226 - Part 2

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-- [?-ings?] in everything Christian. There is blessings in everything Christian. Whether you know it or not, that Spirit gets on you. It gets on you, and after it gets on you, it gets inside of you. And when it gets inside of you, it becomes a shield against what?


Against sin. It becomes a shield and a protection against sin. And I mentioned to you not too long ago how the Lord had shown me how this country, in its most carnal stages, simply just everyday people living their life, just going to church once a week on Sundays but honoring the Lord to the fullest that they were able or that they knew how in that lifetime, how that brought a protective covering over this nation.

And because the people's lives were so carnal, most of the people were just very carnal in this country and may be -- probably still are. I am still carnal. Who knows what spiritual is? We do not really know what spiritual is. The only one we can compare ourselves to is Jesus. And not understanding the degree to which the Lord was and still is protecting this nation somewhere over the last 50 years or so, maybe a little longer. I guess they say it started with the Scopes Trial, then they stopped -- when they started teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in the schools, which I think was back in the 1800s.

So about 100 years ago, this nation started tearing down God's protective cover, a little bit here and a little bit there, and this nation is in real trouble right now. And if you think things are bad, you have not seen anything yet. So everything Christian is very important, no matter how simple it seems to you, because it brings His Spirit into your life. Sitting in a meeting like this is very important because it reinforces His Spirit. If His Spirit is already in your life, it reinforces it. If His Spirit is not in your life, it brings His Spirit into your life.

And what does His Spirit do? It fights sin. It defends you against sin, sin in your own mind and sin coming against you from the outside. When Christ enters into someone's life or just touches it from the outside, He immediately begins to wage war against everything that is of the carnal mind. That is what He does.

The man who trained me preached a message once. He said the Lord is a killer. That was the name of the message. The Lord is a troublemaker. He is a troublemaker. Jesus Christ is a troublemaker. He makes trouble with the carnal mind from the second He encounters him. He is looking for a fight, and wherever He goes in this world, He has got one. That is for sure. So everything Christian is good for you. Run towards it. Do not run away from it. If you open the Bible for five minutes or for one minute every day, run towards it. Do not run away from it. His Spirit is power.

Now if you have been getting into some kind of trouble in this world for the last 50 years or for the last five generations and you open the Bible for five minutes one day and all your trouble does not go away, that is not being very reasonable to think that there is no power in Christ. There is awesome miracle-working power in the Spirit of Christ as He exists, in the form that He exists, in the measure that He exists in this world today, awesome, indescribably, miracle-working power. And it is available to you if you can just recognize it for what it is and run towards it instead of running away from it.

Because when the awesome miracle-working power of the Lord Jesus Christ presents Himself to you and offers Himself to you -- and He is not offering Himself to everyone in this hour, if you think He is, you received a lie. I know some people preach it, but it is not true. He is not offering Himself to everybody in this hour. How do I know that? I have met people that have answered every altar call for the last 15 years of their life, and Christ has not gotten into their life. He is not on them. He is not in them, and He is not manifesting through them. He is not call -- He is not offering Himself to everyone in this hour. It is not true.

So if He is offering Himself to you and you are running in the exact opposite direction, I say this with all kindness to you, there is something wrong with you. And what is wrong with you -- do not get insulted now. What is wrong with you is that your carnal mind is very strong in your life. And that is like saying to that you have just been to the doctor, and I have read your x-rays, and you have got a cancerous tumor, and I pronounce death upon you. But if you have an operation, you could live. There is something growing in your soul that wants to kill you because if it were Christ in your mind, He would be running right towards where the ministry of Christ is, but the carnal mind runs in the exact opposite direction.

So as you will hear as we go forth with the message today, the Lord Jesus Christ is fully able to overcome your carnal mind. He is fully able to do it, but He has got to get inside of you. There are certain requirements that have to be met.

And I am one person, one very frustrated person who cannot tell you why some people He trips as they are running down the street away from Him and brings them back and some people He lets go off into destruction. I do not know how He makes these decisions. I have some knowledge of the way the Lord Jesus Christ thinks. I have some understanding. He has been teaching me for years, but I have told you this before. In this area of why He lets some people go and some people He trips and brings back, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how He makes His decisions. But if He is tripping you today, stop pushing against the pricks because you are blessed.

We started this at the last meeting on a very serious note, speaking about the judgments that are already falling upon this nation. And they fall upon a nation -- the judgments of God fall upon a nation, and they fall upon individuals. Actually, they fall upon individuals first. Spiritual experiences happen within people's minds and within people's emotions. And when they are happening to an -- when the same spiritual experience is happening to enough people, it starts to appear in the government, and it starts to appear on the streets, and it starts to appear in the crowds. And people who are not spiritually educated very well think that it starts outside, and then it touches you, but that is not true. It starts in men's hearts.

And there is no such thing as a transference of spirit. You cannot catch a demon from somebody. If you know them to be a murderer and you touch them, you cannot catch their spirit of murder. What happens is that the sin in one person will attempt to seduce the sin in a person that he is next to. Only if you have the potential for it can you catch this thing.

Now it is true with regard to spiritual matters, and it is true with regard to physical disease. People who are students of physical disease know there is no disease that you can catch unless you have the aptitude for it, or the word is proclivity, unless you have the proclivity for it. If you do not have the potential for a particular disease, there is nothing any human being can do to give you that disease. They can breathe right into your mouth, and you will not get it.

You are a nurse. Is that true? You need the potential for the disease? It is true spiritually also. That is how Jesus could say Satan cometh, and he has nothing in Me. Satan had no hooks in Jesus to make Him sin. Sin is seductive. It is a seduction. An individual is seduced to sin, and whole nations are seduced to sin. And the most destructive element of sin is that sin -- well, sin is a man, OK. We know that righteousness is, well, not a man but a person. Righteousness is a person who is -- what is His name? Christ. And sin is a person. What is his name?


Satan, in the form of his carnal mind in this conscious world, he is a person, but he is a person who has an existence that extends before the average human lifetime. So he seduces one generation a little bit, and then everybody dies, but he is still living, or he is still existing. And then he seduces the next generation a little bit, and that whole generation dies, but that carnal mind is still existing. He is existing in every generation that has ever walked on the face of this earth.

And, you know, when people rebel and when people descend spiritually, they start descending from the high point of their life. If the high point of your life is a godly experience with Christ which was imparted to you by your parents, a highly moral condition of both thinking and behavior, your rebellion --

You know, when I was a girl, you know what the big rebellion was? To smoke a cigarette, to smoke a Camel's, and then it became OK for teenagers to smoke cigarettes. Then the next big offense was to take a drink. In my day, they use to fizz up aspirins and Coca-Cola. It was the big thing to get high. Now the kids are out there drinking everything. Then it started out just with marijuana. Well, that is OK. It makes you feel good, puts you to sleep. Next generation, they are on heroine.

The seduction is from generation to generation. The stricter you bring up your children, the stricter you are with your own life, the less you can fall. The looser your values, the looser your morals, when the seducer comes upon you, you are going to be getting into some really bad stuff. I talk about this a lot.

They made pornography. They made it legal. They said you cannot put any bars on it. Anyone can look at whatever they want to look at, and pornography, with each generation, got more vile and more vile and more vile. And now we have parents selling their 3-year-old kids to do pornographic movies to get the money, and now they are putting a law against it. It is a seduction. Sin descends from generation to generation, and the pit in which it is descending is what, anybody? 


It is bottomless. There is no bottom to the depth that human beings can fall to without who in our life?


Without Christ in our life. He is the only defense against sin. Sin begins in the realm of the spirit. It begins in the mind, and it ends up in our physical bodies because spiritual things do not go from high to low, but they go from inside to outside. All sin begins in the mind. Jesus clearly taught it. It is not out there. Nothing out there can pollute you. Jesus clearly said that when you take in something unclean, it comes out in the draft. It is what already is inside of a man that pollutes him. Did He not say that? He said it somewhere, did He not?

So we have been talking about the judgment that is already falling upon the Unites States. It starting on the individuals. It is going out into the streets. It is affecting the innocence of the nation, the children, and it is now up at high levels of government. Those of you that come here on a regular basis, you may have heard me say once that I am having a real problem praying for our president, that I could not believe that the Lord let him get elected. And when he got elected, I could not even look at his face. Every time the T.V. came on, I had to shut it off. Now I can look at his face.

I want you to know that I have been praying since November. I have been praying since the election because I read the Bible, and my Bible says you should pray for those who have authority. You should pray for those who govern. And I said, gee, there is something really wrong. I cannot pray for this guy. But as someone that I used to know says, well, fake it until you make it. I was faking it. I tried to pray for him a few times. I said, Lord, bless him. My heart was not in it, but I said it anyway. And I just could not get up a prayer for this man. I prayed. I said, Lord, give me a prayer. And usually, when I pray like that, the Spirit of God ascends in me. This is going on since June -- since November, excuse me.

The only prayers I could pray for this man are half-hearted prayers that I do not really mean, and I do not try very much because I know that prayers like that have no power. And the Lord has spoken to me, and He has explained to me why I am having this reaction and why He has not helped me to do what I believed to be the godly thing. I hope everybody here knows that if for whatever reason you are in a place where you know something is godly and you cannot do it, the thing to do is to confess it, to say, Lord, I know it is godly, but I cannot do it. Please, give me the strength to do it. That is what you do. I pray that prayer all the time. I have been praying it since November, and I cannot pray for that man. The only thing that is happened is that I do not turn the T.V. off when I see his face anymore.

And this is what the Lord has said to me. Well, I will tell it to you first, and then I will give you some Scriptures. He said to me, I have turned you over to what you wanted. I did not put that man in power. I will not receive his sacrifice. I will not back up his office. I am not in anything that he does, and that is why you cannot pray for him, because I will not pray for him.

And I have some Scriptures for you, in case you think I am a radical. Jeremiah 7:16, "Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee."

Jeremiah 11:14, "Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up a cry or prayer for them: for I will not hear them in the time that they cry unto Me for their trouble."

Jeremiah 14:11, "Then said the Lord unto me, Pray not for this people for it is to their advantage that you do not pray for them. When they fast, I will not hear their cry; and when they offer burn offering and an oblation, will not accept them: but I will consume them by the sword, and by the famine, and by the pestilence."

1 Samuel 8, "And when it came to pass, when Samuel was old, that he made his sons judges over Israel. Now the same of his firstborn -- now the name of his firstborn was Joel; and the name of his second, Abiah; they were judges in Beersheba."

Judges, for the information of those who may not know, were very different than kings. They were spiritual rulers over Israel. They were men who were directly raised up by God to rule over Israel in both spiritual and secular or political matters. Kings rule by a human descendancy. They inherit their office, and the office of king over a nation is inferior to the office of judge.

And what we find happening in Israel at the time that the Book of 1 Samuel was written was that the children of Israel were growing cold. They -- in their hearts and in their minds, they were going away from God. And they did not recognize the blessings that were upon them from having God as ruler. And their problem was that God was invisible. God was invisible, and they were hard -- their hearts were hard, and they could not understand that they were different from all of the nations all about but that what was different about them was a good difference, that their ruler, though invisible and different than any other king in the world, was far superior to the kings of the earth.

But because their hearts became heard and they were jealous of the other nations of the world. They wanted what someone else had, not understanding that what they had was better. They moaned, and they groaned, and they complained. They wanted what that other guy had, and this is the background of chapter 8 in 1 Samuel.

So in verse 4 -- well, verse 3, "And the sons of the great judge" -- Samuel was a great judge. Every -- let me tell you this, that every judge that ruled over Israel was not equally great. Some of them were more imperfect than others. Samson, for example, had some serious problems with his what? With his humanity got in the way of his executing his office righteously. But Samuel was a great and righteous man of God, and he had two sons who were to judge Israel when Samuel retired or died, but his sons were corrupt. His sons were totally corrupt.

