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LivingEM: High their

DANIEL42: hi

LivingEM: on using my voice activated software again

LivingEM: so please the forgive my spelling errors

DANIEL42: how are you?

LivingEM: you won't believe this

LivingEM: guy was herein 8 o'clock

LivingEM: and I can't saying

LivingEM: whereas everybody

LivingEM: something must be wrong

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LivingEM: and then finally I realize that the meeting is a 845

LivingEM: I'll find how you

LivingEM: ?

DANIEL42: we are fine also

LivingEM: anybody had the question

LivingEM: ?

LAMB4114: Hi everyone. I thought I wouldn't get in, but I kept trying.

LivingEM: I Mary

DANIEL42: hi mary

LivingEM: and using my voice activated software

LivingEM: so there will be a lot of spelling errors

LivingEM: and still in the process of training the programs

LivingEM: it has to get used to my voice

LivingEM: and the way I speak

JSNGSNG: Hi you all

LAMB4114: hi June

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JSNGSNG: A window came up inviting me to your chat

LivingEM: Let's start with the prayer

LivingEM: attention everybody

LivingEM: I'm using voice activated software

LivingEM: so there are a lot of spelling errors

LivingEM: if you don't understand something that type written

LivingEM: please ask me to clarify

LivingEM: hello Tony

ToDaNow: hello

LivingEM: father in the name of Jesus

LivingEM: please bless this meeting

LivingEM: be glorified in it

LivingEM: and may your truth come forth

LivingEM: the floors open the questions

ToDaNow: here for a few, before i return to work

LivingEM: are okay

LivingEM: Lord had me studying today

LivingEM: he gave me some interesting revelations

LivingEM: No. 1

LivingEM: when Jesus was on the cross and he said eli, eli, etc. why have

you forsaken me

LivingEM: this is an incorrect translation

LivingEM: I had been preaching for quite a while that Jesus was saying

LivingEM: now that your purposes have been accomplished

LivingEM: you can leave this body

LivingEM: and I know that I will live

LivingEM: but the Lord gave me and even more exciting explanation today

LivingEM: Jesus was rebuking the Pharisees

LivingEM: eli and its other forms

LivingEM: means, Elohim

LivingEM: technically speaking

LivingEM: Jesus was saying, Elohim, Elohim, Elohim, is leaving you

LivingEM: in other words

LivingEM: Jesus said I am Elohim

LivingEM: I am Elijah

LivingEM: I am Michael

LivingEM: and we are all leaving you

LivingEM: because you have killed your God

LivingEM: Jesus was not pain

LivingEM: in the garden he pressed through into the crown center

LivingEM: he could have left his body and lived at any time after entering

the crown center

LivingEM: his consciousness entered crown center

LivingEM: the Pharisees crucified a carcass

LivingEM: and where the carcass is there is an ascending eagle

LivingEM: ascended

LivingEM: Jesus also rebuked the serpent

LivingEM: the serpent is the mother of humanity

LivingEM: Elohim is the father

LivingEM: when Jesus addressed "mother"

LivingEM: when he said mother behold your son

LivingEM: he was not talking to John

LivingEM: Mary was a disciple

LivingEM: Jesus disciples were in the brow center

LivingEM: because his mining held them up their

LivingEM: mind

LivingEM: there is no mail or female in Christ Jesus

LivingEM: Jesus was rebuking the serpent whom he called mother

LivingEM: the the mother of creation, mother nature

LivingEM: had brought forth only female offspring until Jesus Christ

LivingEM: the Scripture says -- I paraphrase in

LivingEM: and they were standing, Mary Magdelane

LivingEM: and the others

LivingEM: to stand is a Scripture expression indicating that the individuals

consciousness was in the

LivingEM: brow center

LivingEM: Jesus was saying to the serpent

LivingEM: you have fought bringing forth a main child with all your strength

LivingEM: because you knew that when you get when you gave birth to the man child

