Things Strangled


<LivingEM> praise the Lord!

<LivingEM> we will start with prayer. what anybody like to pray?

<LivingEM> Father, in the Name of Jesus,

<LivingEM> we thank you for this day.

<LivingEM> we thank you for this meeting and for the fellowship of the Saints.

<LivingEM> we thank you for your presence in our life.

<LivingEM> we thank you for everything that you have done, and will do.

<LivingEM> we thank you for teaching us today, and for giving us a timely message,

<LivingEM> one that will meet our present needs.

<LivingEM> the pray for everyone who has said they would be here, and are not.

<LivingEM> we rebuke Satan, and cancel her plans to keep them away.

<LivingEM> be send forth blessings and the spirit of Christ to overcome whatever problems may exist.

<LivingEM> does anybody have a question or comment?

<LivingEM> we will wait on the Lord

<LivingEM> I would appreciate it if everyone would pray with me, for the message that the Lord has for us today.

<LivingEM> we are seeking the Lord for today's message, Overcomer.

<LivingEM> the floor is open for questions or comments

<LivingEM> I have a lead. I will be right with you

<LivingEM> what about "things strangled," today

<LivingEM> I am asking everybody to follow along with their own Bible, so that I do not have to type the Scriptures into the transcript.

<LivingEM> the word "strangle," does not appear in the King James translation in the present tense.

<LivingEM> it appears only in the past tense, "strangled,"

<LivingEM> one time in the old Testament, and three times in the new Testament,

<LivingEM> all three times in the book of Acts,

<LivingEM> 15:20,

<LivingEM> 15:29

<LivingEM> 21:25

<LivingEM> and Nahum 2:12.

<LivingEM> I don't know about you, but I have always thought that the apostles command to abstain from "things strangled,"

<LivingEM> meant to not eat the flesh of strangled animals,

<LivingEM> but the Lord has shown me that this is not the intention of the Scripture.

<LivingEM> well, you say, is it legal to eat the flesh of strangled animals?

<LivingEM> my answer is "I don't know."

<LivingEM> to the best to my knowledge at this time, the church is relieved from any religious observance with regard to the food that we eat.

<LivingEM> but I do know that the scriptural restrictions on certain foods always seem to coincide

<LivingEM> with the most modern scientific understanding of what is healthy and what is not healthy.

<LivingEM> therefore, as far as I am concerned, our choice of food is a personal decision

<LivingEM> which is between the individual believer and their God.

<LivingEM> not too long ago the Lord revealed to me that the Scriptures associated with "things strangled,"

<LivingEM> containing a similar admonition against fornication

<LivingEM> and blood,

<LivingEM> are not necessarily talking about physical fornication or physical blood.

<LivingEM> now, of course we know that fornication is scripturally illegal,

<LivingEM> and it is my understanding that the consumption of blood, even when it is cooked, can be unhealthy,

<LivingEM> because many diseases are carried by the blood.

<LivingEM> and, in the same manner, "strangled" animals, are animals

<LivingEM> which have not released any of their blood upon death.

<LivingEM> I know that I have preached on a recent tape that the Lord has revealed to me

<LivingEM> that in acts 15 and 21 he is not talking about physical fornication or physical blood,

<LivingEM> but is saying to the church, do not fornicate with Satan, and do not partake of her blood.

<LivingEM> this admonition can be likened to the Scripture that tells us that love is the universal law.

<LivingEM> if we truly love their brother there is no sin and us.

<LivingEM> this is a true saying, but how many truly know what the "love of God" is?

<LivingEM> the answer is, very few.

<LivingEM> the carnal mind is incapable of the love of God.

<LivingEM> the love of God is shed abroad only by Christ.

<LivingEM> therefore, if Christ is not in a man he is incapable of "loving his brother,"

<LivingEM> and even if Christ is formed in him,

<LivingEM> Christ must wage the warfare that forces the carnal mind under him, and keeps her there,

<LivingEM> before he can "love his brother."

<LivingEM> many very well-meaning preachers teach that we should manifest the fruit of the spirit

<LivingEM> without teaching the doctrine of Christ, but only Christ can manifest the fruit of the spirit.

<LivingEM> I believe that these very well-meaning preachers do not understand this principle themselves.

<LivingEM> it is possible for human beings to "act" like they have the fruit of the spirit,

<LivingEM> and this is good thing, because we will surely reap what we have sown,

<LivingEM> but it is not the fruit of the spirit.

<LivingEM> only Christ can manifest the true fruit. in every every other instance, the mortal man, no matter how well-meaning he is, is what the Scripture calls a "liar,"

<LivingEM> which merely means "not the genuine article."

