048 - Part 3
(Revelation 9)

Part 3 of 3 Parts


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Thank you, Jesus. There is ministry present tonight for the impartation of the mind of Jesus Christ, for greater understanding, for the power to move into Christ, for the power to get across Jordan, for single-mindedness, the anointing for tabernacles. It’s a big umbrella covering all of us. It’s filling the whole room. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES].


Thank you, Jesus. We’re waiting on you, Lord. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES] sayeth the Lord [SPEAKING IN TONGUES] seek my blood sayeth God, even my flesh [SPEAKING IN TONGUES]. See with my eyes, hear with my ears, speak with my mouth sayeth God. But above all manifest my righteousness. Yea, this night I have given to thee sayeth the Lord. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES]. Waver not to the right nor to the left sayeth the Lord, but keep thine eyes single unto me sayeth God, and indeed I shall keep thee sayeth the Lord. Open thy mouth sayeth the Lord and indeed I shall fill it with the words of My righteousness. Fear not therefore sayeth God and fear not the minds of the mighty of this age sayeth the Lord, for indeed a new age is confronting them. Yea, My new age in you amongst others sayeth God. Fear not for I shall make thy forehead as flint sayeth the Lord and thou shalt indeed be among the company that I shall manifest in and shall come up against the mind of this world sayeth the Lord. Yea indeed I shall anoint thee with stringers sayeth God and by thy mouth and by thy word they shall be called into repentance sayeth the Lord. Yea indeed they shall be convinced of sin sayeth the Living God. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES].


Fear not sayeth the Lord their faces for there is nothing that they can do unto thee even unto death sayeth God. I shall resurrect you. Fear not thy greatest enemy in fear.


Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.




Yea sayeth the Lord I shall cleanse thy mind sayeth God. Indeed I shall cleanse thy heart sayeth the Lord. Yea indeed the deliverance that thou hast cried out for years sayeth God already it is upon thee sayeth the Lord. Stand fast sayeth God, resist the wiles of the enemy sayeth the Lord. Submit yourself to Me, and surely I shall do this thing. Thou art engaged in a mighty warfare sayeth the Lord. Be not deceived and be not seduced away sayeth God but keep thy eyes single towards me and towards my voice. Fear not sayeth the Lord and lessen they hand sayeth God for indeed I am upon thee in this hour to break these sayeth God. I shall do this thing but thy shalt not be destroyed sayeth the Lord. Yield unto me sayeth God that you might proceed.




My mind is upon thee sayeth the Lord. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES]. Indeed it shall rise up from within Me sayeth the Lord and it shall chop and it shall tear and it shall break and it shall tear down thy carnal mind sayeth the Lord God. It shall separate and it shall melt. Yea indeed great heat shall come forth from my mind sayeth God and the elements they shall be melted sayeth the Lord and it shall appear in me.




Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus who from before the foundation of the earth sayeth the Lord. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES]. Understanding [UNINTELLIGIBLE] great strength of the mind sayeth the Lord. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] sayeth God. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] sayeth the Lord.


[SPEAKING IN TONGUES]. Thou shalt speak my words sayeth God indeed from thy mouth shall come forth the whole Logos of My Words sayeth God. Indeed I shall appear by My mind in thee sayeth the Lord and I shall send thee against them sayeth God. Fear not thy fair faces sayeth the Lord for I shall give thee a forehead as hard as flint sayeth the Lord and I shall put my words in thy mouth and I shall give thee a stinger sayeth the Lord and indeed by thy words their minds shall be [INAUDIBLE] sayeth God.


Fear not their weapons, fear not their terror, fear not their fierceness sayeth God. There is nothing that they can do unto thee that I cannot resurrect.




Praise God.




Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. It shall not [UNINTELLIGIBLE] to my sight sayeth the Lord. I shall bring thee and thy shalt enter in sayeth God despite all odds and despite prophecies of many so-called Christians that have said many things about these Lord. Indeed thou shalt laugh at them for thou shalt enter in by the power of My Spirit which I shall bring forth in thee.


Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.


Fear not for indeed I am with thee. Yea sayeth God I am with thee in power sayeth the Lord. Believe not the voice of the serpent or his prophecies sayeth God but believe my Word and thou shalt see great things of My Spirit.


It is a great work that I will do with you sayeth God. It is a great and powerful work. I deceive thee not sayeth the Lord. It shall be painful. Indeed thou must be crushed sayeth the Lord. There is much in thee that is of this world sayeth God and there is much in thee that is of My Spirit. That is which of the world sayeth the Lord I must tear [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Trust in Me. Be faithful. Fear not. I shall do this work and I shall appear sayeth the Lord and I shall speak My words and I shall send you against them sayeth God. Indeed the stingers in thy mouth and with great power. Send it to me sayeth God. I shall do the work. I shall do the work.




