Curses, The Fruit of Evil Thoughts


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LivingEM: Hello everybody.

LivingEM: The floor is open for questions.

LivingEM: We will talk about sowing and reaping today.

LivingEM: We will examine a case history today.

LivingEM: Once upon a time there was a cursed family.

LivingEM: The father was alcoholic, the mother was angry.

LivingEM: They fought all of the time and had very poor communication.

LivingEM: There were three daughters.

LivingEM: One was ill unto death by the time she reached her 20s.

LivingEM: The second was barren for the first 10 years of her marriage, and during that time had

LivingEM: emergency abdominal surgery to save her life.

LivingEM: She finally conceived and bare a son.

LivingEM: Ten years later, much to their surprise, she conceived again, and then again - 3 sons.

LivingEM: She had a stroke after giving birth to the third son,

LivingEM: and was bedridden for a while, but recovered.

LivingEM: She was smitten with breast cancer around 40 years of age,

LivingEM: and died of the disease before she reached 50.

LivingEM: Her husband died a few years later - still in his 50s, leaving

behind two minor teenage sons.

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LivingEM: The third daughter fell ill at 11 years old and suffered a great deal for the next 15 years

LivingEM: or so.

LivingEM: She would have died at 42, if the Lord Jesus Christ did not have mercy on her.

LivingEM: The cursed marital couple tried to help the two minor orphaned teenagers of

LivingEM: the second daughter to the best of their ability. They helped the

LivingEM: boys rent an apartment and had them over for dinner often.

LivingEM: One of them was still a minor, probably 17 at the time of their father's death.

LivingEM: The second must have been 18.

LivingEM: They were very rebellious and angry.

LivingEM: One of them refused to work for one year and spent all of his inheritance.

LivingEM: The two young men were about to be evicted from their apartment, and would have become

LivingEM: homeless if their grandmother did not convince them that if they did not straighten up, she

LivingEM: and grandpa would not help them any more.

LivingEM: The older one, a very bright young man who had dropped out of school,

LivingEM: got a job mopping floors in a nearby hospital.

LivingEM: Grandma and Grandpa co-signed the lease for them, because no

LivingEM: one would rent to two single young men.

LivingEM: Grandma was stricken with Leukaemia at this time.

LivingEM: She also had cancer of the lymph nodes in her groin.

LivingEM: As soon as the young men got on their feet, they forgot all about grandma and grandpa.

LivingEM: They both married and had children, but never even sent a card or made a phone call on

LivingEM: Father's Day or Mother's Day.

LivingEM: I am not sure whether I mentioned it earlier, but

LivingEM: there was a third son, the eldest one.

LivingEM: He was in the army at the time of both the mother and the father's death.

LivingEM: He tried to help his brothers, but they resented and rebelled against him.

LivingEM: The eldest, too, married and had a child.

LivingEM: For a while he would visit grandma and grandpa with his little girl, and sometimes with his wife.

LivingEM: Then one day he stopped calling and stopped visiting.

LivingEM: He never gave any reason.

LivingEM: He just dropped out of their life.

LivingEM: He would visit whenever grandma and grandpa invited him and his family for dinner

LivingEM: but eventually it became too much for grandma and grandpa to entertain.

LivingEM: The eldest son invited grandma and grandpa once a year for Thanksgiving dinner.

LivingEM: Grandpa, more than grandma, was heartbroken.

LivingEM: The second daughter survived her illness, but

LivingEM: withdrew from grandma and grandpa and the rest of the family.

LivingEM: Her husband hated grandma and grandpa, and resisted visiting them.

LivingEM: The eldest daughter and her family visited once, maybe twice a year.

LivingEM: Eventually, her husband did not want to make the trip [2 hrs by car] any more,

LivingEM: and started inviting grandma and grandpa to their house once a year or so.

LivingEM: Eventually, grandpa could no longer physically make the trip.

LivingEM: After many years, the eldest daughter began to resist her husband somewhat,

LivingEM: and started to telephone every Sunday night.

