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We are going to continue with Romans 8 tonight. When I told you at the last meeting that this would be the last -- the last message in Romans 8, I spoke too soon. You see, as I study for the message, I never know what I am going to come up against or what the -- where the Lord is going to direct me. So you may notice that verse 36 of Romans 8 is an Old Testament quote, and the Lord has sent us into the Old Testament equivalent -- or the Old Testament quote -- the Old Testament Scripture where this verse was taken from.

So I am going to just briefly comment on Romans 8. I will read you the Alternate Translations of the prior verses, and then we will be going to Psalms 44, and I will be just giving you an exhortation on that Psalm and making some comments on the background of this reference to the Old Testament and why, in my opinion, Paul it included here. So that should be interesting.

Recap of Romans 8:31-35, Alternate Translations: "Who then can command these eunuchs other than the living God who alone is our head, even the one who did not try to save His own Son from death, but rather handed Him over so that we could all be rescued from hell? And how is it possible then that this double portion of the love of God shall not also pardon the rest of humanity?"

What double portion? In this hour, Father and Son are appearing together to men.

"Who then shall be able to accuse those whom the Lord Jesus Christ is declaring to be righteous and chosen to be God, since the mind of Christ, although having died at the time of the fall is now raised from the dead? And who is indeed the power source of the second generation of Christ which also intercedes for us? And what shall be able to separate us from the mind of Christ? Pressure or affliction, lack of satisfaction in our emotions, persecution, lack of support from other sons, the immaturity from the armor of light, Satan or the carnal mind -- shall any of these problems separate us from the mind of Christ?"

Now, remember, the mind of Christ was -- the living soul was separated from the mind of Christ at the time of the fall, the reason being that the mind of Christ had not yet bou- -- captured and bound up who? No, the carnal mind did not exist yet. That was a trick question.


Who -- what did you say?

I did not say anything.


[CROSSTALK] carnal mind student exist. That is all I said.

Right. Good. OK. That was a trick question.


I said -- -- I said --


I do not want to preach tonight.


Satan, yes. Yes, the question was, what was the difference between the mind of Christ at the time of the fall and the mind of Christ today? And I said the mind of Christ at the beginning of time had not yet bound up and rendered powerless Satan. OK, even though the Christ mind was ruling the creation, Satan was active. It is almost like saying the creation had the HIV virus, just waiting -- just waiting for the disease to hit. That is the truth. She was alive, Satan. She was virulent. She was evil. She was malevolent, and she had potential to kill the creation, but before she could kill the creation, she had to get the guy in authority to let go.

And I have described to you in the past what it is like to have authority, not only in Christ -- natural authority. It is like hanging onto a cliff and someone stomping on your fingers saying, "Let go! Let go! Let go!" And when you let go, everything comes crashing down. It is not just in Christ. God has ordained authority down here in hell. There is chain of command. There is a chain of command in the Army. There is a chain of command over civil disobedience, the police, the National Guard, et cetera, et cetera. There is a chain of command in the family. There is a chain of command in the workplace.

And everyone that is in command, God is placed them there. So it -- wherever you are, if you have any g- -- if you are a man, you have God-ordained authority over your wife and your children, and there is always somebody trying to bring you down from where God has placed you. It is like the pull of spiritual gravity. Anyone that has authority or has experienced having authority knows it. I have watched all kinds of movies about great men that have had secular authority. They were not Christian men. It is the same theme runs their all of their lives.

There is always someone, sometimes more than one person -- many people, they just want to bring you down. It is just something in the fallen mind of man. They want to bring you down. If your are a schoolteacher over class, the class wants to bring you down. If you are a mother over a 2-year-old child, the 2-year-old child wants to bring you down. It is a natural condition of this fallen society that we live in. Any authority you have will be challenged by someone under you. If you are a snail, you will be challenged by a cockroach. I do not know. Whatever authority you have, whoever is under you is going to challenge you and try to bring you down. It is the truth of our existence, and you need to know it because almost everybody has some authority somewhere. Even over your own life. At the very least, you have authority over your own life. Well, someone is coming down the street to try and sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. They want your money. They want your home. They want your life. They want your mind. Everybody has their allotment of authority.

And just like in the animal kingdom -- almost -- not all, but almost every animal has a natural enemy. They are just born enemies. The elephant is one of the few animals that does not have a natural enemy. Man has a natural enemy. His name is Satan, and he is hiding in the minds of men, and he will manifest in whatever human being lets them manifest to bring you down. It is a fact of our existence.

OK. So we are continuing with verse 36 of Romans 8. After Paul gets finished saying all this. "Who can separate us from the mind of Christ?" Well, let me finish this thought. In this hour, when Christ is formed in you, nothing -- none of these things or anything else can separate you from Christ. What Paul is saying, his hidden message in this question is that when Christ is formed in you in this hour Satan no longer has the power to bring you down because this is a mature Christ who -- well, let me review how Satan brought the early formation of the mind of Christ down. Does anybody remember how Satan brought the early or immature formation of Christ down? How did she do it? Please speak in the microphone.

It was an immature -- it was an immature Christ, and it did not have experiences, so we have the ability to do that.

OK. That is very true, OK, but I want to add something to it, OK. The immature mind of Christ did not have Satan bound up. She was not brain dead. You see, in the man Jesus of Nazareth, Satan was brain dead, and the mind of Christ did not have the experience to recognize who He was fooling with, and He fooled with her and He fell. In this hour, as the mind of Christ is formed in us, He is putting deep roots down into our soul, and He is taking captive the carnal mind, which is -- the carnal mind is the expression of Satan in our mind. And the mind of Christ is putting down roots -- ropes and binds you up like you would bind up a wild bull, and when that mind of Christ becomes strong enough in you as He did in Jesus of Nazareth, He is going to paralyze that thing and eventually kill it. And the way He is doing it is through the experiences that He is having -- overcoming experiences.

Brethren, to overcome sin or to have an overcoming experience in Christ you must first be -- to have an overcoming experience, what must happen to you?




What did you say? What did you say?




Yeah, yeah. Yeah, something has to attack you. Something has to attack you. You have to be challenged. You cannot overcome unless you have something to overcome. So why are you surprised that the fiery trial is upon you? Peter had a miraculous deliverance from jail. An angel appeared to him and his chains fell off of him, and he got up and he walked to the main gate, and the angel caused the door to be open, and he just walked out of jail. Brethren, he could have never experienced as if he was not in jail. You have to be in jail to experience a mighty deliverance like that. I do not want that experience. You have to be in jail. Before you can experience healing, you have to be sick. Before you experience deliverance, you have to have demons. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] before you experience deliverance from demons, you have to have demons.