A great uprooting sayeth the Lord. Fear not. I do nothing [INAUDIBLE]. A great uprooting.




Great change is upon you sayeth the Lord.




Glory to God.


I am with thee sayeth the Lord and great power. Turn not from Me through fear sayeth God. I shall bring thee through and I shall establish thee and thy shalt be with me sayeth God. Amongst the first fruits.


Glory to God. As I told you earlier the Lord has cancelled the scheduled message for tonight, which would have started in Chapter 10 of the Book of Revelation. My Bible entitles it the Angel and the Little Book. And I think I’m just going to take a couple of minutes to give you a rundown of what’s coming up in the Book of Revelation.


Now today we’ve gone through Chapter 9, and we have learned about the destruction of the living soul and the appearance of Christ in him and we found out that everything that God does leads to life. So even when your Bible clearly states in the English language that something -- Satan or whatever shall be destroyed, you can assume that it is implied in that Bible that life will come forth out of death because everything God does results in righteousness and in life.


At the end of Chapter 9 the living soul has been utterly -- the satanic realm has been utterly destroyed. Eve has been separated from her wicked husband Satan and her offspring the carnal mind and is now married to Christ. The Adamic soul and the carnal mind have been covered over so that they can’t hurt anybody. Adam, the conscience, he is -- well, he’s not dealt with yet at the end of Chapter 9. He’s not dealt with. The last thing to be dealt with is the conscious minds of men who are still doing what their tormentor, Satan, had instructed and taught them to do for centuries.


In Chapter 10, entitled the Angel and the Little Book, and I’m going to suggest to you that it is referring to the appearance of Christ in the earth. If you’ve read ahead at all you’ll know that the angel has one foot in the sea and one foot on the earth and I’m suggesting to you what that means is that he has -- he is existing both in the sea, which is the living soul, and the earth of the Adamic soul. This mighty angel is the Body of Christ that is fully manifested in the earth.


Now we go on to Chapter 11, which is the Two Witnesses, and I’m going to suggest to you that the two witnesses typify the Christ that shall be appearing in every human being. OK? The scripture says every eye shall see Jesus and the carnal minds of men decide that if they’re going to see Him on television. No brethren. You’re not going to see Him on television. Really they’re not. I promise you they’re not going to see Him on television. They’re going to see Him because He’s going to become their mind and their soul, the Adamic soul of every man is going to see Christ because He’s going to be another mind that’s going to manifest inside of them. Hallelujah.


Now we go on the beginning of the Seventh Trumpet which is the windup of bringing all men -- the conscious minds of men into submission. Then starting in Chapter 12 we see man through the eyes of God and God sees man as the beast -- the first beast and the second beast, which is the -- well, I don’t want to -- it’s basically the conscious mind. This is how God sees man.


Then in Chapter 14 my Bible says it’s the Lamb is standing on Mt. Zion. That’s the full manifestation of Christ and His creation. Then we go on and on. So the Lord seems to have called the cutting off point here and I want to remind you about the literary technique of the Bible, which explains or declares what is going to happen and then over the next several chapters -- it can take several chapters to explain to you how it’s going to happen. With the end of Chapter 9 the satanic realm had been utterly slain but the conscious minds of men was not repentant. I suggest as we go on from there God is going to expand on the expression of Christ in the earth and He’s going to go on and explain His dealings with the conscious minds of men.


I’m going to open up the floor to questions. Well, I’ll take a question on anything in the Book of Revelation but basically we’ve just done Chapter 8 and Chapter 9. Is there anything that you’d like to ask me right now?


I’ve been asked to explain Revelation Chapter 9 verse 11. OK. This is speaking about the locusts so let me establish here that the Lord has shown us that the locusts are the -- I don’t know if embryonic is the correct word, but the Christ is appearing in men in an embryonic stage. At some point He’s going to start manifesting power before He’s in full stature and the locusts typify Christ appearing in men. That’s a Christ that’s not in full stature. OK? Does anybody have a problem with that?


OK. And the scripture says and they -- the locusts -- had a king over them which is the angel of the bottomless pit and I remind you that Jesus is king. Well, first of all He’s King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is king over the locusts. He is the king over Christ coming forth in you. He is the king of -- He is the king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit. I remind you that the bottomless pit is the living soul so Christ coming forth even in a stage that’s not in full stature, which is typified by the locusts, He’s still king over the soul. We also said that from the minute that He’s birthed in His weakest embryonic form He has authority over the living soul. If you recall we said that.


He is the king over the living soul from the second Christ is birthed in you, He becomes king of your kingdom and your kingdom consists of your body, your soul and your spirit. From the second He’s birthed as an embryo He becomes king of your kingdom. Later on, I think it’s in Chapter 20, I could be wrong; it says that Jesus, or all the kingdoms of the earth have become Jesus. We are the kingdoms brother. We are the kingdoms. So when He possesses all of the kingdoms of the earth it means that every man on the face of the earth shall be ruled by Him.


