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Please note that this message was originally under another name. We have been bouncing around, back and forth, on these messages at this time. So please do not be put off if you hear me referring to another set of messages. We have renamed several messages “Cain and Abel." Thank you.

[AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- the truth of the Scripture coming forth. As I told you off-message, there is no way anybody could possibly perceive this -- what the Lord Jesus is really trying to say unless the word is first in your heart. Me, a teacher of this deep revelation, had to meditate for two to three hours on each verse to figure out what it was saying.

So let us try it, and as we come to a phrase or an expression that I feel led to, we will just expound on that doctrine or that -- actually there is just one doctrine, and there are many phases to that doctrine. You know, just as I believe that there is only one baptism -- I went online the other night, and there were two people fighting over what the true baptism is: Is it water? Or is it this or is it that?

Brethren, there is only one baptism with many phases thereof, beginning with water and ending with full immersion in the Spirit of Christ Jesus, which is glorification. There is only one baptism, many stages thereof. One Spirit, many stages thereof.

I -- those of you who have been studying with me for a while know that I do not subscribe to the Trinity. You may have heard me say over the years: There is only the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is the Lord Jesus in another form.

Today I say that there is not even the Father and the Son. There is just one God. Sometimes He is expressing Himself as the Father. Sometimes He is expressing Himself as the Son. Sometimes He is expressing Himself as the Holy Spirit. Sometimes He is expressing Himself through a many-membered body as signified by the candlestick with seven pipes in the Book of Revelation. Sometimes He is expressing Himself as the Father and the Son as expressed by the candlestick with the two candlesticks standing before the Lord of all the earth. And I believe it is the prophet Zechariah.

But there is only one creator; there is only one God. Jehovah is His name, and He is a God with many facets to His nature and a God which takes many forms. There is just one God, just one God, brethren: Jehovah, God Almighty.

He is a God that has a lower and an upper extremity. What does that mean? It means that He manifests a [sic] certain activities through His primary expression: Jehovah, the Lord of battle. As you read through the Old Testament, any time you see a word referring to a battle or a war or a warlike activity, you can know before you check it out in the Hebrew that this is most likely Jehovah that the King James translation is calling God or Lord. He is the God of battle. He is the one that defeats your enemies. He is the one that is strong enough to boil Satan as a sin offering in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The God in the midst of you, on the other hand, when Jehovah gets inside of you and joins with Abel in you, your human spirit, He is Elohim, the lower extremity of the creator: lower, more passive. One side more warlike and aggressive, the other side more passive and more inclined to the humanity of man. One God, different aspects of Him. Check it out.

Every time you are reading in the Scripture, if you s- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- you look at the -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] relation -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- between the Son, talking -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- there is just one God, and Jehovah is His name. That is the name that I call Him by. But if you are in China, you might call Him [?Ching Chang?]. He is a Spirit. The Lord knows I mean no disrespect. He is a Spirit. He is not going to get all upset because you are Greek and you call Him [?Agropopolis?] unless you are doing it with a mocking spirit. But if you are seeking Him with all your heart, He does not care, as far as I know, if you call Him by the way you would say His name in your language. He is a Spirit.

OK. Chapter 5, verse 1, “Hear ye this word which I take up against you, even a lamentation, O house of Israel.” Hear is translated hear -- to hear with the air- -- with the ears.

There is a word in the Hebrew that is not translated, and that is Strong’s 853, which means yourself. You have heard me talk about this word before. It is present so often in the Hebrew, and it is just about never translated. But it is a very important word because it indicates that the person either talking or the person referred to -- that the verb is going back to that person.

And in this particular case, we put this word together, 853, which means yourself -- whatever the verb says, do it upon yourself. It makes it a reflexive verb. Plus the English word ye can be translated: make yourself to understand. Hear with your ears. OK, the first word here, Strong’s 08- -- Strong’s 8085 -- hear with your ears. Then yourself and the Hebrew word that means ye together means: And make yourself hear.

Only with the second time, we are going to take a different translation. I do not think you are getting them. Oh, my God, this anointing is incredible. I just started talking. Let me say it to you again. The Hebrew construction calls for two verbs: hear with your ears and hear with your heart. Hear with your ears; hear with your understanding. That is the principle, OK.

If you want to actually look at the Hebrew grammar, you cou- -- we could translate these words saying: Hear with your ears, and make yourself to understand. Now what does that mean? Because sometimes people do not understand unless they will to understand. If you want to understand, you have to listen carefully. Then you have to think about it. Then you have to pray about it. So you can hear it, and it can go in this ear and go out that ear. Jehovah is speaking here, and He is saying, do not just listen with your ears, but take the time to make yourself understand because I have something very important to say to you. Jesus. Mary, could you put that on hold for just a minute, please?

Amos is prophesying to Israel -- that is the separated 10 tribes in the kingdom, which is notorious for its golden calves and other forms of idolatry. And He is -- and Jehovah has come to them through the prophet Amos, and He is saying, now I have something veryimportant to say to you. Do not let it go in one ear and out the other like you have done so many times before. But listen, and then do something with it. Pray for understanding.

“Hear ye this word which I take up against you.” Which is Strong’s 834. It can be translated sense. Now this is very interesting, but this Hebrew word translated, I take up, Strong’s 5375, it has many translations, most of them negative.

As I have told you many times, it is a rare Hebrew word that does not have both negative and positive translations. There was just one positive translation for this word, and it is to forgive. Now I have only done two verses. I felt inclined to choose forgive.

This is very interesting because the way the Old Testament has become notorious for being the word of a bloodthirsty God -- the way this happened is that when the King James translators looked at these Hebrew words, they believed that Jehovah was a bloodthirsty God. So if they had a choice between choosing a translation that meant I am going to forgive you or I am going to kill you, which one did they choose? I am going to kill you.

Now you see, both are true because when Jesus, who is Jehovah’s servant -- when Jesus forgives you, how does He forgive you? He kills you. He does not take your life from you, but He kills you. He kills your beast nature. You must die to your beast nature to be truly forgiven because the true forgiveness renders you incapable of sinning in the same manner again.

See, down here in hell, we are very limited. If you wound me, I have to forgive you to the best of my ability, but as a human person, I do not have the power to deliver you from your ability to hurt me again or others in the same manner. I do not have that power.

But Jesus said: When you are a son of God, you whose sins -- those whose sins you forgive, they shall be forgiven. And what that says to me is that if someone wounds you or damages you because of your position of ri- -- your righteous position of service or faithfulness to the Lord Jesus and you forgive them, you have the power to rip their sins out of them, but it is an indirect power.

Let me say that again. If you are a true son, if Christ Jesus is being formed in you, if you are serving the Lord Jesus with all your heart and a man somewhere hates you and despises you and actually tries to do you damage because he is misunderstanding what you are doing or he is not misunderstanding, he just hates you for what you are doing and you truly forgive him and you pray for him [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you are at the privilege of having his sins surgically removed, doing it in an indirect way.

Do you remember the teaching here about construction -- about comparing how we would construct something in this world or how something would be constructed in the spiritual, visible worl- -- visible, spiritual world of Jehovah? The difference is that in the visible, spiritual world, we would think it, and our mind would be so powerful, our mind would have such authority that the actual matter, the atoms that exist in this world, would just come together and form what we want.

But in this world, we start off with the same way. You see the people in this world and the people in the kingdom of heaven start off the way. We get an idea. We get a thought. We would like something. We would like a couch. In the kingdom of God, we envision the couch, and it appears. In the kingdom of darkness, we envision a couch. In this society what do we do? We go to the store or we go to a garage sale. There is -- not even many people today chop a tree down and build it themselves.

But whether you chop a tree down and build it or you to a garage sale or whether you go to a store, you started out with -- in the same way as the person in the kingdom of God. You had an idea. You wanted a couch, and you both accomplished your goal: one, down here in the kingdom of darkness, with labor and in the kingdom of light, with mind-power.

So we are talking about the forgiveness of sins. Those of us who are fallen men but are well on our way to being sons of God, we are members of the two-witness company. And we have authority; we have power with God. But it is an indirect power.

