor screaming, "You will not control me." His unconscious thoughts are revealed to The Architect.

            I think that all that I can tell you now is that we are dealing with the imperfect Savior who is not willing to sacrifice his love to save Zion which, of course, is the complete opposite of the Scripture. Anything else right now?

            Please note that as Neo goes thought the door of light you see what looks like the universe, what looks like the sky with stars in it, looks like outer space. That is a suggestion that Neo is going into another dimension. He is going into the Twilight Zone, actually he is going into a different computer. The suggestion is that this computer is in a higher dimension, and that is why you see the universe.

            The Architect says, "You have been processed to a large degree, but you remain human." That is exactly what I was just talking about. That is actually the condition of the believers in the church today that have been processed, that have received Christ.

            We are submitting to the exposure of our sin nature, we have been radically changed. Some of us have supernatural powers, supernatural wisdom and knowledge, but we are still so human, and for that reason we continue to die. This is what The Architect is describing concerning Neo's condition. Is everybody all right?

            Neo's life represents the unbalanced equation that I spoke about earlier. Neo has to be dealt with, and the whole rebellious human race that is upsetting the machine world's program, which is The Matrix, has to be dealt with. Neo is the representative of that whole uprising of the independent nature of man.

            The Architect is saying that the rebellious nature of mankind is not unexpected, that they know all about it; therefore, they have taken measures to control it. The Architect is suggesting that all Neo has been through from the very beginning has lead him to...in other words, this whole thing has the prophecy of The Oracle. The Architect is saying that the machine world has been in control of Neo the whole time.

            Neo thinks he is a Savior, Morpheus thinks he is the Savior, The Oracle thinks he is a Savior, but he is not. The Architect has been in control the whole time. The Architect is suggesting that there has been no choice, he says that we have manipulated everything that has happened to you, and you have done exactly what you were supposed to do, you have wound up here. The reason you are here is so that we can control you and deal with this uprising that is unbalancing the equation which, when the equation is balanced, brings harmony into The Matrix. Is everybody okay?

            We have just seen Neo appearing on all of the monitors screaming and yelling, "You cannot control me." This is an indication of the rebellious nature of mankind. Right now, Neo is the example. This is what The Architect is up against. This is the unconscious mind of humanity being revealed on all of these monitors screaming, "You cannot control me." This is the anomaly that The Architect is dealing with.

            The Architect says that the problem is systemic. It means that it is through all of humankind. Then The Architect says, "creating fluctuations in the simplest areas." That means even the simplest humans that do not even think very much, just their human nature is causing fluctuation in the equation of The Matrix because it is human nature to resist control, even if that resistance is unconscious. That is what he is saying.

            Neo discovers that the problem is choice. What this means is that it is being revealed that mankind, being dictated to, raises up the potential for rebellion. Even when we are raising a child, we know that we have to do the best we can to not crush the child's spirit while they are being taught and controlled by the parent.

            This is the principle of the movie. Mankind is rebellious to the point that Zion keeps rising up, the warfare keeps rising up, because humanity is responding to the radical type of control. They are being deprived of a choice, like when you are raising a child you will....let us say if you are trying to teach the child to eat healthy foods, and you want them to eat whole wheat bread, you might say to them, "Would you like a whole wheat muffin or whole wheat toast?" As long as the child believes that he/she has some degree of choice he/she will tend to be cooperative. This is the issue.

            Mankind, this anomaly, has risen in The Matrix because mankind has been deprived of choice so the rebellious potential in mankind has risen up to its highest point in response to the control of The Architect.

            We just heard The Fluctuation describe The Oracle. He described her as the mother of The Matrix. The Fluctuation described her as an intuitive program that found a solution to the problem because she was doing research into human nature. The Architect had based The Matrix on the premise of the perfect human being, and The Matrix failed because man is not perfect.

            The Oracle, who investigated into the psychology of humanity and realized that man was not perfect, found a program that was 99% successful. Neo guessed who The Architect was talking about. Neo said, "You mean The Oracle?" They are talking about The Oracle. The Fluctuation said, "Please." I am asking you if there is anyone here that knows why The Fluctuation responded like that, "Please." What did that mean?

            COMMENT: It seemed like he was saying, "Do not tell me that. That is not true." When he said, "Please," he said it in such a way.

            PASTOR VITALE: In a sarcastic way? Actually, you are close, but not exactly accurate.