He shall have been birthed in every man on the face of the earth. The scripture goes on in Verse 11, whose name is -- well, we’re talking about the locusts that had a king over them and we said the king is Jesus and His name is, in the Hebrew tongue, Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue had His name Apollyon. Both of these words mean destroyer and is it clear to you again that in this chapter, anyway, the Holy Spirit is using expressions to describe the Sons of God that would come from the vantage point of the living soul.


He’s using descriptive words as the living soul would see the Sons of God and they see the Sons of God as a destroyer. Why? Because the Sons of God have come to destroy the Adamic soul. That’s the truth. The Sons of God have come to destroy the Adamic soul and Christ, the king over them, is the chief destroyer. As I said just a few minutes ago, everything that Jesus Christ does brings forth life and righteousness. Even destruction and death bring forth life and righteousness. That’s why He’s God and we’re not. We’re His mirror image. We’re the negative realm and everything that we do ends in destruction and everything that Jesus does ends in life.


The Lord had told me -- I had meditated on this and He had told me that this puzzling phrase -- in the Hebrew tongue His name is Abaddon, but in the Greek His name is Apollyon -- the reason the Lord does that is to impart to us that He is destroying the souls of the Jew and He is destroying the souls of the Greek. The whole world is being called into the kingdom of God in this hour. It’s no longer for the Jews. Well, there is no Jew and there is no Greek but that’s in the spirit. There certainly is a Jew and a Greek in the natural. We know that and Paul said that one of them is saved by faith and the other through faith. There are shades of difference. There are shades of difference in how different members of the living soul are going to be saved.


If you are -- I’m not really sure if this -- when he says the Hebrew tongue whether he’s talking about the natural Jew or whether he’s talking about the true Israel and the church. Those that are walking a close walk with Him right now as opposed to those who were not. He’s just merely saying there’s two categories of destruction. OK? I don’t want to ramble on too long. Did I make that clear?


He’s saying that He ministers destruction to one group in one way and another group in another way. Whether that first group is the natural Jew or the spiritual Jew that would fall into the category that we’re in that are really walking close with God and beating the drums and trying to get there, I don’t know. I don’t really think it matters. He’s just saying there’s two categories of how you’re going to be destroyed. The only thing that matters is everybody’s going to be destroyed. Everybody’s going to be swallowed up and after they’re destroyed the Life of Christ will come forth in them.


Let me put this on the message.


            You’re saying these are not -- there’s no possibility these are demons? Are you      saying they are or they’re not?


In my opinion there’s no possibility that they are demons. Yeah. And what seems to really -- what’s confusing the people in the church world is that they cannot deal with the descriptive terms such as destroyer. How can Jesus be a destroyer? But on a recent message I gave you the reference. We have a whole study on Jesus being the destroyer and He is. He was the angel of death that killed the first born of Egypt and brethren, this may come as a shock to you, but spiritually speaking Adam was the first born and he shall die. He’s dying right now. He’s going to be killed by the destroyer. His name is either Apollyon or Abaddon, depending on where you are in God.


The church world can’t deal with the fact that the sons of God are called locusts because locusts destroy vegetation. They were plague. They most certainly are a plague upon the Adamic man. I just want to remind you that when Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified and raised from the dead and ascended on high all power in heaven and earth was given unto Him. If Satan, the spirit that rules in the living soul, had turned over the minds of men to Jesus Christ at that time, it probably wouldn’t be necessary to send the plagues and the locusts against them.


Glory to God. Glory to God.


The problem is that Satan will not turn the minds of men over to Jesus Christ and therefore God has descended the same plagues in spiritual form upon Satan that He sent upon Egypt. The first born is going to die and the locusts are coming to eat the Adamic soul.


I don’t think there’s any chance at all that they’re demons.


Anybody else?


And I just want to remind you that in that hour -- and it’s already happening -- that natural man, when he’s confronted with the Spirit of God, is going to call the Spirit of God an evil spirit. And God is reflecting all this. You see, He’s making it -- it’s only by the Spirit of God that we can discern that this is Christ typified by Apollyon and the locusts and the horsemen.


God, I believe, has done this deliberately because you have to have the Spirit of Christ to see Christ in this. And the hearts of men that are evil, they’re never going to believe that it’s God. It’s also a form of testing. It’s hidden. It’s a parable. You can’t understand it but by the Spirit of God.


Did I answer your question?


Anybody else? Anybody?


Glory to God.


OK. I just want to briefly go over the high points of what’s happening here in these chapters of the Book of Revelation. God has raised up the sons of God. The first fruits company. Eventually the whole living soul, every member of the living soul is going to be a son of God. You know, a lot of people in the church, they hear this teaching about the sons of God and they get very upset and they think that we’re exclusive and that -- some Christians think that they’re better than other Christians. But everyone’s going to be a son of God when Christ appears in you. OK? But there will be a first fruits company. There will be a first fruits company.