What does that mean? It means that we pray, and if our prayer is righteous, the Lord Jesus executes it. He honors our prayer. I believe He honors every righteous prayer, but the Lord Jesus is our filter, you see? Because we are fallen, and we have a fallen nature, and we do have active sin within us. And if we are deceived and a prayer goes up from us that we think is a righteous prayer but it is not a righteous prayer, the Lord Jesus is our filter. And it will not get past Him, you see? If our heart is really turned towards Him, He will convict us, and we will repent. If our heart is not turned towards Him, Satan will pick up the prayer and execute it. That is why I have an open [?fleece?] with the Lord Jesus that every unrighteous prayer should be cast down and exposed that I might have the opportunity to repent.

OK, so we have power to surgically remove people’s sins, but it is an indirect power. Even if the Lord Jesus looks down upon us and says, that is a righteous prayer. That person has truly persecuted you for righteousness sake because many of us think that we are persecuted for righteousness sake and we are not persecuted for righteousness sake. We are persecuted because we are obnoxious or hateful or evil, and we think it is the Spirit of God in us. We need to have that exposed. We need to be told, no, that was not the Spirit of God in you. OK, so if that is the case, then the Lord Jesus comes and intervenes.

But if the prayer is righteous, if we were truly persecuted because we were truly manifesting the Spirit of Christ, doing righteousness, and this person has hated us for it and we truly forgive them and pray all the right prayers and our heart is ri- -- you see, it is not just a question of lip service. If your heart is truly for the person, truly filled with compassion and hoping that the Lord should give them the same grace that He has given you, because you know where you came from, so why should this person not have the same opportunity to confess their sins and repent and grow in Christ? If that is truly your heart, the Lord Jesus honors your prayer.

But He does not do what He did for the adulterous woman. He said to the adulterous woman, go and sin no more. I am convinced, I am persuaded that that -- and the fact that she was an adulterous woman means she was an [sic] habitually adulterous woman. She was not just caught in one act of adultery. To be an adulteress or an adulterer, you must be sinning habitually. And I believe when Jesus said, go and sin no more, with those words, He imparted the ability to that woman to go and sin no more. By his word He surgically removed her potential for adultery. Although I cannot -- I have to correct that. I do not know whether He surgically removed the potential or He gave her power over it. I have to say that my opinion is He gave her power over it. Because it was not the time, as my understanding sees it, for that woman to be having her sins surgically removed. What He gave her was power over it.

You see, every one of us has the potential to commit every kind of sin. A lot of sins we have power over. We have the potential, but we do not do it. How many of us are murderers, physical murderers. We do not do it. No matter how angry we get, we do not murder. Many of us think adulterous thoughts; everybody thinks adulterous thoughts, almost everybody at one time or other in their life. But you do not do it. So -- but somebody that is out there committing the adultery or someone that is out there committing the murderer [sic], they have a spiritual problem.

The first step is to -- is for the Lord Jesus to give us dominion over the problem. Leviathan will be tread underfoot before he will be destroyed. First you take dominion over your prey. Then you kill it. First you get sick. Then you die. It is two stages, OK? First you get strong. Then you become victorious completely. First you get strong. Then you rise up and take the victory and put the other guy down. It is in a series. It is in stages.

OK, so the whole point of this exhortation is that this particular word that we are talking about, translated to take up, Strong’s 5375 -- most of the translations are negative, but there was one positive translation: to forgive. And I was saying that the King James translators took a negative view. It is talking about taking up or taking back of -- well, in this particular -- Lord, help me preach this message tonight. In this particular phrase, it is talking about taking up a lamentation. But the translations in the lexicon were to take up violence or to pluck up from the earth. They were negative translations with the one translation that was positive.

And I chose the positive translation because my view of Jehovah is not as a bloodthirsty God. My view of Jehovah is of a God that loves beyond my ability to even comprehend.

And I am certainly not capable of loving like He loves. And I know that everything He does, no matter how hard it may seem to my carnal mind, that His motive and His goal is to help me because He loves me -- because He loves me enough to not agree with my failures and my foolishness and my sinful nature. I believe Jehovah, the God of battle, is a loving God whose enemy is my fallen nature.

Did you ever hear about the plight of the policemen? They get a phone call that a man is beating his wife, and they come to break it up, and the wife starts beating up the cop. Did you ever hear of anything like that? Two policemen in the family: You know all about it.

Listen, brethren: Jehovah through his agent, the Lord Jesus Christ, is coming to destroy our sin nature, who is so oppressing us -- and the Scripture says prostituting us -- that we live for a very short season. We do not even live; we exist. And we pass out of this earth because this wicked mind, Leviathan, is using us up. And the Lord Jesus Christ has been sent by Jehovah to save us from our own wicked mind. And many of us are rising up and beating up the Lord Jesus and Jehovah Himself.

Now why would we be doing that in context of what I just talked about? Because Leviathan is our -- who are we defending here? He is our husband. He is our husband. We are married to this wicked mind, and because we are married to him, we have become the beast of Revelation. We are married to a morally perverse serpent, and we are the beast.

And Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus to take us away from this morally perverse husband because we are supposed to be married to Jehovah and His son, Jesus Christ. So Jesus is coming to kill our morally perverse husband so that we can be purified so that we will not be a beast anymore but so that we could be a glorious, living creature, through whom the glorious nature of God is being expressed. The Scripture talks about it -- expresses it as being anointed with jewels and fine clothing.

But when the Lord Jesus comes nearby to kill our husband, what do we do? We raise up with our spiritual weapon of the carnal mind, which speaks out of our mouth, and we blaspheme the God of heaven. That is what fallen man does, and if you are not doing it now, you must have done it at some time. You have to have done it at some time because your mind is Leviathan, and he hates Jesus and everything about Him.

So who are we? Who are we that Jesus is coming to save if our own mind is holding us captive and is our worst enemy? Who are we? Does anybody remember? Who are we? Well, Cain is our evil mind. Cain is our evil mind.


No. Who is righteous in us? Who is righteous but tread underfoot?


No.[?Jesus, Abel?]?

Abel, Abel, Abel. Well, see the truth is that we are Cain also, but Cain is the turncoat. Cain is the one who rebelled. Cain is the one who is the part of Adam that rebelled against Adam himself and went off and started his own life. And a righteous root remains in us. His name is Abel. A righteous root remains. His name is Abel.

Let us just put this on the board. Let us review this because it is the doctrine that the Lord is bringing down now, and it is -- He is telling me it is a very important doctrine. So let us just review.

OK, we have a garment that is being woven, and this is the fallen creature. Now we are a beast, you know -- now, either we are a living beast or we are a dead beast. That is why the Book of Daniel and even the Book of Revelation talks about living beasts. That is not an in- -- well, to be a living beast is not an insult because the -- that is what the whole creature is. It is a mind woven together with spiritual earth, which makes an animal. We are an animal or a beast. That is what we are. And when we are a living animal, we are glorious. When our mind is the word of God and we are a living animal, we are glorious.

But when our mind is Leviathan, we are a dead animal, and the Scripture calls us the beast. OK, so Adam died. Cain rebelled against Adam, and Adam died. And what we are left with is a divided spirit. Adam died, and his spirit divided. And Abel is the righteous seed, but he is powerless. And he has been captured by the wicked mind of the creature, Leviathan.

And Cain came down here -- see, this is the divided age. Abel plus Cain, when they are raised together and joined with the Lord Jesus Christ, is the raising of Adam from the dead. So Adam was -- you know, and I have to tell you -- I have told you that this was Elohim that divided in half. It was Adam. It was Adam who died. Elohim did not die, OK? I am sorry if I am confusing you. I am trying to get there. Elohim did not die; it was Adam who died, the living soul who died. And he broke down into Cain and Abel.