And we are told, in verse 3, that, "His sons walked not in Samuel's ways, but turned aside after lucre," that is money, "and took bribes, and perverted judgment." That means when they made a judgment, if someone came to the law before them and said this one took my money and that one said I did not take it, regular law cases, they did not try the case and find the verdict based on righteousness. They tried the case and found the verdict based on who put money in their pocket. In case you do not know it, we have a plague of that across the Unites States today.

Verse 4, "Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel unto Ramah, and said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways." That is speaking about righteousness now. "Now make us a king to judge us like all of the nations." Now it is true that Samuel's sons were not righteous, but the bottom line is this, brethren. No matter how bad things look, no matter how wrong things really are, God is able to correct the problem, but you must cry out to Him. That is the way He set it up. I did not set it up that way.

I have been preaching this for years now. Whatever your problem is, if you are smart -- and I am not insulting anybody. The Bible clearly says there are wise sons, and there are foolish sons. If you are smart, you go before the Lord, and you say, Father, I have got a problem. Help. Do not tell Him what the answer to your problem is because He may know something that you do not know. So if you are smart, you just go before Him and say I need help.

If you are foolish, you go before Him and you say, Lord, I have got a problem, and this is what I want from You. Now if you are not blessed, He will give you what you want, but if you are blessed, He will not give you what you want, but He will give you Him answer to your problem. And I have never met anybody yet to whom God deals with as son that He does not give them what they want because what they want will hurt them, but that He does what is right for them. He does what is going to help them. He does what is going to make them grow, even at the risk of their being angry at Him and blaspheming Him name. Then you are a son. He truly loves you, not that He does not love the others. But if you are not being treated in this manner, you are not a son.

And if you cannot understand this, if you think God is unrighteous, I strongly recommend you just drop the issue for the time being because your brain is a parakeet brain next to Him brain, and He is always right. And whenever you are in controversy with God, you are always wrong, always, always, always.

And the Lord told me years ago, when He first raised up this ministry, when I was complaining about a couple of silly things which were important to me at the time, He said you have everything you need, and if you do not have it, guess what? You do not need it. You might think that you need it. Your carnal mind might think that you need it, but I -- the Lord says, I say you do not need it. And what does that mean? If I give it to you, it is going to work against My purposes in your life.

And you are talking to somebody who has been raised up from the bottom. I am not someone up there that is preaching out of a book. I have had my temper tantrums in my die. I have laid on that floor right there and pounded it and screamed, and He did not give me what I wanted, and today I thank God that He did not give me what I wanted, that He gave me what He wanted.

Verse 6, "But the thing displeased Samuel." What thing? That they wanted a human king. "When they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the Lord. And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people." Give the fools what they want. "Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected you, Samuel, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them." God said to Samuel, Israel has rejected the God of the universe, and let them have their way. They rejected Me, and I said, OK. It is a dark day in Israel.

Verse 4, "According to all of the wor-" -- now this is why God said OK. "According to all of the works which they have done since they say that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, the end of the line which is that they have forsaken Me, and served other gods, so do they also unto you."

The Lord is saying they have been doing it to Me since I brought them up out of Egypt. God did not turn the over for one mistake. He did not turn them over for the mistakes of one generation. He turned them over for what Israel, as the Lord considered one man throughout all the generations -- since He brought Israel up out of the Egypt, God looked at all those generations as one man, and He said this is what they have done to Me from the minute I began to bless them. They were forsaking Me and worshipping other gods, and I have put up with it for all of this time. And now I finally s- -- I have pleaded with them. I have blessed them. I have loved them. I have met their needs. I have gotten then out of trouble every time they were in trouble.

And this is the last straw. Let them go. Let them learn from experience what it means to not have God as your protector because what had happened to these people was that they had forgotten what it was like to not have the Lord as your protector. They thought all of the good things that were in their life they had gathered there by their own strength. So the Lord did not say let them go as a punishment. It really was not a punishment. God said, let them have what they want, that they should learn the difference between good and evil, that they should learn the difference between having me as their savior and the carnal mind as their God. And then when they turn back unto Me, we will start all over again.

Well, that sounds wonderful, and it is wonderful. He is a wonderful God, but let me tell you something. The people that lived in those days died, and all the generations thereafter died with the carnal mind as their god. So God is righteous, and He turns people out to do their own thing so that they can learn lessons, but this is a great mystery, brethren.

This is a spiritual creation, and when God turns you over to learn a lesson, even though Him motive is love, and it -- and the end of that turning you over will be that you will realize your sins and return unto God, all the generations, starting with the generation that He cut loose plus all of your descendants thereafter are going to have torment and Hell, if you will, in their lives until the Lord says I think you have learned your lesson, come back.

Now I do not know about you, but two years of torment or Hell in my life is more than I would want, and I think about whole lifetimes of whole generations. To me, this is awesome. So when you do your own thing and you walk away from God, you not only turn yourself over, but you turn all of your descendants over to Hell. The problem is that in the ignorance of their mind, the average person does not see it or understand it because even if they hear this word, they say, oh, that is just a bunch of malarkey.

I prayed for somebody once. I prayed for someone. I had been struggling with them, wrestling with them. The scriptural word is for years. And I looked at them, and I said, you know, that is it, cannot do anything else for you, do not know what to do for you. You bring in destruction into my life, and I turn you over to God. And that person waited about 10 seconds and looked up, and lightning did not fall, and they laughed in my face. And two weeks later was the beginning of an unhappy experience that lasted for years. I tell you the truth. It is happening to the country now.

The lightning does not fall at the moment. Sometimes it does not fall for a couple of years. Sometimes it does not fall for a couple of generations, and if you think, anyone hearing this message or anyone here, if you think that you can sin without restraint and that that sin will not be vindicated by the Lord, if that sin will not have its just recompense, you are mistaken. It might happen in your lifetime. It might happen in your son's lifetime. It might happen in your grandson's lifetime, or it might happen in your great-grandson's lifetime. But my Bible says that every sin shall have its just recompense.

Now that Lord is not burning anyone in Hell forever. We have got to get this balance straight. He is not burning you in Hell forever, but a lifetime is too much for me. I do not want to burn in Hell for a lifetime. I do not want Hell in my mind, and I do not want Hell in the circumstances of my life, not even for a week. So because the Lord loves you and because the Lord loves this whole creation, He has sent preachers to tell you the truth. There is only one person who can deliver you from Hell, and He is the one who had the power to cast you down into it in the first place.

There is no doctor who can deliver your body from Hell. There is no psychiatrist who can deliver your mind from Hell unless the Lord gives him permission. It is the same thing as saying that you could go to war and be out in the middle of the battlefield. No one can kill you unless God has given them permission. Do you believe that? No- -- every soldier that dies on the battlefield, the Lord has said it is OK.

That is a hard word, but the Lord Jesus Christ is in control of this entire planet, this entire creation, this entire world. There is nothing that happens that He does not know about, that He is not in control of. And I want to tell you that, as far as I am concerned, this Lord -- the Lord permitted it, as far as I am concerned, is a lot of bunk. The Lord says I do good unto you, and I do evil unto you. Is that not in the Bible? I do good, and I do evil. And it is all through the Old Testament, no matter what happens. The Hebrews said, why has the Lord done this evil unto us, not why has the Lord permitted this evil to come upon me? God is in control. He is on Him throne, and Satan serves Him. Satan is the muscle. He is the henchman where he does not do anything that is outside of God's restrictions.

Verse 9, "Now therefore hearken unto their voice," unto the voice of the people. Give them what they want. "Howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them, and show them the manner of the king that shall reign over them."

This is what Samuel -- God has said to Samuel, tell them [?they?] -- tell them that I just answered their prayer. And do you know what that means? It is too late to say I did not mean it. That is what God just said. It is too late to say I did not mean it. Now tell them what this king is going to do to them and how he is going to treat them.

And this is a prophetic word for this country under Bill Clinton. You wanted him. You voted him. I am told one third of the Christians voted for this man, and I daresay spoke to one personally. She voted for him because she thought she would have more money in her pocket. She gave up all the issues of righteousness. She gave up all the morality, and she voted her pocketbook. One third of the Christians voted their pocketbook. You know what that means to me? That means they never said, Lord, who would You like me to vote for? And if they said it and they did not vote for him, they heard their carnal mind.

Now I am going to say right now, thus saith the Lord to the Unites States of America, this is what you can expect from Bill Clinton. Verse 11, "He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself." That means he is going to use the people for his own purposes, whether in the army or for national service, not that I am a national service. But somehow he is going to take your sons, and when he calls them, it is not going to be for a righteous purpose. It is going to be to produce gain for himself.

"He is going to take your sons, and he is going to appoint them for himself, for his chariots." That means he is going to make them to serve himself and to be his horsemen. "And some shall run before his chariots." He is going to take our kids, and he is going to use them for his own purposes, and this means some of them are going to die.

Verse 12, "And he will appoint him captains over thousands, and captains over fifties." That is armies we are talking about here. "And he will set them to, "the King James says, "ear his ground." I am told, in the margin, it means to plow his ground. He is going to use them. He is going to use this people. "And to reap his harvest," to make money for himself and to bring forth whatever political agenda he desires to bring forth. "And to make his instruments of war, and instruments of his chariots."

"And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks, and to be bakers. And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants. And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants. And he will take your menservants, and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work."

Does anybody here not know that this has been going on in the world for centuries in countries where they have dictators in political power? This has been going on for thousands of years, wherever unrighteousness rules. The people have nothing, and that small group in power has everything.

Verse 17, "And he will take the tenth of your sheep: and ye shall be his servants. And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen; and the Lord will not hear you in that day. Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel."

Well, excuse me, I guess I was wrong up above. I said when God said to Samuel tell the people, it meant it was too late. It was not too late. He gave them one last chance to repent, but in verse 19, the people say, "Nay; we will have a king over us. That we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles."

"And Samuel heard all the words of the people, and he rehearsed them in the ears of the Lord. And the Lord said to Samuel, Hearken unto their voice." Do what they are asking you. "And give them a king. And Samuel said, every man go to your house. The Lord has given it to you." Hallelujah.

So this is a very somber message. It is the second one we are having like this. Let me just remind you that there is always a group of faithful people, and the Lord will not fail to minister to and to meet the needs of those who are joined with Him in His Spirit. When there was famine all through Israel, there was darkness in Israel. There was light in Goshen. God is full well able to take care of His people.

But, you know, one of the biggest problems that the Lord has with humanity is that men are always misunderstanding Him, and they are always misunderstanding Him in a negative way. They are always making evil out of His righteous judgments, and God wants His people and the world to know the truth, that whatever is coming and is about to come upon this nation is His righteous judgment. And for those people who have drawn close unto Him, there will be protection in the midst of the storm because, if we can believe that, as far as I am concerned, He might as well take me right now.

This whole nation has been playing church for generations. Go to church on Sunday. It is a chance to get dressed, get your Easter hat. Brethren, that is not what this is all about. We are living in an awesome hour. We are living at the end of the age. Great tribulation is already coming upon the earth, and it is going to get worse. But the end of this whole thing is what? I hope somebody knows. What is the end of this whole thing? 


The appearance of Christ as the final judge of Israel, the appearance of Christ. We have the whole Book of Judges. It tells us the story about all the judges, of which Samuel was one. There is one more judge to appear, Christ in full stature who will deliver His church and this nation and the whole world from their enemies, which are spiritual enemies in this hour. Our enemies are spiritual, and Christ is about to appear to put away sin in all human beings, to put away the carnal mind. He is appearing, and He is going to put away sin in the many members of humanity.

