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OnlineHost: *** You are in "Living Epistles". ***

LivingEM: okay, all set

LivingEM: the question was explain spiritual homosexuality

LivingEM: Spirit is male and Earth is female

ToDaNow: Yes ( go ahead)

LivingEM: spiritual earth has consciousness

LivingEM: and is the spiritual woman who rebelled against Adam

LivingEM: the spiritual male

LivingEM: she separated from him and divided herself into male and female

LivingEM: interacted with herself and produced offspring

LivingEM: Cain and Abel

LivingEM: who eventually evolved into present day mortal man

LivingEM: gh

ToDaNow: I understand ( go ahead0

LivingEM: questions?

LivingEM: gh

ToDaNow: so we are this offspring?

ToDaNow: gh

LivingEM: no one?

LivingEM: we'll pray

LivingEM: we should have started the meeting off with prayer anyway

LivingEM: Thank you Father for bring this meeting to pass

LivingEM: we know that everyone who you have ordained to be here is here

LivingEM: teach us Lord

LivingEM: and help us to understand

LivingEM: direct the subject matter

LivingEM: and be glorified in us. amen

LivingEM: There is no woman called Eve

LivingEM: Both the Hebrew and the Greek word translated Eve

DANIEL42: could you explain why some people are homosexual and some are not gh

LivingEM: merely means "life"

LivingEM: The woman shall be called the mother of all living

LivingEM: because consciousness is appearing in the Earth

LivingEM: is now appearing in the Earth

LivingEM: Adam is the male mind

LivingEM: of the female earth

LivingEM: which has been formed into a physical animal

LivingEM: mortal man is a mammal

ToDaNow: so what we see is coming from the spirit world? gh

LivingEM: The Serpent of the Earth is the mind of the mortal animal

LivingEM: therefore mortal man is spiritually homosexual

LivingEM: Adam was resurrected in the man, Jesus,

LivingEM: He said "before Abraham was, I AM"

LivingEM: and now the resurrected Adm in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ is taking

LivingEM: 'the Woman" back from herself

LivingEM: if you can hear it

LivingEM: gh

LivingEM: i was so busy typing i didn't see your questions.

LivingEM: hold on while i check them out

LivingEM: ToDa-yes we are the offspring of the earth

LivingEM: Dan some people are homosexual because

LivingEM: you mean physically homosexual

DANIEL42: yes

LivingEM: this is a curse that comes down on the family line

LivingEM: the whole creation [us] is playing out the Serpent's perverse thoughts

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ToDaNow: so when the forming of Christ is complete in us, will we be back to the right position

ToDaNow: gh

LivingEM: there is nothing new under sun

LivingEM: ToDa-exactly

LivingEM: not exactly

LivingEM: after Christ is formed in us

LivingEM: He must overcome the Woman who is living through herself

LivingEM: it is in the overcoming that we return to our true state

LivingEM: we must die to this [the serpent's] lifestyle

LivingEM: gh

ToDaNow: which is not easy gh

LivingEM: it is extremely difficuly, and very few find the way, but with

Christ all things are possible

LivingEM: gh

LivingEM: if we don't faint

LivingEM: gh

PSALM 29 2: I have a question about how we pass the Doctrine of Christ

PSALM 29 2: on to others ... if we have to wait

LivingEM: what do you mean, what we see is coming from the spirit world?

PSALM 29 2: until Christ is fully formed in us

PSALM 29 2: It's not as easy as passing out tracts

ToDaNow: I have been blessed my the messages and tapes

LivingEM: we can pass the Doctrine of Christ on before we enter into


LivingEM: which is sinlessness

LivingEM: which is eternal life

PSALM 29 2: I guess I mean how do we evangelize others

PSALM 29 2: if they aren't at the spiritual level to understand

LivingEM: those who are going on in Christ are not called to evangelize

PSALM 29 2: oh

LivingEM: this truth is found in Isaiah

LivingEM: where we see the call to sonship

LivingEM: our work is rise into Christ Jesus

LivingEM: evangelism is the work of the female church

LivingEM: that is the Bride

PSALM 29 2: I see...

