Revelation, Chapter 12 - Part 5 (Verse 14)

LivingEM: Praise the Lord.  We're picking up with verse 14 of Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation.  


            And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle...  “The Woman" is speaking about mortal humanity.  Sometimes the fiery serpent is referred to as “the woman,” and sometimes the Primordial Serpent herself is spoken of as “the woman.”  The reason for this confusion is that the creation is in parts, and every part that is not of the household of God, which is the household of Elohim, is of the Earth, and the Earth is the woman, and every distinct part of the Earth, is still woman.  In our present world "the woman" is speaking about mortal humanity, because all of the parts of the Primordial Serpent's household dwell within us.


             In a recent study of Herod's transgression against John the Baptist, I found out that, at least for this study, if not for the whole the whole New Testament, I cannot say right now, the fiery serpent is referred to by two different words, each word identifying a particular characteristic, or function, of the fiery serpent. This is in accordance with Scriptural principles which identify the White Throne Judgment, for example, as both the "crushing of the grapes" in Revelation 14, and the Lake of Fire, in Revelation 21.


            In the account concerning Herod in Mark 6:22, the word "daughter" can also be translated "Inhabitant."  The fiery serpent is the spiritual inhabitant of mortal humanity, the present day manifestation of Adam's ox, and the fiery serpent's "house."


            Luke 8:32 says that many devils were living in a man.  They called that man "their house."


            The fiery serpent is also called “a damsel” in Mark 6:22, because she is destined to marry a male spirit, which marriage  will cause the whole creature, the personality and the physical body that she is dwelling in, to be born again as an immortal, spiritual creature, from which change there is no return.


            As I have told you many times, the Lord teaches me every day, so in the event that there is a contradiction, the latest revelation is correct.


            I have told you that the fiery serpent "weaves" us into existence, like a spider weaves its web, and then dwells in us. I will now take this principle one step further, may the Lord enable you to understand.


             You may have heard me talk about the "matter stream,” the plane that a thought passes through, to gather material atoms unto itself, to form its visible image. I believe that this "matter stream" is the etheric part of the physical body.  


            A thread of energy, which is a thought, pierces into the etheric part of a physical woman's body, and, further, pierces into a single ovum, from where the energy thread draws a human sperm unto itself. After that, the material atoms from the woman's etheric body, form an embryo, and then a fetus. 


            If this is correct, it would follow that human conception is initiated by a "spirit's" desire to incarnate, rather than by an act of physical sexual intercourse. Conception, then, would be the "effect" of a spirit's desire to incarnate, rather than the "result" of the physical act of sexual intercourse.


             The basis for barrenness, then, would not be a low sperm count, or irregular ovulation, but a spiritual "short circuit" between the spiritual plane and the etheric part of a woman's physical body.  This would also explain the "virgin birth."


            Those who are familiar with witchcraft know that virgin birth is not uncommon in the Serpent's household. In Africa, for example, it is common knowledge that a woman can have a "spiritual husband," that is, a husband from within.


            Hinduism openly teaches "the marriage" of one's "inner principles“ and marriage of the "male spirit" that dwells in the seventh center of the counterfeit timeline. It also teaches that such a marriage "is for those who have controlled their passions," that is, they are no longer engaging in physical intercourse. This means, according to Hindu philosophy and religion, that you cannot have the best of both sexual worlds. To experience the greatest "bliss" (which, according to Hindu philosophy is spiritual), one must draw back from the physical sexual life that arises out of the first energy center, because human sexuality is a "shadow" of the spiritual experience.


            Now, if you are Christian, and are distressed that I'm talking about Hinduism, you do not understand that Christianity teaches the same spiritual principles, but concerning another Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Christ.


             There is a being inside of us.  Jesus calls her "a worm" in the Gospel of Mark. This is the fiery serpent, the Serpent's seed in humanity. The "germ" of the fiery serpent is deposited into a human ovum through spiritual penetration of the mind, and proceeds from there to form a house for herself, that is, the physical body of the infant, out of the blood and tissue of the physical woman who is pierced.


             Leviathan is female, but acts out of a male role in mortal humanity. The fiery serpent is Leviathan's "germ" seed.  The word "germ" signifies a "double seed" fused so closely that the two have become one. We have discussed this principle many times, but we called this “germ," a "zygote."


