Spiritual Passover - Part 1


LivingEM: I have been asking the Lord for a message since yesterday, but I do not have a topic.
LivingEM: The floor is open.

LivingEM: Why don't we start with a prayer for the nation.

LivingEM: The House of Representative managers will be presenting their opening

LivingEM: arguments tomorrow between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm

LivingEM: Father, in the Name of Jesus, we pray for this nation,

LivingEM: We pray that your righteous judgment should come forth and prevail.

LivingEM: We acknowledge that there is a righteous remnant in our Government.

LivingEM: That they have been maligned and blasphemed as to their true movies.

LivingEM: That they have been persecuted and spiritually beaten,

LivingEM: But that they have stood and are standing on their conscience,

LivingEM: and will not be moved.

LivingEM: We lend our strength to them, Lord,

LivingEM: And bless them,

LivingEM: And pray that the strength of the Lord should be with them, and upon them.

LivingEM: We pray that your Spirit should prevail over the United States Senate,

LivingEM: That your Words should be spoken in the strength of your Spirit,

LivingEM: And that every mind should hear your righteousness.

LivingEM: We pray, Lord, that you raise up enough Senators to remove President Clinton from office,

LivingEM: Lord,

LivingEM: And we pray for everyone in this great Nation, those in public office, and the man in the

LivingEM: street, that their eyes should be opened, and that they should understand the seriousness

LivingEM: of Mr. Clinton's behavior.

LivingEM: The chief law enforcement officer of the country has scoffed at the Law and those who

LivingEM: minister it.

LivingEM: He has reviled others in public office and has refused to acknowledge that they are

LivingEM: following their consciences, but has insisted that their motives for seeking

LivingEM: to oust him from office is political and self-serving.

LivingEM: I believe that this man must be outsted from office, Lord, for the sake of the Nation.

LivingEM: If he is not, we will never be the same as a nation again.

LivingEM: I believe that I have prayed in accordance with your will, Lord, and, if this is the case,

LivingEM: remove this man from the presidency of the United States, because you, Lord,

LivingEM: are higher than governments,

LivingEM: and it is you who sets up kings and takes them down,

LivingEM: Restore righteousness to the land, Lord, to the people and to those they elect to govern,

LivingEM: May your Name be honored in this land, once again.

LivingEM: Amen and Amen

LivingEM: The floor is still open.

LivingEM: Remember the spiritual account of the exodus.

LivingEM: The blood on the door is the angel of death covering the Hebrews.

LivingEM: This means the angel of death is going forth to kill the first born,

LivingEM: the carnal minds of the many,

LivingEM: but he will pass over the believers who he, himself, is covering,

LivingEM: as indicated by the blood of the lamb, his own blood, on the post of the door.

LivingEM: Remember that the door signifies the door to the spiritual world.

LivingEM: There are two channels through which spiritual life can go in and go out.

LivingEM: The true timeline and the counterfeit timeline.

LivingEM: There appears to be one door, but there are actually two openings.

LivingEM: The blood on the post of the door indicates that Christ Jesus

LivingEM: is present and that the channel to the higher centers in God are open.

LivingEM: open.

LivingEM: If Christ Jesus is not present, we are open to the counterfeit ime line and

LivingEM: the entities who enter into us through that channel.

LivingEM: The Lord just told me that when He said, "every man to his post," He was talking about

LivingEM: the post of the door.

LivingEM: He was saying, let every man get under the cover of Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: And we know that this cover manifests as Christ Jesus marrying the fiery serpent,

LivingEM: our spiritual virginity.

LivingEM: The blood on the post of the door is Christ Jesus married to the fiery serpent.

LivingEM: When the fiery serpent ascends without Christ Jesus, she automatically enters into the

LivingEM: channel to the counterfeit timeline.

LivingEM: The immortals will enter into us through the counterfeit timeline

LivingEM: and will get as far as the door.

LivingEM: I am not sure what that means, but it probably means our

LivingEM: energy centers.

LivingEM: If Christ Jesus is married to the fiery serpent in us, the blood is on the door,

LivingEM: and they will not be able to enter, but Christ Jesus will pursue

LivingEM: them and slay them.