LivingEM: The youngest daughter had rebelled the most out of the three of children,

LivingEM: but she tried her best to comfort her parents.

LivingEM: Nevertheless, the youngest divorced her husband, and became

LivingEM: a single mother of one, who was chronically ill.

LivingEM: The youngest daughter had one child who was very rebellious.

LivingEM: She caused much grief to her mother, grandmother and grandfather.

LivingEM: Eventually, the eldest daughter was forced to send her to

LivingEM: live with her father, who relocated in another state.

LivingEM: Grandma and grandpa lived alone.

LivingEM: No friends ever visited their home.

LivingEM: The youngest daughter visited once a week.

LivingEM: She would have visited more often, but grandma and grandpa were so opposed to the career

LivingEM: that she had chosen, the visits were difficult.

LivingEM: During the years, their relationship with every relative,

LivingEM: grandpa's sister, brother and mother -

LivingEM: grandma's sister -

LivingEM: were severed under unhappy circumstances.

LivingEM: Grandma's mother, great grandma,

LivingEM: was subject to epileptic fits which could easily have been controlled

LivingEM: by medication, but she refused to take her medication.

LivingEM: Grandma was forced to send her to a State home, 10 hours by car away from the family.

LivingEM: Grandma and Grandpa visited once a year.

LivingEM: This, brethren, is not a normal life.

LivingEM: This is a cursed family.

LivingEM: But, glory to God, the Lord Jesus Christ had mercy on the youngest daughter.

LivingEM: He gave her the opportunity to become the saviour of the family.

LivingEM: Do not get all upset because I said she became the saviour of

the family.

LivingEM: Ob 1:21 says,

LivingEM: And saviours shall come up on Mount Zion

LivingEM: to judge the Mount of Esau;

LivingEM: and the Kingdom shall be the Lord's.

LivingEM: Mount Zion is a level of consciousness in Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: We can say that Mount Zion signifies the level of consciousness which

LivingEM: exists in the brow center,

LivingEM: which is the energy center between the eyebrows.

LivingEM: The energy center between the eyebrows, is a supernatural state of consciousness.

LivingEM: One man can judge another man with impunity only when his consciousness has ascended

LivingEM: to that high place, where his mind is one with Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: Esau is Isaac's half brother.

LivingEM: Gen. 36, and some other verses talk about the

LivingEM: "Dukes of Edom."

LivingEM: I wondered for years what this could mean.

LivingEM: "Edom" is another way of saying "Esau."

LivingEM: But why were the elders of Edom, Esau's descendants,

LivingEM: called "dukes"?

LivingEM: Does any one know?

LivingEM: I believe they were supernatural men.

LivingEM: I believe they were ascended into the brow center of the counterfeit timeline.

LivingEM: There is not much said about the Dukes of Edom, except that they are

LivingEM: Esau's descendants.

LivingEM: I have not done an exhaustive study of the subject,

LivingEM: but it looks like most, if not all of them, were "good."

LivingEM: Please wait. I will be right back.

LivingEM: The Scripture that tells me that they were ascended is

LivingEM: Ex. 15:15,

LivingEM: Then the Dukes of Edom shall be amazed,

LivingEM: the mighty men of Moab,

LivingEM: trembling shall take hold upon them,

LivingEM: all the inhabitants of Canaan shall melt away.

LivingEM: First of all, the English word "amazed," means to tremble.

LivingEM: But it is a different Hebrew word than the word "trembling" further on in the verse.

LivingEM: The phrase,

LivingEM: "the inhabitants of Canaan shall melt away,

LivingEM: is speaking about the dissolution of the powers and principalities which

LivingEM: occupy the energy centers, when the fiery serpent

LivingEM: is forced down into the root center.

LivingEM: This subject is discussed in "Sick of the Palsy."

LivingEM: The "Dukes of Edom" are descendants of Esau,

LivingEM: which were mighty spiritual men because their consciousness

LivingEM: was ascended into the brow center of the Primordial Serpent's timeline.

