Revelation, Chapter 12 - Part 3


LivingEM: let's start with a prayer

LivingEM: Father, in the Name of Jesus

LivingEM: we break every opposition to this meeting

LivingEM: we cancel Satan's plans

LivingEM: and we boil her away

LivingEM: we call forth peace

LivingEM: and stability and strength

LivingEM: and we speak unto the mechanical problem present today

LivingEM: and we rebuke it.

LivingEM: we bless this meeting,

LivingEM: we forgive everyone's sins

LivingEM: and pray that the message that comes forth should be the Word of the Lord,

LivingEM: as he has ordained it for this meeting.

LivingEM: Are there any questions before we start the message?

PSALM 29 2: I have a question about Maitreya

LivingEM: OK

PSALM 29 2: Have never heard of him before, so I'm a bit confused about whether he's the Antichrist, or what?

LivingEM: Antichrist is not one man. John clearly tells us that there are many antichrists.

LivingEM: Maitreya claims to be a 5000 year old immortal

LivingEM: who claims to be presently existing in a self made body, that is,

LivingEM: not born of a woman.

LivingEM: He claims to be the Christ for the coming age of Aquarius,

LivingEM: and to hold a rank superior to the Lord Jesus Christ, who, he claims,

LivingEM: is under his authority.

LivingEM: There is quite a bit of information available about him on the Internet,

LivingEM: his teachings, and audio clips of him channeling through his mouth piece, Benjamin Crem.e

LivingEM: That is all I will say for today, because our message is Revelation chapter 12,

PSALM 29 2: thank you

LivingEM: and because this subject is researchable by yourself.

LivingEM: You're welcome.

LivingEM: We ended part 2 of this message with an exhortation on Eph. 4:16,

LivingEM: which was a part of a greater stud,y to show that the concept of Jesus'

LivingEM: spiritual blood, can be found in the Scripture,

LivingEM: although it is hidden,

LivingEM: and most of the Church thinks that it is the physical blood of the man, Jesus,

LivingEM: that is saving them.

LivingEM: This is not true.

LivingEM: We are spiritual beings, and the promised salvation is spiritual.

LivingEM: I will not continue with an exhortation on every Scripture in

which the Greek word "energia"

LivingEM: appears, but I will give you those Scriptures so that you can

follow up yourself,

LivingEM: if you like.

LivingEM: Phil. 3:21,

LivingEM: translated "working,"

LivingEM: Col. 1:29, translated "working,"

LivingEM: Col. 2:12 translated "operation,"

LivingEM: 2 Th 2:9 translated "working,"

LivingEM: 2 Th 2:11 translated "strong."

LivingEM: The last two verses cited, 2 Thes 2: 9 and 11,

LivingEM: are not talking about Jesus' blood, but about the Serpent's blood.

LivingEM: The word "energia" is used, because that is the Greek word that speaks about spiritual blood,

LivingEM: in general.

LivingEM: We must discern from the context of the verse, which spiritual blood is being spoken about.

LivingEM: I commented on Verses 1 - 11 of Revelation, Chapter 12, in Part 1 of this message.

LivingEM: I'm going to make a brief comment on each of those verses today,

LivingEM: just to bring us up to Verse 12.

LivingEM: If, after reviewing the transcript of this meeting, you have questions on something that I

LivingEM: said, please feel free to email me those questions, which I will answer and post on the

LivingEM: Web Page.

LivingEM: If you have any questions on my brief comments on verses 1-11,

LivingEM: please review the transcript of Part 1, before submitting any questions.

LivingEM: Verse 1,

LivingEM: The woman, who is the personality, is in submission to Christ Jesus, the sun,

LivingEM: and because of His strength, has succeeded in driving her sin nature,

LivingEM: which is signified by the moon, under Christ Jesus' authority.

LivingEM: The Lord Jesus Christ, who is glorified, and, thus, higher than Christ Jesus in the

LivingEM: individual, has ascended to the crown center, where he has been

completed, as signified by the number "12,"

LivingEM: by the spirit of Elijah, Jehovah's hand.