This chapter -- chapters eight and nine are describing the appearance of the first fruits company and we’re being told that another mind is going to appear in the earth. When the first fruits company appears it will be the mind of Christ wrapped in flesh appearing in the earth.


We talked about this a little earlier tonight. I didn’t put it on the message. I’m not going to worry too much about the message tonight. This is just really for you. I just want you to understand what -- what Christ is, you know? I’m getting a revelation of what Jesus Christ is recently like I’ve never had before. He’s a whole new mind. A whole new way of thinking. He’s appearing in the organism known as the living soul and He’s -- from the living soul’s point of view He is an invading virus. Surely it is the intention of the Lord Jesus Christ to destroy the living soul. It is His intention to destroy life as we now know it.


That’s a hard word but I declare to you that life as we now know it is going to be wiped out. I don’t know what life is going to be like but it’s not going to be like this.


Glory to God. Hallelujah.


The first -- let me remind you that the living soul is in three parts. Does anyone want to guess what the three parts of the living soul are? Anybody remember?


Yeah. What they are now in the Adamic soul.




Very good. Adam, Eve and Satan are the three parts -- the three spiritual parts of the living soul. The first part -- well, first of all, Jesus Christ is dealing with each part of the living soul separately. He is first dealing with Eve. He’s dealing with Eve and the way He’s dealing with it -- does anybody remember how He’s dealing with Eve? Even is the human spirit. Anybody want to guess? You’re not getting grade on this. Anybody want to guess?




No. Marrying her. Amen. He’s marrying her. That’s OK. That’s OK. I’d rather you be wrong than not guess, than not say anything. OK. And if He marries her what’s going to happen? Does anybody want to take a guess at it?


OK. There are several things happening. She’s going to birth Christ. What else is happening? Anybody? Anybody remember what else is happening?


Amen. She’s going to be separated from Satan. The way this is happening is the exact opposite of how you would expect this to happen with the carnal mind. The carnal mind would expect Christ to come in and separate Eve from Satan and the carnal mind, clean her up and marry her and birth Christ. But it’s not happening like that. Does anybody remember how it’s happening? Anybody want to guess?


Jesus is committing legal adultery. He’s entering into Satan’s territory. Satan is married to Eve and they have a child, the carnal mind. Jesus Christ -- the spirit of Jesus Christ, which is the Holy Spirit, is entering into a man and going right into that family and He’s fertilizing the human spirit while she’s still married to Satan and bringing forth His own offspring, which is Christ. When Christ stands up in that human spirit He -- see now, this is not the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s Christ, which by carnal standards, would be an illegitimate child. He’s going to stand right up in the middle of that family and do the work of separating Eve from Satan and the carnal mind and He’s going to utterly slay Satan and bring the carnal mind into submission. Eve is saved in childbearing. Eve is now married to Christ and she’s part of the four angels that are standing up in the human spirit.


The next element of the living soul that’s going to be dealt with is the unconscious mind of men, which is Satan. Anybody want to guess at what’s happening to Satan? Anybody remember? He’s being swallowed up. Amen. He’s being utterly swallowed up and he’s going to be swallowed up into the life of Christ. He’s going to subdued. He’s going to be castrated. He’s going to lose his ability to fertilize the human spirit. He’s going to lose his ability to fertilize the human spirit and he’s going to be domesticated. We studied this in our studies in Ezekiel, the first chapter of Ezekiel. He’s going to become domesticated. Now anybody that knows anything about raising animals or farms, it’s very common that they geld horse and they geld bulls. They castrate them. That’s what they do and the result of it is that it takes the fierceness out of the male and permits him to be domesticated. Satan is going to serve the mind of Christ. Glory to God. He is going to be the spiritual skeleton.


OK. The third part of the living soul is the conscious mind and we found out last week that the conscious mind is caught in a groove. That he has been obeying the mind of Satan for so many centuries and so many thousands of years that, even though he’s got a new spirit and a new unconscious mind that is righteous, Adam, the conscious mind of man is still doing what Satan, who is now destroyed, taught him to do.


Did you ever see that in a natural? I saw a movie once about post-war England. There was a woman there. She had had it really hard. They had it much harder over there than they did over here and food was severely rationed. They had very little to eat. Now the war was over and they had plenty of food and she couldn’t cope with it. She couldn’t switch back to having plenty and this young man was courting her daughter and he brought a cake for dinner. She very methodically unwrapped the cake and wrapped up the string because they didn’t throw anything out. She saved the string and she wouldn’t eat the cake. She was going to save it for the next day. She couldn’t enjoy it. She was so used to having her food rationed.