LivingEM: The verse that I just quoted you from Obadiah, prophesies their translation into the timeline

LivingEM: of the Lord Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: I just spoke about Ob 1:21 as a part of our discussion of

LivingEM: Oops, sorry

LivingEM: I just said all that about Ex. 15:15, the Dukes of Edom,

LivingEM: as a part of the exhortation on OB 1:21, which tells

LivingEM: us that saviours will come up on Mount Zion.

LivingEM: These "saviours" are human beings in whom Christ is formed,

LivingEM: who matures into Christ Jesus and ascends into the brow center,

LivingEM: the place from where they can legally judge the sins of mortal men.

LivingEM: What kingdom shall be the Lord's?

LivingEM: That is the rest of the verse, let me give it to you again,

LivingEM: And saviours shall come up on Mount Zion,

LivingEM: to judge the Mount of Esau,

LivingEM: and the kingdom shall be the Lord's.

LivingEM: The mortal man who has Christ formed in him,

LivingEM: whose consciousness ascends into the brow center of the true time line

LivingEM: because Christ matures into Christ Jesus and marries the glorified

Lord Jesus Christ who is

LivingEM: above, becomes a sinless man [no longer mortal]

LivingEM: a saviour,

LivingEM: because Christ Jesus, joined to the Lord Jesus,

LivingEM: the double portion,

LivingEM: is his only functioning mind.

LivingEM: And that glorious mind that the disciples saw in Jesus of Nazareth

LivingEM: has the authority to judge the men whose consciousness is ascended into the

LivingEM: brow center of the counterfeit timeline.

LivingEM: John 1:14: And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us,

LivingEM: (and WE BEHELD HIS GLORY, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father),

LivingEM: full of grace and truth.

LivingEM: How could the disciples see [beheld] Jesus' glory?

LivingEM: They perceived his mind, brethren.

LivingEM: They perceived that glorious Spirit,

LivingEM: which inhabited a glorious mind.

LivingEM: Who are the only ones who can perceive the Spirit of Christ?

LivingEM: Only Christ can discern Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: The men who have Christ formed in them will perceive His glorious mind.

LivingEM: So, Ob 1:21 says,

LivingEM: the saviours will arise [come up] into the energy center between the eyebrows [Mount Zion]

LivingEM: That is, Christ Jesus in the men who host Him,

LivingEM: will arise into the energy center between the eyebrows, and take the personality

LivingEM: of the mortal man hosting them, with Him,

LivingEM: and the two will be one,

LivingEM: and they will judge the men who are spiritually ascended in the Primordial Serpent's timeline.

LivingEM: This includes,

LivingEM: mortal men who have ascended in this lifetime,

LivingEM: and immortals from the 4th dimension who are living through

LivingEM: mortal men.

LivingEM: The Hebrew word translated "kingdom" means

LivingEM: can be translated,

LivingEM: "realm,"

LivingEM: or "royalty," and the Hebrew word is the feminine

LivingEM: passive participle of the Hebrew verb which means

LivingEM: "to ascend to the throne."

LivingEM: The saviours who have ascended into Mt. Zion, shall defeat

LivingEM: the "ascended ones" of the Primordial Serpent's timeline,

LivingEM: and the whole realm, or the whole 4th dimension,

LivingEM: shall be possessed by the Lord.

LivingEM: The 4th dimension, brethren, is the astral plane,

LivingEM: where the immortal powers and principalities of this evil age dwell.

LivingEM: All of these powers and principalities are not incarnate.

LivingEM: It is my understanding at this time, that they are ineffective unless they can manifest

LivingEM: through the mind of a man.

LivingEM: Our subject today is "the cursed family."

LivingEM: How can we reconcile this high spiritual teaching with the day to day tragedy and suffering

LivingEM: of the cursed family?

LivingEM: And how does the curse break?

LivingEM: Before we go on with this, are there any questions about what I have just taught?

LivingEM: Powers and principalities manifest as wrong thinking.

LivingEM: This sounds very simple, except for the fact that wrong thinking deteriorates

LivingEM: into evil thinking, etc. etc.

LivingEM: And evil thinking deteriorates into evil words,

LivingEM: and evil words deteriorate into evil behavior.