LivingEM: that is, believers who are under the influence of the Holy Ghost

LivingEM: you cannot work to mature Christ if you don't have Christ

ToDaNow: When Christ is form in us, What is next? gh

LivingEM: but once Christ has come, we must labor a spiritual labor to mature Him in ourselves

LivingEM: There is "ministry" along the way, but only as the Lord directs us

ToDaNow: is there a sure sign to look for? gh

LivingEM: pleas hang on ToDa - i'll be right with you

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LivingEM: motive is the essential factor in ascending into Christ

LivingEM: our goal is that every motive that arises in us should be Christ

LivingEM: evangelism, or anything else, should only be Christ motivated

LivingEM: the average Christian today, is motivated by his carnal mind

LivingEM: which is self-satisfaction

LivingEM: which is spiritually homosexual at it's root

LivingEM: if you can hear it

ToDaNow: when the process is complete, does the world see the power of God in

us? gh

LivingEM: Yes

LivingEM: we have power now

ToDaNow: which is? gh

LivingEM: and there is evangelism now, but not as the church defines the word

LivingEM: all power and ministry is in the indwelling Christ

LivingEM: rising up and directing us

ToDaNow: thanks gh

LivingEM: speaking through us

LivingEM: our job is to restrain our carnal mind

LivingEM: because Christ will not strive with our carnal mind

LivingEM: we, our personality, manifest whoever we agree with

LivingEM: when we resist the carnal mind, Christ manifests

PSALM 29 2: How will we know when it's the Christ mind we're manifesting and not the carnal mind? gh

LivingEM: that is an excellent question, but first, did i answer you ToDa?

LivingEM: i guess i did, so we'll go on

LivingEM: it is very difficult to recognize when we are manifesting the

Christ mind at the beginning

LivingEM: because Satan exercises a seduction spirit towards us

LivingEM: that lies to us

LivingEM: and tells us that good is evil and evil is good

LivingEM: basically, the only way to tell is by trial and error

LivingEM: through continuous communication with the Lord

LivingEM: asking Him, if that was our carnal mind, or if that was Him

LivingEM: i am convinced that with all of my experience

PSALM 29 2: I think I have a problem hearing His voice

LivingEM: without the Lord Jesus

ToDaNow: when Christ is forming within us, does it affect others around us?


LivingEM: i can be deceived by the voice of the carnal mind

LivingEM: most definitely

LivingEM: and the more they are given over to the evil side of their carnal mind, the more violent the

LivingEM: their reaction

LivingEM: many who are living out of the good side of their carnla mind are not offended

LivingEM: but some are

ToDaNow: hum

LivingEM: i pray always that i should manifest Christ in all things

ToDaNow: amen

LivingEM: and then i ask the Lord if i have in each situation

PSALM 29 2: How do we hear His voice? gh

LivingEM: Their is a piercing through

LivingEM: after which hearing His voice becomes much easier

LivingEM: we hear his voice in many ways, the least reliable of which is an audible voice

LivingEM: Satan speaks English very well

PSALM 29 2: Sometimes I pray and ask questions, but it's just as

PSALM 29 2: easy to put my own answer in,

PSALM 29 2: you know, what I want to hear. gh

LivingEM: Yes, the carnal mind frequently answers our questions

PSALM 29 2: So, it's faith in Jesus

LivingEM: The Lord can speak through Scripture

LivingEM: He can speak through a "knowing"

PSALM 29 2: to believe He's answering

LivingEM: Yes, but you must test every answer

LivingEM: You can ask for as many witnesses as you want

LivingEM: there is a stage that we go through where it is acceptable to pray

PSALM 29 2: I was taught not to put out fleeces

LivingEM: "Lord open every door you want me to go through

LivingEM: and close every door you don't want me to walk through"

PSALM 29 2: is that the same as having two or three witnesses?

