Elohim's Magnificent Man


Scriptures Commented on (In Order of Appearance) Ez. 1:15 (AT), Ez. 1:16, Jn. 3:13, Job 17:14 (AT)

Jn. 8:44, Mark 9:44, Mark 9:48, Mark 9:47

<LivingEM> Praise the Lord. Are there any questions or comments? I am waiting for a lead from the Lord.

<LAMB> Yes, I have a comment. I've been reading about physical changes in the body. I find it hard to understand how this fits in with spiritual ascension. In particular, the aches and pains.

<LivingEM> Our spiritual position determines the form and condition of our physical body. Therefore, a change of spiritual position is a re-forming of the physical body. Our natural example would be the "growing pains" that some adolescents experience. The condition of our mind affects our physical organs and our nerve endings; hence, physical aches and pains.

What part of us is changing position?

Can anyone name our spiritual parts?

Now, somebody must be able to name at least one of our spiritual parts.

<DANIEL42> Christ Jesus, personality, Fiery Serpent?

<LivingEM> Yes, this is true.

And which of these spiritual parts moves from place to place?

<Jsngsng> Fiery Serpent?

<LivingEM> Yes, the Fiery Serpent is the one I had in mind from the beginning. It is also true that Christ Jesus changes position, but Christ Jesus is not with us from the beginning. He is added to us.

So the correct answer is that the Fiery Serpent is the part of mortal man that changes position, and the higher the Fiery Serpent ascends, the rarer or less dense, our physical bodies become.

Can anyone guess the reason for this?

It is a spiritual principle that the physical body is a garment to the Fiery Serpent, as well as our other spiritual parts. So, the higher the Fiery Serpent ascends into Christ Jesus' linear timeline, the deeper she penetrates into the "spiritual southland," and the less spiritual clothing she needs.

But this is not true concerning Leviathan's circular timeline, which curves around until the 7th energy center is directly across from the first, or root, energy center. (See, Illustration.)

The whole of Leviathan's circular timeline is, therefore, in the "north country," which is under the heart (4th) center, and the "southland" is above the heart (4th) center. The "southland" is linear and the "north country" is circular; and the "circular signature" of the "north country" is all around us.

Can anyone identify some of the "circular signs" of the worlds that we are familiar with?

What geometrical form represents our planet?

<DANIEL42> The planets are circular, orbits are circular.

<Jsngsng> Circle.

<LivingEM> Yes, our planet is a globe.

<LAMB> The Lord said to me that the woman having infirmity for 18 years was not physically bent over, when you spoke about the circular timeline.

<LivingEM> This is true, Lamb. How was she bent over?

<LAMB> I guess she was in the Serpent's timeline. I thought it could be both physical and spiritual.

<LivingEM> I don't think she was physically bent over. I believe that she, the personality, tried to ascend into the left side of the heart (4th) center, but was curved downward by Satan into the 7th energy center under the sea.

So we see that in Leviathan's timeline, "up" is really "down," and that the true "high place" of Leviathan's timeline, is the right side of the heart (4th) center, the place from where the personality either ascends into Christ Jesus' linear timeline, or is curved downward by Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent.

So we see that the Serpent's signature is displayed openly in our world, from sub-atomic particles, to planets and stars, all of which are round. Even animals and humans are a series of curves.

Physical males have more straight lines than physical females, but even physical males have rounded physical organs, such as the heart, kidneys, etc.

To be honest with you, I cannot imagine what a linear man would look like, but Ezekiel saw one, and described him in Chapter 1. But we must have some idea of what the spiritual man looks like before we interpret the spiritual symbols of Ezekiel, Chapter 1, and translate it correctly.

Ezekiel's spiritual man is still in the physical flesh.

Can anyone guess why I say this?

Ezekiel 1:15, Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces. (KJV)

<LivingEM> The Hebrew word translated "one" can be translated "united."

And as I looked at the living creatures, I saw one united energy center, upon the household (prefix-beth) of the earth, and the personalities (faces) of the living creatures were near to (by) the widowed (prefix-lamed) heart (4th) center.

Alternate Translation: Ezekiel 1:15 And as I looked at the living creature, I saw one united energy center [within] the household of the earth, and the personalities of the living creature were near to the widowed heart (4th) center.

<LivingEM> So we see that the lower energy centers of the spiritual man are fused into one wheel, or one energy center, and that the right side of the heart (4th) center is widowed.

Can anyone guess what this means? - That the right side of the heart (4th) center is widowed?

<OVERCOMER> Was separated from Leviathan?

<LivingEM> That's very close, Overcomer.

The Fiery Serpent is considered to be a married woman only when she is joined to Christ Jesus, so the Fiery Serpent in the right side of the heart (4th) center is a widow, even though she is married to Leviathan.

