Physical Manifestations Of Spiritual Conflicts


Scriptures Commented On: Zech. 5:7-11; Gen. 3:15; SOS 8:6; Zech. 10:3; Jn. 10:3; Zech. 6; Lk. 22:3; Gen. 4:7; 2 Cor. 2:11; 1 Tim. 2:15

<LivingEM> Praise the Lord!!! Satan is having a fit but we are here anyway glory to God! we will start with a prayer father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank you for the gift of this universal chat room we thank you for the opportunity to gather together to day in your Name . We give you glory, and honor, as he is due you, for we have overcome our strong enemy and we prevail over her today. We are all here because you have made a way and Satan could not destroy this gathering in your Name. Be in the midst of us, oh God, let the message that you have ordained for today manifest. Let your truth be revealed. Let each and every one of us honor you with our heart as well as with our lips. May your Son be revealed in us today

<LivingEM> I have a lead for the message today, but it is not fully formed in my mind. The Lord was speaking to me about Chapter 3 of the book of Genesis, where Jehovah and Elohim pronounce the "curse" upon the serpent, Adam, and eve. I have placed the word "curse" in quotes because I do not believe that it is accurate to say that Jehovah and Elohim "punished" the serpent, Adam, and Eve. As I have been preaching for a while, there is a righteous spiritual law which exists in the spiritual universes. Does anyone know the name of this law?

<overcomer> sowing and reaping

<LivingEM> Yes, the righteous universal law of sowing and reaping. Adam was fully instructed in the law. He knew exactly what to expect as a result of his "eating" with the serpent. Jehovah merely restated the law which has always existed. Let's take a look at what Jehovah's said.

Gen. 3:12, and the man said, the woman who you gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

<LivingEM> As I have taught in our book, Adam and the Two Judgments, the woman and the serpent are the two sides of Adam's female side. Adam's female side is good and evil. The Woman is good, and the Serpent is the Woman's evil side

Adam's male side is righteous. Does anyone know the name of Adam's male side? Who is Adam's righteousness? Who is our righteousness?

<DANIEL42> Christ

<overcomer> Christ Jesus

<LivingEM> Yes, Christ Jesus is our righteousness. And what is the name of the one who was Adam's righteousness. Does anyone remember who Michael is?

<overcomer> the righteous seed?

<LivingEM> yes. Michael is the righteous side of Jehovah's spiritual semen. does anyone know the name of Jehovah's whole spiritual semen?

<overcomer> Elohim?

<LivingEM> Yes, Elohim is Jehovah's whole semen. Michael is the seed, or sperm, of the semen. It is Michael who is becoming a many-membered glorified man.

Does anyone remember the name of the first personality that Michael tried to perfect?

<pearlmerchant> abel

<overcomer> wasn't it Adam?

Does anyone remember the name of the second personality that Elijah tried to perfect?

<JSNGSNG> Elisha

<LivingEM> The first and second personalities that Michael tried to perfect appeared on the mount of transfiguration

<overcomer> Moses

<LivingEM> Yes. The first personality that Michael appeared in was Moses, and the second was Elijah.

Who was the third personality that Michael appeared in?

<pearlmerchant> Jesus

<LivingEM> Yes, Jesus.

Can anybody explain the difference between these three incarnations? Did Michael perfect Moses?

<overcomer> perfect in the law?

<LivingEM> not in the law

The book of Jude tells us that Michael engaged in a warfare with Satan over the living body of Moses, but no was not able to bring Moses to perfection. Does anybody know why?


I think this is the worst attack we have ever had in this meeting. Praise the Lord! There was heavy witchcraft present this morning I turned the stove off improperly last night, and there was gas all through the house I had to call LILCO and ask them to send a service man. The witchcraft was so heavy that I had to cry out to God for help. I don't understand it completely, but it has happened many times that I come under a severe witchcraft attack which lasts for several days, and just as I come out of it, there is some tragedy in the physical world. It is usually a plane crash, although sometimes there is a train wreck. I came under a severe attack last Thursday and didn't come out it until Tuesday morning Then I heard about the tragedy in Colorado. Twenty-five people dead and about 12 injured, and the gunmen committing suicide. What is also interesting is that the tragedy occurred in Colorado, just as Patsy is about to be indicted for Jon Bene's murder.

Does anyone here not understand that the warfare in the spirit is manifested in the physical world? Does anyone not understand this? We are talking about the explosion in the spirit. Does anyone have any comments to make on it?

