579 - Part 2

Part 2 of 3 Parts

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Praise the Lord, it was a delicious dinner and we are back again, we are picking up with Xxxx’s dream, at the point where she says, she is describing the building, describing the building, the temple of God that is made without hands, it was stacked stone with narrow hallways going into larger rooms all over, it was like a labyrinth.  I believe this means the whole body of Christ, all of the different individuals that the Spirit of Christ is dwelling in, but even every single one of us is a labyrinth.  Christ, He is not a point, He is not a solid circle, He is a Spirit, and a Spirit is expressed as a wave, I do not know if that means anything to you or not, but He is spread out all over, He is like water.  He is inside of your body and He flows and fills up all of the nooks and crannies of your body.  Spirit fills you like water would fill you if you have a cup and you pour water into the cup, the water takes the form of the cup.

The Spirit of Christ that dwells in Christ, because Christ in you and the Spirit of Christ is in Him, He is filling you up, all of the nooks and crannies.  He is not a single point in the midst of you.  This is such an interesting aspect of the dream to me, I have really never seen anything like before, but I believe it is Christ’s perception of what it is like to be inside of a human body.  Try to see it this way that Christ is a consciousness apart from your consciousness, and He is living inside of you, literally He has been stuffed inside of your physical body, and this is perception of what His new house is like.

It is stacked stone, to Him this is stone, He is spirit, He is used to freedom, to flow wherever He wants to flow and now He is trapped inside of a body, and it appears to Him to be stacked stone, it is impenetrable, He cannot get out.  It is tall with narrow hallways going to larger rooms all over. 

There was a movie made quite a while back, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, and it shows someone shrinking woman, there was also a movie called The Shrinking Woman where it shows the experience of people who shrank and are inside of a body, I may have the wrong name of the movie, I think it was Journey To The Center Of The Earth, and it shows them, actually they are tiny beings that have been shrunk, and they are having this experience going through all of the parts of the human body, and how the blood, how they are on a ship floating through the blood in the individual is like a sea would be to us or a lake that you would go swimming in, and the heartbeat is like an earthquake, boom, boom, boom, well Christ is inside of you, and this is His perception, this is a sacrifice that He is making for us, to actually come and live in a jail, this is a jailhouse for Him so that we can live.

He has been buried under the earth of our humanity so that we can live.  He is challenged now by the power of His Father above, to work His way out, to work His way out, He has to overcome all of the aspects of the carnal mind, which basically are Satan and Leviathan in the individual.  That is who we are.  Satan is good and evil, we do not have to be an evil person to say that Satan is the unconscious part of your carnal mind, she is good and evil.  Christ is righteous. 

There is no life in goodness.  What does goodness bring you?  It brings you good things in this world, it is called the circle of the earth.  You reap what you sow, if you sow goodness, you reap goodness, but to go up, you have to have the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  To rise above good and evil, to rise above conflict, righteousness is above conflict.  Wherever there is good and evil, there is conflict, good conflicts with evil, all of the time, in a multiplicity of different ways.  Sometimes people we love a lot, want things that they do not realize it, but is really not right, so you might say, well trying to take advantage of you.  They do not think they are taking advantage of you, but when people live closely together, one person might want something and it could be wrong thinking in their mind.  You have to stand up to them and say, Well I love you but that is really not right, I cannot do what you want me to do, that is just really not right.  That is conflict, that is the conflict of good and evil in one of the more harmless manifestations of it. 

We always have to stand up for our rights all of the time, because this is an imperfect fallen world.  In a world where everybody is righteous, nobody would thrust the other person, this is the meaning of Ezekiel chapter 1, where He describes the angels, and He says, And they all walked straight forward, they had six wings, three on this side, and three on that side, and they all walked straight forward, not one of them thrusts the other one.  Neither angel bumped into the other angel.  That is not talking about a physical bumping into.  We can bump into each other with our thoughts.  Somebody is going along happily serving Christ, happily serving Christ, and some very well meaning person comes along and says, What you believe is wrong, crash.  That is a spiritual reality.

You are moving along, walking in the spirit, someone says, Oh no, that doctrine is false, crash.  Which way are you going to go?  Are you going to continue on, or are you going to be diverted by what you heard.  This is a world of good and evil continuous conflict, but we have an advocate, we have a savior, we have someone who can help us decide which is the truth, which is the right way, but my point is that this is a world of good and evil, a continuous, continuous requirement to make decisions, will we go left, will we go right, will we go straight ahead, is this right, is this wrong, is this right for me.  Maybe it is not wrong, but it is not right for me.  We are confronted with continuous problems that need to be solved in the world of good and evil. 

Jesus, Christ Jesus is above good and evil.  When we ascend, when we ascend into righteousness, there will be no more conflict, there is a place where there will be no more conflict, but we have to get there, we have to climb the mountain to get there.  It is not a place where you just fly up to, we were talking about this at breakfast this morning, you do not jump from A to Z, you have to go through, you cannot fly over, you have to go through and you have to have all of the experiences along the way, so that by the time you get to the point Z, meaning the end of the journey, you have that structure that I was talking to you about earlier today, that structure of righteousness built in you.

You have now been prepared and equipped to deal with any and every potential problem in righteousness, no conflict.  Should I do it, should I not do it, is this right, is that wrong, Jesus help me, no more conflict, righteousness has been erected in you.  That is when you become a savior.  Do you know the Bible, I told you earlier that the Bible says we are gods, we are all gods because Christ is in us, we also saviors, did you know that, we are told, I believe it is the book of Habbakuk, I may be wrong, but it says saviors came out from Mount Zion, saviors came out from Mount Zion.  Mount Zion is a high place in the spirit and we are climbing that mountain.

When we get to that high place in the spirit where righteousness is constructed and erected in us and completed in us, we do not live for ourselves anymore.  We are sent back to help the people that are still subject to good and evil and then you become a savior. 

You could be a savior right now if the Lord sends you to somebody, if Christ in you truly sends you to somebody who is having a problem or a conflict, and you in Christ have the solution for them, not only the intellectual solution, but the solution powered by the Spirit of Christ, the power to implement the solution, you have been a savior to that person in that circumstance.

Just like I told you earlier, if Christ is in you, if Christ is manifesting through you, you are Christ.  This is shocking to a lot of people, this is not pride, this is the truth, right now I am Sheila, the Christ, this is Christ speaking to you through me, and every time Christ speaks through you, we do not want to delude ourselves, we have to be sure that it is Christ, but every time Christ speaks through you, you are so and so the Christ.  What was different about Jesus, is that He was the Christ 100% of the time.  He is called Jesus the Christ, I do not go around advertising myself as Sheila the Christ, but I am telling you about me and about yourself that every time Christ truly speaks through you, you so and so the Christ, but it is not a steady consistent state of being, it is on and off.  You would not want to go around telling everybody that you are so and so the Christ, because it is not a permanent state of being for you. 

This is my comment to all that I just told you about, the ancient architecture, and the Labyrinth, which is what Xxxx named her dream, the Labyrinth, the new dwelling house of Christ, the Labyrinth of being inside of a human being.  This was my comment, This is describing the new life in Christ, we look the same on the outside to the whole world, and to ourselves, but once Christ is grafted to us, we are truly a whole new being, a house for the Lord, but the carnal mind cannot comprehend what has happened to the personality who was previously its house, and is rebelling against this truth that it no longer owns you. 

Christ is now inside of you with your old man, your old man and your new man inside of you together, conflict, carnal mind, Christ mind, but you have an advocate.  It is not just Christ in you and your carnal mind, you have the Lord Jesus to go to who will witness to you which of the two thoughts you are having, which of the two emotions you are having are indeed Christ.  Somebody in the ministry said something that I considered a very serious error, and they had taught this to someone in the ministry, it was a big thing for me, and I preached on it several times and I will share it with you.  This person was saying, I go and read all kinds of spiritual teachings, and let the Christ within me teach me.  That is not what the Lord would have you do because the Christ within you is still being trained up Himself, and depending on how mature He is, the Christ within you could be a pretty young kid. 

The one who decides for you what is truth and what is error, what is right and what is wrong is the Lord Jesus Christ up there, and He speaks to the Christ in you, and there comes the conflict, the Christ in you who is supposed to be under the instruction of the Lord Jesus, this, I keep pointing up like this because Christ in you has contact with heaven, He is a vertical line.  Your personality is a horizontal line, and this forms right angle, and Jesus is the cornerstone, He is the corner, where my elbow meets this paper, if you have Christ in you, you have the cornerstone in you and Christ in you ascends upward and is in continuous contact with His Father, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ in you who is down here at the corner, He can make a mistake, Christ in you can make a mistake, the Lord Jesus cannot make a mistake. 

You do not want the young Christ in you choosing for you, you want the Father, you want the top guy.  Somebody gave me advice once, if you ever need legal advice or medical advice, you do not go to your friends or your relatives, if are in trouble to the point that you need a lawyer, you go to the best lawyer that you could find.  Do not worry about giving the business to your friend or your brother, because you could wind up in trouble.