The heart (4th) center is the spiritual marital bed. The Fiery Serpent is joined to Leviathan in the marital bed on the right side of the heart (4th) center,

So where is the marital bed of Christ Jesus?

The left side of the heart (4th) center.

Ezek. 1:16, The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel. (KJV)

<LivingEM> The wheel within a wheel signifies the Holy Jerusalem, the left side of the heart (4th) center through the crown (7th) center of Christ Jesus' linear timeline.

When you look down upon these centers from the crown (7th) center, they appear to be one on top of the other, and all that is seen is the greatest one, the crown (7th) center, and the least one, the heart (4th) center, which appears to be lying in the center of the crown (7th) center, as a wheel within a wheel.

I say that Ezekiel's magnificent spiritual man is still in the flesh because he has energy centers.

We are told in Verse 17 that "they went upon their four sides." The Hebrew word translated "side" means "a fourth part." So we see that this glorious spiritual man had four parts, or four sides.

Can anyone tell us the significance of having "four sides?"

Can anyone tell us the significance of having only 3 sides?

<Jsngsng> Parallelogram?

<LivingEM> Yes, Jsngsng, "four sides" signifies a parallelogram, but I don't think anyone understands what that means. Would you like to explain further?

<Jsngsng> I cannot.

<LivingEM> OK, who does the parallelogram symbolize?

<Jsngsng> Adam.

<LivingEM> Yes, and Adam signifies Elohim's righteous mind who is appearing today as Christ Jesus.

So Ezekiel is saying in verses 15 and 16 of Chapter 1 that, in the magnificent spiritual man who is still in a physical body, the centers below the heart (4th) center will all be rolled into one, and the whole heart (4th) center will be under the authority of the Spirit of Elijah (the Lord Jesus Christ in this present dispensation), who abides in the crown (7th) energy center of the righteous timeline. And that magnificent spiritual man will walk (went) according to Adam/Christ Jesus' lifestyle.

So we see a spiritual description of the Son of God in Ezekiel, Chapter 1, which tells us in a secret way that this magnificent spiritual man is still in a physical body. There are no circular energy centers in the fully glorified, linear spiritual man.

We started this message saying that the Fiery Serpent is the spiritual part of us that changes position.

Can anyone tell us where the Fiery Serpent is in the magnificent spiritual man?

<DANIEL42> Under control of the personality who is submitted to Christ Jesus?

<LivingEM> This is very, very close, Daniel.

<OVERCOMER> In the crown (7th) center with Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ.

<LivingEM> The Fiery Serpent in the magnificent spiritual man is penetrated by Christ Jesus, which penetration can take place only where the personality is submitted to Christ Jesus.

I don't think the Fiery Serpent ever goes into the crown (7th) energy center of the true timeline, Overcomer, because that place is beyond the physical body. But she is with Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ in the brow (6th) energy center.

I know that this is confusing, but the crown (7th) energy center of the true timeline is on a different level than the crown (7th) energy center of the Serpent's timeline.

Leviathan's crown (7th) energy center produces a physical body in the earth, but the crown (7th) energy center of the true timeline does not produce a physical body, or a permanently-formed body of any kind. The highest place that we can ascend to in the true timeline and still have a physical body is the brow (6th) center.

Can anyone tell us what the Fiery Serpent within the magnificent spiritual man, is called?


<Jsngsng> Seraph.

<myprecous1> Seraph.

<LivingEM> Yes, the Fiery Serpent becomes a Seraph, who is a part of the whole magnificent man that cries holy, holy, holy is the God of Israel, day and night.

Well, since there are no permanently-formed beings above the brow (6th) center of the true timeline, can anyone tell us the descriptive name of the beings who dwell above the brow (6th) energy center?

<DANIEL42> Angels?

<LivingEM> The term "angel" describes the spiritual man within a physical man. Christ Jesus is our angel. Christ Jesus is a many-membered angel.

<OVERCOMER> Immortals.

<LivingEM> The descriptive name of the beings beyond the brow (6th) energy center is "shapeshifter." "Shapeshifters" are beings who can take any form at any time. They are unrestricted in this physical world. They have power over all the laws of physics.

Now, the occult talks about shapeshifters but, to the best of my knowledge at this time, the shapeshifters of the occult worlds are not glorified men. They are spiritual being who experience consciousness on other planes.

Jesus Christ is now a glorified man who took His mortal personality into the exalted planes of consciousness where Jehovah is, without leaving a human skeleton behind.

You see, the significance of a dead personality leaving a human skeleton behind, signifies an imperfect incarnation and an even more imperfect departure from the physical plane.

The household of God leaves no waste product when they depart from this world. Jesus did not take His physical body into the eternal plane, but His departure from this world was perfectly executed.

The very concept of a "waste product" is associated with the Serpent's fallen world. Animals produce waste products every day, plants produce waste products every season, even stars produce waste products.

