Ascension & Spiritual Marriage


LivingEM: Praise the Lord everybody! We will start with a prayer:

We thank you Father for all things. We thank you for warm houses that shelter us from the cold, we thank you for warm clothing and boots, we thank you for food, and for a knowledge of nutrition which helps us to stay healthy. We thank you for our health Lord, to whatever degree we have it. We thank you Father that our legs work. We thank you Father that our minds are sound, to the degree that they are sound. We thank you for families, both in the flesh and in the Spirit. We thank you for transportation and every other good thing that makes our existence in the valley of the shadow of death tolerable. We thank you, Lord, for the table that you have spread out before us. We thank you for understanding and wisdom and knowledge and peace. We thank you for the grace that is upon our life. We thank you Lord for the Doctrine of Christ, for the Spirit of Christ, and for the opportunity to escape from Satan's grasp. We ask that you strengthen us Lord, and help us to do all that we must do to ascend, so that we might serve you and your people, as the saviors who come forth from the mount of Zion.

Does anyone know where the mount of Zion is?

JSNGSNG: in the brow center

LivingEM: yes. The energy centers are expressed symbolically in the Scripture as mountains, and Mount Zion signifies the brow center of the true timeline. The surface translation of the Scripture is a parable. What must we know in order to glean the spiritual truth from the Scriptures?

LAMB4114: That there is always a deeper meaning behind the letter of the word.

Yes, we must know that there is a deeper meaning before we can recognize the deeper meaning, but what must we know before we can perceive spiritual principles in the Word of God?

DANIEL42: how to break the code?

LivingEM: Yes, we must know how to break the code.

JSNGSNG: we must know what righteousness is

LivingEM: But what must we know to break the code? We must have a knowledge of spiritual principles, and to have a knowledge of spiritual principles, we must have a spiritual mind.

Who is our spiritual mind?

LAMB4114: The mind of Christ.

DANIEL42: Christ Jesus

JSNGSNG: Leviathan or Christ Jesus

LivingEM: Yes, Christ is our spiritual mind. Well, Christ is a part of our spiritual mind, and, yes, it is true that we have two spiritual minds. Christ Jesus is our whole new man. what part of him is our unconscious mind?

LAMB4114: The Spirit of Christ.

LivingEM: Yes, the Spirit of Christ. It gets a little tricky when we start talking about the subconscious mind because there are two aspects of the subconscious mind. The personal subconscious mind, and the collective subconscious mind. Christ, or the mind of Christ, is the individual subconscious mind. To be honest with you, I am not sure what the name of the collective subconscious mind is. I have been calling him "Christ Jesus," but "Christ Jesus" is the name of the whole man. What is the name of the unconscious mind of our old man?


LivingEM: Yes, Satan is the unconscious mind of the old man. And what is the name of the collective subconscious mind of the old man?

Myprecous1: LVITHAN

LivingEM: Yes, Leviathan is the collective subconscious mind of the old man. What is the name of the individual subconscious mind of the old man?

JSNGSNG: devil

LAMB4114: Behemoth

Myprecous1: asteret

LivingEM: Behemoth is the old Testament name for the many membered personality. Ashtaroth is the name of the personality when she is married to the ascended fiery serpent and Leviathan.

The name of the individual subconscious mind of the old man is the fiery serpent. Actually, the fiery serpent is the individual subconscious mind of both the old and the new man. Does anyone know what determines whether the fiery serpent is manifesting as our old man or our new man? The fiery serpent's husband, makes the difference.

JSNGSNG: who she is married to - Christ or Leviathan

LAMB4114: Which timeline she's in.

LivingEM: Yes, her husband makes the difference, and her husband determines what timeline she is in. To say, that her husband determines which timeline she is in, is the same principle as a human woman taking her husband's name. There is a difference in the fiery serpent's activities underneath the firmament, and above the firmament. Can the fiery serpent be a virgin when she is above the firmament?

LAMB4114: no

LivingEM: This is true. Why can't the fiery serpent be a virgin above the firmament?

LAMB4114: She is then married.

LivingEM: Yes. The fiery serpent must be married to ascend into the heart center, which is the firmament. The fiery serpent can be married or unmarried when she is in the root energy center.

