Michael & Christ, Abraham's Seed


Scriptures Commented On (In Order Of Appearance): Gal.3:16, Dan. 10:21, John 11:25-26 , Eph. 2:15-16,Dan. 12:1,Ex. 32:35,Deut. 34:4, Eph. 2:15, 2 Cor. 5:17, 1 Ki. 18:41, Matt. 17:2-3

<LivingEM> Praise the Lord everybody! Are there any comments or questions?


<LivingEM> Okay.

<OVERCOMER> When, in the Scriptures, it speaks of Abraham's seed, are we are the seed of Abraham?

It makes me think that Abraham had the seed of Christ, but when I read the transcript of Message # 412, Human Sexuality and Perfection, you said that Abraham was not married to Michael. The Scriptures say that Abraham had the imputed, not the imparted anointing. Did he have the seed of Christ, the seed of Abraham that is so commonly spoken of? And what does this mean?

<LivingEM> Can anyone tell us who the seed of Abraham is?

<LAMB> Abel?

<OVERCOMER> Isn't it Christ?

Gal. 3:16, Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ. (KJV)

<LivingEM> So, we see that Abraham had the seed of Christ, in the form of Jehovah's spiritual sperm which was destined to mature in a future generation. Christ, Abraham's spiritual seed, did not mature unto perfection in Abraham.

Abraham had the imputed anointing, which means that his relationship was with the supernal Elohim and also, as I say in the transcript that you mentioned, with Michael, Elohim's seed within Abraham. But Michael in Abraham did not marry the supernal Elohim, which would have produced the imparted anointing.

Lets start by reviewing who Michael is.

Can anyone tell us who Michael is?

<Jsngsng> Seed of Elohim?

<Myprecous1> Christ Jesus.

<OVERCOMER> Isn't he the Spirit of Christ, the immortal one of the Old Testament?

<LAMB> The warring aspect of God?

<LivingEM> Jsngsng is the closest and, actually, her answer is correct.

Lamb, this Bible study is based upon the Doctrine of Christ, so all answers should be based upon what you have learned here. I have brought forth this same correction to others in this meeting many times.

This is for everybody: Please give specific answers as they relate to the Doctrine of Christ, or restrain yourself.

Can anyone tell us who Elohim is?

<DANIEL42> The seed and waters of Jehovah's seminal fluid.

<OVERCOMER> The right hand of God.

<IsaiahSixty1> Hand of God.

<LivingEM> Yes, Daniel,

Elohim is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, and seminal fluid, spiritual or otherwise, consists of water and seed.

Michael is the name of the collective consciousness of all of the living seeds of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid.

Can anyone tell us the difference between Michael and Adam?

<DANIEL42> Michael was the seed, Adam was both seed and water.

<LivingEM> Daniel, Elohim is seed and water,

<Jsngsng> Adam was the carrier of the seed?

<OVERCOMER> Adam was the whole resurrected man, Michael an immortal spirit?

<LivingEM> Adam is the name of the collective consciousness of all of the living seeds of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid AFTER???

<OVERCOMER> He is above the firmament in the heart (4th) energy center.

<LivingEM> What is the difference between Elohim and Adam?

Remember, I am not out to get you. If I address a question to you directly, it means that you are close to the answer.

<IsaiahSixty1> Adam is the seed.

<OVERCOMER> Elohim is below the firmament and Adam is above?

<LivingEM> Daniel, what is the difference between Elohim and Adam. You are close to the answer, and I'm trying to help you to think critically.

<DANIEL42> Elohim was the seed, then Adam was the water.

<LivingEM> Okay, I will help you.

Elohim is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid.

Elohim consists of water/energy and living seed.

Jehovah formed Adam from the DUST of the earth, and

Jehovah breathed a breath, or a portion of Elohim, into Adam, the DUST man.

So we see that the breath, or portion, of Elohim that was breathed into Adam, the dust man, gave Adam life, and that

Adam, the living soul, consists of Elohim's breath (living seed and water/energy), and DUST.

Michael exists both above and below, in heaven and in the earth.

The supernal Michael is the single, UNDIVIDED, LIVING SEED of Jehovah's creative potential.

Mankind exists because of Elohim's breath, which is just one exhalation of Jehovah's greatness.

Michael above, the supernal Michael, is inseparable from Jehovah.

Michael above, the supernal Michael, cannot die.

Michael below, Michael's breath, can die.

