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Scriptures Commented On (In Order of Appearance): Matt. 2:2

<LivingEM> Praise the Lord!

I have a testimony. I have been working without my voice software for months now because the new upgrade was not working with Chat Space, our chat room. I called Dragon tech support numerous times, but no one could help me. Finally, out of utter frustration, which I did not believe to be God at the time, I called customer service and complained about the technical support staff.

Well, to my great surprise, I received a phone call from the Dragon senior tech and he fixed the problem, which I was told that there was no solution for. And all this after I had accepted what I believed to be the truth: That I had no power over the situation, and would have to do the best I could with what I had, which was to type into the Dragon window, and copy and paste it into Chat Space.

I tried this last week, and the procedure was somewhat easier than typing everything, especially when it came to typing the Scriptures, but it was less than ideal.

I purchased the upgrade in January, and this is the first time that I have been able to use the new software in a meeting. It is a great blessing to me.

I give all the glory to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, who sustains me continually in all things.

Are there any questions, comments, or testimonies?

<OVERCOMER> The Greek word metamorphoo came to my mind. What does that mean?

<LivingEM> To change into a wholly different form or appearance.

<OVERCOMER> I wonder why this came to mind? When I came into the chat room, this happened.

<LivingEM> I hope it means that those of us who are being persecuted for righteousness sake are about to have a change of lifestyle.

I do not believe that our physical appearance is about to change at any time in the near future, but our nature is about to change, which means that our personality, the clay upon which our nature is engraved, will have a totally new appearance.

Words of knowledge concerning the pending change of nature have been coming forth from the body of Christ almost daily for several months now.

I look forward to it eagerly, because there is strength and overcoming power in the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ.

All evil experiences arise out of our sin nature. No one is innocent. Everyone reaps what they have sown in this life, or what their ancestors have sown in previous generations.

Everyone in existence is subject to the Sowing & Reaping Judgment, including Jesus Christ in the days of his flesh. This is what Jesus was talking about when He said, the prince of this world cometh, but has nothing in Me (Jn. 14:30).

Satan is the enforcer of the Sowing & Reaping Judgment, but all of Jesus' motives and behavior arose out of the righteous nature of the glorified Elijah in the days of His flesh, and there is no law against a righteous man (1 Tim. 1:9).

Can anyone tell us how this change in nature will be accomplished?

<OVERCOMER> When Christ Jesus in us completely destroys the carnal mind.

<LivingEM> Yes, this is true, but there are stages in between, where the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ appears in some areas of our life. And, of course, it is necessary to say that we, the personality, must be a co-worker with Christ Jesus for the carnal mind to be destroyed and the desired change of nature to take place.

Can anyone tell us what our part is in the destruction of the carnal mind?

<OVERCOMER> Recognition of sin, confession of it, and repentance.

<LivingEM> Yes, all of these things: Recognition of the sin nature within ourselves, confession that it is a part of us, and repentance, the true meaning of which is to separate from, oppose, and war against our own sin nature until we, in partnership with Christ Jesus, cover her and then destroy her.

It is important to understand the spiritual principle behind the word destroy.

The Fiery Serpent, the subconscious part of our carnal mind, is the sin nature that must die to the lifestyle generated by the Primordial Serpent's nature. It is this lifestyle, and the Fiery Serpent's unholy marriage to Leviathan, the Primordial Serpent's spiritual male sex organ, that is destroyed.

Satan and Leviathan, the carnal mind that is presently possessing humanity, is also destroyed, which means that they cease to exist. But the Fiery Serpent, the only aspect of the carnal mind that continues to exist, experiences a metamorphosis that completely changes her nature and every aspect of her lifestyle. The Fiery Serpents of mortal humanity, the enemies of all aspects of Jehovah's household, become the Seraphim that surround Jehovah's throne, crying holy, holy, holy.

And so we see that the Fiery Serpent, the subconscious part of the carnal mind and the male, immortal side of the personality, is the one who is being metamorphosed.

The mortal, female side of the personality, which we are, is a spiritual clay image of the Fiery Serpent that underlies us in an invisible spiritual plane.

Can anyone tell us how this unfolding change of nature will affect our present lifestyle?

Our changing nature manifests as spiritual enlightenment, emotional self-control, and increased intellectual capacity. I believe that our health will, in general, improve, but only because of our metamorphosis of spirit, mind, and emotion.

