Revelation, Chapter 12 - Part 2


LivingEM: Good afternoon

LivingEM: I remind you that I'm using voice activated software

LivingEM: So there may be some long words and spelling errors

LivingEM: This is part 2 of our study in Revelation, Chapter 12.

LivingEM: This is a very important study because it is dealing directly with the Scripture.

LivingEM: I noticed that there were quite a few errors in the transcript of part 1

LivingEM: and because of the importance of this study, I will edit that transcript

LivingEM: to clarify what I was saying, where wrong words might have clouded the issue.

LivingEM: The edited transcript of part 1 will be available sometime today.

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LivingEM: We will start today with a brief review,

LivingEM: and some additional Scriptures to support the concept

LivingEM: of spiritual molecular union, which is simply called "marriage" in the Scripture,

LivingEM: or spiritual marriage, in some more advanced studies

LivingEM: We started part 1 with an exhortation on the union of the spiritual molecules

LivingEM: of our mortal foundation, with a male spirit.

LivingEM: If you get sick and expect to die if Jesus does not intervene,

LivingEM: this means that your foundation is mortal, and if your foundation is mortal,

LivingEM: she is joined, or married to, the Primordial Serpent, through her male organ, Leviathan.

LivingEM: All of mortal humanity is female because she is penetrated by Leviathan in her spiritual

LivingEM: female part -- the fiery serpent.

LivingEM: Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ to cast Leviathan out of the spiritual earth, which is

LivingEM: the fiery serpent.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent is the serpent of the earth, as opposed to the sea serpent, Leviathan.

LivingEM: The Primordial Serpent is fully possessing mortal humanity.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent indwells each in every mortal man, and is the "hand" of the Primordial Serpent

LivingEM: in the individual, and Leviathan is her arm.

LivingEM: Mortal man is fully possessed and occupied by the Primordial Serpent

LivingEM: through the fiery serpent and Leviathan, in every spiritual molecule of our being.

LivingEM: Just as the physical body is made up of many atoms and molecules,

LivingEM: the spiritual body, sometimes called the personality,

LivingEM: consists of many spiritual atoms and molecules.

LivingEM: The Primordial Serpent's possession of the fiery serpent, as a man possesses a woman, is a

LivingEM: spiritual perversion, because the entity in the male role, as well as the female role, is

LivingEM: spiritually female.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent is the background threads of Jehovah's creation.

LivingEM: She is made of the earth, and she is female because the earth is female in relationship to

LivingEM: Jehovah.

LivingEM: The female is designed to be possessed by a male.

LivingEM: Spirit is male to the earth.

LivingEM: The household of God is designed to possess the earth

LivingEM: in every molecule of his spiritual being.

LivingEM: But the Earth has possessed herself.

LivingEM: The Earth has cast out Adam, her husband, and is possessing herself

LivingEM: in every spiritual molecule of her being.

LivingEM: The queen in Revelation, Chapter 17, who declares that she is no widow,

LivingEM: is the one that the world calls "Mother Nature."

LivingEM: Mother Nature has made herself male and female, but the male part of herself

LivingEM: is a counterfeit.

LivingEM: The spiritual truth of our existence is that mortal man is the

product of spiritual

LivingEM: homosexuality and spiritual incest, because Mother Earth

LivingEM: has married herself, who is the Father's wife.

LivingEM: A visible world appears in its own dimension, when a spiritual male enters into a

LivingEM: spiritual female and dwells with her in the spiritual plane.

LivingEM: The natural example is the amniotic sac which is formed by the mother of any mammal

LivingEM: as a safe environment for the forming fetus.

LivingEM: Our whole world is a spiritual amniotic sac.

LivingEM: Spiritually speaking, we have not been born yet.

LivingEM: This is why Paul said that we don't know what we shall be, but we see Jesus.

LivingEM: Paul was saying that when we are fully born into the spiritual world of our Father,

LivingEM: we will depart from this amniotic sac that we dwell in.

LivingEM: And our hope is that when we are born, we shall be in the image of the Father,

LivingEM: and not in the image of the Primordial Serpent.

LivingEM: So, we see a spiritual mystery.

LivingEM: We, humanity as we know it, is a collection of personalities, which are made from the earth.

LivingEM: We are spiritually female, because Adam, our original ancestor was conceived by the

LivingEM: Primordial Serpent's seed.

LivingEM: You see, there are two words translated "Adam" in the Scripture.