LivingEM: Verse 2,

LivingEM: The personality, who is the woman, is pregnant with Christ Jesus, the manchild.

LivingEM: As I told you in Part 1, it is Satan who is crying out because of the pain that she is

LivingEM: experiencing as the personality, who is the woman, drives her down

under Christ Jesus'

LivingEM: authority. It is very important to note that the woman could not have done this without

LivingEM: laying hold of Christ Jesus' strength, and that this is only

possible, through confession

LivingEM: of specific sin and repentance, which means change.

LivingEM: Satan is the unconscious part of the woman's mortal mind.

LivingEM: The personality/woman cannot overcome her own unconscious mind, which is male to her,

LivingEM: without the help of another spiritual male.

LivingEM: The whole idea of the salvation of the personality depends upon the separation of the

LivingEM: personality/woman from her own mortal mind.

LivingEM: Verse 3,

LivingEM: The Dragon is Leviathan, mortal man's collective subconscious mind.

LivingEM: Leviathan is the present husband of the personality/woman.

LivingEM: The color red indicates that Leviathan's nature is of the earth,

LivingEM: the ten horns signify the strength of the law,

LivingEM: the seven heads signify that she has expanded to her fullest potential in the visible world of personalities,

LivingEM: and the crowns indicate that she is the king who dwells in the crown center

of the Primordial Serpent's

LivingEM: counterfeit timeline.

LivingEM: Verse 4,

LivingEM: Satan, the unconscious part of the personality,

LivingEM: in the people in whom Christ is being formed,

LivingEM: has imprisoned Christ in the members of the church.

LivingEM: It is a Scriptural principle, that when the Scripture indicates that something

LivingEM: has happened to a whole group of people,

LivingEM: there is, nevertheless, although unstated, a remnant which has escaped. There is a small group of people in whom Christ is not imprisoned by Satan.

LivingEM: But in the Church, at large, Satan has made the Christ Mind being formed in them, of no effect,

LivingEM: by strengthening the carnal mind to overlay him.

LivingEM: Satan, blinds the Church to the reality of Christ Jesus, and the path that He would direct

LivingEM: us upon, and Leviathan, the spirit of antichrist,

LivingEM: through the fiery serpent in the individual, functions as the only mind of the Church.

LivingEM: Everyone who is not engaged in an ongoing warfare

LivingEM: with Satan and Leviathan, is not living out of the Mind of Christ.

LivingEM: It is not Leviathan who is preparing to devour the manchild,

LivingEM: but Christ Jesus who will surely swallow up, that is,

LivingEM: fuse with, the fiery serpent, as soon is He is born.

LivingEM: The union of the fiery serpent, the personality/woman and Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: causes the personality/woman to be born again in the image of the

Lord Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: Verse 5,

LivingEM: Christ Jesus, appearing in human flesh, is designated

LivingEM: to be made immortal [iron] and rule over the earth

LivingEM: of his own personality, which is the woman, which is a part of

LivingEM: the Primordial Serpent's kingdom.

LivingEM: And Christ Jesus was caught up to the brow center,

LivingEM: where he marries the Lord Jesus Christ, who is in the crown center,

LivingEM: and beyond, through is union with Jehovah.

LivingEM: Verse 6,

LivingEM: And the woman vanished.....

LivingEM: The form of the personality/woman, before she was born again,

LivingEM: disappeared, when she was converted into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: in every spiritual molecule of her being,

LivingEM: and became a new creature.

LivingEM: When Jesus Christ became one new man, he no longer looked like Jesus of Nazareth.

LivingEM: We must face the truth. We are not saved, but in the process of being saved.

LivingEM: The lie in the Church today, that we are saved and should put all of our efforts into

LivingEM: getting other people saved, serves Satan's purposes perfectly.

LivingEM: Such an attitude feeds our pride, and keeps from dealing with our own sin nature, which requires us to fight the warfare

LivingEM: that is necessary for us, the personality/woman, to be saved.