When you the best advice that you can get, you go the top, to the Lord Jesus.  Christ in you is learning, Christ in you is being formed, Christ in you is not complete, fully mature or perfect, so when you do that, when you try to distinguish for yourself which is Christ and which is the carnal mind and which is right without seeking the Lord Jesus, most likely you will be deceived by your carnal mind, most likely.  You have to go up to the top guy, and your access to the top guy is Christ in you.  If you do not have Christ in you, you do not have access to the top guy.  There is a function for Christ in you, but He is not the ultimate word.  That is the Christ in you that fell in the age of innocence.  Do you remember we talked about this earlier today?  He is the guy that was deceived by the Serpent, what are you going to him for advice for?  You go to the guy who is invincible, you go to the Father who can never die again, who is perfect, incapable of lying or making a mistake, why are you going to the guy that was deceived.  That was a spirit of pride in that person that wanted to say how smart they were, it does not work like that.

Here I am speaking to Xxxx, the next paragraph, did you want, did I make that clear, maybe I did not make that clear, the carnal mind is the old man within you.  Before Christ comes, he owns you.  Spiritual life, spiritual beings are of a higher order in human beings, just like human beings are of a higher order than animals.  We have guns, if you go hunting, you hunt around here right?  The deer does not stand a chance to a hunter.  Does the deer stand a chance against a man with gun?  Absolutely not.  Really?  (Laughing), well I am making a point. 

COMMENT: No, it does not stand a chance against a gun.

PASTOR VITALE: We are a higher life form than the animals, the only time they stand a chance against us, now listen to this, the only time a wild animal stands a chance against us is when we meet them on their own turf, they are physically stronger than we are, they have built in weapons, if it is male it has a built in weapon, they have antlers, so we do not go meeting wild animals on their own level, we come with a gun. 

For you to meet a wild animal on its own level would be Christ in you going hunting for the old man, or trying to compete or contend with your old man on any level.  Christ is not equipped to do it.  The Scripture clearly says the children of the night are wiser than the children of the day.  In this world, this world is founded on the Serpent, evil is stronger in this world than good. 

I have seen a lot of movies and tv shows with that theme that evil is stronger than good.  I have seen movies where the pastor goes into a town and he is going to try to save it and the devil has him tied up by his feet and hanging and they are crucifying him or whatever.  It is true, evil is stronger than good in this world, but we have access to almighty God up here.  Christ in us is our access to almighty God.  The person who does not have Christ does not have this access. 

He has to resort to his own wisdom.  We access to the ultimate authority, the ultimate manifestation of mercy, the ultimate manifestation of righteousness, and the ultimate manifestation of goodness in the universe and beyond, so why would we not seek Him.  Your old man that is inside of you, he is ignorant, the old man ignorant of God, very ignorant of God, if he knows this he does not believe it, it is a she, the soulish principalities are a she, and she said, what is this Christ is in my house, get out of here, this is my house, I have own this person from birth, and they fight and the fight produces confusion in your heart and in your mind.

That is the word, you do not have to decide it for yourself, you have an advocate in heaven, perfectly righteous, who is full well able to minister truth, His truth to you if you truly want it, if you truly want the truth and you open your heart and be patient, you will know the truth.  You know you get whatever you ask for, you really do, you get whatever you ask for.  The problem is, a lot of people are not honest with themselves, they do not really know what they are asking.  A lot of people say they want God but they really do not, they are not willing to pay the price. You get what you ask for.  If you truly want that truth, you will get it.  Seek the Lord Jesus, He is your Father in heaven.  This is my comment to Xxxx, It looks like the answer to your question is right here in this first paragraph of your dream Xxxx, Christ is grafted to you, and motivating you to develop your personality in His image and your carnal mind is rebelling. 

Aside from a general rebellion, your new internal structure is completely alien to your old man.  Your old man is in crisis, your old man who has been in control of you your whole life is being displaced.  In invader, and intruder has entered into his house, and is trying to influence you.  Your carnal mind is in crisis and confusion is not of the Lord.  The whole dream is the absolute love of God for you Xxxx.

COMMENT: I have a question.  Is the old house also referring to the old wine skin?

PASTOR VITALE: The old wine skin.  The old wine skin is basically the mind, it is probably correct.  Did you say the old house, is that what you asked me? 

COMMENT: Right, when the carnal mind says, who is this, you know get out of here, then when the new wine comes in, it is going to be a complicated situation.

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, I would have to think about it some more, I have always thought up until this point anyway, that the new wine skin is the new mind, the mind of Christ that contains the spirit.

COMMENT: But the wine is the spirit correct?

PASTOR VITALE: The wine is the spirit.

COMMENT: So when the Spirit of Christ comes in to begin to form the new wine skin, it first has to come in...

PASTOR VITALE: In to the house.

COMMENT: Because there is no two minds, there is one mind.

PASTOR VITALE: There is one mind.

COMMENT: But it is the Spirit of Christ coming in and begins to form the brains, the new mind of Christ, but when the Spirit of Christ comes in, He comes into that old wine skin of course, and then begins to make a new wine skin piece by piece.  Does that make sense.

PASTOR VITALE: I see what you are saying, but I just have to say my perception at this point, is that the wine skin is the container of the spirit, but I have to think about it, you may be right, in principle you are right, I understand what you are saying, in principle I agree with you, it is coming into the household.  The Spirit of Christ is coming into the household, and He is beginning to reform the carnal mind.  I need to explain that, that there is only one mind.  We are renewed in the spirit of our mind, we really do not have two minds, although I preach that because I preach it for clarity.  There is one container, and the spirit in that container determines the form of the container, the container is the mind. 

We have a carnal mind, our mind is carnal because the spirit that rules in that mind is Satan, the spirit of the carnal mind.  When the Spirit of Christ comes in, it reforms that mind.  What is your mind, it is your mentality, it is your rationale, it is the way you think, the way you reason, so the Spirit of Christ reforms that mind in its own image, and therefore Paul says, Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind.  For all practical purposes, it is two minds, we are double minded, we go back and forth.  I hope I answered your question.  Paul tells us in the book of Romans, that we are now married to another, and that we should act like we are not married to that old guy anymore, but the truth is that we are still joined to our old man, and Paul says even though you are joined to him, act like you are not married to him. 

What does that mean?  Disobey him, rebel against him, obey Christ.  Before Christ is grafted to you, there is no point in rebelling against your old man, there is no place to go.  That is what Jesus meant when he said, a house divided cannot stand and Satan cannot cast out Satan.  You have to have another place to go to.  If the Lord is taking your old nature away, He has to give you a new nature, otherwise there is nothing left of you.  That is what Jesus meant, he said Satan cannot cast out Satan.  Christ has to cast out Satan, there has to be a replacement for your carnal mind, and for you whole old man, there has to be a replacement for it, and that is why the Lord is not judging the sins of people in Pentecost, because the Holy Ghost is not Christ. 

The Holy Ghost is not a personality, Christ is your new personality, He is your new man, He is a whole man, the Holy Spirit is not a whole man, it is the Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ that has come to lead you to Christ.  The Holy Spirit is the servant that was sent out to get a wife for Isaac.  The Holy Spirit woos you, gives you gifts, to point you, to bring you to the husband that you are going to marry.  Christ is your new person, your whole new person.

COMMENT: That is interesting because I think about the Holy Spirit being the raw power of God, and when you mentioned the personality you know, we were talking earlier about the trinity concept, and that the Holy Spirit is personality in itself, but how can raw power be a personality.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, the raw power of God is manifested as Elohim, Jehovah is the wisdom and rationale of God, and the will of God, Elohim is the raw power of God.  You really cannot separate the two.  Satan is Elohim dissected from the wisdom of God, that is who Satan is.  Satan is the raw power of God apart from the wisdom and the will and the purposes of God.

COMMENT: I suppose because of the consciousness that was left in the earth, that was a part of the earth, that was to be the visible expression of God, and the Serpent rose up of course in that consciousness.

PASTOR VITALE: Adam was a two fold baby, he was the earth and spirit, and the earth separated from the spirit, and the earth took on a mind and a consciousness of its own.  That is why in the book of Zechariah we see four riderless horses, the rider is missing.  In the book of Revelation, we see the horse with a, it says a pale horse, if you look that word up in the Greek, it really means a pale green sickly, green meaning death, that is death, and the rider on it is death, that what it says, and death is the spirit of the horse, if you can hear that.  The spirit, the breath of the horse which was supposed to be driven by the Spirit of life of Christ that simple minor breath, just animation of the animal rose up made itself the rider.  Did I make that clear, do you need me to say that again. 

The horse, is an animal with a breath of life in it, it breaths, it moves, but its made to be ridden by a superior spiritual life, that horse threw off its rider.  Israel is the horse of the Lord, the Scripture says that Israel is the horse of the Lord.  If we think of Adam which was the, he preceded Israel, it was Adam, Israel is a manifestation of the some of the aspect of Adam that fell and broke into many pieces.  If you think of Adam as a horse, the horse that Jehovah intended to ride upon, then the Serpent came, and the Serpent bit the heel of the horse, and the horse threw the rider.  This is in the Scripture, and the rider that was thrown off was Jehovah. 

