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<LivingEM> June and I saw a very interesting movie last night which might be categorized as a horror movie, or a science-fiction movie. I suggest you pray before renting it yourself. Actually, I wasn't sure myself that it was God, but when June was in agreement, I decided to take the chance. The name of the movie is Matrix. Has anyone seen it?


<LivingEM> Thank you for responding. The basic plot of the movie is what I preach.

<DANIEL > No, haven't seen it

<overcomer> no

<LivingEM> The plot is right out of Living Epistles messages, and only fall short when it comes to the Doctrine of Christ.

The Matrix is the secret word that describes this visible world. As the story goes, the Matrix is a computer-generated world. In other words, the world as we know it is not real, but an illusion. The truth of our existence is that sentient, that is, conscious, machines have taken over the world, and are generating the illusion of this world to cover up the fact that humanity is their captive, and that the sole reason for our existence is to provide a source of energy for the sentient machines.

According to the film, each man exists in something that might be described as a pea pod. All of the pods of humanity are lined up one after the other in something that might be described as a factory. There are all sorts of cables and wires in the factory, and water is everywhere. Can anyone tell us what waters signifies in the Scripture?

<JSNGSNG> Satan.

<LivingEM> This is correct. The hero of the film is a computer hacker, whose handle is "Nemo." We see Nemo sitting in his pod with black wires connected to his naked torso, several in his spine, and 2 or 3 on he front of his body. He has lost all of his hair, and is terrified. As he looks around himself, he sees a machine heading for him. All of the machines have the same form. They look somewhat like squid, having one large head and many tentacles. Our hero, Nemo, still not having recovered from his sudden immersion into the reality of his condition, is doubly terrified as one of the squid-machines heads right for him, grabs him by the throat, and extracts a dose of energy from him. Can anyone comment on why the squid-machine went for Nemo's throat?

<overcomer> one of the high energy centers, the one before the brow center

<LivingEM> Yes, Overcomer. This is true.

<overcomer> Communication spiritual

<LivingEM> Are you saying, Overcomer, that spiritual communication proceeds forth from the throat center?

<overcomer> yes

<LivingEM> I was not aware of this, believing that spiritual communication proceeds forth from the heart center. But if this is a word of knowledge coming forth from you, I pray that the Lord Jesus witnesses it to me. Yes, the throat energy center is the center with the greatest amount of energy in mortal man. Can anyone tell us the number of the throat energy center?

<overcomer> Fifth.

<LivingEM> Yes, the fifth energy center is the throat center. When a man communicates from the sixth, or brow, energy center, that man has supernatural powers, and is indestructible. Does anyone recognize that the Lord has just witnessed to Overcomer's word of knowledge, that communication proceeds forth from the throat energy center?

<Myprecous1> Yes.

<LivingEM> What words have I spoken since I asked the Lord for a witness concerning communication proceeding forth from the throat center? Which words witness to this truth, Myprecous? Why did you say yes, Myprecous? If you have no answer, please say so, so that I can continue with the message. Myprecous?

<Myprecous1> I agreed that the communication proceeded from the throat center.

<LivingEM> Is that your whole answer? My question was, "does anyone recognize that the Lord has just witnessed to Overcomer's word of knowledge that communication proceeds forth from the throat center?"

<Myprecous1> Yes

<LivingEM> How did the Lord witness to this? what words did I say that were a witness? Myprecous, did you pray before you answered that question and ask the Lord of it was correct? You are holding up the whole meeting.

<Myprecous1> NO

<LivingEM> If you don't know the answer to the question, please say so, so that we can go on.

<Myprecous1> I do not Know.

<LivingEM> Thank you.

<overcomer> Is it what you said about communication from the sixth center beings supernatural, but that communication from the fifth center would be the highest place of communication in the mortal man?

<LivingEM> Yes, Overcomer, the Lord witnessed to the truth of your word of knowledge by speaking the same truth out of my own mouth. I used the words "when a mortal man communicates from the brow energy center, he is a supernatural man."

Now, comprehending what to I am saying will be difficult for anyone who does not understand or does not believe that it is Christ Jesus within me preaching this message. I, Sheila, the personality, am merely repeating the words of Christ Jesus within me to the most accurate degree that I can understand what He is saying. I am not channeling Christ Jesus, I am repeating to you, in my own words, what He has taught me. In order to do this, the conscious part of my carnal mind must be bound under the authority of Christ Jesus.