LivingEM: And all of these things, beginning with the evil thought, and ending with the evil behavior,

LivingEM: is the sowing of the evil seeds of discord, which are actions

LivingEM: that call forth reactions.

LivingEM: I do not know about you all, but it took me a while to understand

LivingEM: that there is no difference between thoughts and actions.

LivingEM: Jesus tried to educate us about this principle by telling us that if we hate our brother we

LivingEM: are murderers.

LivingEM: I have always heard this principle preached as a "principle."

LivingEM: I, personally, have never hear it preached as a reality.

LivingEM: The Scripture says, what you sow, so shall you reap.

LivingEM: If you hate, you are a murderer.

LivingEM: The one who murders shall be murdered.

LivingEM: Jesus said, blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy.

LivingEM: obtain mercy [Matt. 5:7]

LivingEM: Judge not, ye shall not be judged.

LivingEM: This phrase is talking about the judgment of the carnal mind.

LivingEM: The judgment that comes out of Mount Zion is "righteous judgment."

LivingEM: Jn. 8:15,

LivingEM: Ye judge after the flesh, I judge no man,

LivingEM: verse 16, and yet if I judge,

LivingEM: my judgment is true,

LivingEM: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.

LivingEM: To the carnal mind, this sounds like a contradiction:

LivingEM: I judge no man, "yet if I judge,"

LivingEM: but it is not a contradiction.

LivingEM: Jesus was acknowledging His two minds [His carnal mind was not yet crucified unto death].

LivingEM: Jesus said, my carnal mind judges no man, so if you perceive me judging,

LivingEM: you should know that it is the Spirit of Truth in me that is judging righteous judgment,

LivingEM: and I can do this only because the Father is with me in this Christ Mind.

LivingEM: Continuing with Lk 6:36:

LivingEM: condemn not and ye shall not be condemned,

LivingEM: forgive and ye shall be forgiven,

LivingEM: give and it shall be given unto you,

LivingEM: good measure, pressed down, and shaken together....

LivingEM: I have heard this preached so many times, but what does it mean?

LivingEM: Your goodness [which is in the fiery serpent]

LivingEM: shall be seized [by Christ Jesus]

LivingEM: and shall be pressed back down into the root energy center,

LivingEM: and Satan shall cause great storms in your life,

LivingEM: and Satan shall overflow and give into your bosom

LivingEM: that same measure that you gave out, and it shall be meted back to you.

LivingEM: Be sure that God is not mocked, brethren, your sin will surely find you out,

LivingEM: despite the incorrect translations in the King James.

LivingEM: The English words "shaken together," a translation of

LivingEM: Strong's 4531,

LivingEM: means, motions produced by winds, storms, waves,

LivingEM: to shake down, to overthrow, to cast down,

LivingEM: to cast down from one's secure and happy state,

LivingEM: to agitate the mind, to disturb, to topple.

LivingEM: The English word "shaken," is talking about Satan's reaping and sowing judgment, brethren.

LivingEM: And the English word "good" is speaking about the good part of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.

LivingEM: "Sowing good seed" will cause us to reap a better existence here in hell, but only the righteousness of Christ Jesus reaps eternal life.

LivingEM: Jesus is teaching His disciples and the multitude who He healed, that to keep their healing and not fall prey to another disease, and to enter into eternal life, they would have to sow the righteous seeds of the Mind of Christ. They would have to love their enemies, bless those that curse them, etc., which the carnal mind cannot do.

LivingEM: The carnal mind can only "appear" to do righteousness. Even if the good side of the carnal mind does truly forgive in many instances, the Scripture teaches that the one time that we cannot forgive, cancels out all of the others.

LivingEM: If we sin in one point of the law, we are guilty of the whole law. Only Christ Jesus CONSISTENTLY does good, without any deviation, no matter how painfully He is tried, even to the death of the cross, from where he blessed those who cursed Him, and prayed for those who despitefully used Him.

LivingEM: The goodness of the carnal mind will not reap eternal life.

Only Christ Jesus can truly love those who hate him and bless those who curse him.