And Cain twisted together with the earth. And if you remember: The waters of the creation joined him. And the waters of the creation, called Satan, plus Cain plus the earth increased into the mind called Leviathan. And Leviathan -- the Scripture says -- married the ear- -- married the ground. The Scripture says, married the ground. That means we have a garment of many threads, and Leviathan became the mind that dominated the whole creature called the beast. And when the beast incarnates into human bodies, she becomes the devil. Jesus. Jesus.

Now just to confuse you some more, there is another name for the beast. The Scripture calls her the woman. And to the best of my understanding at this time, she is called the woman when Jehovah or Elohim or the Lord Jesus Christ is talking about the fallen creature in terms of her supposedly being Adam’s wife. You see, Adam was supposed to marry the earth and bring forth his mind in [?it?]. I feel like I am losing you. Let me start from the beginning again. I see I am not going to get very far in Amos.

OK, we will start this from the beginning. Xxxx, could you put that on hold, please? OK, this warp and woof thread that I show you, it is just a sample thread. We saw Adam forming his mind on the woof of the garment. Is everybody with me? He had Elohim and Jehovah and dust, and he became the living soul. And you remember that the living soul is the immature mind that Jehovah and Elohim formed in the creature, OK? Is everybody with me on that?

OK. That is the mind, and this mind was destined to be woven through the warped threads of the earth. And the Scripture says when the mind is woven through the threads of the earth that the mind has married the earth. That is the way the Scripture puts it. The mind is supposed to be marrying the earth.

It is like saying, I am forming a human being, and I am making a heart. And I completed the heart, and I put it on that chair. And now I am forming the rest of your body, the external body. And I have to sew your heart into your body. And then your heart is going to start pumping, and you are going to be alive. Can you hear that? Can you hear that? OK.

So the mind, when it is woven together with the earth -- the Scripture says -- has married the earth. OK? And the earth is white or gray and valueless. But when the mind or when the spirit of the mind gets woven together through the earth, the earth becomes infused with light from the spirit and becomes ground. The difference between earth and ground is that earth is the byproduct of the big bang. It is white or it is gray. It has no life. It is good for nothing; it is valueless. But when it gets mixed with spirit, which is likened unto water, it becomes ground. [?It?] becomes fertile. It becomes a substance that can receive the seed. What seed? The seed that will grow into a mind.

And it is Jehovah and Elohim’s intention to produce a creature, which is an animal, that is possessed of a mind in which Jehovah and Elohim dwell. Let me say that again. It is Jehovah and Elohim’s intention to produce a creature, which is an animal -- a creature with -- of animal flesh, which will be possessed of or married to the mind which Jehovah and Elohim form: possessed of, married to, ruled by, controlled by the mind of Jehovah.

The earth or the animal, which is produced when the mind is woven through the earth, is either good or evil depending on whether the mind that she is married to is good or evil.

The earth -- the valueless earth -- becomes ground. The Hebrew word for ground -- I think it is 127. I hope that is right. And it is just a couple of words away from the word for Adam in the lexicon, and it means red and ruddy. It is the -- It is talking about the ground that Jehovah and Elohim formed out -- Adam out of before Jehovah breathed Elohim into the man.

You see, the King James says: and they formed Jeho- -- Adam out of the earth. But the Hebrew word is not earth. The Hebrew word is ground. I hope that is the right number. I should not talk if I am not sure. But the Hebrew word that is translated earth where it says, and Jehovah and Elohim formed the man out of the dust of the ground -- the Hebrew word -- well, maybe it is ground. I thought it was saying earth. Excuse me. Whatever the King James says -- earth or ground -- the Hebrew word is ground.

Adam was formed out of earth that already had been mixed with the Spirit of God, and Elohim was breathed into him as the breath of life. How did this earth get that ruddy color? How did it go from earth to ground? Well, you might remember in Genesis 1, the waters of creation flowed over all of the earth. And then Jehovah -- and then Elohim said: Let the waters all come together in one place and be called the seas, and let the dry appear. Well, when the waters were called back, they left a residue. They left a residue that produced fertile ground.

So we see that the purpose of the creation of Jehovah and Elohim is to produce a living animal. Jehovah and Elohim are Spirit. They want a visible creation, and they -- who? Jehovah and Elohim want to appear in the form of a living animal.

Now we do not know what animal meant back at the beginning of time. It may -- do not think it means a cat and a dog as we know animals. I do not know what it meant. The only thing I know is that it was something that was different than spirit. It was visible, and it was made out of the substance that was the exact opposite of the righteousness of Jehovah and Elohim. And Jehovah and Elohim joined together, twisted with the dust and formed Adam, the living soul, the mind of the beast.

And Jehovah said to Adam, be very careful because you are in a place with evil. You are righteous because Jehovah and Elohim are in the midst of you, but you are not only surrounded by evil, parts of you are mixing with the evil earth. Hold onto yourself and hold onto your righteousness or you shall surely die.

So I am sorry if I did not get it right in the last couple of messages. Elohim did not die; Adam died. And he died when a part of himself turned against himself. A part of Adam, the living soul, turned against him.

Does this sound strange to you? Do you know that cancer is a situation in your body where your own cells attack you? Did you know that? Did you know that? Did you know that ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease and just about any degenerative disease is a condition where your own cells are attacking you and trying to kill you? Yeah.

So you see, everything that goes on in this world is a played-out example of what happened at the time of the fall. A part of Adam attacked him and separated from him. It is as if your liver got up and walked away. What would happen to you if your liver got up and walked away? Well now, you say, Sheila, that is not going to happen. Do not be ridiculous.

OK, I will bring it down to reality. You wound up in a hospital, God forbid. I will make up some name. I do not even want to talk about someone this way. Some woman went to the hospital, and some unscrupulous doctor was offered a million dollars for somebody’s liver. So cut her liver out and sold it. What happened to the woman? She died.

Well, a part of Adam’s own being withdrew from him. Why? He wanted to be God. Jehovah said to him, do not do this thing. Stay together. Do not do this thing, but he wanted to be God. And he went out on his own, and Adam died. Because Adam had the authority, and apparently Adam had the power to stop Cain from going, but he did not. I still do not have it straight in my mind as to exactly what Adam experienced. But somehow it must have been pleasurable or to his advantage to let Cain go.

And then true to Jehovah’s word, he died to his immortality. He did not cease to exist, but he died to his immortality. And he became mortal, and the single living soul, which was the immature mind of Jehovah and Elohim, which was making the whole creature righteous, divided into good and evil. And actually what happened here that caused the fall -- Oh, God, help me to draw this. Put this on hold for a minute please, Mary.

Now if you could just help me by trying to understand that spirit is in the center. And if you could just think of Spirit as the nucleus of an atom, and as this creation is created, orbits are being added to the atom -- orbits -- but the center -- it is not -- Spirit is not a plain surface. It is not up or down or left to right. Spirit is in the depth, so every orbit that is added is going further and further away.

OK, the Lord just gave me an example for you. Think of our universe with the sun. Every planet -- each planet is further away from the sun than the planet before it. Can you see it in 3D? I do not know how to draw it in 3D. In our sun we have a planet circling close to the sun in an orbit, OK? Then the next planet in the next orbit is further away from the sun than the first planet. And each subsequent planet that orbits around our sun is further and further away from the sun. Can you see that? OK.

So when we talk about these things, we are not really going up and down. We are going out. We are going out, OK? So each phase of the creation is going further away from Jehovah and Elohim until the final ring on the creation is outer darkness. We are in outer darkness right now. This visible, physical world is outer darkness. So we are physically in outer darkness.

And where we are mentally -- Jesus knows where we are mentally, OK? If you are living your life completely at a carnal life, well then you are completely in outer darkness. But my point is that what I am going to try to draw for you -- and I do not know how to draw it -- is that we are starting at the center of the Spirit where the eternal realm -- where Jehovah dwells. And each step towards building the visible creation, it is not going up or down, but it is going outward. Can you follow me?

Can -- I am going to put it on the board. I am going to draw it from top to bottom. And if I just ask the Lord to help you to understand that it is coming up from underneath, and it is not going from top to bottom. Do you at least know what I am talking about? Do you know what I am talking about?