The nature, or spirit, that rules the mind and the emotions, also controls the physical body, which is a slave to the emotions, mind, and spirit.

Can anyone tell us how spiritual enlightenment affects our emotions?

What spiritual symbol defines the emotions of mortal man?

<LAMB> The sea.

<LivingEM> Yes, Satan, the spiritual sea is our emotional body. She is known collectively as the astral plane, or the universe.

We have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, and a spiritual body.

Our spiritual body is the collective body of our motives.

Do our motives arise out of the nature of Jesus Christ, or out of Satan's good and evil nature?

If we are living out of Christ Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ is our spiritual body.

Some occult philosophies call the body of motives the causal body, because it is the cause of all the effects that we think of, and act out.

Motive is the cause, and thought and behavior are the effects of the cause.

So we see that the spirit that generates the motive is the controlling factor of the mind that thinks the thought that is generated by the motive, and that the physical body that obeys the thoughts of the mind is really controlled by the spirit that initiated the thoughts of the mind in the first place.

Woe is me, how shall we be delivered from this body of death? How shall we be delivered from Satan, that tumultuous spirit who stirs up the evil thoughts of the carnal mind that directs the tongue and the physical body to speak evil, and do evil deeds?

Our only hope, brethren, is to replace the carnal mind, that body of death, with Christ Jesus, the body of Life.

So we see that in Christ Jesus our emotions, which can be likened to the tumultuous sea, are being stabilized.

The Book of Revelation tells us that the spiritual sea will be crystallized. This means that the liquid, unstable elements of Satan, the spiritual sea, will be boiled away, and only the Spirit of Christ, the salt crystals that preserve us shall remain (Matt. 5:13).

The glorified Jesus Christ is the body of motives of the spiritual man Christ Jesus, who stabilizes our emotions, and Christ Jesus is the mental body of the personality that prefers him.

The mental body married to the whole personality, is a spiritual man. The mental body of the glorified Elijah married the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, and they are appearing in mortal man today, as the spiritual man, Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus within us must marry our whole personality, the mortal female part which we are, and the Fiery Serpent, our immortal part, before we can say that Christ Jesus within us is a spiritual man who rules over His own household, which we are.

In Christ Jesus, our new mental body, we inherit the ability to understand spiritual principles, to remember the events of spiritual history, and to reach up into the spiritual mountain where we marry the Lord Jesus Christ.

So we see that we have three spiritual bodies, the emotional body, the mental body (mind) and the spiritual body (motives), and they all interpenetrate each other and occupy the same physical space.

The physical body is the spiritual sac that contains all of Jehovah's creation, including the universes, and every mortal man is a cosmos, or a universe, that contains the other worlds that project from the energy centers within us.

The universes, stars, and planets of outer space are the reflection of the collective throat (6th) energy centers of fallen mankind;

This physical world and the human mammals (which we are) that occupy it, are the image projected by the collective heart (4th) energy centers of fallen mankind;

Western civilization, and the academic community thereof, is a reflection of the brow (6th) energy center of Christ Jesus' righteous timeline; and

The philosophical community of the world is a reflection of the collective crown (7th) energy centers of Leviathan's illegal timeline.

This may be very difficult for some of you to understand at the moment because your spiritual mind is still veiled, but we receive full spiritual sight as we mature into Christ Jesus.

Did you ever wonder how ancient mythology could depict the planet Mars, for example, as being a humanoid god? A god with emotions (in the case of Mars, anger and warlike tendencies), that communicates with mortal man, and marries, sometimes human women, and sometimes goddesses?

Mythology reveals that a powerful spiritual being from an unknown race projected an image from his throat (6th) energy center, which appeared in the material universe as the planet Mars.

And what race of men could that be?

I think the most likely guess is the spiritually powerful descendants of Seth who existed on the other side of the flood, some of which continued to exist for a season, on this side of the flood.

Can anyone tell us the name of the forefathers of the giants that existed on this side of the flood?

Who are the forefathers of all the races that have appeared on this planet since the flood?

<Jsngsng> Noah? Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth.

<LivingEM> Yes, Noah and his sons are the forefathers of all the races that have appeared, or shall appear, after the flood.

I have been preaching for a long time that mankind appeared in our present form in the fifth generation after Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Seth's descendants on the other side of the flood were a race of powerful spiritual beings who were engraved with Jehovah's righteous nature, but the thoughts of the Primordial Serpent overcame them, and they became evil.

