The Lusts Of This World


Scriptures Commented On - Mk. 9:28-29, Jn. 1:38-39, Gal. 6:17

<LivingEM> When I was working on a previous online meeting last evening I came across the place where I mentioned my dream about the Highlander do you remember that dream?


<LivingEM> I had that dream in xxxx. The Highlander had breasts and was wearing a brassiere.

<JSNGSNG> Now I remember part of it

<LivingEM> I was telling every body that I had a new depth of understanding about my Highlander dream I mentioned it in the 3/24 On-Lne Meeting which I just posted to the Web page last night. In the dream I saw the Highlander as he always appears, very muscular and powerful looking. but in my dream, in addition to his excellent male body, he had breasts and was wearing a brassiere. Suddenly he ripped off the brassiere, and started looking around, panting like an animal, with a wild look in his eyes.

I had the perception in my dream that he was about to commit a homosexual act. I did not think that it was a physical homosexual act. I believe that it was a spiritual homosexual act, but I could not quite understand what that would mean in this context.

As I have taught you, all humanity is spiritually female. this includes the physical males as well as the physical women of mortal humanity. Spiritually speaking, if you can understand what I am saying, all of human sexuality is spiritually homosexual in relation to the true spiritual sexuality, which is between God and man. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only spiritual male, and all of the personalities of mortal humanity are spiritually female in relationship to him.

There were two aspects of this dream that I have never adequately understood. (1) What the spiritual homosexual act was, and (2) Why the Highlander was panting like an animal.

But, to finish my point, spiritual homosexuality is an activity of mind. Every spiritual interaction of mind which is between one carnal mind and another carnal mind, is spiritually homosexual. This is how we can say that all human sexuality, from this high spiritual point of view, is spiritually homosexual. The emotional and mental interaction which is associated with human sexuality, is between two carnal minds.

It is from this spiritually high point of view, that Jesus, the Christ, could say, there is no marriage or giving a marriage in heaven. Jesus meant that heaven is a condition of mind where there is no interaction whatsoever with the carnal mind. All interaction, or all spiritual sex of the mind, is between God, the husband, and the personalities of humanity, the wife. So, for those of us who ascend to this high place called "heaven," all sexuality will be of the mind, and all sexual interaction for the personality will be with God. For those who ascend to this high calling, there will be no more physical sexuality, at the very least, because God does not have a physical body.

It is essential for those who are ascending in Christ Jesus to understand this truism because Satan, who is counterfeiting the Spirit of Christ in the Church today, is initiating a form of PHYSICAL sexual intercourse with her followers, which is a perverted form of sexuality that involves one human in a physical body, and a disembodied spirit.

This perversion is already manifesting in the Church. It is not easy to read the reports of such happenings dispassionately. It is not easy to see how uneducated, unprepared and ignorant the Church is today, and not have an emotional reaction. But I know that an emotional reaction on my part will not do anyone any good. On the contrary, it will only harm me. All that I can do is continue to preach, and make the information available.

I was raised up in a deliverance church where it was common knowledge that there are spirits such as incubus and succubus, which engage in perverse sexual interactions with human beings. So we see that the Church's reluctance, in general, to face the reality of deliverance ministry, is already reaping a harvest of ignorance in the Church at large. The Church's refusal, in general, to believe that a Christian can have a demon, has now made many in the Church vulnerable to sexual seduction by an unclean spirit.

I have read many accounts on the Internet about Christians who are having a human-type relationship with an unclean spirit who calls herself Jesus. Brethren, Jesus does not dance with you. Neither does He give you a physical bath to make you clean. Jesus' relationship with us is on the mental plan. Jesus does not have physical or emotional interactions with his people. Jesus talks to his people, and his Words are Spirit and Life. Jesus meets our every need through his Living Words.

This is hard for a carnally-minded person to understand, but it is nevertheless the truth. It is the truth that it is possible for a mental relationship to not only satisfy physical and emotional needs, but for mental satisfaction to be superior to physical and emotional satisfaction. But this is hard to comprehend for those people who are still abiding in their belly.

Does anybody remember which energy center "the belly" is? "The belly" is Paul's term for the navel energy center.

<JSNGSNG> 3rd energy center personality

<LivingEM> Yes, the navel energy center is the third energy center. Does anybody remember which activities are predominantly desired by the person whose consciousness resides in the navel energy center?

<Myprecous1> lust

<JSNGSNG> lust

<LivingEM> Yes, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. Not just sexual lust, but lust for all kinds of things.