You see, there are only two spiritual beings in our world. and both of them are trying to live through physical humanity. There is the spiritual man, and there is the spiritual woman, his wife. Now the two are supposed to be one whole man. The woman is supposed to be an invisible support for the man. She is not supposed to be seen. But the woman separated from the man, and set up are her own power base.

Zech 5:7, And there was lifted up a talent of lead, and this is the woman that sits in the middle of the epah

Verse 8, And he said, this is wickedness and cast it into the middle of the epah and cast the weight of lead upon the mouth of it,

Verse 9, Then I lifted up my eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women,

Verse 11, And he said to me, to build a house in the land of Shinar, and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.

<LivingEM> The Woman departed from Adam, and she became two women, the personalities of mortal man, and Satan and Leviathan, mortal man's fallen mind, and the two are one.

<LivingEM> Do you remember how the woman departed from the man? Did she walk away? The Woman departed from Adam in the thoughts of her mind. The Woman could hear two voices, does anyone know which two voices the woman could hear? The righteous voice of her husband, Adam, and the evil voice of her other side.

Today, we, the personalities of humanity, are that Woman who agreed with the evil part of her own female side, rather than with her righteous husband, Adam. We, the personalities of humanity, are the Woman, who ran away with, and married, our own evil nature, the serpent.

The two women of Zechariah, chapter 5, are the personality and the evil mind that she is married to.

This evil mind is divided into parts: Satan, the unconscious part, Leviathan, the sub-conscious part, and Cain, also called "the flesh." the conscious part. Leviathan, the the Primodial Serpent's male organ, generates a larva of herself, the fiery serpent. Does anyone know the name of the womb that Leviathan drops her larva into?

<pearlmerchant> kundalini?

<overcomer> carnal mind?

<LivingEM> Kundalini is the Hindu name for the fiery serpent. She is the larva.

What, or who, is the womb that Leviathan's larva is planted in? The Woman, humanity, is the womb that spiritual life develops in.

So, since the serpent stole the Woman, the Woman, which we are, is in danger of giving birth to the Serpent's female offspring. The Serpent has already engraved humanity with her own nature, so it should be as simple thing for the Serpent to mature her female offspring within us. But the serpent has one problem. Adam, her husband, has risen from the dead in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His righteousness will not permit this perverse birth to endure.

I say, "to endure," because this birth will occur in some of the members of humanity. Spiritually speaking, completion in the image of the serpent can be likened to a totally deformed creature being born to a human woman. I have read that there are such births from time to time. I am not talking about a retarded child, or a child missing a limb, I am talking about something that does not even appear human. In such an event, I am told, the doctor destroys the creature.

Adam, the righteousness of God, is man enough to destroy the perverse creature which His wife, some of the personalities of humanity, will give birth to.

So, as I was saying, there are only two spiritual beings in the earth, and they are both trying to possess humanity, as a man possesses a woman. We are that Woman, and because of the sacrifice on the Lord Jesus Christ, the power to choose our righteous husband, Adam (the Lord Jesus), is available to all who prefer Him. Everyone who does not prefer the Lord Jesus Christ, will continue to be possessed by the Serpent.

This is what Jesus meant when he said, if you are not for me, you are against me. passivity on our part, is the equivalent of choosing the Serpent, because it is the Serpent who has incarnated us to the level of maturity that we now possess. We already belong to her. The first part of the marriage has already occurred. She has impregnated us. Every human being born of a woman carries within her spiritual womb Leviathan's larva, the fiery serpent. The second stage of the marriage is between the matured fiery serpent and the Primordial Serpent, who is beyond this world.

In a spiritual marriage, the offspring stays within the mother and then, incestuously, marries the father who conceived him. The union of the three then produces an immortal spiritual age.

Should the Primordial Serpent succeed in marrying the fiery serpent in an individual, that man will enter into an evil immortal age.

This is the truth of eternal torment. Eternal torment is the Primordial Serpent's completed timeline, but the Lord Jesus Christ is interfering with the Primordial Serpent's plan. The Lord Jesus, is interfering with Leviathan's developing fetus within us, by planting Christ Jesus, the embryo of His own life, within the spiritual womb of the personalities who prefer Him. And that holy thing, the fertile seed of the Lord Jesus Christ, the manchild, will take authority over the fiery serpent and force her to marry Himself instead of Leviathan.

This is the meaning of Gen 3:15,

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed at her seed, and you shall bruise his heel.