Rev. 14:14 - These are they which are not defiled with women for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb withersoever he goeth, these were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits onto God, and onto the Lamb.

LivingEM: Does anyone know what it means to not be defiled with women?

LAMB4114: Not defiled with the carnal mind.

LivingEM: This is true, but we are trying to be more specific today. The serpent in our root energy center, is our subconscious mind. In the event that she becomes aroused and begins to ascend without being married to Christ Jesus, she enters into Leviathans timeline. There are two channels of ascension, Leviathan and Christ Jesus. When the fiery serpent ascends into Leviathan's timeline, she opens the door of each energy center that she enters into. Each energy center is a door to a plane of consciousness which is invisible to this world.

The planes of consciousness associated with Leviathan's timeline, are inhabited by beings, or creatures, which are formed from the earth and the waters of creation. These creatures lack Elohim's virile seed. Another way to say this, is that they don't have a spirit. They are soul like the animals and other creatures of this world. To give them a name, we will say that these creatures are the powers and principalities that the Scriptures speak about. Actually, I think we will call them "powers," because I believe the Lord is telling me that the principalities, or the principal ones, are the immortals. The powers that exist in the other planes of consciousness, which are other worlds, are stronger than mortal man, because they have the authority, or the right, of the firstborn.

They are the earth that has drunk in the rain of God's Spirit. Every human being born of a woman has doors to these other worlds within them. Each energy center is a door to another world which is inhabited by creatures indigent to that world. I told you that these creatures are soul like the animals of this world, but they are not mammals. They are spiritual insects, which are animals, but not mammals. A mammal is a warm blooded animal, who gives birth to live young. There are animals who reproduce by laying eggs. These are cold blooded animals. Many of the cold-blooded animals of this world, especially the insects, feed on the blood of the mammalian population. In the same manner, the spiritual insects of the other planes of existence feed on the energy of human beings, if they can gain entrance into their energy centers. When fiery serpent ascends without being married Christ Jesus, she opens the doors to these other worlds, and the inhabitants of them, the spiritual insects of those worlds, enter into our energy centers, and begin to feed there.

Mk 5:11 - now there was nigh unto the mountains, a great herd of swine feeding.

LivingEM: Now, brethren, if you choose to believe that this herd of swine are physical pigs, that is your privilege, but I do not believe that this is the intention of the Scripture. The mountains signify the energy centers, and the great herd of swine that was feeding there was comprised of the spiritual insects that I have just told you about. Please note that the Scripture that I just quoted to you is directly related to the account of the Gadarene demoniac.

The doors of our energy centers are supposed to be closed. If they are open, we are subject to the plagues that were visited upon Egypt in the Book of Exodus: locusts, flies, lice, etc, in the spirit, and they will enter into us and consume the spiritual plant which we are.

In case you don't know it, the Scripture clearly states that we are spiritual plants.

Is 60:21 - Thy people also shall be all righteous, they shall inherit the land for ever, the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, that I should be glorified.

LivingEM: Mortal man is the crop that is being consumed. The fiery serpent opens the door of each energy center that she pierces into, and then she marries the inhabitants of the land which, for all intents and purposes, is herself, because the fiery serpent brings the world that she inhabits into existence.

Ex 34:12 - Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, wither thou goest, lest it be for his snare in the midst of thee.

LivingEM: We have been teaching here for quite a while, that the fiery serpent marries herself, but the way that I have just explained this marriage to you, is more accurate. The reason that the fiery serpent ascends, is that she is hungry. The fiery serpent is a spiritual parasitic worm, who feeds off of the human being that she inhabits, like a fetus feeds off of its mother. When she can no longer satisfy herself in the root energy center, she ascends into the second center, opens the door to the world that is represented there, and establishes a community of spiritual insects who will gather energy for her by sucking the energy out of the tissues of the human organs. The fiery serpent herself gleans energy from the spiritual blood that circulates through the etheric body. The fiery serpent's marriage to the spiritual insects now affords her the opportunity to feed off of the energy in the tissues of the organs, as well as the spiritual blood.

