The Year 2000 Computer Crisis


LivingEM: Hello everybody!

LivingEM: Are there any questions or comments today?

LivingEM: please hold on while I wait for a lead from the Lord.

LivingEM: nobody has anything to say?

LivingEM: usually, when there is nothing in my heart, the lead comes from the congregation

JSNGSNG: I'm just glad that Halloween is over

LivingEM: the floor is open.

LivingEM: why?

LAMB4114: I just got off the phone with an old friend who really is in pain. She is Catholic.

LivingEM: the floor is open for questions or comments

LivingEM: physical pain or spiritual pain?

LAMB4114: The Lord told me to pray against insanity. She told me that her father's sister was placed

LAMB4114: in an insane asylum, something I was not aware of.

LAMB4114: Spiritual and emotional pain

LivingEM: I pray that the Lord have mercy on both of them, and on the whole family.

LAMB4114: amen

LivingEM: someone was speaking to me about the projected computer problem in the year 2000.

LivingEM: he was advising me to stock up on food, and prepare for a crisis.

LivingEM: he told me that the Lord has been saying "prepare."

LivingEM: I don't believe however that this man asked the Lord what it is that he should prepare for.

PSALM 29 2: my husband works for a computer company that creates software to fix the year 2000 problem

PSALM 29 2: he doesn't think there's going to be a crisis

LivingEM: I don't think that the thought of spiritual preparation ever entered his mind.

LivingEM: it is interesting that you should say that Psalm.

LivingEM: I have no personal word as to what to expect in the year 2000.

LivingEM: but I know this, that there is no preparation of this world that will sustain us

LivingEM: if a crisis does arise.

LivingEM: I believe in taking precautions, but I do not believe in panic.

LivingEM: this very man, while telling me how he was stocking his garage,

LivingEM: never for a moment considered the obvious: that I have no garage,

and very little storage

LivingEM: space.

LivingEM: if I were someone else, I might have been upset by his unsolicited counsel.

LivingEM: what about the Christians who live apartment buildings?

LivingEM: what about the Christians who live in rented rooms?

LivingEM: what about the youthful Christians who live with unreconciled parents?

LivingEM: what about the Christians who live in senior-citizen homes?

LivingEM: what about Christians in hospitals?

LivingEM: what about the poor, who don't have the money to stock up?

LivingEM: something is wrong with this counsel.

LivingEM: I believe it is fear based, and rapture based.

LivingEM: but of course, the rapture theory in itself is fear based.

LivingEM: it is wisdom to prepare to the best of one's abilities,

LivingEM: and I believe that the Lord requires us to do so.

LivingEM: so the best that I can say for this scare which is being shouted

LivingEM: from many pulpits, as well as from the Internet,

LivingEM: is that if the Lord does not make away for you,

LivingEM: there is no amount of stored food and water that can save you,

LivingEM: it all of the utilities ceased to function in the

prophesied computer blitz of the

LivingEM: year 2000.

LivingEM: God does expect us to do our part, but the provision of the Lord is supernatural.

LivingEM: God is a spirit.

LivingEM: His provision is spiritual,

LivingEM: and his deliverance is spiritual.

LivingEM: deliverance that manifests as a physical event, such as,

LivingEM: one man supplying the needs of another man, is only the final expression

LivingEM: of a spiritual command which was uttered

LivingEM: out of the spiritual plane of God.

LivingEM: I have heard such panic reports in the church for many years.

LivingEM: they are based upon the premise that there is no help for God's people

LivingEM: while they are in the earth.

LivingEM: conversely, the message is there is only help for God's people when they transfer

LivingEM: over to the other side, that is, by means of the rapture or

physical death.

LivingEM: on the contrary, there is a great deal of help for God's people in. the earth

LivingEM: judgment is in the flash so that we might learn to live after the spirit.

LivingEM: what does that mean? Does anybody know?

JSNGSNG: there is no sin living in the spirit

LAMB4114: correction in the flesh brings us to a place where we call out for help to God

LivingEM: it is true that there is no sin when we live out on the spirit of Christ.

LivingEM: mortal man's problem, is how to do that.

LivingEM: it is true that the pain that the flesh experiences, will turn many to God

ToDaNow: judgment brings on repentance, confession which leads us to trust the Spirit of God

LivingEM: yes, this is true.

LivingEM: but let us is not forget the high calling which is in Christ Jesus

LivingEM: we are to cry out for help from God, and to trust in God,

LivingEM: but this is only a temporary stage.

LivingEM: ultimately, we are to become like God.

LivingEM: we are to think with his mind,

LivingEM: reason, and make decisions with his mind,

LivingEM: and be blameless and all of our behavior

LivingEM: and dealings with God and other men.