<LivingEM> it is preferable to be kind and unselfish, which is the fruit of the good side of your carnal mind,

<LivingEM> rather than to be cruel and evil,

<LivingEM> but the genuine fruit of the spirit can only arise out of Christ.

<LivingEM> well, you say, if both the man manifesting Christ and the man manifesting the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil do the same works, what is the difference between the two?

<LivingEM> can anyone answer this question?

<LivingEM> what is the difference between the "goodness," which is in Christ Jesus

<LivingEM> and the "goodness" of the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

<LivingEM> the outward manifestation

<LivingEM> the fruit of "goodness,"

<LivingEM> as opposed to the "goodness" of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,

<LivingEM> is the effect that it has upon the person who is the recipient of this fruit.

<LivingEM> the "goodness" that arises out of Christ produces healing

<LivingEM> in the recipient,

<LivingEM> but even more than that, imparts the seed of Christ.

<LivingEM> the "goodness," of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil can make the recipient "feel good,"

<LivingEM> for the moment, and perhaps assist them with a problem that they have,

<LivingEM> which are good things,

<LivingEM> but there is no ministry to the recipient's spirit.

<LivingEM> that which makes us feel good for the moment, but has no lasting effect, is called?

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us what this is called?

<LivingEM> is called "temporal."

<LivingEM> the true "goodness," touches our spirit and therefore affects the eternal aspect of ourself,

<LivingEM> but the "goodness" of the carnal mind affects only our emotions, and does not endure.

<LivingEM> and so it is for all of the fruit of the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

<LivingEM> it is temporal.

<LivingEM> it has no lasting effect.

<LivingEM> but the fruit of Christ endures for ever.

<LivingEM> wherefore, the preachers who encourage their congregation to "be good,"

<LivingEM> do a good thing,

<LivingEM> but the preachers who encourage the development of the mind of Christ, do a better thing,

<LivingEM> because, when the mind of Christ rules, the fruit of the spirit is a natural outgrowth of that mind.

<LivingEM> when the mind of Christ rules one does not have to make an effort to manifest the fruit.

<LivingEM> when one is living out of his carnal mind, then he must make an effort

<LivingEM> to resist and restrain the fruit of his evil side,

<LivingEM> and force the fruit of the good side to the forefront.

<LivingEM> this is a pruning process, which cuts off the evil to promote the good.

<LivingEM> but this is not the love of God.

<LivingEM> it is a facsimile.

<LivingEM> are we to be condemned if we do not manifest the fruit of the spirit naturally?

<LivingEM> God forbid.

<LivingEM> it is only through a knowledge of the truth that we recognize that our "goodness" arises out of our carnal mind, and

<LivingEM> that we can ever hope to develop the mind of Christ which, when he is fully established in us,

<LivingEM> will automatically manifest the fruit of the spirit through us.

<LivingEM> now there are some people who are naturally "good,"

<LivingEM> like Ashley's wife in "Gone with the wind."

<LivingEM> but even if one has this inherited blessing of goodness on their family line,

<LivingEM> it still has no lasting effect on the spirit of the man.

<LivingEM> such a blessing travels with the soul, which is the personality,

<LivingEM> and has its rewards in this world only.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us how to discern between the goodness of God, which is the fruit Christ,

<LivingEM> and the "good" man who had inherited his "goodness"?

<LAMB> The goodness of man always turns out wrong in the end.

<LivingEM> the goodness of man can turn out good in some situations, but the good result is only temporary.

* isaiah429 motive is the bottom line

<LivingEM> yes, this is true.

<LivingEM> how can we tell which man has Christ is his motive,

<LivingEM> as opposed to the man who is good in his carnal mind?

<LivingEM> the man whose motive is Christ is able to live out of Christ because he is continually confessing his sins, repenting,

<LivingEM> and asking the Lord to continue to expose every thought that is out of the way.

* isaiah429 has a righteous motive no matter what the action looks like

<LivingEM> yes, this is true but we are a looking for the signs which will identify the righteous motive.

<LivingEM> the man who was good because of Christ is a spiritual virgin who follows the Lord everywhere.

<LivingEM> fornication and goodness for example indicate that the goodness is out of the carnal mind

<LivingEM> I am sure that many of us had seen movies about certain ethnic groups who send flowers to the funeral of the man that murdered,

<LivingEM> and then take care of his widow and orphans for the rest of there lives.

<LivingEM> these are good works, but they are not out of Christ.

<LivingEM> Lamb, I think you meant that the end of good works is that we die anyway. is that what you meant?

<LAMB> yes

<LivingEM> this is true.

<LivingEM> we are discussing how the love of God is the universal law,

<LivingEM> but that the love of man, no matter how sincere, cannot save the recipients life, or the life of the lover.

<LivingEM> we are talking about the admonition to not fornicate

<LivingEM> or partake of blood

<LivingEM> or of things strangled.

