Voice Of The Lord Or Spirit Guide?



Scriptures Commented On (In Order Of Appearance):


Col. 2:18 (AT)




Pastor: There has been a lot of ministry here in xxxxx.  I believe a miracle anointing is flowing.  A miracle anointing can manifest healing, deliverance, the supernatural fulfillment of legitimate needs, such as financial miracles, reconciliation of broken relationships, supernatural connections resulting in new relationships and spiritual growth.   

            We went to a church-sponsored step meeting for compulsive behavior on Monday night. This church calls it a ten-step meeting. 


            The leader told us that sometimes there were as many as twelve or thirteen people at these meetings, but they were about to leave because no one showed up for this one. Overcomer and I had arrived about fifteen minutes late.


            The leader and I had a very interesting spiritual conversation which was and afforded me the opportunity to touch on the subject of the false revival and the false Holy Spirit. The Lord seems to be pursuing this man.


            Well, right in the middle of our conversation a man walked in who seemed to be drunk.  I could not smell any alcohol on him, but he was acting drunk.  I don't know whether he was high on something other than alcohol, or whether he had used some very good mouth wash or other paraphernalia to cover the smell.


            I thought that the leader would address himself to the drunk, who obviously came for help, and that our high spiritual conversation would end. But, to my surprise, this did not happen. 


            The leader spoke to the man briefly, and then returned to our conversation. Also to my surprise, the man that came late, who obviously could not understand a word that we were talking about, did not demand attention or interfere with what God was doing in any other way.


            There was a spiritual connection between the leader and I, and he did take some of our books on the false anointing.            


The leader gave Overcomer and I a testimony that completely amazed us.


            A well known evangelist was caught up to heaven where an angel that the evangelist recognized from previous encounters, showed him his own personal mansion. It was decorated perfectly to the evangelist’s taste. 


            The evangelist saw streets of gold and other fulfillments of the parable that so many believe to be the undisputed Word of God.


            The evangelist said several times to the Lord, I want to see you God, I want to see your face, until finally, the angel agreed, and a big wind started to blow through the window of the evangelist's hotel room. The evangelist turned his face towards his pillow as the wind blew more and more strongly, and a voice said to him, I am Jehovah, I heard that you wanted to see me. Then the voice demanded that the evangelist turn around and look at the imposter that called himself Jehovah, but the evangelist refused because he was afraid.


            The leader said that the evangelist’s vision lined up perfectly with the Word of God, and both Overcomer and I were very surprised that this leader, who has a true grasp of the Word of God, could be so deceived concerning angels and other spiritual manifestations.


            Can anybody tell us what is wrong with this picture?


            First of all, Jehovah does not speak directly to mortal man.  


            How did Jehovah speak to mortal men in the past age?


            And how does Jehovah speak to mortal men today?


Daniel42:  Through prophets.


Pastor:  Yes, Jehovah spoke to mortal men through prophets in the past age.     


            And today?


Daniel42:   Through Christ Jesus


Pastor:  Amen. One of the disciples asked Jesus to see the Father.  Does anyone know what Jesus' answer was?


Daniel42:  He said, if you've seen Me, you have seen the Father.


Pastor:  That's correct.


            So anyone who believes that Jehovah is appearing to mortal men as a spirit today, is deceived, and has been victimized by an evil angel.


            What about spiritual appearances of Jesus, the Christ?


            Are they legitimate?


            I have heard testimonies of Jesus appearing at the foot of someone’s bed, and conversing with them. 


            Does anyone have a comment on this?


Daniel42:  I would say they are not legitimate.


Pastor:  Yes, this is true.  He who confesseth not that Jesus Christ is appearing in the flesh of a mortal man is an???


Daniel42:  Anti-Christ.


Pastor:  Yes, anti-Christ. Jesus speaks to us personally, through His Word, through His mind, and through other people, but He is not appearing in spirit form today.


            Can anyone guess who this reappearing angel is?


Overcomer:   The Fiery Serpent, an immortal?


Daniel42:   I would say some manifestation of the Serpent.


Pastor:  That's true.  The evangelist’s  reappearing angel is the visible projection of the personality's internalized Fiery Serpent.