LivingEM: be ye holy, as your father in heaven is holy.

LivingEM: our problem is that our basic instincts are the exact opposite of holiness.

LivingEM: our basic instincts are pride, rebellion and murder.

LivingEM: therefore, when we receive unpleasant consequences as a result

LivingEM: of yielding to our instincts, hopefully,

LivingEM: we will remember what we were taught as physical and spiritual Christians,

LivingEM: and confess our sins, and repent, and trust God


LivingEM: so that our instinct is towards righteousness instead of murder.

LivingEM: it is a good thing to be good spiritual children, but we cannot stay that way.

LivingEM: we must grow up.

LivingEM: there are many in the world today who know nothing of Christ.

LivingEM: they may have heard of the holy spirit.

LivingEM: they may even experience the gifts of the spirit.

LivingEM: but their nature is in the image of the serpent.

LivingEM: we must be translated from the image of the serpent or,

LivingEM: as the Scripture says, from the image of the beast,

LivingEM: into the image of our glorious God.

LivingEM: we, who can hear this message, and are strong enough

LivingEM: to see ourselves as we really are when our sins are pointed out,

LivingEM: are the hope of the weak of this world

LivingEM: blasphemy, you say!

LivingEM: Christ Jesus is the hope of the world!

LivingEM: this is true. Christ Jesus is the hope of the world,

LivingEM: but Christ Jesus ministers through the flash off mortal man.

LivingEM: he will minister through us to the fullest extent that we will get out of his way.

LivingEM: getting out of his way means rejecting the wisdom and counsel of

this world.

LivingEM: when we agree with Christ Jesus we become one with him, and are the thus

LivingEM: "out of his way."

LivingEM: we can only be in his way, when we are separate and opposed to him in now mind.

LivingEM: our mind.

OnlineHost: Myprecous1 has left the room.

LivingEM: there is only one mind of God.

LivingEM: this mind is separated into many parts today,

LivingEM: because that one mind has been divided by the flesh that surrounds us.

OnlineHost: Myprecous1 has entered the room.

LivingEM: if you can hear it, we are all one in the mind of Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: except for the spiritual membrane which surrounds each of us.

LivingEM: I will try to explain this more fully.

LivingEM: there is only one God, and everything that exists, both spirit and matter,

LivingEM: come from him.

LivingEM: the world that we see exists because the spirit on the one Goid

LivingEM: God

LivingEM: has been divided over and over and over again.

LivingEM: think of cookie dough.

LivingEM: there is one sheet of cookie dough.

LivingEM: then you take a cookie cutter and cut one giant cookie out of it.

LivingEM: then you cut smaller cookies, out of the giant cookie,

LivingEM: and yet smaller cookies out of those cookies.

LivingEM: what you have done is divide the dough and separate each cookie from the others

LivingEM: by surrounding it with the atmosphere of this world.

LivingEM: you have created a border where there was no border.

LivingEM: you have created distance where there was no distance.

LivingEM: you have created an illusion of many cookies when the truth is

LivingEM: that you took one giant cookie and broke it into many pieces.

LivingEM: the sum of the many cookies does not add up to anymore cookie dough

LivingEM: than that which originally existed.

LivingEM: it just looks like more because of the separation into many parts.

LivingEM: getting back to our original point,

LivingEM: when the cookie dough is separated into many parts, it is now possible

LivingEM: for one of those parts to stand opposite from another part.

LivingEM: while all of the cookies were one-piece of dough, this was not possible.

LivingEM: living out of the spirit is like being rejoined to the whole cookie dough.

LivingEM: it becomes impossible to stand opposite from the whole.

LivingEM: now in this carnal world, the relinquishing of one's individuality

is grevious

LivingEM: and undesirable because to do so one must place himself completely under the authority

LivingEM: of another person or an organization, such as the Armed Forces.

LivingEM: such a submission is previous to many independent people,

LivingEM: but at least in the case of the Armed Forces it is understandable and acceptable

LivingEM: because of an understanding that the military is necessary for the

benefit of the country

LivingEM: .nevertheless, despite this understanding, personal liberties must be sacrificed.

LivingEM: there is a definite and distinct loss to the individual.

LivingEM: but the end God, in addition to the loss of what we perceive to be

LivingEM: "freedom" we gain a whole new life in Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: so, we see that reaping the consequences of

LivingEM: ungodly thoughts and behavior sown by our carnal thinking,

LivingEM: and behavior, can have the benefit of making us desire the spiritual life.

LivingEM: there is no way that the spiritual life can be forced upon us.

LivingEM: it requires too much of our own effort to enter in.