LivingEM: Every sinful thought, that is, every thought that flows from the carnal mind, shall have its just recompense.

LivingEM: If you have hardship in your life, brethren, repent.

LivingEM: If you have sickness in your life, brethren, repent,

LivingEM: If you experience loss in your life, repent,

LivingEM: for there is nothing evil that can come upon a righteous man.

LivingEM: He who is blameless can reap only good,

LivingEM: and so, the law is not for a righteous man.

LivingEM: The problem that we mortals have is that,

LivingEM: spiritually speaking, we are very ignorant.

LivingEM: We look at our bodies wasting away and say, what have I done?

LivingEM: We look at an infant dying, or a retarded child and say,

LivingEM: what could he have done to deserve this?

LivingEM: But this lack of understanding is the sin of pride,

LivingEM: brethren, because if the infant, or the retarded child, or the sick person is innocent,

LivingEM: the implication is that God is guilty,

LivingEM: and so you dig yourself deeper and deeper into destruction.

LivingEM: The truth is that we, as mortal men, are insignificant in the whole scheme of things.

LivingEM: Curses and blessings flow from generation to generation.

LivingEM: What could an infant have done to deserve a deformed body?

LivingEM: That infant, brethren, is bearing the pain that was sown by his ancestor.

LivingEM: Only the ignorant carnal mind would think that the just recompense must come in one lifetime.

LivingEM: Therefore, we see exposed the lie behind the thought, "I am not hurting anyone but myself."

LivingEM: Spiritual battles can span thousands of years.

LivingEM: If you can hear it, brethren,

LivingEM: Moses brought down the mystery religion of Egypt,

LivingEM: and today, probably 7,000 years later, Egypt is rising again.

LivingEM: Did you know that Egypt is rising again?

LivingEM: And that Greece is rising again?

LivingEM: The gods and goddesses of those mystery religions are incarnating in new personalities today brethren.

LivingEM: And they are determined to bring down Christianity.

LivingEM: 7,000 years between battles.

LivingEM: What kind of a war is this?

LivingEM: What carnal mind can comprehend it?

LivingEM: And this same carnal mind finds it hard to believe that a deformed infant can be reaping

LivingEM: the sin of his ancestor?

LivingEM: Perhaps from the prior generation,

LivingEM: or perhaps from three or four generations prior?

LivingEM: At approximately 40 years per generation, brethren, there is a maximum of 160 years between

LivingEM: what is sown and what is reaped.

LivingEM: We are killing each other, and especially those we love with our mind, brethren.

LivingEM: We are destroying our great great grandchildren who we may never see, with our own thoughts.

LivingEM: And this only because we are spiritually weak!

LivingEM: What does that mean, Pastor Vitale?

LivingEM: It means that the more ascended our mind is,

LivingEM: the more spiritually powerful we are,

LivingEM: the more quickly the judgment falls on our family line.

LivingEM: If we were truly powerful in the spirit, we would drop dead as soon as a hateful

LivingEM: thought vibrated forth from our mind.

LivingEM: It is the mercy of God that He turned us over to this weak mortal condition before we

LivingEM: wiped ourselves out.

LivingEM: The spiritual rules affecting relationships between men and other men

LivingEM: are different than the spiritual rules which apply to the spiritual battle between Jehovah

LivingEM: and the immortals.

LivingEM: The families of men usually reap what they have sown within four generations.

LivingEM: As I said before, the battle over who will own humanity, Jehovah who has sent the Lord,

LivingEM: Jesus, to save us,

LivingEM: or the household of the Primordial Serpent,

LivingEM: or rather I should say "each" battle, rages over thousands of years, and the war,

LivingEM: has been going on for eons, as humanity counts time.

LivingEM: I give you a deep Word today, brethren,

LivingEM: every evil, slight or severe, that afflicts you or your loved ones,

LivingEM: can only happen because there is inherited sin AND the every day sinful thoughts of your

LivingEM: carnal mind.

LivingEM: Severe illness, however, does not arise out of the

LivingEM: everday sinful thoughts of your carnal mind.

