Gold Dust & The Lord's Nature



Pastor Vitale:   Are there any questions or comments?


Lamb:   I have had a glorious hour just now.  My daughter xxxxx called and asked me what I thought of the gold dust meeting last week.  She listened, and I know she received what I had to say.  She then asked me to email her Living Epistles Web site address.  She has never done that before. Alleluia!  


Pastor Vitale:  Tell us what you told her.


Lamb:  My mind went blank.  I told her what I thought happened to her pastor and how he was seduced. 


Pastor Vitale: What do you think happened to her pastor? 


Lamb:  That he allowed his authority to be usurped by these two women, and that he never asked the Lord about going to this gold dust meeting.  That's all that comes to my mind now.  


Pastor Vitale:  Did she tell you what her opinion was?  


Lamb:   She thought it to be logical, and that her spirit was very much in agreement. 


Pastor Vitale: What did your daughter think about the meeting and about the preacher, and did she tell you anything about why she was turning to our web pages?   What was her spirit in agreement with?  


Lamb:   The fact that the Holy Spirit ministers to the carnal mind, and that it is not the Spirit of Christ, that gold dust does nothing to bring forth spiritual growth or the mind of Christ. 


Pastor Vitale:   Really?  That is wonderful! Does she know the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ? 


Lamb:   I don't believe so.  


Pastor Vitale:  Oh, but her spirit was witnessing to this, is that what you are saying?  


Lamb:   Yes.


Pastor Vitale:  I see. I am very happy for you and your daughter and her family.  The Lord is faithful.


            Several of us went to a spiritual meeting last Friday.   The preacher was reputed to be among those that gold dust appears on when they preach.  Lamb's daughter attends the church of the pastor who hosted the meeting.  The visiting preacher is from Georgia.  We were all very concerned about Lamb's daughter, because she had attended a meeting with the visiting evangelist the night before and received his prophesy, and the gold dust was appearing on her hands when we saw her Friday night. 


            I will start with the spiritual truth of the gold dust anointing, and what it means to believers everywhere.


            The Church of Jesus Christ is in great danger in this hour, mostly because of her naivety and spiritual ignorance.  To put it simply, there is a false, female holy spirit in the land. Can anyone tell us what her intentions are? 


Lamb:   To marry humanity. 


Pastor Vitale: Yes, this is true.   The problem is that most Christians do not know what the purpose of the true, male, Holy Spirit is.


            Can anyone tell us why the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is giving away gifts? 


Lamb:   To prepare us for the seed of Christ. 


Pastor Vitale:  Yes, to prepare us to receive the virile seed of Christ, which does what? 


Lamb:   Brings forth the mind of Christ. 


Pastor Vitale:  This is true Lamb, but to make it clear for the many, we will say that the virile seed of the Lord Jesus Christ imparts His righteous nature to the personality that the seed grafts to.


            Can the virile seed of the Lord Jesus graft to a man that does not have the Holy Spirit?


Overcomer:   No


Pastor Vitale: I agree, Overcomer. At this point I don't think so. But it is possible to have faith through the Holy Spirit without "receiving" the Holy Spirit.  


            Does anyone know why I say "receive" instead of "baptized with" the Holy Spirit?  


Lamb:   Only Jesus was baptized with the Holy Spirit, or anointed. 


Pastor Vitale:  Close, Lamb. Only Jesus was "anointed" with the Holy Spirit.   The apostles were baptized with the Holy Spirit.


Overcomer:   To be baptized is to be raised up to an imputed Christ, temporarily.


Pastor Vitale:   Close, Overcomer. You can have an imputed Christ, but not be baptized into Him. 


Overcomer:   I mean an imputed Christ that's in the sixth (brow) center?  


Pastor Vitale:    Yes, Overcomer. This is true.  "To be baptized" means to be "filled up." "Baptism signifies "water," and water rolls off of you after it wets you down. "Anointing" signifies "oil," which leaves a residue after you are immersed in it.  As far as I know, no one in the Church today is fully baptized into the Holy Spirit, but we all have a measure of that Spirit if we have "received" Him. The Holy Spirit is not permanent. 


            Can anyone tell us what Scripture indicates that the Holy Spirit is not permanent?  


Psalm292:   I can't quote it, but it says something like the gifts will cease.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, Psalm, the gifts are passing away, and with the gifts, the gift giver is also passing away. Can anyone tell us what happens to the Holy Spirit?   