So as I told you in the last message, we have, basically, two camps in the church today, one camp preaching that the Lord is going to burn people in Hell forever. And as I told you at the last message, I do not believe that. My Bible says every sin shall have its just recompense, and I do not think there is anything that a human being can do in one lifetime that would justify his burning in Hell for the rest of eternity. That is not a just recompense. To burn in Hell forever is not a just recompense. My Bible says, in the Old Covenant anyway, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. I do not see anywhere the Scripture saying eternal torment no matter what you do, do not see it.

If you are the most terrible person that ever walked on the face of the earth, you will lose your life, and these curses will continue on your family line on your sons and your sons' sons and your sons' sons until someone cannot bear it anymore and cries out to the Lord Jesus Christ. And in that hour, He will hear your cry, and He will forgive you because He is God, the creator of the universe, and He is not a man that would torment anyone forever, no matter what their sin. He will rehabilitate you. He will remake you, and He will take away your sins, and He will make your righteous, when you repent.




This is "The Song of Moses, Part 2." It looks like it is going to be a three-part message at this point. At the last meeting, we studied Deuteronomy 32:1-22. In the last message, we did verses 1 through 22. And I do not have any Alternate Translations for you, but we found in those verses Jesus telling His people the great things that He has done for them and indicting them for their unfaithfulness to Him.

And starting with verse 23, we are going to read about the judgments that the Lord pronounced on natural Israel, and the -- and we will -- well, we are doing it because we -- the word of the Lord to us in this hour is that we can expect the same judgments to fall upon the church at some time in the future. They are already starting. They will get much worse before they come to an end.

But the Lord will always make a way of escape for those who cry out to Him for protection. That is what these meetings are all about. They are not to torture and make you sit here for three hours when you do not want to. These meetings are to get the Word of God inside of you so that when the transgression comes, when things are really bad, you will have enough of Christ in you to find safety by the strength of His Spirit which dwell in you.

Starting with verse 23, "I will heap mischiefs upon them; I will spend mine arrows upon them." This word mischiefs, it means -- it can also be translated evils. And as I studied this word, it seems to mean both physical, emotional and spiritual evils. The Lord -- when judgment falls, the judgment falls physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now that is the way it came out in the Hebrew, but as I mentioned earlier, the evil that God does to you, He does to you spiritually.

And when there is evil being done to you spiritually, it then affects your emotions, and then it affects your physical body. Disease in the physical body is the direct result of a spiritual problem. The Scripture is very clear about it. Some people go to the doctors, and they get healed, but only when the Lord says that it is permissible to heal them. I have mentioned this also.

We see people with c- -- with terminal diseases being healed in Christ, and we see people going into the hospital for some minor operation, taking a wart off of their foot and coming out -- and never coming out. Everybody must have heard of such a case somewhere. It happens all the time. It looks like the doctors have control, but it is not true. Jesus Christ holds the reins of this creation, and he has permitted the medical field as a mercy to those for whom He will let it be a blessing, but He has the last word. He has the last word.

I was watching "The 700 Club" the other day, and there was a woman with a liver disorder. They doctors did not know what was wrong with her liver. You only have one liver. You have a sick liver; you die. They could not even diagnose her. Her liver was not functioning. She was healed in Christ. They could not tell her why it stopped functioning, and they could not tell her why it started functioning again, but her liver is normal, and she is going on with her life.

So it looks to the carnal mind like God is not doing anything in this world. It looks like man has everything under control, but I tell you this without any personal offense intended. If you believe this, the scriptural word is that you are ignorant, and I do not say it as an insult. It means that you do not have an understanding of how God works. Everything that God does can be explained naturally. It can be explained by a scientist. It can be explained by a doctor.

[?Well?], you must understand that when God moves to put a judgment on you, he works through men. He works through natural events. God put a mark on Cain. He put that mark on his spirit. What that means is that God made Cain vulnerable to the pestilence in this world. Without that mark, Cain was immune. Everybody in this world today needs a vaccination. We are vulnerable to the diseases of this world, to all kinds of diseases. Our body is vulnerable. Why? Because there is something wrong in our spirit.

 I even read a book about someone who explained how the flood happened, that this big meteorite came from outer space. It is probably all true. The question is who sent the meteorite. Who sent the virus? Who sent the cancer? Who sent the AIDS? It just happened? If you believe that, I tell you with all personal respect, this is not personal, you are not ignorant because things do not just happen. Everything that happens in this world -- and the name of this world is?


 Hell, Nod. They are both correct. The name of this world is Hell. Everything that happens in Hell first happens in the realm of the spirit. For you to die, for your body to die, you must have death engraved in your soul.

And we have people freezing their bodies and doing all kinds of silly things because they are ignorant of spiritual things. I think this nation must go down in history as being the most ignorant spiritual nation that has ever existed. And how did that happen? Well, we are so lifted up with all of our education and our studies and our research that we really think we are in control of this thing, and we are not. And we are about to find out -- this country, if not the rest of the world, is about to find out that we are not in control, and we are going to find out when God lifts His hand off of us. I do not know how far up He is going to lift His hand. I do not know. I just know that when He does it, He is not lifting it off of me, that I am going to be in the fire, but all that fire is going to do is burn my bands off.

That is what happened to Daniel, in case you did not know. Daniel, the faithful servant of God living in Babylon, and he had a sentence of death pronounced upon him by the king because he would not stop worshipping his God. He was cast into a fiery furnace, and the king was horrified. The king was into executing that judgment upon him, and he was real nervous because the Go- -- the Lord knew he was a holy man. And after the serv- -- the Scripture says the fire was so hot that when they opened the door to the furnace to throw him in, the heat burnt the guards that threw Daniel in.

And after he was thrown in, the king peered into the furnace. And guess what, he saw Daniel walking around in the furnace, and he was not in there alone. There was someone else in there with him. And the king said, behold, that one that is with him, he looks likened to the Son of God. And there is not anything that can come upon this nation that can burn me up, that can torture me, that can kill me, that can put me in jail unless my God says OK. And if He says OK, He has a righteous reason for saying OK, and He will be in it with me, and I will come through.

So the evil that is -- that God is about to do to men -- Now, remember, God's evil is righteous. When man does evil, he does it for wicked motives because he hates people or he wants vengeance or he wants to destroy them. But when God does evil to people, the evil that He does destroys the evil in the man. Another way to describe it is a parent paddling their child, a parent disciplining their child. We can say that parent is doing evil to their child, but their motive for doing the evil is to correct an evil in the child so that the child will grow up and have a decent life and fit into society. That is the kind of evil that the Lord is doing -- is in the process of bringing upon this nation.

But I t- -- I used to tell my daughter all the time. I tell any kid that will listen to me, this is a great mystery, but take those lickings from your parents because they are nothing compared to the spiritual correction that God gives you, and that I know to be true. To grow up in a household where your parents are strict and they teach you by discipline what is right and what is wrong, if you are one of these people that will not take it and you either leave or you get put out, when your time comes for the correction to come from God Himself, it is going to be 100,000 times worse than it would have been if you would have dug in and submitted to the discipline in your household. And I am telling you the truth. I know what I am talking about. Amen, we have an amen in the congregation.

So we are in Deuteronomy 32:23, "I will heap mischiefs upon them," and that word mischiefs means evil. God is going to do evil to this nation. [?Root?] -- and His motive is love. "I will spend Mine arrows upon them," and the Hebrew word translated spend, this means to pine away. Those of you who are students of the New Testament may find that phrase familiar. We know that there was a young man that had an epileptic attack, and Jesus said that the spiritual root of the disease which affects the body and the brain, known as epilepsy, is a pining away, a deaf and dumb spirit, which if you look that up in the Greek means a pining away spirit.

What does that mean? Another way of looking at that, if you look up that Greek word that is translated away pining away or a deaf and dumb spirit, it is in another place translated lust. Now we have a type called "Lust Has Power." There is at least four different Greek words translated lust. There are different kinds of lust, all different kinds of lust, only one of which is sexual. There are many kinds of lust I the world, and one of those Greek words, if I am not mistaken, is pathos. Some of you might recognize that.

Pathos, like from the English word pathology. It means sickness. It is the kind of lust that is a sick kind of lust, and it is sick -- it is a mental sickness and a spiritual sickness because it will keep you craving for something that you can never have, and it will keep you craving it. And then when you cannot have it, you will get depressed. And when you get over your depression, you will crave it again. If you want a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and no more than 60 pounds, every blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl that is no more than 60 pounds will turn you down if this curse is operating in your life. It is called a pining away spirit.

Then eventually the person that is afflicted with this reaches a point in their life where they say, well, I am never going to achieve what I want in this life. I might as well end it all. And the end of the pining away spirit, the end of this pathological lust is self-destruction. And if you do not physically die as a result of it, you can spend your whole life just being miserable, never ever being happy. And, brethren, God has called us to joy. God has called us to joy. He has called us to happiness. He has called us to peace. He has called us to contentment. And if you are craving something that He has not given you and you are still craving it, I highly recommend that you take authority over your emotions and over this spirit of pathological lust and command it to get out of your life, and ask the Lord what He wants to give you that He believes will make you happy, peaceful and content.

So if you know somebody that has this manifestation of lust in their life, you should know, from the moment you hear my voice, that it is a curse that has been placed upon you or on one of your ancestors by the Lord. Well, now a negative mind, a carnal mind would say that is terrible. God put this curse on me.

But I want to tell you that if you are thinking with the mind of Christ, you will be falling down on your knees and saying, dear God, I finally found the one who cursed me. You are the only one who can take this curse off of me. Thank God I found out it is from You. All these years I thought Satan was after me, and Satan has no morals. He has no mercy. There is nothing I could do to stop Him. He is stronger than me, but I just found out that it was not Satan that cursed me. It was God. And the same God that cursed me said, when you turn around and repent, I will take the curse off of you.

Thank God it was not Satan that cursed you. You would be in Hell forever, eternal torment. If Satan could do it to you, he would do it. And there is only one thing that is keeping us out of eternal torment, and that is the mercy of God restraining Satan's desire to torture us for the life of the ages.

Alternate Translation, Deuteronomy 32:23, "I will increase evil upon them and spend my spirit to cause them to pine away and be consumed and come to an end." That is a description of the pining away spirit. First you lust for something you cannot ever have. Then you are consumed of your own lust. It eats you up from the inside out.

What does that mean? It turns in upon you. You turn it in upon yourself. It becomes self-destructive, and you say, well, I cannot have it because my hair is green, or I cannot have it because my eyes are the wrong color. There must be something terribly wrong with me that none of these blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 60-pound girls want me. And if you do not physically take your own life, you just dry up and die. You get sick. You become mentally ill. And the end of that is that you cease to exist. You come to an end.

Continuing with verse 24, Deuteronomy 32:24, "They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat, and with bitter destruction." When I looked at this verse in the Hebrew, I found out that it is not really a good translation, so I am going to change some of the English words around so that, hopefully, I will be able to show you what the Lord is really saying here.

Verse 24, "They shall be burnt with hunger, and with burning heat." Now if you can see the difference, it says in the King James, "They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat," but the Hebrew word translated devoured belongs someplace else, so I took it out. And we are going to put it in at the other end of the -- at the end of the verse.

"They shall be burnt with hunger, and with burning heat." The Hebrew word translated burnt is Strong's 4198, and it means to be exhausted from hunger. In case you do not know it, when you do not have enough to eat, it makes you tired. I spent about 30 years of my life starving to death. I will tell you right now, it makes you tired, and it makes you mentally tired. It makes you emotionally tired. And this word can also be translated emaciated, emaciated meaning not having flesh on your bones.