            So we see that this famous evangelist has a spirit guide which is really his own Fiery Serpent, the subconscious part of his own carnal mind.


            In our study of Jonah, the Alternate Translation speaks about  powerful, widowed  angels manifesting in the astral plane.  We now know that these powerful angels, and the evil angels of Revelation 12, are the unmarried Fiery Serpents who are the mortal foundation of fallen humanity.


            Can anyone tell us who Michael's angels are?


Overcomer:  Those Fiery Serpents who are married to, or under the control of Christ Jesus?


Daniel42:  That would be my answer too.


Pastor:  Michael's angel is Christ Jesus, who is complete in Himself, but the Fiery Serpent is the partial tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil within mortal man.


            Christ Jesus within us is the Son of the glorified Jesus Christ, who overcame the Fiery Serpent, the subconscious part of the carnal mind that He inherited from His mother. We have the overcoming spiritual blood of the Lord Jesus Christ from the very beginning of our warfare.   


             Christ Jesus completes the widowed Fiery Serpent within a mortal man, but we have the completed life of Jesus Christ within us before Christ Jesus marries our Fiery Serpent.


            Can anybody tell us who the Fiery Serpents are?


Overcomer:   Jehovah's seed, the male side of the personality.


Pastor: Yes, Jehovah's seed that has been engraved with the Serpent's nature.


            And what does the Fiery Serpent become when she is engraved with Jehovah's nature?


Daniel42:   Seraph.


Pastor:  That's correct.


            So we see that the immortals who are threatening mortal humanity are already within us in seed form.


            The Doctrine of Christ feeds and matures Christ Jesus, and occult practices and philosophy feed and mature the widowed Fiery Serpent, who ascends into the crown (7th)  energy center of the Serpent's timeline where she is known as???


Daniel42: Vampire bat.


Pastor:  No, that is the name of the Fiery Serpent in the brow (6th)  energy center.


            The answer is the swine.


            The Fiery Serpent ascended into the crown (7th)  energy center where she is known as the swine, is the female side of??? 


            What is the name of the spiritual swine’s husband?


Daniel42:  Leviathan.


Pastor:  It is true that Leviathan is married to the swine, but Leviathan takes another name in the crown (7th)  energy center, just as the Fiery Serpent takes the name of swine, when she ascends into the crown (7th)  energy center.


            Leviathan in her role as the spiritual swine’s husband is called  Pharaoh.


            So we see that the Fiery Serpent is the invisible root of mortal man and the seed potential to swallow up the female side of the personality and become the primary aspect of the whole man.


            And is this not what Christ Jesus is doing? Did John the Baptist not say,  I must decrease, so that He can increase? But the Church resists giving up their own will, which is necessary to mature into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.


            So there is a spiritual worm inside of mortal men, the seed of the angel (1 Cor. 11:10) that is gestating within us, and that spiritual worm will mature into a flying entity of another, spiritual order, either the spiritual flies (Matt. 10:25) of Satan’s kingdom, or the many-membered Christ Jesus appearing as the spiritual locusts (Rev. 9:3,7) that will consume this fallen world (Acts 24:15).


            The controlling factor here is the spiritual hormone called Christ. Every  Fiery Serpent will mature into a spiritual female child, UNLESS Christ, the spiritual male hormone that carries the life and nature of Jehovah, is added to the spiritual fetus, which can be likened to a human ovum.


            Mortal man is the many-membered womb where spiritual life is developed, and we, the personality, are the servant of the spiritual life that we carry.  Jesus said, My yoke is easy, and My burden is light, clearly declaring to our deaf ears that either His righteousness, or our evil side will control us but, in any event, we are not our own.


            The freedom that mortal man experiences, especially in the United States, is an illusion. We think that we are free because the spiritual life within us is too immature to fully control us. But, despite our blindness and denial, Satan and Leviathan already subtly control every thought and activity that we engage in which does not arise out of the mind of Christ.


            The more harmful activities, drinking, drugging, and all activities that break the law of the land are obvious, but the subtle indiscretions that appear to be harmless, yet lead us away from Christ, are even more dangerous. They deceive us iinto thinking that we are on the right path.