The concept of the Serpent biting the horse’s heel means that the Serpent joined himself to the animal.  The rider sits on the back of the horse in a saddle, but the Serpent joined himself to the horse illegally, by sinking his teeth into the heel, and threw off the legitimate owner of the horse, the legitimate rider of the horse.  The Serpent bit from within the horse, the Serpent was that breath of animation in the horse, and then it rose, that animation exalted itself and rose up and expanded itself and made itself the rider of the horse, but it is not equipped to be the rider of the horse, it is not equipped to do the job, and we see this in a lot of people.  This in fallen man is a manifestation of pride. 

We find people who want a position or a job but they are not qualified to do it.  That is a manifestation of the fallen nature, to want a job or a position when you are not qualified to do it, because your pride wants to do it, that is the parable of what happened, that is the parable of the fall.  Let me say it again, the Serpent bit the foot of the horse causing the horse to throw the rider which was Jehovah, and the Serpent got up and became the rider of the horse.

COMMENT: How is rider Jehovah, would it not be Adam?

PASTOR VITALE: Jehovah was in Adam.  Adam is the creation, Adam is the creation, he is earth and spirit, and the rider is Jehovah who was to ride him from within.  Spiritual life rides you from within.  Adam is the creation and the creation is a house for God, the creation is a house for God.  The whole creation is the earthen man filled up with the Spirit of God, the horse and the rider.  We are the horse and Christ and the Lord Jesus, the whole family of God wants to live in you.  Christ is being trained up, His Father, the Lord Jesus, and everybody in between, all of them want to live inside of us, we are the house of God.

COMMENT: At different moments in time we might have a different rider, is that right?

PASTOR VITALE: I would not say that because there is only one God, the trinity has been an issue today, that is a big mystery.  I will try to explain it to you, God is vast, that He manifests Himself in different ways, but even a human being, you for example, you have more than one identity, you are a husband, you are a father, you are a subcontractor, you are the father of Xxxx and then you are the father of each and everyone of your children, you are all of these people, but you are just one man.  If I was an alien and I came from Mars, and I was just, I came with a camera because I wanted to understand human life, I would say, Well Xxxx, he is a five part man, or he, you have seven children right now, you have a wife, you have a subcontracting business, as an alien from Mars, I would say, Xxxx is a nine fold man, he is nine separate people. That is a lie, you are not nine separate people, you have nine separate functions, and so it is the same truth for the Spirit of God, and this is why the trinity is a false teaching, God is not three persons.  The Scripture clearly says, Hear oh Israel, the Lord your God is one God

One God, He is a unity, one God, but sometimes He is your God and sometimes He is my God, and sometimes He is appearing as Christ, and sometimes He is appearing as the Lord Jesus, and to Israel He is appearing as Jehovah, one God, with an infinite potential or with the potential for infinite expressions of Himself, but He is just one God.  To answer your question, it is always God who is riding us, but for different purposes to accomplish different purposes, and for different functions, but it is always God.

COMMENT: You know the verse that comes to mind about Jehovah being thrown off of the horse is the Scripture that says that he sits himself in the temple of God and makes himself out to be God, the man of sin, and who is crazy enough to do that?  Well the carnal mind is, and that is basically throwing Jehovah off of the horse and making himself out to be the rider when it is really not the rider, all he is, is just the horse.

PASTOR VITALE: Right, that it an excellent analogy, he has already done that, he has done it. In the average person he is sitting, well we are the temple of God, the Scripture says we are the temple of God, the man of sin is your old man, he has made himself king over God’s creation.  It is the truth, now Jesus has come, Jehovah sent Jesus, the Father sent Jesus to unseat the man of sin.  That Scripture in the book of Thessalonians says, and he will be revealed, that man of sin will be revealed by the brightness of the coming of Christ.  When Christ comes to you He shines His light on your sin nature.

That is part of the whole process that I am telling you about.  The sign that Christ is in you, is grafted to you, is that He starts to reveal and deal with your sin nature for the specific purpose of perfecting you, so that Satan loses all power over you.  Let me say that again, the reason that Jesus wants to expose your sin is to elevate you or heal to a position that Satan loses all power over you.  He does not want to hurt you, there is no reason to defend yourself, He wants to save you from Satan, Satan who goes around looking and watching and hoping that you will sin, so that she can report you to the Father, and say, Look Lord, I have a legitimate reason to harm this person, and we see that in Job chapter 1.  The Lord wants to deliver us from that, by getting at our sins before Satan gets there, and dealing with them, and what is the Scriptural word, this disposing of them.  How do we dispose of sin?  Through confession and repentance, and sometimes something needs to be done, it depends on every situation, you have to hear the wisdom of God.

If you did something wrong to somebody, you should apologize, if you took something that did not belong to you, you should restore it, that is what the Scripture says.  The Lord is seeking to save us, that is what salvation is, save us from ourselves, it is our self that is killing us, it is our self that is hurting us, we may not know it, it is a mechanism in your mind, a curse, is manifesting in the way you think.  A curse is manifested in the way you think. 

Some people have the same problem over and over and over again, what is wrong?  The way you think.  Therefore the repentance means to change your mind, to line your thoughts up with the way God thinks, and you will get out of your problem, you will get out of your troubles.  Of course the classic saying is, a man walked down the street and there was a man hole and he fell into the man hole, the next day he walked down the same street, and he kept walking straight and he fell into the man hole, and the next week he went walking down the same street, and he changed his mind, and said, I do not think I am going to fall into the man hole today, I am going to take a left turn and walk around it.  He changed his mind.  

If the same thing happens to you over and over and over again, there is something wrong with the way you are viewing the problem, there is something wrong with your thinking.  To have a curse broken on you, the way it works, the curse is broken on you in the spirit, you start thinking differently, and then that curse has to be worked out of your life, because as you think differently, you will make different choices, and your life will slowly change.

Curses are not broken instantly, they are broken instantly in the spirit, they have to play themselves out in your life as you make different choices, so that, there we go, you admit that your choices are bringing destruction into your life, confession, you know, you admit that you had to do something wrong to have this crazy thinking in your head, and whatever made you do such a thing as to walk into, not look where you were walking and keep walking into that man hole, and then you start thinking with the thoughts of God, and your life changes and you heal, that curse is broken, it is broken on you, it is broken on your children, and sometimes it is even broken laterally, and your sisters and your brothers in this generation, I mean this generation, that is how curses get broken.  They are all, everything is in the mind.  The body is just a shell, it is just a house that the mind lives in.  Mind and spirit, and your spirit lives in the mind.  Back to the dream.

I was in a morning service, I was not welcome there.  My comment: Even though Christ is your new master, your carnal mind is still possessing your vessel, and Christ is not welcome in the house.  This condition James called it the double mindedness is the source of all conflict within a believer.  Your Christ mind tells you one thing, your carnal mind tells you something else, you think you are going crazy, what you have to do is lay it down and say, Lord Jesus, the Father up there, the perfect one, help me to understand what the right decision is, and what you want me to do.  The problem that people have is named pride, and they think that they can solve their own problems, and they get into trouble. 

You should ask the Lord about every decision.  He wants you to invite Him into your life, He wants to be a part of your life on every level, even when I am sure, positive that I know the answer to something.  I say, Lord, this is the problem that I have had, and I have thought it through, and I think this is the solution, I am pretty sure that you would have me to do things this way based on my prayers, and past experiences, but I am laying it down before you, if I am wrong, please correct me.  I could be 100%, I would be shocked if the Lord would tell me I was wrong, and I still say, Father is that what you want me to do.  We have to find that happy medium, He does not want us to be babies where He makes all of our decisions for us, He wants us to learn how to reason with His mind, you have to evaluate all of the factors and the circumstances and make the decision and to be humble enough to receive the correction if He tells us that we are wrong.

He wants us to do it ourselves, but that He should have the final word, that is how that structure of righteousness is being built in us, wisdom, the structure of wisdom and righteousness, that is how it is being built in us, we have to practice the power of God, we have to make these decisions ourselves, and says, Hey Lord, how did I do?  Get a grade, we are in school.  Is that your mind, is that your solution, did I successfully reason with the rationale of Christ?  That is how we grow, that is how Christ in you grows, that is not your carnal mind being raised up, that is Christ in you being developed, going to the Father for the final word.

This is the dream, I was given quite a cold shoulder by many.  Sheila’s comment: Many aspects of your old self are not welcoming Christ and the many changes that He brings to your whole spiritual household.  You know, this could happen on an internal level within yourself, and it could happen with other relationships in your life.  Jesus clearly said that He comes with a sword, Jesus is a separator, that is not a happy thing to say, and it does not make the Lord happy, it is not His desire that a relationship with Jesus should bring a division with another relationship, it is not that He wants that, He is just warning us that, that is what happens, and that division, sometimes it comes within families. 