Michael, the living seed part of Elohim's breath that is cut off from the supernal Elohim, Michael's door to the whole family of God in heaven, is called Abel, because he has died to Jehovah's nature.

. Abel is the dead seed part of Elohim's breath (seed and water/energy) that has been acquired by the Primordial Serpent and engraved with the Dragon's nature.

Michael is the collective consciousness of all of the living seeds of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid that were BREATHED INTO Adam, the dust man.

Adam is the portion of Elohim (water/energy and seed), that is mixed with the dust.

Adam is the collective consciousness of all of the living seeds of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, AFTER they were MIXED WITH THE DUST.

Michael, Jehovah's collective LIVING seed, dominates the dust that he is mixed with.

Abel, Jehovah's collective, DEAD seed, is dominated BY the dust that he is mixed with.

Adam is water/energy, MANY-MEMBERED, LIVING SEED, and dust.

Adam is Elohim, Jehovah's whole creative potential, water/energy and living seed (Michael), vibrating on the earthen plane.

The Godhead divides as it descends, so

The supernal Michael is one unified whole, but

Michael, the seed side of Elohim's breath, is many seeds.

There is no darkness in the supernal Michael. Therefore,

The supernal Michael can never fall, but

The dust in Adam is darkness and, indeed,

Michael, the living seed part of Adam, was overcome by Adam's dusty side, and died to Jehovah's nature.

The supernal Michael cannot die to Jehovah's nature.

Michael, Elohim's breath, can die to Jehovah's nature.

Adam can die to Jehovah's nature.

Abel is dead to Jehovah's nature, but cannot cease to exist.

Michael is invisible.

Adam is visible.

Michael is Adam's root.

Adam is Michael's lower extremity.

Michael is the Savior of every expression of Adam, who is the reflection of himself.

The supernal Michael can send living seeds into the earth to revive Abel, Jehovah's dead seed.

When we studied Elijah, the man, I asked the Lord, who is the angel that rescued Elijah?

Today I know that Michael has raised Adam from the dead many times since Adam died, and that

The supernal Michael is the angel that rescued Elijah by reviving Michael and regenerating Adam within Elijah.

Why did Elijah need to be rescued?

I am not asking who attacked Elijah, but what specifically happened to Elijah that he needed to be rescued?

<LivingEM> Jezebel killed Adam within Elijah.

Does anyone remember who Jezebel is, according to the Doctrine of Christ?

Jezebel is the collective consciousness of the mortal men who prefer Satan's nature.

Now, we cannot prefer any one nature unless we are presented with a choice of two or more natures. This means that, to prefer Jezebel, we must be exposed to both the nature of Christ and the nature of Satan.

This is the Scriptural definition of Jezebel concerning the Church, but Jezebel also exists on a deeper, spiritual level. Satan in a spiritually uneducated man is familiar with Jehovah's nature, and can rebel against an authority in Christ, without the conscious part of his carnal mind ever knowing it.

So, the sons of Israel killed Adam within Elijah, but the supernal Michael, Adam's immortal root, regenerated Adam within Elijah.

The word resurrect, is inappropriate concerning Adam, because Adam turns to dust and disintegrates when he dies. A whole, dead, carcass can be resurrected, but something that has disintegrated must be regenerated or reconstituted. That is, Adam must be formed again.

Are there any questions up to this point?

So, we see that the supernal Elohim and Michael, Elohim's collective, unified seed, are indestructible, but that, Adam can die. Yet, there is always hope that Jehovah will remember Adam's dusty remains, and tell the supernal Elohim to send Michael into the earth to regenerate Adam.

What is the personal name of the dust side of Jehovah's creation?

What is the personal name of Adam's dust side?

<LAMB> Abel?

<LAMB> The woman or Eve?

<LivingEM> Yes,

Adam's dust side is called the Woman BEFORE THE FALL, and

Adam's dust side is called Personality AFTER THE FALL.

What is Adam's dust side called, concerning the nature of the woman?

<IsaiahSixty1> Cain.

<Jsngsng> Personality.

<OVERCOMER> Serpent.

<LivingEM> Yes,

Cain is the name of the women's nature AFTER THE FALL.

Which animal signifies the women's nature before the fall, when the woman was in submission to Adam?

<IsaiahSixty1> Ox.

<Jsngsng> Ox.

<LAMB> The ox?

<LivingEM> Yes,

The ox signifies the woman's nature BEFORE THE FALL.