Gen 3:6, And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desired to make one wise she took other fruit thereof and in did eat and gave also to her husband with her, and he did eat.

<LivingEM> The whole creation fell into the third energy center when Adam ate of the fruit of that center. Adam did not have a physical body, so how did Adam eat of the fruit of the navel energy center? And what is the fruit of the navel energy center? Was it really an apple? Anybody?

<pearlmerchant> lust

<JSNGSNG> satan

<LivingEM> This is true, but more specifically, Adam ate with his mind. Our physical body has an appetite, our emotions have an appetite, and our mind has in appetite. So we see that it is spiritually childish and naive to assume that when the Scripture says that Adam "ate," that Adam ate with his physical mouth. Adam did not have a physical mouth. Adam had a mind and a spirit. The phrase, "Adam ate," means that Adam accepted thoughts which were contrary to Elohim's thoughts. Adam ate, or partook, of the ideas of the naval energy center, and when Adam agreed with the ideas of the 3rd energy center, Satan, the spiritual gravity of that center, dragged him down out of the 5th or 6th energy center I'm not sure whether Adam was in the 5th or 6th energy center.

So we see that we desire the activities of the energy center where our consciousness rests. Christ Jesus is raising us up into the brow energy center [the 6th energy center], and when our consciousness rests in the brow energy center, we will no longer desire the activities of that world.

You see, each energy center represents a world. We are citizens of the world represented by the energy center that we rest in.

John 1:38-39, Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, What seek ye? They said unto him, Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master,) where dwellest thou?

39 He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he dwelt, and abode with him that day: for it was about the tenth hour. (KJV)

<LivingEM> I could not understand this Scripture for years. Why would they want to know where Jesus lived, I thought. But even more mysterious to me was their conclusion, after they visited Jesus' home, that He was Messiah. I was very carnal in those days, but I now understand that the two men who asked Jesus this question had some spiritual knowledge. They were asking Jesus what energy center his consciousness lived in.

Comments on Verse 39 - The Greek word translated "come," can also be translated, "arise." There is also an untranslated word in this verse, Strong's # 3700, which means "to appear," or "to show oneself." Jesus said to the men who are inquiring of him, "arise [ascend in your consciousness] and I will reveal myself to you.

<LivingEM> The Lord, Jesus, descends to the carnal mind of mortal man only in the form of the Holy Spirit. For any spiritual experience which requires the maturity of Christ Jesus in an individual, the Lord, Jesus, requires that man to ascend up to where He is.

More comments on Verse 39 - The word "dwell," means to "endure," or "to continue in that place." Jesus never came down from the brow center, according to this Scripture.

There is another untranslated word in this verse, Strong's #3767, which Strong says can be translated "truly."

AT - ....and they came and saw where He [Jesus] truly dwelt.

<LivingEM> The Greeks word "day," is speaking about the 24-hour day. This is the Serpent's timeline. Jehovah's timeline is eternal. There is no day and night, which is the major characteristic of the 24-hour day.

The Greek word translated "hour," is talking about the time bounded by the Sunrise to the Sunset. This Greek word means "12," signifying 1/12 of the 12 hours of the daytime.

The number "12," signifies the heart center, which vibrates at a rate of 12 undulations.

The Greek word translated "tenth," can also be translated "ten." "10," is the number of undulations of the naval energy center.

The Greek word translated "about," can also be translated, "in this manner," and the Greek were translated "was," can also be translated "to experience."

AT - ....and this is how [about] they who dwelt [abode] in the naval energy center [10] of the Serpent's timeline [24], experienced [was] the heart energy center [12].

<LivingEM> We cannot perceive the higher energy centers from the naval energy center. We must ascend at least to the heart center to understand spiritual principles, or to perceive that someone else is even higher than the heart center.

Ascending into the heart energy center requires a warfare against Satan and Leviathan which can only be fought by Christ Jesus, the resurrected Adam. So unless Christ is being formed in you, you cannot comprehend the spiritual world of the Father. Those who perceive spiritual principles and recognize where specific men dwell, without Christ being formed in them, have ascended into a spiritual plane of the Serpent's timeline

<LivingEM> Does anybody know how we find out what energy center someone is living in ?

<JSNGSNG> by their life style

<pearlmerchant> by there fruits

<Myprecous1> to see if they have righteousness

pearlmerchant - this is true, but if you are speaking to someone who was not a Christian, they would not know what you were talking about.

Myprecous1 - how do you discern whether or not somewhat has righteousness?