            When the fiery serpent, Leviathan's seed, begins to "develop" a human ovum, that spiritual "germ seed" takes on both spiritual male and female roles within the etheric body of the individual. I am speaking about of a spiritual process. This means that the fiery serpent, Leviathan's "germ," becomes both the spiritual warp and the woof threads of the new baby.


            In Luke 17:6, Jesus, uses the word "grain" to teach this same spiritual principle, that two seeds can be so closely fused, that they appear to be one seed. Another way of expressing this principle is "the double portion."


 Luke 17:6


6 And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a GRAIN of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you. (KJV)


            The Greek word translated "mustard," means "to sting." The Sycamine tree was cultivated by the lower classes in Jesus' day. So Jesus is saying in parable form,


6 You will be [strong enough] to command the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that Satan planted in you to be uprooted, when you have the faith of the double seed* that stings. (ATB)


            The “double seed”* is Christ Jesus in the individual "married to" the glorified Jesus Christ, who is beyond the individual. Their double, or two-fold, "sting" is the spiritual strength that exposes and destroys the specific sins of the carnal mind.


            The Primordial Serpent penetrated Adam's ox:


            Dan. 8.20-21 (ATB)


            There are two spiritual laws in the Living Beast which you saw: Adam, the positive/dominant law, and Adam's ox, the negative/passive law; and Adam's positive/dominant authority was stronger than his ox's negative/passive authority, UNTIL THE [PRIMORDIAL] SERPENT PENETRATED ADAM, and twisted together with Adam's ox, and [the two became the], the negative/dominant law [in the creature], which was stronger than Adam's positive/dominant law; and they broke Adam's [spiritual] bonesR-2 and incarnated as Cain and Abel. And Cain murdered Abel, and stole [Adam's widowed] spirit, and increased into Satan and Leviathan, the sea serpent, the [primordial] Serpent's high priestess; and these are the stages of the Living Beast's fall. (ATB)


            The Primordial Serpent penetrated Adam's ox, and the potential negative energy which is in her "grain," or "germ seed," was unleashed within the creature. Adam could not hold back the flood of negative energy which was programmed to plant the root of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil into the ox, and the whole creature was born as a dead animal, instead of Elohim's living, civilized man.


            This is the meaning of the "The Sting of Death." (1 Cor. 15:55-56.) But the "sting" of the "double portion" of the Son of God, kills the "sting of death" and grafts the root of the Tree of Life (Hos. 13:14).


             Personality is within the material atoms, so we might say that the process of the fiery serpent drawing the material atoms of the human mother unto herself is the "marriage" of the fiery serpent to the personality. In this relationship (marriage), the fiery serpent is male to the personality, that is, the fiery serpent is the husband of the mortal personality.


            For a human being to have existence, she must be married to a spiritual foundation. Every one born of a woman has a mortal, spiritual foundation, and that foundation is Leviathan's "germ seed," the fiery serpent within us, who has literally "woven" our physical bodies from the physical materials of our mothers' blood and tissue.


            But the fiery serpent has an authority over her: Leviathan, the one who deposited her into the human ovum that she built into a "house." The fiery serpent who is woven together with the personality from before the birth of the child, is destined to marry Leviathan, the one who sowed her into the personality as a seed.


            So we see the out-playing of the spiritual incest upon which this mortal timeline is founded. Leviathan, the active aspect of the static Primordial Serpent, generates offspring, and then marries, or consumes, her own fruit. The fiery serpent who is woven together with the personality is called a "damsel," or a young girl, in anticipation of this spiritual marriage, or until her marriage to Christ Jesus.


            The fiery serpent will not know whether she has been born as a Dragon fly, or a butterfly, until she appears. This should not sound so strange to you. Is this not a plausible explanation of Ez. 16:8?


            Now, when I passed by thee, and looked upon thee, behold, thy time was the time of love, and I spread my skirt over thee, and covered thy nakedness, and thou becamest mine.


 That is, you "became my wife," and not Leviathan's.


            Also, Paul said, we know not what we shall be, but we see Jesus (Heb 2:9). This means, if you have ears to hear it, every mortal man is born with a spiritual virginity.