That is why the principle is the lower you have fallen in this lifetime, the greater heights are your potential to be raised to. Just like a tree, the deeper the roots go, the taller the tree. It should not be any surprise to you that those who are called to glory in Christ have had terrible lives. We have all had terrible lives, every one of us. The people who have not had terrible lives are not moving in the measure of power that we are moving in, and it is just a fact. You can call it unfair if you want, but that is the way it is.

So as Paul is telling us -- Paul is saying there is no way that the mature Christ is going to be killed as the immature Christ was at the beginning of time, and none of these afflictions or problems that we hear about in verse 35 can do it. But Paul is saying it in a hidden way. He is saying it in a parable. People who do not have this revelation really do not fully comprehend the depth of what Paul is saying here. So he goes on to make his point, still in parable form. Now, remember, as parable is a puzzle. A parable is a sentence or a series of sentences that you need a key to understand.

You know, years ago in Europe, particularly in England, when people did not have the freedom of the press or freedom of speech, where they could go to jail if they criticized the king, there was something -- I think it was called -- s- -- I mean -- I opened up my mouth now, and I'm not sure that I remember the word. I do not think it was satire. I think there was another word. There is a word for it where they would tell -- where the writers would tell a story, and it would seem like it was even a child's story, but underneath it was a political commentary, that it was -- it was written in hidden form that -- so that the police or the king could not arrest the man, but everybody knew what he was saying. That is what a parable is. It is for those that have ears to hear, you can hear it. If you do not have ears to hear, then receive it on the surface level and be blessed to whatever degree you can be blessed, but those of you or those of us that have a deep revelation of spiritual truth, let us hear what the Spirit's saying through Paul.

Now, this is what he is saying. Christ was killed at the beginning of time, but Christ raised from the dead, now in the man Jesus of Nazareth, dieth no more. It cannot happen again. You can have a bad moment. You can lose a battle, but you'll never lose the war. You'll never lose the war. You'll never lose the war. Hallelujah. Amen.

So Paul quotes an Old Testament Scripture to back up what he is saying. The problem is it does not sound like it is backing up what he said.

"For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter."

Now, I do not know about you, but I always thought that that meant for the body of Christ, Paul and the apostles are killed all the day long -- for our sake so that the Word -- so the Gospel of God or the Word of Truth can be delivered to us. Did anyone ever had another -- have another understanding of that Scripture?


Please put -- please talk on the [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. I always thought that Paul was saying for the sake of the body of Christ, the apostles are persecuted and killed so that the Word can get to Christians today. That was what I always thought that it meant. Did you think something different?

[INAUDIBLE] I just thought -- I just thought it meant that we are persecuted and must die daily. I --

Yeah, die daily. Yeah. OK, well, let us go through Psalms 44, and I'll make some comments on it, and you can all draw your own conclusions. You are all free to disagree with me. All I ask is that you listen to what I have to say and you pray about it. If you disagree, that is fine, just do not try to change my mind. That is mind control. You can tell me what you think, but if you try to prove that you are right and I'm wrong and you are forcing me, that is mind control and that is no good. We must respect one another's wishes and one another's opinions, and if we disagree, we disagree. I could live with you if you disagree with me. I hope you can live with me if I disagree with you. That is fine. So all [sic] the question of respect.

OK. Psalms 44: "We have heard with our ears, O God; our fathers have told us what work Thou didst in their days, in the times of old."

So there is no date on Psalm 44, but apparently it is a -- it was written in the latter years of natural Israel, and this first verse is saying -- well, where -- as you read the verse, you will see that it is written at a time that Israel was in captivity, that things were not going well with Israel, and the psalmist was saying, "We have heard from our fathers; they have told us of the mighty things You have done for Israel."

What kind of mighty things did the Lord do for Israel? Well, He delivered them out of bondage in Egypt, and He took them through the desert, and He established them. Israel was a mighty kingdom. And He did miracles. He parted the Red Sea. He parted the Jordan. The Hebrew armies went up to battle. We are told not one man was even wounded. Not one man was even wounded -- a total, complete, absolute victory in every -- in every war that they fought that God said to them, "Go fight that war." They wandered 40 years in the desert, and their shoes did not even wear out.

God did great miracles for the Hebrews, and then what happened? He established -- He did great miracles. He established them. Israel was a great nation. Solomon built his temple. They were wealthy. They were powerful. They were feared all around. So how do we find the Jews in this desperate condition that they are begging God to have mercy on them? Anybody? What happened? What happened?


Well, Israel was greatly prospered by God. He set them up. They had power. No one -- everyone was afraid of them. They had health. They had money. They had land, and now we see that they are desperately fallen down and crying out for help. What was their problem? What was their problem?


Yes, sin. They -- sin was found in them. God gave them everything, and sin was found in them.

They took everything for granted [CROSSTALK]

They took everything for granted, yes. They took everything for granted. Very possibly some of them thought they could never lose this kingdom. They were favored of God. They were King's kids. They could never lose their salvation.


[UNINTELLIGIBLE] right. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] oh, we hear that. All the promises. They were the chosen nation. Now we hear this in the church today, brethren. Pride, yes. We hear this in the church today. Beware.


And it is the same thing in the church today. Beware because my Bible says that when you think you are standing, watch out because at the next step you are going to find yourself in a big pit. Do not think you are standing. Do not assume anything. Believe God to keep you and protect you from your worst enemy, which is your own carnal mind and your own pride every day. Brethren, the only one that could bring you down is your own wicked heart. No enemy of yours can bring you down. My Bible says, "All things work for the good for those who love Lor- -- the Lord and are called according to their purposes." The only thing that could go wrong in your life is that your heart can turn against God, that you could turn away from him, that you could fall into willful sin and that that sin will separate you from God. That is your only enemy, your own heart.

Verse 2: "How Thou didst drive out the heathen with Thy hand and plantedest them, how Thou didst afflict the people and cast them out."

Now, after studying this I found out that verse 2 is speaking about natural Israel and how God drove the heathen out. Now, remember, after the Jews came out of Egypt, God said to them, "That is the country I am giving you to live in. There is only one problem. There is people living there now, and I want you to go up and kill everybody -- man, woman, child and beast -- and move into their country." That is what God said to them.