JSNGSNG - lifestyles can be deceptive.

<Myprecous1> by the way of living

<LivingEM> We must discern the motives of their heart. The only way to truly know a person, is by perceiving the motives of their heart. Does anyone know how we perceive the motives of someone's heart?

<Myprecous1> How they react when things are really bad

<pearlmerchant> with the gift of discernment

<LivingEM> This is true, but what about when things are good? We must have the ability to HEAR in the Spirit. It is possible to hear the thoughts of someone's mind.

Jesus heard the thoughts of the Pharisees' minds. Jesus knew what was in their heart, and frequently responded to what was in their heart when they had not spoken a word. We can only know the true man when we have the ability to bypass their behavior, and bypass their words, and even bypass their lifestyle. The unspoken words of a man's mind cannot lie. the man who hears and responds to INAUDIBLE SPEECH, can never be deceived.

Does everyone here understand that all speech is not audible? All speech cannot be heard with the physical ears. Thought is a form of speech. The man who HEARS IN THE SPIRIT, shall never be deceived, and the man who has the Wisdom of God AND hears in the Spirit, will never be abused or misused by another person, but will know how to handle every problem that he HEARS about in the Spirit.

So, we were talking about energy centers, and we were saying that each energy center represents a world, or a lifestyle. And each lifestyle is generated by a mind set, and each mind set arises out of the world which generates it.

This is not such an alien concept. We can see it with our own eyes if we just look for it. Right here in our country, in our own state, in our own city, there are people living many different lifestyles. The most obvious example is a drug addict as opposed to a wealthy businessman, for example. The mind set of a drug addict is completely different from the mind set of a Supreme Court judge. The two men live in two different worlds. The two men dwell in two different energy centers. The Supreme Court judge dwells in the mental plane, albeit the mental plane of the Serpent's timeline, and the drug addict dwells in either the first or second energy center.

From this point of view we can tell from a person's lifestyle which spiritual world they live in, but as I said earlier, it is possible to fake a lifestyle. In recent years, the Chief Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals was convicted of blackmail and drug addiction. He had been leading a double life for a long time, but he eventually the lower life start pierced through the higher one, ripped it to pieces, and dragged the man [personality] into a visible lifestyle which reflected his state of mind. Does anyone have any questions on this issue?

The whole point of this teaching on energy centers is to explain how our desires are generated and controlled by the energy center that we live in. When we ascend into the brow energy center, and remain there, we will not desire human sexuality, because the person who is in the brow energy center, is completely satisfied by Christ Jesus in the mental plane. We only desire the things of the world that we live in, so we can determine what world we live in by identifying the desires of our mind and emotions.

Now, there is no condemnation in living in the navel energy center. This is where the majority of the world lives. But we need to know where we are, so that we can ask the Lord, Jesus, to raise us up higher. But most important of all, we need to know that there is a higher place, because if we do not know that there is a higher place, how can we hope to ascend?

There is no condemnation if the desires of this world are manifesting in us, but it is liberating to know that this is happening because our consciousness lives in the belly. So, we see that we are to resist our lusts, and restrain ourselves, only for a season, until the Lord Jesus raises us up into a higher place. We will not always be uncomfortable. There is a place where we are free from all torment.

Now, we do have to do right to get there, but we do not have to die to get there. It is a very fine line, but the teachings in the Church today bring condemnation to everyone who is experiencing any kind of frustration or unhappiness in any area. But the true message, the message of hope in Christ Jesus, is that there is a higher state of mind in Christ Jesus, where we are so satisfied by Him, that the troubles of this present life will not even be remembered. But there is a spiritual journey, a wilderness experience, before we ascend yet into our marriage with Christ Jesus, where we are not being as satisfied as we would like to be in this world . Our marriage to Christ Jesus brings complete satisfaction to our flesh and emotions, and peace of mind to our spirit, but we must grow up into it.

This wilderness place can be intolerable to believers who do not have a vision of what is available to them, while still in the flesh, in Christ Jesus. There is a piercing through into His world. It takes time, it takes commitment, and endurance, and patience, but this high place in Christ Jesus is real. He has not abandoned us during our journey, but He has provided The Doctrine of Christ, and His glorious Spirit, to sustain us.

All things are possible to those who believe. believe what? Jesus was talking to the father of the boy with the deaf and dumb spirit when he said this.

Mark 9:28, and when he was come into the house his disciples asked him privately why could we not cast him out?