LivingEM: but as we mature, that kind of prayer loses its power

PSALM 29 2: I see

ToDaNow: which prayer should be use? gh

LivingEM: because the Lord expects us to learn from our experiences -- which we should always as Him t

LivingEM: to comment on [He may comment through another believer or teacher]

PSALM 29 2: thank you

LivingEM: i don't see anything wrong with a fleece if its set forth properly

LivingEM: ToDa- depends on how mature you are

LivingEM: it's okay to pray, Lord open and close doors

LivingEM: so long as He is honoring this prayer

ToDaNow: thanks gh

LivingEM: but when you recognize that this prayer isn't working any more

LivingEM: it means the Lord thinks you are grown up enough to make your own


LivingEM: then, after you make your decision,

LivingEM: He will deal with you if you made a mistake

LivingEM: or He might correct you before you make the mistake

LivingEM: this is how i pray

LivingEM: i evaluate the situation to the best of my own ability

LivingEM: looking at all of the facts and all of the options

LivingEM: and praying of course

LivingEM: then, if i haven't heard from the Lord

LivingEM: i make my "educated" decision, saying Lord

LivingEM: this is what i have decided to do, and if you don't turn me around, i will do it

LivingEM: please keep me from deception and error

LivingEM: so, now, Lord, that i have done all that i am able

LivingEM: and have thrown myself on your mercy, doing the best that i can

LivingEM: it is your responsibility to help me to hear your correction

LivingEM: which i am humbly praying for

LivingEM: should i be in error

LivingEM: gh

PSALM 29 2: that's a wonderful prayer

ToDaNow: i am signing off now, I am going to work. Talk to you tomorrow at

1pm if you are there.

LivingEM: The Lord taught me to pray that way

LivingEM: Just as it takes a human child time to grow up

LivingEM: -- some children mature faster than others --

LivingEM: it takes time to grow up in Christ

LivingEM: You can only so so fast, Psals292

LAMB4114: Bye ToDaNow

PSALM 29 2: Thanks for reminding me....

PSALM 29 2: I do want to get it all in as fast as I can

PSALM 29 2: esp. with only an hour or two each day

LivingEM: I know, I'm the same way

PSALM 29 2: and children to raise

PSALM 29 2: Can I ask another question?

OnlineHost: ToDaNow has left the room.

LivingEM: This walk is very difficult when you have small children, but

everything is possible in Christ

PSALM 29 2: I don't want to "hog" the floor if there's anyone else with questions

DANIEL42: Sue wants to know why the immortals did not fall all the way down?

LAMB4114: Is a fast dream acceptable here?

LivingEM: Mary, thanks for saying "bye"

ToDaNow, i didn't see that he was leaving until

LivingEM: it ws too late to say goodbye

LivingEM: It is my understanding at the present time

LivingEM: that the immortals fell as far as they could

LivingEM: and that this flesh condition is not a part of the fall

Myprecous1: HI EVERYONE

LivingEM: hi

PSALM 29 2: Hi Myprecous

DANIEL42: hi

LAMB4114: Hi Myprecous

LivingEM: but a condition contrived by the immortals

LivingEM: themselves who are feeding off of us

LivingEM: in other words

LivingEM: we are the emotional animal, the ox, that Adam formed at the beginning

LivingEM: the immortals are Elohim's sons who fell and turned evil

LivingEM: and are now abusing the ox that Adam made

LivingEM: using her for their own purposes

LivingEM: sensual experiences, etc

LivingEM: gh

DANIEL42: why are we different?

DANIEL42: gh

LivingEM: different than whom?

DANIEL42: the immortals

LivingEM: We are the ox, they are the fallen sons of Elohim

DANIEL42: what's the difference?

LivingEM: The ox is of the earth

LivingEM: Elohim's sons are Spirit

LivingEM: the ox is spiritually female

LivingEM: Elohim's sons, being spirit are male, but being overcome by the serpent's nature

LivingEM: have become spiritually female

LivingEM: not only the serpent's nature, but the serpent herself

LivingEM: gh

DANIEL42: why did they come out spirit and we come out earth?

LivingEM: In the beginning there was spirit and earth

LivingEM: gh

LivingEM: if there are no other questions on this subject, mary has a dream

LivingEM: are you okay Daniel?

