Agape, Love On The Mental Plane


Scriptures Commented On (In Order Of Appearance): Alternate Translations: Matt. 19:28,

I Cor. 13:4-8; KJV: Jn. 14:6, Pro. 10:2, Mark 10:29-30, 1 Tim. 6:15, Matt. 6:21
<LivingEM> Praise the Lord. The floor is open for questions and comments.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you for this day. We thank you for a relationship with you, that you would grant us such a great thing as communication with Almighty God. We thank you for feet that walk, eyes that see, digestive systems that work, and the power to be independent concerning the things of this world, that in you we can do all things, and take care of ourselves.

My mind is blank. This usually means that the Lord is moving through someone in the congregation.

<Jsngsng> I have a comment.

<LivingEM> Okay.

<Jsngsng> You prayed a prayer asking the Lord to show us things that were wrong. As I was listening to a tape, your voice stopped in the middle, and I reversed it, and it continued on the back. I realized after a while that the tape was a 90 minute tape and should have been a 46 min tape. I also thanked the Lord that Mary wasn't able to mail the tapes, and that I could rectify the mistake. So I felt the Lord had showed this to me in due time.

<LivingEM> Well, praise Lord! the Lord does things like that for me all the time, and I thank God for it. He never ceases to amaze me.

<Jsngsng> I could feel the communication, how I can feel led to read a particular book, or go to a particular web page, and see something that needs to be corrected.

<LivingEM> How did you feel it?

<Jsngsng> The circumstances and timing. And remembering your prayer.

<LivingEM> Do you mean that you recognized the signs?

<Jsngsng> Yes.

<LivingEM> So it had nothing to do with your feelings, but rather with perception and memory.

<Jsngsng> No, I also felt a communication.

<LivingEM> What kind of a communication?

<Jsngsng> I had prayed that same prayer of some sort and the Lord led me to listen right away to the tape.

<LivingEM> And how did the Lord tell you to listen to the tape? I am not trying to give you a hard time, just trying to help you express yourself accurately. How does the Lord speak to you?

<Jsngsng> It was, He revealed it to me later after I chose the tape. I felt He was concerned about the things that I do.

<LivingEM> How did He reveal it to you? You said that you felt it.

To feel, means to perceive through the sense of touch, to bring something into light contact with something else.

To perceive, means to become aware of directly through any other senses, especially sight or hearing, or to achieve understanding of.

To feel, suggests the emotions, and to perceive, suggests the mind.

So now that you have heard the definitions of the verbs to feel, and to perceive, would you said that Christ Jesus touched your emotions or your understanding?

Would you say that you felt that the Lord was communicating with you, or that you perceived that the Lord was communicating with you?

<Jsngsng> I would say, then, to perceive my understanding.

<LivingEM> Yes, Christ Jesus rarely, if ever, communicates with us through our emotions.

This is a very important issue, because Satan, the astral plane, communicates through our emotions, but Christ Jesus speaks from the mental plane which covers our emotions.

This is our inheritance, that Christ Jesus should cover, and then boil away, our astral emotions.

I say astral emotions, because many people are distressed at the thought of losing their ability to feel. What we need to understand, is that every aspect of our emotional life can be experienced on the mental plane.

It is not healthy to intellectualize with the carnal mind, but intellectualization in Christ Jesus, is the path to spiritual enlightenment. Most of us know that mature decisions are arrived at with reason, not emotion, yet many still yearn for the world's perception of love and joy.

The truth of the matter is that the love and joy of the emotional body arise out of Satan's nature, but the love and joy of Christ Jesus' mental body is far superior and much more conducive to a lifestyle of peace and contentment, which is the promise of the Scripture.

A deliverance anointing has fallen here. My eyes are tearing, and I cannot stop yawning. If anyone else is experiencing any form of deliverance, please share it with the group. I will be back in five minutes.

<LAMB> I've been yawning and loud sighs coming out of me for about a minute. or two.

<OVERCOMER> I don't seem to have any physical manifestations, just confusion is leaving my mind with this exhortation, and I feel peace coming in.

<Jsngsng> I'm perceiving love emanating from Christ.

<LivingEM> So we see that the Spirit of Christ affects mortal men in a variety of ways. The Spirit of Christ entered into our chat room and touched us all, but we did not all respond in the same way.

Christ Jesus, the universal cure, is complete in Himself. He does not change. He heals us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with one fell swoop of His glorified spirit, but each mortal man is lacking in varying degrees.

Healing and deliverance is easy for the Lord. He is energy, and energy heals. He touches us, and His spirit flows into the areas that need help, but each individual receives, or responds to, that glorious Spirit in a unique way.