Now, I want to tell you, in this hour, He is telling this to the church spiritually. He said, "You see these bodies that you live in? You see these souls, these personalities that you have? They are inhabited by a criminal mind, and because they are inhabited by a criminal mind, after a period of years your body and your soul dies and you pass off from this Earth." And God is saying to His people, "I'm giving you my life. I want you to have these bodies, and I want you to have these souls, and they are yours. Go in there and kill the mind that is living there now, and you'll possess the land forever." Your only enemy is your own wicked mind.

So in verse 2 the psalmist is saying, "Remember, Lord, remember what You did for our forefathers. You drove out the heathen" -- to drive out means to expel from the land -- "and You used Your hand to do it." And that word hand, it means -- the word hand expresses God's manifestation in the Earth. The hand of God in the old covenant days was natural Israel. The people, the hand of God. God has no hand. He is a spirit. He cannot grab -- a spirit cannot grab anything. The hand of God is His manifestation through men. Men have hands. So the hand of God were the armies of natural Israel. He drove out the heathen of Philistia and of Jericho and of the other nations that God gave to His people.

See, somebody said to me once -- you know, there is a big, wicked religious spirit floating around in the church. Beware of religious spirits because they will steal God's blessings from you. Religious spirits like to look holy and they like to look righteous. You see, God is not religious. God is real. He is real. He is not religious, and He does not have to impress anybody. Somebody said to me once, "Would you buy a house that was up on auction for foreclosure?" And I said, I would buy anything God told me to buy. I would buy the kitchen sink if God told me to buy it. And this person condemned me, and he said to me, "You would cash in on someone's hard luck?"

Brethren, God told the Hebrews to kill every man, woman, child and beast and take their country. Do you know that people come under judgment from God? Sometimes they lose their houses. Hard luck? Brethren, you cannot lose your house unless God says it is OK. I tell you the truth, you cannot lose your house unless God says, "Take it."

Verse 3 -- well, in verse 2 it is talking about what God did for natural Israel. He drove the heathen out with His -- with natural Israel, and He plantedest them. He drove the Philistines out, and He planted Israel in that land in their place, and that word plant means to set anything upright, to fasten as a nail or to pitch a tent. God established them in their own land. We all know that.

Verse 3: "For they got not the land in possession by their own sword."

Now, verse 3 is talking about spiritual things, and that Hebrew word translated possession, it means inherit. They did not inherit the land by their own sword. Does anybody remember what your spiritual sword is? What is your spiritual sword? Anybody. Spiritual sword is your mind. OK, we are told in the book of Revelation it shall be sword against sword -- mind against mind, brethren. In these last days, it is going to be mind against mind.

So we are told in the Old Testament that natural Israel, they did not inherit the land -- well, now are talking about spiritual things, OK. They did not inherit the land with their own mind, neither did their own arm save them. And the word arm means military force, and a military force is a part of their mind. Neither did their own mind or the military force, the spiritual power of their mind, get them the land.

"But Your right hand, Lord" -- Your right hand, Your mind, Christ in Your people, Your spiritual power and the light of Your countenance, Your expression -- "manifesting through a people did these miracles for them." Why? Because "You had a great favor unto them." "You had a great favor unto them," and that Hebrew word translated favor means to satisfy or to pay off a creditor.

So what does that mean? He paid the debt that we could not pay; what did that mean? Brethren, we are all lacking. We are all negative. We are completed only in Christ, and what this word favor is saying is that the Father joined Himself to natural Israel, brought forth a temporary manifestation of Christ, thus paying off their debt or temporarily completing them, and, as you have heard me preach to you before, natural Israel moved in a very high measure of spiritual power. They moved in a higher measure of spiritual -- or a greater measure of spiritual power than the church moves in today.

How could that be? This is how it could be, brethren. The church today is growing up from seed. We are learning by experience to achieve spiritual power. We are working at it. The spiritual power that we have is an earned gift. It is not even a gift. It is an earned product. As we learn and as we practice and as we experience spiritual power is being built in us, but not so with natural Israel. God just gave it to them, and He gave it to them in a greater measure than you see manifesting in the church today because we are still working up to where natural Israel was. The only problem is that natural Israel did not have their spiritual power growing out of them or being formed in them and they lost it.

As it grows up from seed in the -- in those who are moving on in God out of the church today, we will not be able to lose it. There is only one thing that could take an imparted Christ from you and that is a willful turning away from God. I do not want anyone to misunderstand me. You can lose it. You can lose it. Do not go out there and be cocky. You can lose it, but there is only one thing that could cause you to lose it: a willful turning away from God and turning towards sin.

Pride. Thinking that there is nothing that you could do that could make you lose Christ. Pride. Your only enemy is pride. There is no problem that can come upon you that He cannot solve. There is no sin that can be revealed in you that He cannot deliver you from, but if pride is stopping you from confessing your sins and repenting or turning you away from God or turning you towards sin because you think you cannot be hurt, you are in danger of losing your Christ mind. Does anybody not understand me? There is nothing to be afraid of, just ask God to keep you humble and to keep you on the straight and narrow, and asked Him to help you recognize pride and go after it every time you see it. Do not stop beating it until you kill it.

So natural Israel, they inherited their land, not by their own mind or by their own spiritual power, but by the right hand of God, which is their Christ mind in them, and by the arm of the spiritual power of God and by the expression of Christ in the personality of the Hebrews, which expression of Christ caused them to be in a condition of satisfaction. Their debt was satisfied. They were righteous before God, moving in a mature but not permanent measure of spiritual power.

Verse 4: "Thou art my King, O God; command deliverances for Jacob."

This is a good example of how to pray: "Lord, you are my King. OK, I do not look to Saul. I do not look to my pastor. I do not look to the TV evangelist. Lord, you are my King." I want to tell you that is your only safety. If your king is your pastor and that pastor falls, you will die when he dies. The only believers who will survive every failure of man are those whose head is the living God.

Now, that does not mean that you do not respect your pastor. It does not mean that you do not receive their teaching. It does not mean that you criticize them or lift yourself up above them, but you follow them as they follow Christ, and when the Lord w- -- you respect them. You honor them. You learn from them, but the day that the Lord witnesses to you that they have taken a fork in the road and that they are no longer one with Christ for you, you start to ask God what He wants you to do, but do not be afraid of the person God has put over you. Rest in that relationship believing that God will show you when it is time to leave. Rest; do not live in fear. It is not good to live in fear, but keep your eyes open. If they tell you to commit adultery, you know something has got to be wrong.

OK. Verse 5: "Through Thee will we push down our enemies. Through Thy name will we tread them under that rise up against us."