We just serve God and hope for the best, you see, if the division comes within your family and you choose to follow the Lord, you have every reason to hope and believe that at some point He will heal the problems in your family, but if you choose to not follow the Lord because of a loyalty to a family member, or however else it is manifesting in your mind, you lose just about 100% possibility of the healing.  It does not work that way, the Lord has to be number 1 in your life and then He deals with the problems that have come into your life because you are serving Him, but if you let go of Him for a human relationship, you have divested yourself, you have separated yourself from the one person that can bring the healing, and bring the togetherness. 

It is the same thing as saying, I do not believe Jesus can heal, but heal me.  How can, in order to receive a healing from God, first of all the Scripture says you must believe that God is, if you want God to heal you, you have to believe there is a God, and then you have to believe that He heals.  If you get rid of the Lord in favor of a human relationship, you have cut off your power to heal the whole, the whole relationship, it will not work, it will not work, the whole relationship will deteriorate, and then you will not have the human relationship and you will not have the Lord. 

God has to be first in your life, you have to make sure that it is God.  How do you make sure that it is God, you pray everyday, as often as you need to pray, five times a day.  Lord help me make the right decision, because I know that you are good Lord, and you would never ever, ever willfully or desire to destroy a relationship in my life, so why is this happening, this is what I told you about. 

There is a continuous conflict of good and evil, somebody’s mind is not lined up with the mind of Christ, so there is a conflict.  You join yourself to the mind of Christ, and hold on to the horns of the altar, however long it takes, He will work it out if you do not let go of the source of the solution.  If you cut off God, you cut yourself off from the source of the solution to your human problem.  You never let go of God, there is no possible reason that we are having to let go of God, and then you trust Him, you hang in there and you trust them, pray for your loved ones, and you trust Him. 

Back to the dream: I was sitting in the back row.  There is a Scripture in James that says something to the effect of when you come into a house, do not go sitting up in the front row, because if it is someone who comes in with more authority or a higher reputation than you, you will be asked to move to the back, and then you will be embarrassed.  I see this in the dream as a sign that the Lord is saying that, that Xxxx has a humble spirit, and that she was sitting in the back row, and in this instance, I believe that Xxxx’s humility, I hope it is not true anymore but was causing her a problem that she just could not see that Christ could be in her, it was a humility that went too far, do you understand what I am saying, it was a humility that went too far, you could not see how Christ could be in you, you could not see Him. 

I do not know about you, personally, but lots of times people will think, Well who am I that Christ could be in me.  That is a humility that goes too far, because He is in there, if He is in there, He wants us to recognize Him because He wants to express Himself through us, so if we cannot believe that He is in there, it is a humility that is working against the purposes of Christ, and therefore it becomes a manifestation of pride.  Pride is every thought that does not come out of Christ, every thought that opposes the will of God is a manifestation of pride.  Even that humility, because it opposed the will of God was revealed to be a manifestation of pride, because He is in there, and He wants access to you and He not only wants access to you, He wants access to all of the people that you know.  He wants us, when He is in us, He wants us to go wherever we send Him. 

Maybe there is somebody down the road that He wants to talk to.  He wants to will us to go so that we would go.  I have had those experiences, one particular one, I was at a morning meeting, I preparing for the meeting and this spirit on me just wanted me to go to the supermarket and I was resisting and saying, This is crazy, I have a house full of people coming, why would I want to be going to the supermarket now?  But it was so strong I said, Alright Lord, I will go.  I got in the car and drove to the supermarket, passed a woman I had not seen in three years, how are you doing, she said, Oh I am fine, we are moving to Connecticut, do you know a church in Connecticut for us? I said, Yeah, here is the name.  I went back and had my meeting.  The Lord actually sent me out of the house to meet this woman to direct her to this church in Connecticut.  He wants access to us. 

We are His legs, we are His arms, we are His mouthpiece, we are His ability to communicate with other people because He is invisible, He is invisible, He wants to communicate with us, so He takes a garment, puts a mask on, that is what a personality is, it is a mask, that is what we are, we are His horse that rides us to where He wants us to go, and then He speaks through us, we speak for Him.  Because He is God almighty and His nature is mercy, He blesses us.  He not only blesses us by feeding us and taking care of us and making provision for us, but He is actually willing to give us His mind so that we can be raised up to where He is, we cannot go any higher than He is, but we can be equal to our master.  He is a merciful God.

We are that horse, we are the animal nature, but when we cleave to Christ, we can share His glory, He makes us equal to Him.  The Scripture says that we should always sit in back row when we enter into a new house, and then it would be pride that would motivate us to sit in the first row.  We see that the Lord considers you humble from this point of view.  To be more specific, your carnal mind is taking advantage of your humility and influencing you to not even recognize who you are or what has happened and is happening to you.

Just by way of review, when Christ is in you, and you choose Christ, you become Christ.  You do not remain the horse only, you become Christ.  In this aspect of the dream, you are your own Christ side.  The dream said, I was sitting in the back row with some woman.  Sheila said: That woman is your carnal self.  Remember each of us is a member of the female side of Adam, in our carnality, we are the woman who fell, you are the woman who fell.  All of mortal mankind is spiritually female.  In this aspect of the dream, Xxxx was Christ, and she was sitting there in that same church, in that same building, in that same person, in that same human body with the old man.  Those are the two people living in your household.

As I say above, in this dream, you are Christ and the woman is your other carnal side.  We have two sides, an old man and a new man.  We have an inner man, and an outer man, Christ is the inner man.  Going on with the dream.  I was almost like, it was almost like I was having some sort of lesbian affair with her.  My comment to this is: Christ in the individual is the female aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ who is male in the earth of humanity.  Christ in you is female to His Father.  Jesus Christ is the only spiritual male.  Even members of his own household are female to Him in relation, in their relationship.  I call it changing spiritual sexual roles.  We see that in the world.  It does not matter what your physical body is, if you have a job, you are female to your employer, it does not matter, you could be a physical male, your employer could be a physical female, and in the relationship that you have of worker to employer, the worker is female and the employer is male.  We are talking about spiritual authority. 

When Paul says, when he calls the woman a weaker vessel, he is in no way suggesting that physical women are weak, he is not suggesting that they are physically weak, he is not suggesting that they are emotionally or spiritually weak.  All that he is saying is that in the natural family, God’s order is, husband, father, wife, mother, children. Father is a spiritual office, husband and father is a spiritual office, you physical men, you are the head of the physical household, and because you have authority over your wife in that relationship, she is the weaker vessel, because if she has a problem with you, you are an authority, and it is rebellion to go against an authority.

The Lord is telling you, she is the weaker vessel because of your authority, not because she is lacking in any way, so listen to her and be kind to her, and you are supposed to love your wife, because she is in a weak position, because she is under your authority.  The same thing is true for your children, the Scripture says, Do not grieve your children.  Whoever you have authority over, you should bear in mind that you have power to hurt those people more than they have power to hurt you. 

If you are an employer, you need to know that you have power to hurt your employees, if you are having a bad day and you are taking it out of them, that person can go home, who knows how their mind is going to take a hold of that, maybe I am about to get fired, I am going to be losing my job, my boss got mad at me.  We need to know that we affect people, and when it is people that we have authority over, we have to really keep this in mind because the Lord does not look kindly upon us hurting people, even though we do it without meaning to do it, taking out a bad on somebody else is not looked as kindly by the Lord.  We have to know that if we are the husband, if we are the wife over the children, if we are the employer over the employee, we have power to really upset them, to wound them, and to affect their entire lives.

The person with authority has responsibility to deal with their own emotions much more so than the person under authority.  That is what Paul was talking about, women are not weak.  All human beings are all human beings, and some are stronger than others, but women as a class being weaker than men, absolutely untrue and Paul never meant that, He never meant that in any way.  All of us, we should strive to be all that we could be in every area of our life.  I mentioned changing spiritual sexual roles.  If you are physical man and you are the head of your family, then you go to work, and you are female to your employer. 

So in every relationship, you have to determine whether you are the one in submission or the one in authority and if you are the one in submission, you are spiritually female in that relationship, all that it means is submission, we are talking about submission issues.  It has nothing to do with human sexuality, we are talking about submission issues. 

Also, wherever Christ is appearing, He has the authority.  This is the reality of body ministry, I do not know if you have heard of body ministry here in Minnesota, but there is a lot of talk about it in other states in the U.S. and I have seen a lot of ministries trying to manifest body ministry very incorrectly.  The concept of body ministry is that, there is no leader, and whoever wants to talk talks.  This is how I have seen it done, every time I have ever seen it, and they have chaos in the meeting, no leadership, no one takes responsibility, every one talks when they want to talk, and the Lord is silenced because in a situation like that, the carnal mind takes over, and the Lord is silenced. 