LivingEM: Severe illness which is unto death, or death or disaster in any form, is a recompense for

LivingEM: inherited sin.

LivingEM: The Lord Jesus Christ is the only God who is helping mortal man in this age.

LivingEM: The Hindu gods do not help the untouchables.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus can turn the curses in your life around, brethren,

LivingEM: if you are willing to do your part.

LivingEM: One of the biggest problems in the Church today is the wrong teaching which blames all of

LivingEM: our troubles on Satan, therefore denying the man the

LivingEM: opportunity to confess family line sins -- whether he is aware of what they are or not --

LivingEM: and obtain mercy from the Lord Jesus.

LivingEM: We started this message with the history of a cursed family.

LivingEM: And we said that the Lord Jesus raised up the youngest of

LivingEM: three sickly daughters, one of whom died in her forties,

LivingEM: as a saviour to the whole family.

LivingEM: How does this work?

LivingEM: The Lord draws one member of a suffering family to Himself.

LivingEM: If the person is strong enough spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, to respond and

LivingEM: do their part,

LivingEM: Christ Jesus rises in them and helps them to sow "good seed" which will

LivingEM: turn the "family mind" away from the evil direction it is flowing in.

LivingEM: There is a family mind.

LivingEM: This is no easy task, because the evil family mind which is

LivingEM: bringing all of this destruction into the family for many generations,

LivingEM: will oppose the family member who the Lord Jesus is manifesting through to save them all from destruction.

LivingEM: Of course, they do not understand what they are doing, but the effects of the "family mind"

LivingEM: opposition is the same whether they understand what they are doing or not.

LivingEM: The third and youngest daughter of the "cursed family"

LivingEM: "made it."

LivingEM: By the grace of God, she stood against all of the storms

LivingEM: that Satan sent through the "family mind" and from other sources.

LivingEM: This will shock many, if not most of you,

LivingEM: but it took almost 17 years for the effects of the cursed life to

begin to turn.

LivingEM: This woman sowed good seed through service to the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: despite every evil thing that Satan threw at her.

LivingEM: I am talking about spiritual service.

LivingEM: This means her good works were in Christ Jesus, not out of her carnal mind.

LivingEM: At one time she asked the Lord what her ancestors could have

possibly done that was so bad,

LivingEM: that it would produce a life such as the one that her family had experienced.

LivingEM: Please do not misunderstand me.

LivingEM: The present generation is not innocent.

LivingEM: We are all a product of our upbringing

LivingEM: and our spiritual and emotional heritage.

LivingEM: This means that we repeat the sins of our fathers.

LivingEM: Some of us a little more, some of us a little less,

LivingEM: but we repeat the sins of our fathers.

LivingEM: And so the curse perpetuates.

LivingEM: She wondered what terrible thing her ancestors could have done to produce children

LivingEM: like herself, hardhearted, selfish, insensitive

LivingEM: and produce so much suffering through illness and unhealthy relationships.

LivingEM: And break up the family the way her family had been broken up.

LivingEM: Only recently she started to think that she was not sure that she wanted to know.

LivingEM: Grandma and grandpa died.

LivingEM: The second sister lived, but had serious problems with her offspring.

LivingEM: There were no grandchildren.

LivingEM: There was much victory for the one who Jesus had mercy on, and the

LivingEM: Lord seemed to be touching the rest of the family.

LivingEM: This means that there was so much good seed sown in Christ Jesus, the rest of the family

LivingEM: was beginning to reap the fruit of the good seed, although only lightly.

LivingEM: Then, again, who knows what disaster was averted that she is not aware of?

LivingEM: Suddenly, the Lord moved to break down and dissolve the remainder of the curse with a

LivingEM: quick blow.

LivingEM: "Suddenly" is a very deceiving word in the Scripture,

LivingEM: because what happens "suddenly" in the visible world, has been happening for a long time in

LivingEM: the invisible world.

LivingEM: "Suddenly," the one who Jesus had mercy upon received a

LivingEM: message from her dead father's sister.