<LivingEM> The enmity is between Christ Jesus, the manchild, and the fiery serpent, the serpent's seed. The fiery serpent is trying to kill Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus is marrying the fiery serpent. "Marriage" implies union. When Christ Jesus is grafted to the individual personality, He begins to pursue the fiery serpent and to join Himself to her. The battle is fierce, as is demonstrated in many animal species where the male violently subdues the female. In the animal world, the male is usually the one who is violent, but in the world of the Spirit of the Lord, it is the fiery serpent who is the violent one. But Christ Jesus relentlessly pursues his beloved wife, whose adulterous relationship with the Serpent has caused her to be formed into an animal with a bestial nature. The fiery serpent resists Christ Jesus, and frequently murders Him, but the love of God, which is commitment, is stronger then the death of the Serpent's nature

Song Solomon 8:6, Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is cruel as the grave, the coals thereof are coals of fire which have a most vehement flame.

<LivingEM> This Scripture is saying to the fiery serpent, "let me engrave your heart center with my nature, and let me engrave the part of you that extends upward [your arm], with my nature because I am as strong as you are -- my love is as strong as your desire for death [Leviathan] -- and my jealousy for you is as severe as Leviathans possessiveness."

The English words "vehement flame" are a translation of two Hebrew words which mean, Jehovah's sparks. "Spark" is the symbol for Jehovah's spiritual seed. I don't have the time to accurately work up this last phrase while you are waiting, but it basically means, "and the sparks [these sons of God], belong to Jehovah."

So we see that Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus Christ to save the sparks of his own life which have been captured by the earth [the Primordial Serpent].

We, the personalities of fallen humanity, are not the sons of God. We are the horse that the sons of God ride upon, but when the Son of God, the manchild within us, marries us, who are His own horse, the two shall be one, once again, and we, the personality, shall inherit all of the glory, riches, honor, and power, which our husband, Christ Jesus, possesses. There shall be no difference, the two shall be one

Zech 10:3, Mine anger was kindled against the shepherds, and I punished the goats: for the LORD of hosts hath visited his flock the house of Judah, and hath made them as his goodly horse in the battle.

Jn 10:30, I and my father are one.

This major error in the Church, that we the personality, before we have been fully joined to Christ Jesus, are Elohim's sons in our own right, is deadly.

Zechariah 6 talks about the riderless horses that Adam's wife became when she agreed with her evil nature and departed from Adam's righteous thoughts. But in Rev 19:14, we see that the Lord Jesus Christ riding a white horse, signifying that all of the horses have become white [righteous], and that He, their husband is ruling over them.

So, I have told you all this to help you to understand that there are only two spiritual beings in the invisible part about world, and that these two spiritual beings, Adam, and his wife, should really be one. The warfare in the Heavenlies is Adam, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, reclaiming his wife, who is resisting Him with great violence. There is a war in the Heavenlies, and this war is manifested, first through the mind, and then the behavior, of physical people. Every human being born of a woman is either the manifestation of the mind of Christ Jesus or the carnal mind of His adulterous wife.

The mind of the Woman can be either good or evil, so the majority of humanity which is manifesting the mind of the Woman, is either manifesting pride [good] or evil tendencies. Circumstances and events in our physical world will manifest the warfare that is in the Heavenlies. The stronger an individual is determined to manifest "good," the less likely he is to be seduced by his own evil side, which is an open door for Satan to enter into that person

Lk 22:3, then entered Satan into Judas, surnamed Iscariot,

<LivingEM> does anybody know the name of the door that Satan enters in by?

<pearlmerchant> cain

<overcomer> sin.

Gen 4:7, If you do well, shall you not be accepted? and if you do not do well, sin lies at the door, and you shall desire him, and he shall rule over you.

<LivingEM> Yes, Cain is the door to hell. Cain is our evil potential. When we yield to our evil inclinations, Satan enters into us through Cain. The Church's name for Cain is "the flesh." Cain is the part of us which is the dumb ox. She is the animal part of us.

It is difficult for many to comprehend, but the violent outbursts of the fiery serpent as she resists Christ Jesus' efforts to apprehend her, will manifest in the earth through weak people who have fallen into agreement with their evil side. What is happening in our world today is greater than most can imagine. It is greater than the violence on TV. It is greater than immature parents. It is greater than a departure from "good." Satan is the mad dog that defends Leviathans marriage to the fiery serpent. Satan's job is not just to do evil, but to destroy all of the human beings that the manchild is growing in. And, although this is shocking to most who have not heard it before, Satan is strong enough to destroy Christ Jesus growing in the personalities who have not learned how to war against her, and defeat her devices.