            The fiery serpent, Leviathan's "germ," that Jesus called "your worm," which our personality is woven together with, is our spiritual virgin. Oh, you thought Paul was talking about your physical virginity did you (1 Cor. 7:36-37)? That is the King James translation, but we have a spiritual virginity:


             2 Cor 11:2


            For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as A CHASTE VIRGIN to Christ. (KJV)


            Now, if we do not resist and rule over the fiery serpent, she will surely marry Leviathan, and we will surely be born again as a flying serpent (Is. 14:29).


            But thanks be to God, who sent Jesus Christ (1 Cor 15:57), that we should be betrothed to another (Rom 74), even the Lord Jesus Christ, who is marrying his offspring, Christ Jesus, in us. But first Christ Jesus must be formed in us, take us away from our present husband, the fiery serpent, and marry our personality (Matt. 12:29).


            Christ Jesus in the individual, is marrying our personality and our mortal foundation, which is the fiery serpent.  What confusion, you say. I thought you just said, Sheila, that the fiery serpent was married to our personality, and that we were to be separated from the fiery serpent so that we can marry Christ Jesus. How can you say, then, that Christ Jesus is marrying the personality and the fiery serpent?


            Christ Jesus is breaking up the marriage between the fiery serpent, as husband, and the personality, as wife, and replacing the fiery serpent as the personality's husband. He is also marrying our mortal foundation (the fiery serpent) so that the whole man can be saved.


            The crucial point in understanding this, is that when Christ Jesus is married to the fiery serpent, she will be incapable of relating to the personality as a "husband," but will be merged into the personality’s female aspect, and the two, will be one spiritual woman.


            That is to say, Christ Jesus is breaking apart the fiery serpent and the personality, which are presently engaged in a spiritual homosexual union, and rejoining them in the correct moral order, by "marrying" both the personality and the fiery serpent, as one spiritual woman.


            Then, Christ Jesus, who is married to the personality and the mortal foundation (fiery serpent) that she is joined to, the spiritual warp and woof threads of the Old Man, marries the Lord Jesus Christ, and the two, the Old Man and the New Man are born again as a spiritual butterfly in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, the term "butterfly," is symbolic.


             Eph 2:15


Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of TWAIN [TWO] ONE NEW MAN, so making peace (KJV)


             We will fly, which means that we will have spiritual authority, and the part of us that is seen will have beautiful colors.  


            Colors are expressions of light, and signify the visible part of Jehovah's thought form.  So, we see that "the Woman" is twofold, the personality, and the fiery serpent, our mortal foundation.


            The fiery serpent left to her own devices, takes a male role and speaks for the Primordial Serpent. She is the Primordial Serpent's embryo, which will be born as a flying dragon when the whole man matures, and is the enemy of Christ Jesus. But when the fiery serpent is forced into a female role by Christ Jesus she becomes the "seraphim" who stand in front of Jehovah's throne crying, holy, holy, holy (Is. 6:2-6).


            This is the Doctrine of the Adulteress Woman (Pro. 30:20). As Christ Jesus steps down into our earthen nature, and overwrites it with Jehovah's nature, He is saying to us,  "go and sin no more," because the Lord Jesus will have given us the strength to obey his commandment (Jn. 8:11).


            There is one who condemns us for not obeying the commandments, and that is the Law.  But Jesus came to deliver us from the works of the law. He diverts Satan's judgment, which is unto death, towards the White Throne Judgment, which is unto life.


             So, "the woman" was given two wings.....


             "High place," is a legitimate translation for the Hebrew word translated "wings," and we will carry that translation over into our New Testament study.


            Remember, the New Testament is a translation of a translation of a translation. The New Testament was written in Aramaic, by men who had a "Jewish Mind." This means that they thought like Jews who had been studying the Hebrew Scripture for generations.


            Whenever I do a word study in the Greek, I always take the translation that the author indicates is a "Hebraism,” which means, the Hebrew usage of the word. The New Testament was written in Aramaic, translated into Latin, which was translated into Greek, which was translated into English.



    The woman was given over, or delivered up, or given over into the care of, the great eagle who inhabits the high places (translation of "wings").


            The word "two" signifies that there are two "high places." Or, let us say, there are two high places, or two energy centers, above the visible world, which are inhabited by a great eagle.