LivingEM: Thinking the major 'thrust" of ministry is "outside of ourselves" makes us passive toward our own sins, and keeps us as powerless spiritual children.

LivingEM: So the woman/personality disappeared when her nature changed.

LivingEM: This is not to say that she disappeared from the earth.

LivingEM: She merely looked different, sort of like someone

LivingEM: who has had plastic surgery. Is this not what happened to Jesus?

LivingEM: Was he not recognized by his own disciples?

LivingEM: And the personality/woman was taught the Doctrine of Christ,

LivingEM: from the crown center [1,000], where Jesus is

LivingEM: from the brow center [200], where the perfected sons are,

LivingEM: and from the throat center [60], where the unperfected sons.

LivingEM: That is, the Doctrine of Christ was taught from the time line that is in the fifth, sixth and seventh centers.

LivingEM: That the Doctrine of Christ is taught from the seventh center,

LivingEM: indicates that it is taught perfectly, without error,

LivingEM: from the bodiless plane where the Lord Jesus Christ is,

LivingEM: through perfected personalities, in human bodies,

LivingEM: which had ascended to the sixth center,

LivingEM: and through imperfect men who had ascended to the fifth center,

LivingEM: but were under the authority of the perfected Sons of God.

LivingEM: The consciousness of the perfected Sons of God

LivingEM: had ascended to the sixth center, and, although perfect, they were fully submitted to

LivingEM: the ascended Lord Jesus Christ in the seventh center,

LivingEM: and the not yet perfected Sons in the fifth center,

LivingEM: were submitted to the perfected Sons in human bodies in the sixth center. So we see that Christ Jesus' whole timeline, the seventh and sixth centers, where the perfected ones are, and the fifth center, where the incomplete sons are, are all under the authority of the glorified Jesus Christ, who is higher than the seventh center.

LivingEM: Verse 7,

LivingEM: Michael is a big mystery in the Scripture.

LivingEM: At this time, I do not know why.

LivingEM: Michael signifies the glorified Jesus Christ, and his angels

LivingEM: are Christ Jesus, joined to the personality/woman in the individual.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus joined to the personality/woman is that individual's

New Man.

LivingEM: There is a warfare which has already begun, which will be fought in more than one dimension.

LivingEM: The New Man, strengthened by the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: will engage in a warfare within his own self,

LivingEM: against his Old Man, which is his personality/woman joined to the Primordial Serpent, in her aspects as

LivingEM: the fiery serpent and Leviathan.

LivingEM: Michael and his angels, the Lord Jesus Christ and the New Man in the individual,

LivingEM: will also engage in war with of the Old Man in other human beings.

LivingEM: The Sons of God also engage in warfare with disembodied evil immortals.

LivingEM: None of this warfare will be initiated by the personality/woman.

LivingEM: If it is, the personality/woman, is sure to be defeated.

LivingEM: We are to die to self.

LivingEM: This means we do not engage in any spiritual activity,

LivingEM: witnessing, teaching, counsel, warfare,

LivingEM: unless it is initiated by the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: or in the case of witnessing or teaching, only in response to a direct question from another

LivingEM: individual. And even then, it is possible that wisdom would require us to reduce

LivingEM: our answer to a simple, unexplained, word or two.

LivingEM: Verse 8,

LivingEM: And the timeline where Leviathan services the fiery serpent to produce visible worlds,

LivingEM: disappeared.

LivingEM: Verse 9,

LivingEM: And the Dragon, who is the Primordial Serpent,

LivingEM: who is appearing in the visible world as the Devil and Satan,

LivingEM: who was great, because she had expanded to her fullest potential,

LivingEM: that one, who is herself, the lie,

LivingEM: who seduces the personality/woman.

LivingEM: The Scripture says, "seduces the whole earth," but

LivingEM: the earth is the personality/woman.