LAMB4114: My dream was of what I perceived to be a nose and at the bottom was about six little black bugs

LivingEM: i don't think you understand

DANIEL42: yes, fine

LAMB4114: bugs.

LivingEM: okay, Lamb

LivingEM: at the bottom of the nose?

LAMB4114: yes

LivingEM: do you mean by the nostrils?

LAMB4114: It was like a cavity in the nose.

LivingEM: where in relation to the nostrils?

LAMB4114: within

LivingEM: the nostrils refer to spirit

LivingEM: there really is no Hebrew word for nose

LAMB4114: I thought discernment

LivingEM: the word that expresses "nose" is a word that speaks about heavy breathing

LivingEM: it usually signifies anger

LivingEM: the heat of anger

LivingEM: i can see where you think "discernment" with regard to the idiom of our present day English

LAMB4114: interesting

LivingEM: Nose, nosey, etc

LivingEM: and, its your dream, so that may be the case

LAMB4114: It was a definite irritation

LivingEM: by Scripturally speaking, the nose means spiritual anger, rage

LivingEM: and pestilence means witchcraft

LivingEM: plagues

LivingEM: etc

LAMB4114: gh

LivingEM: so, such a dream could mean curses from witchcraft

LivingEM: or, it could mean Satanic judgment

LivingEM: plagues, etc

LivingEM: did you have this dream recently?

LAMB4114: In the natural even as I sit here, I feel an irritation in my nose

LAMB4114: Not just now either. I thought allergy.

LAMB4114: Last night.

LivingEM: well, it could be signifying the curses flying here

LivingEM: i'm still having heart palpitations

LivingEM: as a matter of fact, they had completely cleared up, but started again during this session

LAMB4114: gh

LivingEM: i was cursed by a witch once

LivingEM: i was with my pastor in a spiritual meeting in a high wichcraft area

LivingEM: and i saw someone throw in curses right at my pastor

LivingEM: they weren't even hiding it

LivingEM: and i prayed against them. they couldn't see me

LivingEM: but they must have known it was me, because as i walked past him to go to the ladies room

LivingEM: he grabbed my arm and with his finger, sliced my life line

LivingEM: i was terrified

LivingEM: cried all the way home

LivingEM: but finally, strength was imparted to me

LivingEM: and i prayed,, Lord, if you let him kill me, i'm dead

LivingEM: and i'm not going to worry about it any more

LivingEM: i broke all the curses, and prayed extensive warfare

LivingEM: at the next service i told my pastor, and the whole church prayed

LivingEM: guess what? i didn't die

PSALM 29 2: praise the Lord!!


LivingEM: and not only that, but i saw the witch 3 y4ars later

LivingEM: praising the Lord at a meeting in Brooklyn

Myprecous1: thank God

LivingEM: Yes, God is good. gh

PSALM 29 2: Are the spiritual warfare prayers that

PSALM 29 2: the church prays

PSALM 29 2: different from what a person

PSALM 29 2: who has Christ forming in them prays?

PSALM 29 2: gh

LivingEM: no

LivingEM: but there is more power in numbers

PSALM 29 2: must we pray out loud to be effective

PSALM 29 2: gh

LivingEM: The stronger you are, the less the necessity to pray out loud

LivingEM: gh

PSALM 29 2: Many of my Christian friends

PSALM 29 2: say to pray out loud

PSALM 29 2: because Satan can't read your mind

PSALM 29 2: gh

LivingEM: Satan can read your mind, because Satan in the unconscious mind of mortal man

LivingEM: She is right there the whole time

PSALM 29 2: i understand, just wanted to confirm

LAMB4114: M and thoughts of the baby just popped into my mind

LivingEM: I don't think the Lord is leading us away from spiritual things at this time

LAMB4114: ok

LivingEM: but....

LivingEM: you could have tapped into Lamb's mind

LivingEM: thinking about her baby

LivingEM: Psalms, you must deal with the possibility that there is some fear

manifesting in you

PSALM 29 2: fear of my husband right now

LivingEM: i think most people experience fear when they first come into this

kind of spiritual warfare

LivingEM: do you mean at this exact moment?