"They shall be burnt with hunger." The Hebrew word translated hunger means famine or to be stricken with hunger. That means it is a curse to be hungry, brethren, to be stricken with hunger, especially in the midst of a country like this. To be hungry in a country like this is a curse. It is a curse to be hungry anywhere in the world, but to be hungry in the midst of plenty, wake up if you are hearing this message. Cry out to the Lord because you are under a curse from God.

In the same manner, did you ever hear the expression, to be lonely in a crowd, to not have fellowship or your emotional needs met in the midst of a congregation? There is a curse operating in your emotions and in your personal life. Cry out to God. Tell him that you repent for whatever you or your ancestors may have done to bring this upon you, and call upon Him for mercy. He is merciful. There is nothing more than He wants than to deliver you from every form of emptiness and isolation and physical hunger.

He wants to deliver you, but you have to understand that there must be some sin operating to bring this or to have brought this condition into your life. And it is not just your ancestors alone. You must be doing some of the same thing that you inherited from your ancestors. You need to repent. He wants to set you free. It is His greatest desire to deliver you from this affliction, but you must confess that you must have done something to contribute to this and repent.

The word -- Hebrew word translated burnt, "They shall be burnt with hunger and burning heat," the word translated burning heat is a burning fever. That is a different word than the first burnt. It is Strong's 7565, and it means burning fever or plague. Now we see it very clearly that disease is a curse from God. I tell you again. There is no way you can be chronically ill -- you c- -- technically, you should not even have a virus, but we have to be realistic. The whole creation was cast down to Hell. We are down here, so if you get a cold, if that is all you get is a cold, you are blessed. But for someone to be chronically ill, there must be a sever curse on your life.

And if it is there, Satan did not put it there. The witch doctor did not put it there. The Satanist church up in Bay Shore did not put it there. God put it there because there is no curse that any of these people that I just mentioned can put on you that could cleave unto you if God said this person, in this area, is blessed.

Now, also, I ask you to realize that you can have an open are for a curse to be upon you in certain aspects of your life. It is not a blanket curse. You could have blessings and curses operating in your life at the same time, so do not be confused by that. There could be certain areas of your life where you cannot be cursed. God is blessing you in that area, but in another aspect of your life, you are open to a curse. Why? Because there is unconfessed sin. If a curse can find place in you, it is because of unconfessed sin. And then once you confess the sin, depending on many factors, it is possible it could take quite a while to get the curse out of your life. It has to be worked out of your life.

Now it is grow-up time. Many of us were taught that you just hit someone on the head and say I break the curse in the name of Jesus. Brethren, when someone hits you on the head and says I break that curse in the name of Jesus, the curse begins to break.

Depending on how long it has been on your family line, depending on how serious it is, depending how serious its manifestation is in your life, in your mind or in your body, those factors will influence how long it is going to take to work out of your life. Other factors are your ability to confess sin when the Lord shows it to you and your ability to repent. All of these factors will influence how long it takes God to work these curses out of your life. So let us get working on it. It does not happen overnight. It is not true.

You know, there is all this positive thinking and mind control in the church. I was rebuked in Nigeria for saying this. The whole congregation rebuked me because that was what they were taught. They said, oh, no, that curse is broken. And I said, I will tell you what, brethren, if you want to believe that, you believe that, but I know better. It is breaking.

Well, what is the end result of that? You tell somebody I hit you on the head. Maybe you get slain in the spirit and the curse is broken, and the person stands up on their feet, and they go out. And a couple of weeks later, there is another manifestation of the curse in their life. They lose faith. They think God did not break it for them, or this whole thing is a lie. Brethren, error in doctrine destroys the faith of the weak. You know, once you get on your feet, in this journey that we are taking from death unto life, God expects you to pull your own weight. If you need help, He will send you help.

But the babies, the innocents, those that do not even know what the Word of God says, you destroy their faith. God does not like it, man. He does not like it. You see, there is very little you could say to me that would destroy my faith. You might hurt me for a minute, but I would rally, and I would go before the Lord. And I would say, is it true? And I would pray it through. But someone that is brand new in Christ, you tell them a lie, you will receive judgment for it.

When you counsel somebody, first of all, you better be very careful that go told you to counsel them because every Christian is not qualified to counsel every person who will tell them their problems. You had better not open your mouth unless you are sure that it is God. And if you open your mouth, you really better check out what is coming out of it because you are responsible for every word that you say to a vulnerable person.

Alternate Translation, the first quarter of Deuteronomy 32:24, "I will strike them with hunger and sicknesses which will exhaust them emotionally and emaciate their bodies."

Continuing with the second quarter of Deuteronomy 32:24, "And I will devour them with bitter destruction." The Hebrew word translated devour, 3898, it means to fight. It means to wage war. The Lord says He is going to be waging war against people that have rejected Him and worshipped other gods. Did you ever read in the New Testament that before He found us, we were alienated from Him in our minds, that we were the enemies of God? Do you know who the enemies of God are? The enemies of God are this human race. Every time we think out of our carnal mind, we are the enemy of God.

Now He is not going to burn us in Hell forever or wipe us off the face of the earth. What He is going to do -- does anybody know? Is give us a new mind. And when He gives us a new mind, that new mind is going to kill the mind in us that is at enmity with God. And then we shall be renewed in Christ, and we shall cease from dying, and we shall live. It is because He loves us, and He is great, and He is awesomely powerful and merciful, and He has great pity on those whom He has chastened.

"And He will devour them with bitter destruction." He is going to wage war against us. The word bitter is Strong's 4815. It means poisonous. And the word destruction, 6986, means a destructive storm. Was anyone ever aware that they had storms, spiritual storms, raging in their life? Have you ever experienced a spiritual storm? I want to tell you there is no place to hide. With a natural storm, you get inside of a brick house. You get down in a basement.

A spiritual storm, brethren, there is only one place to go. Where, anybody? Inside. Christ is inside, into Christ. He is the only cover from a spiritual storm, and that spiritual storm is surely trying to kill you. Running to California will not help. Getting a new job will not help. Getting a new apartment will not help. Eating will not help. Shooting drugs into your arm will not help. Drinking will not help. You have got to get into Christ, and Christ is in your mind.

Alternate Translation, second quarter of Deuteronomy 32:24, "And I shall fight against them with a poisonous, destructive storm."

Now what does that mean, a poisonous, destructive storm? I would like to suggest to you that that which is being poisoned is the mind of Christ in you. This is God's people that He is talking about that have turned away from Him. He is going to spend a spiritual onslaught against them that He describes as a storm. It is going to destroy what? It can destroy your body, but to God's people, the first thing it is going to destroy is Christ in them.

And I also would like to suggest to you that the poisonous spirit that God is going to send has a name. It is what, anybody? Satan. He is not a life-giving spirit. Is not Jesus a quickening spirit? Jesus is the quickening spirit. He is the spirit that gives life. There is also a poisonous spirit that gives death. His name is Satan, and the Lord says, in this judgment, I am going to send a poisonous spirit to you. That means I am leaving. The Lord is saying I am leaving, and I am sending the other guy in. And when he gets there, he is going to destroy you.

Now we have to know that, yes, he is going to destroy Christ in you, but there are going to be people who will die. I think I started talking about this, and I got off the track. We have in the church today two major camps, the people who believe -- the Christians who believe God is going to wipe out this whole world and destroy people and burn their souls in Hell forever. I do not ho- -- I hope nobody here believes that. I do not believe it.

And then we have another major group of Christians, with many different variations in the middle, who are saying, oh, no, God loves everybody, and nobody is going to die. In that last day, everybody that ever lived on the face of the earth is going to be raised from the dead. And I do not believe that either. What is going to be raised from the dead is the spiritual man who is walking through the earth in this hour. His name is Adam. He was righteous, but he fell. He became unrighteous, and when he became unrighteous, he died.

And every individual that has appeared on the face of the earth is only one of the many experiences that this spiritual man has had. And some of them, it clearly says in the -- I think it is in the Book of Jude. There are so many Scriptures saying that there are some people that are just brute beasts. Does not it say that in the Book of Jude? They are just brute beasts. There is nothing of Christ in them. They are so ignorant they wage war against dignitaries. They wage war against those in whom Christ is manifesting. They are destructive. There is no productive purpose in them. They are mass-murderers. They are mass-rapists. They contaminate everything everywhere they go. There are going to be people who will die. So I take a middle ground between the two major camps in the church.

Let me just say it one more time before I go on. There is a spiritual man. His name is Adam. He is the creation of God. He fell, and he died, and because he died spiritually, the bodies that he dwells in wear out, so he keeps getting new bodies. But there is just one spiritual man in the earth. And in that hour that that Father raises fallen Adam from the dead, the many human bodies that he is living in, in that hour, will become preserved, and there will be no more reason to product new bodies because the existing bodies will no longer be dying.

You see, these bodies can only die because our spirit is dead. And if you think your spirit is not dead because you received the Holy Ghost, you have received a lie. You are in the process of being raised from the dead. You are in the process of being raised from the dead. You are being raised from the dead, but you are still dead. So my whole point is there will be individual human beings who will die. Our natural example is a tree. The root abides. The trunk abides. The branch abides. But every season there is a new crop of leaves that are born, and at the end of that season, the leaves fall off and die. And the name of the tree that we are -- what is the name of the tree that we are right now? 


The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but God has made a promise to that tree. He said, in that day that I raise you from the dead, your leaf shall no longer wither. But it shall be a -- your leaves shall be a healing unto the nations. Leaves typifying human beings, all these human beings that die at the end of every generation. Why do we die? We die because of sin. You who were sinners and died shall stop dying because righteousness shall appear in you, and you shall not only not die, but I shall send you to the rest of the world who are still in sin, and you shall be a healing unto them. You are going to save their lives.

So we see that judgment -- the judgment of God is both physical and spiritual. This is a great mystery. God pronounces a judgment in one generation, and He forgives and redeems the person many generations hence, and all the generations in-between die.

Alternate Translation, this is the first and second quarter of Deuteronomy 32:24, "I will strike them with hunger and sicknesses which will exhaust and emaciate them and fight against them." The Lord is going to fight against them, "with a poisonous destructive storm."

He is going to fight against them by sending Satan to them. God is sending Satan, and Satan is real good at his job, but he cannot go unless God sends him. God sends Satan to Job, and if Satan is in your life, God sent him to you. Do not tell me Satan is after you. Well, I ha- -- maybe I did not say that clearly. Do not tell me Satan is the one who has initiated his persecution of you. Satan does not initiate anything. Satan is the Lord's henchmen. He is His muscle, and he is good at his job.

Continuing with the third quarter of Deuteronomy 32:24, "I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust."

I am not going to take too much time on this, but we have established on other messages that teeth typify the carnal mind. And the basis for it is that, first of all, they are white, and, remember, man, Adam, has the color of the red earth in him. So the color white, in some Scriptures it does typify righteousness, but there are many Scriptures in which the color white describes the absence of life. And teeth root into the gums. Their roots are underground, and the actual tooth is above ground. Remember that Satan is the unconscious mind, and he is hidden. And that part of him which shows in this world is the carnal mind.

So we have other messages on it. I am not going to take any more time, but we are going to use teeth as the symbol for the carnal mind. So he will send the teeth of the beasts upon them. And who are the beasts? The beasts are fallen men. The beast, if you look that word up in the Hebrew, it is talking about the flesh. It is talking about the soul. So there -- when the mind in the soul man is carnal, they are evil, and when the mind in the soul man is righteous, the righteous mind of Christ, that beast or that flesh becomes righteous and holy and preserved.

But in this Scripture, the Lord is saying I am going to send the carnal minded beast. I am going to send carnal men against you. And anybody here that is experienced any kind of persecution for Christ knows that once you have served Christ and you fall down, the carnal mind goes after you with a vengeance because He wants to get you when you are down, and he wants to make sure that you do not get up again.

