The Three Messages In The Church Today


LivingEM: Praise the Lord. We arrived safely in Boca Raton last night. I had heard many reports of infirmity and various kinds of trouble. I hope you are all well and safe.

Are there any questions or comments?

LAMB4114: I was looking at different reports coming through about gold; gold fillings; Russian astronauts and computer people talking about highways of gold, gold rosaries, etc.

LivingEM: What is this mean to you?

LAMB4114: Counterfeit drawn to the physical. Kingdom of God comes without observation

LivingEM: Okay. This is interesting because I had a dream about a gold bus. I don't remember the whole dream, but I will tell you what I do remember. There were Christians sitting on the grass, and there were what appeared to be American soldiers in battle fatigues. The soldiers had their backs to the Christians. I did not speak, but indicated to the Christians with my hands, saying, don't you see those soldiers? The Christians did not speak either, but motioned back to me, indicating, "we really don't care." Actually, I think they shrugged their shoulders at me.

The next thing that I remember is that there was a church bus. It was completely gold, even the people that you could see through the windows, appeared to be gold. Then the soldiers started to move in a maneuver type pattern. The only other thing that I remember is that a preacher who has been my strong enemy held that his hand to me and that there was reconciliation between the two of us.

I also remember somebody saying that a church was being closed down because of false doctrine. What is interesting to me is that the Christians were sitting on the grass. Some of you may have heard me say that I did not agree with the King James account of Jesus feeding the people. You may recall that in some Scriptures Jesus told his disciples to tell the people to sit down on the grass. I did not do a intensive study on these Scriptures, but I did look at them in the Interlinear Text and came to the conclusion that Jesus was moving in a high spiritual office that only the spiritual Jews could perceive.

I do not believe there were five thousand men, plus women and children. I think there was only a small group of spiritual people who could even perceive what was happening. This belief would line up with the recent teaching that has come down through our study of Sampson's Riddle. Only the Christians who see Jesus coming in the Spirit will experience the catching up to spiritual power.

As a told you when I preached it, those of you who are not spiritual must hope for this miracle: That the Lord Jesus will open your spiritual eyes when it is time for you to ascend. I have also told you that spirituality alone, will not cause you to ascend in Jesus' Spirit. Does anybody remember what we need in addition to spirituality?

ToDaNow: The mind of Christ

LivingEM: This is true, but what quality of character is in the mind ofChrist?

ToDaNow: Righteousness

JSNGSNG : righteousness.

LivingEM: Yes, righteous is the answer.

LivingEM: Who are we when we are spiritual without righteousness? What is our nature when we are spiritual without righteousness?

ToDaNow: carnal mind

LAMB4114: The serpents

LivingEM: You are hitting all around it.

ToDaNow: leviathan

LAMB4114: Cain

LivingEM: We are Satan when we are spiritual without righteousness.

Myprecous1: The serpent is appearing as Satan in this generation.

LivingEM: Does anybody have any insight into my dream?

LAMB4114: Most Christians are just waiting to be raptured away and don't understand about the war going on. They don't care either.

LivingEM: It is true that most Christians are waiting to be raptured and don't understand that there is a war, but these Christians were sitting on the grass. Does anyone know what the grass signifies?

LAMB4114: Spiritual growth

ToDaNow: earth

LivingEM: We have a series of messages entitled "Grass." Does anybody remember the subject matter of this series?

LAMB4114: gold?

LivingEM: "Grass" signifies the mature Adam. Is this what you meant by "spiritual growth," Lamb?

LAMB4114: to a degree

LivingEM: I guess we can say that gold signifies the mature Adam. If this is the case, we have two witnesses that this dream is about mature Christians Now, mature Christians should know about the war. If we are understanding this dream correctly, there are many Christians that Adam [Christ Jesus in the New Testament] is resurrected in.

LivingEM: There are two Hebrew words that can be translated "yellow." I think there are also two words that can be translated "gold," but I am not sure. I am thinking that the gold on the bus and the people in the bus, was tarnished. As far as I know, mature grass signifies the resurrected Adam. I don't have any reason to believe that grass would signify someone mature in the serpent's timeline. But you may remember that there are three Hebrew words translated "grass," and that it is only the mature grass which signifies Adam.

I have told you many times that the Greek language is not nearly as accurate as the Hebrew language. I am checking the Greek word translated "grass." in the Greek language. The same Greek word is translated "green grass" and "hay." I was thrown off briefly, because I was applying the old Testament meaning to the word "grass." I think this dream is talking about the Christians who are spiritually mature in the Serpent's timeline.