The Spirit of Christ usually manifests as judgment concerning the emotionalism, lust, greed, selfishness and moral impurity which arise out of the lower energy centers, but as wisdom, understanding, and instruction concerning our mental body, and supernatural perception and experiences concerning our spiritual body.

The Spirit of Christ always manifests as mercy to the physical body. Jesus does not kill people or make them sick. All judgment that proceeds forth from Christ Jesus is corrective, and designed to impart life.

Let's go back to the subject we were discussing before the Spirit of Deliverance fell.

Does anyone have any questions or comments at this point?

We were saying that love and joy can be experienced in the mental, as well as in the emotional body, but love and joy can be experienced on every level, in each of our bodies, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The Greek language demonstrates this concept by having three different words to express three different kinds of love.

Does anyone know one or more of the Greek words that are translated love?

<DANIEL42> Eros, Agape, Phileo.

<LivingEM> Yes, agape is the Greek word for spiritual love. Can anyone tell us how agape manifests between mortal men?

What is the key word that describes agape love?

<DANIEL42> Unconditional love?

<LivingEM> That is very close, Daniel.

<Jsngsng> Selflessness.

<LivingEM> I would say that sacrifice is the ultimate expression of love.

Yes, Jsngsng, selflessness is another way of saying sacrifice.

True love wants the best for the object of their love.

1 Cor 13:4, Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up (KJV)

<LivingEM> Charity, is a translation of the Greek word, agape.

The Greek word translated suffereth long, means to be patient.

The English word, patient, means, to bear or endure pain, difficulty, provocation, or annoyance, with calmness.

Patient also means tolerant, understanding, persevering, constant.

So we see that we can have some qualities of patience, and not others. For example, I can bear pain and difficulty and still remain calm. I am also very persevering, and usually very understanding. But I am not always patient when annoyed or provoked. This means that patience, one of the qualities of agape love that manifests from the brow (6th) energy center, is not completed in me.

The Greek word translated kind means, to show oneself useful, that is, to be helpful.

Agape is not envious.

The Interlinear Text of 1 Cor. 13:4 is very interesting because it can be read:

(AT, Verse 4) Agape is patient (suffereth long) and helpful (kind), but Satan (not) is envious, and Leviathan (not) is boastful, or a braggart, (vaunteth itself), and the Fiery Serpent (not) is haughty and thinks too highly of herself (puffed up),

1 Cor 13:5, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; (KJV)

(AT) Cain (not) behaves herself in an UNBECOMING manner (unseemly)...

<LivingEM> The English word unbecoming means not appropriate, attractive, or flattering, not in accord with the standards employed by one's character or position, improper, not suited to the present circumstances, incorrect, not consistent with established behavior.

(AT) Satan (not) seeks worship, and [Cain] plots against [Abel] (seeketh her own).

<LivingEM> The Hebrew usage of the Greek word translated, seeketh, means to worship (God), or (in a bad sense), to plot (against life),(1)

(AT) Leviathan (not to) is easily provoked, Satan (no) thinks and comes to evil conclusions (thinketh evil) .

(AT, Verse 5) Satan seeks worship, Cain behaves herself in an UNBECOMING manner, and plots against [Abel], Leviathan is easily provoked, Satan thinks evil thoughts and comes to evil conclusions.

<LivingEM> So we see that, once again, that the Lord teaches by contrasting opposites. Paul tells us what true love is, and then shows us the opposite, emotional, quality.

1 Cor 13:6, Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; (KJV)

(AT, Verse 6) Satan (not) rejoices in moral wrongdoing, and injustice, but [the glorified Jesus Christ], the Spirit of Truth, is loyal to Christ Jesus, who is the Truth.*

*John 14:6, Jesus saith unto him, I AM the way, THE TRUTH, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)

<LivingEM> The English word rejoiceth appears twice in 1 Cor. 13:6, but is rendered from two different Greek words.

Satan is happy or cheerful (#5463) at injustice, but the Spirit of Agape Love sympathizes (#4796) with the truth.

The English dictionary says that the word sympathy, means a relationship or an affinity between people or things, in which whatever affects one, correspondingly affects the other; the act or power of sharing the feelings of another, mutual understanding or affection arising from this relationship.

This is my definition of empathy.

The English dictionary has a second definition of sympathy, which is very different from the first one: A feeling or an expression of pity or sorrow for the distress of another, commiseration, sorrow aroused by the misfortune or suffering of another, regret. I believe that this is the true definition of sympathy.