"I will send the teeth of beasts." I will send carnally minded men against them along, "With the poison of serpents of the dust." This is a different Hebrew word translated poison as earlier. It is Strong's 2534, and it means -- it is the word that is translated the cup of wrath when God sends judgment. It is spiritual judgment, and although it is a different word, I am still suggesting to you that -- let me just check this out.

[?You know?], the word bitter in verse 24, it just means poisonous. It could be physical poison, or it could be spiritual poison. But in this phrase here, the poison of serpents, it is clearly spiritual poison, and the serpents, of course, are the manifestations of Satan, the serpents of the dust. That is Satan right there.

Alternate Translation, third quarter of Deuteronomy 32:24, "And I will send Satan's evil spirit against the carnal minds of fa-" -- I am sorry. "And I will send Satan's evil spirit and the carnal minds of fallen men against them."

That is pretty serious to have once served Christ and to have Christ tread underfoot. You are in for some good trouble.

Alternate Translation, Deuteronomy 32:24, "I will send the carnal minds of fallen men against them and fight against them with destructive, poisonous -- with the destructive, poisonous storm of Satan's evil spirit. And I shall strike them with hunger and sicknesses which will exhaust and emaciate them."

I just call your attention to the fact that God, when He sends judgment, that judgment falls -- it begins in the realm of the spirit. If God is sending carnally minded men and the destructive, poisonous storm against you, first you get hit in the spirit, and that is in the form of a curse. And then the result is that hunger, famine, sickness and destruction, spiritual, emotional and physical destruction is the end of it.

Continuing with Deuteronomy 32:25, "The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs."

The sword without, and the terror within, hmm, I made a mistake in my notes. The sword without, and the terror -- well, I do not have the information for you because I did not write it down, but one of those words means to be childless. I did not write down which one. I am sorry. One of those words means to be childless, and it has -- that phrase, the sword without, it is talking about military action, but the result of it is that you are childless. Brethren, if all the men die at war, the women are not going to have children. That is what it is saying.

"And with terror." So He is saying outside is going to be warfare, physical war that is going to wipe out the male population, and inside people's minds will be terror. Brethren, fear and terror is a curse from God. The Scripture says the wicked are afraid all the time. Some people are absolutely fearless. I used to suffer from a lot of fear, and I look at people that are fearless. It just amazes me. Nothing scares them.

It is a blessing to not be afraid. Why? Because fear -- what good does fear do? Well, there is a certain measure of natural fear. You have to know when there is danger ahead. It tells you that there is danger ahead. But beyond that, fear is just a -- it is just a curse on your life because if trouble is coming your way, is being afraid going to stop it? Is being afraid going to help you? Being afraid is going to make things worse.

Winston Churchill said, when England was in danger of being overtaken by the Nazis, he said I will -- if it comes to it, I will stand right here in front of the -- I forget what they carnal it. It is like the British White House, and he said, and if there is no -- and I will shoot them. And if there is no bullets left in my gun, I will hit them with the butt of the gun until they kill me. What good is being afraid going to do?

And then he said we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear will destroy you. Fear will make you lose. Whether it is a physical contents or whether it is an emotional problem, fear will [?dest-?] -- there is no good thing in it once you get past that small little bit that says, well, now I know there is danger here. And turning yourself over to fear or yielding to it can bring nothing but destruction and torment into your life. Fear hath torment. No good thing can come out of it. It is to be resisted on every turn.

Sometimes I hear people say you made me afraid. Well, what do you want me to do about it? Take authority over your fear. I am not responsible for your fear. I am responsible to treat you in a godly manner. If you are afraid, do something about it.

Alternate Translation, Deuteronomy 32:25, "Their children shall die violently, and they shall be filled with fear."

Their chil- -- that means your sons are going to war. Your daughters are going to be raped and killed. I told you I spoke to someone the other day. Her daughter was kidnapped, mother of two young children, 3 and 5 years old. Some man kidnapped her out of the supermarket shopping lot and killed her. The man received two life sentences, one for kidnapping and one for murder, and he is on the streets in eight years.

I told you then, and I am going to tell you again. It is no accident that this has happened in this family. And if you look at the statistics, you see [?thing?] -- people get multiple -- women are multiply raped, sometimes by the same man over and over again, if not by the same man, by other men. You can have two or three murders in the same family, even these people that claim they are being abducted by aliens. It is happening over and over again and to two or three people in the same family.

It is a curse. You have to be open. There has to be a mark on your soul that says it is all right to do it to this one. I know what I am talking about. You hear all kinds of stories, people on a raft out at sea, and their life is saved, someone walking out of a fire that killed everybody else. How come? Because there was something written on his soul that said you cannot do it to this one. I am telling you the truth. You cannot be mugged for times unless it is written on your soul. Over here, this guy.

"The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs." And we did the first half of that. "Their children shall die violently, and they shall be filled with fear." The last phrase of this verse, "both the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs," belongs to verse 26, so we are going to move that over.

For those of you who do not know, when this book was written in the Hebrew, there were no paragraphs. There were no chapters. There were no verses. All of this was put in by the King James translators, and sometimes the King James translators make a mistake.

And I was talking to somebody once. I said, you know -- I said, it really does not say that in the Greek, whatever we were talking about. And this woman got all upset and turned around to another person who was sitting at the table. We were having lunch. She was on the verge of hysteria, and she said her -- she, meaning me. She has taken the Greek translation. She was so upset that -- apparently she did not understand that the English translation comes out of the Greek. You know, she got it all mixed up, and she was all upset. Sometimes the King James translators made a mistake.

Do you know that there is an idolatry for the King James translators in the church? Does anybody not know that? This King James translation is not the original scrolls of the Bible, and they made a mistake in putting in the paragraph numbers here.

So we are going to go on with Deuteronomy 32:26, including the last phrase of verse 25, and it reads as follows, "Both the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs. I said, I would scatter them into corners, I would make the remembrance of them to cease from among men."

"I said, I would scatter the young man and the virgin, the suckling and the man of gray hairs into corners. I would make the remembrance of them to cease from among men." This phrase, scatter them into corners, the interlinear translates it dash to pieces. The Strong's number is 6284, and Strong's says it means to blow them away or to scatter them to the winds. I never knew that phrase was in the Bible. Did you?      


I never knew that phrase was in the Bible. It is in the Bible. That is what the Hebrew word means, to blow away or to scatter them to the winds. And the Hebrew word translated remembrance, Strong's 2143, is a name by which one is remembered. Now I suggest to you that the significance of these two words is that, one, they are going to get blown away, is the Jehovah shall separate His Spirit from the human spirits of Israel.

Let me remind you, to have the mind of Christ operating in you, there must be some measure of joining between the Spirit of God and the human spirit of the man. And then Christ is formed. Sometimes it is a temporary formation. In the man, Jesus Christ, it was a permanent formation once Christ was formed. He never dissolved. His bones were never broken. So that is what this i- -- that is what this phrase is saying, to dash them in pieces, means that the Lord is going to separate His Spirit from Israel, and Christ would dissolve because the formation of Christ in Israel was not a permanent formation. It was a temporary formation of Christ, and the Lord said, I am pulling out of here. And when the Lord pulled out, Christ died, in Israel, in natural Israel.

And if you are shocked that Christ died, I will tell you that Christ also died at the beginning of time. That mind of Christ that was present in the creation died when righteous Adam fell. It died when Israel fell. And if that righteous mind is in you, it dies every time you agree with your carnal mind and reject the mind of Christ. Paul said we die all the day long. There is a continuous dying of Christ in you. Does Paul not say something like that also? We experience the dying, His death in our body continuously. He dies continuously until such time as He rises up, as Christ rises up in the individual and permanently puts the carnal mind underfoot. And the name of this experience is what? 


Christ -- it is full stature. The ascendancy of the mind of Christ to a position of full dominance over your carnal mind, to the extent that your carnal mind can no longer influence you to sin is known as full stature. It is also known as the first resurrection or the first stage of resurrection.

And the second stage here, signified by the words, "And I will make their remembrance to cease from among men," is indicating that Christ will be removed from their minds. First, Jehovah will pull His Spirit, and then Christ will be removed from their minds. With regard to the church, we are not dealing with Jehovah. We are dealing with the Lord Jesus Christ. Brethren, He can and does separate from people. He pulls out from His union with their carnal mi- -- with their human spirit, and in that instance, the bones of Christ are broken, and that person -- you could say that person dies spiritually, or you can say Christ is aborted in them.

So this phrase is speaking spiritually and means -- well, I just told you that. Well, let me read it to you. This phrase is speaking spiritually and means that Jehovah shall remove His Spirit from all men who call themselves Christians but are not living out of Christ. Brethren, that is not an empty word to call yourself a Christian. In the hour of this great tribulation, we are going to find out who has got the goods and who is a phony. The scriptural way of saying it is we are going to find out who has got the genuine article.

It is not enough to have Christ being formed in you. You must be actively choosing to live out of Him. When you have two thoughts in your mind, you must be actively choosing Christ. You must be waging a war against your carnal mind so that you can chose Christ and use the behavior that follows thinking with His mind. You cannot do it without a warfare. It cannot be done. If you are not engaged in a warfare, you are not choosing Christ.

So according to this Scripture, this is going to happen to four categories to people, the young man, the virgin, the suckling and the man of gray hairs. The young men, those in whom Christ is striving with Satan, if you are a m- -- in some measure of warfare, if you are taking some measure of victory over Satan and the carnal mind, you are a young man. Women do not fight. In God's kingdom, women do not fight. Men are the warriors. You are a young man if you are at least resisting Satan.

The virgins are those in whom Christ is not even conceived. You are a woman, OK. And, boy, one of these days, when these messages get out, these women libbers are going to hang me. Look, God has scriptural types. It has nothing to do with our society today. For purposes of understanding spiritual things, male is strong. Female is weak. If Christ is not conceived in you, you are spiritually weak. And what does that mean? It means your mind is female. It has nothing to do with your life in this world. It has nothing to do with your marriage. It has nothing to do with your career. It has nothing to do with your physical manhood.

But for spiritual purposes, those in whom the mind of Christ is appearing are male, and those in whom the mind of Christ is not appearing are female, for spiritual purposes. What does that mean? It means when the carnal mind comes against you in full battle array, you have no weapon. You have nothing with which to be a warrior. That is what it means. It is not an insult. The truth is going to set you free. If you do not like it, get Christ and become a spiritual man.

The young men that are striving with Satan are going to be -- are going to lose the Spirit of God when He pulls out. The virgins, those who do not have Christ -- [?well?], let me remind you that you can have faith in Jesus Christ. You can have received the Holy Ghost, and you are still a virgin. According to the Scripture, you are still a virgin. To be not a virgin anymore, you must have conceived Christ.

You see, there are many societies in the world where there is only one acceptable proof that you are not a virgin, and that is that you conceive a child. This is very common in many societies. Although, in this country, you know, we are all so sophisticated, and we are breaking away from the old traditions. But there are many societies that if a woman could not conceive, her husband had legal grounds to divorce her. You have to have the baby. Well, it was a spiritual type -- it was a natural type of what is happening spiritually. You have got to have the baby. As far as the Lord is concerned, there is no marriage when you are still a virgin.

Even in this country, you go and get an annulment. You get married. You have the ceremony, make a big party, put the ring on the per- -- the woman's finger. If the marriage is not confirmed, then you go and you get annulment. What makes you married, brethren, is that you sleep together. You know, God told me years ago. You know, it is in the Bible. A man sleeps with a woman. As far as God is concerned, you are married. I said that to a Christian woman six years ago. Did she get mad? I did not say it. God said it.

And if you have had many partners, you have had many divorces. You see, the law of this land, the written marriage certificate does not make you married. Carnal knowledge of a woman makes you married to her and vice-versa. What does that mean? You get involved in that. You get all the mess that is from her family line, and she gets all the mess that is from your family line, all the curses, all the problems. It is not just physical disease that travels through carnal knowledge of a woman.