Does anyone know what the waste product of a burned-out star is?

<LAMB> Light?

<OVERCOMER> Gas and dust.

<LivingEM> A black hole.

Gas and dust are qualities of a black hole, but the black hole, itself, has no light. That is why it is called "black," which signifies the absence of light.

All of the Serpent's creation is one continuous cycle of births and deaths, not only for human beings, but for every aspect of the world. And every aspect of this fallen world produces a waste product of some sort.

"Waste products" are one of the signs of a decaying and temporary world. There is no waste in the high planes of Jehovah's world, which is appearing to us today as the glorified Lord Jesus Christ.

So we see that the widowed Fiery Serpent, the Fiery Serpent who is not married to Christ Jesus, "weaves" a physical house to live in, but as she ascends into the higher energy centers, as her position changes, her "house" must change to accommodate her new position.

This principle was demonstrated in a Star Trek episode. Of course, this is the TV version of the experience, though.

A man who looked like any mortal man was running away from others who were trying to capture him. According to the story, he was persecuted because he was spiritual, and the men trying to destroy him were carnal men who feared him because he was different.

There are several moments when he doubles over from the painful stress that spiritual ascension causes the physical body, and eventually, in the midst of one of his most painful moments, he transforms into a shining being who has now ascended to a place where ignorant men cannot harm him. He has become stronger than all of his persecutors, and flies away to begin the work of converting the rest of humanity.

Is this not the message of "The Matrix?" And, of course, is this not the true message of the Scripture? That a man would be born who would defeat death, and that that would bring forth others like Himself in the earth, who would be Saviors to their fellow man.

Eastern philosophy has the same theme, that of a super man who is beyond the grasp of any harm that mortal man can do, who will defeat the dark powers of this world, and deliver the people to a place of safety.

Some religions, such as Egyptian mystery religion, teach about migration to the world "on the other side." But don't you think it strange that different races seem to have various versions of the same message of spiritual ascension? Perhaps it is because this is the true message

Are there any questions or comments about this message?

<OVERCOMER> If the Fiery Serpent doesn't ever go into the crown (7th) center with Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ, where does she go? Where will she be? If we, the personality, leave the physical body, where will she go?

<LivingEM> My original question was, "can anyone tell us where the Fiery Serpent is in the glorious man?" "Glorious" is a poor choice of a word because it sounds so much like "glorified," so I changed "glorious" to "magnificent" later on in the message.

"Glorious" or "magnificent" man signifies the condition that Jesus was in when He was God in the flesh. "Glorified" man signifies Jesus' present condition, as one who has been liberated from the physical body and can come and go into and out of the visible, physical world, at will.

So we see that the Fiery Serpent went into the crown (7th) energy center with the glorified man, Jesus, but that the Fiery Serpent is in the brow (6th) energy center in the magnificent spiritual man who is still in the flesh. The Fiery Serpent is never separated from the personality. The two are one, as Cain and Abel are one dual being.

Both the personality and the Fiery Serpent can leave the physical body only when they are joined to Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus leaves the physical body through marriage to the glorified Lord Jesus Christ.

Did I answer your question, Overcomer?

<OVERCOMER> Yes, I thought earlier that you said that the Fiery Serpent never goes into the crown (7th) center, now I see that you are not saying that.

<LivingEM> Yes, I understand that my choice of words could have led you to believe that.

<OVERCOMER> You are saying in the flesh, but when joined with Christ Jesus she will go, correct?

<LivingEM> Yes.

<OVERCOMER> Thank you.

<LivingEM> You are welcome.

<LivingEM> I am glad that you asked that question, because it reminded me of something else that the Lord told me to tell you concerning the ascension in Leviathan's timeline.

In Leviathan's timeline, occult philosophy does teach about a total liberation from the physical body, but the Lord has told me that no one has ever attained to this state outside of Christ.

I have heard of claims about "ascended masters," men who have ascended into a spiritual body that they live out of in the astral plane, but I don't believe that this is the case. I believe that the ascended masters are immortals who have experienced the existence of this world through a host human being, and then shed that personality, their garment, to return to the astral plane, having been enriched by their experience. The personality does not go over to the other side. Only the immortals go over.

Immortals and spiritual insects are different classes of beings that are formed from the spiritual earth and the water part of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. They do not have Jehovah's virile seed, which means that they do not have Jehovah's nature. They are immortal so long as this age continues to exist, but they will die when this evil age dies.

Jehovah's seed is also immortal, but the Scripture calls Jehovah's spiritual seed "immigrants" because they migrated from Jehovah's righteous nature which they had in the upper window of creation, into spiritual earthworms with the nature of the Serpent in the lower window of creation.

These spiritual earthworms are the only part of the creation that can return to the world above, because that is where they originally came from.