LivingEM: The word is Strong's 3625, it means,

LivingEM: "the inhabited earth," which could be talking about

LivingEM: the planet, or the earth that Christ Jesus lives in,

LivingEM: which is the personality/woman.

LivingEM: And the Primordial Serpent who was possessing the earth,

LivingEM: through Leviathan and the fiery serpent,

LivingEM: was cast out.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "cast out" appears twice,

LivingEM: which the King James translation attributes to the noun "he" and "his angels."

LivingEM: But, "he" and "his Angels" are one beast.

LivingEM: There is no reason to repeat the verb.

LivingEM: Even in English we would say, "he and his Angels were cast out."

LivingEM: So why does the verb appeared twice?

LivingEM: According to Thayer's Greek lexicon, an Alternate Translation of this Greek word,

LivingEM: is "to insert."

LivingEM: And the Dragon who was inserted into the earth

LivingEM: through spiritual sexual union with his angels,

LivingEM: the fiery serpent joined to the personality/woman,

LivingEM: was scattered.

LivingEM: "Scattered" is another legitimate translation of the Greek word translated

LivingEM: "cast down."

LivingEM: "Scattered" indicates that the one who was inserted, was connected through many parts,

LivingEM: or many seeds, or many sperm, of herself.

LivingEM: Verse 10,

LivingEM: You may have heard me tell you that "the loud voice"

LivingEM: that you hear in the Spirit, is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the soft voice,

LivingEM: is Christ within you.

LivingEM: The Lord Jesus Christ spoke out of the only Heaven,

LivingEM: because the counterfeit Heaven no longer existed, saying

LivingEM: to the rest of the world .....

LivingEM: Let me clarify what I just said,

LivingEM: All of the events up to this point are happening to the first

fruits company of sons.

LivingEM: As the first fruits company ascends into perfection,

LivingEM: the Lord Jesus Christ announces to the rest of the world,

LivingEM: that there is now available to them,

LivingEM: the impartation of moral strength to their spirit,

LivingEM: safety, which is salvation, for the personality/woman,

LivingEM: And the Kingdom of God, which is the Mind of Christ,

LivingEM: Because the authority [power] which is in Christ,

LivingEM: has scattered Satan, the one who executes the reaping and sowing judgment

LivingEM: of the law,

LivingEM: upon those whom she has RIGHTLY accused.

LivingEM: Let's take this a little bit at a time.

LivingEM: Moral strength is now available to the people who were not strong enough

LivingEM: to lay hold of it themselves under the present conditions, that is,

LivingEM: there are no perfected Sons, or the strength that perfected sons have, available today.

LivingEM: The strength to do what?

LivingEM: To do what Jesus did for His disciples, to restrain Leviathan in another man to the extent

LivingEM: that Christ can rise in that man.

LivingEM: Salvation or safety, for the personality/woman.

LivingEM: What is the woman being saved from?

LivingEM: From the Primordial Serpent who is consuming the personality/woman from lifetime to lifetime,

LivingEM: through the agency of Leviathan and the fiery serpent, which is herself in another form.

LivingEM: To put this simply, the personality/woman is being saved from spiritual death, which is continuous birth into the visible world, followed by physical death.

LivingEM: And the Kingdom of God, which is the Mind of Christ,

LivingEM: is now become available to all.

LivingEM: Well, hasn't the Kingdom of God been available for 2000 years?

LivingEM: Once again, I tell you that God is no respecter of persons,

LivingEM: but individual people are not all the same.

LivingEM: The Kingdom of God has been available to humanity for 2000 years,

LivingEM: but not all have been strong enough to possess it.

LivingEM: But now that a few people are possessing the Kingdom of God,

LivingEM: they will help the rest of humanity to possess it,

LivingEM: by restraining Leviathan, in the individual.