            People who see apparitions of angels are experiencing a mature manifestation of the Fiery Serpent, the spiritual worm within them that is seeking to receive worship and control them.


            The same principle operates in physical idolatry. The motive that causes us to think about constructing an idol arises out of Satan, the unconscious part of our carnal mind, who desires that we build an image of her invisible daughter, the Fiery Serpent, the false god in the midst of us, and worship her.


            The Fiery Serpent that desires worship is expressing Satan’s thoughts. In her immaturity, the Fiery Serpent influences the personality to build a physical idol but, in her maturity, the Fiery Serpent projects a spiritual image of herself.


            The next stage of the seduction is to establish a relationship between the female side of the personality, which we are, and the image of the Fiery Serpent (the apparition), and the final stage of the deception is the complete control and enslavement of the female side of the personality who foolishly believes that she controls her own life.


            Serve God, brethren. Worship Jesus Christ, which strengthens us to obey His laws, that we might live and prosper in the earth. We, the female side of the personalities of humanity, are merely the skins of the real spiritual Man who is coming into His temple to take control of His household. In that day, we will be either the household of Christ Jesus or the household of the mighty widowed angels who manifest freely in the astral plane (Acts 24:15).


            If we do nothing to prepare ourselves, we shall belong to the uncovered Fiery Serpent by default.  But, if we fearlessly face the truth about who we are and about the sin nature that we only minimally restrain, and pursue Christ Jesus and HIS righteousness, we shall be saved from spiritual marriage to our own negative principles, a fate worse than physical death. 


            Hell is, indeed, is a real place where Satan is god, but the torments of hell will last only for so long as this age exists. Praise be to God, brethren, that we have an Advocate with the Father, who will defend us against our own ignorance and weakness.  Of course, the King James Translation sounds like we must be defended against the Father, but this is not true.  Jesus Christ is the Advocate, the Savior, that the Father has sent to educate and strengthen us to turn away from our own evil potential.  And those of us who do go into destruction will be delivered at the end of the age.


            The spirit of the carnal mind is being renewed and reformed into a world which reflects the righteous nature of Jesus Christ, and this present world, as we know it, will cease to exist.  All of the widowed evil angels shall become the righteous woman of Proverbs 31:10-28, and we, the female side of the  personality, shall live forever under the protection of our true husband, Christ Jesus.  We shall die from generation to generation no longer.


            This is the message of the hour:  Let us leave behind every weight that so easily besets us, and go on to be formed in the image or our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.


            And this is the work of the hour:  First, the internal spiritual warfare that results in our union with Christ Jesus, and then the spiritual warfare on behalf of other men who are not as strong as we.


            Mankind is delivered from hell one man at a time, so the more Saviors (Ob. 2:1) operating in the earth, the more mortal men can be helped.


            So, back to our ten-step meeting.  There we were in a spiritual conversation with the leader, which, although he did not know it, was preparing him to enter into the household of Christ Jesus. The leader’s brother, who does not usually attend these meetings, and one drunk were present also. 


            At the end of the meeting,  I asked the leader if we could pray for the drunk.  Now it might sound unkind to you, calling this man a drunk, but brethren, I would rather be called what I am and get help, than to walk around covered by lies and be a white-washed wall.


            As a matter of fact, Overcomer had asked me earlier if I was led to pray for anyone, and my answer was, No, just the drunk.


            Well, we all prepared to pray for the drunk who was at the ten-step meeting.  The leader stepped back and let me take the lead, power fell down, brethren, and I am convinced that the man was delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit, but that is not all. That anointing fell down on everyone in that room, including the leader and his brother.


            Can anyone tell us the name of the Spirit that came down from heaven?


            Nobody knows the name of the Spirit that came down from heaven when I prayed?


Myprecous1: Spirit of Christ


Pastor:  Yes. the Spirit of Christ.


            Can anyone tell us the difference between the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit?


Myprecous1:   Spirit of Christ has the imparted anointing, and the Holy Spirit has what is the imparted anointing? The imparted anointing has the full anointing.


Pastor: That is close Myprecous.


Daniel42:   It is the manifestation of Christ Jesus through the man?


Pastor:  Well, you are both close.


            The Holy Spirit, the power of the glorified Jesus Christ, heals, delivers, and gives basic spiritual training through the gifts of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not impart the nature of Jesus Christ.