The higher the fiery serpent ascends, the more doors to other worlds are opened, and the human being begins to die. This is why the average people who engage in witchcraft practices are usually sick and dying. I say "average people" because anger, envy and all of the manifestations of pride, are witchcraft, even though the "average people" who yield to these sins do not know it. But there are people who practice witchcraft with knowledge, that do not get sick and die because they know how to gather energy from outside of themselves, from other people, that replenishes the energy that the fiery serpent and the powers are consuming within themselves. Such "practicing witches" are mighty hunters who hunt the life force of other people in the Astral plane. This way, by stealing the energy of their fellow man, they can have the best of both worlds. They can experience the thrills of wielding spiritual power without the loss of their own life.

The more spiritual we become in Christ Jesus, the more valuable we become to the "mighty hunters" of the astral plane. Why is this? Because to become spiritual means that we generate increasing amounts of energy through our relationship with Christ Jesus. If you are spiritual in Christ Jesus, or you hope to be spiritual in Christ Jesus, you must know that you must wage a warfare to keep what you have received from the Lord. Therefore, to stand spiritually without gaining knowledge and wisdom through instruction, can be deadly.

So we see that we lose our spiritual virginity through marriage to the powers of other worlds, rather than through marriage to Christ Jesus. Such foolishness can only result in death and destruction, or addiction to the practice of the black arts. This is why we are to remain virgins until our true husband, Christ Jesus, marries us. Marriage to Christ Jesus in the lower centers generates energy which heals the body and the emotions. The energy centers of the true timeline open the doors to the world above. As we ascend, Satan wars against us, and as we defeat her, we acquire her energy, which is the energy that she stole from Adam in the beginning. So we see that the energy that we acquire as we ascend in the true timeline, is not gleaned from the tissues of our mortal body, although it is gleaned from the spiritual blood of our old man. Nevertheless, we do not suffer the loss of the spiritual blood of the old man, because the harvested energy of the spiritual blood of our old man is returned to its rightful owner, Christ Jesus, who uses it for our benefit. Once the fiery serpent whom is married to herself pierces through into the heart center, she is in a strengthened position.

The fiery serpent who occupies the heart center through a marriage to the powers, becomes an evil personality. We call her the Devil. In the old Testament she is called Ashtaroth, or Astarte. She has many names, each one given by a particular nation. The evil personality who occupies the heart center has the ability to rise into the brow center of the counterfeit time line, at will, where she bites into Leviathan and feasts on the cosmic energy of the astral plane.

So this sounds way out to you does it? Well, if you have ears to hear it, the Scripture teaches that every time an "average" man goes into a rage, he has ascended into the brow center of the counterfeit timeline to gather the energy to support his tirade. Do you have any idea how much energy it takes to sustain a lie over along period of time? Do you have any idea how much energy denial consumes? The answer is, a great deal of energy.

So what have I just suggested to you? I have suggested to you that average, everyday citizens, living a life of self deception, manipulation and deceit, are most likely occupying the heart center of the counterfeit timeline, from where they ascend into the heart center to tap Leviathan's energy, as it is needed. The man who is spiritual in Christ Jesus hopes to ascend into the heart center of the true timeline, and occupy it. From there, the man, Christ Jesus, ascends into the brow center as often as the Lord Jesus Christ calls him up there to refresh him and equip him for the battle with the one who occupies the heart center of the counterfeit timeline.

Yes, the war goes on, and the occupants of the two-time lines are against each other continually, unless of course, the Christian in the true heart center is ignorant of the warfare. At some point, the ascended Christ Jesus must take possession of the whole heart center. To do this, he must defeat Satan and the vampire bat in the brow center across from him. The number that signifies possession of the whole heart center, is "12." This is a powerful place to be.

So we see that to be undefiled with women, means that the fiery serpent, our spiritual virginity, must have no connection with the powers of the other planes of consciousness. Rev 14:4 says, that these follow the Lamb wherever he goes. The Greek word translated "follow," also means "to accompany." So we see that those who was spiritual virgins are in the company of Christ Jesus. What does this say to us? It says that spiritual virgins do not only abstain from intercourse with the powers of the other worlds, but they pursue and follow after the things of God. This is a very powerful statemen, because what it is really saying is that we cannot be inactive, spiritually speaking. We cannot be a spiritual virgins by abstaining from intercourse with the powers, alone. This means that if we try to abstain from our relationship with the inhabitants of the land without pursuing our relationship with Christ Jesus, we will be drawn to follow after the inhabitants of the land. There is no neutral position.

