Revelation, Chapter 12 - Part 6 (Verses 16-18)


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LivingEM: Welcome to The Living Epistles' On-Line Meeting

LivingEM: Verse 15, and the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman

LivingEM: That he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

LivingEM: Once again, we will begin with a study of spiritual principles

LivingEM: which, hopefully, will help us to understand what this verse is saying.

LivingEM: As I have been teaching for quite a while,

LivingEM: spiritual principles are universal, and apply to all spiritual experiences,

LivingEM: whether those experiences are had in the Serpent, or in Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: We are spiritual beings wrapped in flesh,

LivingEM: and, as such, we have a spiritual heritage.

LivingEM: The condition which we are now in, is only temporary.

LivingEM: There is a spiritual marriage, and a spiritual rebirth waiting for us.

LivingEM: In this context, all of humanity is a young maiden, waiting to be married.

LivingEM: This principal is very Scriptural. The Church is the bride of


LivingEM: yet, how many Christians know what this means?

LivingEM: The answer is, very few.

LivingEM: There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord is full well able to teach us

LivingEM: everything that we need to know from scratch, that is,

LivingEM: from his Spirit, directly to our mind,

LivingEM: but whether or not our mortal mind can receive the intensity of this information in one

LivingEM: lifetime, is doubtful.

LivingEM: Therefore, to cut the time short, the Lord is teaching me from other writings,

LivingEM: which probably took many lifetimes to gather together.

LivingEM: He is teaching me what the Christian who ascends into spiritual power in Christ Jesus

LivingEM: will be experiencing through what is already written, even though this may be written

LivingEM: from the Primordial Serpent's viewpoint.

LivingEM: Hindu philosophy is the message of what is about to happen to humanity if Christ Jesus

LivingEM: does not intervene.

LivingEM: This is a universal truth, no matter how much we may deny it.

LivingEM: Hindu philosophy is a "jumping off point."

LivingEM: This is what is about to happen to every individual, if not in this generation,

LivingEM: in future generations,

LivingEM: but, for those who are willing to follow Jesus Christ anywhere, the experience promised by the Primordial Serpent, may be

LivingEM: altered.

LivingEM: In the fullness of time, every man will be married, either to

Leviathan, or to the Lord

LivingEM: Jesus Christ,

LivingEM: and will be born again in the image of the male spiritual being that they marry.

LivingEM: This is the truth, whether you believe it or not.

LivingEM: Our hope is that Christ will be formed in the midst of us,

LivingEM: so that we will be qualified -- have the right wedding garment --

LivingEM: to be married to the Lord Jesus Christ, and not to Leviathan.

LivingEM: Any honest person can clearly see that the Scripture teaches this.

LivingEM: It is even obvious in the King James translation, for those who have eyes to see,

LivingEM: and ears to hear.

LivingEM: The Interlinear Text of Verse 15 says,

LivingEM: And cast the serpent out of the mouth of herself,

LivingEM: I have to tell you, that I would be at a loss to understand this phrase correctly,

LivingEM: if I had not read in the Hindu philosophy book that the Lord has directed me to,

LivingEM: that the fiery serpent ascends from the root center, piercing through all of the energy

LivingEM: centers until she arrives at the seventh center where Leviathan is.

LivingEM: Upon her arrival, the book says, "she kisses" and then " bites him.

LivingEM: The "bite," according to this book, releases the reservoir of spiritual energy stored in

LivingEM: the seventh center.

LivingEM: I remind you that the goal of this ascension, or at least one of the goals,

LivingEM: is to bring into the body, an additional supply of energy.

LivingEM: When this "reservoir" of energy is released into the body, the

fiery serpent

LivingEM: no longer needs to feed off of the spiritual blood and tissues of the host, which is

LivingEM: the personality and the physical body.

LivingEM: In other words, when the fiery serpent taps into a source of

LivingEM: energy beyond that of the individual that she is living in,

LivingEM: she no longer consumes the body or the personality that she is joined to,

LivingEM: and, as a result, that physical body is cured of all illnesses, and stops dying.

LivingEM: But what the Hindu philosophy books do not tell you, is that there is a whole bunch of strings

LivingEM: attached to the Primordial Serpent's immortality.

LivingEM: The most significant string as far as we, the personality, are concerned,

LivingEM: is that we become joined to the Primordial Serpent,

LivingEM: and that such union causes us to be born again into a world of eternal torment, which world will exist until Jesus Christ destroys this partial age.

LivingEM: Everyone experiences this spiritual marriage individually.

LivingEM: Examples of eternal torment in our world today

LivingEM: are mental illness, insanity, drug addiction, alcoholism, and

LivingEM: any other mind altering experience, which results in physical, mental or emotional torment.

LivingEM: There are many today who know from experience that they can be living in the physical lap of luxury,

LivingEM: and be mentally and spiritually in hell at the same time.

LivingEM: I listen to the news and hear reports of wonderful new treatments for disease,

LivingEM: but no mention is made of the pain and suffering one experiences from the treatment itself.

LivingEM: The whole world takes disease and pain as a normal part of "life," as something that just

LivingEM: must be dealt with -- something that is normal.