Now, this can be taken in the natural or it could be taken in the spiritual. "Through these [sic] we will push down our enemies." Now we are putting -- pushing our spiritual enemies under foot. Satan and the carnal mind are being pushed down under our feet. That is what that tribulation is. Every time God sends a trial upon us and we choose to do what Christ would do and not obey the carnal mind, it is exalting Christ and forcing our carnal mind down under the authority of Christ, usually with great distress and pressure for us, but that is what the tribulation is all about. It is the binding up, it is the getting of that carnal mind under the authority of Christ.

So "Through Thee, by your power, Lord, we will push down the carnal mind, and through Your name we will tread them under that rise up against us."

Glory to God. Because once you get in any measure -- when you get Satan and the carnal mind down underneath you, do not think that it is permanent. It is not per- -- it could rise up at any time when he is strengthened by the carnal mind in someone else's mind or when you -- or when a weak area is exposed in you. We all have weak areas where we are more likely to sin than in other areas, and that temptation comes along, and in that one split second, you decide that it sounds like a really good idea. And -- whoop! Your carnal mind is right out from under. He has broken his bands. In that second that you stop to think, well, maybe -- whoop!  It is all over. You got to get that thing back down under your feet again, but each time you will get stronger and stronger, and hopefully the day will come that you will turn on him real hard, and he will not be able to get out.

And as you go on with God, you will find out that He allows more and more pressure to come against you, more and more people to come against you at the same time. Why? You are strengthening your spiritual muscles. See, what happens -- when someone comes against you and someone attacks you with their mind, OK, it stimulates your carnal mind to rise up and rebel against the Christ which is ruling in your own mind. So when you get strong enough that --

For example, if God sends some very strong-minded people against you and they cannot overtake you with their mind, well, the next morning you are going to wake up and there is going to be two of them coming against you. Do not panic. God sent them. God sent them. Now you have to take on two strong-minded people trying to get you to do something that you know you should not do.

In case I did not make it clear, what does it mean bring you down? It means that there are spiritual forces trying to get you to do something that you know you should not do, and that if you do it, be destructive unto you. And after you have a few little run ins with two people, and the two of them together cannot make you do what you do not want to do, guess what happens? You find three at one time.

It is just practice. Do not get mad at the people. God sent them so that you can exercise your spiritual muscles, and they are designed to expose every sin in you. So if when you are under this pressure, your sins are exposed, do not panic, just confess it and ask God to help you because what is happening is your carnal mind is being crushed under your feet and Christ is being exalted in your mind. If you cannot confess your sins, you will not overcome this assault. I assure you, you will be overtaken, caught in the snare of your own carnal mind. If you cannot confess your sins, you will never stand up in full stature. You will not make it. You will get caught in your own trap.

I was talking to someone today about the power that witches have, and their power basically comes from drinking human blood and perverse sexual activity. That is how they get their power. The power in Christ comes from righteousness. If you want power with Christ, you have to live holy. You have to have a holy life, and that is not just physically holy. Your mind has to be clean. That means every time you see sin in your mind, at the very least it has to be confessed as sin, and if you are strong enough, it has to be cast down. But at the very least, you have to confess it as sin. You have to be on that path. You have to be working at it. Working it; laying hold of every thought and casting down every high imagination that is not of God.

You have to vigilantly -- we are told to vigilantly watch because Satan is lurking around like a lion ready to destroy. Well, where are you looking for Satan? Where are you looking for him? Brethren, do not waste your time looking outside of you if you have not seen him in your own mind. Once you have located him in your own mind, and you have been dealing with him and you have at least a measure of victory over him in your own mind, then you could start looking for him outside of you. He is outside of you, but looking for him outside of you when you are ignoring him in your own mind is just a fruitless effort. It is a religious work, and it will never do you any good. You got to get your own mind cleaned up if you want to ascend into spiritual power.

Verse 6: "For I will not trust in my bow; neither shall my sword save me."

I am going to suggest to you that a bow is just the spiritual power to [?make woe?] because a bow sends off arrows, and we know that arrows are fiery darts of witchcraft power. So a bow would be a war- -- a bow would be a mind with the ability of projecting weapons. "Neither shall my sword save me," and the sword, as I told you, is your own mind.

"For I will not trust in my ability to wage a spiritual warfare; neither shall my own mind save me."

Verse 7: "But we acknowledge, Lord, that You have saved us; You, Almighty God, hath saved us from our enemies and have put them to shame" -- that word shame means failure. "You have caused our enemies to fail, the ones that hated us."

You see, your enemies will not stop coming against you, but God will cause them to fail in what they attempted to do. Brethren, God, He is the Lord of Hosts. If you want to serve the living God, you must know that you are in the army. He is the captain of host, and if you are in the army, you have an enemy. There are people shooting at you [?with?in?] their minds.

Verse 8: "In God we boast all the day long and praise Thy name forever."

So we see a psalmist here who is a repentant Hebrew who is praying all of the right prayers, but apparently in a very desperate situation saying he puts all his strength in God. He does not boast at all in his own strength to accomplish anything.

Verse 9: "But Thou has cast us off," or rejected us, "and put us to shame and goest not forth with our armies."

Brethren, when God is not pleased with you, it is possible to come to a certain point where God will make a judgment that He has called you in the morning and He has called you in the nighttime, and you have not heeded to His warnings, and in some cases, He rejects you.

Not in all cases. When the Lord reaches a decision that you are just refusing to respond to him, one of two things will happen. Either He will reject you -- and all you Pharisees out there, I hear you screaming. My Bible says that the billows were burning and the elements were melted, and that means it was possible -- God had brought you to a condition where it was possible for the wicked to be plucked out, but the wicked were not being plucked out, and the Lord says, "I have called you" -- does anybody know the Scripture? "I have called you reprobate silver [sic]." You're not worthy of the kingdom.

Oh, I hear those Pharisees screaming. Do not you scream at me! It is possible to be rejected of the Lord, and if He does not reject you, if He has decided to take you whether you cooperate or not, get ready because He has got a big stick that He has already started to beat you with. That is not Satan chasing after you; that is your Father in heaven with that big whip taking your job, taking all your money, taking all your relationships.

From an ex-Texas millionaire. He had everything -- a big business, all kinds of money, a wife and a family -- everything. And God called him and God called him and God called him, and he would not come, and he lost everything -- lost his wife, lost his family, lost his business, lost his money. And I think at the time he was giving the testimony he was homeless, but he had a relationship with Jesus. He finally came. When he had no place to sleep, God called and he said, "Here am I." There are some stubborn people in this world, brethren. If that is what it takes and God has decided to take you whether you cooperate or not, get ready to lose everything because if He has decided to have you, you are coming. You are coming willingly or you are coming kicking and screaming and yelling, but you are coming. Jesus.