LivingEM: Her aunt, who she had not seen for 40 some odd years,

LivingEM: because her grandma and grandpa decided to cut off all contact with that

LivingEM: family, and move to another geographical location without giving their

LivingEM: new address or phone number to Grandpa's mother or sister.

LivingEM: Grandpa was now dead for 2-1/2 years

LivingEM: and Grandma was dead for about five years.

LivingEM: Aunt M had been calling and writing Grandma and Grandpa

LivingEM: for all of these years.

LivingEM: Her calls were quickly ended, and there was never any response to her letters.

LivingEM: She had gone to Grandma and Grandpa's old residence, banging on doors,

LivingEM: begging someone to please tell her where her brother had moved to.

LivingEM: That was how she got the address.

LivingEM: Grandpa's mother died, but he did not go to her death bed or to the funeral.

LivingEM: Aunt M was so emotional that her niece was happy to talk to her that

LivingEM: she was in tears.

LivingEM: She said that she felt she should "try one more time."

LivingEM: She called the last phone number she had for her brother.

LivingEM: A stranger answered the phone.

LivingEM: She begged the woman to please go to her brother's address and leave a message

LivingEM: that it was very important that he call her.

LivingEM: The youngest daughter was now living in Grandma and Grandpa's condominium.

LivingEM: She was not home, so the woman who has now had Grandma and Grandpa's old telephone number for

LivingEM: at least 4 years, went to the condominium office and

LivingEM: left the message with the Manager, who gave it to the youngest daughter.

LivingEM: The youngest daughter called Aunt M, and was amazed to find out how hurt

LivingEM: and how much pain this woman had suffered all of these years,

LivingEM: refusing to give up hope of seeing her brother again.

LivingEM: I am not judging Grandma and Grandpa's behavior,

LivingEM: but I am here to tell you today, that I believe with all of my heart

LivingEM: that judgement for dishonoring parents and family is the

LivingEM: foundation for the curse that hit this family.

LivingEM: Also, the cruelty and lack of mercy was surely reproduced

LivingEM: upon Grandpa's children.

LivingEM: And let me not forget about the unforgiveness.

LivingEM: I did not mention it earlier, but unforgiveness reigned over the whole family,

LivingEM: and contributed greatly to the destruction of relationships and a healthy

LivingEM: family life.

LivingEM: How could the judgment fall so fast, I asked?

LivingEM: Aunt M, who is in touch with the rest of the family [Grandma and Grandpa cut off all members

LivingEM: of the family],

LivingEM: says that everyone is well, aside from the normal ups and downs of life.

LivingEM: This is the answer I have received in my spirit:

LivingEM: In general, the family had to be spiritually ascended for the

LivingEM: recompense to fall in the next generation,

LivingEM: and even sooner than that,

LivingEM: because Grandma and Grandpa's life was in a very unhappy condition when they died.

LivingEM: Could this curse have sprung from past generations and manifested

only on Grandpa, the eldest son?

LivingEM: This is possible.

LivingEM: God knows.

LivingEM: For us, brethren,

LivingEM: the lesson is this:

LivingEM: If there is destruction in any form in your life,

LivingEM: look beyond yourself,

LivingEM: resist self-pity and protestations of innocence with all of your strength.

LivingEM: No one is good, but God.

LivingEM: Do not be deceived into thinking that you can turn a family line curse around in a

LivingEM: couple of months or even a couple of years.

LivingEM: Of course, the more severe the curse, the longer it takes

LivingEM: to break.

LivingEM: The curse on the family we are discussing here has taken 20 years of the youngest daughter's

LivingEM: life to come to the point it is now at, and it is still not

LivingEM: fully broken.

LivingEM: The most important thing is that THE DIRECTION of the curse HAS BEEN TURNED.

LivingEM: Actually, the direction of the curse was turned years ago, but it was hard to see at that time.

LivingEM: If the eldest daughter had given up, the curse could have overtaken the deliverance,

LivingEM: just like a weed overtakes a cultivated plant.

LivingEM: The Scripture says we shall be delivered if we do not faint.

