Revelation, Chapter 12 - Part 1

To understand chapter 12 of the Book the revelation we will need an understanding of a revelation that recently came down here, which is the understanding that we have spiritual blood which flows along the nerves of our etheric body, which is the invisible part of our physical body. Our spiritual blood consists of spiritual molecules which are formed by the union of the spiritual molecules of our mortal foundation and the molecules of the spiritual male that our foundation is joined to. We are born with a mortal foundation that, in our fallen condition, is penetrated by thePrimordial Serpent's counterfeit male organ, Leviathan. "We," the personality, have a mortal foundation which is called the fiery serpent. Occult writers call her Kundalini. The fiery serpent is the spiritual female organ of the personality. "Salvation" in all about freeing the personality from the Primordial Serpent, by delivering her from Leviathan, the Primordial Serpent's counterfeit, spiritual male organ.



This message is not for the faint hearted. We, the personalities of humanity, whether we be physically male or physically female, die because we are pierced by Leviathan, the Primordial Serpent's counterfeit male organ. The personality in and of itself is made from the earth, and is therefore spiritually female, whether the personality in joined to a physical male body or a physical female body.The personality, which is spiritual, is the background threads of Jehovah's creation and, although she is spiritually female in her own right, she takes on the spiritual sex of the energy source that completes her. In our present fallen condition, the personalities of the collective humanity are possessed by the Primordial Serpent through her counterfeit male organ, Leviathan, whose spiritual molecules are penetrating all of the spiritual molecules of the fiery serpent, humanity's mortal foundation.



Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus Christ to cast Leviathan out of the fiery serpent and join with the fiery serpent in the individual, to deliver the personalities of humanity from death, spiritual weakness, and hell, which is this present world. Jesus spoke about this very thing by saying, "how can you enter into a strongman's house unless you first bind the strongman." Spiritually speaking, the personality is the house of the male spirit. The male spirit enters into each and every spiritual molecule of the personality, and dwells in her. That same Scripture continues, saying, "and spoil his goods." The word goods means "the strongman's wife." The personality is female to the indwelling male spirit, because she is the vessel that is penetrated and possessed. The immortality that the Scripture promises us is in Christ Jesus, who must be formed in us before he can cast Leviathan out of the personality who is his wife. We shall stop dying when our adulterous union with the Primordial Serpent through Leviathan, her counterfeit male organ, comes to an end, and we enter into a spiritual marital union with our true husband Christ Jesus, the only one who possesses true immortality.



In Revelation, Chapter 12, we see the manchild being born.The manchild is Christ Jesus, our personal Saviour, who isbeing born in us because the holy seed of Jesus Christ touched us. Christ in you, and Christ in me, our hope of glorification, will cast down the Dragon, Leviathan, and marry us, the personality, in every, single spiritual molecule of our being. So, we have discussed the principal of spiritual molecular union between the individual personality and the male energy force, or spirit that must possess her, for the personality to appear in a visible world. Revelation, Chapter 12, Verse 1, shows the personality, the woman covered by the sun, which means that she is under the protection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the moon is under her feet, which means that she is prevailing over the Serpent's household within herself, and upon her head. Upon the physical head of the physical body of the personality? Or upon her spiritual head, Christ Jesus? The Scripture clearly says that this is a "wonder" in heaven, meaning that these events are spiritual. The woman cannot be physical. The Lord Jesus Christ who is in the crown center was upon the woman's spiritual head, Christ Jesus, who was being born in her, and the number12 signifies that the Lord Jesus Christ is fully intertwined with the spirit of Elijah, and that he is exercising all of the authority of the Godhead through Christ Jesus in the individual, because the spirit of Elijah is fully intertwined with Michael and, through him, the whole household of God.



The 12 stars signify Jesus Christ, the one who ascended into the crown center, and is become Jehovah's the legal representative to mortal humanity, and the Savior thereof. Verse 2. The Scripture is not clear who it was that cried out.The King James translation indicates that it was the woman/personality who cried out, but the Interlinear Text indicates that it was Satan who was crying out, as Christ Jesus forced her down under his feet. The Greek word translated "pained" means "touchstone." Christ Jesus is the touchstone, and the word indicates that, as the carnal mind is exposed by comparing her to Christ Jesus, the personality is joining with Christ Jesus to force Satan and the whole carnal mind under Christ Jesus' feet. As Christ Jesus comes forth, the carnal mind, and the personality that is joined to the carnal mind are in great pain. There is a fine line here, if you can hear the difference. If you are in pain as Christ Jesus comes forth in you, this is the proof that you are joined to Satan in your mind, but the Scripture says that joy comes when the morning appears. Christ Jesus is the morning and the joy that we experience when Christ Jesus casts down the Dragon and joins himself to our personality through our spiritual female part which is the fiery serpent. The fiery serpent is the spiritual female organ of the personality. The two, the personality, and the fiery serpent, are one spiritual being. The fiery serpent is the part of us that joins with our spiritual husband, whether that husband be the Primordial Serpent, through Leviathan, her counterfeit male organ, or the Lord Jesus Christ, through Christ Jesus.