There is a true body ministry.  In a true body ministry.  In a true body ministry, there is a leader in the group, but that leader is willing to yield to any other person in the group when he recognizes that Christ is ascended in that person.  It is up to the leader of the group or the pastor or the elder or whoever he might be, whoever the teacher is, whoever is leading the group, he has the difficult responsibility.  He has to be able to recognize the ascent in Christ in another person, and yield to them, and he also has to be able to recognize the carnal mind rising up seeking to speak when it is not Christ. 

It is not easy running a meeting, it is not at all easy running a meeting, so this is the true body ministry, and I believe that it is real, and I believe that we are going to see more and more of it as Christ appears more and more, we are going to see more and more fellowships with humble leaders who are willing to yield to the Spirit of Christ wherever He is appearing. 

You have a leader of a ministry who is spiritually male, it has nothing to do with their physical body, like me, for example, I am spiritually male in this meeting, but if Christ starts to speak through somebody else, I would yield to Him.  If the carnal mind rises up and says they are Christ, I have to ask them to please sit down.  It is not very different than in the Pentecostal church where the pastor is supposed to tell you if somebody is prophesying or speaking in tongues by another spirit, they do not always do it, but that is what they are supposed to do. 

If somebody stands up on the floor of the church and prophesies by a spirit of divination, the pastor is supposed to tell the congregation that this prophecy was not of God.  I have never seen a pastor do it, other than myself.  That is what they are supposed to do, that the elders in the church try the spirit.  This is the true body ministry, Christ is the only spiritual male, wherever He is appearing, whatever mouth or personality He is speaking through, that is the spiritual male.

If He jumps from me to you, I have to be quiet, but it is the leader’s responsibility to tell a person who is mistaken that, I am sorry, that is not Christ.  Body ministry, it is an authority issue, it has nothing to do with your body, or how you have sex, it has nothing to do with that, it is an authority issue, you are to yield to authority wherever it appears.  We went on a trip to Connecticut and we took a ferry across the bay to Connecticut.  I drove the car onto the ferry, and there was a man there, he was telling where to drive my car, I did not like where he told me to park my car, it made very nervous, it was on a very steep down with a hill on the ferry you know, and that is where he told me to park, so I put the extra brake on and I just trusted God.  Of course the car was okay.  It did not make me happy but I had to park where he wanted me to park.  My car, my money to get on the ferry, you know and here is this guy that I never saw in my life telling where I had to park my car, and I had to do it, because I recognized that he had the authority in that instance, so it had nothing to do with the fact that I had money, or that was my car, or that I was a passenger, or that I was a customer, nothing to do with it, I had to park where he told me to park, it is authority issues.

I see more and more in this country, people do not recognize authority when they see it.  Beyond where it is obvious, where children should recognize their parents authorities, in every day life, people, it is because the Spirit of Christ that is over the whole nation is starting deteriorate, people are just, I do not know what is happening to everybody.  We got out of the vehicle at the airport and I walked down the road a ways to get the carts to put the luggage on, there were two policemen standing there, two young fellows, New York City policemen, and Xxxx’s there with her cane, and Xxxxx’s is there struggling with her suitcase, and they are standing there talking about 9/11 you know, and I walked over, I almost said something to them, I could not believe that they were letting these two women struggle with their suitcases, they were as close to Xxxx and Xxxx as you are to me now.  I do not know what is happening to people, but I do know that it is the result of a Spirit of righteousness leaving the nation, it is leaving the people, it is departing from the people.  It is all in your mind, it is all in your mind. 

I have quite a few paragraphs here, this is some lesbian affair, it was almost like Xxxx in the dream and the woman was having some lesbian affair.  This is my comment to her, I am talking about spiritual sexual roles: Christ in the individual is the female aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ in the earth.  On the other hand, Christ in the individual is spiritually male to the female personality and to the carnal mind.  Christ in the individual is the new man, He is the new you. 

Initially upon awakening, I am talking about Christ awakening, Paul says, Awake to righteousness.  He is talking about your new consciousness, Christ has to awaken in you.  A lot of the fairytales that I guess you do not tell your children fairytales, but a lot of the fairytales that children are told, reveal spiritual principles, the fairytale of the sleeping beauty is talking about Christ, He has to be awakened, He has to be kissed and who kisses Him, the Spirit of Christ. 

Christ is in all of us but He is dead.  We are all born with a dead Christ, a dead root of the glorious Adam who existed, who is innocent, He is in you but He is dead.  When the Spirit of Christ comes to Him and kisses Him, what does a kiss mean?  It just means a contact.  There is a Psalm that says, Kiss the son, lest He be angry.  What does that mean?  Come together, you know not that He is going to angry with you, but come together, that is where your safety is, in union with the Lord, get close to God, that is where your safety is, close to God. 

My whole point is that the reason, I will tell you this before I read that, the reason in the dream, it came forth as a lesbian affair, was because at this time Xxxx could not distinguish between Christ in her, between her old man and her new man, and the carnal mind in many of us cannot recognize Christ or if we do see Him, we make think, Well He is another thought, or we do not recognize His spiritual manhood, we perceive Him as the rest of us. 

That was the lesbian affair in the dream that Christ was not being recognized in His manhood.  Christ has authority, He will not strive with us, He will not argue with us.  People that have authority just tell you what to do, you do not have to fight, if you exercise authority you should not struggle with your children or with anybody.  You have to ask the Lord to help you to manifest that authority.  The Bible says, if a knife is sharp, you do not have to put much elbow grease in to it.  That is what you need to do, to say, Lord, help me to manifest the godly authority that I will not have this problem.  

Christ, we have to recognize His authority, we have to be trained.  One day the Lord spoke to me and He said, Drink water.  I said, I do not like water.  Within a month I was in the hospital at 4:00 in the morning screaming in pain with a kidney stone.  The Lord did not tell me drink water because there is a kidney stone forming in you, He just told me to drink the water.  I in my ignorance thought that I had a choice.  Today I know that when the Lord tells me to do something, I better do it, and He does not tell me why, you see He does not tell me why, He just expects me to obey, so I do it to the best of my ability, I jump.  I did not like that being in the emergency room in the middle of the night screaming in pain.  It was not fun.  Christ in you is male, He is male to your personality, He is male to your old man, but we, the personality, we have to recognize Him as male. 

We see this manifested in, I see this in a lot of people, a lot of believers, that they do not recognize authority in the leadership that God puts in the church.  It has nothing to do with the person, it has to do with the anointing.  In the same manner, we are to respect the president of the United States, you may not like the president, you may think he is a bad president, you may not like him personally, but he is the president of the United States, and all of the disrespect that goes on in this country today is absolutely outrageous, it is a disrespect of the office.  If you do not like the man, you vote him out, but you do not dishonor your own head.  It does not matter whether the leader is a man or a woman, young or old, green, black, orange, yellow, it does not matter, you respect the office, you respect the anointing for leadership that comes from Christ. 

To criticize somebody because they are a woman, or because they are young, or for whatever other reason, is to criticize the Lord.  Just stop to think about it, the ultimate arrogance of telling the Lord that He does not know how to pick His own preachers.  That is what we are doing when we criticize somebody, that is preaching with an anointing.  We are telling the Lord, that we do not agree with His choice.  Is that absolutely amazing, the pride of man, the complete absolute pride of man.  I had people tell me just a few months ago, that I should not be preaching because I am a woman.  I said to them, The ministry is twenty years old, what would you like me to do, shut down the whole ministry?  How ridiculous, no ministry can survive twenty years if God is not with you, I will tell you that right now, it cannot survive, it would not make it past a year or two, if the Lord is not with you, if you make it that far, a twenty year old ministry, and they are telling me I cannot be doing it, what is wrong with you?  What is wrong with you?  You do not have a brain in your head, honestly, your brain is not working.  I do not mean to insult you, but your brain is not working, think! 

Christ in the individual is the new man, He is the new you, initially upon awakening, Christ is disoriented and confused as you are experiencing confusion right now, at the time that you sought the Lord and He gave you this dream.  Christ in you is disoriented, like a new born baby, that is our example, a newborn baby. 

Initially His eyes are not even open, and the baby is dead.  Did you ever see, you know a lot of babies around here, a baby looking around, I was looking at Xxxxx today just looking around, and looking around, what is this place.  This house is Xxxx’s whole world, and he does not even know the whole house, he does not know anything, he cannot move, he cannot walk, if you left him on the middle of floor, he would perish, he would not even know that there is another room around the corner, all he can see is where his eyes look, that is what the condition of Christ is in you when you first awakened. 

Remember I told you that you are born with Christ but He is dead?  He is dead, and when He is first awakened, it is like a man that is awakened out of long sleep.  I believe Jesus said something like that.  A man that was on a, I cannot quote it, but I am pretty sure He said something like that, a man that has been sleeping a long time, and he opens his eyes, where am I, what happened, is this a room, I never saw anything like this before.  Christ is disoriented in you.  When he is first awakened, and he is confused.  He needs instruction, he needs contact with his father. 

