The Spiritual Foundations Of The Clinton Scandal - Part 4


<LivingEM> Praise the Lord! Is everyone up to date on the Clinton Scandal? Ken Starr has sent a letter to the House of Representatives, advising them that his report will be delivered on Friday or Monday. I think a lot of good things are happening. There was a bi-partisan show of strength today. Does anyone know what bi-partisan means?

<Myprecous1> Both parties showing their strength

<LivingEM> "Partisan" means "member of a party, "and "bi-partisan" means "members of two parties." "A bi-partisan show of strength" means that the two major parties of our government, the Democrats and the Republicans, will lay politics aside, and work together for the good of the country.

Three major players in our government, Neut Gingrich, Dick Gephardt, and Dick Armey, had a meeting today and publically committed themselves to work together across party lines, "to do what is right." This is sweet music to my ears. My spirit has been grieved over all the talk about the "polls."

Our legislators, as well as the police and all government authorities , are placed in power, either directly or indirectly, by the people, either through election or by our tax dollars. We have a government because the average man in the street does not have the knowledge, even if he does have spiritual wisdom, to run the country.

We elect representatives because we align ourselves with their programs, but it is an unstated truism that they are in office to preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.

Politics is a squabble over how the country will run, but these are small matters when it comes to the very foundations of our government and legal systems. Our elected officials are supposed to be patriots who lead us. They do not follow our instructions, any more than parents follow their children's instructions. Yet the parents are there for the children.

The average man in the street does not even understand the legal issues of this scandal. You cannot "forgive" someone who is being investigated on criminal charges. The law must take its course. I would not wish what Mr. Clinton is going through on my worst enemy. I have nothing against him personally, but I do want to see him stripped of any power to influence this county, for the sake of the country, and the American people.

I agree that his personal life is none of my business. But so long as he is President, his personal life is everyone's business.

You don't have a personal life when you are the President of the United States. When he is no longer President, his life will be his own business. In my opinion, Mr. Clinton and his whole political machine are a bunch of gangsters.

It is the job of our government legislators and officers to present the facts to the American people honestly, and in such a manner that they can form an intelligent opinion. But the White House political machine is so manipulative that what they say takes advantage of the average man in the street, and instead of educating him, controls him.

So let's talk about what's happening in Washington. Kenneth Starr is a Special Prosecutor who was appointed by the United States Attorney General and a three-judge panel. He is not in this alone. Kenneth Starr, who is a judge in his own right, has a job to do. He is a prosecutor who is assigned to investigate President Clinton. He is not a single man working on this with a vendetta against President Clinton.

Once the Special Prosecutor is appointed, a legal process is set in action. This legal action must play itself out and come to a close. It cannot stop in the middle. Mr. Starr's instructions as a Special Prosecutor are to complete his investigation and make a decision as to whether or not he found evidence of LEGAL wrong doing.

We are talking about CRIME here. Mr. Starr is obligated by his appointed office to report to Congress if he found evidence of CRIMES. He is not obligated to report if he does not find any such evidence. So the fact that Mr. Starr has written a report and presented it to the House of Representatives means that Mr. Starr, in his opinion, found evidence of CRIMINAL ACTIONS.

Neut Gingrich is the Speak of the House. The Speaker is the head honcho of the House of Representatives. Constitutional Law says that once the House receives the report of a Special Prosecutor, it must consider the report. This is a 1,000 page report. This means that more than 100 legislators will have to review this report and probably have discussions on it.

The House of Representatives, by a majority vote, must decide whether or not they agree with Mr. Starr, that Mr. Clinton has broken the law. If the House agrees, by majority vote, Mr. Starr's report is then sent to the Senate, to be reviewed by it.

Impeachment requires the involvement of both houses. I don't know whether it is a majority vote, or a certain percentage of votes. The Constitution says that a President can be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors." The problem is that "misdemeanors" is not defined.

The bottom line is that Congress can impeach the President on the basis of improper behavior, alone, if they wanted to. I am speaking legally now. As I said when I first started talking, this whole mess, has taken a turn for the good, as I see it. I see members of Congress talking about the "good of the country" rather than about "polls." I see righteousness rising. The situation has been described as a "Constitutional Crisis."

Are there any questions or comments about the legal aspects that we have just discussed? Another major issue is whether or not Mr. Starr's report will be made public. These are the options: Only a committee of the House sees the report. All of the members of the House see the report. The House and the Senate see the full report, but not the American People. The American People see only selected passages of the report.