 In verse 3 the phrase "wonder in Heaven" indicates that the events are taking place in the spiritual plane, we see, Christ Jesus is not being born in a vacuum. There are other events going on in the spiritual plane, at the same time. The Dragon, Leviathan, the Primordial Serpent's counterfeit male organ, which has a consciousness of her own, is aware that Christ Jesus intends to remove her from the fiery serpent, and replace her. The Dragon is red, indicating that she a part of the ground, the red earth. She has seven heads. The only revelation I have on this symbol at this time is that the Dragon is possessing the totality of humanity's personalities.



10 horns. Horns signify power, and the number10 signifies the power of the law, and the power of the law is death. Seven crowns upon her heads, signifying that the Primordial Serpent's time line had produced a company of men who have ascended into the crown center of her counterfeit timeline



In verse 4 the tail signifies the unconscious mind which is behind. The word "drew" means to imprison."The third part" signifies Satan in the individual. Satan, the unconscious mind, which is the 3rd part of the individual personality, imprisoned the stars of Heaven. Satan, the unconscious mind of mortal man, imprisoned Christ Jesus in the individual personality of the members of the Church, who have faith in Jesus Christ. And by imprisoning Christ Jesus, the personalities that He was being formed in, were cast down to the spiritual earth, which signifies the mind of the earth, and became carnal. "And the Dragon stood before the women which was ready to be delivered," Leviathan, the Dragon, is the personality's subconscious mind. The mind that is "in front" is the manifesting mind, the mind that the personality is thinking with. Mortal personalities live under Satan's spiritual sea, and Satan influences the personality to the fullest extent that she can, and draws her attention to the things of this world. This is how the carnal mind rises to the surface, or conscious, plane, and covers over Christ Jesus.



Satan stands between the personality and Christ Jesus and blinds the personality to Christ Jesus' presence,wisdom, knowledge and counsel. The personality will think that the Dragon, the subconscious mind of mortal man, is the personality's only mind, and offer no resistance. So the Dragon stood before the woman in whom Christ Jesus was ready to be born. The Dragon knew that as soon as Christ Jesus was born He would consume the fiery serpent. This is just another way of saying that the Dragon knew that Christ Jesus would join himself to the fiery serpent in the individual personality. What the Scripture doesn't say, is that the Dragon also knew Christ Jesus would first have to cast her away, that is, detach Leviathan, the Dragon, from the fiery serpent, in each and every spiritual molecule. We see that the Dragon is not waiting to devour the manchild, but is "standing in front of" the personality, replacing Christ Jesus [which is the definition of antichrist], because the personality's agreement and co-operation with Christ Jesus is necessary for her to rise into the higher centers, which impart eternal life. Once again, the Dragon is standing in front of the personality replacing the one who is strong enough to free her from the Dragon. You, see, the Dragon 's only defense against Christ Jesus is to seduce the woman into choosing her.



Verse 5, the manchild issued forth, whose heritage it is to rule over the personalities of the earth with a wood branch that was as strong as iron. The Lord Jesus Christ is typified by wood which, under normal circumstances, burns in the fire, but the Lord Jesus Christ was made strong as iron, and the manchild, Christ Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ's offspring in the individual personality, was caught up to God, Jehovah, and his throne, Jesus Christ.



Verse 6, The woman fled into the wilderness. The Greek word translated "fled" can mean "to vanish." "To vanish," is a word that signifies "eternity." The woman, the personality, vanished from the Primordial Serpent's timeline. The woman, the personality, was caught up to the higher centers, the place that was prepared for her by the Lord Jesus Christ, and disappeared from Leviathan's world. Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you. He was talking about the higher centers which were a wilderness that had been uninhabited for a long time, before Jesus Christ ascended into them, "That they should feed her there...." That who should feed her? The Sons of God who are preaching the Doctrine of Christ, which can only be understood when the consciousness that abides in the higher centers. .....a thousand 200 and 60 days. The word "day" can be translated timeline, and the three numbers, 1,000 - 200 and 60 signify the three higher centers. 1,000 = 7th center I am not sure at the moment that 200= the 6th center and 60 = the 5th center I might have the energy centers that these two numbers represent reversed.