LivingEM: Strong's# 120 means humanity a large,

LivingEM: And Strong's # 121 signifies the personal Adam,

LivingEM: the zygote that was formed when the Primordial Serpent joined with the

female aspect of the Earth.

LivingEM: A zygote is the single cell that is formed from a female ovum and a male sperm.

LivingEM: A zygote is the first cell of the new baby.

LivingEM: Mortal humanity as we see it today, is the many-membered fetus

LivingEM: that was formed from the counterfeit male seed of the Primordial

LivingEM: Serpent and the female aspect of the earth, which is called the "ox" in prophesy.

LivingEM: The zygote has engaged in cell division, and has become a many-membered fetus,

LivingEM: and every member of the fetus, or every cell of the fetus,

LivingEM: is what we know to be a human being.

LivingEM: Every human being consists of trillions of spiritual molecules,

LivingEM: and every single one of our spiritual molecules is formed

LivingEM: from the union of the fiery serpent that incarnated us, and Leviathan, who is penetrating her,

LivingEM: which is another part of herself. Both the fiery serpent and Leviathan are aspects of the Primordial Serpent.

LivingEM: Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ to disengage Leviathan from the fiery serpent

LivingEM: in every single spiritual molecule of our being.

LivingEM: The Lord Jesus is not doing this from a far away place.

LivingEM: The Lord Jesus is, and will be, reproducing himself in every single human being.

LivingEM: And Christ Jesus, the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ in the individual,

LivingEM: will wage the necessary warfare against Leviathan, and cast her out of the womb of the

LivingEM: earth in each personality, until the whole earth is possessed by

LivingEM: the Lord Jesus Christ, through Christ Jesus in the individual.

LivingEM: I told you in Part 1 of this message, that "spiritual blood"

LivingEM: is formed from the many spiritual molecules of which we are made, twisted together with our

LivingEM: personality.

LivingEM: This concept can be somewhat confusing, so I will try to clarify it for you.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent is the background threads of Jehovah's creation.

LivingEM: She was made for Jehovah's male spirit to weave in an out of,

LivingEM: to form a spiritual tapestry,

LivingEM: which would appear as a visible world.

LivingEM: The personality which we are, is made of the earth.

LivingEM: As our physical body is made of many parts, so is our spiritual body, and the fiery

LivingEM: serpent is the womb of the personality.

LivingEM: The personality and the fiery serpent are one entity.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent is the part of the personality that the penetrating male spirit

LivingEM: joins with.

LivingEM: The union of that part of us which is out spiritual womb, that is, the fiery serpent,

LivingEM: with a penetrating male spirit, produces spiritual blood,

LivingEM: and as in human reproduction, the blood of the offspring of this union, comes from the mother.

LivingEM: The life of the flesh is in the blood.

LivingEM: But, once again, we see that spiritual things are the opposite of the things of this world.

LivingEM: The Scripture says that Jehovah is the breasted one who nourishes and brings up young.

LivingEM: In the spiritual plane, both the father and the mother aspect, come from the penetrating, male spirit.

LivingEM: I speak about the spiritual genes of the offspring.

LivingEM: The female womb, as I have been calling the fiery serpent, is merely a receptacle

LivingEM: that holds the fetus,

LivingEM: so when the personality is penetrated by the spiritual female,

LivingEM: the Primordial Serpent through Leviathan, her counterfeit male organ,

LivingEM: the blood of the offspring, is female.

LivingEM: This is a great mystery, but the offspring that is produced

LivingEM: by the union of the fiery serpent and Leviathan,

LivingEM: is the personality, which we are.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent incarnates us through union with Leviathan, and dwells in us, and

LivingEM: Leviathan dwells in the fiery serpent, and all three --

LivingEM: Leviathan, the fiery serpent, and the personality, are the offspring of the Primordial Serpent, the penetrating counterfeit

LivingEM: male.

LivingEM: So, we, the personality, are the offspring of the Primordial

Serpent, through Leviathan,

LivingEM: her counterfeit male organ.

LivingEM: This is why Jesus could call the Pharisees "vipers."

LivingEM: Jesus did not call the Pharisees names, he spoke the truth about their state of being.

LivingEM: We, the personality, are the offspring of the earth which was designed to receive Jehovah's seed,

LivingEM: but which received the Serpent's seed instead.

LivingEM: We can say it this way also,

LivingEM: Jehovah's seed, called humanity, was designed to impregnate the earth, and produce a civilized man in Jehovah's image,

LivingEM: but the Earth produced an illegal seed from within herself --

LivingEM: a tare, if you will --

LivingEM: and the Earth's seed, which was a counterfeit male seed, impregnated the female part of the

LivingEM: earth which is symbolicly called "the ox" in the Old Testament.