He is experiencing confusion and Christ is the new you, so you are experiencing confusion, Christ does not know who He is, and initially perceives Himself as the carnal mind perceives Him, female.  He does not know who He is, He is woken up in a strange place, and He is believing what everybody else is telling Him.  There was a Star Trek episode about this, Star Trek Enterprise, something hit the Enterprise, and everybody lost their memory, and the captain and all of the humble people are walking around saying, Who is the captain of the ship, who is the leader, well it would not be me, and then the least likely person, Worf, the guy who is all emotions, and ready to fight, He says, I think I am the captain, and the spiritually lowest person took control of the ship, and that is true of human nature, Christ does not know who He is.  It takes a long time.

COMMENT: What you are saying about when you are first awakened, I asked my grandma one time, because I use to wake up from a naps all of the time, I was in my own room, right at first, she told me that was God showing me how small I am.

PASTOR VITALE: That is interesting.

COMMENT: And I always wondered why, that kind of made sense to me.  Because I always thought about that, and I thought, why would she say that to me?  It was kind of mean I thought at first, but it is just the truth I guess.

PASTOR VITALE: Right, it is important that we find out how small we are.  I think we are better off thinking that we are too small than too big. 

COMMENT: Well she was trying to instill to be afraid of you know like people watching you.

PASTOR VITALE: Well that is good, to be afraid of somebody.  If you do not have any fear of anyone, your pride will get out of control.  That is the problem with a dictator, see in the past when we had the kings of Europe, the kings and queens of Europe, they all honored God, they all recognized their responsibility to God, well most of them, there were a couple of bad kings, but when you get a dictator and they are like in a communist state where there is no honor of God, we are told that absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

This is what happened with Saddam Hussein, he had complete control over the lives of the people of his country with no conscience whatsoever.  They literally use the people.  I do not know how much you know about what was going on in Iraq but his sons would go into the high schools and take the young girls out, and they would use them and then kill them.  They took them right out of the parent’s home. 

Authority is a very serious thing, to have authority, you have to be under God all of the time, abusive authority is a very serious thing.  That is what the Lord is trying to save us from in a country like this. 

We have this blessing of being able to vote somebody out if we do not agree with them.  When you tear down what is happening in this country today, is that a lot of forces are tearing down our form of government, they do not understand, that there cannot be a vacuum, if you tear down, if you succeed in tearing down this form of government, another form of government will rise in its place, and the form of government that rises in its place is not going to be a democracy, it is going to be a dictatorship. 

If any of you here do not vote, the Lord wants you to vote, it is your responsibility to vote, I do not know who I am talking to here, do not answer me, but I really encourage you to register to vote, and then to pray about who God’s candidate is.  You do not have to be democrat or a republican, find out who God’s man is, and vote for them, and pray for this country.

COMMENT:   I have not ever voted.

PASTOR VITALE: Well maybe you want to consider it.

COMMENT: I hear all of the stories about this one, and that one, then it is just like...

PASTOR VITALE: But now you can ask God, Lord who is your man Lord.

COMMENT: You cannot complain about who is in power unless you vote.

COMMENT: Well I do not complain about them. (People laughing).

PASTOR VITALE: Well you pray about that, at least register, so that when the vote comes around, you will be able to do it.  You have a responsibility.

COMMENT: I have not voted either because, just that Scripture that says, I will pick the man of the hour, and I just always figure that our little votes never mattered, that He will, He is in control, and He will pick.

PASTOR VITALE: Well the way He picks the man of the hour is through us, He tells us who to vote for.

COMMENT: Now that makes sense, but it did not register.  (People laughing).

PASTOR VITALE: The relationship between the carnal mind and the personality is a spiritually lesbian relationship because both are female.  The relationship between Christ in the individual and the personality is heterosexual because you cannot recognize that Christ within you or when you can recognize that Christ within you is male to your personality, the relationship between you and the newly forming Christ appears to be lesbian.

This is a very high spiritual level, and it is all about Christ’s confusion.  I know that it took me quite a while to start to recognize and walk in the authority that was in there because I could not believe it was there.  When the Lord first came to me, I was dying, I was very sick, I was dying, I had all kinds of problems, I just wanted to survive long enough to raise my child, I did not want to die before, she was still a child and I could not really understand what was happening to me, and it took me a very long time to recognize that He was in me and that He was expressing Himself through me, and that every time He expressed Himself through me that I was Christ.

He has been working with me for a long, long time teaching me like building that structure of righteousness in me.  He wants to do the same thing for each of you, He has a lot to teach you that He cannot teach you unless you stay humble, it is really important that you stay humble, because everybody that thinks they know everything cannot learn anything.

I pray all of the time that, that should never happen to me, and I know that I do not know everything, and there is a lot that I do not know, there is more that I do not know than I do know.  That may sound strange to you because I have all of this knowledge, but it all depends on who you are comparing me to, you know, if you are comparing me to the average person, I have a lot of knowledge, but compare me to the Lord Jesus and I do not have all that much knowledge. 

We have to keep ourselves in perspective.  We should always be teachable, we should be willing to listen to anything, any revelation that anybody has, we should be able to listen to, but if someone comes to you with a revelation or someone comes to me with a revelation, I will be willing to listen to it, but if it is out of your carnal mind, I have to tell you it was out of your carnal mind.

You do not have to come to me, you go to the Lord with it.  We should be open to everybody, and encourage everybody to think because the church does not think, the church is indoctrinated, the church is indoctrinated, they read a book, and I do not mean the Bible, they read books written by other people, and they repeat it.  I know that I have a lot of books but I do not encourage you to read my books and just repeat what I tell you, I encourage you to read my books, to eat that spiritual food, to digest it, to pray about it, to ask the Lord to explain it to you, to ask the Lord if you have got it straight, you have to digest it, and it has to become yours, you see.  It has to become your revelation.  That is a whole world of difference from walking around saying, Sheila said, or even if you do not say, Sheila said, just repeating what you read in the book, it is not yours. 

When you have a conversation with somebody, ideally we should be exchanging ideas, it never happens in the church, people fight, you should not be fighting, you should be exchanging ideas, I should be able to listen to everything you have to say, and then agree with you or disagree with you.  I cannot do that if I am repeating what I read in a book, I could only have an exchange of ideas with you, in other words, I say what I think, you say what you think, I respond to what you think, it goes back and forth, we have a conversation, and we learn from each other.

Even if I wind up rejecting what you are saying, I have learned from you, I know that I do not believe that for sure, we had an exchange, a spiritual healthy interaction and exchange of ideas.  If I have not digested this teaching, and I am just repeating to you what I have read, I am not capable of compromising, I am not capable of adjusting, I am not capable of changing, because it is not a part of me, it is what I read off of the page of the book. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?  Everybody got this, you have to eat this spiritual food and it has to become a part of you, a part of that growing structure of Christ in you.

Maybe you read something and you did not quite understand it properly, maybe the Lord will send you to have a conversation with someone and that conversation will correct you, or maybe I made a mistake.  You cannot have a rigid mind that this was burned in your brain, and nothing can change, that is what the church is like, they are just like the Jehovah’s witnesses today, they will not hear one word that you have to say, they believe in the trinity, you do not believe in the trinity, the question should be, why do you not believe in the trinity? 

If someone comes to me and says to me, I hear you do not believe in the trinity, if you are a person that is in Christ, you would want to know why I do not believe in the trinity.  You do not come to me and tell me you are wrong, you know, I would want to know what you think, so I could consider it, so I could chew on it, so I could think about it, maybe you are right, maybe you are right and I am wrong, but I want to know why you think that, without hostility, talk to me, but if the church is filled with witchcraft, I am right and you are wrong, and if you do not do it my way, you are going to hell.  They do not know they are already in hell, you are in hell right now.  Why do you not believe in that?  Tell me, maybe I will change my mind, tell what you think, maybe you will influence me.

That is a healthy exchange of ideas, that is what is supposed to be going on in the church, that is what Paul did, he went to Mars hill and reasoned and he was in all of the synagogues reasoning with the Jews, showing them in the Scripture the truth.  You are not supposed to be fighting, standing your ground, this is what I believe, rigid, stone cold, I do not want to hear what you have to say, I am right, and you are wrong.  That is absolutely ungodly, absolutely ungodly. 

If you get into any conversation where your motive is that you want to be right, you better shut your mouth and get out of the conversation right now because you are in your carnal mind.

COMMENT: I have talked to people, and it is like I have told them that I do not think the way they think of the trinity, and they continuously try to put it into my head that this is how it is and this is out it is, and if I still do not believe, well okay, you can believe that, and then they turn around and they keep telling you and telling you and telling you, it is like they want you to say, Okay, yes, I believe you, and that is the way it is. They do not be quiet until you know, so eventually you just have to, I do not know what you have to do but, you know, what are you supposed to do. 

PASTOR VITALE: You take a strong stand, depending on your personality, if it is me, that really does not happen to me much anymore but in the past I would have said to the person, Look, I do not believe what you believe, if you want to talk to me we have to change the subject, we have to change the subject or separate. I want you to know that I do not believe that.  I believe you have a right to believe that, but I do not believe it, so now we understand each other, you believe it and I do not believe it, there is nothing else to talk about.