<LivingEM> We have just compared the true fruit of Christ to the fruit of the good side of the carnal mind,

<LivingEM> to emphasize how difficult, and actually impossible, it is for teachers

<LivingEM> to explain about fornication, blood and things strangled, when they do not understand the difference

<LivingEM> between the fruit of Christ and the fruit of the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

<LivingEM> it is impossible to stop fornicating with Satan until Christ is formed in you,

<LivingEM> just as it is impossible to manifest the fruit of the spirit unless Christ is formed in you.

<LivingEM> actually, Christ must be formed in us before we can obey any of the Commandments of the Lord unto eternal life.

<LivingEM> the proof is that the church - to what ever degree it has obeyed the Commandments of God --

<LivingEM> has only obeyed out of the good side of their carnal mind,

<LivingEM> is that we are all still dying.

<LivingEM> obedience to the Commandments of God out of Christ Jesus will reap deliverance from death.

<LivingEM> deliverance from death is the effect which transcends this world.

<LivingEM> in the same manner, we can abstain from fornication and from physical blood and from eating the flesh of strangled animals

<LivingEM> and still die.

<LivingEM> so we must now ask ourselves what does the mind of Christ think

<LivingEM> when He hears the word "fornication."

<LivingEM> can anyone answer this question?

<LivingEM> how does Christ Jesus define fornication?

<LAMB> Being in agreement with our carnal minds.

<LivingEM> yes, this is true.

<LivingEM> the physical behavior of his visible world is only the acting out

<LivingEM> of the play that Satan writes in the earth of our personality.

<LivingEM> therefore, if we engage in spiritual fornication with our negative principles,

<LivingEM> we are guilty of fornication, whether we act out the script of the play, or not.

<LivingEM> to emphasize this point, Jesus said, if you look after woman with lust in your heart, you are already guilty of adultery.

<LivingEM> it doesn't matter whether you do the physical act are not to be guilty of adultery.

<LivingEM> however, once you begin to engage in the physical act you will reap what you sow in the visible world

<LivingEM> and will be much worse off than the man who thought about it, but did not do it.

<LivingEM> brethren, the church is filled with people who have abstained from fornication, and from eating blood and from eating the flesh of strangled animals,

<LivingEM> and they still die.

<LivingEM> therefore, we must find out how to obey these laws in the Spirit, so that we might live.

<LivingEM> does everyone now understand that when we stop fornicating in the Spirit

<LivingEM> there will be no chance whatsoever of our fornicating physically,

<LivingEM> nor will there be any struggle between our conscience and our desire to fornicate.

<LivingEM> here is the significant point of difference between Christ generated righteousness

<LivingEM> and the goodness of the carnal mind:

<LivingEM> Christ degenerated righteousness in the natural outgrowth of our resistance of our sin nature, in general

<LivingEM> and goodness arises out of our own will power restraining our sinful inclinations in any one particular area.

<LivingEM> the fruit of our general resistance against our whole sin nature leads to the death of our sin nature,

<LivingEM> which is the end of all conflict.

<LivingEM> but when the good side of our carnal mind resists the evil side of our carnal mind,

<LivingEM> there is no end to the conflict, but it endures for as long as the person lives.

<LivingEM> there is no rest.

<LivingEM> yet, the Scripture promises us rest from labor.

<LivingEM> this rest is attained to only through the complete and final death of our sin nature.

<LivingEM> the man who is good out of his carnal mind, labors, with no rest, all of his days, and then dies.

<LivingEM> the man who is righteous out of Christ Jesus, labors in Christ Jesus, until his carnal mind is destroyed,

<LivingEM> and that man then rests forever, world without end.

<LivingEM> another way to put it,

<LivingEM> is that we can labor to put an end to sin from the inside or the outside.

<LivingEM> when we labor from the outside, focusing on the behavior alone,

<LivingEM> our labor cannot end in rest.

<LivingEM> when we labor from the inside, focusing on our motives and emotions, as well as our behavior,

<LivingEM> we have the hope that Christ will be formed and mature in us, that our labor should be fulfilled, that we might enter into rest.

<LivingEM> which is deliverance from the continual struggle with our sin nature,

<LivingEM> so that we might avoid the consequences of sowing ungodly seed.

<LivingEM> and reaping its rewards, which is death.

<LivingEM> so we see that to attain rest for our soul, which is our personality,

<LivingEM> we must clean the inside of the cup, by which we achieve results that will translate us into the age without end.

<LivingEM> but, in order to do this, we must understand spiritual fornication, spiritual blood, and spiritual strangulation

<LivingEM> spiritual fornication is agreement the Satan and Leviathan, our carnal mind.

<LivingEM> we must prefer Christ, and Christ is a mind.

