Prayer - Part 2


The transcript of the first 10 or 15 minutes was lost. We were talking about pastors misunderstanding the word of the Lord about children praying. Such a word would mean that the spiritual children should pray, that is, the believers who have Christ formed in them. But in the two cases that I cited, the pastors called physical children to pray.

LivingEM: How do we reconcile the word that the pastor heard "in the spirit"

LivingEM: and the Scripture?

LivingEM: Does anybody know the answer?

Myprecous1: If the two agree

DANIEL42: He did not know the correct interpretation of the scripture?

LivingEM: That is true, but what is the connect to link?

LivingEM: yes, the correct interpretation, or as the Scriptures says, understanding

LivingEM: is the essential factor.

LivingEM: but, then again, there is another, more subtle, factor, and that is

LivingEM: the living word.

LivingEM: when your source of Scripture is the printed word,

LivingEM: whether that word is one of the modern translations,

LivingEM: or the alternate translation,

LivingEM: if that source is outside of you,

LivingEM: if you have to refer to the book,

LivingEM: you are vulnerable to deception.

LivingEM: but if your source of knowledge is the living word,

LivingEM: the very Christ within you,

LivingEM: who is growing up in you like a spiritual plant,

LivingEM: he will explain all things to you.

LivingEM: he will correct your carnal mind.

LivingEM: some of you may have experienced me making a decision and then saying,

LivingEM: now, the Lord said otherwise.

LivingEM: more often than not, whether you admit it to or not,

LivingEM: your carnal mind thinks evil of me in such a situation.

LivingEM: she either believes that I am double minded, or weak,

LivingEM: or biased, all practicing favoritism.

LivingEM: but this is not true.

LivingEM: what had happened is that Christ Jesus has corrected me.

LivingEM: in my case, especially when I am preaching, it is not likely that I am in my carnal mind.

LivingEM: it is much more likely that the young Christ in me is corrected by the Lord Jesus, who is

LivingEM: above.

LivingEM: the head of the carnal mind is the holy spirit.

LivingEM: the head of Christ is the glorified Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: everyone in the flesh had a head covering, or one who covers their head.

LivingEM: the holy spirit is limited as to his ability to cover the carnal mind.

LivingEM: the holy spirit, as far as I know, does not bring a correction to wrong thinking.

LivingEM: the holy spirit will give instructions, and solutions to problems,

LivingEM: but he will not enforce his wisdom.

LivingEM: that means, that the believer must choose to follow his carnal mind

LivingEM: or the suggestion of the holy spirit.

LivingEM: it is a very rare person who follows the holy spirit.

LivingEM: most believers feel comfortable with the thoughts of their carnal mind,

LivingEM: and never even here the other voice.

LivingEM: those of us who study in this ministry know how difficult it is to hear the voice of Christ.

LivingEM: the voice of the holy spirit is even quieter than the voice of Christ.

LivingEM: the believer can pray under the influence of the holy spirit.

LivingEM: I should have said, the carnal mind can pray a righteous prayer under the influence of the

LivingEM: holy spirit.

LivingEM: to review what I have said, the carnal mind can pray righteous prayer when she's under the

LivingEM: influence of the holy spirit,

LivingEM: but when the holy spirit prays, he praised in an unknown language.

LivingEM: the gift of prophecy manifests itself as an influence upon the carnal mind.

LivingEM: the gift of prophecy is a form of prayer.

LivingEM: prayer is communication.

LivingEM: I have heard believers pray "under the anointing."

LivingEM: such a prayer usually proceeds forth rhythmically, and really is

LivingEM: a chant.

LivingEM: the holy spirit has laid hold of this carnal mind,

LivingEM: and is influencing her, firstly, to pray, and secondly,

LivingEM: to pray the thoughts of the holy spirit.

LivingEM: to say that the carnal mind is praying, is not really accurate.

LivingEM: what I have just described, is similar to Balaam's experience.

LivingEM: Num 23:16

LivingEM: And the Lord met Balaam, and put a word in his mouth,

LivingEM: and said, go again to Balak and say thus,

LivingEM: verse 18

LivingEM: God is not a man that he should lie,

LivingEM: neither the son of man that he should repent

LivingEM: hath he said, and shall he not do it,

LivingEM: verse 20

LivingEM: behold i have received a commandment to bless and he hath

LivingEM: blessed, and i cannot reverse it

LivingEM: in other words, Balaam can only speak the words of the Lord.

LivingEM: Balaam is saying that he cannot speak his own mind.

LivingEM: therefore, we conclude that prayer that comes forth under the anointing,

LivingEM: is not the prayer of the carnal mind, but really the prayer of the Holy Spirit manifested

LivingEM: through a man.

LivingEM: now, when Christ prays, it is the man himself praying.

LivingEM: this is because Christ is growing up in, and is a part of, that man.