LivingEM: what is forced upon us, is the consequences of our poor choice,

LivingEM: that is, to follow after the wisdom and counsel of our carnal mind,

LivingEM: rather than the wisdom and counsel of Christ.

LivingEM: one might see a similarity in this process to Pavlov's dogs.

LivingEM: Pavlov was a Russian scientist who did research in conditioning animal behavior.

LivingEM: and without Christ we are animals, are we not?

LivingEM: Pavlov had some dogs in cages in his laboratory.

LivingEM: he would feed the dogs only once a day.

LivingEM: every day before he would place the food in their cages, Pavlov would ring a bell.

LivingEM: it didn't take very long for the dogs to learn that when the bell rang, dinner was on the

LivingEM: way.

LivingEM: after some amount of time, Pavlov would ring the bell,

LivingEM: but not serve dinner.

LivingEM: he would do this at other times of the day, even shortly

LivingEM: after the dogs had eaten,

LivingEM: and the dogs would salivate as if they had not eaten all day.

LivingEM: so Pavlov found out that saliva coming into the mouth of the dogs

LivingEM: could be caused by the ringing of a bell, as well as by the smell of food,

LivingEM: if the dogs were conditioned to expect to receive food when they heard a bell ring.

LivingEM: in the same way, human beings can be trained to shun the evil wisdom of their carnal mind

LivingEM: and choose to follow after the true spirit of Christ,

LivingEM: if they feel pain after following the wisdom of this world often enough.

LivingEM: most of us who have been following Christ for a while now,

LivingEM: know that it can be very painful to follow Christ.

LivingEM: the difference between the pain of following our carnal mind

LivingEM: and the pain we receive from following Christ,

LivingEM: is that the pain that we receive from following Christ produces victory

LivingEM: in this world,

LivingEM: and eternal life in the next world.

LivingEM: the pain of following after our carnal mind, ends in destruction in this world,

LivingEM: and death in the next.

LivingEM: there are many, however, who do not have the opportunity

LivingEM: to follow after Christ because he is not in their life.

LivingEM: these people can prosper from the wisdom of this world.

LivingEM: these people are in a spiritual place that the new Testament calls Tartarus.

LivingEM: they exist in the hell of this world, yet they are not under judgment.

LivingEM: there are two kinds of judgment.

LivingEM: they are not under the white throne judgment which is mediated by Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: because Christ Jesus is not in them.

LivingEM: neither are they under the destructive judgment mediated by Satan,

LivingEM: because they are following after the goodness of this life.

LivingEM: so we see, that what the good people of the world can do,

LivingEM: would be destructive for the Christian in whom Christ is being formed.

LivingEM: why?

LivingEM: because Christ Jesus has a plan for your life,

LivingEM: that bypasses your opportunities and the sowing and reaping judgment

LivingEM: of this world.

LivingEM: The apostles counseled Paul not to go to Rome.

LivingEM: This was worldly wisdom,

LivingEM: but the exact opposite wisdom from what the Lord Jesus

LivingEM: wanted Paul to do.

LivingEM: the world seeks to preserve its life,

LivingEM: but Christ Jesus seeks to do the will of the father.

LivingEM: even when the will of the father might cause the obedient son

LivingEM: pain and suffering.

LivingEM: it is common in some religious circles to believe that Jesus

LivingEM: would have us to be sacrifices for the many,

LivingEM: with no benefit to ourselves and all,

LivingEM: but I do not believe this to be so.

LivingEM: the problem is that most of the time we cannot see the long-range benefit

LivingEM: of our suffering or sacrifice.

LivingEM: neither is it Godly to enter into obedience because we believe that our sacrifice

LivingEM: will produce benefits in our life.

LivingEM: our attitude should be sacrificial.

LivingEM: that is, that we are willing to lose anything of this world that must be lost,

LivingEM: as the cost of our obedience.

LivingEM: but we do this with the knowledge that spiritual gain is assured.

LivingEM: this knowledge is the joy of persecution that the Scripture speaks about.

LivingEM: no human in his right mind would relish the pain and suffering that obedience

LivingEM: and spiritual growth extracts from us.

LivingEM: our joy, brethren, is in the knowledge is that our spiritual increase

LivingEM: is assured.

LivingEM: our joy is in the knowledge that spiritual growth will abound.

LivingEM: our joy is in the knowledge that no matter how painful our present circumstances

LivingEM: might be, only life, and life more abundantly, can result from obedience to God.

LivingEM: the translations which say that we should be cheerful while we are persecuted,

LivingEM: are unfortunate because they condemn the suffering personality.

LivingEM: the Greek word translated "cheerful" can also be translated "to endure."