<LivingEM> preference of Christ therefore manifests through agreement with the thoughts of His mind.

<LivingEM> yes, we can agree with the works of Christ,

<LivingEM> but, once again, if our works agree with Christ, but not our motives, we are not truly an agreement with Him.

<LivingEM> agreement with Christ originates in the unconscious mind.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us the name of the unconscious part of our mind in Christ Jesus?

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us the name of the unconscious part of the Christ mind?

* isaiah429 Lord Jesus Christ

<LivingEM> yes, this is true,

<LivingEM> but for the purpose of identifying the unconscious part of the mind of Christ, it is more descriptive to say the Spirit of Christ.

<LivingEM> we must agree with Christ Jesus' motive in our unconscious mind, and

<LivingEM> in our subconscious mind, the place where the personality meets the spirit of Christ.

<LivingEM> the subconscious mind is the spiritual part of the personality, which is the etheric plane.

<LivingEM> and we must agree with Him in our conscious mind,

<LivingEM> where our thinking fully agrees with Christ on every level.

<LivingEM> so we see three laws which are designed to help us to enter into unending life.

<LivingEM> 1. the law of love --

<LivingEM> love the Lord with all of your mind your heart and your soul [personality],

<LivingEM> and love your brother as yourself --

<LivingEM> 2. the law fornication -- thou shall not fornicate with Satan and Leviathan

<LivingEM> within your own mind, or between your carnal mind and carnal mind of another man --

<LivingEM> you shall not agree with sin [Satan and Leviathan], but you shall agree with love [Christ Jesus],

<LivingEM> 3. you shall abstain from blood --

<LivingEM> your human spirit shall not flow with Satan, the spiritual blood of the etheric body of mortal man,

<LivingEM> but shall cleave unto?

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us who is drawing our human spirit out of Satan's polluted spiritual blood?

<overcomer> Christ Jesus

<LivingEM> the Holy Spirit draws the human spirit out of Satan's polluted blood.

<LivingEM> the Holy Spirit is the beginning of the blood of Christ Jesus.

<LivingEM> and the blood of Christ Jesus is?

<LivingEM> anyone?

<LivingEM> the spirit of Christ.

<LivingEM> Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and the blood of the etheric body,

<LivingEM> and the spirit of Christ is the unconscious part of the Christ mind, and the blood of Christ Jesus' mental body.

<LivingEM> there is also a mental body in Leviathan's ascended timeline.

<LivingEM> the astral plane, Satan's sea, the emotions of mortal man,

<LivingEM> and the etheric body are the "body of sin."

<LivingEM> the nature spirits, what some occult philosophies call, "the elementals,"

<LivingEM> reside in the etheric plane.

<LivingEM> the Holy Spirit begins to draw the human spirit apart from Satan.

<LivingEM> in preparation for the grafting of the seed of life.

<LivingEM> when the seed of Christ is grafted

<LivingEM> to the Holy Spirit within an individual, the spirit of Christ emerges

<LivingEM> and swallows up the Holy Spirit.

<LivingEM> this is why the Scripture says that the gifts are passing away.

<LivingEM> the gifts are associated with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is passing away.

<LivingEM> Christ Jesus is the fruit.

<LivingEM> the Holy Spirit is the flower.

<LivingEM> the fruit grows out of the flower, and the flower disappears.

<LivingEM> the fruit has the potential to endure forever,

<LivingEM> but the Holy Spirit does not endure for ever. can anyone tell us why?

<LAMB> The Holy Spirit is not the seed that produces the mind of Christ

* isaiah429 He doesn't have the root, Abel

<LivingEM> this is true. can anyone tell us what the Holy Spirit is?

<LivingEM> this is true, the Holy Spirit does not have the root.

<LivingEM> who is the Holy Spirit and what part of the tree of life is He?

* isaiah429 the branch

<LivingEM> yes, the Holy Spirit is the branch of the tree of life, and the branch cannot survive without the root indefinitely.

<LivingEM> Matt 12:21

<LivingEM> this is the man who has the branch but not the root.

<LivingEM> where the spirit of Christ is, so is the root.

<LivingEM> the Holy Spirit is the energy of the creation without the root,

<LivingEM> and the spirit of Christ is the energy of the creation with the root of the tree of life.

<LivingEM> the Holy Spirit alone cannot endure.

<LivingEM> the spirit of Christ regenerated in an individual has every opportunity to endure forever,

<LivingEM> but the personality that he dwells in can rebel against him,

<LivingEM> to the point that both Christ and personality die.

<LivingEM> so, we are commanded to abstain from blood.

<LivingEM> abstaining from physical blood may or may not affect our health,

<LivingEM> but abstaining from Satan's spiritual blood will surely produce the life of the ages in our personality,

<LivingEM> which is deliverance from death.