Verse 29, and he said unto them, this kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting.

<LivingEM> Well, the carnal mind thinks that to attain something difficult we must fast from physical food and verbally pray all night long, but this is not true. Brethren, fasting from human sexuality will develop our relationship with our spiritual husband much more quickly than fasting from food.

The purpose of prayer is to communicate with God. God is spirit, and we must worship him in spirit and truth. Most believers know that depriving ourselves of the physical activity of eating physical food does, in most cases, make us more spiritual and sensitive to the Spirit. But not many ministers will tell you that fasting from human sexuality will make you spiritual much more quickly than fasting from physical food. So we see that fasting from some aspect of our physical functions intensifies our relationship with God, and that our relationship with God IS prayer.

So we don't pray and fast, we fast and our prayers become more powerful. The Lord must call us to a fast whether the fast be of food, sex, or material sacrifice. We can only grow from it if the Lord has called the fast. Our purpose is to follow him wherever he leads us. If he leads as to a fast from physical food, we should fast from physical food. But if he leads us to a different kind of fast, the fast that he leads us to is the only fast that is acceptable to Him, and the only fast which will accomplish His purpose in our life.

The Lord has a purpose in the life of everyone who pursues Him. The problem that most believers have, however, is that they cannot see the long-range end of what the Lord is doing in their life. So, unfortunately, many fall away into despair, thinking that the Lord has not received them, or is not pleased with them, or has failed them, and many become bitter, and backslide. This unfortunate occurrence, is one of the misunderstandings that the doctrine of Christ can correct. The Lord wants to give us everything, but He must develop us to the place where we can hold on to what He gives us. There would be no purpose in receiving anything from God that we would lose as quickly as he gave it to us. That is why we are all in training. We are all being processed and tried in the fire until the Master forms us into an acceptable vessel, a vessel which will not break when he pours the wine in. And no matter how bitter our processings may be, He never leaves us without comfort -- if we are willing to receive the comfort that he gives us - which is His Word, His Spirit, and all of the saints who are traveling the same path He has given as each other, but we must accept each other, and tolerate each other's faults, or we will lose the gift of each other that the Lord has given us. Are there any questions or comments on this message?

<pearlmerchant>was the belly of hell , which jonah spoke of, the 3rd energy center

<LivingEM>I have never really thought about that. I would have to check that out in the Interlinear Text. It is a very interesting idea.

<pearlmerchant>is it that the 3rd energy center, this conscious level, hell?

<LivingEM> Hell is the serpents timeline. Not only the third energy center, but the whole of the Serpent's timeline. Both heaven and hell are spiritual conditions. Some people misunderstand a statement like this and think that I mean that heaven and hell is in your imagination, but this is not true. The spiritual place where our consciousness lives, generates the life that we have in the visible world. This is a difficult spiritual principle, but it is true.

The carnal mind will turn this truth into a condemnation. For example, the carnal mind will say that this means that it is your own fault that you are sick, or that you are an alcoholic, or that you have whatever problem you have. But what I have just said is not a condemnation .if we can understand that the way we think, which is dependent upon the place that our consciousness lives, produces the quality of of our life. If we can understand that the way we think, which is generated by the place where our consciousness lives, brings into existence the events of our life, then we can ask the Lord to change our thinking. We can ask the Lord to raise our thoughts to a high place where they will call forth a blessed lifestyle in this world. A lifestyle of health, Godly relationships, and every good thing which this world has to offer. The good things in this life are generated by a Godly thought life, BUT WE DO NOT HAVE CONTROL OVER THE THOUGHTS OF OUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND.

It is the thoughts of our unconscious mind, not our conscious mind, which determine the quality of life that we have. Only Jesus Christ can change the thoughts of our unconscious mind. Does anyone know the name of our unconscious mind?



<LivingEM> Yess, Satan is our unconscious mind. Every time she thinks through us, she marks, or engraves, the earth of our personality, and his engraving determines our nature. Satan marks us with the nature of the Beast, but the more we think with the mind of Christ Jesus, the more we have His nature, and the more the quality of our life improves.

Gal 6:17, From henceforth let no man trouble me for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.

<LivingEM> Paul is not talking about his physical body. Paul is saying in this Scripture that his Old Man no longer troubles him, because the thoughts of the Lord, Jesus, have engraved His nature upon Paul's personality. Paul was talking about himself, not other men. Paul was no longer troubled by the carnal, lustful thoughts of his third energy center.

Anything else?

Good night. God bless you all.

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