This is the conscious mind’s [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. They can’t make the switch. They’re going to have to be shaken by the power of God. They’re going to have to be forced to give up their ways.


Does anybody remember what the ways of the conscious minds of men are? What are their ways and what are they trying to accomplish with those ways? Does anybody remember? What is the conscious mind doing that Jesus wants them to stop doing and why?


            With the soul they’re using all kinds of things to escape, you know, the science      and their own --


What are they trying to accomplish?


            They want to stand up in their own power.


What is it that they want to get? What do they want to get with their power?


            They want to get out of their misery. Right?


They want to get their needs met. And what are the human needs? We need food. We need shelter. We need affection. We need our emotions satisfied. That’s what -- that’s the root of everything that man does. Ask anybody that knows about human nature and they’ll tell you that if a man could be bought there are three things that could buy him. Three possibilities. Money, sex, power. Money, sex, power. That’s what men want and the reason that they want it is to have their needs met. And they’re using, as we just heard, they’re using witchcraft and mind control and all kinds of evil wickedness to attain these needs when it’s no longer necessary. They can’t get out of the groove. Jesus is going to have to bomb them out of the groove.


There’s one other thing and this is what I wanted to put on the board. I touched on it a couple of messages back and I -- I thought I perceived some confusion so I want to go over the glorified body. I want to go over the glorified body.


We did do a study several months ago with Series Number 38 and we were told in that series that this realm of appearance is the mirror image of the realm of the spirit. Now I remind you that everything that’s in the realm of the spirit is far superior to the realm of the soul. In this realm -- I have a mirror right over here. If I look in this mirror I -- what I see is what you see when you look at me. But that’s because you’re in the realm of the soul also.


When a spiritual life form looks in the mirror that is this realm of appearance. Are you with me? That this realm of appearance is the mirror, it’s the reflection of spiritual life. Stop me as I go along. This is really important.


We are -- this is -- spiritual life is so much greater. I have a mirror. It’s a flat piece of glass with silver painted on the back of it. That’s what a mirror is in this realm of appearance. But when a spiritual life form wants to make a mirror the life of this spirit is so far superior to us that when he makes a mirror he made this realm of appearance. Can you fathom that at all?


I just pray that you quicken it to them. I know that it’s hard. It’s a highly superior life form. Spirit is highly superior to soul. Spirit has no form and no shape. When he looks in a mirror he gets an image. He gets an image. Now he is in the realm of the spirit. You cannot see him. When you look in the mirror he takes form. When you look in the mirror of the living soul spiritual life takes form and there are all kinds of traditions in the occult you may not have heard here. I don’t know. Maybe you’ve heard it, you know, Lorraine.


But if you watch horror movies or occultish movies, if there’s a demon bothering you they’ll tell you at midnight at a certain date, a particular hour, put a mirror in front of the face of the woman that’s demonized and you’ll see who the demon is and you’ll have authority to cast it out. Did you ever hear that?


I saw that in some horror movie once before -- before I started serving Jesus. All of these occult movies, they -- it’s fantasy and it’s myth but it’s rooted in truth. So I’m going to say it again. The life of the spirit is as superior to the life of the soul as the life of the soul is to the life of an earthworm. Compare yourself to an earthworm. We are an earthworm compared to spiritual life. When spiritual life wants to take form, when it wants to see itself in a mirror, it forms this realm of appearance and the example that the Lord gave us in the teaching was a rainbow. This is scientific fact that the way a rainbow is formed is that there must be an energy source and the energy source is the sun. There has to be water. Energy -- well, I’m going to run this right along.


This is the natural; the energy source is the sun. In the spiritual the energy source -- what’s the energy source that’s ruling in the living soul? Anybody? What’s the -- right now. Satan. He’s the spirit. He’s the energy source that’s ruling in the living soul. He’s a spirit. I’m going to just draw him by some squiggly lines because spirit has no form or shape.


We’re trying to get a rainbow. Excuse me while I struggle with this. We’re trying to get a rainbow. Let’s just put the rainbow over here. We’re going to get a rainbow. This is the end result. A rainbow. The end result of spiritual life in a mirror is a man. OK?


The way we get this rainbow is that it has to rain and raindrops have to fall down. [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Then the rays that -- of the sun pass through the raindrops and science tells us that they’re deflected. That means that when they pierce through the water of the raindrops they stop going in a straight line. They get bent. They go in different directions. Some of them get thrown backwards. Some of them get thrown down. They get scattered all over the atmosphere and the result of that is that, in this realm of appearance, in our sky we see a rainbow. That’s what happens.


You have the energy source of the sun. It pierces through the raindrops. The raindrops bend the energy source, bounce them all over the place, and an image is formed and this is what the image looks like. Every time this happens you get the same image. You don’t get a different image every time. Every time the rays of the sun pass through the raindrops you get a rainbow. That’s what it looks like. You don’t get a man. You don’t get a dog. You don’t get a cat. It’s always a rainbow.