            There is obviously a competition between The Fluctuation and The Oracle. The Fluctuation was discounting the name Oracle. In other words, the name of The Oracle is a name of respect. It is a name that suggests that the woman who was The Oracle has all the knowledge. The Fluctuation was saying, "Do not tell me she is The Oracle, she is just an intuitive program that happened to stumble upon this information. Do not make her more important then she is."

            I believe that, in the context of the Scripture, The Fluctuation signifies Leviathan, and The Oracle signifies Adam. The competition is between Adam and Leviathan. Adam eventually destroys Leviathan.

            Now earlier, I told you that the Oracle typifies Jehovah. It appears to me that some of the characters, depending on their place in the story, typify different Scriptural characters. I believed The Oracle typifies Jehovah, because of the Asian man, I do not think he comes on the scene....oh yes, he was in the second part of the trilogy. The Asian man that defends The Oracle, his name is Seraph. The Seraphim guard the Mercy Seat where Jehovah meets us.

            In that context, The Oracle is Jehovah, but from this context the competition is between The Architect and the Oracle. The Oracle is now Adam who will ultimate defeat The Architect, who will ultimately defeat Leviathan. That is where they are in this context.

            "So please do not make her any more bigger than she is, she is just an intuitive program that accidentally found this information out." That is what this was all about.

            Where we are picking up now, we find out what it was that The Oracle had discovered. She discovered that when you stop dictating to human beings, when you stop tyrannizing them, if you give them that choice you can control them.

            The Architect goes on to say that even though The Oracle discovers the program whereby 99% of humanity accepted The Matrix, that 1% was enough of a problem that, if left unchecked, would escalate and bring the destruction of The Matrix. Therefore, Zion has to be destroyed. We see that Neo is the sixth Savior. The previous five Saviors failed, and Zion was destroyed five times.

            The Architect is telling Neo, "We will do it again. You are an anomaly. You are the 1%, and we will wipe you out, and we will wipe Zion out."

            The Architect tells Neo that the function of The One, now remember, The Architect is saying, "We raised you up. We raised you up. You think that you are the Savior of Zion, but we are responsible for your every existence and your function is to return to the source and disseminate your code." Disseminate means to sow a seed, to spread your code into the Source (and I do not fully understand this), which will balance the equation. That is the bottom line.

            Neo's function as Savior is to return to the Source. That is the significant word.

            Neo is told his function is to return to the Source and disseminate his code into the mainframe which will re-balance the equation. Then he will be allowed to select men and women to start Zion all over again, but a Zion that will be under control. Of course, it is a similar takeoff on Noah. He is going to be selecting however many number he needs to be on the ark and start a new world that will be under control.

            It is still not clear here, but Neo is supposed to dissolve himself into the mainframe to balance the unbalanced equation and destroy the rebellious Zion, and birth a new Zion that will submit to The Matrix. Here, we see the concept of Noah and the ark, the wiping out of the world before the flood.

            Neo has to dissolve himself in the mainframe which will re-institute the basic program. The program is now unbalanced. When Neo dissolves himself in the mainframe, in the Source, the program will be balanced again. If Neo refuses to do this, Zion will be destroyed and the whole Matrix will be destroyed. There will be like a cataclysmic system crash. Everyone will be destroyed, and Neo will be responsible for the death of all of humanity. That is what he is being told right now.

            It seems to me that Neo does not believe The Architect. It is not that he is choosing to save Trinity and let the whole of mankind be destroyed. I think that he does not believe The Architect, and he is probably right in not believing him. Actually, he is right in not believing him.

            I do not know what would have happened if Neo would have walked through the door that would have saved Zion, I do not know. I know that he walked through the door that The Architect says will not save Zion, and at the end of the trilogy Neo saves Zion. Obviously, The Architect was lying to him.

            Apparently, I was wrong. Neo did believe The Architect, but he put his personal love for Trinity ahead of saving the world. We have seen the acting scene of Trinity being shot and Neo catching her from her deep fall, pulling the bullet out of her. Neo saved Trinity who died anyway, and Neo raised Trinity from the dead. Now, we did see that Neo did believe The Architect, and he is telling the other members of the ship that Zion is going to be destroyed, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

            Now, we see Morpheus saying, "I do not understand it, everything was done as it was supposed to be done in accordance with the prophecy." In accordance with the prophecy, the war is supposed to be over. Neo found the door, the Key Maker sent him to the door. He walked through the door and, according to the prophecy, the war should be over, but the war is not over. Morpheus is losing faith.