Verse 9: "But you have rejected us."

And natural Israel was rejected. Does anybody have a problem with that? Natural Israel was rejected. The Bible clearly states that she was God's wife and that He what? He divorced her. Jehovah divorced natural Israel. Do not call me an anti-Semite!


-- a letter and called me an anti-Semite. You do not know what you are talking about. You need to repent.


[?What does anti-Semite mean??]

It means anti-Jewish.


It means anti-Jewish. It means anti-Jewish, that I am against the Jews, is what I said. I hate Jews. I am prejudiced. Jesus. You better be careful what you say, people. You do not say something like that easily.

So God divorced the Jews. Now, there are not some faithful Jews that He still has a relationship with because He does. The Lord has relationships with individuals who are truly calling out His name. What Israel lost was the office of being the people who were expressing God in the Earth. They lost their official office of intercessor between God and man in the Earth, but there are still individual Jews who are seeking Him they are night who He has a relationship with, who He is blessing. They lost their political office; it was given to the church. Do not call me an anti-Semite. You do not know what you are talking about.

"But Thou hast rejected us and put us to shame."

Well, it is a shame to be rejected of God. Brethren, to be walking around under the anointing of Christ and then find yourself without it is to find yourself naked, and it is a shame to be walking down the street naked unless you're 1 year old. Anyone that ha- -- is covered by Christ and that covering withdraws, you are left ashamed. That is a biblical, Scriptural expression. Now, it is not the kind of shame that one psychologist calls toxic shame. It is not an evil shame that condemns and kills. There is more than one kind of shame. There is a godly shame, a conviction of doing something wrong. If that shame turns you around and brings you to repentance, it was a positive shame, and that word is in the Scripture -- to be ashamed. When you lose Christ, you are ashamed. You are uncovered.

"But You have ca- -- You have rejected us and put us to shame, and You do not go forth with our armies."

That means when Israel -- or natural Israel went up to fight other nations, they were losing the battle. Brethren, a nat- -- an army cannot lose a battle unless God says it is OK to lose the battle. He is still in control of this world.

Verse 10: "You make us to turn back from the enemy," -- that means they are running away -- "and they which hate us, spoil for themselves." That means they take a spoil or the plunder and rob the Hebrew armies.

Brethren, my Bible says that Israel shall be the head and not the tail, that she shall be the lender and not the borrower. Brethren, this message is for the church today. If you are in a position of always having to borrow and you do not lend to anybody, something is wrong in your spiritual life. Now, we are not just talking about money here. We are not -- we are not just talking about money here. We are talking about spiritual things. If there is no aspect of your life in which you are giving out of spiritual things, you are a borrower. Now, if you are a new Christian, and you just started to fill up with the substance of God, that is OK; but if you are a Christian for 15 years and you are always borrowing and you are not lending spiritual life -- if you always have to go to another believer to get satisfied, to get filled up after 15 years with God, that is a shame unto you. You should have enough of the Word of God in you to be giving out to somebody, [?not attract?], but of your spiritual substance, of your life. That does not mean carnal counsel; it means of the life of Christ in you.

Verse 11: "You have given us like sheep appointed for meat and hath scattered us among the heathen."

Now, you might notice, if you read this Psalm, that actually there are two verses that could fit in to Romans 8:36 and verse 11 is one of them.

"Thou hast given us like sheep appointed for meat and hast scattered us among the heathen."

So I looked up all the words here, and I found out that this verse 11 in Psalms 44 is a parable right in the middle of the psalm, that on the surface it sounds like it fits in with the psalm. It sounds like the psalmist is saying, "Oh, woe is me. We are just desperate, and we are given up as a sacrifice. Have mercy on us, Lord." But if you look up every word in the Hebrew, you find out that there is a hidden message to this verse, and I am suggesting to you that it is referring to the coming of Christ, and I would like to take a few minutes to show you that to you.

First of all, the word meat -- "we are like sheep appointed for meat" -- is Strong's 3978, and Gesenius [SP] -- my Gesenius [SP] lexicon says this is the only Scripture where this Hebrew word is translated sheep to be killed for meat. It is the only time it is translated that way, and this word is generally translated food -- food, just generally food and especially corn. Now, you may know that corn typifies Christ, and it is also translated once in Leviticus 19:23 as a fruit tree, and a fruit tree also typifies Christ. So I want to suggest to you that this verse is a hidden message of saying God has given Israel to be -- to be corn for the nations. Let me finish the verse, and I will explain it to you more.

"And hath scattered us among the heathen." Now, this word scattered means to be spread out, and I want to suggest to you that the life of God which was in Israel was spread out to be made available to all humanity, and I further want to suggest to you that Israel, who -- which was severely punished by God, was in fact severely punished by God because the Lord called them to be holy. God punished Israel like He did not punish any of the heathens. Why? Why? Does anybody know why? What did Israel have? That God expected more of them than the heathens round about.


Well, they had the Christ, but what I am looking for is that they had the law. They had the law. God told them what was right and what was wrong, so God expected a standard from them that He did not expect from the heathen round about. And because Israel were natural men they kept sinning all of the time. They kept sinning. They kept sinning. They kept sinning. Every time they sinned, God chastened them, and He chastened them sore. And I want to suggest to you that this was done for the benefit of humanity, that Israel paid this price. They were just as carnal as anybody, and God put them under the law, and they could not keep the law. We are told in the New Testament it is impossible to keep the law. Nobody could keep that law, and yet God chastened them when they did not keep it. Why? Because His chastisement kept Israel as holy as possible under the conditions of fallen humanity until -- until what? Anybody? Until Christ was produced by her.

Let me say it again. Israel was sacrificed for humanity. A standard was put upon her that was not put upon any other nation in the world. She was told what was right or wrong, and she was told that "even though you are fallen, if you do not follow the law according to My rules, I will chasten you severely. Even though I know nobody can keep this law, when you break it, I will chasten you because My chastening of you will keep you as holy as possible until Messiah comes." She was sacrificed for us. Is everybody OK?

So this verse, verse 11 of Psalms 44, I want to suggest to you, is a hidden way -- is a parable within the psalm of saying Israel was sacrificed so that Messiah could come forth, so that the corn could come forth and be scattered and spread out to all of humanity. Everybody OK? And, of course, the whole world would benefit from the birth of Jesus Christ.