<LivingEM> abstaining from physical blood may or may not enhance our short life in this world,

<LivingEM> but abstaining from Satan's spiritual blood is the overcoming of this world.

<LivingEM> Jn 16:33

<LivingEM> Jesus overcame this world.

<LivingEM> this means that the man, Jesus,

<LivingEM> the personality,

<LivingEM> agreed with the Christ mind within himself to the point that they completely subdued and covered over

<LivingEM> the carnal mind that Jesus inherited from his mother.

<LivingEM> to overcome the world is to overcome the carnal mind.

<LivingEM> so the personality is commanded to disagree with Satan and Leviathan,

<LivingEM> and the human spirit is commanded to withdraw from Satan.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us what activities the human spirit engages in when she is flowing with Satan?

* isaiah429 withcraft

<overcomer> fornication

<LAMB> The lusts of the flesh, anger, rage, etc.

<LivingEM> the human spirit engages in spiritual activities.

<LivingEM> when she flows with Satan she practices witchcraft,

<LivingEM> and when she flows with the spirit of Christ she exercises the legal spiritual authority of the spirit of Christ.

<LivingEM> and, yes, rage and anger are manifestations of witchcraft.

<LivingEM> fornication is an activity of mind.

<LivingEM> fornication has to do with the agreement with unrighteousness,

<LivingEM> but witchcraft has to do with practices which harm other people.

<LivingEM> fornication operates in thought, witchcraft operates in action.

<LivingEM> rage/anger, envy, and malignant pride are the main examples of witchcraft operating to the personality in social situations.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us what malignant pride is?

<overcomer> pride that kills Christ

* isaiah429 pride that accuses another person

<LivingEM> yes, this is true.

<LivingEM> yes, this is true also.

<LivingEM> malignant pride hurts and sometimes kills anyone and anything that is necessary for them to maintain their own righteousness.

<LivingEM> so, finally, we come to the subject to the of today's study, "things strangled."

<LivingEM> please note that acts 15:20

<LivingEM> does not say "the flesh of strangled animals."

<LivingEM> it says "things strangled,"

<LivingEM> which is a translation of one Greek word, Strong's 4156.

<LivingEM> both Stong and Thayher say that this word means something suffocated or strangled.

<LivingEM> both lexicons also suggest that the word relates to an animal deprived of life without the shedding of blood,

<LivingEM> but this is not what the Scripture says.

<LivingEM> the Scripture does not identify what is being strangled, but as far as I know everyone that I have ever heard teach on this verse

<LivingEM> has translated it carnally,

<LivingEM> as physical fornication and the blood and flesh of a strangled animal.

<LivingEM> but this is their interpretation.

<LivingEM> the English dictionary says that the word strangle means to kill by squeezing the throat so as to choke or suffocate,

<LivingEM> to throttle, to cut off the oxygen supply, to smother,

<LivingEM> to inhibit of the growth or action of, to restrict.

<LivingEM> I suggest to you that the personality whose consciousness has ascended into the throat center,

<LivingEM> has attained to a level of spiritual power that is strong enough to kill Christ by cutting him off at the throat center

<LivingEM> of the individual that he is ascending in.

<LivingEM> the Scripture is saying, abstain from using spiritual power outside of Christ,

<LivingEM> because if you engage in the exercise of spiritual power from Satan, this spiritual power that is flowing through your conscious mind,

<LivingEM> is also flowing through your unconscious and subconscious mind.

<LivingEM> in other words, if you're exercising spiritual power at the level of the throat energy center in pursuit of what you believe to be "good" works,

<LivingEM> the very fact that this power is flowing through your conscious mind,

<LivingEM> indicates that Satan and Leviathan can lay hold of this very same power at the subconscious and unconscious level, at will,

<LivingEM> and use it to inhibit the life of, suppress, cut off the spiritual oxygen supply of,

<LivingEM> squeeze the throat center of the individual that Christ is rising in,

<LivingEM> to the specific end of killing that individual.

<LivingEM> at the moment I can only recall one other admonition of the Lord, warning his people to abstain from the spiritual entity in the throat center,

<LivingEM> and that is in the Scriptures referring to ivory,

<LivingEM> thrones of ivory, palaces of ivory, an ivory belly

<LivingEM> ivory tower, ivory bench,

<LivingEM> ivory horn ivory bed, and ivory vessel,

<LivingEM> all in the old Testament except for ivory vessel in Revelation 18:12, which is talking about that great city Babylon.

<LivingEM> I know that I came across another witness recently, but at the moment it is not in my mind.

<LivingEM> apparently Israel, as well as the church, is frequently manifesting witchcraft.