LivingEM: And the personality that was conceived from the union of the male and female parts of the

LivingEM: Earth, is called the personal Adam, Strong's No. 121,

LivingEM: who appears for the first time in Chapter 3 of Genesis.

LivingEM: The personal Adam, Strong's No. 121, is the zygote of the union of the Primordial Serpent's counterfeit male, and female seed.

LivingEM: The personal Adam continued to have life, however, until Jehovah

LivingEM: severed their connection

LivingEM: when the personal Adam was overcome by the Primordial Serpent's nature.

LivingEM: It was the personal Adam who died.

LivingEM: The foundation stone of humanity, Adam, Strong's No. 120, did not die.

LivingEM: The personal name of the foundation stone of humanity, is Michael.

LivingEM: Michael never separated from Jehovah, and has never stopped working towards the goal that

LivingEM: Jehovah has set before him:

LivingEM: To impregnate the Earth, and bring forth a civilized personality in Jehovah's image.

LivingEM: To do this, however, Michael, the foundation stone of humanity, appearing to mortal man

LivingEM: today, as the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: must disengage Leviathan, the Primordial Serpent's male organ, from his connection with the

LivingEM: fiery serpent in each in every personality, which we are.

LivingEM: When Christ Jesus in the individual succeeds in casting Leviathan out of his own wife,

LivingEM: the fiery serpent, in each and every spiritual molecule

LivingEM: of the individual, and Christ Jesus possesses the fiery serpent,

LivingEM: in each and every spiritual molecule of the individual,

LivingEM: the personality, which we are, which is the offspring of the union between the Primordial Serpent's counterfeit spiritual

LivingEM: male, and the spiritual female, will receive a spiritual blood transfusion,

LivingEM: because the blood of the personality is determined by the mother.

LivingEM: So when Christ Jesus penetrates the spiritual molecules of the fiery serpent in the individual,

LivingEM: Mother Earth will no longer be our mother,

LivingEM: but the Lord Jesus Christ will be our mother as well as our Father,

LivingEM: and His incorruptible blood, the blood in which eternal life is found, will be our blood.

LivingEM: So we see, that the spiritual blood type of the individual is determined by the spiritual male

LivingEM: that is possessing the personality through her female part, the fiery serpent.

LivingEM: Now this is a great mystery, but in the spiritual frame of reference,

LivingEM: the personality is subordinate to her female part.

LivingEM: In the natural, the womb, the female part,

LivingEM: is subordinate to the whole woman, but in the spiritual plane, the exact opposite is true.

LivingEM: In the spiritual plane, the personality serves the womb.

LivingEM: Now, Christ Jesus, our new husband, is possessing us, as a man possesses a wife,

LivingEM: a spiritual molecule at a time. So we see, that we have two types of spiritual blood

LivingEM: flowing along our nerves at the same time, and that these two bloods are at war with one

LivingEM: another, and engaging in a form of "destructive interference" [term used in physics]

LivingEM: which results in the annihilation

LivingEM: of one of the blood types.

LivingEM: To put it another way, Christ Jesus is penetrating some of our spiritual molecules,

LivingEM: and Leviathan is still penetrating some of our spiritual molecules,

LivingEM: and when a spiritual molecule penetrated by Christ Jesus comes in contact with a spiritual

LivingEM: molecule penetrated by Leviathan, a conflict arises, which is usually felt in the

LivingEM: emotions of the personality;

LivingEM: and the determining factor as to which molecule is annihilated,

LivingEM: the molecule penetrated by Christ Jesus, an indwelling cell of eternal life,

LivingEM: or the molecule penetrated by Leviathan, an indwelling cell that produces death,

LivingEM: is the personality -- us.

LivingEM: You see, the molecules of blood are collectively called "mind."

LivingEM: The personality that agrees with, or chooses, or prefers, the thoughts of the living mind,

LivingEM: experiences an increase in the life of Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: and a decrease in the ungodly characteristics of her personality which result in physical death.

LivingEM: So we have two spiritual blood types flowing along our nerves.

LivingEM: But the very fact that we still get sick and die, is proof

LivingEM: that the majority of our spiritual molecules are still possessed by the Primordial Serpent through Leviathan, her counterfeit male organ.