The ox, a gelded bull, signifies the spiritual strength of the animal (bull) nature that has been castrated and domesticated, through union with the household of God.

So, as long as Jehovah remembers the personalities of mankind, there is hope that Jehovah will tell the supernal Elohim to send Michael to regenerate Adam within fallen mankind.

The supernal Elohim, clothed with Moses, Elijah and Jesus, the personalities that He is married to, imparts Christ, humanity's hope that we will return to eternal life in the upper window of creation, and be glorified.

The supernal Michael, the collective, unified seed of Jehovah's creative potential, can never be separated from the Godhead, but the dust, the mortal remains of Adam's dark side, is formed and disintegrates in an established, rhythmic pattern. And, so, the heathen says, nothing lasts forever, and it is normal for universes, as well as people, to appear and then disintegrate.

But the God of Israel never slumbers or sleeps (Ps 121:4). The dusty personalities who are in submission to Adam/Christ Jesus when the glorified Elijah/Jesus marries Adam/Christ Jesus within the individual, live forever, and the personalities who are not in submission to Adam/Christ Jesus, eventually divide into their mortal and immortal parts.

Our soul (personality) has a mortal and an immortal part (Rom. 8:11), and the human qualities that we recognize, are our mortal side, the part that dies and does not rise again.

It is Brahma, the Hindu creator, that sleeps and wakes according to the spiritual days and nights of Brahma. Sound Hindu and Buddhist doctrine, as well as the Doctrine of Christ, teach that only the root of the personality survives physical death, but Theosophy, the Hindu-based philosophy flooding into the Christian world today, teaches that the whole personality survives physical death.

Many Christians, therefore, believe that the present, visible, formation of the mortal side of their personality is immortal. But the spiritually wise ones know that their spiritual root, alone, is immortal, and that if their temporal personalities and physical bodies die before the Lord Jesus completes them, the mortal part of themselves will not be preserved.

Foolish are they, lifted up in their own conceits, and concerned only with their own selfish motives. They are here today but, as the grass of the field, shall be gone tomorrow. But he who believes in me, says the Lord, abides forever.

This means, whoever believes everything that Jesus believes.

If you want to live forever, you must understand and believe everything that the glorified Jesus Christ believes.

Yet, Jesus said to the Pharisees, I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it NOW.

What is the difference between now and later?

Why would the Pharisees believe what Jesus had to say later, rather than NOW? Anybody?

<OVERCOMER> Because they grew in maturity, and their carnal mind was also killed in some areas.

<DANIEL42> Later, Christ Jesus would manifest.

<LivingEM> What would the Pharisees have later, that they did not possess in the NOW?

<OVERCOMER> The seed of Christ.

<LivingEM> Yes, Daniel, Christ Jesus would be added to them.

Growing in maturity and killing our carnal mind does us no good at all, if Christ Jesus is not present.

So we see that the dust that the Church calls the flesh (the natural man), cannot believe in Jesus Christ.

Jesus was saying, CHRIST IN YOU is the only one who is capable of believing what I believe.

Dan 10:21, But I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth: and there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince. (KJV)

<LivingEM> Christ Jesus lives forever when He is rejoined to the glorified Elijah/Jesus, and the personality (soul) that the rejoined Christ Jesus dwells in, is saved from disintegration.

Did you ever wonder about the Scriptural promise of eternal life?

John 11:25, Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

26, And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? (KJV)

<LivingEM> Did you ever wonder why everyone you ever knew who believed in Jesus Christ died anyway?

The answer is that your relatives and friends did not believe in the Scriptural Jesus.They believed in the aspect of Jesus that concerns His appearance in this fallen world, His crucifixion and His resurrection.

Brethren, THE CARNAL MIND is not capable of BELIEVING in the Scriptural Jesus, but

THE PERSONALITY is capable of REJECTING THE CARNAL MIND and PREFERRING Christ Jesus, the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, who BELIEVES in His Father, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ Jesus within the individual marries the personality who is below Him, and the glorified Jesus Christ, who is above Him, and this is how Christ Jesus, the only Mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5), equips THE PERSONALITY to believe in the Scriptural Jesus: Through a mediator.

Eph 2:15-16, Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace; 16 And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby. (KJV)

<LivingEM> Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, makes peace between Jehovah and the animal nature of the dusty side of humanity.