LivingEM: Christ is the beginning of the new man.

LivingEM: col 3:10

LivingEM: and we have put on the new man,

LivingEM: which is renewed in knowledge after the image of he who created him.

LivingEM: please note, we are renewed in knowledge.

LivingEM: spiritual renewal is not in the laying on of hands.

LivingEM: why does the holy spirit sometimes pray in tongues,

LivingEM: and sometimes choose to influence on man to pray?

LivingEM: does anyone know the answer

LivingEM: a holy spirit does not throw a man into a trance.

LivingEM: it is possible for a spirit to throw man into a deep trance-like hypnotic state,

LivingEM: and cause him to speak in languages that the man does not know,

LivingEM: but this is not an activity of the holy spirit, who is still a seed.

LivingEM: Now, Elohim threw Balaam into a trance.

LivingEM: num 24:4

LivingEM: he hath said which heard the words of God

LivingEM: which saw the vision of the almighty, falling into a trance,

LivingEM: but having his eyes open,

LivingEM: ...

LivingEM: can anyone see the difference between Balaam's experience in

LivingEM: numbers 24 and numbers 24?

LivingEM: 23 and 24?

LivingEM: numbers 23:16

LivingEM: and Jehovah met Balaam and put a word in his mouth,

LivingEM: and said, go again to Balak and say,

LivingEM: ...

LivingEM: the difference is, that in numbers 23 Jehovah's says,

LivingEM: "go and tell Balak."

LivingEM: this means that Balaam is sent to deliver any message,

LivingEM: and that message will come forth under Jehovah's influence.

LivingEM: in other words, Balak had a conscious knowledge of what Jehovah intended to say

LivingEM: through his carnal mind.

LivingEM: but in numbers 24, this is not the case.

LivingEM: first of all, it is not Jehovah in numbers 24 but Elohim.

LivingEM: second of all, Balaam has no foreknowledge of what Elohim intends to say through him,

LivingEM: and most likely has no knowledge of the subject matter.

LivingEM: Balaam's clear mind could not have cooperated with Elohim of in any way,

LivingEM: because she simply was not equipped to do so if.

LivingEM: well, you say, if the heavier anointing, that of a trance, came forth from Elohim,

LivingEM: rather than from Jehovah, this makes no sense at all.

LivingEM: shouldn't the more powerful anointing come forth from Jehovah?

LivingEM: does anyone know the answer?

LivingEM: does anyone know who Elohim is in relation to Jehovah?

Myprecous1: Jesus

LivingEM: Jesus was a man.

LivingEM: Elohim is Jehovah's hand.

LivingEM: does anyone remember where Jehovah puts his hand?

LivingEM: is 11:8

LivingEM: and the suckling child shall play [war games] on the hole of the asp [serpent]

LivingEM: and the weaned child shall put his hand on [cover] the cockatrice's den

LivingEM: Jehovah puts his hand into the serpent's hole,

LivingEM: which is this fallen world.

LivingEM: "the weaned child" is speaking about the ancient of days,

LivingEM: who is Elijah in the old Testament, and the Lord Jesus in the new Testament.

LivingEM: Elohim manifests in a series of expressions of himself [Michael, Elijah, Jesus, sons of God]

LivingEM: each one of which is closer to mortal man.

LivingEM: Jesus Christ is the aspect of Jehovah's hand that will cover the serpents world.

LivingEM: the suckling child is Christ, who is not yet self-sufficient.

LivingEM: Jesus is raising up many children.

LivingEM: what I have just told you is a mystery.

LivingEM: excuse me. i will be right back.

LivingEM: the Scripture, to the best to my knowledge, never names Michael,

LivingEM: Elijah, etc., but uses the name "Elohim" as a generic term which encompasses all of these

LivingEM: aspects of himself.

LivingEM: by now come the you have probably forgotten the point that I in trying to make.

LivingEM: the reason that Elohim brings forth the greater anointing,

LivingEM: the trance state,

LivingEM: is that Elohim is a part of the man.

LivingEM: Elohim is the aspect of Jehovah who dwells in mortal man.

LivingEM: Jehovah will not dwell in mortal man until he is completely purified.

LivingEM: therefore, even though Jehovah is higher than Elohim,

LivingEM: Jehovah merely influences, but Elohim possesses,

LivingEM: because Elohim is joined to the man, and Jehovah is not.

LivingEM: what do I mean by "possess"?

LivingEM: Elohim is another mind.

LivingEM: when Elohim is present in a man, his mind, the mind of Christ, if you will,

LivingEM: possesses that man's carnal mind.

LivingEM: the mind of Christ seizes the carnal mind and possesses it.

LivingEM: we can say, that the Christ mind, in a trance situation, disables the carnal mind.

LivingEM: disconnect it, shuts it down, overshadows it.