LivingEM: This is a major spiritual principle for those who hope to go on Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: The Greek word that expresses the idea of "spiritual blood" is "energia," Strong's No. 1753.

LivingEM: "Energia" appears 9 times in the New Testament, 7 of which occurrences refer to the

LivingEM: spiritual blood of Jesus Christ, and 2 of which refer to the spiritual blood of the

LivingEM: Primordial Serpent.

LivingEM: Remember now, the term "spiritual blood," is talking about the collective number of

LivingEM: spiritual molecules that are penetrated by either Christ Jesus or Leviathan.

LivingEM: Eph. 1:19

LivingEM: "And what is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us

LivingEM: ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power."

LivingEM: The Greek word "energia," is translated "working."

LivingEM: It should be translated "his mighty force."

LivingEM: I don't know about you, but I have never heard the word "force"

used in connection with

LivingEM: Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: I have always heard it used in connection with the Old Testament "god of forces," referring

LivingEM: to the Primordial Serpent.

LivingEM: Yet, here it is, very obvious in the Greek text.

LivingEM: The "force" of Jesus Christ in the individual's life, is in

LivingEM: His blood.

LivingEM: If the blood of Jesus Christ is not in you,

LivingEM: it cannot help you. "The blood of Jesus Christ"

LivingEM: is not the human blood of the man Jesus that was poured out upon the physical earth at

LivingEM: Calvary.

LivingEM: "The blood of Jesus Christ" is the collective spiritual molecules that are penetrated by

LivingEM: Christ Jesus in the individual.

LivingEM: The greatness of His power to those who believe is manifested in the warfare

LivingEM: that displaces Leviathan in the individual.

LivingEM: Remember, spiritual blood can be likened to "mind."

LivingEM: The great working of Jesus' force, which is his blood, is the penetration and ultimate

LivingEM: destruction of our carnal mind. We do not experience this penetration without pain.

LivingEM: The pain is in the night, that part of us which is joined to Leviathan,

LivingEM: but true joy comes when the morning dawns,

LivingEM: and the morning is a symbolic name for the blood of Jesus Christ, who is light and Day to us.

LivingEM: Eph. 3:7

LivingEM: "Whereof I was made a minister according to the gift

LivingEM: of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of His power."

LivingEM: "Energia" is translated "effectual working" in this verse.

LivingEM: So we see, that to be a true minister of Christ, we must have his blood flowing through

LivingEM: our spiritual veins, which are the nerves.

LivingEM: Eph. 4:16

LivingEM: "...from whom the whole body fitly joined together

LivingEM: and compacted by that which every joint supplieth

LivingEM: according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto

LivingEM: the edifying of itself unto love."

LivingEM: Now I'll bet that you think that this verse is talking about the Church.

LivingEM: Well, maybe you don't think it's talking about the carnal church.

LivingEM: Maybe you think it's talking about the spiritual body of Christ.

LivingEM: Well, that's what I thought until a couple of hours ago.

LivingEM: But guess what, this verse is talking about the same thing that I've been talking about for the last two hours.

LivingEM: I'm going to go over this verse word by word, and then we will call it quits for today.

LivingEM: First of all, the Greek word translated "body," can mean physical or spiritual body.

LivingEM: We have a physical body and we have a spiritual body.

LivingEM: Paul said, we have a terrestrial body, and a celestial body.

LivingEM: The same Greek word is used in both contexts.

LivingEM: Needless to say, for the purposes of this discussion we shall consider the "body" spoken

LivingEM: about in the verse, to be the spiritual body. And what shall we call our spiritual body?

LivingEM: Personality.

LivingEM: Our personality is the spiritual body that is being saved.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "whole," can also be translated "individual."

LivingEM: We shall translate the phrase, "the whole [physical] body [of Christ]"--

LivingEM: as most in the Church would translate it --

LivingEM: "the individual celestial body, or the individual spiritual body, or the individual personality.

LivingEM: "Fitly joined together," means to be joined closely, as the parts of a building.

LivingEM: How about the parts of a spiritual building, which is the house that the male spirit

LivingEM: occupies

LivingEM: I suggest to you that the phrase "fitly joined together," Strong's No.4883, is talking about

LivingEM: Christ Jesus' penetration of our personality, as a man possesses a woman, in each in every

LivingEM: spiritual molecule of our spiritual being, which is our personality.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "compacted," Strong's No.4822, means

LivingEM: "to knit together,"

LivingEM: "to coalesce,"

LivingEM: which means "to fuse," "to grow together."