Verse 12 -- and we are right back now. We are right back to this woe -- it is almost a woe-is-me kind of thing. I am not saying it is ungodly, but it -- this whole psalm, except for that one verse -- because you will find out that the last verse -- let me jump ahead a little. Verse 22, which talks about sheep for the slaughter also, is a lamentation. The whole psalm is a lamentation, a crying, except for verse 11, which is a hidden verse revealing the glory to come and the hidden purpose for these terrible things that have come upon Israel.

And we will just go on. I am going to run through the rest of these verses, and then I will explain to you, Lord willing, why Paul chose verse 22 to incorporate in Romans 8 when it is a lamentation, and I hope to give you some insight on that. So let us go on.

Verse 12: "You sell Your people for nothing, and You do not increase by their price," and that would price means wages. He sold Israel. Listen, there was nothing in it for God to sell Israel. When God sold Israel -- and who did He sell Israel to? He sold him back to Satan. Remember, at the time of the fall the whole living soul was sold to Satan, but when God made a covenant with Israel, He took her back from Satan. That is a Scriptural expression. God or spirits buy and sell people. We have a whole study on it on a message that we did a few years ago. God sold us under sin, did He not? He sold us to Satan. What does that mean? He changed our spiritual condition so that we were joined to Satan in our mind. That is how God sells you. He rejects you and attaches you to another spirit. Why? Because we cannot exist without a spirit, and Satan has stolen the role of the Spirit. He is in the role of the Spirit.

So God sold Israel for no apparent benefit to Himself, a sacrificial act. God had a people on the Earth that He could be appearing through, and He gave up the only expression of His life in humanity. Why? To keep them as holy as possible until Messiah came through chastisement. Do you hear this? There was nothing in it for God. He sold them for no profit.

Verse 13: "You make us a reproach to our neighbors, a scorn and a derision or a mockery to them that are round about us."

God's people, a -- God's people, a -- is that not what happens when a minister is ex- -- when sin is exposed in a minister? The world hates them. They are without mercy. You, with the imputed anointing, God's people, I found sin in you. What -- it is a religious spirit in the heathen that expects God's ministers and God's people to be perfect. God's people are just human beings, only in them their sin is being exposed. In the heathen, it is not being exposed. So God's people, where their sins are being exposed, are made a mockery and a derision by all round about. It is still happening today.

Verse 14: "They make us a byword," or a parable, "among the heathen, a shaking of the head among the people."

Brethren, they are still talking about Brother Swaggart. I want to tell you, they are still talking about that man. He did a lot of great things for God. He helped a lot of people -- starving people, sick people, miserable people. He did a lot of good. They are still talking about him.

Verse 15: "My confusion," and that word means humiliation. "My humiliation is continually before me, and the shame of my face has covered me." "The shame of my face." Your face means your external appearance, and when your external appearance is shameful, it means it is your carnal mind manifesting. So again this is all a lamentation.

Verse 16: "For the voice of him that reproacheth or slanders" -- oh, OK. I am sorry. "My -- the shame of my face has covered me because of the voice of him that reproacheth, him who slanders" -- that is the carnal mind -- "and blasphemeth" -- that is Satan -- "by reason of the enemy and the avenger." He is ashamed and he is humiliated because Satan and the carnal mind have been given dominion over him. Israel, a nation who answered only to God as their head, has been turned over to Satan and his carnal mind. That is much more of a shame than someone who has never known God all of their life. It is a shame to come down.

I know I gave a home [sic] -- I talked on this once. It was either a strong exhortation or it was a message on it. It is a shame to go down lower from where you are. If you never get past square one, there is no shame in it. If God never raises you up above square one, that is fine, but if you make it to 10 on the scale and you fall down to nine, it is a shame, but if you fall down to one, you are ashamed. So you got two people at square one. The guy that never got any higher, he is OK. The guy that fell down from number 10, he is ashamed. So when you look at someone at first base, you see, you really cannot make a judgment whether they are supposed to be ashamed or not. You have to look at where they came from.

You know, we have a problem in the church -- a bunch of Pharisees floating around condemning people saying, "You are in the church 10 years. How come you are not doing better?" Well, Brother Pharisee, have you looked where this guy started from? "How come you are not doing better? I know someone else that is in the church for 10 years, and he is way past you." Well, Brother Pharisee, have you compared their starting points?

Brethren, as long as you are more advanced than you were the day before, the week before, the month before, the year before, you are headed in the right direction and you are OK, and do not you [sic] let any Pharisee condemn you, but if you have gone backwards, then you should recognize that there is shame in your life. You better cry out to God and ask Him to help you because you are sliding backward like a heifer caught in the mud, my Bible says. You are slipping.

Sally, would you put that on pause, please?


 Is she OK? OK. OK.

Verse 17: "All this has come upon us, yet we have not forgotten You, Lord." We are taking our punishment with a right spirit. We are not cursing you, God. We are not condemning you. We are asking you for restoration. "Neither have we dealt falsely in Your covenant." We are keeping the covenant. We are keeping the law. We are practicing what You have told us to do, but, of course, that is, like, a strange thing to say because they had to break the covenant somehow to be in this condition where God has forsaken them.

So I am not really sure, but -- at what time this psalm was written, but I am wondering if they are not keeping a covenant that was disannulled. I cannot help wondering about that. I do not know whether they were keeping a covenant that was disannulled or this is a prophetic psalm. I am not really sure, but it does not quite sit right to me to be saying all these things when God has cast you out, you know. So it sounds to me like they are keeping a covenant that was disannulled. That is what it sounds like to me.

Verse 18: "Our heart is not turned back, neither have our steps declined from Thy way." See, they are saying that they are doing everything that they have to do, but I cannot help thinking, you know, about a lot of -- oh, you know I minister to a Hasidic rabbi, and these people are doing everything they can to keep the law as they understand it, but God's not requiring that of them today. Today, God is requiring them to move on into Christ. And we have this in the church. We have people doing all kinds of religious works, and then when something goes wrong in their life, they say, "Lord, how could this happen to me? I cast out demons in Your name. I healed the sick. How could this happen to me?" "Well, Brother Pharisee, I never told you to do that. That was your own mind that decided to do that, and only what you do for Christ carries any weight. I am only looking at what I tell you to do, not what you have devised in your own mind."

Verse 19: "Though Thou hast sore broken us in the place of the dragons" -- and that word dragons means great serpent. That is the place where Leviathan rules. That is this world system -- "and You have covered us with the shadow of death," -- and shadow means image. The image of death is the carnal mind -- "if we have forgotten the name of our God or stretched out our hands to a strange god, shall not God search this out? For He knoweth the secrets of the heart."