So, to get back to our message, Christ, the holy seed, was given to Abraham, not for his own benefit, but for the benefit of the whole world. Abraham was one branch of the physical dynasty which was to produce Messiah, who would be born of a human woman in a future generation.

Abraham was a personality formed from the dust, but the dust cannot have a relationship with the household of God in heaven. That is why we need a mediator. Abraham had a relationship with the supernal Elohim, but Michael, the supernal Elohim's undeveloped seed within Abraham, did not marry his Father in heaven.

Abraham received a spark, or a shaving, or an aspect, of the unified Michael. Had that holy seed within Abraham turned inward and become a saviour for Abraham alone, Jehovah's plan to save the world through a mediator that would descend from Abraham, would have been aborted.

Abraham, the personality, was the first human womb to carry the holy seed.

And then the holy seed was transferred to???


<DANIEL42> Isaac.

<Jsngsng> Isaac.

<IsaiahSixty1> Isaac.

<LAMB> The Jews?

<LivingEM> Yes, the holy seed was transferred from Abraham to Isaac, and

Who was the holy seed transferred to after Isaac?

<DANIEL42> Jacob.

<Jsngsng> Jacob.

<IsaiahSixty1> Jacob.

<LivingEM> Yes, and after Jacob?

<DANIEL42> Moses.

<Jsngsng> Joseph.

<IsaiahSixty1> Moses.

<LivingEM> King???

<DANIEL42> David.

<IsaiahSixty1> David.

<Myprecous1> David.

<LivingEM> Yes, King David, and after King David?

<Myprecous1> Jesus.

<Jsngsng> Jesus.

<IsaiahSixty1> Jesus.

<DANIEL42> Jesus.

<Myprecous1> Jesus.

<LivingEM> Yes, the holy seed was passed from King David to Jesus (Matt. 1:1).

Michael, the holy seed, the spark that flew away from the supernal Elohim as He reached down into the spiritual earth beneath him to appear as Moses, Elijah and Jesus, has appeared in many mortal men since Elohim planted Michael in Abraham.

So we see that

Michael is the personal name of the living seed side of the supernal Elohim BEFORE he clothed himself with the personalities of Moses, Elijah and Jesus, who became CHRIST, THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD.

Michael, the living seed that Jehovah gave to Abraham, matured into Christ.

Michael became Christ, Abraham's seed.

Dan 12:1, And at that time shall MICHAEL STAND UP, THE GREAT PRINCE WHICH STANDETH FOR THE CHILDREN OF THY PEOPLE: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. (KJV)

The Book of Jude tells us how Michael, the holy seed within Moses, failed to acquire Satan's waters/energy within Moses, and mature into Elohim. Michael, the holy seed, plus Satan's waters/energy, restores Elohim's breath in the individual. Elohim then forms a mind in His own image (Adam/Christ Jesus), and Christ Jesus marries the supernal Elohim, which saves the personality (soul) that He lives in.

Nebuchadnezzar defeated Judah and murdered all of the royal seed of King David's line. This means that Cain buried Michael (who was grafted to the dead Abel) in all of Judah, so there was no seed left to marry the supernal Elohim, Judah's door to the whole household of God in heaven.

Judah was devastated when Cain buried Abel, because the Supernal Elohim relates only to the members of His own household. Cain now stood between the Supernal Elohim and the buried Abel, cutting off all communication between Judah and the household of God in heaven.

So Jehovah chose Moses, a Levite, to raise up as a saviour to deliver Israel. But the issue was authority, not power. Elohim went to Levi, the next tribe in authority after Judah.

I do not know why Simeon, Jacob's second son was passed over, but Reuben, Jacob's first son was rejected because of incest. Levi is older than Judah, but the Lord sovereignly chose Judah to rule, and Levi to be second to Judah in authority.

Power always accompanies authority, and the Levites had more spiritual power than the other tribes of Israel.

Ex 32:35, And the LORD plagued the people, because they made the calf, which Aaron made. (KJV)

<LivingEM> The verb to make appears twice: The people made, and Aaron also made, indicating that Aaron's calf was different than the people's calf.

We know from previous studies that the Hebrew children formed a calf idol in their heart (4th) energy center. So if Aaron made his own calf, can anyone guess, based on the facts presented, how Aaron's calf differed from the calf that the people made?

Here are the details.

Both Aaron and the people made a calf,

Aaron's calf was different than the calf that the Hebrew children made,

The calf that the Hebrew children made was in their heart (4th) center,

Based on the above facts, what conclusion would you draw about Aaron's calf?