The woman vanished into the higher centers that Jesus Christ had prepared for her, by entering in Himself.Remember, the woman is the personality. She was fed by the Sons of God whose consciousness dwells in the 6th center, who are joined to the the Lord Jesus Christ who occupies the seventh center.



Verse 7. "And there was war in Heaven." It's is not clear in the King James translation, but since I do not believe that any member of the Serpent's household can enter into the higher centers, I must translate this phrase "and there was war between the two heavens," or "there was war between the two-time lines." There was war between the personalities whose consciousness had ascended into the counterfeit higher centers and the personalities whose consciousness had ascended into the true higher centers. "And there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought...." Michael is a very mysterious word Only those who have broken the code of the Scripture know that "Michael" in this verse, signifies the spirit of Elijah, intertwined with the Lord Jesus Christ, who is intertwined with Christ Jesus in the personality. In other words, the appearance of Michael in Revelation, Chapter 12 is a secret way of saying that a warfare of the mind ensued between the personalities that Christ Jesus had ascended in, and was joined to the household of God above, and the personalities that the fiery serpent had ascended in, and was joined to the Primordial Serpent's household in her counterfeit timeline, which is in the lower centers, underneath.



Verse 8. "....and prevailed not." This word means "serviceable." And the place where Leviathan was serviceable, and the time line where Leviathan is the male energy force, failed, and that heaven was found no more. The Sons of God will bring the Primordial Serpent's timeline to an end. The Scripture expresses this event as, the heaven rolled up like a scroll and went out like a light.



Verse 9 "...and the great Dragon was cast out." I explained this phrase in my opening exhortation. Leviathan, the great Dragon, the collective subconscious mind of mortal man, was separated from the individual personalities that she has possessed since the personal Adam died. "That old serpent, called the Devil and Satan......" Old, meaning ancient. The same Primordial Serpent appears as Leviathan, the Dragon in the subconscious plane, and the Devil and Satan in the conscious plane. Satan is the unconscious mind of mortal man, and the Devil is the personality fully intertwined with the Primordial Serpent's mind. ".....which deceived the whole world." The Devil and Satan are responsible for many deceptions, but the deception that the Scripture is speaking about here is the Primordial Serpent's counterfeit timeline, and the counterfeit doctrines, and the counterfeit ascension, and the counterfeit deliverance, and the counterfeit salvation. "There is away that seems right unto man but the end thereof is death." "She was cast out of the earth, and her angels were cast out with her."



The Primordial Serpent, through Leviathan, her male organ, is possessing the earth of mortal humanity, which union has produced this fallen world of hell and death. The Primordial Serpent will be separated from the fiery serpent which is the spiritual female organ of the personality, and the adultery will end, and the personality will marry her true husband, Christ Jesus



Verse 10 "And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven...." Please note, that heaven is singular. There is only one heaven because the counterfeit heaven no longer exists. " is come salvation and strength..." Now is come safety and power. Safety through the power to control the Primordial Serpent and keep her in the role that she was created for. "...and the kingdom of our God ,and the authority of his Christ, since the accuser of the brethren was cast down...." The accuser of the brethren is the law. Satan is the mediator of the reaping and sowing judgment, which law accuses the children of God that are in both timelines. The law accuses believers with the Holy Spirit and the law accuses the believers that Christ is formed in, because every thought that arises out of our carnal mind THAT WE DO NOT CAST DOWN is a violation of Jehovah's spiritual law.



Christ Jesus is the only one who cannot sin. For the personality to be sinless, she must be thinking only with the Mind of Christ, which no one can do, anymore than the Jews could keep the Law Ordinances, but, the Scripture says, "....salvation is come," and the power to live out of the Mind of Christ "...which is the kingdom of our God," and the authority of Christ, which gives us power over the law that pronounces us guilty all the day long. In Christ Jesus we are delivered from the reaping and sowing judgment mediated by Satan that brings painful, although legitimate, consequences into our life.



Verse 11 "And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb..." I think I discussed the spiritual blood of Jesus Christ earlier, but I'm not sure, so I will review it. There is a Greek word "energia," which signifies the spiritual blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, but it is translated in a very harmless way in the King James translation. At the moment I cannot recall the exact English translation in the King James, but one would never recognize it as a word that signifies the glorified blood of Jesus Christ. What is spiritual blood? Occult teachers call it "nerve fluid." Spiritual blood is a spiritual substance that flows along the nerves of the physical body.



 I think I will stop here.........




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