Well, something is wrong here, you know. Something is wrong here. Once God rejects you -- I hope God never rejects anybody here, but let me give you some good counsel. If you feel you have lost the Lord or your relationship with Him, start to pray immediately for Him to reveal to you what you have done wrong. Do not be doing the same old things because that is just a spirit of pride saying, "I am doing this. I am doing that. I am doing this. I am doing that. Where are you?" Pray immediately, "What have I done wrong? Why hast Thou forsaken me? What must I do, Lord, for You to turn towards me again?" You see, and this psalm is saying all the things that they did -- they did. We did this. We did this. We -- maybe that is not what God wants from you.

See, it sounds like a beauti- -- you never heard this before. It sounds a beautiful psalm. It sounds like a beautiful psalm. I want to tell you, brethren, your pride will kill you. You better ask God what He wants you to do, what you need to repent of, where you messed up, where you took a fork in the road.

Verse 19: "Though thou hast sore broken us" -- oh, I read that. I just did that.

OK, Verse 20: "If we have forgotten the name of our God or stretch out our hands to a strange god, shall not Elohim search this out? For He knoweth the secrets of our heart." Listen to this pride. "Look at our hearts, Lord. You know that we have done nothing wrong." Brethren, if you did not do anything wrong, God would not have rejected you, and I say this to the members of the church.

"Yea, for Thy sake, we are killed all the day long." Listen to this pride. We are wonderful. We are doing all of these things, and we killed all the day long. "For your sake, we are counted as sheep for the slaughter."

The Hebrew word translated killed is used of enemies in war. It means to kill animals, and this expression, all the day long, I want to suggest to you that it is really saying all those of us of the day. And the day -- [?word?] -- in the New Testament we find out that the day typifies those human beings walking in the light. The day are those in whom Christ is arising is [sic] their mind. So all the day long, the word long is not in the Hebrew. It is all the day, and I am suggesting to you it is saying all of us who are of the day, and Israel was the day. They became the night, but they were the day. OK. Not that they became the night, but they joined the night. When they lost the light that made them the day, they became one with the rest of the world, which was the spiritual night.

So it says "we are killed as animals." We are killed in our humanity. Those of us of the day are killed, and "we are counted as sheep for the slaughter." Count- -- now, one of the translations of this word counted -- it is Strong's 2803 in the Hebrew -- is woven together, and the word slaughtered means slain beasts and banquets prepared from their flesh. And I want to suggest to you that this lamentation is saying, "You have rejected us, and we are now woven together with the slain beast." They were given back over to Satan and the carnal mind. The slain beast is the carnal mind. He had a wound in his head, yet he still lives. What a great mystery. So Israel, when God rejected them, He withdrew His Spirit from them and they died. They were killed, and they were counted or woven together with the slain one. They became just like other men.

That is why I told you earlier -- please note that verse 11 is a hidden message about Christ and His ministry to the Ear- -- to humanity, but verse 22, which sounds similar, speaks about seed of God being cast down.

"Awake! Why sleepest Thou, oh Lord? Arise! Cast us not off forever. Why do You hide Your face and forget our affliction and our oppression? For our soul is bowed down to the dust, and our belly cleaveth unto the earth." That word bow down means to s- -- is translated sinking down into death and Hades. Our soul, which was exalted in Christ, is slinking down -- or sinking down into Hades, and the dust is the -- is the -- Satan is made out of the dust, OK, and dust means dry dust or rubbish, and in one case it is used of gold ore.

And that really blessed me because I have given you a parable many times, whether you remember it or not, that the Christ that we are and the Christ in us is in a condition of gold ore, that for God to get His riches out, we have to be melted, and the gold has to be separated or the Spirit of God has to be separated from the carnal mind, which is the impurities in the gold. That is why the trials. We need to be sanctified. The Spirit needs to be separated from the carnal mind, and there is a Scripture in there -- I had no idea it was in there that -- in the book of Job that acc- -- that analogy of gold ore is used.

So "our belly cleaveth unto the earth." The belly is our -- can be translated womb. Our spiritual womb is what? What is our spiritual womb? Yeah, the -- our s- -- the carnal mind in which the Spirit is dwelling -- well, waiting to be fertilized by Christ. She holds fast. She cleaves or holds fast to the earth. They became carnal men again. Their reproductive parts were held fast to Satan and the carnal mind. They slid back down into carnality, and they are bound there.

So as I said, I do not know at what point this psalm was written, but I -- it sounds wonderful on the surface, but, to me, it sounds like an exercise in pride, telling God about all the right things that they did and wondering why God is not raising them up again, OK. And we see in verse 11 a hidden answer to their predicament. You see, although I see pride in this psalm, the Hebrews were doing all that they knew to do. You see, they did not have a living relationship with Jesus Christ like we do. They had the law, so as far as they were concerned, they read their book and there was only one thing to do -- obey the law. So after they were cast out in judgment, they continue to do what the law told them to do, and they could not understand why God was not answering them, but God was not answering them, we are told in verse 11, because God is going to use this to bring forth Messiah through whom the whole world will be saved.

Now, we read about this -- I am going to jump ahead of myself because God is telling me to do it. We read about this in Romans 11:15: "For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them back be but life from the dead?" So we are told that the casting away of Israel was the reconciling of the world. They were sacrificed for every non-Jew, and that is why in this Psalm 44, which is an exercise in pride, but, nevertheless, apparently the psalmist did not know -- did not know to go before God and say, "What did I do wrong? What did I fail to do?" They would not ask that because they had the law. They had the law. They did not understand, and they had to be cast away so that the world could be reconciled, and that hidden message is in verse 11. Is that not exciting? That just really excites me.

So let us find out why Paul would pick this psalm to put in Romans 8:36.

Romans 8:36: "As it is written, 'For Thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.'" And what Paul is saying here, I suggest to you, is that that hidden message of Psalms 44 is being made alive. I am talking about it in Romans 8:36, that the Jews who were cast away so that the world could be reconciled is happening now, and, therefore, the meaning of this verse is going to mean something different to us than it meant to natural Israel. I'm going to explain it to you. It is the same thing as saying "The letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit maketh alive."

OK, this Scripture, "we are counted as sheep for the slaughter," to natural Israel is a fact. They were sacrificed so that the anointing could go to the world, but now in the new covenant with Jesus Christ having been crucified, raised from the dead and ascended, we no longer have the letter of the law, but we are going to have the spirit of the law. And for this Scripture to be taken in the Spirit, this is what it now means in the Spirit. Listen.

