Spiritual Synthesis


<LivingEM> praise the Lord every body

<LivingEM> we will start with prayer

<LivingEM> Father, in the Name of Jesus,

<LivingEM> we honor you, oh God

<LivingEM> we declare you to be the righteous judge of all,

<LivingEM> the one who ministers Mercy and judgment with great strength

<LivingEM> the thank you for all that you have given us,

<LivingEM> spiritual and material,

<LivingEM> we rebuke the spirit of division that has hit this ministry

<LivingEM> and we ask you for restoration in all areas

<LivingEM> the pray that you should be glorified in everything that has happened and that will happen.

<LivingEM> our life and our future are in your hands

<LivingEM> we will be what ever you make us

<LivingEM> and we will have whatever you give us

<LivingEM> when we are in right standing with you, no man can defeat us

<LivingEM> and Satan cannot steal from us what you have provided

<LivingEM> you are our provider, and everything that we are, and will be, is in your hands.

<LivingEM> we pray that you bless this meeting today,

<LivingEM> that you give us the message of your choice,

<LivingEM> and that you be glorified in all of us

<LivingEM> we thank you, Father,

<LivingEM> for trials as well is for peace,

<LivingEM> because the trials mature us.

<LivingEM> we thank you for maturity, Father, and endurance.

<LivingEM> no one knows what is coming upon the earth,

<LivingEM> but we know today that we can't stand no matter what, so long as we are in right relationship with you.

<LivingEM> we thank you for the teaching and training coming forth here,

<LivingEM> that we should be prepared to stand in the crisis,

<LivingEM> and we all know, because of your teaching and training,

<LivingEM> that if we stand immovable when Satan attacks, we will surely be victorious in righteousness.

<LivingEM> thank you for revealing our sins, because without a revelation of sin

<LivingEM> Satan would surely find place in us.

<LivingEM> thank you for showing us the enemy within,

<LivingEM> so that we can resist her with of all of our strength

<LivingEM> thank you for helping us to recognize your voice in the midst of Satan's loud communication

<LivingEM> thank you for the ability to distinguish between the Christ mind and the carnal mind.

<LivingEM> strengthen us oh God,

<LivingEM> because if we cannot stand in the trials of this life,

<LivingEM> how will we ever stand when Satan walks the earth openly.

<LivingEM> be our strength, oh God,

<LivingEM> think for us and through us,

<LivingEM> be our mind,

<LivingEM> control our emotions,

<LivingEM> let us walk in your footsteps

<LivingEM> are there any questions or comments?


<LivingEM> we will wait on the Lord

<JSNGSNG> the Lord has given me a song today to learn

<LivingEM> go-ahead jsngsng

<JSNGSNG> it is called The battle belongs to the Lord

<overcomer> '

<LivingEM> we are waiting on the Lord

<LivingEM> I had a Revelation from the Lord that the Queen of Sheba was not a human woman

<LivingEM> woman

<LivingEM> she represents the fiery serpent, or some other member of the serpent's household,

<LivingEM> I am looking at 1 kings 10:05.

<LivingEM> if you have your Bibles with you, it will save maybe pressure of typing the Scripture into this meeting

<LivingEM> first five says that the Queen came to see that house that Solomon built

<LivingEM> sorry, that is verse 4

<LivingEM> verse 5 describes what she sees in Solomon's house

<LivingEM> including "the way he ascends up into the house of the Lord."

<LivingEM> the King James translation says

<LivingEM> that "there was no more spirit in her,"

<LivingEM> but I think it means that she had the serpent's spirit in her.

<LivingEM> verse 6 says "and she said to the King,"

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us who the King is?

<LAMB> Adam

<LivingEM> yes, I believe the King in this context is Adam

<LivingEM> the fiery serpent within Solomon had a conversation with Adam.

<LivingEM> is it so hard to believe that there are aspects of our own self that experience consciousness and communication which bypasses our conscious mind?

<LivingEM> does anyone have a question or comment on what I have just said?

<LivingEM> we are not one completely synthesized being.

<LivingEM> there are many parts of us,

<LivingEM> and each part of us has its own level of consciousness

<LivingEM> which can communicate with out our conscious agreement

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us what the word "Lord," means?