These spiritual men projected an image of themselves from their heart (4th) energy center which appeared in the material world as the dinosaur, a very large, physically powerful, animal with a very small brain. The powerful mind of Seth's descendants occupied the dinosaurs in the visible world.

Satan wants us to be vain, self-centered, self-indulgent creatures, brethren, so that she can occupy us. Satan does not want mankind to have a powerful mind.

But the Lord Jesus Christ, brethren, builds up and increases our mental faculty so that, in due season, after much training and processing, we may ascend to the same place where He is (Jn. 14:2-3).

Many of the stars and planets, especially the dead ones like Mars, are reflections of the throat (5th) energy centers of the giants that existed on our globe in past ages.

The Scripture clearly says that there were two races of men inhabiting the earth in Bible days: The race of which we are members, and the evil descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth, the gods of Greek, Egyptian and Roman mythology.

So we see that every visible thing in the earth, in the sky, and beyond the sky in outer space, are the projections of the spiritual beings that inhabit mankind.

It is true that outer space reveals spiritual events, but only because outer space is a reflection of inner space, the invisible reality of everything that we can, and cannot, see.

So Mars was, indeed, a man, a giant man, who is clearly associated in Roman mythology with the material planet, Mars, the image that he projected from his throat (5th) energy center in the past age. The giant man died, and the planet Mars, his material image died also.

Matt 2:2, Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him (KJV).

<LivingEM> The glorified Elijah incarnated as the baby Jesus, and for those who had eyes to see, the message of Elijah's glorious incarnation was visible in the throat (5th) energy center of the righteous timeline, which is called "Twilight," the spiritual heaven above the earth of the heart (4th) energy center.

Jesus' star appeared in the east, the timeline of the spiritual plane where Jehovah dwells. It did not appear in the material universe which is the image of the Primordial Serpent.

So we see that visions of the past, present, and future events of the righteous timeline may be seen through Christ Jesus, the spiritual man who overcame the curse that killed Adam.

Adam's spiritual children were destined to marry Jehovah (who is appearing to us today in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ), and to be engraved with Jehovah's righteous nature which equips us to overcome the good and evil nature of our earthen side. But Adam fell prey to the Primordial Serpent's witchcraft, and subjected the children to the good and evil experiences of their earthen side before they married Jehovah.

A change of nature from the Serpent's image to the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ enables us to experience the multiple worlds within us, and the inhabitants thereof, from the righteous timeline of Christ Jesus, who dominates the earth, rather than from a position of subjection to the earth. We are to experience the world's within us, but we are not to be overcome by them, the end of which is death and destruction.

Lord willing, we shall ascend into the mountains of the righteous timeline, and from this high place, rule over, and experience, all of the planes of consciousness within us. We shall no longer be driven by the motives of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, without being aware of why we do the things we do, or say the things we say, or think the thoughts that we think.

We shall have full and complete vision and comprehension of our motives, of the thoughts of all aspects of our mind, and full control over our emotions and behavior.

This, brethren, is the true promise of the Scripture, that we shall experience the joy that arises out of the Spirit of Christ, the calm delight that arises out of an emotional body of crystallized salt that defends us against the negative elements of the earth, and the peace with God that arises out of a mental body that agrees with Jehovah's righteous nature.

Yes, Jehovah is the God that is greater than all of the other gods.

And all of you pagans and witches that read these transcripts on our web page will find out that Jehovah, the God that you despise, has sent the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior who will deliver you from your present mental body which lies to you continuously, and from the collective Satan, the negative causal body that generates the good and evil motives of your carnal mind. The good works of Satan's kingdom will not deliver you from evil experiences.

And all you witches who say that you have nothing to do with Satan, and that she is a creation of Christianity, are deceived. Your goddess, the one who you worship as Mother Earth, is Satan herself, the one who has lied to you from the beginning, and who continues to lie to you today.

And soon, says the Lord Jesus Christ, the accurate representation of Jehovah's nature to this fallen world, you shall see Me in all of my glory, for I shall appear to the peoples of the earth in My faithful ones, and all of your cursing shall fall to the ground.

Yea, says the Lord, your magic shall fail you, as electronic equipment fails in the presence of spiritual power, and you shall know that I am God.

Yes, I Am the God that has come to save you, even though you have hated Me without a cause (Jn. 15:25).

Thank you all who prayed for me earlier. I am feeling much better.

God bless you all, as you seek to emulate Christ.


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