When Paul said in 2 Cor 2:11, "we are not ignorant of Satan's devices," he did not mean that when you answer an altar call, this immediately applies to you. Paul meant that through Christ Jesus we have access to this wisdom, but we must study to show ourselves approved.

1 Tim 2:15, and she, [the Woman] shall be saved in childbearing, IF they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

We are saved when the manchild is fully born in us. Humanity is being saved one personality at a time, and until the whole world is restored to its rightful owner, the Lord Jesus Christ, the war will continue in the Heavenlies, and will be acted out through mankind.

But there is even another aspect to this story. Satan is knocking on the door [of the mind] of the personalities who are carrying the Christ child, and she is knocking hardest at the door [mind] of the personalities who are carrying the mature Christ Jesus.

Jesus said, I stand at the door and knock, and if you open the door I will come in. Satan wants to come into the house [personality] that Christ Jesus is ruling over. Satan wants to come into the house [personality] where the Christ child is most mature, and she wants to enter into the house to kill Christ Jesus.

Does anyone know how Satan kills Christ Jesus?

<overcomer> she gets you to agree with your carnal mind?

<LivingEM> Yes. Satan is invisible. She enters into our mind as thought. She enters into the house of Christ Jesus with a thought pattern that deviates from the Christ mind, and that thought pattern is both evil and very strong.

You cannot get away from it. There is no place to run, or hide. Satan broadcasts her evil message right from within the midst of you, and it fills your mind like water fills a cup. First you try to break curses, break soul ties, then you try to strip her off of you. You rebuke her, you fight with her, you struggle with her, but her evil thoughts remain in your mind.

Many young warriors yield under the hard pressure and become depressed and discouraged. Young warriors usually believe that they are evil because they are having these evil thoughts. Some uneducated young warriors are foolish enough to hide what is happening to them from the brethren. It is the worst thing that you can do to believe that you are evil because of the thoughts of your mind, and to hide what you are going through from believers that you can trust. Satan will surely overcome you if you choose this path.

Does anyone know why Satan will overcome the one who chooses this path? This is the response of pride. Satan will overcome us every time that we defend ourselves with pride. It is urgently important that we recognize that we have an evil side, but that we do not have to agree with her. When we deny that she is there, or keep her secret, we are inviting defeat. The safe path, is the behavior which emulates Christ Jesus. Does anybody know what behavior emulates Christ Jesus? The Spirit of Christ Jesus is the Spirit of??? He is spirit and???

<DANIEL42> truth

<LivingEM> Yes. Truth is one of Christ Jesus' characteristics. We must tell the truth to defeat Satan. We must tell the truth to ourselves, and we must tell the truth to a few trusted believers who will help us to fight our warfare.

The truth is that the evil one is within all of us. You may never have heard her thoughts for your entire life, but when Christ Jesus begins to appear in you, Satan and Leviathan will surely speak. If you do not hear her voice, either Christ Jesus is not maturing in you, or is not present in you, or you are in denial. Take your pick. If you do not hear the voice of evil, pray fervently for this experience, because if you are not experiencing the voice of evil, your deliverance is not at hand. You are still in diapers. Elohim's sons are all warriors, unless they are still in diapers.

Yes, you have heard me teach that Satan is in other men, but it is the sin of pride for Elohim's sons to perceive Satan in another man with their carnal mind. Does anybody know why this is so? How does the carnal mind react when she perceives sin in a man?

<overcomer> condemnation

<LivingEM> Yes. The carnal mind condemns sin, and not only the sin, but the sinner, as well. The spirit of the carnal mind is the executor of the sowing and reaping judgment. Satan responds to sin with destruction. To respond to sin with destruction, is sin for Elohim's sons. To be a Son, means that Christ is being formed in you, and once Christ is formed in you, He is the righteous judge. To kill when you have the ability to save, is sin.

Back to my point. Satan within you will never reveal herself to you. You can only perceive Satan within you with the eyes of Christ. So if Christ is in you, but you cannot see Satan within you, there is no way that Christ is revealing Satan in another man to you. Christ will show you Satan in yourself before he shows you Satan in another man. If you deny that Satan is within you, it is Satan within you revealing evil in other men.

When Christ reveals evil in men, He does it for the purpose of destroying the evil one so that they can live out of Christ. But when Satan reveals evil in men, she does it for the purpose of condemning them, and exalting herself. We cannot judge other men's sins, if we are not perceiving and warring against the evil in our own mind.