<LivingEM> I can testify personally to the practice of witchcraft in the church by hundreds and thousands of people

<LivingEM> who believe they are doing God's will.

<LivingEM> witchcraft is the exercise of spiritual power for purposes that do not agree that the purposes of God.

<LivingEM> therefore brethren it is urgently important that we abstain from specific prayer in any given situation,

<LivingEM> unless we know the mind of God.

<LivingEM> we pray for mercy, we pray for peace, we pray for assistance,

<LivingEM> we pray for guidance, we pray for wisdom,

<LivingEM> we pray for help,

<LivingEM> we pray for the relief of the widow and the orphan,

<LivingEM> until such time as the wisdom of God is developed enough in us,

<LivingEM> that we can safely pray more specifically.

<LivingEM> I can tell you personally that when I first came to the Lord, I was one desperate person.

<LivingEM> I was so desperate that all I could do was cry out, help me Lord, help me Lord,

<LivingEM> and look it what happened to me.

<LivingEM> the Lord helped me by giving me his mind and his spirit to such a degree that I can now help others.

<LivingEM> I don't ever recall asking for anything specific,

<LivingEM> other than for employment,

<LivingEM> and basic needs.

<LivingEM> even then, I did not tell him which job I wanted,

<LivingEM> or suggest to him how he should meet by needs.

<LivingEM> I merely presented my needs to him, and asked him to meet them.

<LivingEM> this is an example of how we should all relate to anyone who has authority over us.

<LivingEM> we present the problem to them, and let the authority seek God for the solution

<LivingEM> in every situation. We tell the authority if we are lacking something that we need to do our jobs.

<LivingEM> we present the problem to the authority, we do not make the decision for the authority.

<LivingEM> so we see that the path to everlasting life involves the rejection of the things of this world.

<LivingEM> we must reject the works of our own carnal mind, no matter how good or positive they appear to be,

<LivingEM> as soon as Christ can function in that area.

<LivingEM> we, the personality, must abstain from agreeing with the thoughts of our carnal mind.

<LivingEM> which is spiritual fornication.

<LivingEM> we must abstain from social witchcraft,

<LivingEM> envy anger/rage, and malignant pride.

<LivingEM> this is the activity of Satan's blood.

<LivingEM> and we must abstain from the witchcraft which is practiced by our subconscious mind,

<LivingEM> which hunts in the astral plane,

<LivingEM> and kills Christ, and steals our spiritual blood, until we are completely destroyed.

<LivingEM> yes brethren, Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy,

<LivingEM> and she engages in these activities through people who are ascended into their throat energy center.

<LivingEM> all three of these conditions, fornication, blood and strangulation,

<LivingEM> are different administrations of our carnal mind.

<LivingEM> it would do us no good, if it were possible, to stop one activity and not the others.

<LivingEM> there's only one way to observe this three-fold Commandment,

<LivingEM> and that is to have the mind of Christ formed in us,

<LivingEM> for him to mature into Christ Jesus,

<LivingEM> and subdue and cover our carnal mind.

<LivingEM> then, we shall be capable of observing the law of love,

<LivingEM> because only Christ in us can enable us to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, all of our mind and all of our soul.

<LivingEM> and also in Christ Jesus to love our brother as ourselves.

<LivingEM> 1 Jn 4: 19.

<LivingEM> we love him, because he first loved us.

<LivingEM> this means, that when the Lord loved us he imparted Christ to us, which is our ability to love him.

<LivingEM> we cannot love God with our carnal mind.

<LivingEM> because our carnal mind is not capable of true love.

<LivingEM> 1 Jn 4:16,

<LivingEM> and we have known and believed the love that God has for us.

<LivingEM> God is love, and he that dwells in love, dwells in God, and God in him.

<LivingEM> God is appearing to us today in the form of Christ Jesus.

<LivingEM> the personality that prefers Christ Jesus, marries, or dwells with Christ Jesus.

<LivingEM> as happens very often in the Scripture, the sequence of the phrases of this verse is reversed.

<LivingEM> when God dwells in him [us],

<LivingEM> he [we] have the opportunity to dwell in God,

<LivingEM> and he that dwells in, or is married to, God,

<LivingEM> dwells in, or is married to, love, which is Christ Jesus,

<LivingEM> and God is love, and love is Christ Jesus, so God, the father, is Christ Jesus to us.

<LivingEM> verse 17

<LivingEM> herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment...

<LivingEM> we have just established that love is Christ Jesus,

<LivingEM> so we see that Christ Jesus is made perfect when we, the personality,

<LivingEM> boldly face the exposure of our sin nature

<LivingEM> in the day that she is judged by Christ Jesus.

<LivingEM> well, you say, I thought Christ Jesus was already perfect.