LivingEM: as unfair as it may sound to the carnal mind, the destruction of the flesh life

LivingEM: produces great spiritual gain.

LivingEM: and don't think that once you have pierced through to a stronger walk

LivingEM: with the Lord such as I have, that your pain end, because it does not.

LivingEM: we shall have tribulation for as long as we abide in this flesh,

LivingEM: because the flesh lusteth against the spirit, and the spirit

LivingEM: will oppose the flesh,

LivingEM: because the two are opposite from each other,

LivingEM: and the warfare will cease only when the conscious earth

LivingEM: [that's us] changes her mind,

LivingEM: and agrees to pursue the spiritual life,

LivingEM: and to let go of every worldly thing AS THE LORD TAKES IT,

LivingEM: and not sooner, which would be a religious work that could harm

LivingEM: God's purposes in our life and in the life of others,

LivingEM: so, our message today has been an attempt to understand

LivingEM: what is required of us with regard to the potential computer crisis in the year 2000.

LivingEM: the man who was telling me to store up food,

LivingEM: also told me that he knew that in the event that his fears came to pass,

LivingEM: that those who had food stored up would be in danger of invasion by the hungry mobs.

LivingEM: he told me that he knew that he would be and God hands despite all

that he could do,

LivingEM: sell, he said, we must pray that God defend us against the invading hoards.

LivingEM: now, brethren, something is wrong with this picture.

LivingEM: imagine this banner headline:



LivingEM: I cannot perceive your responses as you read what I have just written, but I myself,

LivingEM: am chuckling.

LivingEM: how ridiculous!

LivingEM: how disgraceful!

LivingEM: how can this be?

LivingEM: brethren, I do not condemn this man.

LivingEM: he is where he is.

LivingEM: this is what he thinks.

LivingEM: I choose to believe that should such a crisis occur for any reason,

LivingEM: the computer glitch, or otherwise,

LivingEM: somewhere in this world the mercy of Jesus Christ will be

manifested to those who

LivingEM: believe.

LivingEM: I choose to believe, brethren, that those people who have more faith

LivingEM: in Jesus Christ than in the limited amount of food and water which can be reasonably stored,

LivingEM: will stand in such a crisis.

LivingEM: once again, I believe that we should do what we are capable of doing,

LivingEM: but that we should ask the Lord what it is that he wants us to do.

LivingEM: when I was in Florida a few months ago, we were threatened with a hurricane.

LivingEM: I went to the store and purchased gas lamps and batteries.

LivingEM: then I went to the supermarket and bought some extra food.

LivingEM: but when he came to the possibility of having no electricity to cook with,

LivingEM: I realized that I just about never eat out of cans.

LivingEM: I said to the Lord, what the what me to do?

LivingEM: if it turns out that I don't need canned foods I probably could return what I buy.

LivingEM: but I said, Lord, do you really want me to carry all these cans, and lay out all this money

LivingEM: at this time?

LivingEM: I heard no answer, but did not feel to do it.

LivingEM: the hurricane passed.

LivingEM: it never hit the area where I was.

LivingEM: the batteries will be used eventually and I left the gas lamps for the

LivingEM: owner of the condo where I was staying, to be used for any

LivingEM: future power failures.

LivingEM: be willing to do whatever needs to be done, but don't dispute or deny

LivingEM: the potential move of the spirit of the Lord on your behalf.

LivingEM: our attitude should be,

LivingEM: first I place my hope and safety in the hands of the Lord,

LivingEM: second, what do you want me to do Lord?

LivingEM: what is my part?

LivingEM: and then go forward fearlessly, because fear is the exact opposite

LivingEM: of faith.

LivingEM: God cannot move our behalf when we are in fear because the move on his spirit

LivingEM: is spiritual, and we cannot hear him when we are afraid,

LivingEM: or following after the instructions of our carnal mind to defend ourselves.

LivingEM: and of course, should such a crisis arise, our great hope is that the sons of God

LivingEM: will manifest, and provide the necessities of life to everyone in need.

LivingEM: what a off glorious end to such a crisis!

LivingEM: the Lord is exalted and made great in they are eyes of man

LivingEM: during man's darkest hour.

LivingEM: those of us who are aware, await his appearing.

LivingEM: do not be deceived.

LivingEM: he will appear at the very last moment, to save us from the destructive fruit

LivingEM: of our own sin nature.

LivingEM: things will get worse before they get better.

LivingEM: Jesus will rise and all of his glory after all is lost,

LivingEM: according to the carnal mind,

LivingEM: and he will say and to this nation, arise and come forth,

LivingEM: and may your bands be broken off of you.

LivingEM: are there any questions or comments about this message?

LivingEM: God bless you all. See you next week.

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