LivingEM: Brethren, disease and suffering, both physical and mental, and death, are not normal.

LivingEM: It is not normal to have your body cut open.

LivingEM: It is not normal to go for check ups twice a year in the hope of "catching" cancer early enough to cut it out and burn it away with

surgery, chemotherapy and

LivingEM: radiation.

LivingEM: This is not normal. This is "life" in hell.

LivingEM: So we see that the fiery serpent, the woman,

LivingEM: was cast out of Leviathan's mouth by Michael and his angels.

LivingEM: Does this sound so strange to you?

LivingEM: Didn't Jesus say, if you are neither hot or cold,

LivingEM: I will spue you out of my mouth?

LivingEM: Unfortunately, many perceive the King James translation in a spirit of condemnation.

LivingEM: When one reads Jesus supposedly saying that if you

LivingEM: don't work hard enough, He's going to dump you, it's pretty scary.

LivingEM: But the truth of that Scripture is that Jesus is warning us, because of his great love for us,

LivingEM: that if we don't keep Satan's waters boiling, Leviathan will surely

LivingEM: cast us out of Christ Jesus' mouth, and marry us.

LivingEM: It is a great and serious error to believe that Jesus is going to "carry us away" to safety

LivingEM: as the maidens of medieval literature

LivingEM: were snatched to safety by a knights in shining armor, riding on

LivingEM: beautiful black chargers.
LivingEM: Jesus has provided, and still is providing, all that we need to take authority over

the fiery serpent within

LivingEM: us, and direct her away from Leviathan, and towards the Lord Jesus.

LivingEM: But we must arm ourselves, and fight the good fight

LivingEM: of faith.

LivingEM: So the fiery serpent was cast out of Leviathan's mouth,

LivingEM: was separated from Leviathan

LivingEM: by Michael and his angels,

LivingEM: which separation, or divorce if you will,

LivingEM: "dried up" the flow of the Primordial Serpent's negative energy

LivingEM: into the individual.

LivingEM: Revelation, Chapter 16, Verse 12,

LivingEM: And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river, Euphrates,

LivingEM: And the water thereof was dried up,

LivingEM: that the way of the Kings of the East might be prepared.

LivingEM: The East is the eternal realm of God.

LivingEM: The spiritual men who are being born into the Kingdom of God, are the Kings of the East, and

LivingEM: the Primordial Serpent's outpouring of negative energy because of the union of Leviathan

LivingEM: and the fiery serpent, is Euphrates.

LivingEM: This is a great mystery, but the people who have been born

LivingEM: with a strong inherited spiritual potential

LivingEM: will enter into the Kingdom first.

LivingEM: God is no respecter persons,

LivingEM: but the individual's ability to enter in is limited by the spiritual genetics that he was born with.

LivingEM: This does not mean that any one man is greater than another man,

LivingEM: it merely means that we all have a spiritual inheritance, but that all such inheritances

LivingEM: are not equal.

LivingEM: To whom much is given, much is required.

LivingEM: I exhort whoever is reading this transcript, to rebuke your envy.

LivingEM: Those who will ascend first, will fight the most difficult battles.

LivingEM: Don't be deceived. If we fight behind Christ Jesus, our shield of righteousness,

LivingEM: the victory is assured, but there is no promise that I know of,

LivingEM: that we will not be wounded, and experience pain.

LivingEM: Those who enter in first, are called to serve the masses of human beings who remain behind.

LivingEM: Matt. 23:11,

LivingEM: But he that is greatest amongst you, shall be your servant.

LivingEM: Those who ascend first will prepare the others to enter in.

LivingEM: And "the others" will hate you, and envy you, and fight against you,

LivingEM: but our service is to Jesus Christ -- who wants them to enter in also.

LivingEM: So the woman, the fiery serpent, was cast out of Leviathan's mouth

LivingEM: by Michael and his angels so that those who were to ascend in Christ Jesus could lay hold

LivingEM: of the fiery serpent and join with her as her new husband.

LivingEM: This principle was taught in our recent study, Fishing For Leviathan.

LivingEM: This is another way of saying that the glorified Jesus Christ bound Leviathan so that

LivingEM: Peter and the other disciples could boil Satan, cook Leviathan,

LivingEM: and separate Leviathan's flesh from the bones, or the foundation,

LivingEM: of the fiery serpent.

LivingEM: And after the fiery serpent was separated from Leviathan,

LivingEM: Satan, the unconscious mind

LivingEM: of the woman....

LivingEM: the water signifies Satan,

LivingEM: the word "after" means "from behind," and "behind"

LivingEM: signifies the unconscious mind.

LivingEM: So we have two witnesses, the "water" and the word "after," that the Scripture is talking about the unconscious mind.

LivingEM: The water signifies Satan, the collective unconscious mind of humanity,

LivingEM: and the word "after" signifies that drop of Satan in the individual, which is the personal

LivingEM: unconscious mind.

LivingEM: Satan is the "flood" of negative energy that is poured out when the fiery serpent

LivingEM: ascends to the seventh center and "bites" Leviathan.