Do you? OK. Do you know what I am talking about? Yeah. [UNINTELLIGIBLE], you know what I am talking -- OK. So we see -- at the deepest recesses of the world of Jehovah’s Spirit, we see Jehovah and Elohim. Now Jehovah and Elohim, they are always together. They are the Father and the Son, and they are always together. But they are not necessarily manifesting together. Sometimes they are manifesting together. And the Scripture says: El- -- and Jehovah and Elohim did such and such a thing, OK? Sometimes the Scripture says: And Jehovah said.

If I ever get to it tonight, I have an example for you in Genesis. Jehovah went to Abraham and said, I am going to make a covenant with you. And then the next thing that we know is El- -- and now it was just Jehovah talking to Abraham. I am going to make a covenant with you. And the next thing we know, Elohim is giving Abraham the details of the covenant.

It is just like the president or the chairman of the board of a big corporation calls up some big-shot and says, look. I want to strike a deal with you. Will you sell it for $10 million? And the other businessman says, yeah. $10 million, deal. And the chairman of the board calls up his lawyer, and he says, write it up. Get me a contract.

So sometimes Elohim and Jehovah are doing something together. And sometimes the Scripture just names one of them, but the other one is always present. They are never separated. They are never separated. You may recall tha- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

-- Jehovah’s name does not appear in Genesis 1 except as the Spirit that hovered over the waters, some such thing. But the name Jehovah does not appear in Genesis 1 because Elohim is the one who is doing all the work.

Jehovah is the chief honcho. He gives the command, and Elohim carries it out. It is like saying, my brain says do it, and my hands go out and do it. But they are one, and they are never separated. Is everybody OK? OK.

So Jehovah and Elohim decided to build this creature. Jehovah gave the instructions. Elohim projected out from Him. Elohim projected out from Him but stayed attached to Him on some level. I do not have all the details. Just please bear with me. Two aspects of the living God. One is the chief honcho. The other does the work.

You know, a lot of partners work like that: inside man, outside man. Did you ever hear of that? Inside man, outside man. Someone once told me once even personnel offices operate like that. One guy is a big -- or even in the army. They have this sergeant that is scaring these 18-year-old recruits half to death. And then they have the nice guy that they go and tell their stories to. And the nice guy and the tough guy are hav- -- they are drinking in the next night, talking about how they are making men out of these kids. It is all a game. Do you know what I am talking about?

So Jehovah and Elohim decided they were going to make a creation. And we know that some fallout came, and there was some earth. We know the story. Elohim -- Jehovah was there backing him up the whole time. And he gathered enough strength. Now we know that Elohim had to lose some energy to become dense. To become visible He had to start to lose some energy, so He was weak for a season, but Jehovah was backing Him up.

Elohim was doing the work, and the work that He was doing was that He was forming the mind of the creature. If you remember our study in Genesis 1, that is what we discovered. And the name of the mind that Jehovah and Elohim became was the living soul: Adam, the living soul.

Now if you can think of this, think of the sun. Think of Jehovah and Elohim as the sun, and they now put the first orbit around them. The first thing they did was form the man, Adam, the living soul. They breathed the breath of life into the man, and the breath of life, by the way, was Elohim. Jehovah breathed Elohim into the man, and Adam became a living soul.

Now the whole purpose, remember, was to form a living animal that would be visible. And there would be several stages of incarnation. There would be several stages of incarnation. And the first stage was the formation of the mind. The second stage would be the formation of what we would call the spiritual body. Paul called it the celestial body, where the mind is woven through the earth and we get a living creature but a living creature that has not yet appeared in the fully visible world.

So let us see what we are supposed -- well, let us do first what was supposed to happen and did not happen. OK, we have Jehovah and Elohim. Then we have the living soul. And over here is the visible world. And the goal is to produce the son of God -- OK, the son of God, which will be the mind of God woven together with the ground. And he was supposed to appear over here in the visible world. Forgive me, Lord Jesus. That is supposed to be a crown on His head. I will give Him the scepter. Jehovah was supposed to be appearing in the visible world as the son of God -- the son of God being the living soul, the mind of the creature woven through the earth, OK?

And we have an intermediary stage over here. Living creature plus the ground equals the [?behemoth?], the spiritual, living beast. Now you may recall in Daniel 7, it refers to the Lord Jesus Christ as the fourth beast. That is not an insult. You have to understand what the beast is. It is the creature that Jehovah is making. It is spirit inside of a soul inside of a beast appearing in the visible world as the glorious, glorified son of God.

So if you could see this as our universe with the sun at the center, Jehovah is the sun. And each stage of development, living soul woven through the ground, formation of the [?behemoth?] -- I should say marriage -- woven through the ground and then the actual marriage of the living soul to the ground -- I am not even sure what that is at this point -- produces the living beast. And the living beast appears in the visible world as the son of God.

Now the way this son of God appears -- and this is the key point now. The son of God in the visible world is supposed to be -- does anybody know who he was supposed to be? Who was he supposed to be an expression of?


No, that is his name, but who was he supposed to be an expression of? No, Jehovah, Jehovah. Jehovah appearing as the glorious son of God. So Jehovah is going through all these changes to wind up in outer -- well, this would not be outer darkness if everything went right -- to wind up in the visible, spiritual world as the glorious son of God, whatever he would have looked like. I do not even know. So what do we have?

Actually let me draw this just a little differently up here. This is Elohim, and this is Jehovah. We see Jehovah from all the way up here at the center. He is going on a journey. He is passing through all these stages, and He is going to wind up in the visible world as the son of God. The way the Scripture puts it is that Jehovah was intended to pierce through the living soul and be born as the son of God. Just as man pierces into his wife and plants the seed and the child comes out through all these stages and appears in the visible world, Jehovah the man -- the male in- -- according to his plan, intended to pierce through the living soul and continue along the road of being woven together or married to the ground and continuing to pierce through, would appear as the son of God in the visible world.

And I am sure you do not remember it, but this principle is stated in our book, “Mind, Hell & Death.” This principle is stated in our book, “Mind, Hell & Death,” that this is how a visible world is formed: that a male spirit forms a mind and pierces through that mind and forms a visible image of a world and of himself. Jesus. Can we put that on hold for a minute, please?

OK, now this is the key point. Jehovah, at the innermost point, was supposed to pierce through the mind, called the living soul, that He made and appear as a man. But before Jehovah did that, a part of Adam himself -- it would be as if your heart rose up or -- I am sorry, but the most graphic or, you know -- it is absurd, but the most graphic example would be -- is if a man were capable of being impregnated and he impregnated himself.

OK, this is what happened: Before Jehovah and Elohim pierced through the living soul, a part of the living soul rose up and did the job that Jehovah and Elohim intended to do and pierced through the ground and formed a beast that was not a living beast but was a dead beast. And then when it appea- -- when he appeared, when she appeared, when the beast appeared in the visible world, OK, it was not the son of God.

But we are told in Revelation 17 that there was a woman sitting on a what?


No, on a scarlet-colored beast. And who is scar- -- scarlet is what? Is it green? Is it orange? Red, scarlet is red. So who is the -- what does red mean?


Adam, red. It is talking about the red ground out of which the living beast was made. Because Adam is red, so Adam gave his life to the ground, and the ground became red. And so long as the living soul was in the ground, the ground was the son of God. But we see a harlot sitting on a scarlet-colored beast because this is red ground that has been castrated. The manly mind, called the living soul, was killed in it. So it is the ground running around without its mind.

Can you hear this? You know how the Scripture describes it in Zechariah? Can anybody guess? How does the Scripture describe it in -- by the prophet Zechariah? Horses, riderless horses: a beast running around without a rider. A beast running around without a rider. Four horses, no riders.

So in Revelation chapter 17, we see the scarlet-colored beast. That is what happened to the ground after Adam died. It became a beast without a manly mind, but there was a harlot sitting on top of it, a woman. The beast was female.