<LivingEM> this Greek word translated perfect, strong's # 5048,

<LivingEM> can also be translated to complete, to finish, to fulfill.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us who is completing Christ Jesus in the individual?

<JSNGSNG> Lord Jesus Christ?

<overcomer> Adam

<LivingEM> the spirit of Christ is the sinew that will secure Christ Jesus' domination of the carnal mind.

* isaiah429 Lord Jesus....(my precous)0

<LivingEM> yes, the Lord Jesus is the spirit of Christ.

<LivingEM> he is the one that binds the sacrifice to the altar.

<LivingEM> Christ Jesus is the altar, and the carnal mind in the animal sacrifice.

<LivingEM> so, in the hour that the sin nature of the personality is exposed, the Christ who is formed in us will be completed

<LivingEM> in the personalities who boldly face the truth, and agree with Christ to destroy the carnal mind.

<LivingEM> verse 20

<LivingEM> sorry, I did not finish verse 17.

<LivingEM> because as he is, so are we in this world.

<LivingEM> I have heard this verse quoted so many times, but the way I have heard it used has never made any sense to me.

<LivingEM> the Greek word translated world is strong's #2889,

<LivingEM> kosmos.

<LivingEM> this word signifies our spiritual reality, that each one of us is a world in and of ourselves.

<LivingEM> we are each a spiritual cosmos with a spiritual sun at a spiritual moon.

<LivingEM> the verb "to be" should be translated in the past tense.

<LivingEM> because as Jesus was in this physical world, in a physical body,

<LivingEM> and he overcame in the day judgment,

<LivingEM> we too, now have an opportunity to overcome our carnal mind

<LivingEM> if we the face boldly the exposure of our sin nature,

<LivingEM> and agree with Christ Jesus to destroy her.

<LivingEM> verse 20

<LivingEM> if a man say, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar.....

<LivingEM> what does this mean?

<LivingEM> does anybody remember the spiritual understanding of the word liar?

<LivingEM> the personality is the spiritual lie.

<LivingEM> I think we discussed this in a recent meeting.

<LivingEM> the personality is an actor.

<LivingEM> she is not the real man.

<LivingEM> Christ Jesus is the real man, and the personality is playing a role in this great spiritual play that is being acted out in the visible world.

<LivingEM> this visible world acts out the thoughts of the unconscious mind.

<LivingEM> we think and say and do, whatever Satan, our unconscious mind, tells us to think and say and you,

<LivingEM> UNTIL

<LivingEM> we boldly face the exposure of our sin nature in the day of our calamity.

<LivingEM> yes, the Scripture calls the day of our judgment, the day of our calamity.

<LivingEM> Joel 3:14

<LivingEM> multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision, for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us what decision the Scripture is talking about?

<overcomer> the choice between Christ mind and carnal mind

<LivingEM> who shall the personality agree with.

<LivingEM> shall they defend their carnal mind, or shall they choose Christ and endure the pain and tribulation which are the pangs of childbirth.

<JSNGSNG> Christ Jesus

* isaiah429 deciding which mind to align with at any point in time

<LivingEM> yes, you are all right.

<LivingEM> multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

<LivingEM> will you choose me, says the Lord?

<LivingEM> or will you choose to protect your pride?

<LivingEM> remember, I just told you that we were all individual worlds with a spiritual son and a spiritual moon.

<LivingEM> verse 15

<LivingEM> the sun and the moon shall be darkened and the stars shall withdraw their shining.

<LivingEM> does anyone remember the spiritual significant of the word multitude ?

<JSNGSNG> assemble?

<LivingEM> the multitude are the spiritual people.

<LivingEM> can anyone tell us what the valley is?

<LivingEM> does anyone remember what the lair of the wild beast is?

<LivingEM> the three lower energy centers.

<JSNGSNG> lower energy centers

<LivingEM> yes, the valley is the three lower energy centers.

<LivingEM> the spiritual people that are still living out of their carnal mind must make a decision.

<LivingEM> they must decide who they will serve: righteousness or self preservation.

<LivingEM> and for those who chose me says the Lord, I look darken the moon and the sun of their carnal mind,

<LivingEM> does anyone remember the spiritual significance of the word shining?

<LivingEM> to send forth rays.

<LivingEM> the spiritual people living out of their lower energy centers,

<LivingEM> who are sending forth spiritual rays of witchcraft power into the fifth energy center,

<LivingEM> shall withdraw their shining -- they won't do it anymore.

<LivingEM> verse 16

<LivingEM> because Jehovah shall roar out of Zion.

<LivingEM> does anyone remember the spiritual significance of the word roar?

<LivingEM> "to roar" signifies the spiritual activity of the fifth energy center.

<LivingEM> in the case of verse 16, the Scripture is talking about the sons of God manifesting from the fifth energy center of the true timeline.