PSALM 29 2: no

LivingEM: fear in what context?

PSALM 29 2: that his pressure will lead me away from the message

LivingEM: Fear is the opposite of faith

PSALM 29 2: right

LivingEM: and should be resisted at all costs

PSALM 29 2: easier said than done...

PSALM 29 2: but i'm trying

LivingEM: You do have a war on your hands, but every married person does

LivingEM: you can do all things in Christ

PSALM 29 2: yes

PSALM 29 2: thanks

LivingEM: And there is no ascension without something to overcome

PSALM 29 2: i know

LivingEM: it is unfortunate that it usually is one's mate

LivingEM: That's why Jesus says, count the cost

LivingEM: Is your fear because of his strong mind?

PSALM 29 2: i want to go all the way

PSALM 29 2: no, his drawing away from me

LivingEM: you fear you won't be able to tolerate his coldness?

PSALM 29 2: like i'm in a cult or something

LivingEM: his disapproval?

PSALM 29 2: yes

LivingEM: This is very difficult, but the challenge will teach you to not be controlled by anyone's ap

LivingEM: approval or disapproval

LivingEM: We cannot yield to pain or pleasure

PSALM 29 2: it is most definitely a challenge

LivingEM: but only to the instruction of Christ

PSALM 29 2: amen

LivingEM: All pain and pleasure is in the emotions

LivingEM: we must live out of Christ

LivingEM: gh

PSALM 29 2: thank you

DANIEL42: how do you deal with the emotions?

LivingEM: You will have whatever you truly choose, Psalms

LivingEM: Only Jesus knows your heart

LivingEM: I hope it doesn't happen, but if you had to choose between your husband and Jesus

PSALM 29 2: don't stop praying for me

LivingEM: Jesus know who you will choose

LivingEM: and if the truth is that you would choose Jesus, you will prevail

LivingEM: over everything tht Satan throws at you

LivingEM: and in addition

LivingEM: i can't promise you any thing

LivingEM: but you will have reason to hope that your husband will be blessed also

LivingEM: gh

PSALM 29 2: i pray for that too

PSALM 29 2: gh

DANIEL42: Sue asks, do we have anything to do with standing up or is it God's timeline?

PSALM 29 2: i have to go, i'm making a racket on the keyboard and hubby is

trying to sleep

PSALM 29 2: goodnight all

LivingEM: We have everything to do with standing up

DANIEL42: good night rose love ya

LivingEM: God bless you Psalms

LivingEM: Goodnight

LAMB4114: God Bless you Psalms

PSALM 29 2: thanks

OnlineHost: PSALM 29 2 has left the room.

LivingEM: This principle is evident in Fishing for Leviathan

Myprecous1: GOOD Night Psalms

LivingEM: Where Peter, after realizing that the Lord has spoken to him,

LivingEM: dives into the water

LivingEM: which really means, he went to war with Satan, the sea

LivingEM: only those who overcome will inherit eternal life

LivingEM: the issue is this

LivingEM: only Jesus truly knows our heart

LivingEM: if we truly want to overcome and are willing to try as hard as we can

LivingEM: He will carry us the rest of the way

LivingEM: but if we are fooling ourselves, saying we want to

LivingEM: go on, but not willing to pay the price, will not overcome

LivingEM: it's the same principle as the widow woman who put in her 2 mites

LivingEM: what is a small effort to one person, is a great effort to another

LivingEM: Overcoming requires our very best, whatever that is to us

LivingEM: Our best plus Jesus=victory

LivingEM: gh

DANIEL42: thanks

LivingEM: S, are you finding things very hard these days?

LivingEM: I remember you telling me at one time, that after listening to the tapes

DANIEL42: S says she is fine except for her son

LivingEM: you felt that this walk was too hard

LivingEM: is he out of rehab?