It is spiritual disease. Even that -- the heathens know that. Somebody somewhere has done a study on that. The more promiscuous a person is, the more messed up they are. I did not say it. Dr. So-and-so said it. I read it somewhere. I tell you the truth. How many curses can one person bear? You do not consummate the marriage; you are not married. Brethren, if you have not consummated the marriage with the Lord, you are not married. And the sign that you have consummated the marriage is that you have conceived His Son. If you have not conceived His Son, you are still a virgin. The marriage is not legal. You have got to get pregnant.

Every promise that God has made you, every promise in this Bible is fulfilled through His Son. It is not His Son that is growing in me. It is not the man, Jesus, that was crucified. Every fulfillment of this Word of God is through the Son of God which is growing in you. He has to be the God in the midst of you for you to receive of these promises. The world has to know this. The church has to know this.

I watched that movie on the people who were being abducted by the aliens, and they showed you this woman who had already been abducted. There were multiple abductions. She sat down to have dinner with her husband, and he sat at the table. He said, I am a Christian. Jesus, Lord Jesus, protect my family. The man named the name of the savior. She got up out -- off of the -- out of the table, walked down the hall, met the alien and went on the spaceship.

Brethren, protection against spiritual pestilence is not in the spoken name of Jesus. When the Bible says the name of Jesus, it is speaking about His Spirit. His Spirit has to be inside of you. It has to be living and functioning inside of you. Spiritual armor is inside of you. Words cannot protect you. The whole world knows it. That is why so many people are headed for the occult and Eastern religions. They are looking for a spiritual experience. There is no spiritual experience in words. There is spiritual experience in spirit, and you have got to get that spirit inside of you for Him to be doing you any good.

He might have mercy on you from the outside, but when you are talking about deep warfare, He has got to be the God in the midst of you. I am not -- there are many people in this world. I know it. They call on the name of Jesus, and He gives them gifts, and He helps them with things here or there. But when you are talking about life or death, when you are talking about being abducted by an alien, when you are talking about having a lasting healing from a life-threatening disease, He must be the God in the midst of you.

Do you know how many people have received healings from diseases in the name of Christ and have either contracted another just as serious disease or in whom the same disease has come back? Has anybody here that is been in the church for a while not known about that? All the time. Why? Because maybe the power of Christ in me touched you and healed you, and God gave you a reprieve. He says now get Me inside of you, and then something goes wrong, and the person does not get Christ inside of them, and it is all over again.

Brethren, it has got to be the God in the midst of you. I can only get you started. I can only help you when you are still weak. I can lend my strength to you when you are a baby in Christ, but you have got to grow up. And the sign that you have grown up is that He has become the God in the midst of you.

So we talked about the young men. We talked about the virgins. What else do we have here? The suckling, OK. Now this is interesting because I s- -- I find in this Scripture a new category. I have spoken to you about the immature Christ and about the mature Christ, the imputed anointing. Oh, no, I have talked to -- in -- within the imparted anointing, I have told you there is an immature imparted anointing, which I believe many of us have at this time. Christ is growing in us. He is functioning in us. He is doing miracles through us, but we are not in full stature. So I call that, someone with the conceived Christ who is not in full stature, someone with an immature imparted anointing, and the one in full stature is one with a mature imparted anointing.

But here we see another category. The Scripture calls it a suckling, and what the Lord told me to tell you is that this is a believer who has just conceived, and we are going to call them the people who have received the engrafted word. But it is just -- it is not mani- -- Christ is not manifesting in any kind of strength whatsoever. He is likened to a newborn infant, so that is what the suckling is.

And we have one more here, the man of gray hairs, those in whom Christ is manifesting wisdom as well as an ability to wage war. That is the mature imparted anointing. So we see the young man is the immature imparted anointing. The virgin is the one with the imputed anointing. The suckling is the one with the engrafted word, and the man of gray hairs is the one with the mature imparted anointing. And all of these people here, it says He is going to take His Spirit away from them. I do not know how that could be. I guess it could not be a person in full stature. It would have to be someone with a mature -- well, it could not be in full stature to lose it. 

            [INAUDIBLE] [?falling away maybe?]?

Well, I cannot answer questions like that when I am preaching, OK. 


I can only answer questions that would be right on what I am preaching on, and please save your questions f- -- till after the meeting, OK? So there are four categories, young men that have the imparted anointing but it is an immature imparted anointing, the imputed anointing, the virgin. The suckling is the engrafted word, and I guess the man of gray hairs must be a mature imparted anointing but less than full stature, someone who has wisdom and an ability to wage war. Because once you are in full stature, you cannot lose it.

Alternate Translation, Deuteronomy 32:26, "I will separate My Spirit from believers with an immature imparted anointing from believers who have not yet conceived Christ who have an imputed anointing from believers with the engrafted word and from believers with the -- with a mature imparted anointing. And I shall remove Christ from all of mankind."

And what the Lord is saying is that the presence of Christ in this hour is in the church. The presence of Christ in the Old Covenant was in Israel. When He takes all of these anointings away, Christ is gone from humanity. Now, of course, this happened to Israel under the Old Covenant when the L- -- when Christ was withdrawn from Israel, Christ was withdrawn from the world. And when was Christ withdrawn? Does anybody know when Christ was withdrawn from Israel? Anybody know? When Babylon went into captivity. First, Israel went into captivity in Assyria, and then Babylon -- and then Judah. I am sorry. Judah went into captivity in Babylon, and Christ was wiped off of the earth.

Now, in this hour, this is going to be happening in the church. What does is it mean? It means, brethren, that all the churches which are not going forward and moving on in Christ that still have a manifestation of the Holy Ghost and some of the gifts of the spirit are going to lose what they have. Now people get very upset about this. Bill Britton preached this, and he was persecuted for it. But I want to tell you it is scriptural.

The Scripture says that the man came, and he gave out talons, everyone according to their own several ability, and then he came back to see what everyone did with what he gave them. And the one man that got the least, he buried it under the ground and did nothing with it. And Jesus said, take it away from him, and give his portion to the one that is using what they have.

And I am going to -- this is a very somber message, but I am g- -- I am just going to keep telling you again. It is a warning. If you think that you are in any of these categories, tell God that you want to be close to Him when this trouble hits, that you want Him to be the God in the midst of you because that is the only protection that is going to be anywhere.

So do not -- I have seen people do this. They will hear something like this, and they will say, oh, I am so scared. This is terrible. And they -- their carnal mind uses their concern and their anxiety and their fear to stop them from accompli- -- to stop the Lord from accomplishing what He wants to accomplish in you. What the Lord wants to accomplish in you from your hearing this message is for you to say, Father, have mercy on me and help me. And if you cannot do that and there is -- and you are receiving this message at all, you may have a problem with pride. So you pray about it because pride will kill you. It will separate you from the Lord and from His power.

Now I took this verse, Deuteronomy 32:26, and I changed it around a little to be in better English, and this is what it sounds like. "I shall remove Christ from all of mankind by separating My Spirit from believers with an immature imparted anointing from believers who have not yet conceived Christ but may have an imputed anointing from believers with the engrafted word and from believers with the mature imparted anointing."

He is ripping it from everybody. You know, you can have a mature imparted anointing and not be living out of it. You can have a mature imparted anointing and be worshipping other gods. You can have a mature imparted anointing and be engaged in unconfessed sin. Everybody has sin. The keyword is unconfessed. You have got to be working on it without condemnation, confessing it and asking God to help you.

But if you are out there thinking that it is OK for you -- I heard somebody say once, I know I am OK because I cast out demons. Oh, really? If you think you are OK because you give out tracts or because you are in the ministry, you are in this category. You could wake up one morning, and you are going to be all alone. And I do not -- I have never experienced anything worse in the world than finding the Lord having departed from me. I have experienced it for brief moments. It is terrible. And can you imagine seeing disaster coming on the earth and looking around and He is gone? I cannot even imagine it.

Continuing with Deuteronomy 32:27, "Were it not that I feared the wrath of the enemy, lest their adversaries should behave themselves strangely, and lest they should say, Our hand is high, and the Lord hath not done all this."

That translation is as very poor translation of verse 27, so I am going to just tell you that the Hebrew word translated “adversaries” means those who are distressing you. And we know that we can have spiritual adversaries as well as physical adversaries. And the more you get into Christ, the more your adversaries are spiritual. The more you are afflicted, the more your advert- -- adversaries are spiritual. They could be depressing you. They could be causing you to lose jobs. They could be causing you all kinds of destruction. They could be causing you to have car accidents. Any form of destruction is a spiritual oppressor. That is what this word is talking about.

In the natural, you can have some bully threatening you on any physical level, threatening your job, threatening to take your money, threatening to take your girlfriend, any of the usual stuff that is out there in Hell, which is where we are. And the Hebrew word translated behaving strangely, that is Strong's 5234, and it means to be ignorant of, meaning not understanding. In other words, if someone is angry at me and I do not know that they are angry at me, I am ignorant that they are angry.

You know, sometimes people get angry at other people, and they do not talk to them about it, and they expect the other person to recognize that they are angry and know what they are angry about. But some people are ignorant, or in this society we would say some people are thick. They do not even know you are mad at them, so you are wasting all of your energy, and you should be talking to them anyway because the Bible says if you are mad at somebody or if you have odd against your brother, you should go and tell them because some people are thick, and they do not even know you are mad. And sometimes they know that you are mad, and they cannot figure out why. So no good thing comes out of anything like that. You need to communicate.

 And the Scripture says if you go to your brother and tell them why you are mad and they tell you, well, gee, I did not know that I did that. I am sorry. I will try not to hurt you again. You have gained a brother. And if they kick you out of their house, the man is just a heathen. You should not have been bothering with him anyway. Is that not what the Bible says? Does your Bible say that? My Bible says that. Your Bible does not say that? You do not know that your Bible says it? 


OK. I am just going to give you an Alternate Translation because that verse 27 makes no sense at all. As I studied it in the Hebrew, this is what the Lord was saying. "And I removed My Spirit from Israel, lest they -- or lest My people should think that their adversaries were merely behaving strangely, saying, our hand is high, and the Lord hath not done all this. Therefore, there is no reason to fear the wrath of the enemy."

What the Lord is saying is that if I did not remove My Spirit from you and let trouble come upon you, Israel and the church today, and it is happening in the church right now, would say, well, these guys that are giving me trouble, whether they are spiritual problems or phys- -- or actual people, they are just ignorant people because no one in their right mind would afflict someone that is protected by the Lord. You would have to be crazy God, the highest power in the universe, just looks at you, and you could die.

You would have to be crazy giving someone a hard time that is under the protection of the Lord. So all these bad things that are happening to me, it is just because these people are ignorant, and there is nothing for me to repent of.

Do you hear what I am saying? I know someone personally who thinks like this. And, therefore, we have no reason to fear this enemy because this enemy, they are not in my life because God sent them. God is still protecting me. These enemies are just ignorant people or ignorant demons that are wasting their time attacking the one who is protected by God, nothing to fear about.

I have known someone. I have known him for years. God has been sending judgment on this guy for years, and the reason he never learns his lesson is that every time God sends judgment, he says it is the demons. God did not send it. It is just the demons. That is just the way thing is. I could not possibly have been doing anything wrong, and, therefore, I have no reason to fear this enemy. I have no reason to confess my sins, and I have no reason to repent. And it is going on in the church today, people saying Satan is after me. Satan did this to me, and Satan did that to me. But greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. Is that not what they say? That is what they say, right?