LivingEM: And the reason that the first fruits of the Sons of God are able to stand by ascending

LivingEM: into the brow center, and are now able to help the rest of the world,

LivingEM: is because of the power Christ,

LivingEM: which is the authority, which Christ in the individual has inherited

LivingEM: from his elder brother, the Lord Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: And because this authority which is in Christ has been given to mortal men,

LivingEM: Satan, the one who accuses the brethren,

LivingEM: that is, the relatives of Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: that is, those who have Christ being formed in them,

LivingEM: the one who accuses the relatives of Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: whose personality dwells in both timelines,

LivingEM: in her carnal mind, and in her Christ mind,

LivingEM: is scattered.

LivingEM: Brethren, the law is not for a righteous man.

LivingEM: Satan has no power to hurt a sinless man.

LivingEM: This is what Jesus was talking about when He said,

LivingEM: the prince of this world cometh, but she has nothing in me.

LivingEM: The personalities/women who are being accused,

LivingEM: are the adulterous ones,

LivingEM: the ones who have a spiritual sexual union with Leviathan

LivingEM: and Christ Jesus at the same time.

LivingEM: The personalities/women who are joined both to the Day and to the Night.

LivingEM: Satan RIGHTLY accuses the personalities/women who are joined to both Leviathan and Christ Jesus

LivingEM: because their sins have been forgiven by faith,

LivingEM: but their potential to sin, their sin nature,

LivingEM: has not yet been destroyed.

LivingEM: Verses 10 and 11 declare the good news

LivingEM: that the Primordial Serpent, through Leviathan, her agent,

LivingEM: has been scattered,

LivingEM: and to be scattered, means to be removed to from every spiritual molecule

LivingEM: that she was attached to. Hallelujah!

LivingEM: Verse 11,

LivingEM: So we see that mortal man does not overcome the Dragon with the red blood

LivingEM: of the physical man, Jesus, but with the spiritual blood,

LivingEM: of the spiritual man, Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: We found in another study that the lamb without spot,

LivingEM: is Christ Jesus who has completely overcome the sin nature of the personality that He is dwelling in.

LivingEM: Remember, Jesus is reproducing himself in us.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus, speaking about the glorified Jesus Christ, is the lamb,

LivingEM: because, for Him, the sin nature is completely overcome.

LivingEM: But the Lord Jesus' offspring in us, whose name is also Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: is not the lamb

LivingEM: YET

LivingEM: because He has not overcome our sin nature to the point that we are sinless.

LivingEM: When that happens, we will not be a sinless lamb without spot in our own right,

LivingEM: but the lamb without spot will now dwell in us, the personality,

LivingEM: and we will be in Him and He will be in us, and we will be one

LivingEM: spotless lamb in many perfected personalities.

LivingEM: And by the word of their testimony,

LivingEM: word, meaning "logos," and testimony, meaning "evidence."

LivingEM: They overcame Leviathan by laying hold of the strength of the glorified Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: and became the logos, in their own right.

LivingEM: Remember, the "logos" is Jehovah's thought form.

LivingEM: And the definition of "thought form"

LivingEM: is a visible image that accurately represents the original thought.

LivingEM: Mortal man, indeed, came into existence as the result of Jehovah's desire

LivingEM: that a visible image of Himself should appear.

LivingEM: Jehovah is the static energy of the creation.

LivingEM: Elohim, Jehovah's dynamic energy, when forth

LivingEM: as that original thought, to form a visible image of Himself.

LivingEM: But, to date, with the exception of the Lord Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: no man born of a woman,

LivingEM: has been able to line up with Jehovah's original idea of what man should be.

LivingEM: But the perfected Sons of God have now perfected the

image of Jehovah in their personalities,

LivingEM: and have the proof,

LivingEM: that they are, in fact, Jehovah's thought form.

LivingEM: And what is this proof, this evidence?

LivingEM: That they loved not their lives unto death.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated love, is "agape."

LivingEM: And the Greek word translated "lives" is Strong's No.5590,

LivingEM: meaning, the bestial nature.

LivingEM: The animal life.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "death," Strong's No.2288,

LivingEM: does not mean "death," as mortal man thinks of death.

LivingEM: It does not mean loss of consciousness.