            The Illustration for Ezekiel, Chapter 1 - Part 6, shows an eagle in both the fifth and the sixth energy centers. The eagle in the fifth energy center, is Christ Jesus in the individual, ascended  beyond Satan's grasp.


                        The great eagle, Christ Jesus having been made great, or having been fortified by the Lord Jesus Christ, occupies the 6th energy center of the true timeline. The eagle, Christ Jesus, in the fifth energy center, has power over Satan, but has not yet rescued his personality from the fiery serpent.


            Satan is the fiery serpent's watch dog. Christ Jesus must defeat Satan before He can deliver His personality from the jaws of the Primordial Serpent. Remember, the upper and lower jaw of the Primordial Serpent are the male and female aspects of the fiery serpent.


            It is the fiery serpent, the spiritual inhabitant of mortal man, who is consuming the personality, both as static and dynamic energy. This is another way of saying, the warp and woof threads of the etheric body. The fiery serpent in her static, or inactive, aspect, sleeps in the root energy center, and consumes the spiritual blood of the personality, like a human fetus feeds off of its mother through the umbilical cord, and the dynamic, or active, aspect of the fiery serpent, feeds off of the human spirit.


            The physical body becomes diseased when there is not enough energy to both feed the fiery serpent and sustain the physical body. The fiery serpent is a spiritual parasite that satisfies herself at the expense of the physical body. Her activities manifest as negative emotions and thoughts, so the more that we indulge ourselves, the more active she is in consuming our life-sustaining energy, or spiritual blood, and the more we are diseased, and the sooner we die.


            All of the spiritual elements of the "world," that is, the individual cosmos, work together to support the existence of the personality and the fiery serpent until they are married to a "male," which union gives them access to a cosmic source of energy, that is, an energy source beyond the one that they were born with.


            So, at the end of Verse 13, we see Leviathan chasing after the fiery serpent, who is still the husband of at least in part of the personality, and at the beginning of Verse 14, we see that the woman, in this case, the personality, is given over to the care of Christ Jesus, both in the individual if He is formed in the fifth center, and in other mortal men, where Christ Jesus is formed in the fifth center, and to the Sons, who became supernatural men when Christ Jesus ascended to their sixth center, "that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place....."


            "To fly" signifies spirituality and, in this case, the ability to ascend into the higher centers which are beyond the grasp of Satan. She pursues every escaping personality, Like Pharaoh pursued the Hebrew children when they left Egypt, to bring them back into the lower centers where they are married to the fiery serpent.


            "The wilderness" signifies the centers above the visible world. In the past I told you that these centers were "above the firmament," which I never understood. I read in the lexicons that the "firmament" was the visible world, but it made no sense to me until I discovered that the heart center is the visible world, that is, the real visible world, from where the image that we exist in, is projected.


            I remember reading about "the firmament of Heaven," and being confused because the lexicons say that the firmament is heaven. So, how could there be a Heaven of Heaven?


            Deut. 10:14


            Behold, the heaven and the heaven of heavens is the Lord’s thy God, the earth also,  with all that therein is. KJV


             The heart, or the fourth energy center, is the visible world, that is, Heaven. The fifth energy center, where the eagle flies above the visible world, is the Heaven of Heaven.


            "The wilderness" signifies the uninhabited fifth, sixth and seventh energy centers of the true timeline. The higher energy centers became a wilderness when Adam fell, and have been uninhabited by humanity at-large, ever since. The significance of the phrase, "fly into the wilderness," is that the great eagle, the fortified Christ Jesus who dwells in the sixth center, is strong enough to elevate the personality to a place of safety, beyond Satan's grasp.


            In this instance we are told that the woman is taken to a place where she will be nourished, so this must mean the fourth (heart) center, the place from which we ascend into the world above.


            Again, the significance here, is that it is unnatural for the earth to ascend. The Earth is of the lower centers, and the personality is of the Earth, she is of the Primordial Serpent's household, so it is a miracle for the personality to dwell in the higher centers, and she can only do so through marriage to Christ Jesus. Only that which came down from Heaven can ascend back up into Heaven.


            The Primordial Serpent has built a counterfeit timeline.  It is called "the Tower of Babel." The Tower of Babel promises eternal life in Heaven, and this is true for the fiery serpent, but it is not true for the personality.