Opinions? Please explain why.

<ToDaNow>: Because the information must be decided on by Congress, not the people.

<Myprecous1>: Because it may be too graphic?

<LivingEM> What are your opinions? Should the report be available to the public or not?

<ToDaNow>: The truth should be known to all .

<Myprecous1>: I think so.

<LivingEM> Yes. I agree. I think the whole country is in a frenzy. And needs the truth to be released. If a partial report is given, curiosity will not be put to rest.

Does everybody understand that our legislators are not supposed to be influenced by the public, but to lead the public. They are like a judge and jury. The whole country does not try a felon.

I told you in a prior meeting that impeachment is a legal process., but I did not state the situation correctly. Impeachment is a political process which is based upon criminal action. T he difference between impeachment and being tried for a crime in the criminal court, is that one does not have to violate the United States Criminal Code to be impeached. Congress can declare any action that they want to, to be criminal for the purposes of impeachment.

I don't think Congress has the power to put the President in jail. Congress has the authority to define "impeachable behavior," and the power to "remove the offender from office." This could take months. But thank God, the issue of righteousness is finally rising above the shouts of the gangster political machine. I see God in this. I would like to believe that the morally languishing people of this nation will wake up. Leaders have the ability to inspire their constituents.It is so important that we live right, brethren.

Neut Gingrich was coming on so strong several years ago when the Republicans took the lead in Congress. It was a tragedy in my estimation that he was caught at wrong doing. I have a good feeling about this man, but being caught weakened him severely. I am not talking about his political position. I am talking about his moral authority. NOTE: AS OF 9/99 NEUT GINGRICH WAS CLEARED BY THE IRS, BUT HE STILL LIED TO THE HOUSE ETHICS COMMITTEE.

Let's talk about moral authority for a while. I have heard this term used on the interview shows. I have told you that I am watching mostly MSNBC here in Florida. They have a chat room and telephone callers participate in their discussions. I soon realized that most people misunderstand the term "moral authority," thinking it has to do with the morality of sex, but this is not true.

Does anyone know what "moral authority" means?

<ToDaNow>: Does it means one's belief?

<LivingEM> "Moral Authority" is a non-religious way of saying "righteousness."

<ToDaNow>: In what is right There is a strength in righteousness.

<Myprecous1>: If they are blameless in morals then they have authority

<LivingEM> Well, more than that Myprecous. Our motives determine whether or not we have moral authority.

When we do something because we really believe it is right, that it is best for the country, there is great strength to accomplish our goal. This is why a fanatic is an awesome enemy. How do you stop someone who is so sure that he is right, that he is will to die for the cause? A man who is willing to fly his plane into a battleship, destroying himself as well as the battleship is a dangerous man. A man who will walk into an embassy with explosives on his own body, and blow himself up as well as the whole building and everyone else in it, is a dangerous man. A man who seeks to preserve his own life is easy to defeat. He can be bought. He can be bribed.

This is why honesty is so important. And of course clean living. There have been a lot of evil things said about Ken Starr, but I know that he is a moral man.

How do I know? Anybody?

<ToDaNow>: Because you see the righteousness of Christ appearing in him

<LivingEM> If Ken Starr had the slightest skeleton in his closet the White House slander machine would have blasted it all over the media by now.

<ToDaNow>: Satan exposes our sins.

<LivingEM> She does a very good job. One can have the righteousness of Christ appearing in Him and still have skeletons. Leave it to Satan, and the worst will be revealed.

The White House Slander machine dragged every politician that they could down into the mud with Mr. Clinton. I heard several on the interview shows saying, well this Governor is doing this, and this Mayor is doing this. On two separate shows, Geraldo had to ask one speaker to stop spreading vicious gossip on his show. Geraldo said "I don't know anything about what you just said about that man, and I don't want it said on this show."

The White House political machine is very dirty. They play very dirty. It is a disgrace to the Presidency for them to play so dirty. Even if what they said is true, does that vindicate Mr. Clinton? How do you help yourself by making trouble in someone else's life?

So, we have talked about the legal aspect of Mr. Starr's report, and about whether or not it should be made public. Does anyone have any questions, comments or any particular area that they would like me to discuss? The three potential charges are, perjury, influencing others to commit perjury, abuse of power. There may be charges relating to situations other than Monica Lewinsky. Travelgate is one possibility.