Yes, the glorified Jesus Christ within me witnessed to the truth of what Christ Jesus said through Overcomer. We communicate out of the energy center that our consciousness is dwelling in. We can communicate out of several energy centers, depending on the subject of our conversation.

I think that, on occasion, I preach out of the brow energy center, and on other occasions I preach out of the throat energy center. I doubt if my consciousness is any lower than the throat center when I preach. I don't know for sure, but the thought in my mind -- which most likely is Christ Jesus, since I in preaching right now -- is that I preach out of the throat center, but when I bring forth knowledge that I, Sheila, do not have, it is the glorified Jesus Christ in the brow energy center speaking through me.

I believe at this time that my preaching is a combination of Christ Jesus within me in the fifth energy center, and the glorified Jesus Christ descended into my brow energy center working with Christ Jesus within me, to preach these messages, and that my personality and conscious mind are in submission to Christ Jesus, who is in submission to the glorified Jesus Christ. Are there any questions on this issue of the glorified Jesus Christ within me witnessing to the word of knowledge that came from Christ Jesus in Overcomer? Please give me one minute to review the transcript, and we will pick up with our comments on the film, Matrix.

<LivingEM> We were saying, that the sentient machine-squid grabbed our hero, Nemo, by the throat to extract energy from him, which terrified him even more. In another scene, Nemo is so sickened when confronted with the reality of his condition, that he vomits after being taught that the intention of the sentient machines towards humanity is to reduce them to batteries.

The film uses scriptural terms, such as Nebuchadnezzar and Zion. Nebuchadnezzar is the name of the ship that the rebels opposing the machine dominated society are in, and Zion is the name of the city that the restored human beings live in. A the plot continues, an Oracle who lives in the Matrix is introduced into the film, but she is more like a fortune teller, then a holy Oracle. "Oracle," is another word for "prophet." "Oracle," is usually identified with prediction. There was a famous pagan Oracle who spoke by the spirit of Apollo at Delphi, a town in ancient Greece.

In the film, the Oracle appears as a housewife, baking cookies, and predicts that our hero is about to break a vase, and he does. She then asks the mystical question, "would you have broken the vase if I didn't say, don't worry about the vase?" The spiritual significance here is that we create our own future.

There is a truth to this. As I have told you many times, it is not written in stone that anyone of us will ascend to perfection. I do not say this too frighten you, but to tell you the truth. Our faith is in Christ Jesus, that He will bring us through. This truth is very important because it reminds us that there is something for us to do. Can anyone tell us what our part in our own salvation is?

<JSNGSNG> To confess sin and repent.

<LivingEM> This is true. Anyone else?

<LAMB> To kill our carnal mind .

<LivingEM> This is true, Lamb.

Obedience is a very important, but very misunderstood issue, and the film which is the subject of this message emphasizes the Scriptural concept of obedience very well.

There are several human beings that have been rescued from the Matrix, who are operating as freedom fighters in the Matrix. There intention is to deliver humanity by telling them the truth of their existence. Yet the freedom fighters acknowledge that the very people they I trying to save are under the influence of their captors' mind, and therefore oppose the attempts of the freedom fighters to save them. The Resistance understands that every human being in the Matrix is a potential enemy of their liberators for so long as "they are a part of the system."

So we see that we have a "real" world -- ruled by the machines -- and an illusory world which represents this very world that we live in, where people eat, drink, and marry, as if everything is as it should be.

There are two worlds in this film, and the men of the resistance have experienced a biological change which enables them to exist "on the other side." They have been delivered from the pods and the tubes that the machines use to extract their energy. They are free, but they have been biologically changed. They are no longer dependent upon the machines for their existence. The story is that there was a man who used a computer to free the first resistor and then, one by one, those who are already "saved" are rescuing the rest of humanity.

The members of the underground resistance have the ability -- through computers -- to go back and forth between "reality" and the Matrix. Their primary existence is rooted in the "real world." Only their mind enters into the Matrix in the form of a digital image of the personality, while the true body "sleeps" in the "real world."