LivingEM: that man child would rule over you

LivingEM: so you think you have killed me and you are free

LivingEM: but, behold

LivingEM: Christ Jesus is in the brow center of these ones also

LivingEM: woman -- serpent --

LivingEM: behold your son

LivingEM: the manchild that Elohim has father

LivingEM: and he shall rule over you

LivingEM: and you shall be saved in childbearing

LivingEM: and all of the members of the human race

LivingEM: which are in your image shall be ruled over by the man child

LivingEM: you have brought forth the son of man

LivingEM: and he shall destroy you

LivingEM: that you shall continue in another form

LivingEM: that of the virtuous wife

LivingEM: and the whole Earth shall be in the image of Jehovah

LivingEM: and a shall be peace in all of my holy Mountain

LivingEM: behold, your son, the son of man

LivingEM: the floors open for questions or comments

LivingEM: is everybody that shocked?

DANIEL42: we are thinking on this

ToDaNow: does this has to do with the curse that God place on the woman?

LivingEM: Are you all slain in the spirit?

ToDaNow: In Gen

JSNGSNG: Would you explain as to what happened to Jesus' body

ToDaNow: A return to the rightful position

LivingEM: yes, this has to do with the curse

LivingEM: when the serpent killed Adam, her husband

LivingEM: a whole creation in became female, and female without a male head is mortal

ToDaNow: the curse is the serpent ruling over man for awhile

LivingEM: the serpent can only bring forth female offspring

LivingEM: yes, the serpent is mankind husband

LivingEM: and we will be mortal, until the man child is born in us

LivingEM: but the serpent cannot birth a mail child

ToDaNow: so when Adam died, the serpent rise up

LivingEM: only Christ can do this. Immortality is in the spiritual mail

LivingEM: male

LivingEM: the serpent must give up her head ship

LivingEM: so that all of humanity, physical males and physical females

LivingEM: can become spiritual males

LivingEM: and enter into immortality

LivingEM: any questions or comments before I answer the next question?

ToDaNow: no gh

LivingEM: The questionnaires, what happening to Jesus is body

LivingEM: is that the question you asked JSNG?


LivingEM: Jesus is body dissolved

LivingEM: when a man dies in his mortality, this physical body turns to dust

LivingEM: but the bones remain in the earth

LivingEM: when a man dies TO his mortality

LivingEM: his physical body turns to spiritual dust from the inside out

LivingEM: there are no remains

LivingEM: no bones

LivingEM: to understand this, one must understand how the physical body is formed

LivingEM: you may have heard that space is not empty, but filled with

LivingEM: trillions of dust particles

LivingEM: this is our natural type

LivingEM: the invisible part of our world

LivingEM: is filled with trillion of spiritual dust particles

LivingEM: this spirit vibe rates through the dust particles

LivingEM: and the spirit is a magnetic field

LivingEM: this spirit is magnetized in relation to the dust

LivingEM: and the dust its drawn towards the spirit

LivingEM: and cleaves to it

LivingEM: t hespirit determines the form and shape of the man

LivingEM: now this spirit that vibe rating through the matter stream

LivingEM: is a thought of a high a spiritual nature

LivingEM: it is 1/2 of a thought form

LivingEM: a whole thought form consists of a thought, which is spirit,

LivingEM: which travels by vibration

LivingEM: and the form that expresses the thought

LivingEM: the spirit is mail to the dust

LivingEM: the vibration determines the nature of the form that is seen

LivingEM: this is how Jesus could say IM the shape of the father

LivingEM: the father does not having animal body

LivingEM: Jesus was talking about his mind

LivingEM: he was saying, I am the only human being whose mind accurately

LivingEM: represents what Jehovah had in mind when he thought the creation into existence

LivingEM: Jesus is the thought form of Jehovah

LivingEM: mortal man is the thought form of the serpent

LivingEM: to man, Jesus, personality was joined to the mind of Christ

LivingEM: went Christ Jesus ascended out of the animal body that he was borne into

LivingEM: he took the personality with him

LivingEM: when the mind, Jesus' consciousness

LivingEM: left the physical body

LivingEM: this spiritual magnet that held all the dust particles together

LivingEM: that forms in the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth

LivingEM: left the physical body

LivingEM: and the dust particles, both physical and spiritual scattered

LivingEM: nothing remained, not even the physical bone

LivingEM: because Christ Jesus took with him

LivingEM: every last iota of spirit that was in the physical body

LivingEM: questions or common?