JSNGSNG:   MyPrecous1 says it will be withdrawn.   


Pastor Vitale:  Yes, but that is the same thing as passing away.


Psalm292:   That it will go back to the Father after Christ is formed in us? 


Pastor Vitale:  No, Psalm, the exact opposite is true. The Holy Spirit can be likened to a female ovum in a human woman which cleaves to the male sperm. The two seeds become one cell, the first cell of the new baby.  Jesus' virile seed grafts to the Holy Spirit in a personality, and the Holy Spirit irrigates the seed.   This is how a drop of the complete spiritual semen of Jesus Christ is imparted to the personality. 


            The joining of the Holy Spirit and the virile seed is the restoration of the Tree of Life in the individual.  This "tree" in seed form is what Paul was talking about when he said that Israel would be grafted back into her own tree.  Of course, that is the King James translation. Actually, the "tree" is being grafted back into Israel.  The 12 tribes of Israel are the branches that were broken off of the Tree of Life.  Are there any questions before we return to the main thrust of this message?  


Overcomer:   With regards to baptism of the Holy Spirit, we can now experience this temporary filling up, right? 


Pastor Vitale:  We can, but it is rare.  


Overcomer:   But does Christ have to be at a certain maturity in us before we can experience this?   


Pastor Vitale:   No, spiritual gifts do not require spiritual maturity.  The Lord only catches someone up to the brow center in the Holy Spirit for a particular purpose.  The personality having this experience should have some idea of what he was supposed to do for the Lord to choose him, such as casting out a demon, or praying for healing.  I have experienced this several times. 


            We were talking about the gold dust revival, and how it is headed up by a counterfeit, female, holy spirit, who is seeking to graft the Serpent's seed to God's people.  The problem is that very few of God's people understand that the Lord's seed must be grafted to them before He marries them. 


            There is a controversy in the Church today over whether or not "something" is being born in us. Some ministries preach about spiritual pregnancy, and other ministries call the ministries that preach it, false prophets.  A large part of the problem is that, as far as I know, except for me, the ministries that are preaching spiritual pregnancy are all associated with the false revival. Can anyone relate the signs of the false revival?  


Psalm292:   Hearts are not changed, no repentance?


Lamb:   Very little mention of sin, hardly any Word.


Pastor Vitale:  There are claims, Psalm, that this “revival” is changing hearts.  


Overcomer:   No preaching of the Word  


Pastor Vitale:  Yes, the emphasizing of signs and wonders, and the de-emphasizing of the preaching of the Word.  Actually, the counterfeit revival is very similar to Pentecost. There is a call to repentance, but not specific repentance, which is the exposure of the hidden sins of the heart.  Another sign is the emphasizing of angels, and the condemnation of the ministries that do not go along with the false revival.


            Also, watch out for bringing the relationship between Jesus and the believer down into the flesh. Jesus is not your sweety, your dancing partner, or in any way on the same level as a physical mate. And, of course, there is the gold dust. 


            What is interesting is that many of the preachers involved in this “revival” make light of sin, saying that love covers it, but yet condemn those who reject the “revival.” The preacher that we saw, though, did not make light of sin. 


            The most distressing thing about Friday night for me, was how hard it was to discern the truth.  The preacher was an evangelist of 27 years. His message was old-time Pentecost. He preached against behavioral sin and called for commitment to God. The three most prominent signs of the error at this preacher’s meeting were the gold dust, his rebuke of the visiting pastors for unbelief, and his single comment about angels.  The preacher said that he saw an angel throw a fireball at him which sent gold dust all over him. There were no miracles but, of course, we cursed every spirit that was not of God.


            Jesus said, you Pharisees, you are always looking for a sign.  The Lord does not send gold dust as a sign of His presence.


            What is the sign that Jesus promised?


JSNGSNG:   Sign of Jonah.  


Pastor Vitale:  Yes, Jesus said that the only sign that shall be given to you is the sign of Jonah, three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. Can anyone tell us what that means?     


Lamb:   The emphasis on a literal hell is also in the revival, and the false belief that the harvest is winning souls, when the real fruit to be harvested is the mind of Christ in us. It means the resurrection of the mind of Christ within us.  


Pastor Vitale:  Yes, the sign of Jonah is the resurrection of Christ Jesus in the individual.