John 3:13, And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. (KJV)

<LivingEM> The personality and the Fiery Serpent can only ascend into the world above when the Fiery Serpent is penetrated by Christ Jesus, which penetration changes their nature into the image of Jehovah.

So we see that there are two categories of immortals:

(1) The immortals of the Serpent's timeline, and

(2) The immortals of Adam/Christ Jesus' timeline.

The immortals of the Serpent's timeline are immortal only for so long as the Serpent's timeline exists.

The fallen sons of God, the seed of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, are truly immortal. They will never cease to exist, but they can die to Jehovah's immortality and experience the Serpent's immortality, which is an unending cycle of births and deaths.

Job 17:14, I have said to corruption (Satan) you are my father, to the Fiery Serpent (worm) you are my mother and my sister. (KJV)

<LivingEM> There are words missing in this verse. Whenever you see something like "my mother and my sister" you must look for two subjects. If you can find only one, the second subject is not present, and must be supplied by the Spirit of Revelation, or the Spirit of Knowledge.

Who is the personality's mother?

Satan is the father of mortal man, and Leviathan is the mother.

John 8:44, Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (KJV)

<LivingEM> What is the relationship between Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent?

The Fiery Serpent is the daughter of Satan and Leviathan.

I have said to Satan (corruption), you are my father, and to the Fiery Serpent (worm) [the daughter of Leviathan], my mother, "you are my sister."

The personality and the Fiery Serpent are brother and sister.

Alternate Translation, Job 17:14, I have said to Satan, you are my father, and to the Fiery Serpent, [the daughter of Leviathan], my mother, "you are my sister."

Mark 9:44, Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. (KJV)

<LivingEM> I just looked at the Interlinear text of mark 9:44 and see that all of Verse 4 was added in by the translators, so we will look at Mark 9:48 which has the same exact English words.
This verse is simply saying that the Fiery Serpent does not cease to exist (dieth) nor is her lust satisfied (quenched).

It is late and I don't want to take too much more time, so I will just comment briefly on verse 47, ...

Mark 9:47, It is better to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye than to be cast into hell fire ... (KJV)

<LivingEM> What is the kingdom of God?

The mind of Christ.

What does an "eye" signify?


<LivingEM> Yes, "eye" signifies "mind."

The Greek word translated "better" means "good." It is a good thing for the personality to join with the mind of Christ with one eye -- with the carnal mind so completely behind the Christ mind that painful experiences are minimized.

Because if your Fiery Serpent (fire) is doing her own thing, because you, the personality have failed to police her, both you, the personality, and the Fiery Serpent, will have to be cast into hell.

"Hell" is a translation of the Greek word that means "gehenna," the place in Jerusalem where the garbage was burnt.

Listen, brethren, get your Fiery Serpent, your subconscious mind, under control, or Christ Jesus, the Lake of Fire, will have to do it for you.

And if you don't take the correction of the Lake of Fire, who will do the job?


<LivingEM> Yes, Satan, will do the job.

And where is Christ Jesus, who is executing this fiery judgment? Is he flying around on a cloud somewhere?

He's in a man, brethren, He's in a man.

Oh, so you though Jesus had to be nice all of the time, did you? Not so, brethren. Depending upon the circumstances, Christ Jesus can give a strong rebuke, so you better make sure that you're not criticizing the Lord's mouthpiece.

Why? Because if you can't recognize that the correction is from the Lord, the other guy moves right in and does the job. You have the option of petitioning the Lord for relief, IF you are truly open to the possibility that you may be wrong and that the correction was true.

So, I was saying that I do not believe that any personality has ever been liberated from the body outside of Christ. It is Leviathan's immortals who have experiences in this plane and then return to their home. The personality dies when its energy is used up.

I have been asking the Lord for a while now why Satan and her cohorts encourage death, and I think He is starting to answer me.

There must be some benefit to Satan's immortals for the personality to suffer an unnatural death. Now, every man born of a woman is not indwelt by one of Satan's immortals, but every man born of a woman is indwelt by one of Adam/Christ Jesus' immortals, which is called the Fiery Serpent.

Are there any questions or comments?

God bless you all as you press into the Kingdom of God. May your eyes be opened to your negative principles, and may you police them, so that it is not necessary for the Lake of Fire to fall upon you. But to those of you who are still blind, may the Lake of Fire fall on you swiftly, that you may be delivered out of Satan's hands. May you all inherit all of the precious promises in the Scripture, and that right quickly. Amen and Amen.

I love you all.



And as I looked at the living creature, I saw one united energy center [within] the household of the earth, and the personalities of the living creature were near to the widowed heart (4th) center.


I have said to Satan, you are my father, and to the Fiery Serpent, [the daughter of Leviathan], my mother, "you are my sister."

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