Anybody know the name of the harlot? The beast, a part of Adam, rose up, acted like a man and incarnated, OK, and married himself, married the earth and beca- -- and made a harlot out of Abel. Made a harlot out of Abel. It was Cain that rose up within the living soul, rebelled against Adam, acted like a man, pierced through the living soul, incarnated in the spiritual world as a woman, as a fema- -- as a mortal female. And what happened was this mortal female, called Cain, married the earth. It was supposed to be Jehovah piercing through the living soul and marrying the earth, but it was a part of Cain that pierced through the matrix, appeared in the worl- -- in the spiritual world, was born of a mortal woman.

And instead of the living soul weaving itself together through the ground and becoming a living creature, the mortal woman, which was really Cain, wove herself through the ground, married the ground, occupied the ground, brought forth her morally perverse mind in the ground, and sat down and defended it. This is the principle of the harlot sitting on the scarlet-colored beast. The clay, the ground out of which this creation is supposed to be made, is being possessed, is being occupied by the morally corrupt Cain, who married her own earth and produced a morally corrupt mind and made a prostitute out of righteous Abel.

You know, I was sitting -- I spent a couple of hours today sketching this out, trying to understand this. And I was sitting in front of the computer, saying, Lord, I am so confused. I am so confused. And all of a sudden, it hit me: Yeah, this is total confusion. It is Babylon. A part of Adam rose up and pierced through the matrix before Jehovah and married his own earth and is now occupying it. This is confusion: total confusion.


That is the what?

The Babylon that is going to come down.

Yes, this is the Babylon that is going to come down is that C- -- I am going to put it on the board in a different way for you in just a minute. The Babylon that is coming down is that Cain pierced through the living soul and was born as a mortal woman, OK, and interwove herself with the ground to -- and to -- made Abel a prostitute. That is what is coming down. It has to come apart. Abel has to be freed. Cain has to be extricated from Leviathan. Ain [sic] and Cabel [sic] are going to be rejoined. The living soul, Adam, is going to be raised from the dead, and he is going to increase into the word of God. And Jehovah’s plan will come to pass.

Now I would like to show it to you from another point of view. If you could shut that message off, Xxxx please, I will erase this board again.

OK, someone just asked me -- to be honest with you, I do not really feel I am ready to preach this. And once again I have to humbly stand before you and tell you that I may not have the right name for this, OK? But it is my understanding that Cain was born into a spiritual world, but I honestly do not know if that was the visible, spiritual world of God or not. I know that Cain went a step further and formed his physical world, but I am not really sure if that was the visible, spiritual world of God. I am sorry, OK? I am doing the best I can. Hope you are getting something out of this.

OK, let me show this to you from another point of view. I am going to just draw Adam over here, OK. And Adam has a lower nature, which is Cain, down here. Well, I guess I did it backwards. My carnal mind must be operating. Every time you do something backwards, it is your carnal mind. OK, and this is Adam over here, OK?

Now Adam is waiting to be born. He is waiting to be born as a visible being. This mind, Adam, it is just in the spirit. It is strictly in the spirit. He is waiting to be born into a visible form. And supposedly Jehovah is going to pierce through this mind so that Adam could be born in a physical -- in not physical, but in a visible form. But a part of Adam’s own nature rose up and pierced through him: spiritual rape, spiritual incest. Cain rose up and made himself the seed that was piercing through Adam to appear as a visible being in the visible, spiritual world.

OK, now we -- in the study that we did at the last meeting, we found out that Adam was aware that he had been born. This is Genesis 4:1. Adam realized that he had been born, but he did not realize that he had lost his immortality until he took a look at himself.

Brethren, think of it this way -- this is awesome. Think of it this way: that -- well, let us think of it in terms of reincarnation, just by way of an absurd example. Reincarnation teaches that after you die to this body that you are in, that you go before some karmic board and ask for permission to incarnate again. And you tell them all -- you draw up your plans: that you would like to incarnate as the child of so-and-so in such-and-such a nation, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da. And you go before the karmic board, and they say yes or no.

So let us say they approve your plans, just you have to get your plans approved before you build a building. You have to go to the town board and get your plans approved. You go before the karmic board, and they say, OK. And here you are, a fully functioning, intelligent person, knowing that you are choosing to submit to a process that will cause you to be born as an infant, losing all memory, temporarily, of all your wisdom and knowledge that has helped you to prepare your plans for this new incarnation. Do you know what I am talking about? Do you know what I am talking about? This is what reincarnation teaches.

And this is -- this doctrine is in the church. And they quote you a Scripture in Job [UNINTELLIGIBLE] ah, the morning star sang with Jehovah in the early days of the creation before they were incarnated. They were fully formed, intelligent, knowledgeable beings that chose to incarnate. And they lost their memory when they were born as babies. Did you know that doctrine was reincarnation? It is not true. I have been preaching here for years that it is not true. I did not realize it was reincarnation until just now.

Adam was a super-intelligence. He had an intimate relationship with Jehovah and Elohim. They had imparted all their knowledge to him. What was he lacking? Experience, experience. He knew the whole story, and he knew that he was a mind but that he was going to incarnate as a man. Somehow he understood that. So he had enough knowledge -- you see, the Scripture that -- the studies that we had these last couple of weeks tells us that Adam did not realize that Cain -- that he had had intercourse with Cain instead of Jehovah. Found a couple of witnesses in that -- in the Song of Solomon too -- that Adam could not tell the difference between sex with his husband and masturbation. That is what it says. I do not care if you shut off the message or not. Adam did not know who impregnated him.

You see, there is a spiritual truth in it, brethren. When you have a baby, ladies and gentlemen, that baby is you. That baby is you. If you can hear it, it is you. That baby is your next incarnation. You have given your physical genes. You have given your spiritual genes. You have given your emotional genes. And when you pass out of this world, if you are not raised to full stature, they are your living residue. The Bible teaches that.

Adam knew that when he incarnated, it would be him in another form, in a visible form. And he knew he was supposed to be a man, a male. So somehow -- I do not really even know where he was looking from -- just struggling through this, he did not know who he had sex with. And we see that -- where do we see that principle in the Bible? Who got married and did not know it was not his wife until the next morning?


Jacob, Jacob. So there is your witness to it. It could happen in the natural too. So Cain passed through Adam, and Adam was born. And the Scripture says -- not in the King James translation now -- but the Scripture says when Adam saw what he looked like -- what does that mean? You see, it means that this flesh that we are in is an image of what is inside of us. The beast incarnated us, so we look like a beast. We have a beast body. We do what beasts do. We eat. We go to the bathroom. And we have sex, and we give birth like the beasts. And that is the proof that the beast incarnated you.

Adam took a look at his image. Did you ever see one of those comedy movies, Abbot and Costello or Laurel and Hardy, and they look in the mirror and they go, aaaaah? Did not look like a man. Can you see this? If you want to look, take another bizarre example, that guy that went before the karmic board and put out all his plans that were approved for him to incarnate as a male. When he got there, something went wrong.

And the Scripture says that Adam did not even know that he had slept with Cain instead of Jehovah until he saw the woman. And not only did he see the woman, but he saw the mortal woman: mortal, mortal, mortal. He knew he had died to his immortality when he saw the mortal woman.

And then the Scripture says he swelled up again. Do you remember this from the last message? He swelled up again. Adam swelled up again. And this time he was born as a righteous, mortal man. He was righteous, but he was mortal. And he was good, and she was evil. Because the woman -- what was her name?


Cain. Cain was born as the evil woman. So instead of one son of God that was immortal, we see Adam born as a male and a female, who are both mortal. And this is the first stage of the fall.

I do not know what they looked like. And the Scripture tells me that they were in one sack -- that they were not men and women, like we are now, but they were in one sack and that this was the beginning of the double-minded creature. It is also called the divided -- anybody? Age. Why the divided age? Because Abel is spirit, and Cain is also spirit.

Now this is a great mystery, brethren. But as evil and as wicked as Cain was and is, Cain killed Adam. And in Adam we all died. He did something very wicked, and he kills us every day because he lusted to incarnate a world. As evil as Cain is, he is God’s son. He is Elohim’s son. Elohim wants him back.