            The signs of the New Covenant are SPIRITUAL, and for Christ Jesus to be resurrected in us, our sin nature must be exposed and overcome. This requires the recognition of specific sin in our thought patterns, and a warfare against our sin nature.  Christ Jesus will not ascend out of the belly (3rd) energy center of the individual, unless Satan and Leviathan, our carnal mind, are weakened and overcome.


So what are the signs of the true revival in Christ Jesus?


            The righteous nature of Jesus Christ, which requires a warfare to come forth in us.


            WAR, and rumors of war. 


            What do you think "rumors of war" means?


Lamb:   Just talk of war instead of us actually involved in it right now. 


Pastor Vitale: The phrase "Rumors of war" signifies the spiritual knowledge that we experience when we ascend into the heart center, or higher. We "hear in the Spirit" about the wars that Leviathan is waging against Christ in other men. We hear all about Satan and Leviathan’s plans to disrupt the plans of the Lord Jesus and His servants. We hear the thoughts of the subconscious part of the carnal mind of the believers who are not policing their own carnal mind, but let her do whatever evil she desires. We hear the thoughts of our own evil side, and of the evil side of the ones we are sent to minister to. 


            Oh, so you don't think you have an evil side? Well, I warn you, if you are truly sold out to Jesus, this truth will be revealed to you one way or the other.


            Can anyone tell us the two ways that we might become convinced of this truth, that every man born of a woman has an evil side? 


Lamb:   By examining our own thoughts and responses to issues and circumstances. 


Psalm292:   We get sick and die? 


Lamb:   When the Lord convicts us of sin.


Pastor Vitale: We can receive this truth through the preaching of the Doctrine of Christ, or by having our sin nature manifest through us.  Those who deny this teaching will see the evil side of their sin nature manifest so completely that they will be able to deny it no longer. And the carnal mind will manifest in a way that the doubting personality would never believe she possible.


            If you think you are incapable of sexual sin, you will commit adultery.  If you think you are incapable of abusing your wife, you will abuse your wife. Only pride thinks that we are incapable of being tempted in any area. The personality living by the Spirit of Truth knows that she is capable of anything under the right circumstances, and cries out to Jesus continually, to strengthen her, and keep her from sin and error of all kinds.


            We can have compassion for the sinner without justifying the sin.  We can understand that an individual may not be where we are and that, what would be sin for us, is tolerated by God in others.  This does not mean that sin is acceptable to God. It is not. But He recognizes that different people are in different places of understanding, and He judges people by where they are. The Scripture clearly says that he who knows that something is wrong and still sins will  receive many stripes, but the ignorant doing the same sin will receive few stripes. That is the Scripture. 


            I have a memory in my mind.  I usually deal with people face to face. This is the first time that the Lord has ever had me address a personal issue in a preaching situation, but of course, we do have questions and answers here.  


            I have known in my heart for a while now that two members of this congregation have judged me and a young lady out of their carnal mind, without mercy.  I have considered what you have said, and put it before the Lord with an open heart, and am convinced that He has told me that my reactions were in Christ, and that you both condemned the young lady and me. I have told the Lord that I wanted to forget about it, that I did not want to raise the issue again, but apparently He has other ideas, and this does not surprise me, because the Lord is concerned with you, that all wrong thinking should be put to rest.


            Fornication and adultery are wrong, but the Lord has mercy on the ignorant engaged in this sin. He does not stop working with them, or helping them because of their behavioral sin, any more than He stops working with us because of the hidden sins of our heart. And, yes, the Lord does watch over people because their parents pray for them, or for other reasons, and can, if He wants to, intervene to influence events, so that the results should be better than worse. And yes, life lessons can be learned from illicit relationships.  The ones who should know better are the believers possessed of Christ Jesus, and the “greater stripes” that they receive, is the death of the indwelling Christ and the restoration of Satan’s dominion over them.


            And no, it is not a sin on the part of a strong believer to ask if the Lord could not be involved in something that is offensive to a Pharisee, to make better the situation turn out better, rather than worse. 


            The Lord is calling the two of you to repentance, not only for condemning the young lady, but for condemning me for thinking that the Lord could be with someone who is involved in an illegal affair, working with them, and helping them, and actually using the illicit affair to teach them.


            I don't know about you, but I learn from my mistakes all of the time. I thank God they are not physical fornication and adultery, but whatever my sins are and your sins are, to the Lord they are just as serious, because fornication with Satan and Leviathan is adultery against the Lord.