LivingEM: the Christ mind in a trance situation, literally lays hold of the man and uses

LivingEM: the spirit of his carnal mind, and physical body for his own purposes.

LivingEM: For all intents and purposes, the carnal mind is dead until the Christ mind releases her.

LivingEM: in the case of the carnal mind being influenced, she is very much away and alive.

LivingEM: awake and alive.

LivingEM: so we see, that prayer which comes forth from the carnal mind under the influence of the

LivingEM: holy spirit can be imperfect prayer.

LivingEM: I myself have experienced the holy spirit praying through me one minute,

LivingEM: and my carnal mind the next minute,

LivingEM: with out even one second's hesitation in the midst.

LivingEM: but when the mature mind of Christ Jesus seizes the carnal mind,

LivingEM: he brings forth a perfect to prayer.

LivingEM: it is this principle that the Scripture talks about

LivingEM: in the old Testament,

LivingEM: where it says that if a prophet makes one mistake,

LivingEM: he should be stoned.

LivingEM: the emphasis does not lie on a human mistake,

LivingEM: but on the fact that if the carnal mind were truly seized,

LivingEM: no mistake would be possible.

LivingEM: mixture is deadly,

LivingEM: unless of course you have a perfect ability to discern the difference between the Spirit of

LivingEM: Christ and the spirit of the world.

LivingEM: therefore, it is possible for a believer to think that they are praying

LivingEM: under the influence of the holy spirit,

LivingEM: and made in fact be praying under the influence of the holy spirit,

LivingEM: when suddenly, with no warning, Satan can pierce through

LivingEM: and contaminate the whole prayer with Satan's spiritual pollution.

LivingEM: prayer is prophecy.

LivingEM: this is just another way of saying that prayer is creative.

LivingEM: prayer, which is focused energy, can change the direction that our life is going in,

LivingEM: and if it is powerful enough,

LivingEM: can build a new path.

LivingEM: prayer controls life situations from a spiritual plane which is higher than the authority of

LivingEM: this world.

LivingEM: prayer controls from an unseen plane.

LivingEM: prayer is a weapon because the changes that it produces

LivingEM: is a accomplished by spiritual power

LivingEM: so, if the spiritual power which serves you, by answering your prayer,

LivingEM: is not Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: you have established an ungodly relationship with a spirit from another kingdom.

LivingEM: and the day will come that that spirit calls in her marker.

LivingEM: therefore, be aware, that you carnal mind desires to serve you,

LivingEM: and to bring you into bondage.

LivingEM: your carnal mind is more than willing to answer the prayers

LivingEM: that the holy spirit is not in agreement with.

LivingEM: the holy spirit is the seet of Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: he does not throw you into a trance.

LivingEM: he works with your carnal mind and tries to influence her,

LivingEM: but your carnal mind has great strength to throw him off.

LivingEM: Al greatest safety is in an understanding of the underlying principles

LivingEM: on how Christ Jesus thinks.

LivingEM: for example, a young man came to me once, saying,

LivingEM: I am on disability.

LivingEM: I intend to take a course of study which is one-year long.

LivingEM: I will support myself with this disability award while I go to


LivingEM: then he came to me again, saying,

LivingEM: I have lost my disability award.

LivingEM: I want you to pray that the operation which I have just had is not successful,

LivingEM: because I need to be on disability for one more year until I complete my course of study.

LivingEM: at the same time and evangelist was in town who had a miracle healing anointing.

LivingEM: he refused to go for prayer because the healing that he needed [the condition was causing

LivingEM: pain in his leg]s],

LivingEM: was less important to him than the finances which would support him while he was in school.

LivingEM: of course, I refuse to pray the requested prayer, and couneled him

LivingEM: counseled him as to the danger that his thinking presented.

LivingEM: he perceived what I had to say as a threat of evil falling upon him

LivingEM: if he didn't try to receive a healing, and broke off our relationship.

LivingEM: I don't know what happened to him.

LivingEM: prayer can also be used to control people.

LivingEM: it is as possible to become dependent on someone's prayer,

LivingEM: as some people become dependent upon astrologers.

LivingEM: brethren, the spiritual world is filled with pitfalls.

LivingEM: to enter therein without the proper training, can be deadly.

LivingEM: but, glory to God, he loves us with an everlasting love, will nurture

LivingEM: us and sustain us until thr coming of the Great God within us,

LivingEM: which in his times he shall shew,

LivingEM: who is the blessed and only potentate,

LivingEM: the king of king and lord of lords, who alone has immortality,

LivingEM: dwelling in the light unto which no man can approach,

LivingEM: who no man has seen or can see,

LivingEM: to whom be power and honor everlasting,

LivingEM: Amen.

LivingEM: 1 tim 6:15-16

LivingEM: Are there any questions or comments?

LivingEM: God bless you all. See you next week.

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