<LAMB> Controller

<LivingEM> yes,

<LivingEM> the Lord is the controller AND THE SYNTHESIZER of all of our parts.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us what "synthesize" means?

<LAMB> A balance of parts in agreement?

<JSNGSNG> acting in conjunction?

<LivingEM> yes, these are two good definitions.

<LivingEM> years ago I read about this principle in a Buddhist book.

<LivingEM> each individual truly is a city which contains spiritual life,

<LivingEM> and there is a continuous war going on within us for domination of the whole man.

<LivingEM> some unfortunate people are "controlled," by the negative principles within them,

<LivingEM> and other, more fortunate people, are controlled by the "good" principles within them,

<LivingEM> and then there are those blessed people who are controlled by the righteous principles of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus.

<LivingEM> before the Lord Jesus Christ enters into our life, our "controller," is determined largely

<LivingEM> by our inherited nature,

<LivingEM> when we are a child, the quality of our life depends upon our inherited nature and the maturity of our parents.

<LivingEM> the parents are the controller of the child.

<LivingEM> the Scripture says that the physical parents have the authority to control the child who can not yet control himself.

<LivingEM> if this were not so, the young personality would be overcome by his negative principles,

<LivingEM> because the negative principles are stronger than the "good" principles.

<LivingEM> the parents of the child have the authority to discipline the child's negative principles

<LivingEM> so that his positive principles can develop.

<LivingEM> and so it is with the spiritual child,

<LivingEM> who has not yet learned to discipline his own negative principles,

<LivingEM> and us "synthesize" his own self.

<LivingEM> Satan destroys by division.

<LivingEM> we, the adult personality, are responsible to society for synthesizing the positive and negative principles of our own mind.

<LivingEM> we are talking about mind.

<LivingEM> mind is energy, and our energy is dispersed throughout our entire or being, including our physical body.

<LivingEM> we can be a "scatter brain,"

<LivingEM> but can only be a "whole" spiritual man.

<LivingEM> in Christ Jesus we have the choice

<LivingEM> outside of Christ Jesus we pretty much are what our parents have made out of what we were born with.

<LivingEM> but once we become adults, it is up to us to overcome our heritage and our upbringing,

<LivingEM> to become a whole, functioning human being.

<LivingEM> Christ Jesus within us is the controller.

<LivingEM> the Holy Spirit is not the controller.

<LivingEM> the Holy Spirit comes with gifts,

<LivingEM> and his job is to impregnate us with Christ.

<LivingEM> who matured into Christ Jesus, our controller.

<LivingEM> synthesis takes place on many levels.

<LivingEM> on a very high-level, the glorified Jesus Christ is in the process of synthesizing

<LivingEM> Christ Jesus in all of the individuals where he is appearing into one spiritual man,

<LivingEM> with the glorified Jesus Christ as the controller of Christ Jesus everywhere.

<LivingEM> at the time that this is accomplished, the personality will have little to say about anything.

<LivingEM> until that time, the Lord Jesus Christ is working with Christ Jesus to synthesize the spiritual principles in the individual under the control of Christ Jesus.

<LivingEM> the agreement of the personality is a major factor.

<LivingEM> but in the event that the personality falls into agreement with Satan and Leviathan, who then becomes stronger than Christ Jesus

<LivingEM> the spiritual adult will minister discipline to the spiritual child.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us to the spiritual child is?

<LivingEM> Christ is the spiritual child.

<LivingEM> as I told you it the beginning of this message, the physical child is not strong enough to cleave to his positive principles and control his negative principles,

<LivingEM> so the parent disciplines the whole child to weaken the negative principles and give the positive principles an opportunity to shine forth.

<LivingEM> and so it is with the spiritual child.

<LivingEM> Christ is the spiritual child.

<LivingEM> in the event that Christ cannot control the negative principles within the personality that he lives,

<LivingEM> the WHOLE child is disciplined.

<LivingEM> the WHOLE child is

<LivingEM> Christ + the personality + the physical man.