COMMENT: It did not end, it was like a non-ending, it was just, they would not go away, so you have to just walk away.

PASTOR VITALE: Or if you cannot do that, if you cannot be as blunt as I am, then you have to break your relationship and go away.  It is unfortunate, that is the condition of the church, the church is filled with little witches, someone needs to tell them this is witchcraft, forcing yourself on people like that.  Listen we are saved when our spirit is joined to the Spirit of Christ, I do not believe in the trinity and you believe in the trinity, that does not mean that either one of us is not saved, it does not matter who is, for the purpose of this point that I am making, it does not matter who is right and who is wrong, you both, if it is true, have your spirit joined to the Spirit of Christ, what are you fighting with me for?  Where is Jesus in all of this, where is your faith in Jesus, to correct all of us with all of our doctrine, because you read somebody’s book, you know, that makes you right?  Where is Jesus in all of this?  Why can you not trust Jesus to teach me, I have listened to you, I have put your information in my computer, and now I trust Jesus to correct me if I am wrong, who died and made God?  It is witchcraft, that is what it is, and it is through the whole church. 

The church has become a cult, the church has become a cult, what is the sign of a cult?  Control.  The sign of a cult, the major sign of a cult is control, control what you think, control what you do, control what church you go to, control how you worship God, control. 

The person manifesting Christ is a teacher, a dispenser of information.  I give you information as I believe the Lord has given to me to repeat to you.  If you do it, you do it, if you do not do it you do not do it, my job is fulfilled.  All I want to know from you, is do you understand what I have told you, that is all I want to hear from you, now you go work it out with the Lord, my job is satisfied.  I am not controlling anybody here.  That is the sign of a cult, the church is a major cult, all of the little witches praying against everybody that believes something different than you, it is not funny, I mean it is funny, I understand that you are laughing, but that is the truth.

The church is far, far out, and that is why judgment is already falling, judgment is already falling, and judgment begins at the house of the Lord, and with the elders thereof, and it is corrective judgment, but it can be painful, because you see the church, the church is supposed to be a reflection of the nature of Christ to the unbeliever.  The church has a very bad reputation.  People hate us, they really do, they hate the hypocrisy, they hate the control, they hate the threats that you are going to hell if you do not believe what they believe, and they have a very bad reputation, and we are the church of the living God, we are supposed to be manifestation of the mercy of God to the world, it cannot continue, the Lord will remove His Spirit from the church, it simply cannot continue.  He is being lied about.

The church is lying about the God that they talk about, it cannot continue.  Do not be deceived because the Lord is long suffering, He will take them down.  It cannot continue, you cannot do that and say that you are Christ, or that you are the representative of Christ in the earth, you cannot be sending people to hell all of the time because they have a different thought than you do.

The Lord is looking for people whose heart is turned towards Him.  From this spiritual perspective, okay, it does not matter what you have done, it does not matter if you have been a drug addict, if you have murdered somebody, it does not matter what you have done, if at this point in your life, your heart is truly seeking God, He wants you, and He is going to work with you right where you are, it does not matter what you have done.  As far as this world is concerned, if you have murdered somebody, the police are coming looking for you and you are probably going to go to jail, but from God’s point of view, He does not care what you have done, He does not care how dirty you are, all He wants is someone who will respond to His instruction, He wants someone who will come with their pride very small so that He can shine through them, that is what He wants. 

You will still reap what you sow in this world.  If you have murdered somebody and you have invaded the law for five, ten, fifteen, twenty years and you come to the Lord, the chances are, you will be exposed, and you will wind up in jail.  That is how He works, that is how He works.  You come to Him and He is going to clean you up, you have got to take responsibility for what you have done.  This is why a lot of people who come to the Lord, they find that their life gets more difficult than it ever was before Jesus came into their life, and they cannot figure out what is going on, there is two elements that would be causing that.

The first thing is that when you come to Jesus, all of your sins come up for grabs.  Let me see if I can think of a better way to explain that to you.  Satan is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment, with a non-believer, judgment, it could take the judgment years to fall, Satan has all of the time in the world, but when we come to the Lord, okay, and He is ready to start cleaning us up, all of our sins are come to the surface, and all of the reaping of what we sow dumps on us all at once.  Believers will experience the consequences of their error immediately, maybe within 24 hours, sometimes sooner depending on, the closer you are to the Lord, the more quickly you will reap what you sow, because the Lord wants to make a quick work of it, suffer the consequence and get it out of the way.  If the child is bad, you hit him on the behind and it is all over, mommy loves you, daddy loves you.  The Lord does not let ride for ten years before you reap what you sow because He has plans for you, He has plans for you in Christ, He wants to make you a holy person, He wants to make you a saint of God, so you have to deal with all of this now. That is one of the reasons why a lot dumps on you when you first come to the Lord. 

The second reason is that Satan wants to knock you out, she does not want you coming to the Lord, she wants to scare you away, but the majority, the main aspect or the main bulk of the reason is that the Lord is gathering together all of these judgments, let us get it over with now, let us get it dealt with, let us get you cleaned up, so we can get on with your development, as a man or a woman of God.  That is the answer.  He has great plans for you, He has great plans for us. 

We have to be able to see who we are, He has great, great plans for us, every one of you, He has great plans for you, but His hardest job is getting us to even recognize those plans, and then when you hear it in a message like this, to believe that He could actually be planning that for you, whoever you are, that is what everybody thinks, why me?  What did I do?  

You did nothing, He uses the foolish things of this world so you probably are foolish like all of us.  You did not do anything for Him to pick you.  Not many successful people are called, their pride is too high, the Lord cannot break through, He cannot get through to them.  People that are successful in this world, or that have a lot of money in this world, they think they did it themselves, you cannot get through to them.  He use the foolish things of this world, that is us. 

Back to the dream: I was glad I was with her, because she had deeper understanding on spiritual matters than many in the congregation.  At this point the dream gets interesting, at this point it appears that it is your carnal self speaking, this is me talking to Xxxx, at this point it appears, at this point in the dream, it appears that it is your carnal self speaking of the woman.  Your carnality, the woman within you is happy that Christ is present, which indicates that in your humanity, you desire spiritual understanding which is what you said in the initial part of this email to me.  However, you the personality as well as your carnal mind do not perceive that the manhood of Christ has taken up residence within you and fully intends ultimately to possess you completely. 

The way it works, we have to understand this before Christ can go on to do the work, we the personality have to understand it and except it, that this is what He wants to do in our life.  He is not going to override us, why?  For the same reason that I told you earlier, He is not raising up a robot, He is raising up sons, and He wants us in agreement with what He is doing, because He intends, what I just explained to you before about the word that you have to digest it, He wants us to be thinking sons, He wants to build this structure of righteousness and wisdom in us, so that we can function in a problem solving mode. 

If you are a robot or if you are a computer, all that you know is in such and such a circumstance, you do this, and in such and such a circumstance you do that, and if in anyone of these circumstances arise and there extenuating circumstances, you cannot make the adjustment, if you are a robot, you cannot make the adjustment, you see. 

If the rule is for example, the store closes at 3:00, and somebody comes to the store at 2 minutes before 3:00, and you tell them, I am sorry sir, I am closing the store and I cannot sell you anything right now, and they say to you, Oh please, I just ran out of diapers, or formula, I ran out of formula, and I am really sorry that I made that foolish mistake, whatever happened, I do not have any formula to feed my baby, so please let me in.  

The clerk says, Sorry, 3:00, store’s closing, click, no provision for extenuating circumstances.  Okay, I understand you have a crisis in your life, come on in, I will stay five minutes later, and I will sell you the formula, and then you can go home.  That is the problem solving mechanism that you know you do not see it, I do not know what is going on here in Minnesota, but it is disappearing from New York, absolutely disappearing from New York, the problem solving mechanism, people can just do what they are told. 

I went into a McDonald’s to buy a cup of coffee, and there is a big sign there, coffee with half and half.  In those days I was not drinking half and half.  Half and half is a luxury, it is saying, we do not just give you plain milk, we give you half and half, that was the meaning of it, but I was on a health thing in those days or whatever, I did not drink half and half, I just drank milk.  I went in and I said, I would like a cup of coffee, please but I want it with milk.  The girl behind the counter said, You cannot have it with milkWhy not, half and half is more expensive than milk.  She said, the sign says you can have it with half and half, and you cannot have it with milk.  In those days I had time, so I was so annoyed that I wrote to the owner of the McDonald’s, and I came back a month later, and they gave me milk, the girl, she could not make the shift, got to have half and half

It is like going to a restaurant and ordering chicken and saying, Hold the gravy on the side, and the waitress says, I cannot do that, it comes with the gravy on the chicken, you cannot have the gravy on the side.  That is what, I do not know what is happening here but that is what is going on in New York, people do not think, is that not right Xxxx, it is absolutely amazing, people do not think.  They have a list that says, if so and so says this, you say that, if so and so says this, then you say that.