            This is what is meant by the Scripture that says, the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance.  Now most of us should know that we must make a general confession and repentance to receive the Holy Spirit. So then, there is a contradiction if that Scripture means that the Holy Spirit is given without repentance. The answer to the puzzle is that the Holy Spirit is given without repentance of specific sin, also known as character flaws. The Holy Spirit is, therefore, called the imputed anointing because an anointing that does not arise out of the nature of Christ Jesus can be lost. The Holy Spirit  imputes, or loans, righteousness to us.


            The Spirit of Christ, also known as the imparted anointing, carries both the power and the nature of the glorified Jesus Christ. Spiritual power that arises out of a righteous nature is not easily lost.


            So, the Spirit of Christ fell on the five of us, the leader and his brother, the gentle drunk who sat there in quiet desperation, Overcomer and I. 


            The Holy Spirit alone could have healed and delivered our drunk, but the Spirit of Christ contains the seed of the righteous nature of Jesus Christ. That humble seed fell on the leader and his brother, two men completely sold out to the Lord Jesus and His Word, as they now understand Him. 


            I believe that the leader and his brother received that seed and that the seed grafted to them, as surely as I believe that the drunk was delivered from alcoholism and received the Holy Spirit.  But I never stopped to think about what Overcomer or I might have received from that outpouring. 


            I woke up the next morning dreaming, and the interpretation of the dream that the Lord gave me is very exciting. 


            I was in a car that was in line at a car wash. I had been in that line many times before and was trying desperately to get my car clean, but there was some kind of a problem. I just couldn't seem to accomplish it.  Then I looked at my right hand, and I saw that fungus or green mold was liberally spread into the far corners of my hand.  Somehow I knew that I needed an operation, so I headed home to tell my husband.


            When I got home, I looked through the peep hole to identify myself to my child that was on the other side of the door, who let me into the house.  The peep hole looked like a safe deposit box which has two different locks, one for the key that belongs to the bank, and the other for the key that belongs to the person who rents the box.  Both keys were in the door to the safe deposit box, and the door was open. But instead of the inner box, I saw my child. The safe deposit box was functioning like a peep hole. 


            My child let me in, and I waited for my husband to arrive home to tell him that I needed an operation on my diseased hand. After my husband arrived home, all three of us, my husband, my child and I, left the house and went back to the car wash.  End of Dream. 


            Are there any comments, before I give you my interpretation of this dream? 


            What does the hand signify?


Daniel42:  Subconscious mind.


Pastor: That's correct. What does a car signify?


Daniel42:  Physical body.


Pastor: That's correct.  Actually, it's the carnal mind that produces the physical body. 


            So what would a car wash signify?


Daniel42: A cleansing of the carnal mind.


Pastor: That's correct.


            Can anyone guess what the safe deposit box signifies? 


            I should have asked you this earlier, what does the fungus on my hand signify?


Daniel42:  Sin.


Pastor:  Alright! 


            The safe deposit box signifies spiritual valuables, so the household on the other side of the safe deposit box signifies the household of Christ Jesus. The safe deposit box is the wall that separates the carnal mind from Christ Jesus. 


            My child is Christ, the offspring of the glorified Jesus Christ, His Father, and me, the female side of the personality, his mother.  The Father, my husband who was not present when I first arrived, is the glorified Jesus Christ.


            Well, at first I was confused because I couldn't understand why I was telling the Lord that I needed an operation to remove sin.  It seemed to me, that the Lord would be telling me that I needed an operation. But when I prayed about the dream, the Lord reminded me of the most recent teaching that has come down, that the final stage of our ascension, the union of Christ Jesus, who is married to the personality that He inhabits, with the glorified Jesus Christ, must be prayed down.


            Christ Jesus, the husband of the female side of the personality that is in agreement with Him, cries out to the glorified Jesus Christ, saying, Come down Lord Jesus, and marry us, because you are the only hope for the female side of the personality to be fully delivered from the Fiery Serpent, her sin nature, and to ascend into perfection through union with Your Kingdom of Righteousness. 