<LivingEM> so we see that the whole family, so to speak, suffers for the young the Christ's failure to synthesize the negative principles

<LivingEM> of individual that he is living in

<LivingEM> under his domination.

<LivingEM> in the same manner, a physical child suffers for his parents' failure to synthesize the whole family in righteousness under the adult physical head,

<LivingEM> and a physical wife suffers for her husband's failure to synthesize the whole family under his righteous headship.

<LivingEM> eventually, all of humanity will be synthesized into one body unto the headship of the collective, or the synthesized, Christ Jesus.

<LivingEM> Christ is not divided, but the serpent's Kingdom is divided into many powers and principalities.

<LivingEM> so we see the fiery serpent communicating with Adam within Solomon in first King's 10:6.

<LivingEM> verse 7 tells us

<LivingEM> that the fiery serpent finds out that the wisdom of Solomon's synthesized heart center

<LivingEM> exceeds the half of the heart center that she has dominated.

<LivingEM> in verse 8,

<LivingEM> the fiery serpent declares the happiness of the mortal man the [spiritual] servants

<LivingEM> which are "standing continually,"

<LivingEM> because they hear the wisdom of Adam manifested through Solomon.

<LivingEM> brethren, wisdom is the name of the game.

<LivingEM> wisdom, and obedience to that wisdom.

<LivingEM> verse 9 continues to speak about "the King,"

<LivingEM> not "King Solomon," but the King.

<LivingEM> you may recall that we dealt with this same principal in our study of Herod And John the Baptist.

<LivingEM> the Scripture names Herod king at the beginning of the account,

<LivingEM> but then speaks only about "the king,"

<LivingEM> in verse 9 the "Queen" acknowledges that the king does judgment and justice.

<LivingEM> "judgment," signifies the "ministration of divine law."

<LivingEM> I forgot to tell you at the beginning of this message, that the Hebrew word "sheba"

<LivingEM> is only one letter off from the Hebrew word that means "7."

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us what seven means?

<LAMB> Completion

<LivingEM> yes, the Queen of Sheba is the completed fiery serpent.

<LivingEM> "Sheba" consists of three Hebrew letters.

<LivingEM> there are two Hebrew letters that I know of that are "silent" when they appear at the end of a word.

<LivingEM> aleph and ayin

<LivingEM> the Hebrew word translated "sheba" is shin, beth, aleph.

<LivingEM> the Hebrew word translated "7," is shin, beth, ayin.

<LivingEM> the two words are pronounced the same.

<LivingEM> verse 10 tell us that the Queen brought all of her wealth to the King.

<LivingEM> to King Solomon.

<LivingEM> the Queen brought all of her spiritual wealth to the whole man,

<LivingEM> King Solomon.

<LivingEM> what is interesting is that a Jewish man told me once

<LivingEM> that the Queen of Sheba had a sexual liaison with King Solomon.

<LivingEM> I don't know whether or not this is a widespread belief amongst Jewish Bible scholars,

<LivingEM> but I was surprised to hear this idea.

<LivingEM> I now see that the significance of verse 10 is that the fiery serpent departed from Leviathan and willingly joined with Adam within King Solomon.

<LivingEM> and her spiritual wealth was distributed to King Solomon, the name of the whole man.

<LivingEM> so it is possible that some Jewish Bible scholars perceived this and applied it to the physical relationship.

<LivingEM> Ethiopian Jews are a reality

<LivingEM> so it is possible that this event did occur physically as well as spiritually.

<LivingEM> verse 13th says that the Queen partook of Solomon's royal authority

<LivingEM> and took it back to her own country

<LivingEM> and the rest of the account goes on to describe the building of Solomon Temple.

<LivingEM> are there any questions or comments?

<LivingEM> matt 12:42

<LivingEM> Jesus talks about the Queen of the South

<LivingEM> I cannot comment on Matthew 12 at this time.

<LivingEM> the floor is open.

<LAMB> When you said Sheba

<LAMB> my mind popped up with Bathsheba?

<LivingEM> that is interesting.

<LivingEM> well brethren, the truth is that I am severely wounded.

<LivingEM> this attack has been going on for at least three months.

<LAMB> Also as I was praying during a pause I saw a human figure dangling from a gallows on a rope.