Listen, brethren, if you need a reason to understand why Jehovah is so forgiving -- if you cannot believe that it is just his nature and you need a reason, there is your reason. He wants Cain back. He wants Cain back, and it is his Spirit. He wants Cain back. And He wants him rejoined to Abel. And He wants to have Abel pierced and crucified by the Lord Jesus. And He wants his living soul raised from the dead, and He wants to marry his wife, the beast. And He wants this creation to be exactly what He intended it to be when He first imagined it.

What did Jesus say? [UNINTELLIGIBLE] more valuable than many [?sparrows?]. One of the requirements that we found out when we did the Book of Revelation for going on to full stature is a knowledge of the value and the worth of the creation. This is Jehovah’s spirit.

I do not care who you are. I do not care if you are Hitler. Jehovah’s son is in you. And He wants him back. He did great evil, Cain -- did great evil. Look at all the pain and torment that he has caused, but he is Jehovah’s Spirit, and He wants him back. And He is going to do whatever He has to do to get him back. And He is going to put him in his right place. And Cain is going to do what he was intended to do when Jehovah and Elohim devised this creation, and we are going on.

Now I would like to show this to you. Well, let me just put this on the board for you. This is the divided age because Jehovah’s Spirit divided into Cain and Abel. So the divided age, it is the age of duality. All you silly preachers out there, saying that it is only in your mind, well, it is a condition of mind. Duality is a condition of mind. It is not something you can chase away with your willpower. If you are a man and you want to be a woman, can you change it by thinking it? How silly. How silly. God help us all. Be nice to your own nature. Jesus.

We found Scriptures, I think, in Genesis 1, somewhere between 18 and 20, where it says: And Cain rose up and invaded the man. She raped him! Brethren, off-message just before, we were talking about the female dominance that is rearing its ugly head in this society. I told you -- I mean I am laughing because I do not know what else to do. I am not laughing because it is really funny -- of this TV advertisement with this man tied to a bed and the woman on top of him, beating him up. Cain is acting out his fantasies. He invaded Adam. He raped him. He violated him. He humiliated him. He hates him.

And Cain and every human being hates Christ Jesus unless Christ Jesus has him under control. This is no fairy tale; it is no joke. Just ignore him? The man is a homicidal maniac! He is not a man; he is a woman. Wake up! Wake up!

OK, I would like to show you this from another point of view. If you could shut the message off please, Xxxx? [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

I just want to tell you that as I am teaching this one, I know I am not -- in my point of view -- even prayed-up on it. The Lord is not wasting a second. As I was erasing that board, I kept hearing the matrix is opening. The matrix is opening. What I just had on the board for you, Cain being -- piercing through Adam and being born as a mortal male and female -- brethren, it is happening today. Cain is being born. The matrix is opening.

Many will be resurrected and find themselves in a spiritual hell, in a world of spiritual power, which i- -- over which they will have no power, which will be tormenting unto them. And some will find that the son of God has been born in them. That is what is happening now.

I feel such an urgency. I struggle to deal with the fact that one day to God is a thousand years to man. It may be -- I guess it is an immaturity in me, but it is just so hard to hear something like this and not know. It is very hard to just glory in the revelation and say, well, it does not matter when it happens.

But the whole point is that it does matter when it happens because there are aspects of this life that are quite tormenting. I guess I am just not there yet. It is very hard for me to feel the urgency that is on me right now, that the Lord is saying, get this out. Get this out. Because it is happening right now.

I am being born and Cain is being born into this visible, physical world. They are both piercing through from the deep recesses of the spiritual world. What do you think all these aliens in spaceships are? They are Cain’s forerunners. They are Cain’s forerunners. And I do not know where -- I never thought of this before, but it is in my mind, and I am going to say it. As I read the Scripture, Cain was born first. That means we may be hiding for a while, those of us who have the hope that Christ Jesus will be born in us. Cain is incarnating first. No wonder we are in hiding. No wonder we are hidden. Jesus.

OK, now what did I want to put on? How did I want to put this on the -- oh, yeah. I wanted to show you this. OK, very important. Now remember: Genesis 4 says that Cain was born first. So I have been drawing your some cute pictures of curly-headed girls, but that is not what he looked like. That is not what -- I do not know what he looked like, OK.

But I know that there was ground present. This is the best I could do. There was ground present, and Cain was born as a mind. And the way the creation was set up was that the mind would marry the ground. The mind would be as intricately woven to the ground as your vital organs are woven to you.

And -- well, let me put it this way first. Let me do this first. Even after the first stage of the fall, the creation was so high -- it was such a glorious creation that even after Adam was raped and gave birth to Cain, who you may recall was a mixture of spirit and earth -- the Scripture calls him a foreigner. He was a mixture. He was a perversion. He was supposed to be pure Spirit, but he was a mixture. Remember the command to not mix your seed -- spirit and earth -- OK?

And the mortal man that was born after Cain, we were told in the last message that we heard, was a glorious, righteous prince. And this is what we read about in Genesis 4. This is what Jehovah is talking to Cain about. After the two mortals, the mortal man and the mortal woman, were born, Jehovah saw Cain’s intention -- that Cain was not willing to submit to the lordship of righteous Abel.

And Jehovah came to Cain and said, look, submit to righteous Abel, and you will appear in the visible world as a part of Christ Jesus. But Cain said, oh, no, no, not me. I want to be the chief honcho, and I want to incarnate in my own world. And let me tell you something, brethren: Men everywhere are saying the same exact words today. Every Christian that you preach the spiritual truth to that this existence is temporal, this personality is temporal, that you are likened to a person’s seventh year or eighth year, you must live your experiences, you must experience your experiences, and pass on so that Christ Jesus can grow up -- you must die so that He might mature. Every Christian or non-Christian that you preach this truth to that says to you, no. It is a lie. I will live forever, is saying exactly what Cain said to Jehovah.

He said, I will not die so that I can appear as a fully -- as a part of the fully mature man, Christ Jesus. I will not die. I will incarnate with this personality. Can you hear it? I will not submit to Abel. You see, it was not just an issue of authority. It was not just an issue of Cain saying, I should be the boss and not him. No, it was an issue of individuality. Would Cain die as we are all called to die so that the son of God can be born in us? Or would he incarnate as his own daughter of Babylon? Would he give up -- would she give up her individuality and live forever? Or would she refuse to give up her individuality and incarnate a creation that she has been torturing and tormenting for God only knows how long?

Do you want to know who you are talking to? Ask them spiritual questions. You will find out who you are talking to. How many people do you know who are willing to completely die to this personality in life so that Christ Jesus can be born in them? How many people do you know? Do you know that when Christ Jesus is completely born in you, that you will rise up and leave your families? Do you know that if you are promising Him to serve Him for the rest of your life, no not one minute before, but when He is born in you, you are going to rise up and leave? Do you know that? Do you know it now? OK.

Cain said, no way! He said, I do not care if I kill Abel. I do not care if I kill you. I do not care if I kill trillions of people over the centuries for an innumerable amount of years. I do not care who I hurt. I do not care what I do. I do not care the pain and the torment that I cause. I am not dying to this existence. And he killed righteous Abel.

So we see after the first stage of the fall, things were not nearly as bad as they are now. Righteous Abel -- there was an authority there. Righteous Abel was the one who was to rule the double-minded creature, and they still could have had some kind of a decent life. Do not ask me what; I do not know. But it certainly was better than this -- a much higher spiritual life than this. But Jehovah knew that if Cain wanted to, he was strong enough to kill Abel. That is why he asked Cains [sic] for his coop- -- for her cooperation. I want to tell you in many instances -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

-- but [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you can kill your husband. The man’s body might be alive, but you can strip him of his manhood as surely as Cain stripped Abel. I counseled a young woman not too many years ago. No matter what I said, she just had nothing good to say about her husband. But he did this, and, but he did that, and he did that. And I said, sister, life is a series of choices. You can do anything you want. If you think you are entitled to take vengeance or to treat him in a manner that will destroy his manhood, it is your choice. I could not stop you if I wanted to, and I am not going to try, but just count the cost. Because if you keep on doing what you are telling me that you are doing to him, you are going to wake up one morning, and there is going to be a body lying in your bed, but he is going to be a castrated male. Do you want to take that chance? You just keep right on doing what you are doing.