            In my dream, I was trying to cleanse myself with the water of the Word, but, as much as I would try, sin still permeated my right hand. The right hand signifies the unjudged  Fiery Serpent, the subconscious part of the carnal mind. 


            Now brethren, if my personality was already married to Christ Jesus and in full agreement with His thoughts, why was my Fiery Serpent still engraved with Satan’s nature?


            If Christ Jesus was covering my Fiery Serpent, why was Satan’s nature still manifesting in me?


            Because my Fiery Serpent was still married to Leviathan, the subconscious part of the collective carnal mind of mortal humanity, which was polluting my whole spiritual being.


            The union of the glorified Jesus Christ with Christ Jesus, the true husband of the personality, establishes a life support for the whole mortal man, which sustains the life of the personality when Christ Jesus separates the Fiery Serpent from Leviathan.


            Should the personality separate from Leviathan before the married Christ Jesus joins with the glorified Jesus Christ, the whole mortal man would die. The man’s mortal foundation (Fiery Serpent) would be cut away before the immortal foundation (glorified Jesus Christ) was set in place. 


             Christ Jesus, the Son of the glorified Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of the personality, imparts eternal life to His wife only after He is reconnected to  the glorified  Jesus Christ, His Father.


            You may recall that the circumcision without hands is in two stages.  Christ, the virile seed of the Lord Jesus Christ, is grafted to the Fiery Serpent in the belly (3rd) energy center.  From there, Christ sends forth an aspect of Himself that overcomes Satan, joins with the Holy Spirit and matures into Christ Jesus on the left side of the heart (4th) energy center.                       


            Christ Jesus then ascends into the throat (5th) energy center, from where Christ Jesus covers and ultimately  pentrates the Fiery Serpent. 


The personality in this spiritual condition is now prepared for spiritual circumcision.


            The first stage of spiritual circumcision is the cutting away of Christ from the Fiery Serpent in the belly (3rd) energy center.


            Now, remember, Christ, when first grafted, is under the spiritual earth in the same position that Abel is in the Jew.  Christ is a wave not a particle, which means that when Christ stretches forth, or spreads out, as the Scripture says, to join with the Holy Spirit, Christ never completely separates from the Fiery Serpent, the spiritual ground that He is grafted to on His under side.


            Should Christ separate from the Fiery Serpent, the spiritual ground that He is grafted to, before Christ Jesus is firmly established in the throat (5th)  energy center of the righteous timeline, He would die.


            So we see that Christ must increase into Christ Jesus, ascend into  the throat (5th) energy center and penetrate the Fiery Serpent from above, before Christ can let go of His underground connection with the Fiery Serpent. This is the first stage of the spiritual circumcision that imparts the supernatural power to live out of righteousness.


            Christ Jesus, fastened to Jehovah’s eternal world from above, penetrates the Fiery Serpent underneath Him, to fasten the Fiery Serpent safely to Jehovah’s eternal realm. It is now safe to sever the connection between the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan, the mortal foundation of fallen humanity, that the Fiery Serpent is joined to on her other side.      


            The catching up to perfection, which is the sinless state that enters into eternal life, takes place only after Christ Jesus is fully re-joined to the glorified Jesus Christ, who anchors Him in  Jehovah’s eternal realm. Christ Jesus then penetrates the Fiery Serpent from above.


            This is the second stage of circumcision, the putting under foot of the last enemy, which is death (1 Cor. 15:26), which delivers us from the spiritual labor of treading our sin nature under Christ Jesus.


            We shall be tempted to sin no more. Satan’s influence shall be boiled away in our life, and Leviathan, the sea serpent who swims in Satan’s waters, shall be consumed by Christ Jesus.


            The Fiery Serpent that is penetrated by Christ Jesus and re-engraved with Jehovah's nature, is the only element of the Serpent's household that survives, and she is now harmless.


            This is the promise in my dream, that my husband, the Lord Jesus Christ, should enter into the household of Christ Jesus, the spiritual child within me, the female side of the personality, and marry us, so that we might live forever.


            Please note that this is the reality of what the Serpent's religion calls the Trinity.  There is the Father and the Son, and they are one.  Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, is one Lord (Deut. 6:4). The Godhead is one, not three. 