LivingEM: I do not know about you, but no one ever told me that this Scripture

LivingEM: means that it could take up to 20 years to break a curse of

destruction over a family, even

LivingEM: if this is one of the more severe cases.

LivingEM: As difficult as it is to believe, sickness and other forms of

LivingEM: disaster arise out of the reaping and sowing judgment that

LivingEM: Jesus talks about.

LivingEM: That judgment flows from generation to generation.

LivingEM: There is no way to turn it outside of Christ Jesus because the victim of the curse does not

LivingEM: have the spiritual strength to change his thinking and behavior.

LivingEM: He needs a new mind to do this.

LivingEM: The curse continues from generation.

LivingEM: It is devastating to look every day for change in a child who is suffering.

LivingEM: We hope that the curse might break in time to save him, but there is no guaranty.

LivingEM: If we want Jesus to do this kind of work in our life, we cannot serve Him with such a

LivingEM: reward in mind.

LivingEM: This kind of deliverance comes to those who serve Him whether they

or their children are

LivingEM: delivered or not.

LivingEM: We serve Him because He is our very life.

LivingEM: We serve Him because to do otherwise is death.

LivingEM: We serve Him because there is nothing else we can do.

LivingEM: We serve Him because there is no life outside of Him.

LivingEM: Not many today call Jesus Master,

LivingEM: but the kind of deliverance we have described here today

LivingEM: comes to those who call Jesus Master.

LivingEM: He is the most important thing in our lives.

LivingEM: He is more important than our mate, family or job.

LivingEM: Without Him, there is only emptiness.

LivingEM: Does deliverance from curses come to these because Jesus is a

respecter of persons?

LivingEM: Not so.

LivingEM: Deliverance from curses is the natural fruit,

LivingEM: the reaction to the action of serving Him.

LivingEM: Jesus does not sit in heaven with a pencil and paper deciding who

He will deliver and who He

LivingEM: will not deliver.

LivingEM: The closer we draw to Him, the more of His life is in us.

LivingEM: The more of His life that is in us, the more of His power is in us,

LivingEM: and he more of His power is in us, the more the yoke that has been placed upon us for our

LivingEM: transgressions, and for the transgressions of our own ancestors,

LivingEM: is broken.

LivingEM: It is really very simple, brethren.

LivingEM: If you truly serve Him, because of Him, and not because of what you can get from Him,

LivingEM: the yokes in your life will be broken.

LivingEM: Of course you let Him know what your needs are, but

LivingEM: that is not the same thing as seeking Him for the gifts alone.

LivingEM: Deliverance and salvation is in the relationship.

LivingEM: Deliverance and salvation are not meted out as prizes to

LivingEM: the preferred ones.

LivingEM: Jesus receives everyone who truly wants Him, which means we have to do things His way,

LivingEM: not our church's way,

LivingEM: not our denomination's way,

LivingEM: not our parent's way,

LivingEM: now our mate's way,

LivingEM: If you are willing to give Jesus your all, He will receive you, and the closer you draw to

LivingEM: Him, the more power there will be in your life, and the more

likelihood of healing,

LivingEM: deliverance and the hope of ascension into immortality.

LivingEM: Are there any questions?

LivingEM: One more thing.

LivingEM: You should know this,

LivingEM: that the more you draw near to Him, the more your sin nature will be revealed.

LivingEM: Drawing near to the Lord Jesus, is very painful,

LivingEM: but the end of the whole affair is true life in His Spirit.

LivingEM: Are there any questions?

LivingEM: May the lives of those who are present here and who read the transcript

LivingEM: of this meeting be changed forever.

LivingEM: May they receive the power to serve the Lord Jesus with all of their strength.

LivingEM: May their hearts be strengthened to draw near to Him,

LivingEM: and see their sins,

LivingEM: May they continue on to confess them and repent,

LivingEM: and reap the mighty fruit of a mature Christ Jesus

LivingEM: within their own members,

LivingEM: May they receive life, Lord,

LivingEM: and abide with you forever.

LivingEM: God bless you all.

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