ToDaNow: i learned that there is plant that has the ability to change its sex from male to female

ToDaNow: this prove your teaching about the spirit

LivingEM: That is interesting, what is the name of the plant?

ToDaNow: that the serpent has the ability to change

LivingEM: Yes, there is a natural example for every spiritual truth

ToDaNow: Jack in the Pulpit

ToDaNow: our dna is held together by two weaker strands, again another

ToDaNow: prove concerning the there fold cord of the seepent

LivingEM: Yes, this is very interesting

ToDaNow: this revelation came to me, in a form of a thought, so i investigate it

LivingEM: yes, we are spiritual detectives

ToDaNow: and finally this earth composition is the same as our

ToDaNow: which make us of the earth

ToDaNow: not spiritual yet

JSNGSNG: Who are the two weaker strands?

ToDaNow: gh

LivingEM: yes, we are Cain, board of the earth

LivingEM: born

DANIEL42: did Jesus' body dissolve at the moment and is the 3 days in the tomb a myth?

ToDaNow: got to return to work, talk to you later

OnlineHost: ToDaNow has left the room.

LivingEM: bye Tony

LivingEM: the two weaker strands are the personality

LivingEM: and Christ in the individual

LivingEM: our foundation and strength is Jesus Christ

LivingEM: with record to Jesus in the tomb

LivingEM: I have not researched this completely

LivingEM: I believe his physical body dissolved sometime

LivingEM: between his crucifixion and the discovery that his body is gone

LivingEM: I have not looked at that aspect of the into linear text

LivingEM: which would indicate that the "three days" were three lateral days

LivingEM: I didn't scan the scripture is briefly not too long ago

LivingEM: and I believe that Mary Magdelene did not see the Angels

LivingEM: at Jesus is physical tomb

LivingEM: I think she had a spiritual experience

LivingEM: as i said, I had been studied the whole issue out

LivingEM: but I believe that for an angel to have spoken to Mary, it was a spiritual experience

LivingEM: a then, for example, where the scripture says that Mary thought to the man was a gardener

LivingEM: know what would she think that if she was near a tomb?

LivingEM: yet, we know, that the scripture and other places, has called a spiritual location, a garden

LivingEM: garden

LivingEM: I do not believe that Jesus was in a physical garden when he ascended into the crown center

LivingEM: I think he was in a spiritual Place

LivingEM: a year to ago life for started looking at Hindu bucks

LivingEM: I noticed that the ancient Hindu drawings

LivingEM: showed the levels of consciousness

LivingEM: with gardens up appearing on some of the levels

LivingEM: I couldn't understand it at the time

LivingEM: but now I believe that certain levels of consciousness are

designated as Gordon's

LivingEM: gardens

LivingEM: I think that several of the levels of consciousness are associated with a visible world

LivingEM: and TDs these levels which up air in the drawings as Gordon's

LivingEM: hold on a sec

LAMB4114: I'm still with you. I'm trying to take notes, shorthand ha ha

LivingEM: By a.m. making a transcript of this session

LivingEM: you can request the copy

LivingEM: some levels of consciousness

LivingEM: do not have the visible world of their own

LivingEM: I don't have much information about this, but it this time I don't think

LivingEM: the mental plane has its own world

LivingEM: but we shall see, as the Lord continues to teach us

LivingEM: floors open

DANIEL42: back to the virtuous woman, what is her role or purpose?

LivingEM: The mean the virtuous serpent?

DANIEL42: yes

LivingEM: The serpent is the earth

LivingEM: earth is necessary for the formation of a visible world

LivingEM: the serpent is the bestial background threads of the creation

LivingEM: her appearance is dull

LivingEM: and usually brown --

LivingEM: in nature, this is frequently the case

LivingEM: it is the mail who has the beautiful colors

LivingEM: this is certainly true of the Peacock

JSNGSNG: Will then the serpent rise with Christ Jesus?