            Are you offended because I say that the Trinity is of the Serpent’s religion? If you are offended, a spirit of pride has risen up within you.


            Will you face this truth,  if the Lord Jesus witnesses to you that the Serpent’s religious philosophy has penetrated the Church and that you have believed her lie?  (See, Questions & Answers Concerning The Trinity At The End Of This Transcript).


            How could you have known the truth if you were taught error?


            Are you willing to change now that you know the truth?


            There is no condemnation to those who are now in Christ Jesus and called according to His purposes


            So my husband, my son and I, left the household that exists in the safe deposit box, and returned to the world of illusion. But we went specifically to the car wash, which could also be called the pool of Bethesda (Jn. 5:4-9), signifying the morally impure (2nd) energy center, where people seeking the Lord Jesus are too weak to overcome their sin nature.


            That is the end of my dream.  I did not see my operation, the cutting away of my Fiery Serpent from Leviathan, take place. But the Father returned with Christ Jesus and I to the world of illusion, so I think it is safe to assume that my surgery is imminent.


            The double portion anointing of the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus has entered our corrupt world, and we wait for our soon-coming liberation from the cords and bands of this fallen world. Hallelujah! 


             Such a profound testimony leaves me silent. I have nothing more to say.


            We wait for the outpouring of miracle-working power that sets the captive free and delivers the desperate Christian from the wickedness of the condemning Pharisee, who names the name of Jesus, but does not relieve the afflicted.


            Are there any questions or comments?


Daniel42:  I had a good night last night, dreams all positive, and at the end of the dream  I was in a baseball field and a sign in the field said SATISFACTION.  Yesterday I had prayed a prayer similar to the one above in the meeting and told the Lord it was hopeless unless He did something.  He gave me the dream.


Pastor:  Do you know that satisfaction means completion, which is perfection?


Daniel42:  Great!!


Overcomer:   With regards to the worshiping of angels, and it being the Fiery Serpent within, I was reminded of the Scripture that speaks of the voluntary worship of angels.


Colossians 2:18, Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshiping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind. (KJV)


Pastor:   The word voluntary in this verse means "to prefer," so this verse is saying, in general, don't let your reward be stolen from you by preferring the worship of angels. 


            Does anyone know what our reward is? 


            Christ Jesus. 


            So all of the worship of angels that we see today is an outward manifestation of the maturing Fiery Serpent within humanity.


(AT)  Mortal man (no man) steal your reward (beguile) prefer (voluntary) so (in) humble (humility) by (and) worshiping angels which (those things which) appear (hath seen) hostilely (intruding into) without a cause (vainly) to rise up (puffed up) under (by) mind Christ Jesus (flesh=male spiritual sex organ).


There is no Greek foundation for the word "not."


Alternate Translation, Col. 2:18, [Satan] steals mortal man's reward by bringing to pass the worship of angels, so prefer [Christ], the humble [seed, and Christ Jesus], the male spiritual sexual organ of the Lord Jesus Christ [in another man] shall appear [and put the  female, carnal] mind that [has] risen up against [you] hostilely, without a cause, under [Christ].           


Pastor:   Anyone else? 


            God bless you all as we enter into His new day. 





Questions & Answers 

Concerning The Trinity




THE PROBLEM: I've read some of the discussions on "Trinity" and quite frankly I'm not a Biblical scholar. I am not a scholar of Hebrew or Greek. In fact, I probably view things in a much more simplistic manner than many of you (not that I'm totally simple, grin). Therefore, I'll just add my simple 2 cents worth, with a few questions that I hope will be answered. My understanding of God and the Trinity became easily understood for me with the following:


            If we liken an egg to the being of God we understand that the egg is composed of a shell, yoke and white. We understand that together they make the complete egg. We also understand that each one can be totally separated from the other, having a different name and function, but we know that we still hold a portion of the egg if we hold individually the shell, yoke and white. Each has a different role in the makeup of the egg. I believe the parallels to the Trinity are there. Just as we as human beings can be defined as soul, body and mind (love the lord with all thine heart, mind, soul, etc.). Those also can be considered as separate and yet united as one. I'm not suggesting that we be viewed the same as the Trinity. It's just a parallel. I also understood the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as being God when I read:


John, Chapter  1


       1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


       2 The same was in the beginning with God


       3 All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.


       4  In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.


       6  There was man sent from God, whose name was John.


       7  The same came for a witness of the Light, that all men through Him might believe.


       8  He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.


       9  That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.


       10  He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.


      11-14  And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father) full of grace and truth.