The dream goes on to say, it is talking about this lesbian relationship again: But I also was aware that this was sick and I did not want to be with her.  My comment is: So the woman within you desires Christ, but your carnal mind is disgusted.  The carnal mind is literally disgusted by Christ, it literally is, by the presence of this new comer in your spiritual household, depending on the degree of sin in the individual, they seem to be more and more disgusted with Christ, I have personally experienced this, people that are in very sinful lifestyles, actually even the sight of someone that looks like a Christian, it is just very offensive to them, it is literally disgusting.

That was the reaction of the carnal mind.  This dream is so interesting because it is jumping around from the perceptions of the carnal mind to the perceptions of Christ, and now we see that the whole end of the dream is the perception of the resurrected Christ, and of the functioning male Christ, and we are going to see that the Lord’s plan of salvation came forth in Xxxx’s dream.  Once we can recognize that Christ is in ourselves, Christ is in us, okay, and these promises are for us, this is the agenda of Christ, this part of the dream.  More on the dream: They were in church and the service was a resurrection Sunday service.  My comment: This is the resurrection of Christ in you.  Dream: There was extreme excitement and rejoicing.  Pastor Vitale: There is extreme excitement and rejoicing in heaven when a soul begins to be born again into the kingdom of heaven, that is in the Scripture, there is great rejoicing in heaven.  Dream: The celebration began, there was parading through these tall hallways with singing and banners.  Sheila: Well, they do not have, banners are people in the spiritual realms, but this is the example in the natural of the degree of the rejoicing because it was a big celebration with a parade and banners and singing.  My comment:  This brings to mind, David dancing as the ark entered into Jerusalem.  I do have some teaching on this, this is sort of an advanced doctrines, one of my advanced doctrines, I do not believe that David was dancing physically, the spiritual concept of dancing has to do or the spiritual concept of dancing has to do with our spirit, just like a flame on a candle will jump up and down when it is burning, our spirits move by vibration, our spirits function by vibration. 

The concept of dancing is the fact that our spirit, when we are dead, before Christ is resurrected in us, our spirit is a very, very low key vibration, that is death, very low, very low.  This is what Jesus was talking about when He said, If you are not hot or cold, I am going to spew you out of my mouth.  The Lord wants us boiling, if you look at that Scripture in the book of revelation, He wants us boiling, He wants our spirit vibrating rapidly, because spirit vibrates rapidly.  I guess I said it, when it is not vibrating rapidly, we are dead, it is spiritual death.  So this concept of spiritual dancing means the high vibration or active vibration of our spirit, and I believe that what happened to David was that when he approached the ark, now remember the ark, before Jesus, the Spirit of God dwelt in an ark, it was a box, and that box typified human beings, that was a promise, that ark with the Spirit of God dwelling in it was a promise that the Spirit of God would indwell human beings.

At that time, the only place in all of the earth that the Spirit of God could be found was in that box called the ark of Israel, the ark of God that was in Israel. Today the Spirit of God can be found in many people, but in those days it was just in that box, it was so concentrated that when Uzza touched it, he died, and you may recall that the ark was being transported from where it had been captured, the ark had been captured by the Philistines, and it was being transported back to I guess it was Jerusalem, I am not sure, whether it was Jerusalem or Shiloh at that point, the way the ark was carried, is that it was a box like this, and it had rings on the side of it, rings like this, and there was a long stick through the rings, rings on both sides of it, and a long stick put through it, and the Levite priests would carry this stick, would carry the ark by holding the sticks, because they were forbidden to touch the ark. 

They were not told why they were forbidden to touch the ark, just like me with my kidney stone, nobody told them that if you touch the ark, you are going to die, they were just told, do not touch the ark, and then the ark started to tip and it looked like it was falling, so one of the young men that was present thought he was doing a good deed and he reached out and touched the ark to stop it from falling, and he died, because there was, the Spirit of God in the box was so powerful, that it killed the human being that came that close to it.  God did not say, Uzza, you are bad and you disobeyed me, now die.  No, the energy was so powerful that it killed the human being. 

When David came near to that box, that contained the energy of God, it touched his spirit and his spirit started responding to it, and the Scripture says, he danced, his spirit danced.  The Bible is a spiritual book, you know, if you want to believe that he danced physically, that is okay, I will not argue with you, but my opinion is that his spirit danced, his spirit responded to the high vibration of the energy in the box.  You know that is what happens today.  When you sit in this meeting, every one of you hopefully is responding, your spirit hopefully is responding to my spirit.  My spirit is boiling today, the anointing is on me, my spirit is vibrating at a very high decimal.  I do not know what you were like when you came in here, maybe you were busy with the things of the world, maybe you had problems, maybe you were sad, maybe you were happy, I do not know, but I am hoping and it is God’s intention that your spirit is starting to rise to the degree of vibration of my spirit, that your spirit is speeding up, is getting stirred up, and that you will never be the same after you leave this meeting, that our spirits have mixed, you know.  David, his spirit was dancing, and that is what came to mind as I was working on this dream.

Xxxx says in the dream: This was a pretty mild fellowship without much outward show.  Pastor Vitale’s comment: But of course this fellowship was just a type in the dream of your exterior person, and you have been, according to the dream, you have been completely converted on the inside, and now you have, the vehicle is within you, if Christ is grafted to you, the vehicle is within you, it is your potential to vibrate at a high rate of speed.  That is a positive thing.  A rapid vibration of your spirit means that you are more spiritual.

The faster we vibrate, the faster we ascend out of this world.  When the Scripture says that Jehovah put Adam to sleep, Adam was falling asleep and Jehovah promised him a help that would be meet for him.  Adam was dying, Adam in the age of innocence had sinned, and the way he was dying was that he was disconnected from Jehovah and his spirit, his spiritual aspect, was vibrating slower and slower and slower, and the Bible says, he went to sleep.  Just like you are active during the day, and then when you go to sleep, if someone did not know it, you would look like you were dead.  Sleep symbolizes death.  That whole aspect of the Scripture, that Adam was falling asleep, it is the Scripture’s way of saying that Adam died, and he fell into these solid, solid bodies. 

The Scripture tells us that Jesus after His resurrection in the end of the book of Mark I believe, when He was talking to His disciples after the resurrection, and that He disappeared, He went into the air and He disappeared.  How did that happen, what happened to Him.  He started vibrating, His spirit started vibrating at a more and more rapid rate of speed until He became invisible to this world.  He became invisible to this world because this world is asleep, it is the world of sleep, it is the world of slow vibration, it is the world of death. 

You know all of the spiritual worlds exist right here, they are not up there, and they are not down there, they all here, but they are vibrating at different rates of speed, they can all see us, we cannot see them, this is outer darkness, see.  All of the other worlds, they are right here but we cannot see them, we have no idea who is in this room.

COMMENT: There was a Star Trek episode like that.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I saw that one.  It sounded like a bee buzzing to the crew.

COMMENT: A higher frequency, way, way higher, and they could not figure it out. 

COMMENT: It is strange that you mention that because I was listening to a story a couple of days ago and it was talking about a man in an automobile, turning around, and you know, you could see it when it stopped, but when you turn it on, it goes so fast, the speed goes so fast that you cannot see it going, and the man ended up putting his hand in it, it was kind of a silent fan, and he put his hand in there and it was gone in an instant, and he pulled out, and he did not realize it until he actually pulled it out that it was gone, it was that fast, but I think about the ark, that the vibration was so fast, that it just, it is like sticking you hand in that fan...

PASTOR VITALE: You get electrocuted.

COMMENT: Yeah, that you are done, like the hand was done.

PASTOR VITALE: So, this is what Jesus was talking about in the book of Revelation, when He says, if you are not hot or cold, I am going to spew you out of my mouth.  He wants us to speed up, and how do we speed up?  We speed up by presenting ourselves to be stimulated by His Spirit, either at a meeting like this or when we get to the point that we could do it, by studying ourselves.  We could enter into His, we could enter into His spiritual plane, by going in to a deep meditation on His word, a meditation on His word, not a an occult meditation where you just sit there and go ommm, that is dangerous, I am making light of it, but that is dangerous, to sit there and meditate like this.  I do not know what that means with the fingers like that. 

COMMENT: I heard it is energy something.

PASTOR VITALE: That is dangerous because you just empty your self out and any spirit floating by can talk to you and can enter into you and you can be deceived.  We meditate on the word, you focus on the word, we think about it, we pray about it, we ask the Lord questions about it, and we enter into a higher spiritual realm, based on the word, and that assures us that we will be, I do not know, I honestly do not know if it is 100% or not, I just know it is the way to go, that the way to make sure, the best that you could do to make sure that you are contacting God is to meditate on His word, ascend on His word, on the Spirit of the word, the Spirit of the word.  It is good to read the natural word, you know to read the Bible, but we ascend based upon a knowledge of the Spirit, or pursuing the Spirit of the word.  I think maybe we will just take another break, how late do you usually go, maybe have a little music in between. 


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