DANIEL42: he only stayed two days and left, drinking again

DANIEL42: gh

LivingEM: Any kind of grief is in the carnal mind

LivingEM: if satan can keep us in grief, she keeps us in the carnal mind

LivingEM: remember that David's longing for Absalom ultimately destroyed him

LivingEM: if we can help our children, it's one thing

LivingEM: but in a situation like this the best thing you can do is serve

God, and let him work out hi

LivingEM: his own problems

LivingEM: gh

DANIEL42: how would you deal with those emotions? gh

LivingEM: Grief?

LivingEM: which emotions?

DANIEL42: she feels sad that he is wasting his life

LivingEM: You have to look away, S. It's his life

LivingEM: You must take your eyes off of Jesus to feel sad about anything

LivingEM: and this is the sin of pride

LivingEM: you need to repent

DANIEL42: S says OK

LivingEM: Praise the Lord!!

LivingEM: gh

LivingEM: i didn't answer you question as to how to deal with those feelings

LivingEM: it's no so easy to look away

LivingEM: you must enter into active warfare, by rebuking these thoughts whenever them come into your

LivingEM: mind

LivingEM: say, i give him to Jesus, i must go on with the work He has given me

LivingEM: and drive those thoughts from your mind

LivingEM: this is the overcoming of the carnal mind

DANIEL42: Sue says she will do her best

LivingEM: good. gh

DANIEL42: Our best plus Jesus is great. I want to remember that. gh

LivingEM: amen

LivingEM: i perceive a bit of a depression here, does anyone have a

spiritual question?

LAMB4114: no

Myprecous1: i am just taking it all in

LivingEM: Why don't we pray about the publishing of the Alternate Translation

LAMB4114: ok

LivingEM: Father, we glorify your Name, Lord

Myprecous1: ok

LivingEM: We thank you for this great opportunity

LivingEM: but sincerely pray that if it is false

LivingEM: if it is a wolf in sheep's clothing

LivingEM: that you save me from deception and destruction

LivingEM: Help me to make the correct decisions, Lord

LivingEM: Help me to see with your eyes and hear with your ears

LivingEM: Deliver me from spiritual blindness

LivingEM: And every snare of Satan

LivingEM: Be glorified in this Word, Lord

LivingEM: And, whether this offer be true or not, help me to to the work

LivingEM: to find the time

LivingEM: to do the work

LivingEM: Thank you Lord for the privilege of bringing this Word forth

LivingEM: Keep it from the hands of unscrupulous men

LivingEM: Keep it unspotted and uncompromised

LivingEM: May I be strong in wisdom and knowledge and understanding

LivingEM: to do your will in this matter

LivingEM: and not stumble because of any weakness in myself

LivingEM: Confirm to me please my choice of an attorney

LivingEM: And may your wisdom rest upon him in this matter, as well as other

LivingEM: Lord, I'm a babe in the woods without you

LivingEM: In you I stand or fall

LivingEM: May my integrity be built as a result of this offer, and not torn down

LivingEM: May my relationship with you be strengthened as a result of this offer

LivingEM: and not torn down

LivingEM: May Christ increase as a result of this offer, and not decrease

LivingEM: May this Word feed the many, Lord, in your timing

LivingEM: and by your design

LivingEM: I don't know how else to pray Lord

LivingEM: So I now go forth to do thy will oh, God

LivingEM: to the best of my ability

LivingEM: Guide me

LivingEM: and help me

LivingEM: and give me the victory over every enemy

LivingEM: who would cause me to stray from you

LivingEM: or from the task that you have set before me

LivingEM: Let me be able to say to you, Lord,

LivingEM: I have done as you have commanded me

LivingEM: That you might say to me

LivingEM: Well done, my good and faithful servant

LivingEM: Amen and amen

DANIEL42: amen

LAMB4114: amen

Myprecous1: Praise God

LivingEM: God bless you all

LivingEM: Does anyone have anything to say before we depart?

DANIEL42: thanks, God bless you too

LivingEM: Good night all

Myprecous1: o k

DANIEL42: good night from a and s

LAMB4114: Goodnight. God bless you all. See to tomorrow.

LivingEM: Myprecous, Lamb- see you tomorrow morning

Myprecous1: ok

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