LivingEM: in nature mail is usually more beautiful and more visible

LivingEM: no. And yes <G>

LivingEM: the part of the serpent that has been formed into the ox will rise with Christ Jesus

LivingEM: because the ox in the personality that is being saved

LivingEM: but the rest of the earth, the part of the earth that became mail

LivingEM: Leviathan, will not ascend

LivingEM: but will remain in the lower window of the creation

LivingEM: or, the lower room,

LivingEM: she will be dried out

LivingEM: when Satan's is evaporated

LivingEM: the scripture of term is, the earth shall remain barren

LivingEM: gh

DANIEL42: thanks

LivingEM: Their welcome

DANIEL42: will the earth look different?

LivingEM: yes

JSNGSNG: A scripture comes to mind - And ye shall build the waste places

LivingEM: yes, that scripture is talking about the higher centers

DANIEL42: at what point will it look different?

LivingEM: which are presently waste places in mortal humanity

LivingEM: as our consciousness ascends the world will appear different to us

JSNGSNG: Will each of the centers be different from the others

LivingEM: Because we will be looking at 8 from a different perspective

DANIEL42: will it really be different or will it just appear to be different?

LivingEM: just as the appearance of the earth changes when you look at it from an airplane

LivingEM: or from a space ship

LivingEM: It will really be different - for us

LivingEM: but not for everyone else

JSNGSNG: The word Spaced Out comes to mind

LivingEM: Each center is different from the other centers

LivingEM: each center is a world unto itself

LivingEM: and when our consciousness Pierces into that center

LivingEM: we experience that world

LivingEM: and our relationship with all of the other worlds change

LivingEM: gh

LivingEM: We can use a natural example to demonstrate this principal

LivingEM: when I went to Africa our relationship with America changed

LivingEM: America did not change

LivingEM: Long Island did not change

LivingEM: my consciousness changed

LivingEM: in that it was completely focused in Africa

LivingEM: America was pushed to the background

LivingEM: gh

DANIEL42: so we are talking about relationship, not actual looks?

LivingEM: The relationship produces the appearance

LivingEM: the mind generates the visible world

LivingEM: everything is in the eyes of the beholder

LivingEM: to people can be standing right next to one another, and observe the saying incident

LivingEM: but both can see it differently, because one aspect of the event

LivingEM: will be more important to one observer then to another observer

LivingEM: we see this principal demonstrated in the variety of information and variety of focus when

LivingEM: comparing comparing the four gospel's

JSNGSNG: I like that

LivingEM: Each writer focused on different events, and with regard to the events that they all focused

LivingEM: on, or that two or more focused on

LivingEM: l see we have different emphasises

LivingEM: gh

JSNGSNG: So it will be many

LivingEM: Many What?

LivingEM: gh

LivingEM: Is everybody slain in the spirit?

LAMB4114: Are you still using the voice activator? I'm here.

DANIEL42: we're thinking

LivingEM: Yes

JSNGSNG: many different minds making up their visible world

LAMB4114: That's great

LivingEM: I thought I felt the vibration <G>

LivingEM: yes, as a matter of fact you may recall that the alternate

translations of Jn. 21:25

LivingEM: says that if everyone who Jesus shot forth in went onto perfection

LivingEM: it would have changed the whole world

LivingEM: so apparently Jesus shot forth in many in those days

LivingEM: but only a few ascended and stayed up their

LivingEM: Jesus is no respecter of persons

LivingEM: but every individual is a mixture of the spirit which has been imparted to him

LivingEM: and the personality that he was born with

LivingEM: and this combination is i influenced by the experiences we have had

LivingEM: but be encouraged, no matter how unqualified you might be

LivingEM: if you do all that you can possibly do, according to Jesus' estimation

LivingEM: not according to your carnal minds estimation

LivingEM: he will meet you wherever you are

LivingEM: and fill you up where you are lacking

LivingEM: the bottom-line is pride

LivingEM: are you willing to do the best you can, and will you follow Jesus

wherever he leads you


LivingEM: Are you willing to give up everything that he tells you to leave behind