Down here, when the spiritual source of energy known as Satan passes through the living soul -- and we’ve been drawing that as a circle -- I’ll get into that in a minute, why I do that -- when the energy source known as Satan passes through the living soul his energy gets deflected. It gets bent. It just gets thrown all over the place and an image is formed. And this is what it looks like. Natural man. It never looks like a dog or a cat or a rainbow. It’s always a man. When Satan manifests through the living soul in the realm of appearance we get a man.


If you wanted to you could draw a line down the middle of this board and you could call this line a mirror. When Satan looks in the mirror of the living soul this is what he sees. The image of a natural man. And in the last days -- it hasn’t happened yet -- there’s an energy source -- there’s another energy source in the world whose name is what?


Christ. His name is Christ. This is what we were waiting for. The whole creation is on its tiptoes to see Christ vibrate forth through the living soul and appear in the realm of appearance as glorified man. The whole creation is waiting. We’ve seen the rainbow and we’ve seen the satanic man and we’re waiting on tiptoes to see the image of God in the earth.


I don’t know. I read this Bible and I heard about the image of Christ. Brethren, I really never knew. I thought I knew what I was reading about but I didn’t know what I was reading about. Brethren, natural man is the image of Satan and the whole creation is on tiptoes waiting to see the image of Jesus Christ, the glorified man. The type of which -- not the type of which, but the first of which was Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Not before the crucifixion. After the resurrection. That’s what we’re all going to be. That’s the image and when God said let us make man in His image He did not mean what we are today. We are an in part creation. We are between -- we’re past the rainbow but we’re not Christ.


Now the reason I’ve been depicting the living soul as circles is -- how do I explain this? Is to help us understand our spiritual nature. What we see when we look at a man. That’s not really what we -- we are spirit and the form that we take in this realm of appearance is not really what we are. OK? What we are is an energy source that’s interacting with the living soul. And just as the -- as the rainbow appears, the rainbow if you recall was half a circle, while the living soul is a whole circle.


I’m going to try and impart this knowledge to you. This is the way we did it. We drew the living soul as a circle at the most -- most innermost point of our being. Who is at the innermost point of our being? Satan. Amen. He’s the spirit that rules in the living soul. OK? And he has -- he is in the midst of the soul so the soul wraps around him. Our most innermost point is within us. It’s not our head. It’s not our feet. Spiritually we’re measured from within to without and this is a diagram of us from within to without. Satan is the ruling spirit in the deepest recesses of our being. Wrapped around him is the soul known as what?


Adam. And wrapped around him -- anybody know?


The body. It’s the Adamic body. And what we said is that the energy source known as Satan pierced through the soul known as Adam and into the realm of appearance and became hard. And therefore the body, the human body as we know it now, is a manifestation of the spirit of Satan in the earth.


Can you see what I did? I did it before. I said here was Satan and he passed through the living soul and we had a man. This is a diagram of from within to without. Satan at our innermost being, Adam the soul wrapped around him, and when Satan pierces through the water of the soul, he becomes wrapped in flesh. In flesh known as the human body or the satanic body, which you might get hung for saying. But it’s the truth. It’s the truth. It’s the truth.


Glory to God.


OK. Now what’s happening, now, in here with Satan -- who’s in here with Satan? Eve? And what’s the third one? The carnal mind. To appear in the realm of appearance this inner circle, this spiritual life has to be fulfilled. There must be offspring to appear out here in the realm of appearance. Now what’s happening is right in the middle the Holy Spirit appears on the scene -- the hero. Da-da-da-da. The scripture says He enters into the hearts of men and from there He begins to renew our mind.


How does He renew our mind? He births Christ. I shouldn’t even do it like that; right on top of them He births Christ. Christ stands up right in the middle and starts blowing them apart. This is what happens. Let’s hope that this erases. The blue is coming off. OK. Blue is the heavenly color. When Christ stands up right in the middle of that inner circle what He does is push that inner circle out and now this is what the diagram looks like.


Who’s in the middle? Christ. And who’s there with Him? Eve. OK. And who’s the father? The Holy Spirit. OK? And the father’s in there too. You’re right. The four angels in the spiritual center. The Holy Spirit, the father; Christ and Eve.


They’ve now pushed the satanic realm to the outer rim. Who’s over here? The Adamic soul. Who’s over here? It’s the body. The satanic body. OK? And there’s another layer coming. Glorified body. Now remember what I said? That the satanic body was a reflection of the spirit that was in the center, so this glorified body is going to be a reflection of the spirit -- the ruling spirit that’s in the center. And the ruling spirit is the father. It’s the father in Christ because God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Him.