            The seventh center of the Tower of Babel is the lying heaven, which is no heaven at all, but eternal hell and eternal torment for the personality. The Tower of Babel is the lie of the ages, and the Heaven that Christ Jesus is covering over.


            Jehovah has already torn it down once. It was at the Tower of Babel where Jehovah said to Elohim, “look at what they have done. “ He, then, proceeded to separate Leviathan from the fiery serpent, so that they could not draw the personalities of the creature into their spiritual sexual union, which creates a world of eternal torment for the personality.


            Jehovah has condemned the spiritual marriage of the Primordial Serpent to her own offspring, which produces a world where the ox dies. The ox that Adam formed in the beginning, when Adam (humanity) and his ox, were born as a Wild Animal with the Primordial Serpent's nature, became the personalities of humanity as we know them today. This is evidenced in Scripture by the evolution of the ox in Ezekiel, Chapter 1, into the calf of Revelation, Chapter 4.


            Any philosophy or religion that teaches the reunion of


Leviathan in the seventh center, with the fiery serpent in the 1st center, which two were separated by Jehovah at the Tower of Babel, is, no matter how ignorantly, working towards the establishment of hell on earth and the destruction of our world as we now know it.


            So, the woman, the personality, was given over to the care of Christ Jesus, for the purpose of elevating her to the true heart center (there is a false heart center) where, because she is beyond Satan's grasp. From there, she can understand the Doctrine of Christ, the principles of righteousness, and how to war against her own sin nature, the fiery serpent, the husband of her incestuous marriage, and the fiery serpent's "bite," which is Satan.


             The King James translation says "into her place," but I suggest to you, that the correct translation is "into His place," signifying the great eagle's world, or the world that the great eagle guards.


            The King James translation says, "For a time, and times, and half the time." Great scholars have pondered the meaning of this mysterious phrase for centuries, but I say to you that the correct translation is, "where the woman, the personality, is strengthened (nourished) in the great eagle's timeline, or age.”  “The Primordial Serpent's age [times] is a partial age [half a time]," and the mind of the ox that dwells in the partial age, is in the Primordial Serpent's image, and cannot comprehend the things of God.


            The personality, the woman, was caught up into the true heart center by Christ Jesus, because for so long as she remains in the partial time line, or the partial tree, which is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, she will never agree with Christ Jesus, or desire the Kingdom of God, or the righteousness which is in Christ.


             "From the face of the serpent." "Face" signifies that which is up-front, that which is seen, that is, the personality. "From" can also be translated, "away from." "Where she will be strengthened in the great eagle's timeline, away from the partial timeline, [or inadequate mind], which governs the personality that is in the Primordial Serpent's image."


            The mind that we think with, is the time line that we abide in. The personality that lives out of the carnal mind, dwells in the inferior time line, which is so spiritually retarded, that it is incapable of comprehending what God is saying.


            Jesus' deliverance for the woman who is married to the Primordial Serpent's mind, is to give her a new mind, his mind, by which she can be caught up into the world above, so that she can be taught, and trained, and instructed from that high place, from the world above. The miracle is that the personality is brought to a place where she can understand the things of God, and where she will be protected from Satan while she learns.


            So we see that the woman of Revelation, Chapter 12, has both the Mind of Christ, and the mind of the Primordial Serpent. The Jews of Ezra and Nehemiah's day stood guard as they rebuilt the wall, as we, who are being rebuilt in Christ Jesus, must stand guard. We must fight the enemy on one side, and train and study on the other side, so that we might be born again in the image of our great God, Jehovah, who loves us, and sent Jesus to die for us; that we might ascend out of hell, and live with Him in the world above, even though that location is not our natural habitat.


            Only He who came down from Heaven, can return to Heaven. We are of the earth. Heaven is not our natural habitat. But when Jesus ascended, he took captivity captive. He laid hold of the ox that Jehovah formed in the beginning, which was captured by the Primordial Serpent, and recaptured her from the fiery serpent. We are Christ Jesus' possession and, as Christ Jesus' possession, we inherit eternal life. But to possess our inheritance, and ascend into the world above, we must die to this world.


            Any questions about today's message? Praise the Lord! God bless you. See you next week.


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