Here's my questions: 




SHEILA'S ANSWER: The Greek word "logos," translated "Word," means the thought [Jehovah's desire] and the manifestation of Jehovah's thought -- the man, Jesus, all wrapped up together as one man, Jesus, the Christ.


Please don't confuse Jehovah's perfect creative thought with mortal man's fallen thoughts.




SHEILA'S ANSWER: The man, Jesus, the Christ, who is the son of God, was the perfect expression of the invisible God (Jn. 5:37) in a form that mortal men could relate to. That is why Jesus could say, before Abraham was, I AM (Jn. 8:58).   


            But, Jesus was not, in the days of His flesh, and is not now, separate from the Father. Jesus clearly said, the Father and I are one God, who takes many forms.


            Although it is not realistic to compare mortal men to God, we can do so for the purpose of understanding Him from a human perspective.


            Any individual, for example, takes many forms. A man may be a husband, a father, a brother, a son, an employee and a volunteer fireman. He is all of these things, but the same man wearing different hats, so to speak.


            But God, being greater than we can even imagine, does not change His hat, He changes his form. God is spirit in certain circumstances, and man, in others. But most confusing to us mortals, is His ability to appear in many forms and in many places at the same time.


            Again, a very poor example, but to humbly make a point, we could say that an octopus that has many tentacles, each in a different place, is still one octopus, even if the smaller fish in the ocean think that each tentacle is an individual fish.




     And God said, Let Us make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness....




SHEILA'S ANSWER: Jehovah and Elohim, Jehovah's own right arm.


            Jehovah thinks the creative thought, and Elohim does it.


            Again, although it is impossible to compare ourselves to God, an example that we can relate to is to desire a glass of water. Our legs carry us to the sink and our hand takes a glass and fills it. Remember that the human man, Jesus, was born only 2,000 years ago. The Father who He is now one with always was. It was not the man, Jesus, who existed before time began, but the Father. This is the miracle of the virgin birth: That God became a man.


QUESTION (3)(a):


          John 14:26 - But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.


         John 15:26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.




SHEILA'S ANSWER: The Holy Ghost is the power of the Glorified Jesus Christ's resurrected life. The Spirit of Truth is the whole virile seed of the Glorified Jesus Christ, His power and HIS NATURE.




SHEILA'S ANSWER: This means that Jesus, the Christ, God in the flesh, has certain functions:


       [Luke 13:32 - I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.(KJV)],

And the Father has others. 


            Again, from a human point of view, the hand does one thing, and the feet another. The Holy Ghost and the Spirit of Truth were sent into the earth from the Glorified Jesus Christ, who is the Father, not from Jesus of Nazareth, who was the Christ, God in the flesh, but they are the same God, different only in form and function. Jehovah has complete authority to take whatever form or function, whenever and however, He chooses to do so.




SHEILA'S ANSWER: There is only one God who appeared to us as the man, Jesus, who was Christ, for the specific purpose of re-establishing a link with humanity, so that He could save us from hell and death.




SHEILA'S ANSWER:  It's the other way around. Jesus speaks the Father's words:


         John 12:49 - 49 For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I  should speak.(KJV)




        Matthew 11:27? - All things are delivered unto me of my Father.


SHEILA'S ANSWER: The Father has given Jesus the job of judging and reconciling the whole creation to the Father. 




        ...and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father (Matt. 11:27)


SHEILA'S ANSWER: No mortal man can recognize the Son in human flesh. Only the Father who judges by the Spirit knows Him, 


....neither knoweth any man the Father save the Son (Matt. 11:27) 


SHEILA:  Only Jesus Christ can recognize the Father in the flesh        


...And he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him (Matt. 11:27). 


SHEILA: The mortal men that Christ Jesus is being formed in can recognize the Father and the Son, because Christ Jesus, their elder brother, points Him out.


These were excellent questions, xxxxx.


God bless you.

In Christ,




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