But the day is coming, brethren, that God is going to remove His Spirit from all these people that will not recognize the corrective hand of God in the troubles that are in their life. And when His Spirit is gone, they are no longer going to be able to believe this lie. What lie? That their trouble is not a judgment from God, that the reason they have trouble is that the people afflicting them are just stupid, not realizing that their life is in danger afflicting you.

You know, God gave me that revelation several years ago. You know, do you realize that for those people who are under God's protection, that if we were living in a different age, that people who did evil to us would be taking their lives in their hands? You know, there are some people that they just have a hot temper. If they go out in the street, they will start a fight with anybody. They will pick a fight with anybody. You know, people, you do not know how dangerous that is. You do not know who you are starting up with. Maybe the guy is into Satanism. In this country, in this world today, to go do something unrighteous to someone that you do not even know or that you know but you may not know what their private life is about, you are taking your life in your hands, as far as witchcraft is concerned.

But even more so, in this hour, God is not killing people who abuse His sons. He is not doing thing today. Well, I should not say that. He is not doing it as a matter of course today. He is doing it, but it is just under very isolated circumstances. You know, you pick on someone and you try to rob somebody and you try to hurt somebody for some wicked reason, you do not know who you are fooling with. And no one is afraid of the Christians today. No one is afraid [?to treat?] a Christian or mistreat a Christian. They do not see any retribution coming from the Lord. Is that not true? Who is afraid of a Christian today?

Do you know that when the Hebrew children came out of Egypt and entered into the Promised Land that all of the nations that heard they were coming trembled with fear that the Hebrew children were at their doorsteps? No one is afraid of us. They make jokes about us. But the day is coming, and it is coming real soon that they are not going to be making jokes about us.

And just to clarify what I said about the Lord killing people sometimes, I think it was you that gave me a testimony about a preacher who God gave some land to in Haiti, right? And there was some fooling around done with the deeds. Someone was trying to steal the land. And the prophecy came forth that if you do not do what is right, your children will be orphans. Now in Haiti, they know about these things. The person got scared and signed the paper.

But in this country, there is great spiritual ignorance in this country, tremendous spiritual ignorance. Can you imagine saying that to someone here, do what is right, or your children are going to be orphans? They would laugh in your face and walk away. But it does happen here. It does happen, but it is rare. I know someone that it happened to, someone that really abused a son of God. And their two children and their only sister died in an automobile accident within a year. It happens. Do not tell me it was an accident because it was not. It happens, but it is rare. We are in the age of grace, but the age of grace is coming to an end.

And you want to know why God is so reluctant to kill somebody? He rarely does it. It has to be a very special circumstance for Him to do something like that. You know why? Because His own children are so filled with sin that He cannot righteously do that. Because the people that are attacking the Christians do not see Christ in them. All they see are sin-filled people that look just like the people in the world who most likely are turning around and retaliating and cursing out all the people that are cursing them. Now that would not be righteous of God to kill somebody over that. He is a righteous God. But when someone starts walking righteously and someone deliberately, knowingly plots to do -- to kill them or the seriously rob them or hurt them, you are going to start seeing God take action.

It is -- see, we are -- right now, we are switching over ages. We are going from one age to the other. Some Christians do not like to hear this. It makes them nervous. But if it makes you nervous, you do not know your God because He is a killer for righteous purposes. If you are blessed, He will kill your carnal mind and raise you up in Christ, and if you are not, He will kill your body.

Did He not kill Ananias and Sapphira? He did it, did He not? Did He not make Simon the Sorcerer blind? He did it, did He not? Why is He not doing thing today? Because He killed Ananias and Sapphira when they mis- -- when they sinned when Peter was in charge of the church, Peter, a righteous apostle of God. And He made Simon the Sorcerer blind when he sinned again with Peter, a righteous apostle of God.

Now what does that mean? To be a righteous apostle of God, it means that Christ was manifesting strongly in Peter. That means the sin that was committed was committed against Christ, not against Peter. You see, if you sin against a carnal Christian, there is no judgment there. You have to sin against the Son of God. You have to sin against someone who is doing righteousness to you, or it does not count. Or I should not say it does not count. God is not going to execute judgment on you for anything less than that. OK.

So I have an amplified translation of that. "And I shall remove My Spirit from them so that they will know that their enemies [?were not?] just aware that the Lord protected Israel and say, we are innocent. The Lord hath not sent this enemy against us, and there is no reason to fear His wrath. And I shall remove My Spirit from them so that they will know that their enemies were not just unaware that the Lord protected Israel and say, we are innocent. The Lord hath not sent this enemy against us, and there is no reason to fear He wrath."

And, once again, no enemy, but only the Lord Himself can remove His Spirit from men.

Continuing with Deuteronomy 32:28, "For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them."

Alternate Translation, Deuteronomy 32:28, "Because they are a nation void of counsel and without understanding."

Verse 29, "O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end!"

The Hebrew word translated consider means to distinguish, discern or perceive, and that is Strong's 995. That is the same Hebrew word we found in Daniel 12 and where the Lord started the teaching here about a year ago, how important it is that we learn to distinguish between the carnal mind and Christ. That is the same word. So what is the Lord saying?

Oh, the latter end, let me tell you what that means. "That they would consider their latter end," and that latter end is Strong's 319, and it means the extreme part. And I would like to suggest to you that the extreme part -- of what? Of our spiritual being is Christ.

Now I spoke to someone that was into new age just the other day, and I learned something new. She said to me, do you know -- you know that we have a subconscious. Do you know that we have a superconscious? And I said to her, well, what does superconscious mean to you? Because, you know, many people speak about the same thing. They just give it different names. I said, what does superconscious mean to you? And to be honest with you, I do not remember what he said, but I knew that she meant Christ. I would rather call it Christ. I would rather call Him Christ, but our latter end is Christ. Our superconscious, that which is above what we already have as a human being, it is Christ.

So this is what the Lord is saying, verse 29, "O, if only Israel were wise, they would understand what I am talking about and recognize that Christ is in them, that they have not done -- they have not come to the place that they have come to by their own power. They have not received what they have received by their own power, but everything they have is because Christ is in them."

"O, if only Israel were wise, they would understand what I am talking about and recognize that Christ is in them." I put that in there twice. Take this out.

I put verses 28 and 29 together. I have interspersed them because they should be interspersed, and this is what it sounds like. "And because they are a nation void of counsel and without understanding, I shall remove My Spirit from them so that they will know that their enemies were not just aware that the Lord protected Israel and say, we are innocent. The Lord hath not sent this enemy against us, and there is no reason to fear His wrath."

Let me read that again. It is happening right in the church today, verses 27 and 28, "And because they are a nation void of understanding," this church, "and without understanding" -- I am sorry, "a nation void of counsel and without understanding, I shall remove My Spirit from them that they will know that their enemies were not just unaware that the Lord protected Israel and say, we are innocent. The Lord hath not sent this enemy against us, and there is no reason to fear His wrath."

Continuing with verse 30. This is the last verse we have today. "How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the Lord had shut them up?"

[?Yeah?], this is a little complicated, so we will just step through it. The word one -- the Hebrew word translated one also means the whole or the single one. We are going to translate it single. The word chase, 7291, means to persecute in a hostile manner or to drive away. And the Hebrew word translated thousand -- now we have had this several times. There is more than one Hebrew word with the exact same spelling. The translations are so completely different that the King James translators gave them -- gave this word two different numbers because, by the Hebrew usage, there were two distinct categories of translation that were radically different.

And I am going to suggest to you that the King James translators have used the wrong word. In my interlinear, the number for this word that is translated thousand is 504. I am sorry. It is 505, but number 504 has the exact same spelling, and it means ox or cow. Now I remind you that the word ox is found in the four-faced creature, and I want to te- -- I am convinced that this is typifying Behemoth, which we find in Job 41, Behemoth typifying the whole creation in its early stages. Behemoth is characterized by lust, if you study that Scripture at all because o- -- if you were to choose one overriding characteristic of Behemoth, it is lust, and the -- we are rooted and grounded in lust.

So I would like to suggest to you that what this verse -- what this phrase is saying, and becau- -- and how one should chase a thousand, what it is really saying is that the single mind of Christ is capable of driving -- the word chase means to drive away, the ox or the cow. Now let me remind you that what is happened to us is that the ox or the cow, which is the carnal mind, has risen up and taken authority over this creation and over us.

But the single mind of Christ is capable of driving that carnal mind down under His authority and raising us from the dead through righteousness. That is what this is saying, that Israel would have known how the single mind of Christ could have put -- could chase a thousand. That is what it says, could chase a thousand, could take authority over and rule over this carnal mind. "And two put ten thousand to flight." The word -- the Hebrew word translated put to flight is Strong's 5127, and it means fly to safety. And I remind you that in chapter 12, I believe, of the Book of Revelation, the woman who gave birth to the manchild is given a pair of wings so that she might fly to safety.

The phrase ten thousand, Strong's 7233, means myriads, and we find that also in the Book of Revelation. And I suggest to you the word is typifying the expanded creation. This creation started as one living soul, and it has expanded into many, many human beings, into a many membered living soul. So what this verse is saying is that the kingdom of God is strong enough to put the cow or the carnal creation underfoot and that the kingdom of the two heavens is strong enough -- I will go over this in detail. I just want to tell you what I am going to say. And that the kingdom of the heavens is strong enough to save this entire creation.

Now you may remember the study we did on the difference between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of God is the mind of Christ alone, and the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of the two heavens is the king- -- is the mind of Christ which has completely defeated and bound up the carnal mind to such a degree that the two are operating as one. So the kingdom of God is the imputed anointing. Excuse me, I should not have said that. The kingdom of God can be functioning in your mind without having yet taken dominion over your carnal mind, but it has the power to do it. And then, of course, it becomes the kingdom of the two heavens.

So let me go into some more detail on this. The kingdom of the two heavens is a mind which is ruled by Christ totally, which has brought Satan into submission. And what this verse is saying, that if you have the kingdom of God, it is capable of putting the carnal mind underfoot. And if you have the kingdom of heaven, if that kingdom of God binds up your carnal mind, then you are now in a condition where you can be sent to someone else and save the whole creation. And is not the Lord raising up saviors on Mount Zion to send out to the whole world?

As I see what the Lord is saying in this Scripture, everybody is just not strong enough to fight this war and take dominion over their carnal mind. It is a very small group of people that God has called to fight this war. The average person is just not spiritually strong enough. So He is raising up a small group, and when He gives us the victory or when He takes the victory in us, what is that victory? Christ standing up with enough strength to take dominion over the carnal mind, to take such dominion over it that it loses its ability to make us sin. That experience is called the first resurrection or full stature.

When He gets this first group that are going to move into this, He is going to send us to the people in the world who are too weak to fight this war. And exactly what the difference in the ministry for them is going to be, I do not know, but we are being sent to them to save them despite themselves, and that is what this verse is saying. Let me just read it to you.

"How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight," "And that the kingdom of God should drive Satan underfoot, and the kingdom of heaven shall rescue the many membered fallen creation." This is the last phrase. I think you sound a little restless. It is been long tonight, just another few minutes.

"Except their Rock had sold them, and the Lord had shut them up?" Except means without. The Rock is Jesus. Sold them means to sell a daughter, and we have had many other messages where we are sold that Jesus sold us to Satan. We were sold to Satan, bound by chains of darkness to Satan, reserved until the judgment which would restore us to righteousness. And the Lord is Jehovah, and the word shut them up means to put them in a house. And I suggest to you that that phrase, to put them in a house, is referring to Jehovah locking His creation into these human bodies.

Alternate Translation, the third third of Deuteronomy 32:30, "Without Jehovah who put the creation in flesh bodies and Jesus who sold them to Satan."

So what is verse 30 saying? "And that the kingdom of God shall not drive Satan underfoot, nor the kingdom of heaven rescue the many membered fallen creation without Jehovah who put the creation in flesh bodies and Jesus who sold them to Satan."