<Jsngsng> Possibly in a higher center.

<OVERCOMER> It was made in a higher center.

<DANIEL42> He made it in a different energy center.

<IsaiahSixty1> Aaron did not make his in the heart (4th) energy center.

<LivingEM> Excellent!

Aaron's calf was in a higher center, probably the throat (5th) energy center, which proves Aaron's descendants had more spiritual energy than the other Israelites.

Moses' spiritual potential was fully developed in Pharaoh's household, so Elohim sent forth a spark of Michael's unified seed to graft to the buried Abel within Moses. And is this not what Jesus is doing today for all of humanity?

So Michael grafted to Abel who was buried under Cain within Moses, and fought to overcome Satan to preserve Moses' personality through marriage to the supernal Elohim. But Michael failed to complete Moses who would not confess that he had a sin nature.

Moses refused to face the truth that Jesus said the Pharisees could not bear to hear, that Satan, the unconscious part of Moses' own carnal mind, desired to kill Christ within Moses. And, so, Moses died.

Deut 34:4, And the LORD said unto him, This is the land which I sware unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, saying, I will give it unto thy seed: I have caused thee to see it with thine eyes, but thou shalt not go over thither. (KJV)

<LivingEM> The Scripture does not reveal who Jehovah is speaking to, but I suggest to you that Jehovah is speaking to Michael within Moses.

The supernal Elohim and Michael, His seed, are one, just like the glorified Jesus and Christ Jesus in the individual are one. Jehovah is saying to Michael within Moses, Elohim was not reconstituted in Moses, so Elohim will not enter into the visible world permanently at this time.

Moses was to be Elohim's permanent residence in the earth, but Michael did not re-acquire the waters/energy within Moses that Satan stole from Elohim, so Moses was not glorified.

Jehovah is speaking to Michael, Elohim's consciousness, as opposed to Elohim's power, saying, you have seen the vision, you have experienced living inside of a man, and now that you have experienced it, you have an experiential understanding of why you are fighting to acquire Satan's waters/energy.

Elohim is water/energy and living seed.

Michael is the living seed side of Elohim.

Why would Jehovah address Michael, the living seed of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, apart from the whole Elohim? Anyone?

<OVERCOMER> He is the part that's conscious.

<LivingEM> What happened to Elohim's water/energy?

<IsaiahSixty1> Stolen.

<Jsngsng> Michael is just the seed without power.

<LivingEM> Yes, Elohim's water/energy was stolen.

Who stole Elohim's energy?

<OVERCOMER> The Primordial Serpent.

<LivingEM> Yes, and what name does the Primordial Serpent go by since she acquired Elohim's water/energy?

<DANIEL42> Dragon.

<IsaiahSixty1> Dragon.

<LAMB> Dragon.

<LivingEM> Yes, the Dragon.

Now, remember, we are talking about Elohim's breath, the spark of Elohim that Jehovah breathed into the dust, which made Adam a living soul. The supernal Elohim can never lose His energy, or die.

And, so, Michael was struggling with Satan within Moses, to acquire her waters/energy, to reconstitute Elohim within Moses, who regenerates Adam, a requirement for glorification.

Did you ever wonder why Michael was struggling with Satan and not with Leviathan?

Michael was trying to acquire Satan, Moses' polluted spiritual blood, and boil her to repossess the water/energy that the Primordial Serpent stole from Elohim. But Moses' pride prevented him from believing the truth about his own condition, that Satan was the unconscious part of his carnal mind, and Moses' unbelief resulted in the disintegration of his personality and physical body.

Michael, rejoined to the waters/energy that Satan stole from Elohim, is no longer called Michael. Michael joined to Elohim's waters/energy, is called Elohim.

All of the Abels that are joined to Cain are dead sparks, or shavings, of the supernal Michael, the living seed side of Elohim's breath of life that Jehovah breathed into Adam, the dust man, to give him life.

Israel exists in the Spirit and in the earth, both above and below, so there is an eternal, spiritual root in the heavenly Israel that cannot be separated from the Godhead. Michael will never stop fighting to recover Elohim's waters/energy from Satan, and to rescue Abel, the dead sparks that sprang forth from the supernal Elohim as he stretched downward into the lower planes of existence, to experience consciousness inside of his spiritual ox.

The many-membered Abel is Michael on a lower, dead, plane of consciousness, and

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