"For Your sake, for this cause, we are killed" -- now, in the Greek this -- in the Greek this word killed means -- has meanings beyond what the Hebrew word meant in Psalms 44, and one of the possible translations is to put to death, to render something which is vigorous -- that means to render something which is alive and strong -- extinct -- extinct. What is that -- what is it that is vigorous that is about to be rendered extinct? The carnal mind. Like dinosaurs, brethren. Our natural type is a dinosaur -- is the dinosaur. He is going to never be seen on this Earth again. He is going to be wiped out.

OK, so we are killed, rendered extinct. Also it can be translated to be liberated from the bond of anything, and it is our human spirit that is going to be liberated from the carnal mind who is becoming extinct. When he dies, the carnal mind is going to flee from him. She is going to get free. So now we hear the apostle saying, well, we are killed. Our carnal mind is being killed, rendered extinct. Our human spirit is being set free. OK. This is what is happening to the church because Israel was sacrificed. Paul has taken the same Scripture and he is saying this is what it means to us: because Israel died, our carnal mind is being killed, our human spirit is being set free.

OK, "all the day long." And I suggest to you -- you know, you have to pray about this. You do not have to believe it if you do not want to, but I suggest to you that this expression, all the day long, is really saying all of us who are of the day. All of us are of the day. All of us who have Christ, our carnal minds are being rendered extinct; our human spirit is being set free.

"We are counted -- we are considered sheep for the slaughter," and this means sheep, any tame animal. Slaughter -- sheep who are destined to be sacrificed. Now, brethren, the humanity of every human being in whom Christ is arising is destined for the slaughter. Now, listen, in the old covenant, the Hebrews were destined for slaughter, and they were wiped out. In the new covenant, now that Christ is in us and in our mind, we are going to be wiped out just like the Jews were wiped out, but we are going to be raised from the dead in the newness of life of Christ, which we only have because the Jews were rejected and, therefore, that rejection was the reconciling of the world. That rejection allowed Christ to go forth to the world and because of their sacrifice, now Paul is saying, we are counted for the slaughter, but we are not going to be rejected. We are going to be raised from the dead in the newness of the life of Christ. So, behold, old things have passed away and all things are made new, and that Scripture which pronounced death on -- a spiritual death on a nation is bringing life to the whole world.

And it does not end there. There is receiving again of Israel. He who paid this serious price so that the world could receive Christ, he will be received again and grafted back into the tree. That is the promise. Excuse me.


Well, ask me a question. Please, please use the microphone.

"That he who is engrafted will be received back," explain that [CROSSTALK]

Well, that account is found in Romans11:15. What I would like to do -- I am almost finished here, OK. I would like to finish here and take that as a question at the end. I do not know. How much time -- how much time do we have on that message?


OK. Let us see if we -- if we could fit it in. OK.

So I have an Alternate Translation for you of Romans 8:36, and let me -- the -- remember, the verse before it is saying what is going to separate us from the mind of Christ? Is it going to be persecution? Is it going to be all these terrible things? No, none of that stuff can separate us from Christ because it is written in the psalms that "for Your sake, oh, Lord, for the sake of Your Christ coming forth in us, the carnal minds of the sons are being made extinct, and our human spirits are being set free. Our humanity is as a sheep destined for the slaughter." Now, remember, the carnal mind is being crucified, and it is this soulish life which is being sacrificed. It has to die.

I have two witnesses for you. Romans 8:28: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purposes." And John 9:2 says, "And His disciples asked Him saying, 'Master, who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?'" I should have put down the next verse. Let me give you the exact quote. It is John 9:2 [sic]. John -- John 9:2 -- John 9:3: "Jesus answered, 'Neither has this man sinned, nor his parents, but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.'"

What does that mean? Other places in both the Old and New Testament clearly state that infirmity -- any form of physical illness is a curse for spiritual wickedness. Well, what is Jesus talking about? He did not come to change the law. He came to fulfill the law. He is saying, yes, it is true. You inherited this sin because of wickedness on your family line, but now that the kingdom of God is here, now that the power of God is here to forgive your sins, your infirmity is an opportunity to -- for this power of God to be expressed through the forgiveness of your sin and the healing of your body. So what was a curse yesterday today is an opportunity to be an advertisement for the glory of God. Is everybody OK on this -- on this issue? It is a curse. It is a sin. All of this is true, but when you confess your sins, you -- and you repent, you are an opportunity -- I just want to give you the exact Scripture -- "that the works of God should be made manifest in you, the forgiveness of sins and the healing of your body."

Let me say it again. Israel was cast away. They were sacrificed so that Messiah could go to the world, so that the world could be reconciled, and because Jesus Christ is now in spirit form, when the same judgment comes upon the church -- watch it -- judgment for sin, judgment for pride -- when the same judgment comes upon the church that came upon Israel, we are not going to be cast away. We are going to be raised from the dead because Israel was sacrificed for us. Everybody OK? OK.

And now back to Romans 11. I will comment on it. Whatever we get on the message, we get on the message, Mary, and whatever's not on the -- I am not going to go to a second message. I will answer you, but it just will not be on the message.

OK. Romans 11:15: "For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them back be but life from the dead?" The resurrection of the dead. The resurrection of the dead. So we are saying that -- the Scripture is saying that Israel was sacrificed so that salvation could go to the world, and after the world is reconciled, Israel shall be raised from the dead. God sacrificed His own Son -- He sacrificed Messiah Jesus of Nazareth, but He also sacrificed Israel, His son. Now, Messiah was raised from the dead in 3 days and 3 nights, and Israel too shall be raised from the dead after the Gentiles have been reconciled.

Romans 11:16: "For if the firstfruit be holy" -- who is the firstfruit?

[?Christ in us.?]

[?Jesus Christ.?]

OK. "If the firstfruit be holy, the lump is also holy." Who is the lump?

The soul.

The whole living soul, "and if the root be holy" -- who knows who the root is?


No, the root is the Father, OK. "And if the root be holy, so are the branches," and who are the branches?


The Son?

The Son?

The branches are the body of Christ. The branches are the -- are humanity actually. The branches are humanity. So the all -- what Paul is saying here is that the whole living soul is sanctified. The whole world is sanctified. He cannot leave Israel out. All of you who are truly anti-Semitic -- and there is anti-Semitism in the church -- you cannot exclude the Jews. They shall be raised from the dead --

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