DANIEL42: I'm willing

LivingEM: even family and friends

JSNGSNG: The Lord help me

LivingEM: many say they are willing, but when they actually faced with the

choice may find hard to do

DANIEL42: that is true. you only know when you are faced with the decision

LivingEM: our prayer should be, Lord, if you're really telling me to do this

LivingEM: and I can't believe it, or I won't believe it, because I am blinded

LivingEM: by my pride, or for any other reason

LivingEM: to whatever you have to do to convince me and to wake me up

LivingEM: UC, there is never any reason for hopelessness and Christ Jesus

LivingEM: all that is necessary, is to admit that what he requires of us, is

too hard for us to do

LivingEM: such humble prayer and humble attitude raises up

LivingEM: a ferocious Christ Jesus, who will lay hold of us

LivingEM: and cast us, whole, into the wine press

LivingEM: the lake of fire, and the wine press are the same judgment

LivingEM: is the lake of fire to the unregenerate man

LivingEM: add the wine press to the man in whom Christ is being formed

LivingEM: gh

DANIEL42: how do we balance out "what he requires is too hard" and we are the Son of God?

DANIEL42: too hard for us to do

LivingEM: There are several parts of us

LivingEM: nothing is too hard for Christ Jesus

LivingEM: but sometimes everything is too hard for the ox

LivingEM: witches our personality

LivingEM: things are easy or hard for us, depending upon where our

consciousness is abiding

LivingEM: in our consciousness is largely in the ox, we are spiritually female and weak

LivingEM: about consciousness is abiding largely in our carnal mind

LivingEM: we can be strong, but that strength will be Satan's strength

LivingEM: when our consciousness abides largely in Christ Jesus

LivingEM: we are spiritually male and very strong

LivingEM: we can be spiritually female

LivingEM: in some situations and circumstances

LivingEM: and spiritually male in others

LivingEM: at this time we are double minded creatures

LivingEM: and both sweet and bitter water flows from our spirit

LivingEM: gh

LivingEM: This is why it is so important not to be discouraged when we perceive weakness in our self

LivingEM: all weakness is in the ox

LivingEM: most of us can see our weaknesses, but we cannot accurately perceive the strength of Christ

LivingEM: Christ Jesus

LivingEM: because, our carnal mind is blinding us to the truth

LivingEM: we must you to believe the Scripture

LivingEM: we can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us

LivingEM: gh

DANIEL42: amen


LAMB4114: amen

LivingEM: If we fail, it is because in our heart of hearts Jesus and our

relationship with him is not

LivingEM: No. 1

LivingEM: but then again, we always have the option to pray

LivingEM: Lord, Jesus, I recognize that you are not No. 1

LivingEM: please, help me to make you No. 1

LivingEM: confession

LivingEM: is the name of the game

LivingEM: all things a possible to us through Christ

LivingEM: if we are willing to fight

LivingEM: and endure patiently for the fruit of the harvest

LivingEM: last call for questions or comments

JSNGSNG: The fruit of the harvest is Christ Jesus right?


LivingEM: yes


LivingEM: let's end with a prayer

LivingEM: thank you Lord, for this good food

LivingEM: i bless everyone Lord

LivingEM: and pray that Christ should appear in them

LivingEM: that he should shoot forth Lord, and sound his war cry

LivingEM: that the carnal my should be tread under foot

LivingEM: and that we should send into the brown centers

LivingEM: help us to confess our sins Lord

LivingEM: help us to over, our pride, our fear, and our idolatry for the things of this world

LivingEM: let us partake of your life Lord

LivingEM: Strengthen us, oh God,

LivingEM: deliver as Lord from the evil within us

LivingEM: let us be blameless Lord

LivingEM: that SB as wiser serpent's

LivingEM: and as harmless as doves

LivingEM: keep a safe Lord

LivingEM: and help us to do the right thing

LivingEM: I curse everyone's carnal mind

LivingEM: high boil Satan

LivingEM: eye through the whole old man into the lake to fire

LivingEM: me we'd be distilled Lord

LivingEM: and me out consciousness as send in drop into the brow center

LivingEM: that we might serve you

LivingEM: in purity of heart

LivingEM: and with the right is conscience

LivingEM: God bless you all

DANIEL42: God bless you too,

LivingEM: good night

LivingEM: thank you

DANIEL42: good night all

JSNGSNG: good night

LAMB4114: God bless you all and goodnight. Bye

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