The ruling spirit is really the father and it’s the father vibrating forth and He’s going to appear in the realm of appearance and we’re told that this is the body of crystal. And the body that we are walking around in now that can be damaged, that dies, is going to become incorruptible but it’s going to become the spiritual skeleton. It’s just going to be the layer underneath the crystal. Why? The crystal is what? Transparent. The crystal is transparent and this spiritual skeleton in the satanic body which is going to look just like you and I look is going to give the creation form.


It’s like taking -- did you ever see what they’re doing today? They’ll take your drivers’ license or a credit card and they laminate it. They seal it over with that plastic so that it can’t get damaged and it can’t get hurt. That’s what’s going to happen to this body. We’re getting another layer. We’ve going to be sealed over.


Now, when I say sealed over I’m not talking about the seal of the Holy Spirit now. I mean preserved. OK? All the goodness is there; all the flavor is going to get locked in. OK? We’re going to get covered over by the transparent body of the father. When you look at a man with a glorified body you’re going to see right down to his heart. The crystal, I guess it will be visible. You’re going to see the satanic body, which is what our body is now. You’re going to see the Adamic soul. Does anybody remember how you’re going to see the Adamic soul? He’s going to appear in our personality. He has been redeemed. When our center has the Holy Spirit, the father Christ, Adam shall have been become redeemed.


He’s going to be seen in the realm of appearance through his -- anybody? OK. Through his thoughts, words and deeds. They’re going to reflect righteousness. We’re going to be seen in the realm of appearance. We’re going to look like this but we’re going to be laminated. We’re not going to corrupt anymore. We’re not going to get sick. We’re not going to die. We’re not going to get rashes or mosquito bites. We’re going to be sealed in there, OK? In the body. The soul is going to appear in our thoughts, words and deeds -- is going to appear righteousness. In our center shall be the father Christ, Eve and the Holy Spirit and we shall never want for anything again.


This brethren is the true marriage. I’m going to say something very controversial. Just pray that God quickens it to you. I don’t want anyone to get condemned over this. Listen to what I’m saying. We are living, compared to spiritual life; we’re living in a very low spiritual realm. God has given us permission to indulge in certain behavior in this realm under certain conditions. OK? He has said that copulation, sex is legal in marriage. That’s what He said. OK? But the true copulation, the true marriage, the true sex is between spirit and man. But while we’re in this low spiritual realm God said I know that you have needs and I’m not going to require you to -- to suffer. It’s legal in marriage. Love one another, live together, raise your families.


I’ll tell you something Brethren; I went down to Port Jefferson the other day. I must -- God must have had me up pretty high. You know, we’re all in different -- I don’t stay up all the time. All of us, we go up and down. We’re on all different levels. I saw this woman and man walking down the street and the man had his arm around the woman and she was just pressing his hand with her cheek with just a look of ecstasy on her face. It was very ungodly. If you had seen a clip of her face and you didn’t see that all that she was doing was touching his hand you’d really think that they were involved in some sexual activity. I looked at her and all that I could see -- I didn’t see that it was a man.


Well, first God showed me that it was idolatry and that relationships can become idolatrous. They’re legal and of course we’re allowed to date and have boyfriends and girlfriends but we have to be careful and watch out for idolatry because the line is very thin. We can idolize our husbands, our mothers, our fathers. We can idolize the elders of the church. Please, I’m begging you; don’t idolize me because if you idolize me you’re going to be out of here.


I’m not kidding. You cannot idolize me. Either He’s going to take me down or He’s going to take you out. If you discern it in yourself in any manner, shape or form, throw yourself on the mercy of God because you will not remain in this ministry if you idolize me. He won’t tolerate it. He won’t tolerate it. OK? I’m going to drop it again. Examine yourself brethren continuously.


He showed me that there was -- I couldn’t see that it was a man and a woman. All I saw was two bodies. Each had two arms and two legs and I saw two human beings walking arm-in-arm. I saw the homosexual nature of it as God perceives it. Do you understand what I’m saying? I’m not -- I’m not against men and women having relationships. Do you hear what I’m saying? At that moment He just caught me up to a very high spiritual realm and I saw men and women as God sees them. It’s legalized homosexuality until He’s ready to marry you.


When He’s ready to marry you there’s not going to be any more marriage as we know it. This is going to be the marriage. Each man is going to be [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. He’s going to stand alone in Christ. Now this, I personally believe it’s thousands of years away, but that’s what we’re headed for. One man and one spirit of God in Christ. Can you hear what I’m saying? He just caught me up for that minute and He let me see it.


This is the diagram of our spiritual life and this outer circle, these two outer circles together, reflect what we’re going to look like and this is our innermost core. The scriptures teach us that God is making a garment to cover himself with and that we are that garment. Why? Because God wants to be seen in the realm of appearance. God wants to be seen in the realm of appearance. That’s the whole purpose of Him wrapping us around Him. We are the garment of God.