            We see that is analogous to the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. People saying that the prophecy is being fulfilled. Jesus Christ appeared in the earth, He was resurrected out of death, He was crucified, everything was done according to the Scripture, and there is still no peace on earth. The warfare with the powers and principalities of this world has not ceased. It says in the King James Translation, "Where is His coming? We are waiting and waiting and surely we must have missed it. Either God has failed us or we have misunderstood God."

            We see that the prophecy was not completely understood, because the end of it was not Neo walking through that door and talking to The Architect. There are other stages to go through. Maybe the Jew would have believed that Jesus was Messiah if the prophesies would have come to pass. Peace would be on earth, and the warfare would end. That did not happen so the Jew cannot believe that Jesus was Messiah. That is the principle right here.

            Also, we see that Neo is believing The Architect, Neo the Savior has believed the voice of Leviathan rather than the word of prophecy which supposedly comes from the Lord.

            This is so common for believers that have a high call on their lives. They are deceived by Leviathan, and why are they deceived? Because they do not understand the plan. When you have a knowledge of God's plan Leviathan will not be able to deceive you.

            Neo can only see as he takes each step. He cannot see, and this is Morpheus right now, he cannot see the end of the vision. It looks disappointing, it looks like God failed, we failed, or they failed, or some such thing.

            This is a very important message for the Sons of God. You have to keep the faith and believe that if something looks to you as if it is going wrong, you are lacking understanding, and you should ask the Lord to give you the understanding that you are lacking that will help you to stay in the faith.

            Once again, we see that The Architect was Leviathan and he lied to Neo. He convinced Neo that The Oracle was not who she said she was, that the prophecy was false, that Zion would be destroyed, and that there was nothing that they could do about it. Of course, Neo going through the door that saved Trinity is the exact opposite of what Christ did. Christ gave up everything so that we could live. Please note that difference here in the movie.

            Now, we see Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity running from the machines that were just blowing up their ship. Suddenly, Neo has spiritual discernment or a spiritual connection with the machines. He turns around, holds his hand up to resist them, and he blows the machines up. Then Neo collapses.

            What is happening is Neo is still changing, he is becoming the mediator, half man and half machine. That is The One that can overcome all, when he is of both ilks. We see that Neo collapsed here. I think that the movie is almost at an end because Part Three, the third movie of the trilogy, starts with Neo completely unconscious on the table.

            We will find out what happened to him in the next movie which is "Matrix Revolutions." I think there is a little more on this so we will watch. The movie has just ended, and we see that there is just one survivor from Zion. The machines attacked Zion, and I do not know if they destroyed the city or not. Yes, they destroyed the city, and there were a few survivors. There was one survivor from the city who is the incarnated Agent.

            One last comment, the commander of the armies’ name is Lock. Initially, I thought, "What a strange name," but I believe that Lock represents the lock. We were speaking earlier about the lock and the key. We see that the spiritual people in the movie are the key, and the one who does not believe, the one who is the commander of the armies, he is the lock.

            Eventually, you will see in Part Three how the two need each other and how they wind up together saving the whole world. Not only saving humanity but saving the machine world, because an illegal program has risen up that is consuming both humanity and the machine world. It is the merging together of the two worlds that destroys the rouge program and saves the world.

            We will see that, Lord willing, in Part Three when the Lord lets us do that. I did not mean Part Three of this message, I meant Part Three of this trilogy. If the Lord lets us do that, we will do that next week.

            One other thing I would like to point out to you is that Leviathan is Satan's biggest weapon and is making us believe that what God tells us is not true. The Architect, who typifies Leviathan, almost destroyed Neo and stopped him from doing what he was supposed to do by lying to him and by effectively getting him to believe him. Neo has given up and was expecting Zion to be destroyed.

            What was Neo supposed to do? Neo was supposed to go to machine city and become the mediator between the two races but because Neo believed that The Architect was the end of the line, he was waiting for Zion to be destroyed. He would have never gotten to machine city if he did not realize this. That is the next movie, I will not tell you about that.

            That is the point. Leviathan is Satan's biggest weapon against the believers to cause them to have doubt and unbelief in what the Lord has told them. God bless you.




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