LivingEM: It does not mean "to cease to exist."

LivingEM: It means "separation."

LivingEM: Mortal men die, as we understand the term "death,"

LivingEM: when the life principle, or spirit,

LivingEM: separates from the personality and the physical body.

LivingEM: The life principle in the man Jesus separated from his physical body,

LivingEM: but not from his personality.

LivingEM: The man, Jesus', personality was saved, because when the life principle

LivingEM: separated from the physical body, in the form of Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: Christ Jesus was joined to the eternal Godhead above,

LivingEM: and His personality, underneath,

LivingEM: so when Christ Jesus, who had been held captive by the carnal mind,

LivingEM: ascended out of the prison house of Jesus' animal, physical body,

LivingEM: Christ Jesus led captivity captive, that is,

LivingEM: Jesus' personality/woman who was Satan's captive,

LivingEM: was taken captive, or possessed by Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: and being possessed by Christ Jesus, the personality of the man, Jesus, who was born of a

LivingEM: woman, a mortal man at birth,

LivingEM: ascended with him.

LivingEM: And they overcame Satan, the accuser of the brethren, because the spiritual blood of the Lord Jesus Christ

LivingEM: gave them the strength to overcome their sin nature,

LivingEM: and become Jehovah's accurate thought form,


LivingEM: is that they killed their sin nature.

LivingEM: The Sons of God, who are living out of Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: loved their personality

LivingEM: so much,

LivingEM: that they separated her from Satan.

LivingEM: They agaped their personality.

LivingEM: The very word "agape" signifies spiritual sexual union.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus in the Sons of God consummated His love

LivingEM: for the personality, by scattering Satan,

LivingEM: who was possessing her,

LivingEM: and the only way they could have accomplished this,

LivingEM: was by rejecting their own sin nature,

LivingEM: and resisting her, and warring against her,

LivingEM: until she died.

LivingEM: Until they separated from her.

LivingEM: But when they separated from their sin nature, which is their carnal mind,

LivingEM: they did not cease to exist,

LivingEM: they died to the Serpent's timeline,

LivingEM: and were born a second time into the immortal time

LivingEM: line of the Lord Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: The way up is down.

LivingEM: We must die to this counterfeit life, to enter in to the true life.

LivingEM: The phrase in the King James is, they loved not their lives unto the death.

LivingEM: They joined with their beast nature, that is the fiery serpent,

LivingEM: and separated from Satan.

LivingEM: We're translating the negative particle "not" Satan. The fiery serpent is the beast nature.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus joined with the fiery serpent in the individual personality,

LivingEM: a spiritual molecule at a time, until the fiery serpent,

LivingEM: separated from Satan, which caused her

LivingEM: to die to the Primordial Serpent's nature.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent is the static background, or mortal foundation, of mortal man.

LivingEM: I should say, the fiery serpent joined to the personality, is our mortal foundation.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent is the background threads of the creation.

LivingEM: When Satan is interwoven through her,

LivingEM: the man produced is mortal.

LivingEM: When the Spirit of Christ is woven through her,

LivingEM: she becomes the background threads of an immortal foundation.

LivingEM: The Scripture describes this exalted condition

LivingEM: of the fiery serpent,

LivingEM: as the Seraphim

LivingEM: who cry holy, holy, holy,

LivingEM: before the throne of God.

LivingEM: We'll do one more verse.

LivingEM: Verse 12,

LivingEM: The word "rejoice"

LivingEM: means to curb or rein in the middle part,

LivingEM: referring to the heart.

LivingEM: The word "heavens" is plural.

LivingEM: This is still the Lord Jesus Christ speaking, saying

LivingEM: to the balance of unsaved humanity,

LivingEM: reign in, or curb, your heart center,

LivingEM: or rein in, or curb the one who dwells in your heart center.

LivingEM: And who dwells in the heart center of unregenerate man?

LivingEM: The Devil.

LivingEM: The Greek were translated, "to dwell," means to occupy.