Does anyone know what Travelgate is about?

<ToDaNow>: White house press staff, White House Travel Agency

<LivingEM> Do you know what happened?

<ToDaNow>: They were replaced by Mrs. Clinton people

<LivingEM> Yes.. People were fired for no legitimate reason.

<ToDaNow>: False charges were brought upon them They had worked in the travel agency for years. There was no complaint about their work. I think there were about 5 people who were fired so that friends of the Clintons could have their jobs. One man was completely ruined financially because he felt that he had to take the matter to court. This is abuse of power. It is immoral. It is ruthless.

The Scripture says that even if a man owes you money, you should not take the clothes on his back or the bed that he sleeps on. You don't strip people of their livelihood and career, to give your friend a job.

I have a big problem believing that someone who does something like that, has the good of the country at heart. I see good coming out of this. I see a moral standard being set for the country.

About President Clinton's two military strikes, I don't have an opinion as to whether or not they were legitimate, or whether he did it for an ungodly motive, but I do know this: That President Clinton initiated military action without asking the United Nations for permission. This dealt a deadly blow to the One World Government, which is not of God.

Many are saying that Mr. Clinton should not be impeached because his programs are still good. I do not believe that you can separate the man from his programs.

Does anyone have any questions or comments about the Clinton Scandal?

<ToDaNow> A thought entered into my mind that Mr. Clinton is a Modern day Pharaoh. The things that Pharaoh did to the people.

<LivingEM> Yes, I see. Mr. Clinton uses the people for his own purposes, instead of serving the people by looking out for their own best interests. Also, he is holding on to the people with mind control and manipulation.

I think the members of Congress have known what Mr. Clinton and his political machine are all about for a long time. But many average people have been deceived by him. For example, the issue of the money that is left over because the budget is balanced. What should be done with this money?

Does anyone know the Republican vs. the Democratic position?

<ToDaNow>: The Republicans want to return it to the people. The others say keep it, and do something else with it

<LivingEM> Yes. The Republicans say, it is not your money, Mr. Clinton. It is tax money. It belongs to the people. The Republicans say, our Constitution does not call for the Federal Government being as big as it is, stop all these big government programs and let the States exercise some authority over the lives of their own people.

The Democrats say, this money belongs to the Federal government. We want to use it to initiate some more Federal programs. For the purposes of this discussion, it is not important who is right, or what any one of you believe. I am trying to demonstrate political manipulation.

I hear Neut Gingrich say, "Mr. President, the money belongs to the people. I don't believe you should be spending it on more government projects." This is an honest statement of the Republican position. It is also an honest complaint against "big federal government."

Facts: Neut wants to give the money back to the people, Mr. Clinton wants to spend it on Federal projects. I heard Mr. Clinton speak at an elementary school yesterday. He was in this elementary school speaking about building up the school system, buying computers, and upgrading the electrical systems to support the computers.

Now, I don't care whether any of you agree with this position or not, listen to the manipulation..... I heard Mr. Clinton, speaking about the Republicans, say, we don't even have the money yet, it won't be available to us for another month or so, and already they want to spend it.

Can anybody see the manipulation?

<ToDaNow>: He's on a manipulation campaign to change his image before the up coming storm of the Starr report, to create division of those who are for and against his program.

<LivingEM> That was a good try ToDaNow, but I think Mr. Clinton has had this in the works for a while. The manipulation is that Mr. Clinton switched roles. He is the one who wants to spend the money. The Republicans want to give it back to the people, yet Mr. Clinton says "THEY WANT TO SPEND IT." Mr. Clinton is the one who wants to spend it. What he said is true of himself, yet he said it about the Republicans. This is a lie by innuendo [suggestion].

Mr. Clinton suggested to the American people that the Republicans want to spend the tax surplus. But the truth is that Mr. Clinton wants to spend it. If you want to think of the word "spend" in terms of "dispensing the money," then both parties want to dispense the money: Mr. Clinton on education, etc. and the Republicans on a tax break.

Mr. Clinton said something to the effect of, how do you like that, we don't even have the funds yet, and THEY are ready to spend it. Well what about you Mr. Clinton? This kind of manipulation denies the man in the street the opportunity to hear the argument for each position and decide who he agrees with. It is a personal attack on the integrity of the other party, rather than saying, well, we are two different political parties, we have two different agendas, one of us believes in "big government" and the other party does not.