I told you earlier in this message that I had experienced five days of warfare with the beast. It really doesn't matter whether I was experiencing the thoughts of another person's mind [which is very possible, but this is another message] or whether the evil arose from within me. The only thing that matters is that the beast succeeded in filling my mind with her evil thoughts for five days. I prayed. I rebuked. I broke curses. I did everything I knew how to do, and she would not go away. But the positive aspect of my experience is that she did not steal the knowledge from me of who I am in Christ Jesus, which she has done many times in the past when I have temporarily yielded to her lies.

Remember, her lies are not only mental, they also manifest in the emotions. But this time was different. This time I experienced something that I had never experienced before. I was stronger in my Christ mind than I have ever been before. I did not believe at anytime that the negative thoughts in my mind were me. In the past I have wavered briefly, believing that I depressed, believing all of the ungodly thoughts which I do not care to repeat here. But this time was different. This time I had a "temptation" experience. This time, at some point, I got mad, and I spoke directly to the thoughts in my mind. I did not speak out of fear, I spoke out of annoyance and Godly impatience saying, now look here, Satan, I know who you are, and I know that you are not me. I also know that apparently I am not strong enough to chase you from my mind because you're been here for five days, but I want to know that you cannot stop me. I want you to know that I am going to live my life as if you were not here. I will just ignore you, and I know that eventually you'll surely depart from me.

The next morning the evil one had departed from me -- for a season. I am very excited to give you this testimony, because to me it is a testimony of spiritual growth. My testimony is also a prophecy to you. You will not ascend into perfection without overcoming Satan, who stalks you in your own mind. And if you do not believe that Satan is in your own mind, and in your emotions, you have created a stumbling block for yourself. You must not only believe that she is in your mind and your emotions, but you must look for her under every rock. You must root her out, and expose her for what she is. And what is she? She is your evil side.

Adam had an evil side and, believe it or not, the Lord Jesus had an evil side. This is not blasphemy. This is the truth. Every man born of a woman has an evil side. Every human being which is formed partially from the earth has an evil side. The darkness forms, or reveals, the light. We will always have an evil side. Right now we are in the process of learning how to dominate that evil side. When we dominate her completely, she will cease from "doing evil deeds," but the earth will always be evil. This is why Christ Jesus shall judge her, that is, cast her into the lake of fire, for the life of the ages.

We have an evil side, but we shall control our evil side, and we shall marry the Righteous One, who will permanently contain that evil side in the fires of His glorious judgment forever, and the evil side, the fiery serpent, shall prosper under His judgment. She shall become the Seraphim, the many-membered serpent who stands in front of the throne of God saying, holy, holy, holy, is the Lamb.

We shall not ascend, and we shall not be glorified, until we are strengthened by Christ Jesus, to war against our carnal mind, dominate her, defeat her, and bring her into servitude. The serpent shall, once again, be the submissive wife. She shall serve her husband by being a reflection of His righteous self. Yes, the serpent, which is the conscious, earth, shall be engraved with the nature of Jehovah. There shall be peace in the earth of the individual who has this experience, and every human being who is alive in "that day" shall have this experience, and there shall be peace at all of the creation. And the lion [Satan] shall lie down with lamb [Christ Jesus], and the Lamb shall dominate the lion. The two shall be one, and the divided age shall be no more, and in the day, that Jesus puts death, the last enemy, under his feet, He shall offer up the creature to the Father, and Jehovah shall be fully manifested, shall be fully expressed, in the darkness of the earth.

So the Evil One will always exist, but there will be no more evil thoughts or evil deeds.

It is for this purpose, to bring forth a visible creation. that Jehovah made the Evil One.

Is 45:7, I form the light, and create darkness, I make peace, and create evil, I the LORD do all these things.

I thank you Father, that we have defeated our strong enemy today. That we have preached the message that you have ordained for this day, and that everyone here was strong enough to stand in the battle. We have prevailed over Satan's devices, oh God. By your strength we have jumped over a wall, we have defeated the troop that Satan sent against us, we have done as you commanded us.

To everyone in the room: I consider it a miracle that we reconvened after the difficulties we had today, and this could only have happened because all of you heard the voice of the Lord and responded. Thank you for your faithfulness. We have not just defeated Satan for this evening. We have wounded her plans to destroy this meeting forever. This may not be the last battle, but we will weaken her more and more each time we meet.

God bless you all, and good night.

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