In the context of 1 Cor. 13:6, I would say that the Spirit of Agape Love is an affinity between people, out of which mutual understanding and affection arise. Agape love is also a feeling of loyalty or allegiance (I did not say this before).

So we see that Satan's nature, which is the exact opposite of agape love, the nature of God, thinks that injustice and wrongdoing, as the Scripture perceives it, is good. Satan's nature is happy concerning sin, as the Scripture perceives it, and justifies it.

There is good sympathy, and there is unproductive sympathy. Feelings of loyalty and allegiance, understanding and affection lead to selflessness and sacrifice, sometimes known as unconditional love (good sympathy), and, conversely, selfishness, self-interest, and thinking more of one's self than one should, leads to behavior that Satan rejoices in, such as resentment, hatred, rejection, betrayal, and abandonment (unproductive sympathy). So we see that sympathy can arise out of Satan's nature, or out of God's nature, because there are two kinds of sympathy.

1 Cor 13:7, Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. (KJV)

<LivingEM> Agape love covers all things (beareth).

The Greek word translated beareth means to cover with silence.

Can anyone tell us the name of the spiritual person that is to be silenced? Who is the spiritual judgment of silence to fall upon?


<todanow9> Fiery Serpent.

<Jsngsng> Personality?

<OVERCOMER> Satan and the carnal mind, which is the woman.

<LivingEM> Yes, Satan, the spiritual woman who generates the thoughts that the Fiery Serpent thinks, is to be silenced. Christ Jesus shall cover the Fiery Serpent, and Satan's good and evil thoughts, all of which lead to death, shall be cut off. But the man who thinks only righteous thoughts will live forever.

And the name of that man is?

What is the name of the man who thinks only righteous thoughts?

<Jsngsng> Christ Jesus.

<OVERCOMER> Christ Jesus.

<LivingEM> Yes, Christ Jesus. When we, the personality, marry Christ Jesus, the Savior in the midst of us and the glorified Jesus Christ (double portion), we, too, shall think only righteous thoughts, stop dying from generation to generation, and live forever.

Christ Jesus shall separate us from Leviathan and lock Satan in the bottomless pit. We shall appear with Christ Jesus when He makes His public appearance in this physical plane of existence, and partake of all of Christ Jesus' experiences. But the personalities who do not separate from Satan will be locked in the bottomless pit with Satan.

So, agape love covers the Fiery Serpent and silences Satan.

Can anyone think of a modern-day expression of this spiritual principle?

Agape love does not enable behavior that arises out of Satan's nature, no matter how good the enabling behavior may appear to the carnal mind.

(AT, Verse 7) Christ Jesus covers the Fiery Serpent, and silences Satan's good and evil thoughts, all of which lead to death, (beareth), agape love conquers all, agape love has faith in Jesus Christ (believeth) no matter what (all things), agape love expects the best (hopeth), no matter what things look like (all things), love perseveres, never gives up (endureth), no matter what (all things)

1 Cor 13:8, Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. (KJV)

(AT) agape love never falls down (fails).

<LivingEM> Can anyone guess what this means?

How can love never fall down?

<Jsngsng> Because it's reached the crown (7th) energy center?

<LivingEM> That's very good Jsngsng. You have the right answer.

The glorified Jesus Christ will never fall down out of the crown (7th) energy center, and everyone who is joined to the glorified Jesus Christ is anchored in the crown (7th) energy center with Him.

(AT, Verse 8) And agape love will never fall down from the crown (7th) energy center, But [the gifts of the Holy Spirit] shall cease: Whether [they are] prophecies or [words of] knowledge, they shall come to an end, [or] if [they are] tongues they shall stop.

Alternate Translation, 1 Cor. 13:4-8

4 [CHRIST JESUS], THE LOVE OF GOD, is patient and helpful,

But LEVIATHAN is boastful, THE FIERY SERPENT is haughty and thinks too highly of herself, and SATAN is envious,

5, And SATAN seeks worship, CAIN behaves herself in an unbecoming manner, and plots against [Abel], LEVIATHAN is easily provoked, and SATAN thinks evil thoughts and comes to evil conclusions,

6, And SATAN rejoices in moral wrongdoing, and injustice,

But [THE GLORIFIED JESUS CHRIST], THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, is loyal [to Christ Jesus], the Truth

7, [That] covers the Fiery Serpent and silences Satan's good and evil thoughts [which lead to death], conquers [the whole carnal mind], has faith in Jesus Christ no matter what, expects the best, no matter what things look like, and never gives up, no matter what,

8, And [CHRIST JESUS], the love [of God], will never fall down from the crown (7th) energy center,

But [THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT] shall cease: Whether [they are] prophecies or [words of] knowledge, they shall come to an end, [or] if [they are] tongues, they shall stop.