LivingEM: Grief is coming to the permanent inhabitants of the earth.

LivingEM: The King James translation just says, "inhabiters,"

LivingEM: but the Interlinear text reveals that the correct translation is "permanent inhabitants."

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "earth," once again,

LivingEM: means the inhabitable earth, which can mean the planet, or the earth of our personality and

LivingEM: physical body.

LivingEM: The phrase "is come down" actually means "to step down into."

LivingEM: We discovered while translating some verses in Genesis, Chapter 2,

LivingEM: that this phrase signified Michael, the seed of humanity, of Jehovah's civilized man,

LivingEM: passing Himself through the matter stream,

LivingEM: of unformed atoms of earth,

LivingEM: to gather unto Himself, the necessary atoms of physical matter,

LivingEM: to form a visible representation of Himself, which is the seed part of Jehovah's thought.

LivingEM: To put it simply, Verse 12 is saying

LivingEM: that the Devil is not taking her eviction from the heart center lightly.

LivingEM: But that she is about to "step down" into the earth of the personalities of humanity,

LivingEM: in an attempt to join with them in their spiritual molecules,

LivingEM: so completely that the permanent inhabitants of the earth,

LivingEM: that mortal humanity, will be so joined to her,

LivingEM: that even the personality who agrees with Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: will not be able to get free.

LivingEM: What I'm going to tell you now in explanation of this spiritual principle

LivingEM: is a little different than what I told you last week in part 2 of this message.

LivingEM: As I tell you all the time, the Lord teaches me every day,

LivingEM: and with every new thing that he teaches me,

LivingEM: what I believed the day before, is changed.

LivingEM: This is what I told you last week:

LivingEM: That Leviathan is presently joined to every single spiritual molecule in a mortal

LivingEM: man, except for those spiritual molecules that Christ Jesus is possessing.

LivingEM: This is the update:

LivingEM: Humanity is, at the present time, unmarried.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent is joined to the personality/woman in every single spiritual molecule of

LivingEM: her being.

LivingEM: But she, the personality/ woman, joined to the fiery serpent, is not yet fully joined to

LivingEM: Leviathan.

LivingEM: To be fully joined to Leviathan in every single spiritual

molecule of the personality's

LivingEM: being, would be a consummated spiritual marriage.

LivingEM: I would expect that the more spiritual a person is outside of Christ,

LivingEM: the more spiritual molecules in that person are joined the to Leviathan.

LivingEM: So we, mortal man, have a certain given number

LivingEM: of spiritual molecules,

LivingEM: all of which are fused to the fiery serpent.

LivingEM: When I say, we, mortal man, I speak of the personality/woman.

LivingEM: Every individual human being has a different number of spiritual molecules

LivingEM: [which are the fiery serpent fused to the personality]

LivingEM: also fused to Leviathan.

LivingEM: And some of us have some spiritual molecules fused to Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: To have all of our spiritual molecules fused to one spiritual male,

LivingEM: means that we are married to that spiritual male.

LivingEM: But humanity is not yet married.

LivingEM: And there are two spiritual males trying to marry her.

LivingEM: A ceremony does not mean you are married.

LivingEM: Even under United States law, there is no marriage until the

marriages is consummated.

LivingEM: So verse 12 is saying,

LivingEM: Don't be naive, humanity,

LivingEM: don't think because the first fruits of the Sons of God have ascended to the brow center,

LivingEM: and are now strong enough because of the Lord Jesus Christ, to assist you,

LivingEM: in overcoming your sin nature,

LivingEM: don't think that the Devil, your Old Man, is going to leave quietly.

LivingEM: The truth is, that if she could do it, she would kill you, rather

LivingEM: than see you married to Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: The male spirit joins with the personality which is joined to thefiery serpent,

LivingEM: through the thoughts of the mind.

LivingEM: Get ready for a war within your mind, and within your emotions.

LivingEM: The Devil, your Old Man, is going to do everything in her power to

LivingEM: influence you to agree with your carnal mind.