Another thing that was bothering me is that the soldiers were American soldiers. I believe that American soldiers would signify the sons of God. So the Christians sitting on the grass are Christians who are mature in the Serpent's timeline and someone was warning them that judgment was coming at the hands of the sons of God. But they shrugged the shoulders, and had no fear. They didn't even look at the soldiers. At the beginning of the dream, the soldiers and the Christians were sitting back-to-back. There was a good deal of space between them, but their backs were facing the backs of the others. does anybody remember what the "back" signifies?

Myprecous1: stubberness

LivingEM: The back part of us, it is what part of our mind? Is it the conscious part of our mind?

JSNGSNG the "back" is our unconscious mind.

LivingEM: This is correct. So we see that the unconscious mind of the false sons and the unconscious mind of the true sons were in the same place, but they were not to confronting each other. The Christians were warned by someone that judgment would come from the minds of the sons of God, but the Christians did that even look at the danger, or take it seriously. Then the American soldiers, the sons of God, turned towards the Christians. In my dream I then saw the American soldiers facing the backs of the Christians. So we see that the warfare had ascended into the conscious minds of the sons of God, who are now facing the false Christians in the Spirit. The sons of God were prepared to deal with the false Christians in the Spirit . This is why the Christians continued to have their back to thesoldiers. They didn't see any warfare.

I heard a voice saying that judgment had prevailed and stood on the tarnished gold evangelical machine because it was preaching false doctrine. The sons of God always manifest judgment in the Spirit. The Spirit may be manifested through their words, but there is NEVER any physical warfare. This is very important to know. I remember seeing a woman who was praying old order deliverance for another woman lose control and start pulling the hair of the woman being prayed for. I know that everyone in this meeting knows that the warfare of the sons is in the Spirit, but this transcript will be posted to the Internet.

2 Cor 10:4, For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

The Lord is not in the business of punishing people. His desire is to see all men saved. Therefore, all punishment is motivated by a desire to bring salvation to everyone. But in order to do this, the counterfeit message in the church must be revealed for what it is -- counterfeit. The overall reason that the people will not receive the truth is that they will not, or cannot, believe that they are amongst those who need to be corrected. This is hard for me to comprehend because I have never had this problem, but I understand that many people do have it.

As far as I can tell, there are three messages being preached in the Church today, all of which are not true.

The fundamental church teaches that we are all sinners, but very few teach that spiritual and emotional cleansing is available through the Holy Spirit. The message is one of good works which makes us eligible for the Rapture, a supposed escape for our physical body from this planet. But this is not true. God is Spirit. He must be worshiped in Spirit and truth, and his deliverance is in the Spirit, through the Spirit of Truth. But most do not even know what we are being delivered from.

The second message that I hear in the Church is that there is a great overflow coming, which will be an outward expression of the glory of God. Yet, the people who preach this say that this great overflow will produce financial blessings. They believe that God's deliverance is from financial needs and physical illness. It is true that God's deliverance will alleviate financial problems and afflicting diseases, but this will be a side effect of the Lord's great deliverance. And be assured that this deliverance from financial problems and disease will not manifest until the incorrect thinking which has produced these problems is dealt with. This is the mercy of God. Deliverance from any problem that we have without instruction as to how we came to experience this trouble, will only alleviate our problems temporarily. Permanent deliverance can only come through wisdom and understanding.

The third message that I hear is the message of spiritual philosophy outside of Christ. Those who preach this message speak the Name of Christ, but if you listen carefully, they are saying that we are He in our fallen condition. The Scripture promises that we will be He, but the proof that we are He, is a righteous, sinless nature, which is evidenced by an inability to die. If we are still getting sick, aging or have any reason to believe that we would die if a knife were plunged into our heart, we have not yet arrived at a righteous nature. We still sin in our thoughts, and we are still spiritually dead.

I heard a preacher preach this morning that we were our own prophet, that all we have to do is pick out a Scripture and believe it. This man rebuked infirmity and demons. He waved the Bible at the TV camera and declared that all of the fallen people in his audience who are not looking at their sins, were lords. He correctly taught that Jesus is the king of Kings and the Lord of Lords, but incorrectly declared that all of the carnally minded people listening to him had already arrived.

Brethren, the word "lord," means "controller." We become one of the "lords," when we fully control our carnal mind. Actually, what I have just said is not fully accurate. It is impossible for our carnal mind to control our carnal mind.