So we see the bodies of the freedom fighters sleeping in the "real world," and an active, digital image of themselves appearing in the Matrix. The spiritual principle here seems to me to coincide with "lucid dreaming." We enter into the Matrix, another world, by means of a computer. The image of the freedom fighters in the Matrix can bleed, or be shot and killed. When the image gets into a fight and is wounded, the "sleeping body" in the "real world" bleeds, and when the sleeping body in the "real world" is disconnected from the computer that is generating the image which is appearing in the Matrix, the body-image in the Matrix dies.

The spiritual principal here is that the image represents the mind of the sleeping man separated from its true body, and the mind cannot exist without a body. Therefore, when the body in the "real world" dies, the mind/image in the Matrix dies also. On the other hand, when the mind/image in the Matrix is wounded or killed, the body in the "real world" cannot live without its mind, and dies.

So, we see a group of freedom fighters rooted primarily in one world, making excursions into a computer- generated world called the "Matrix" by means of "mind travel," if you willl. Whether or not we can call this soul travel, I am not sure, but for the purposes of this commentary, it makes no difference to me what we call this form of dimensional travel. I say "dimensional travel" because, in my opinion, the two worlds represent parallel dimensions.

It is easy enough for our freedom fighters to enter into the Matrix, but it is not so easy to leave it. I will relate their method of departure from the Matrix to Scriptural "obedience."

In order to depart from the Matrix, the freedom fighters must get to a "gateway." The word "gateway" signifies a spiritual door where it is possible to pass from one dimension to another. This can be likened to an example that we have used in previous meetings of a hole in the ice covering a lake. When someone falls through a hole in the ice, they will drown if they float away from the hole, because that hole is the only opening to the surface of the lake. The ice on the surface of the lake forms an impenetrable ceiling everywhere that we might swim, but the only way out is through the hole, where the ice was thin enough to break. That hole represents a "gateway" between the world in the water, under the ice, and the world beyond the ice.

Our freedom fighters must get to a spiritual gateway to be translated, so to speak, from the Matrix to the "real world." These gateways are always changing, or, I should say, these gateways are continuously opening and closing, just like the valves of our heart open and close continuously. The valves of our heart remain in the same place, but spiritual gateways open and close, usually, never to open again, just like the IP addresses that are assigned to us when we log on to our Internet Service providers.

The computer in the "real world," is manned by a faithful "redeemed" man, who communicates to the freedom fighters in the Matrix where the closest gateway is manifesting. The gateway is activated through a telephone. The telephone rings, the freedom fighter in the Matrix picks up the phone which connects him to the computer in the "real world," and is restored to his body in the "real world" through the telephone connection.

So we see the freedom fighters several times during the film racing frantically to some geographical location to make contact with the "real world" through a ringing telephone to be "beamed up" through the telephone connection established between the computer in the "real world" and the telephone in the Matrix.

This is where obedience comes in. The deliverance of the freedom fighters from the Matrix is absolutely dependent upon their ability to contact, communicate with, and to receive and follow instructions from, their guide who is operating the computer in that "real world."

The computer operator in the "real world" is absolutely committed to bringing them home safely. He is doing all that he can possibly do to bring them in, but his ability to fulfill his desire is completely limited by the obedience of the freedom fighter at the other end of the telephone connection.

The freedom fighters in the Matrix must first communicate with the agent operating the computer in the "real world" before the agent operating the computer can even tell them where the gateway is. So we see that the agents in the Matrix must be able to function within the existing rules in order to make the initial contact with the computer operator who can tell them where the gateway is. Then, once they communicate with the operator on the "other side," they must follow his directions "EXACTLY," if they are to get to the gateway. And once they get to the telephone which is the gateway, they must respond to the ring by answering the phone.

It is impossible to follow instructions that we do not understand, or that we do not hear, even if we do not hear for a very good reason. So we see that even though we may have a good excuse for not following instructions, or for not understanding, or not hearing, we will suffer the consequences of our disobedience anyway. "Disobedience" means that you did not do what you were told to do-- period! There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Either you do as you are told, or you do not do as you are told. The individual will reap what he sows. Obedience will reap life, and disobedience will reap death. And there is no in between.

Heb 3:19, So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief. KJV

<LivingEM> The Greek word translated "unbelief," Strong's # 570, can be translated "disobedience."