            The Lord is calling the two of you to repentance so that you can clean the slate and go on with Him.  You should know who you are.  Please send me an email confirming that you know who you are so that I do not have to send you an email. Whether or not you repent is between you and the Lord.


            Praise God!  Does anyone have anything to say about the issue that the Lord has raised before His Church? 


            We praise you Father, for the grace that you give us.  We praise you for mercy, and compassion, and for loving all of us in our filth. I pray only to be like you, Lord. 


            The Lord told me to remind you that His spiritual law is not punitive, but designed to protect the sinner. We should not commit fornication or adultery for our own sakes, not because God is disapproving or angry concerning those sins. Therefore, the correct ministry for someone in fornication or adultery is, “I am sorry to hear you are involved in such activities.  No good thing can come of it. It would be in your best interests to withdraw from this lifestyle because you will reap what you sow, and what you sow will also be reaped by your children. Harm will come to you because of this activity, and all of your descendants, but I want you to prosper, and to have a life filled with joy.  And for this reason I tell you that what you are doing is wrong. Your behavior is self-destructive.”


I will not punish you, says the Lord, but Satan, the executor of the sowing and reaping judgment, will punish you.  Save yourself, and your loved ones.  Desist from this sin, so that I can forgive you and deflect the sowing and reaping judgment away from you and your children.


Pastor Vitale:  The world waits for the merciful, righteous judgment of the sons of God.  May our carnal mind die swiftly.


            Forgive our sins, oh God, and circumcise our hard, hard heart. Give us a heart of flesh engraved with your nature, Lord.  Have mercy on the poor and ignorant, Lord, on the foolish, and on the proud who oppose themselves.


            Mercy on the poor of spirit is understanding, mercy on the ignorant is instruction without condemnation, mercy on the foolish is a rod across their back. The tongue is a rod, and the back signifies the unconscious part of the mind. 


            Who is the unconscious part of the carnal mind?   


Lamb:   Satan  


Pastor Vitale:  Yes, Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind.  Satan generates the thoughts of the carnal mind.  


Let the righteous tongue rebuke Satan's thoughts, says the Lord,  that the transgressor may return to right standing with me, that they may continue on with me, and learn, and mature, and grow, and express my nature in the earth. Let men everywhere repent, that I may be exalted above their carnal minds and bring them up to where I am.


Blessed are the poor of spirit, for they shall inherit all things.  I have not forgotten you, says the Lord, but I hold you in my mind continuously, loving you, forgiving you, helping you, sustaining you, feeding you. Go forth now, and do the same. Be my sons, and express my nature. Forgive your enemies, bless those who despitefully use you, teach all who will listen, strive with no man.  Blessed are the peacemakers.


Pastor Vitale: Who are the peacemakers?  Does this mean peace at any price? Does this mean peace between men? No. The peacemakers are the personalities who make peace with Christ Jesus, by putting their carnal mind under. 


            Remember that the Fiery Serpent is a part of the personality, and that Christ Jesus works towards apprehending the Fiery Serpent wherever He is appearing.


            The Fiery Serpent is very strong and vicious and will kill Christ Jesus if she can. Christ Jesus can dominate and penetrate her only when the "good woman" side of the personality joins with Christ Jesus to put the Fiery Serpent down.


Make peace with your God through Christ Jesus in the midst of you. Overthrow your Fiery Serpent, and marry Christ Jesus, the Son of God, in the midst of you, the manchild that will save your personality when He is fully born in you. 


Pastor Vitale: I will close this meeting by thanking the Lord for our new copy machine. 


            We ask that you bless it Lord, and bless the hands of the people that will be running our books off of this machine. Bless all of the workers Lord, in all areas, and everyone who supports this ministry in any way, including those who think good thoughts towards us.  Bless the man who sold us the machine, and his sincere good will towards us, and honest business dealings. Bless his business, Lord, and his family.


            Bless all of the people reading our material, Lord. Bless the man who provides our web-server service, free of charge, and his family and his business.  Bless all of our extended physical and spiritual families, Lord. Forgive our sins and help us to grow up into you.


            The world waits for you Lord, and for those who come in your nature. Come quickly, Lord, Jesus.  Save your people from the false revival, and the counterfeit Holy Spirit. Have mercy on, and deliver the preachers who are deceived. We thank you again for speaking to Lamb's daughter. May she begin to receive the doctrine of Christ, if it be your will at this time.  Help us, Lord, to walk in your footsteps. Amen and Amen. 


            I love you all. Goodnight.


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