<LivingEM> The next few phrases, whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall become useless (vanish away), speaks collectively about the Holy Spirit.

Can the Holy Spirit continue amongst us when His signs have stopped, or become useless?

<Jsngsng> Yes.

<LivingEM> If this were true, the Holy Spirit would be amongst us only for a season.

<OVERCOMER> When we see no more signs of the Holy Spirit, it's because He's been swallowed up by the higher, the Spirit of Christ.

<LivingEM> Nothing stands still in this world. Everything is constantly moving, either forward or backward.

If the signs of the Holy Spirit ceased or became useless, this would be momentum backwards, momentum towards absorption.

The glorified Jesus Christ breathed the Holy Spirit into this plane of existence on the Day of Pentecost.

Can anyone tell us how the Holy Spirit will be removed from this plane of existence?

<OVERCOMER> He is being swallowed up by the Spirit of Christ, which is a nature, not just a gift.

<LivingEM> Yes, this is correct. The Holy Spirit, the power of the glorified Jesus Christ, is being absorbed by, or joined to, the nature of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit must decrease so that Christ Jesus, the whole man, power and righteous nature, can increase.

Oh, you thought that John the Baptist was speaking about himself, or about his personal ministry? How wrong you are.

Adam spoke through Jesus, the Christ, saying, before Abraham was, I Am, and in the same manner, the Holy Spirit of the glorified Elijah spoke through John the Baptist saying, I must decrease, so that the Spirit of Christ, the whole virile seed, power and nature, can increase.

The Holy Spirit and all of His works (the gifts), must yield to the greater ministry of Christ Jesus, wherever the two ministries are appearing. The Holy Spirit satisfies (calms) our emotions, but the mental body of Christ Jesus (the Mind of Christ) dominates the emotional body, and covers it with the Doctrine of Christ.

So we see that the mental body of Christ Jesus, (the Mind of Christ), is the agape love that covers the sins of our emotional body, which is Satan, the unconscious part of our carnal mind and the Fiery Serpent, the subconscious part of our carnal mind, who is intimately joined to her.

Pro. 10:12, Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins. (KJV)

<LivingEM> Love expressed as phileo, the Greek word for friendship, is a good thing, but phileo love can fail you, as I am sure we all know.

So we see that phileo is good, but agape is better.

And last, but not least by the standards of our world which is engraved with Satan's nature, is eros, signifying sexual love. Romantic love is a combination of fileo and eros.

Satan's nature torments many concerning these matters, and only a few find the spiritual truth that delivers us from ever seeking and never being fulfilled.

Can anyone tell us the Scriptural name of the one who is always seeking and never fulfilled?

Can anyone tell us the name of the Bible character that characterizes this condition?

<Todanow9> David.

<Jsngsng> Job.

<LivingEM> No, it's a woman.

<MYPRECOUS1> King Saul.

<LivingEM> Delilah.

Delilah signifies ever seeking: After men, after women, after friends, after money, after fame, after respect from others, after beauty or good looks, or to be taller, or to be shorter, to be heavier, or to be thinner.

Attaining these things will never satisfy us because they are all vanity, yet our fallen nature screams for them.

Some religions encourage their followers to wound the physical flesh because they lack the knowledge that it is the desires of the spiritual flesh that can never be satisfied.

Yet, it is true that physical pain does silence the voice of the tempter for a season, but even this drastic method affords only temporary relief.

There is only one who satisfies, brethren, and His name is Christ Jesus. Many say, yes, Christ Jesus satisfies me spiritually, but I am more than spirit. But they do not understand this spiritual principle here.

We are spirit imprisoned in flesh, but Christ Jesus never promised to satisfy our flesh. He promised us that, in Him, we would overcome the flesh.

What do you think Jesus meant when He said, I have overcome the world?

<Jsngsng> Victory over death?

<LivingEM> At the beginning of this message I told you that love can be expressed on many different levels. It is true that Jesus overcame death, but what is death?

Do you think that Jesus was talking about physical death alone?

<Jsngsng> No.

<LivingEM> Physical death is the final outcome of experiencing consciousness on this physical plane. Our whole existence here is death.

Jesus overcame Satan's thoughts and all forms of lust. Nothing could control Him. Rejection could not control Him. The rebellion of the carnal mind that He inherited from His mother could not control Him. The desire for the material things of this world could not control Him. Other people could not control Him. Emotion could not control Him.

Jesus Christ in the days of His flesh was a living, walking, talking, accurate expression of Jehovah's nature.

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