<LivingEM> there must be a big victory ahead that Satan is trying to stop.

<LAMB> The rope had about seven or eight thick swirls on it.

<LivingEM> we will continue to go forward with the plan of the Lord Jesus Christ.

<LivingEM> can you explain swirls?

<LAMB> ropes wrapped around the dangling figures neck.

<LAMB> I thought of Haman in Esther.

<LivingEM> any comments?

<LivingEM> you think it was Haman hanging?

<LAMB> I didn't get any thought.

<LAMB> Just the name came to me.

<LivingEM> well, Haman was hanged, was he not?

<LAMB> of course

<LivingEM> I was asking because I am not sure. It has been a long time before I read that book.

<myprecous1> I looked up "swirl" and the dictionary said "To form eddies"

<LivingEM> well then, this must be a good word.

<LivingEM> the enemy of God's people destroyed.

<LivingEM> when you brought forth the definition, I thought of the swirling energy center's.

<LivingEM> I would have never thought of describing a rope wrapped around someone's neck several times, as a "swirl."

<LivingEM> perhaps the Lord is speaking about the energy centers

<LivingEM> the neck is where the throat center is.

<LivingEM> my first thought was that the hanging man was xxxxxx,

<LivingEM> but when lamb said that she thought of haman,

<LivingEM> I thought the man signified God's strong enemy destroyed.

<LivingEM> but now I am thinking again that it is xxxxx.

<LAMB> I would not have spoken out

<LivingEM> the fiery serpent has risen into her throat energy center of the counterfeit time line,

<LAMB> and said xxxxx's name, but that's who I was praying about at the time I saw the hanging figure.

<LivingEM> and has killed her.

<LivingEM> ropes around her neck can be serpents around the neck.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us what the response of Christ Jesus would be to such news,

<LivingEM> that one of his servants is hanging by her neck.

<LivingEM> and appears to be dead?

<LAMB> That the curse be reversed.

<LivingEM> yes, that he be raised from the dead.

<JSNGSNG> I was thinking about the 7 or 8 times as the energy centers

<LivingEM> I have been telling you all from many years that when Satan strikes ministry the weak ones, which are the young ones, go down.

<JSNGSNG> I was thinking about the 7 or 8 times with the rope as the energy centers

<LivingEM> we should pray for resurrection.

<LivingEM> Father, in the Name of Jesus, we rebuke the spirit of death,

<LivingEM> and pray for the resurrection of the dead

<LivingEM> we rebuke the ascended fiery serpent and cast her back down to the root energy center

<LivingEM> we drive the fiery serpent out of the neck energy center,

<LivingEM> and cut the man down from the gallows,

<LivingEM> we remove the ropes and the serpent from his neck.

<LivingEM> we restore into his right mind

<LivingEM> we forgive his sins

<LivingEM> and pray for the mercy of Christ Jesus in his life and ministry.

<LivingEM> we pray, Father, that this sin of the elder should not damage the children under him.

<LivingEM> will also pray that his weakness should not break down the work of the Lord in that area,

<LivingEM> but that the whole work, and all of the people involved, should be delivered from the mouth of the serpent.

<LivingEM> we pray for the perfect will of the Lord in this circumstance.

<LivingEM> amen

<LivingEM> the floor is open

<overcomer> eddy- a swirl of air, smoke, or water swirling back contrary to the main current., a vortex

<LivingEM> yes, this is the definition of the energy center.

<LivingEM> his own negative principles rose up and killed him

<LivingEM> the only thing that we can do in such a circumstance, is pray.

<LivingEM> once the individual is beyond the point of listening to reason,

<LivingEM> only the Lord Jesus can bring the correction.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us how this correction begins?

<LivingEM> the Lord Jesus speaks to the personality.

<LivingEM> remember, this is when Christ in the individual fails to bring the personality into agreement with him.

<myprecous1> With The sowing and reaping judgment

<LivingEM> yes, when the personality refuses to respond to reason from Christ Jesus who is speaking to him from all directions,

<LivingEM> that personality falls under the sowing and reaping judgment

<LivingEM> but this is a last resort

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