LivingEM: If Christ Jesus is not married to the fiery serpent, the blood is not on our door,

LivingEM: and we will be penetrated by the invading immortals.

LivingEM: You see, the immortals have been controlling the human race for eons.

LivingEM: What is happening now is that they are ready to make themselves know to the ones they are

LivingEM: controlling.

LivingEM: All of humanity is in spiritual Egypt,

LivingEM: This is the hour of the Passover,

LivingEM: The hour of our deliverance.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus, the blood on the post of our door, will manifest

LivingEM: himself to the immortals who have been penetrating us all along and say, "no more."

LivingEM: You shall not drink of their energy any more.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus shall lock the door.

LivingEM: The immortals descend through the astral plane first, and then

LivingEM: through the etheric plane.

LivingEM: Our energy centers exist on all spiritual planes.

LivingEM: The Lord Jesus enters from the mental plane.

LivingEM: The spiritual passover is the hour in which whatever part of our

LivingEM: energy is trapped in the counterfeit timeline, shall be withdrawn

LivingEM: from that evil timeline.

LivingEM: Chronically ill people have large amounts of their energy trapped in the energy centers of

LivingEM: the counterfeit timeline.

LivingEM: The powers and principalities who occupy the energy centers of the counterfeit timeline

LivingEM: feed on this trapped energy.

LivingEM: They feed on it and recycle it.

LivingEM: It never leaves the counterfeit timeline.

LivingEM: This energy is captured.

LivingEM: This is why chronically ill people lack energy.

LivingEM: They have spiritually expanded into the serpent's timeline.

LivingEM: The powers and principalities in the serpent's timeline are a part of the spiritual

LivingEM: being of the person who has experienced this negative spiritual growth.

LivingEM: It is as if to say they have grown an evil arm.

LivingEM: These powers and principalities cannot be cast you like thought forms can be cast out.

LivingEM: Thought forms are just thoughts. They have no roots.

LivingEM: But the powers and principalities have deep roots into the very foundation of the person's

LivingEM: spiritual being.

LivingEM: These evil limbs must be cut off.

LivingEM: Confession of sin and repentance, and service to the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: saps the energy of these illegal growths.

LivingEM: The powers and principalities are weakened as we live out of Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: but there must come a cutting off.

LivingEM: A moment when Christ Jesus suddenly draws us out and shuts the door.

LivingEM: This is the spiritual Passover.

LivingEM: And a mixed multitude came out of Egypt.

LivingEM: Part serpent and part Christ.

LivingEM: At the moment I cannot relate Greece to Egypt.

LivingEM: All that I know is that there was a great occult mystery religion in both cultures.

LivingEM: Moses dealt with Egypt,

LivingEM: And Paul dealt with Greece.

LivingEM: Or, we might say, Jesus Christ dealt with Greece through Paul.

LivingEM: Paul was told not to go to Asia because the great mystery religion which exists there will

LivingEM: be defeated by another manifestation of Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: So we see that the messengers of God do much more than bring the Spirir and the Word to the

LivingEM: common man. They challenge the mystery religion of the immortals, as the Lord leads them.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus will bring down Hinduism and Buddism in this coming age.

LivingEM: But even moreso, the Egyptian and Grecian mystery religions are rising again.

LivingEM: And many forms of earth worship, which is witchcraft.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus will deal with them all in one last cataclysmic contest which will end with the

LivingEM: Lord Jesus Christ reconciling all of humanity and turning the whole creation over to the

LivingEM: Father.

LivingEM: And the millions of people who have no strong relationship with any god,

LivingEM: will be amazed and sit by helpless, as the battle of the ages rages on.

LivingEM: The door is our energy centers.

LivingEM: The immortals are gathered en masse in the astral plane,

LivingEM: gathering all of their strength together to pierce through into the conscious minds of

LivingEM: humanity, and eventually into the physical plane.

LivingEM: May the Lord have mercy on us all, and strengthen us,

LivingEM: and help us to overcome.

LivingEM: May righteousness pursue us and overtake us,

LivingEM: and help us to serve our God in strength and honor.

LivingEM: God bless you all.

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