<LivingEM> they shall roar out of Zion,

<LivingEM> does anyone remember what Zion signifies?

<LivingEM> the sixth energy center.

<LivingEM> and saviors shall come forth from mt. zion, the 6th energy center.

this verse is talking about the sons of God who had ascended into the sixth energy center which is the place of perfection. from that high place, and with the perfected authority of the brow energy center, they shall descend into the fifth energy center to defeat all the people manifesting the witchcraft of the fifth energy center in Leviathan's timeline.

[Scripture] and the heavens [mind] and the earth [personality] of the people shall shake, and they shall be terrified, it says in another place, but the Lord, that is Jehovah, will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel.

<LivingEM> brethren, we can make it through the exposure of our sin nature. we can bear it because of Christ Jesus who is in us. He is our hope that not only shall we survive the shaking of our mortal foundation, but that we will ascend into perfection with Him.

<LivingEM> [Prophecy] choose me says your God. I am full well able to bring you through, and to deliver you from your strong enemy who would turn against me, because this shaking is the way that you shall know that I am the Lord your God who dwells in Holiness.

[Scripture] multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near to you in the valley of decision. and this I say to you my son of,

verse 18 and it shall come to pass in that day [that I Expose your sins] that the mountains [6th & 7th energy center's within you] shall drop down new wine [spirit of Christ] and the hills [5th energy center] shall flow with milk [separated human spirit] and all the rivers [human spirits] of Judah shall flow with [living] waters [spirit of Christ] and a fountain [unending flow] shall come forth from the household of the Lord, [sons of God] and shall water the lower energy centers of the people who are not yet ascended. [shall cover their sin nature].

multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

<LivingEM> [Prophecy] choose me, says your God.

<LivingEM> back to 1 Jn 4:20. if a man says, I love God, and hate his brother, he is not living out of Christ Jesus, but he is one of the actors of this visible world who is expressing the nature of the carnal mind, which is Satan. because if you don't love your brother who you can see, what makes you think that you can love God, who you have not seen?

so we see, that John is telling us that we cannot love God or anyone else with our carnal mind. when Christ Jesus comes to live in us, he teaches us how to love, by giving us his life, which is our ability to love, and then exposing our sin nature so that we can see the contrast between the love of God and the love of the carnal mind, which is a lie.

the love of the carnal mind is a lie. the love of the carnal mind is actually hate. the Scripture says that if you do not correct your children you hate them. the love of God which is in Christ Jesus is correction. which correction is designed to strengthen the personality to resist their sin nature, which resistance cuts off the sowing and reaping judgment. the Scripture says that if the Lord does not correct you you are a bastard. this means, that Christ is not in you. the Lord does not correct a personality that Christ has not yet been grafted to.

so we see that the phrase "hateth his brother" in 1 Jn 4:20, merely means that we love with the carnal mind, the motive of which is self-preservation. the carnal mind loves to please itself, but the love of God loves to the building up of the body. and this is the law of love which we receive when we live out of Christ Jesus: we receive the ability: to be kind, to envy not, to suffer long.

love does not exalt self, and never fails to do these things, no matter how severely the carnal mind wounds us. we receive the ability to do the things in Christ Jesus that we cannot do that when we love from our carnal mind, and so, the Scripture says that the love of the carnal mind is really hate.

<LivingEM> [Prophecy] so put on Christ, says your God, and become everything that I am, that you are incapable of being by yourself, become one with the real man within you, even, Christ Jesus, and leave your actor's garb behind you. express me says your God, and enter into the reality of my life. for I am humble and meek, and yoke is light. torment is not of me says your God, I am the giver of peace.

<LivingEM> God bless you all. the hour of ascension is very near. ask the Lord for the strength and the wisdom to walk in his footsteps. for Satan roams about as a roaring lion seeking to destroy you. this is Satan in your own 5th energy center if you were spiritually active, as well as the fifth energy center of others, who may or may not know what their unconscious and subconscious mind is doing through them.

may the Lord be with you in great strength as we enter into the day of calamity for our nation and for all of Western civilization. Moses brought down Egypt, that is, the Egyptian mystery religion, and Paul brought down the Grecian mystery relation, both of which religions existed upon the foundation of? does anyone know? Hinduism. and who is to bring down hinduism?

<LAMB> The sons of God

* isaiah429 sons of God the present-day apostles of Jesus Christ.

<LivingEM> yes, this is what we are called to. we are all obliged to do everything that we possibly can to cooperate with the Lord, so that we will be prepared in the hour of the great conflict. make peace with your adversary quickly, because strife strengthens your carnal mind, and kills Christ, your only hope in the days to come. God bless you. Go in peace. good night.

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