Or we can say -- and he is saying that Israel did not know. They do not realize that the kingdom of God shall not drive Satan underfoot, nor the kingdom of heaven rescue the many membered fallen creation without Christ. You cannot do it without Christ.

We have a whole world talking about saving this world and self-help programs and self-actualizing and becoming a person that rea- -- achieves all their potential. Well, maybe one individual may or may not do it, but this creation will not put Satan or put the destructive forces operating in this world underfe- -- underfoot, nor will they raise up the whole creation without Christ, all you new agers. You cannot do it without Christ.

Recap, Deuteronomy, 32:23-30, "I will increase evil upon them," the Lord speaking to Israel and the church today, "and send My Spirit to cause them to pine away and be consumed and come to an end. I will send the carnal minds of fallen men against them and fight against them with the destructive, poisonous storm of Satan's evil spirit. And I shall strike them with hunger and sickness, which will exhaust and emaciate them."

"Their children shall die violently, and they shall be filled with fear. And I shall remove Christ from all of mankind by separating My Spirit from believers with an immature imparted anointing from those who have not conceived Christ from believers with the engrafted word and from believers with the mature imparted anointing.

"And because they are a nation void of counsel and without understanding, I shall remove My Spirit from them so that they will know that their enemies were not just unaware that the Lord protected Israel and say, we are innocent. The Lord hath not sent this enemy against us, and there is no reason to fear His wrath."

"O, if only Israel were wise, they would understand what I am talking about and recognize that Christ is in them and that the kingdom of God shall not drive Satan underfoot, nor the kingdom of heaven rescue the many membered fallen creation without Christ."

This world will not be saved without Christ. This nation will not be saved without Christ. We are not going to do it without Christ. Glory to God. Any questions? OK.

            I really do not have a question, but I want to say it was a very somber message. [?It was?] very good. But one time you had told us -- you [?had said something?] [INAUDIBLE] that we should really tell you, and you were talking about Daniel and the fire and [?his three?] children in the fire. He was in the lion's den, so I do not know if that [?means anything?].

Oh, OK. Thank you very much. 

            I can say [UNINTELLIGIBLE] good message.

[?Yeah?], I am glad you enjoyed it. 

            [CROSSTALK] understand it all.

Well, praise the Lord. We will finish it up, Lord willing, at the next meeting. It is a very somber message. 


But [?who?] -- you know, it is going to be preparing you. We have got tough days coming. Can you -- I could not believe it. The Lord said to me that He is not giving me a prayer for Clinton because He would not receive it if I prayed it. Watch out. Anybody else?

            I was just thinking how interesting that my son, after 17 years in the service, that he left it.

He left [?it?]? 

            In January, [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

There is not a doubt in my mind that God will protect everyone that is truly His. And according to this Scripture, it has no -- to determine whether or not you are the Lord's by how heavy your anointing is, it does not mean a thing. It is in your relationship with Christ. It is your faith in Christ. It is the degree to which you are relying on Him and submitting your life to Him. That is what He bases His judgment on. It has nothing to do with how gifted you are to heal or deliver or preach or teach or -- none of this means anything. It is your -- it is the measure of your personal relationship with Him and the degree to which you are cleaving unto Him.

And that is why He says there is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth because there will be people who appear to be so anointed, and He is going to leave them. And there is going to be people that appeared to have been flip-flopping and backsliding and tripping around and having all kinds of problems, and they are going to enter in because you cannot tell by what their life looks like. Jesus discerns the intents and the motives of the heart, and that is what counts. There is going to be a lot of surprised Pharisees around. Yeah. 

            I enjoyed this message tonight, Sheila.

Well, thank you. 

            I was reading about [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- to understand occult. Katherine Kuhlman I heard was really having power of suggestion in that she was using witchcraft. And a lot of the healings that she did really -- you know, did not come to pass. The people did not stay healed.


            And many were not healed.


            I do not know. This is what I read in this book.


            A person who followed the [?troop?] --

What book was that? 

            Oh, it was about understanding the occult.

I mean, do you know the name and the author? You do not remember. 

            I have it written down at home. But I was wondering what you thought about that, Katherine Kuhlman.

I do not really know anything. I heard she was a great woman of God, but I have never even read any of her life stories, so I do not know.

            Yeah, I thought --

But I will say this. I do not know if it is true of her or not. With people who have the imputed anointing -- and what does that mean? That the healing comes forth from a gift, not because their heart is righteous. People that heal by the kind of a spirit that sometimes it does not work, or sometimes the person loses the healing because of their own lack of faith in God. And sometimes it does not -- it is not always a 100 percent. That is -- but I do not know about her. I do not know.

I know that the perfect healing that one can never lose comes because Christ is dwelling in the heart of the healed person. When you are healed by someone else's anointing, it can mess up, or you can lose it at any time. Our deliverance and healing and salvation is by the indwelling Christ. That is all -- I do not know anything personal about her. 

            OK, I have to agree with you there.


            It is the transformed heart of the individual because I got caught up in Katherine Kuhlman and miracles. And what do you think about charismatic?

I think that God is in it, but it is not 100 percent. One hundred percent of the people do not get healed, and 100 percent of those healed do not stay healed. I believe that -- well, let me -- what do you mean by charismatic? Do you mean the Pentecostal movement, or did you meant the Catholic charismatic movement?

            Well, there is variety, right. It is in the Catholic. It is in a variety of [?Pentecostal?].

What you mean by charismatic is the element of the church that moves in the gifts. Is that what you are saying?


Yeah. What I think about it is that I -- do not -- please, do not anyone misunderstand me. I am not insulting anybody. I believe it to be spiritual kindergarten. I believe that the mainline denominations, right through the Baptist denomination are people that have -- contain people, are made up of people that have great faith in God in many instances. But as God matures His church, He brought forth the Pentecostal or the charismatic church to start to teach His people to be spiritual. And Pentecost is spiritual kindergarten, and we have to go one and grow up and become people who not only have spiritual gifts but people who have a righteousness that produces spiritual life. 

            Well, the thought is -- that was written in this book is about how they are pulling in the occult. They are pulling in [CROSSTALK]

Into the Pentecostal Church? Well there probably is some truth to it, but if -- where it is true, what I perceive to be happening, is that the Spirit of God has moved on. And wherever this is happening, they have not followed. I remind you that the Spirit of God left Saul, and he wound up going to a witch.

Now this message tonight is already coming to pass in some Pentecostal churches. The Lord is saying, follow Me. I have other things to teach you. And where the preachers or the people are not following but insisting on -- based on their own will to stay where they are, they are not even aware of it, that the Spirit of God has left and has been replaced by an occult spirit. 

            OK, that answers it. Thank you.

Praise God. Anybody else? And I will put on this message that as we go from spiritual kindergarten into spiritual maturity, the nature of the training radically changes. And, of course, you do not really hear this. I am the only one that I know that preaches it. Maybe other people preach it. I do not know.

But the nature of the spiritual training changes radically from active healing and active deliverance and all of that activity that you find in Pentecost, and it goes into deep teaching meetings like this which result in the building of Christ within and the spirituality take a much m- -- different form, a more mature and sedate form. You do not see people jumping around and hanging off the ceilings. And I did it. I did it for four or five years. I jumped around and hung off the ceiling. I did all of that stuff. I danced. I got slain in the spirit.

But there is a next stage to go on to. And for people that do not hear this teaching or do not understand, they perceive it as God leaving them, and it is very distressful for them, but it is not. It is just growing up. And if you just look at your natural children and you compare your young adults to them, you just become quieter and more sedate, and you calm down. But, of course, not many people in Pentecost hear this teaching.

I know that when this first started happening to me, I was extremely distressed. I thought go was leaving me until He sent a magazine to me. Someone came to me and said, I feel I am supposed to give you this magazine, and I just praise God that I had the presence of mind to say, well, if that person is a believer, they move I the spirit. If they give it to me, I better read it. And I read it, and there was an article in it that helped me to understand this. And I thank God for it. Anybody else?

The word has to get out because what is happening is that some people will not let go. They have been taught -- I heard it preached in Nigeria, and I guess it is being preached around here too. Do not stop speaking in tongues. Fight to speak in tongues. Practice speaking in tongues. Well, maybe tongues are passing away. So there is a group in the church that will not let go of the gifts even when it is the Lord who is taking them. Praise God.

            You say these things are happening already. Now does not that put kind of a   timing on our spiritual growth? I mean, do not you think that it is going to come much faster that this has already taken place, you know? Or -- you know what I mean?


            Like --

Who are you talking about? You are talking --

            About the sons.

You are talking about the sons? 

            Yes, and growing into maturity.


            You know, would not the -- would God not speed up the time to bring us to full stature being that this is upon us now?

Being that judgment is upon us now? 

            Yes. You know --


            -- that the time element has got to be [CROSSTALK]

Well, He has to do it. 

            -- fast, you know.

I mean, I am -- really, I am just as big a mess as everybody else. I -- you know, maybe just a couple of steps ahead of you. He has got to do it. I am -- all of us, we are just absolutely human, so He is going to have to do it. He is going to have to catch us up. It is by His Spirit. There is nothing -- you cannot do it yourself. You cannot make yourself grow taller. If you are 6 years old, you cannot make yourself 16 years old. It has got to be a natural process. If you are pregnant, you have to wait nine months, sometimes eight months. You just cannot speed it up. He is the one that is got to do it.

And you have to have faith in Him, that He is going to have you prepared to stand as judgment falls. You have to believe it. And if you cannot believe it, confess it as sin, a lack of faith, and ask Him to help you to believe it. You have got to believe it. He is going to do it. He is faithful, right? And the sons [CROSSTALK]

            [?It just means?] --


            -- there is so much to be done --

Well --

            -- you know.

-- He is able. And the sons of God are His answer to save this whole creation. So He is not going to do it for you, and He is not going to do it for me, but He is going to do it because He has promised to save this whole creation. And God help the world, we are the people He has decided to save it by. And if we were left to our own devices, there would be nothing to do but laugh, but He is going to do it in us and trough us. And He is not a man that He should lie.

So as long as you are -- you think along the lines of I am so imperfect, and I cannot make it, you are going to have a negative thought pattern. But if you can think that He is going to do it because He promised it and He cannot lie, it must come to pass no matter how much of a mess any and all of us are, He is going to do it, and He is going to be glorified in us. And His purposes are going to be accomplished. This world is going to be raised from the dead through the restoration of righteousness to us. Louise wants the mic.


            You had said we are at the -- this is the grace age.


            All right, so what are we going into? What is this next age?

We are going into the kingdom age. This is really the church age, grace -- the grace of the church age. And I will just repeat here that the reason heavy judgment is not falling right now upon people, you know, that are trying to kill Christ is that the sons themselves are not righteous. We are as bad as the world. But when His righteousness appears in us, wicked men who try to do damage, not to us but to the Christ Himself, will be judged according to His wisdom. As I said, some people He will rip that carnal mind out of them and give them righteousness, and some people He will kill. I do not know how He decides what. I really do not know. Anybody else?

But the end result of the whole thing is that a company of righteous saviors will appear in this earth, righteous because Christ is their mind. And they will go forth, and the end of their work, which will be judgment upon the whole creation, the end of their work is that this whole living soul shall be raised from the dead with some -- I cannot even say with some casualties. The whole spiritual entity known as the living soul will be raised from the dead. There will be some human bodies and personalities that will not survive, but as far as my understanding of the Scripture is concerned, all that these bodies and personalities are, are clay. The full spiritual range of the creation will be totally saved. Anybody else?

            So that fulfills the Scripture of some for the sword and some for the famine?

I believe so.


Anybody else?


12/11/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

12/23/14 1st Edit CAS/BP


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