LivingEM: Her continued existence depends on you agreeing with your carnal mind.

LivingEM: So the Devil, by her spirit, Satan,

LivingEM: will do everything that she can to pressure you,

LivingEM: to deceive you

LivingEM: to cause you pain,

LivingEM: to cause you pleasure,

LivingEM: whatever is necessary to blind you to Christ,

LivingEM: so that you will agree with her.

LivingEM: She will hurt you emotionally, within yourself,

LivingEM: because your own sin nature will lie to you,

LivingEM: make you overly-sensitive,

LivingEM: make you misunderstand,

LivingEM: give you wrong thinking in every way,

LivingEM: so that you will marry Leviathan, and not Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: so that she, the Devil, can continue to exist.

LivingEM: When we are married to Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: the Devil, Satan, and Leviathan will cease to exist.

LivingEM: Only the fiery serpent will exist in another form,

LivingEM: the Seraphim.

LivingEM: So, woe unto the permanent inhabitants of the earth,

LivingEM: because the Devil, your Old Man, that is,

LivingEM: your personality that is fused to the fiery serpent,

LivingEM: has a great passion [wrath] to join with Leviathan.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "knoweth"

LivingEM: Scripturally speaking, signifies spiritual intercourse.

LivingEM: The Devil, the fiery serpent joined to your personality, lusts

LivingEM: to have intercourse with Leviathan.

LivingEM: This means that your natural inclination will not be towards Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: but towards Leviathan.

LivingEM: So to overcome your sin nature, you must swim upstream.

LivingEM: You, your emotions and your carnal mind, are your own worst enemy.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "short" pretty much means that, "short."

LivingEM: But when I look at the whole phrase, which reads,

LivingEM: woe be unto the permanent inhabitants of the earth

LivingEM: because the Devil will be looking to have intercourse with Leviathan,

LivingEM: because she has a great passion to have intercourse with Leviathan,

LivingEM: because she has the "short" timeline....

LivingEM: When I look at that what I see is,

LivingEM: the "partial" timeline.

LivingEM: Do you remember that the Primordial Serpent is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

LivingEM: And that that Tree, is the partial tree?

LivingEM: Satan and the Devil do not have seed, or spiritual semen, within themselves.

LivingEM: The Tree of Life is complete.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus has seed within himself.

LivingEM: The Devil and Satan have a great passion to have spiritual intercourse with Leviathan,

LivingEM: but they cannot bear fruit of themselves, and the fruit is the personality born in the Primordial Serpent's image.

LivingEM: Let me put it to you this way. The Devil can only have spiritual intercourse with Leviathan through a personality, but spiritual semen is necessary to produce a personality,

LivingEM: and Christ Jesus is re-claiming the human spirit, which is the water part of the spiritual semen [water and sperm].

LivingEM: This means that without the human spirit the partial tree will cease to exist.

LivingEM: The only reason that this world exists, is because the Primordial Serpent,

LivingEM: stole the ox that Adam made from the water of Jehovah's spiritual semen, which water produces consciousness.

LivingEM: One more point before we end,

LivingEM: I didn't mention the word "sea."

LivingEM: The sea, as always, signifies Satan.

LivingEM: I have mentioned Satan while expounding on this verse,

LivingEM: but I never related her to the word "sea."

LivingEM: The Interlinear text reads,

LivingEM: Satan and the Devil are stepping down into you,

LivingEM: the permanent inhabitants of the earth,

LivingEM: and they have a great passion to have spiritual intercourse with Leviathan, which is possible because the water of

LivingEM: Elohim's life is in the personality.

LivingEM: And when Christ Jesus is fused to every single spiritual molecule of humanity's many personalities,

LivingEM: there will be no water of life available to give consciousness

LivingEM: to the Primordial Serpent, apart from Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: This means the end of the Primordial Serpent's timeline,

LivingEM: and the end of her independent existence.

LivingEM: are there any questions?

LivingEM: God bless you all.

LivingEM: Goodbye for now....

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