That is what Jehovah said to Cain. He said, you fell, and you have incarnated as mortal beings, but all is not lost. Cain, submit to Abel. Do what is right, and I will still bring you into the kingdom. But if you do not do what is right, the earth, which is your spirit and earth -- you are a mixed creature. You are a foreigner, and the earth in you, the raging passions, that evil part that is in you, the evil side -- excuse me -- that evil side that you are -- if you do not submit to Abel, it will eventually enslave you too.

And we find -- I have found Scriptures that indicate that Cain, even though he incarnated as the serpent and the beast, is in just as much torment as Abel is in. Now who is Cain? For all practical purposes, who is Cain? We are Cain. We are the creation that he incarnated. Is not this sea of humanity and torment? Cain is in as much torment as Abel is.

Did you ever see somebody make their own hell? Did you ever see a kid that you warned against drugs and he went out and did it anyway? That is Cain. We are Cain. And the more torment in your life, the more you are Cain, and the less you are Abel. He found out that Jehovah’s wisdom was true, but by the time he found it out, he was trapped inside the belly of a big fish, and he died. But I tell you that when the day comes that the voice of the son of God tells that fish to spit out Cain, he is going to spit him out. And Cain will be rejoined to Abel and crucified by the Lord Jesus and increase into Christ Jesus. And we will all be the son of God when we die to these fallen lifestyles. Hallelujah.

So when Cain killed Abel -- excuse me -- this was the second stage of the fall. Cain killed Abel. But the second stage of the fall had two parts to it. What are you talking about, Sheila? Well, Cain killed Abel, but Jehovah said, no, I am not ready for this creation to go all the way down yet. I am going to give you another chance. I am going to give you another seed. And Adam incarnated as Seth, the spiritual son that was good and evil with the good in control.

And Seth endured for many generations, but then Cain started to pollute him too. Thus we arrive at the time of 100 or 200 years before the flood. Noah, the only righteous one -- he was the -- Noah was the only man -- and his three sons -- on the face of the earth in that hour in which Abel was still ruling Cain in the descendants of Seth. Cain and Abel simply being names to identify the good and evil principles in the people.

I do not know what they looked like. They were single men with their wives within them. They were superior men. I do not know what they looked like. As a matter of fact, I think we are probably going to put this message on creation, but just by way of interest, one of the translations of the verses that we are not getting to tonight is “Cain” -- this is verse 2 of Amos 5. “Cain has murdered righteous Adam again. The woman has cast him out, and Leviathan is rising up again.”

That is what happened in Israel. That is what happened before the flood. Adam, the living soul, apparently is not strong enough to resist Cain. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ is crucifying Abel, gathering Cain together and increasing into Christ Jesus, who is strong enough to subdue Cain.

So the second stage of the fall is when the mortal woman kills the mortal man. Then what does she do after she kills him? She incarnated the last righteous man, OK? The last -- Jesus, how do I even describe this? The last man that existed in the -- before the second stage of the fall, the superior men that had their wives within them -- the last ones were Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth. And they decayed or deteriorated into humanity as we know it know, male and female, in these vile bodies that if you make it to 100, you are written up in the “Who’s Who.” Before the flood they lived 900 or more years.

Now getting to the next point, I am reminding you that Cain was born first, just like twins: firstborn comes out and then the other. But Cain did not waste a second. It is as if -- I could just see it in the spirit now: this active mind all set to incarnate, and he comes through the matrix of a woman. Now of course this is absurd. I am giving you a bizarre example to make a point. And of course he is not born as a helpless baby, but let us say he is born as a colt. They stand up within a few minutes, and he is raring to go, looking around in the world to do his thing.

That was Cain. He was born as the mortal woman. He did not waste a second. What do you think he did? He married the earth. Look, Cain was acting like a man when he raped Adam. Then he pierced through into the visible world, and he continued to do what the man does. He married the earth. He wove himself through the earth, and he became the earth’s mind. This is Cain. He put his nature on the earth.

And the creature that was formed from Cain and the ground -- and of course Cain put his nature in there by forming his mind in there, and the name of Cain’s mind is Leviathan. And the name of the creature whose mind was Leviathan is the beast. That is the beast of Revelation, brethren. That is the beast. And this ground is ruddy and red. Do not forget that Cain is part of the Spirit of God. He is a rebel, and he is out of order, but he is half spirit.

So you see, instead of having spirit intersect earth and produce a whole beast, we have Cain, who was a mixture of spirit and earth, mixing through the earth. So if you could see it, there is too much earth there and too little spirit there. And the creature that resulted from it was a dead beast: dead in sin, morally corrupt, wild, raging, ravenous and deadly.

And then the Scripture says, Adam swelled up again, and he was born as Abel. And Abel came out of the womb, and he looked around in his righteous purity, all set to rule over Cain and make one out of the two and weave together with the earth and bring forth a living beast. And Abel looked around, and what did he see? Cain had already married the beast. This earth, this is Abel’s wife. And he found out that the name Cain means possession -- that that part of him that was supposed to be his possession had gone ahead and married his wife and incarnated her as a dead beast and that Cain had gained strength by increasing into Leviathan and marrying the beast.

I think it says -- well, it says in Revelation the harlot was sitting upon the beast. This is -- this word in Hebrew idiom is meaning possession. To sit upon is possession. That is not Hebrew; that is English. It means he was possessing the beast. He married her. He was inside of her. He was living in her, and he was living through her. And Abel was righteous but mortal. And Leviath- -- he was no match for Leviathan. He was no match for Leviathan.

So we see that since this day -- since the day that Cain killed Abel -- and of course he rose up, and he slew Abel and wove Abel into the garment of the creature, putting Abel in a role that he was not supposed to be in. Abel was supposed to be husband, prince and king. And Cain made -- put Abel in a passive role, in the female role. And Cain, who married the earth, who was really supposed to be Abel’s wife or the woman, started acting like the man.

Brethren, everything is relative -- listen: Marriage is very hard today. Do not anyone misunderstand me. But I am telling you: The more aggressive the woman is, the harder it is going to be for your husband to be a man. That is just a truism. I am not telling you what to do, just giving you principles. It is very hard. Marriage is very hard today. The roles are not clearly defined. And I am not judging anybody or making any decisions for anyone, but I am telling you the truth.

Just look around: The more -- the less the woman pressures her husband, hopefully the more of a man that he is. Now if you have already got an established problem in your marriage, that is a different story. But look around: The most aggressive men marry the least aggressive women. If you are looking at it from the start, young teenagers, they may not even know why they are doing it. The more aggressive they are, the less aggressive the woman they fall in love with. The weaker they are, the more aggressive a woman they fall in love with.

Now there could be exceptions to that, but look around, and you will see it for yourself. You will see it for yourself. It is very rare that you find a woman who is -- who really just is very timid and she is not interested in anything except her house. It is very rare that you find a woman like that married to a very weak man. It is very rare. Do you at least know what I am talking about? Do you know what I am talking about? OK. Praise the Lord.

So ever since this day that Cain slew Abel, there has been a constant and a continuous rising from the dead of the living soul when Jehovah sends Elohim to do it. Jehovah sent Elohim to do it with Elijah.

I just went through our Alternate Translation of the Old Testament. I remember when I did that translation, I said, Lord, who is this angel of the Lord? Who is it? I cannot say, Lord Jesus Christ, in the Old Testament. Who is it that came down when Elijah cried out and said, I have been circumcised. The sons of Israel have circumcised Christ in me, and I died. Raise me from the dead. Who is this angel of the Lord that answered his cry?

It was Elohim. It was Elohim. Elohim is Jehovah’s agent. Jehovah commands, and Elohim does: Elohim, the right hand of His righteousness, just a different part of the same God. I think of food, and my mouth eats. My brain does not eat. The angel of the Lord, it is Elohim. He came down when Elijah cried out, and he crucified Abel. And he beat Leviathan over the head and got Cain free. He increased into Christ Jesus.