Matt 12:25, And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: (KJV)

LivingEM: It is Christ Jesus in us who is the controller of our carnal mind and when we, the personality, are married to Christ Jesus, we can be called "lord," because we are married to "the Lord."

This is the same principle by which the man, or the personality, Jesus, called himself "the Christ." Christ Jesus [Adam in the old Testament] was risen from the dead in the man, Jesus, and was His is new, righteous mind. Jesus, the personality, rejected his carnal mind, and married Christ Jesus. He, therefore, could call himself, Jesus, the Christ.

Jesus is the King of kings, and Lord of lords, because Christ Jesus in each of us is His offspring. Christ Jesus is king of the personality, and when Christ Jesus controls our carnal mind, He becomes Lord of the whole man. Christ Jesus is lord over the individual personality that he controls, and He is Lord over other personalities that he controls through the man that He controls. Jesus, in the days of his flesh, controlled the carnal mind of his disciples. This sounds shocking and is frightening to many.

The thought of being controlled is very threatening, but our carnal mind must be controlled. Elijah controlled Elisha's carnal mind. Elijah also controlled the carnal minds of the men of Israel who were worshiping Baal. As a matter of fact, Elijah so completely controlled their carnal minds that he made them kill her. But Satan raised her carnal mind from the dead and overthrew Christ.

Does anybody remember what happened after the carnal minds of the sons of Israel killed the resurrected Adam [Christ] in Elijah? The resurrected carnal mind in the sons of Israel attacked Adam [Christ Jesus] in Elijah. Does anybody remember what happened to Elijah? The collective carnal mind of the sons of Israel killed Adam [Christ Jesus] in Elijah, and Elijah died spiritually. But Elijah cried out, and Michael raised Adam [Christ Jesus] from the dead in Elijah. There is an ongoing warfare between Christ Jesus [Adam in the old Testament] and the carnal mind today, but the Lord Jesus Christ raises Christ from the dead when he is killed. This warfare will continue until Satan and Leviathan are destroyed.

LivingEM: Does anyone know what part of our carnal mind will survive and become a part of the new man?

ToDaNow: Unconscious mind

LivingEM: Satan and Leviathan are being destroyed. What other part ofthe carnal mind is left? Satan is the unconscious mind. She is being destroyed. The fiery serpent will survive the Lake of Fire. Can anybody tell me why the fiery serpent will survive?

Myprecous1: she's our personality

ToDaNow: she's of God

JSNGSNG: The fiery serpent is our spiritual virginity.

LivingEM: "Personality" is close,

LAMB4114: background thread dark background

LivingEM: Why will our spiritual virginity survive?

LivingEM: Yes, the fiery serpent is the background threads of both the old and new man, but why will she survive?

LAMB4114: Yes as Seraphim.

LivingEM: Are we spiritual virgins? Why aren't we spiritual virgins? The fiery serpent will survive as Seraphim, but we are not yet Seraphim. Are we spiritual virgins now? why not?

LAMB4114: We're not married yet.

Myprecous1: Because we are still married to Leviathan

LivingEM: This is true.

Rom 7:4 Wherefore, my brethren you have also become dead to law through the body of Christ, that you should be married to another, even to him who is raised from the dead, that we should bring forth fruit unto God.

LivingEM: How is "the law" manifested to us? Our carnal mind is the law of sin and death, so how can we be dead to the law by the body of Christ? Where is the body of Christ?

JSNGSNG: The mind of Christ.

LivingEM: This is true. The body of Christ is the mind of Christ. The term "the body of Christ," really means the body of the Spirit of Christ. The mind it is the body of the spirit. So Paul is saying that when the mind Christ controls our carnal mind, we shall be dead to the law. That is, we shall be sinless, and there is no law for a righteous man.

Rom 7:4 says that Christ Jesus is the one who is raised from the dead, so that we should bring for fruit unto God. Christ Jesus, the resurrected Adam, was raised from the dead inthe man, Jesus, so that He should be glorified and bring fought the fruit of His glorified spirit in the many members of mortal man. Paul is saying that we should be married to the Lord Jesus Christ so that we can bring forth His offspring, the mind of Christ. It is not clear in the King James translation, but we are marrying Christ Jesus within us. This is joining of the fiery serpent to the household God. Christ Jesus is the Lake of Fire. The joining of the Lake of Fire to the fiery serpent sets the fiery serpent ablaze. The fiery serpent will abide in the Lake of Fire for eternity. She is the Seraphim, crying holy, holy, holy, before the throne ofGod forever. Praise the Lord. That's all for today, brethren. God bless you all.

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