LivingEM: So we see that the individual personality must be joined to Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: to the extent that we grow together, so hat there is no separation between He and we

LivingEM: This spiritual union between the personality and her husband is manifested

LivingEM: to the personality in the form of "mind."

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "joint," Strong's No.860, means,

LivingEM: bond, or connection.

LivingEM: Strong says "it probably means a ligament," because the root of the word means

LivingEM: "to fasten."

LivingEM: The same Greek word that is translated "whole" at the beginning of the verse, is translated

LivingEM: "every" later on in the verse.

LivingEM: We translated this word "individual," rather than "whole" in the first instance, and we

LivingEM: shall be consistent, by translating it "individual" the second time it appears also.

LivingEM: The spiritual body should be joined to the point of fusion

LivingEM: in every individual connection,

LivingEM: or in every spiritual molecule.

LivingEM: The Greek or translated "supplieth," means to distribute,

LivingEM: and the Greek word translated "by," can also be translated "throughout,"

LivingEM: and the Greek word translated "according to" can be translated "along."

LivingEM: And be distributed throughout the whole body, along [the nerves].

LivingEM: "Effectual working" we have previously discussed.

LivingEM: This is the Greek word "energia," which we are translating "the blood of Jesus Christ."

LivingEM: The word "measure," means "a measurement," and the word "of" means "one."

LivingEM: The blood of Jesus Christ, which is formed through the union and fusion of Christ Jesus to

LivingEM: our spiritual part, the fiery serpent, should be distributed throughout our entire body

LivingEM: along the nerves thereof,

LivingEM: as though we were one, that is, Christ Jesus should be so joined to us

LivingEM: in our spiritual molecules, which manifests itself to us as mind,

LivingEM: that we are one,

LivingEM: until every part of our spiritual body

LivingEM: is acquired [translation of maketh]

LivingEM: until the building [edifying]

LivingEM: shoots forth [second translation for the Greek word translated "maketh"]

LivingEM: From within itself

LivingEM: [that comes forth from] agape love.

LivingEM: Until every part of a spiritual body is acquired by Christ Jesus, the one who loves us, and

LivingEM: the personality [building] of the one who loves us shoots forth

LivingEM: Until every spiritual molecule of our personality is acquired by the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: the one who shows His Love for us through union with our spiritual body,

LivingEM: His love for us

LivingEM: until every spiritual molecule is acquired by Him

LivingEM: and His house[hold] shoots forth.

LivingEM: The "new building" is our renewed personality which will be in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: This is the reality of the new birth.

LivingEM: Yes, we must be born again.

LivingEM: And when our spiritual body, our personality is born again,

LivingEM: she, too, will have a new house to live in,

LivingEM: a spiritual outer garment,

LivingEM: which we know as "the spiritual outer body."

LivingEM: So we see, that there are two spiritual bodies.

LivingEM: The renewed personality which is the undergarment,

LivingEM: and the renewed outer garment, the new house that we will live in with our new husband, Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: Hallelujah!

LivingEM: We thank you Jesus, for the truth, which is more wonderful

LivingEM: than anything we could have imagined.

LivingEM: We thank you for the strength to overcome our carnal mind,

LivingEM: which is weak-kneed and fearful.

LivingEM: May this prayer impart strength to the weak, and encourage the strong.

LivingEM: May all of us, the weak and strong, help one another to go through the processings that

LivingEM: will bring these promises to pass in our life.

LivingEM: We thank you Father, for the Lord Jesus Christ, by whom

LivingEM: Christ Jesus, our personal Saviour is given unto us.

LivingEM: We pray that he completes his assignment in us.

LivingEM: That he cast out Leviathan, the Primordial Serpent counterfeit male organ.

LivingEM: And we confess that our part is to confess that we are engaged in an ongoing spiritual

LivingEM: adultery with the Primordial Serpent, and that this is the reason that we are sick and

LivingEM: dying, and confused in our mind.

LivingEM: We declare, Lord, that you are the only perfect and righteous one,

LivingEM: and that immortality, which is safety and deliverance from death, exists only in you,

LivingEM: and that we cannot even approach unto you,

LivingEM: but that you have had mercy on us, by sending the Lord Jesus.

LivingEM: So we believe that you who have started this great work in us, will not stop your efforts

LivingEM: until you have completed it in us.

LivingEM: Help us, Lord, because we cannot do our part without you.

LivingEM: In the Name of Jesus, we humbly pray this prayer.

LivingEM: God bless you, all. Until next week.....

DANIEL42: amen

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