I just want to try to impart to you the technicality of how this is going to work. The garment -- the garment is not this body that you’re looking at. When I first taught this I thought that the garment was the body and I got a little confused and God showed me that the garment is not the body. The garment is a spiritual garment and the garment that’s covering the Father, He’s covered with Christ, Eve and the Holy Spirit. The Father is right in here and He’s covered over with Christ.


The way we drew it when we taught it -- I can’t redo the whole study but we said that man is on a linear plane and he runs along the circle of the earth. Adam runs this way. Satan runs this way. Now we’re weaving a garment now. We’re weaving a garment. That’s the threads that are running from left to right. Christ -- Christ, the Holy Spirit now joined to Eve, is running from Heaven to earth. The garment that’s covering God is in our spirit. It’s not the body. It’s in our spirit. This is the Father over here and He’s going to vibrate forth. Give me something here. Let me use this tissue.


This message is the Father in the spirit and He’s covered over with this garment and He’s going to vibrate forth through the garment and He’s going to take form in the realm of appearance. The Father is in the depths of our spirit underneath our -- underneath is Christ and as Christ is made up of -- also in Christ is the Holy Spirit and Eve. The Father is vibrating forth and as He pierces through the soul of Adam, which is the threads that are running this way, this circle is formed. As He pierces through Satan, which are the threads running this way, the satanic skeleton is formed.


I left out Christ. I left out Christ. There’s another circle in here. How could I leave out Christ? I’m just going to take this down a little. You should all have diagrams of this from the 38 series. I know you have them Rita and Mike. I know I sent them to you. OK. There’s another circle here that is Christ.


When the Father pierces through the threads, what we’re talking about here is the formation of the glorified body. I’m telling you how it’s formed. The Father pierces through His Christ and the first layer is formed. He pierces through Adam -- the thread going this way -- and the redeemed Adam is formed. He pierces through the lines going this way -- the satanic body is formed. And this final outer layer is the pure spirit of the Father in the realm of appearance. That is the glorified body.


We studied that -- we had that in last week’s message and I thought there was some confusion on it. That’s in Chapter 9. Talking -- let me see where I saw it. Glory to God. Talking about verse 17. Talking about breastplates of fire and of jacinth and of brimstone. That is a spiritual description of what’s on the board. It’s the glorified body and what you see in the realm of appearance is a body of light. We are now in a body of darkness. The spirit -- the spiritual life inside of us is locked up in a body of darkness.


The scripture likens this body to lead. No light can get through it. If you have light it’s because Christ has entered into you. The light’s not coming from the outside of you. No light can pierce this body. We’re going to be given a body of light and we’re going -- everybody that looks upon us is going to be able to see what substance we’re made of. Remember Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration? That’s what we’re going to shine like all the time.


Can you see this? We’re not going to -- you’re not going to -- let me try it this way. I think the Lord’s telling me to try it this way. Can I take this off the board? Everybody? OK. Let me give it to you this way. We’re going to have a body that’s going to look a lot like we look now and you all know how well I draw, so this is what we’re going to look like. Isn’t that wonderful? Now, in this hour, you look at a man and that’s what you see. Something like that anyway. I’ll give him some feet. That’s what you see.


What’s coming in the future is that the light of the Father, which is in our mind. He’s really in here, OK? It’s going to shine forth. This body of darkness is not going to be dark anymore because the light will have gotten inside of us and He’s going to shine out from inside of us with such power, with such rays and with such blinding light that when you see someone walking down the street you’re not going to see these arms and these legs. If you really look hard you’ll be able to see that it’s in the form of a man but the first thing that you’re going to see is going to be the light.


What you’re going to see is the light and then, if you really look hard you’ll see, there’s the form of a man. I see the head and the arms and the legs. When a man goes walking down the street today the first thing you see is the form of a man. Not so any longer. The first thing you’re going to see is the light, the blinding shining light which is a reflection of the spiritual light at the root of that man’s spiritual being. Which is -- anybody?


Christ, too, but it’s the Father in Christ. This is the image of the Father. He’s manifesting in His Christ but He’s the image of the Father. If you look you’re going to look at that light and look at that gleaming and that glittering and say look, there’s a man in there. There’s a man in there. But it won’t be the first thing that you see. That’s why the scripture describes it as breastplates of fire. All you’re going to see is the fire until you take a second look.


Glory to God.


The breastplate is typifying the armor of God. God is a spirit and He’s wrapped in armor and His armor is the glorified body. Scripture says He’s riding on a horse. The horse typifying natural man. Glory to God. And Satan in total submission to Him.


I hope I gave you a better understanding of that. I thought there was some confusion when I went into it last week. I think that pretty much covers it. Unless anybody else has a question. Is there anything else anybody wants me to review at all?


Glory to God. Glory to God.


04/14/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

04/18/14 1st Edit BP

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