The Spiritual Foundations Of The Clinton Scandal - Part 6


LivingEM: Well, it's the next to the last day of 1998.

I saw Kathleen Crier interview a preacher who ran in the presidential primary a couple of years ago, and now he is one of Clinton's spiritual advisors. He was with Martin Luther King. Well, anyway, he and Jerry Falwell were the two interviewees. Kathleen stood against the spin, and I felt that she and Jerry pinned the Democrat, even though he definitely did not give up. I feel that something has happened in the Spirit, in general, and that this interview was merely reflection of it.

Both the Clinton supporter and Falwell agreed [believe it or not, they agreed] that Clinton will never admit to lying. Therefore a censure will not manifest, and there will be a full trial in the Senate.

As I told you last week, in my opinion, Ford, Carter and Dole have made fools of themselves, fighting to help a man who will not do what is necessary to help himself. It is all or nothing with Clinton. He will fight to the death, even if it means taking the country down with him, even if it means losing his pension, his title, and the FBI bodyguard he is supposed to have for life after he leaves office. Why, you might be asking, would anyone be so foolish?

I remember asking a similar question with regard to some young person who was pursuing a life of crime. This was in the days when I was still naive about the criminal mind. The person that I was speaking to smiled, gently, and said to me: "they don't believe they will get caught." Clinton does not believe all of these things could happen to him, but they will. Part of his euphoria is based upon the poles which say that close to 80% of the American people to not want Clinton impeached.

Clinton's cronies use poles to their own advantage, but the truth is that the majority of the American people are not strongly involved with what is going on. All they are concerned about is that their life continues to go on smoothly. The proof of this is the reaction of th

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