It happened in Israel. Jehovah came. He made a covenant with Abraham, and Elohim was the angel of the covenant. You see, Jehovah comes. He makes a covenant with you. Excuse me. You agree to the covenant, and the next thing that happens is that Jesus is in your heart, you see?

When Abraham went and He made His covenant with Abraham -- I did not get to it tonight, but I had it for you. I was -- we were going to go over a few Scriptures in Genesis where I was going to show you Jehovah came and offered His covenant to Abraham. And when Abraham said OK in the next verse, it is Elohim talking to him. Jehovah made the offer, Abraham said yes, Elohim went in to do the details. Elohim, the God in the midst of you. Jehovah, the God outside of you. Same God. When he gets inside of you, He becomes Elohim. So it happened in Israel, you see? Jehovah sent Elohim based on His covenant with Abraham. And He gave the men of Israel Elohim. And Elohim crucified Abel. And the living soul was raised from the dead.

You see, I -- when I first started teaching this message, I used to -- well, I thought that the living soul died and that we were going to go straight into Christ Jesus, but I do not perceive that now. I see it otherwise. I see that the living soul has to be raised from the dead in us. Adam has to be raised from the dead in us. When the Lord Jesus crucifies Abel in you, He is going to beat Leviathan over the head and get Cain back. And Adam is going to be raised from the dead in you. And Adam will increase into the word of God and the man Christ Jesus.

In the same manner, when the Lord Jesus Christ comes to someone in this world to save them, some people are very evil. There are good people, and there are evil people in this world. There are evil people in this world. We need to know there are evil people in this world: people who are more evil than good. If you do not believe that, you had better pray about it because you have got a problem. There are evil people in this world. Now the evil people that the Lord Jesus goes to and offers salvation too, they have to go from evil to good before they can go on to righteousness. But the good people that Jesus goes to, well, they go from good to righteousness.

But here I show you a paradox in this world. The people that are evil may, on some occasions, get to righteousness before the good people because it is easier for evil people, when under conviction, to admit the evil that they have done. And when you talk to people who have just lived normal lives all of their life, it is very hard for them to see sin in themselves. It is very hard, very hard, and very painful. You talk to a wicked person, they know they are rotten. They may not be repenting, but at least they are confessing it. They are rotten. But you talk to these people that have worked in soup kitchens and given food to the poor and done a whole plethora of good works. Now you convince them that that thought that they are stuffing down because they know it is wrong is sin. But Jesus could do it, you see. Jesus can do it. He can do it. He is able to do it, but it is hard. Hallelujah.

So what was I saying? I was saying ever since Cain killed Abel, we see Jehovah sending Elohim into the earth to crucify Abel and raise Adam from the dead. Even though it is not yet time to increase into the word of God, when Adam is raised from the dead, he rules over the wicked Cain and brings a decent, positive, rewarding lifestyle into the person’s life -- blesses you, blesses your family life, blesses your relationships, blesses your finances, blesses your career, gives you blessings you never even thought of asking for. That is because the living soul is raised from the dead in you.

Listen: You are not going to have much of a good life without Jesus’ righteous mind in you. If Leviathan is completely ruling in you, Cain’s wicked mind, you have got to have much evil in your life. Adam must be raised from the dead in you. That is the beginning of the resurrection.

You know, in the New Testament, in 1 Corinthians 15, we did a whole teaching on that. It talks about Christ being raised from the dead, and I told you that it was the mind of Christ that was raised from the dead in the man Jesus before the man Jesus was raised from the dead, OK? That was the living soul. Adam was raised from the dead in the man Je- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

Adam must be raised from the dead in you. That is the beginning of the resurrection. You know, in the New Testament, in 1 Corinthians 15, we did a whole teaching on that. It talks about Christ being raised from the dead, and I told you that it was the mind of Christ that was raised from the dead in the man Jesus before the man Jesus was raised from the dead, OK? That was the living soul. Adam was raised from the dead in the man Jesus and then went on to become the word of God. That was what Jehovah did to Jesus in utero. He raised Adam from the dead.

You see, to have Adam raised from the dead, you do not have to be in full stature. As Adam matures, you ascent into full stature. But that is what Jesus was born with. Adam was intact. You see, the man Jesus of Nazareth, He was not born with a dead Abel. Everyone else that is born, you are born with Leviathan as your mind and Abel as the prostitute.

Jesus was born with Abel crucified by Elohim. Let me say it again. Jesus of Nazareth was born with Abel, the mortal man in Him, joined to Elohim. He was born with spiritual strength. I honestly do not know the condition of Leviathan in the man Jesus. I do not know. At this point I believe Abel was born crucified by the Lord Jesus, spiritual strength. Whether or not Leviathan had his heads broken and Cain was joined to Abel and Elohim also, I do not know. I really do not know, but I think I will know. The Lord told us this much; He will tell us that too.

It would not surprise me if I were to find out that when the Holy Spirit hovered over Mary, He went into that ovum that was to be Jesus of Nazareth. Elohim went right in there, crucified Abel, beat Leviathan over the head, drew Cain unto them. And Jesus was born in a very high spiritual place. I would not be surprised to find that out, but I still believe He was not in full stature until the time of the baptism. But He had to have a handicap. He had to have something that no other man has. Who in the world could overcome Leviathan? It is impossible. No one could do it.

We even hear about that in our Alternate Translation of Romans 5. It is impossible; nobody could do it. So Jehovah had to do something for Him. He had to do something to make it possible. What number are we on over there, Xxxx?


Halfway through? Any questions or comments on this message? I think that we will make this -- before you go we will change the introduction. We will make this “Creation, Part 23.” Just shut it off for a min- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

Did I understand you to say that Abel was mortal?

Yes, mortal. Abel was mortal, and Cain was mortal. They were both mortal. Mort- -- the mortal man and the mortal woman. In the Hebrew the word -- the Hebrew word translated man in the early part of Genesis -- chapter 1 and chapter 2, I think even chapter 3 -- is Strong’s 120, which means Adam. In Genesis 4, the English word man is the translation of another Hebrew word, which means mortal man. It is [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. I do not remember the name, but the word is [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

So that does not have to be a physical man then?

No, he was -- no, it does not have to -- no, he was not a physical man. He was a spiritual man who was mortal. Yes, amen.

So you see exactly what we were talking about tonight is what is happening. The -- some people in the church know about it. Some people that are into spiritual things outside of Jesus know about it. They are saying the matrix is open. This is what it means. This is what it means. Both Jesus and Cain are piercing through into the minds of men. That is what is happening right now, and no one is going to be able to resist. You will be the wife of one or the other. They are marrying our flesh. The spiritual man is marrying our flesh. He is coming out into the open.

The New Agers know all about it. They know all about it. If you remember the movie “The NeverEnding Story,” the little boy was reading the book, and he got all involved in the story. And the next thing you know, the princess from the story had materialized in front of him.

Well, Lord Jesus, I am all excited about this story, and I am waiting for you to materialize in front of me if you can hear what I am saying. He is not going to materialize in front of you until your mind is fully immersed in the story. The dream must become flesh. The thought must become flesh. The story must take form for you: first in your mind and then physically.

That is what is happening today. Workers of witchcraft out there, getting all kinds of revelation and understanding, spending hours and hours and hours studying occultic works. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] many Christians just worrying or concerned about their house and their baby and their job and the very best that they could hope for -- the Christians in that carnal state of mind -- the very best that they could hope for is that they will be able to enjoy this life for the end of their days. But it is hard to believe that they are going to be in any war unless they are drafted and raised up.

I do not know what it going to happen -- bypass them. I do not know. But it is a-coming. The war is a-coming. And they are going to be coming looking for us. Do not go bragging about who you think you are. I am telling myself that too. Do not go bragging about who you think you are because they are coming looking for you.

10/24/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion 11/04/14 1st Edit CAS/BP

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