Paul said that the Jews did not enter in because of disobedience. When I first read this Scripture, it distressed me because it sounds so hard and unforgiving. But this is not true. God is not hard and unforgiving. But He will not break his own rules, and his rules are that to escape from this world we must overcome this world. He has promised to provide everything that we need to overcome, and He has kept his promise. We have overcoming power in the glorified Jesus Christ, and his Son within us, and we have wisdom in Christ Jesus. He has also given us teachers to help us understand His ways and to instruct us as to how to overcome, but each man must overcome for himself.

We must overcome our carnal mind before we can "obey perfectly." The Lord is speaking to us all of the time, but we do not hear Him all of the time, and sometimes we hear, but do not understand. We must seek Him continually. He will answer every question that we ask, either directly, or through a teacher. It is our hard heart -- our pride -- which cuts us off from His instruction. It is our pride that wants to look good before other men, that is killing us.

The bottom line is our motives. If our speech and our behavior is motivated by a desire to impress other men, or to make ourselves "feel good" because other men approve of us, or like us, or think highly of us, these motives will prevent us from being obedient to Christ. We must have one goal in mind, deliverance from this world. Of course this is difficult if we are content in this world, or if we don't really believe that this message is for now.

According to this film, it is the perception of the reality of our condition that will stimulate men to resist the principalities at the powers of this world. And, of course, the Scripture says that the truth will set us free.

I have been preaching about the reality of our condition and of this world for a couple of years now, but to do you really believe it? Do you really believe that there are immortals in another dimension that seek to possess us and live through us? Do you really believe that there are spiritual insects that exist in our third energy center that feed off of our energy? Do you really believe that all of humanity is just about matured to the point that the Primordial Serpent can reach down into our spiritual being and marry us, and that if it were not for the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ, all of humanity would forever be married to the Primordial Serpent? Do you really believe that your life, and the lives of your children and your grandchildren, are in danger?

If you really did believe these things, really, really, believe them, you would be scared enough to give up your pride and care more about fighting the powers and principalities within your own mind, which you willingly follow after because they support your pride, make you look good before men, and make you feel good about yourself.

But for those of us who truly follow the Lord Jesus, we have "light bread" to eat here in the wilderness. Our carnal mind calls the Lord's provision "light bread," but the truth of the matter is that the Doctrine of Christ is very satisfying bread to Christ Jesus. The fullest degree to which the Doctrine of Christ does not meet our every need to feel good about ourselves, is directly proportionate to the degree that we live out of our carnal mind. Christ Jesus is not satisfying our flesh. He is satisfying his Son, Christ Jesus in the midst of us. But our carnal mind does not enjoy Christ Jesus' food.

Choose ye this day says the Lord, who you will serve, because the hour is an hand for translation to the other side.

The Lord spoke to me yesterday about the catching up to perfection. He told me that the account of the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation is speaking about the year 2000 celebration; that the spiritual root of this year-long festival is to celebrate the 2,000 years since Christ Jesus manifested and died, and that He continues to lie dead in the street as we enter into the new age. The Hebrew word translated "street," Strong's # 2352 , means "to be separated by a wall."

Do you remember the message "The Last Supper" in which the Lord revealed to us that He has promised to challenge Satan and Leviathan in the Age of Aquarius? Satan and Leviathan have not forgotten His promise, but they cannot see the champion who Jesus promised would defeat them.

In the midst of the year 2000, says the Lord, the Spirit of Life will enter into the saviors, and they will rise in my nature says the Lord, and they will defeat the enemy of my people, yea, saith the Lord, I live, and I shall appear publicly. I will keep my promise, says the Lord. I will reconcile all things. But the war shall be great, and the conflict terrible, and the dragon shall manifest through her angels, and Michael [the glorified Jesus Christ] shall manifest through His angels (Rev. 12:7), and the battle shall be fierce, and all the obedient shall enter into Zion [the brow energy center], not because I prefer them over their brothers, but because only those who overcome the powers and principalities within them can enter into the holy city.

My thoughts are towards you, not against you. I desire for you all to enter in. I will assist you, but I won't not carry you. Choose this day whose thoughts you prefer.

<LivingEM> God bless you all.

Good night.


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