The party that believes in "big government" wants to use the surplus to build up the schools. The other party thinks differently. What do you think? That is the Godly way of speaking to the American people. Manipulation robs the people of making an intelligent choice, and forces them to agree with the manipulator to the fullest degree, and in direct proportion to their weaknesses.

"Wicked" is not a very popular word today, but the Bible calls this wicked. Does anyone not understand what I am talking about? Those who have knowledge are supposed to educate those who don't. This is true of the Ministry and the politicians.

To use one's knowledge, wisdom and sophistication to rob the weak, is one of the most serious offenses, as far as God is concerned. It is evil. This kind of manipulation exists on many levels. Many people utilize it in their every day life and don't even realize it.

This is the ministry of the Sons of God, to help people realize what they are doing that is sin, which does not appear to be sin to them. It is all in the way we think. We must be instructed in righteousness. No man knows righteousness, or righteousness judgment by the laying on of hands. Righteousness is learned through instruction. It is learned through making mistakes, It is learned through exposure of sin.

We get sick and die because of wrong thinking. The problem is that the carnal mind is not capable of right thinking If the carnal mind thinks correctly on 99 out of 100 points, the one point of wrong thinking pollutes the 99. This is the meaning of the Scripture that says, if you break the law in one point, you are guilty of the whole law. Only Christ is righteous. And only the man who has joined with his Christ Mind to destroy his carnal mind, can be righteous.

We must resist unto blood, the blood of our carnal mind, if we want to enter into eternal life. Spiritual maturity is the result of the systematic choosing of the thoughts of the Mind of Christ over the thoughts of the carnal mind. Most every one says that they choose Christ, but you cannot choose what you do not. understand. If your mind cannot perceive the righteousness of an issue, you have no choice.

This is what it means to "rightly divide the word of truth. And the only way to recognize the righteousness of each and every issue, is to be fully knowledgeable of your own carnal mind. This takes time, but here is no condemnation as you learn. Satan is very slippery, and very dirty, and she is in all of us. But we shall overcome her through Jesus Christ, our Lord, if we don't faint.

I want to remind you all, that if you try to do this with your carnal mind, the job is overwhelming. It must be a spiritual work. Christ is the only one who can set us free. I pray that you all find the strength in Him to identify, rebuke and eventually cast down your carnal mind.

If no one has any questions or comments on anything I have said, I would like to take a few minutes to throw something out. I have something in my mind in seed form. We will see what, if anything, the Lord does with it.

Any questions or comments?

This is about the Swissair plane crash. From what I have heard so far, the crash seems to have resulted from an electrical failure. It is a big mystery. Swissair has not had a crash in 19 years.

When the Lord wants to give me information, I wind up doing all kinds of strange things. Well, yesterday I wound up searching in Yahoo for links on the Knights Templar. I found out that they are an occult group that goes back to Jesus' day. They are all involved in science and math, as related to spiritual events, etc. Apparently, they were directed to a secret location in Nova Scotia.

What am I saying? I am saying, that if this group, the Knights Templar, are practicing some form of witchcraft in some hidden location in Nova Scotia, their rites or rituals could have caused the electrical failure. I find it too much of a coincidence that I wound up with this information yesterday.

Any comments?

That's pretty strong witchcraft to bring down a plane. The next question is, was it an accident, or was it deliberate?

I don't know about anyone else, brethren, but I don't have this kind of power. I will walk very humbly before the Lord, laboring in the ministry that He has given me, being as faithful as I can, hiding from all conflict that the Lord does not direct me to, making peace wherever possible, suffering the loss whenever necessary, helping everyone who I can, hoping that in the hour that Satan openly manifests herself to the world, Christ Jesus will raise me up to a place where I can deal with this.

We are not just talking about power brethren. No one will have that kind of power in Christ without the wisdom and the knowledge of the truth, and the love of righteousness that is in Christ.

Does anyone have anything to say before we close?

In two days I was faced with two arguments in two different bagel stores. That may sound funny to you, but it's not funny. It's a sign that there is still a rage in the spirit. Walk carefully and fearlessly, but with your eyes open. Do good to all men. Be a peacemaker.

There is no meeting next Wednesday. I will see you on the 23 of September. God bless you all. Your witness is not in knowledge, but in peace and wisdom and caring for each other.

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