The next phrase is, "these were redeemed from among men." The Greek word translated "men" signifies "Adam." The Greek word translated "redeemed," means "to purchase." These mortal men are the ones who, spiritually speaking, were purchased, or stolen, from Adam, and the price that Adam was paid, was his own death.

Rom 6:23 - For the wages of sin is death . . . .

LivingEM: The Scripture is saying that the mortal men who are following Christ Jesus everywhere, are the same ones that Adam sold to the Primordial Serpent when he fell prey to her witchcraft. And, in fact, Christ Jesus, the Lamb, is their resurrected Adam who is come into this world of outer darkness to recover that which was lost to him because of his ignorance and disobedience to Jehovah.

Lk 19:10 - For the son of man is come to seek and save that which was lost.

LivingEM: Brethren, there is no forgiveness of sins without restitution. This concept in the church today that all you have to do is say you are sorry and all is forgiven, is not true. Even when it is not possible to make restitution in the natural world, restitution can still be made in the Spirit. This is difficult for some to understand, but I tell you the truth from personal experience, that if your heart is right towards the Lord, and it is not possible or practical to make restitution in this world, the Lord will bring you into a situation which is uncannily like the one in which you sinned, and give you the opportunity to make restitution.

If you sinned against your mother, and your mother is dead, he will bring you a relationship with someone with the same qualities that you rebelled against. If you run from that relationship, you will find that what you run to is worse. There is no forgiveness of sins without overcoming the character flaw that caused you to sin.

"Being the first fruits onto God." The Greek word translated "first fruits" means, the "beginning of separation." The sign that you have begun to separate from your carnal mind is that you will follow Christ Jesus wherever he goes. Thereon not many today who are doing this. Very few are following him as He ascends into the true time line, and their reluctance or refusal to follow him has resulted in their being seduced by Satan to follow a false revival which is characterized by a lack of the Word of God, and a preponderance of questionable spiritual signs and wonders. So we say that the majority of the church have not even begun to separate from this world, because this world is manifested to us and in us, as our carnal mind.

"Unto God and unto the lamb." Those of us who have begun to separate are being joined to Christ Jesus and to the Lord Jesus Christ. Very soon Christ Jesus will make his public appearance, and all those who thought that he was within them, but have been deceived, will know the truth -- that they are possessed of another spirit which is not of God.

It is my understanding of the Scripture that, at that time, many will repent and turn to God

Acts 3:17 - And now brethren, I wot through ignorance that you did it, as it also your rulers, [pastors, etc]

Verse 19 - Repent therefore and be ye converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the time is a refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "blotted," means, "to smear." This very word signifies that sin is an actual "mark" in the earth of our personality. Our personality has not being baked yet. We are still malleable clay. The problem is that no matter how many times we smear the clay to remove the mark, Satan re-engraves us with the serpent's nature. This is why we need a savior. Only the Lord Jesus Christ is strong enough to defeat Satan, the spiritual dog who defends the unified state of Leviathan and the fiery.

The Greek word translated "refreshing," means the "recovery of breath." This indicates that, spiritually speaking, we have lost our breath. We have lost the breath of life and are abiding in s spiritual nether world where we are consumed all the day long by the powers of the other planes of existence, and by the fiery serpent.

The Greek word translated "presence," means "personality," and "Lord," we established in previous messages, means the resurrected Adam who is appearing to us as Christ Jesus in the New Testament. We shall receive, once again, the breath of life which we lost, from Christ Jesus appearing to us through a man. Will take a five-minute break, and if the Lord has nothing else when we return, will call it quits for today. This is the first time I have ever been slain in the spirit from an online meeting. It has happened in our regular services, that I am so sleepy when I finish preaching that I have to lay down for a while. Not weak or tired, pleasantly sleepy.

I don't have any more for you today.

God bless you all. Go in peace.

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