LivingEM: ....... That he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. The words "to be" are not in the Greek.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "carried away as a flood,"

LivingEM: is derived from two other Greek words.

LivingEM: Strong's #4215, means to drink down,

LivingEM: and Strong's #5409,

LivingEM: means to "wear as clothing" and "to be a constant companion."

LivingEM: The Greek word that is translated "that he might cause," means to "acquire."

LivingEM: That she might acquire the personality, and wear her as a garment, which will be a constant companion. This is the definition of spiritual marriage.

LivingEM: Well, it looks like I didn't have it quite right.

LivingEM: The spiritual principles stated above, with regard to drying up Euphrates, etc.

LivingEM: are all correct, but they may not apply to this verse.

LivingEM: I see now that this verse is not talking about the fiery serpent being cast down,

LivingEM: but about the flood of negative energy which is released

when the fiery serpent

LivingEM: "bites" Leviathan.

LivingEM: So the translation should read,

LivingEM: And so the fiery serpent caused to be cast down

LivingEM: out of Leviathan's mouth,

LivingEM: Satan,

LivingEM: the collective unconscious mind of mortal man,

LivingEM: who is now joined to the individual unconscious mind.

LivingEM: Satan, the collective unconscious mind, is the "cosmic energy" that I have told you about.

LivingEM: She is the reservoir of energy which exists beyond the energy of the individual.

LivingEM: The cosmic Satan is the Primordial Serpent's fountain of youth.

LivingEM: And so the fiery serpent -- by biting, or marrying Leviathan,

LivingEM: caused the collective Satan, to join with Satan in the individual,

LivingEM: and this double portion of negative energy was programmed

LivingEM: to join with the individual personality, and acquire her

LivingEM: for the Primordial Serpent's use.

LivingEM: Verse 16,

LivingEM: And the earth helped the woman,

LivingEM: And the earth opened her mouth,

LivingEM: and swallowed up the flood

LivingEM: which the Dragon cast out of his mouth.

LivingEM: The meaning of the Greek word translated "help,"

LivingEM: is "to aid."

LivingEM: This is also the meaning of the Hebrew words translated "help meet" in Genesis 3.

LivingEM: When Jehovah promised Adam a help meet, He was not talking to the personal Adam,

LivingEM: He was talking to the universal Adam, the seed, the germ cell,

LivingEM: that contained all of humanity in seed form.

LivingEM: Adam, the germ seed of humanity, is Strong's # 120.

LivingEM: The personal Adam is Strong's No. 121.

LivingEM: Adam, the germ seed of humanity, is invisible.

LivingEM: He is the beginning of the imagination that Jehovah thought into existence,

LivingEM: the help that Jehovah promised him

LivingEM: was the visible image that would accurately express himself.

LivingEM: The creature that Jehovah imagined is destined to be a complete

LivingEM: thought form, that is, the original, invisible thought,

LivingEM: attached to a visible image of itself at one end,

LivingEM: and the household of God at the other end.

LivingEM: So we see that the help promised, is a visual aid,

LivingEM: an accurate, living image of Jehovah's creative thought,

LivingEM: and not a human female to provide sexual and household services.

LivingEM: for a human male.

LivingEM: God is Spirit, and the germ seed of humanity is Spirit,

LivingEM: and the Sons of God are Spirit,

LivingEM: and the body of Christ is Spirit,

LivingEM: but the earth is flesh,

LivingEM: and everything made from the earth is flesh.

LivingEM: The physical body is flesh,

LivingEM: and the animals of this world are flesh,

LivingEM: and his whole world, which is in the image of the Primordial Serpent, who is the earth,

LivingEM: is flesh,

LivingEM: and that which is born of the Primordial Serpent's flesh mind

LivingEM: is flesh.

LivingEM: Humanity is in a form today which is the exact opposite of what Jehovah intended us to be.

LivingEM: We are not spirit, we are animals, flesh, earth,

LivingEM: but we have a potential to be spiritual beings again.

LivingEM: But this requires a conversion.

LivingEM: We must separate from the flesh, which is no easy thing to do.

LivingEM: We cannot do it in our own strength, or in our own timing.

LivingEM: We must live the life that we have been given at this time

LivingEM: righteously, to the fullest extent possible, and follow the Lord's lead

LivingEM: towards change

LivingEM: So the earth helped the woman...

LivingEM: This means

LivingEM: that the earth joined herself to the woman.

LivingEM: Now, a spiritual marriage is supposed to be one half spirit, and one-half earth,

LivingEM: but both the fiery serpent and the personality, are "the

LivingEM: woman."

LivingEM: The woman is divided.

LivingEM: The woman, the fiery serpent, is the mortal foundation of fallen humanity.

LivingEM: The woman, the personality, is what we know to be the individual man.

LivingEM: Two women? No. One woman divided.

LivingEM: We are a divided creation. This is the divided age,

LivingEM: or the divided timeline.

LivingEM: We are still dividing.

LivingEM: Humanity is increasing as the original spiritual clay

LivingEM: is divided into more and more people.

LivingEM: The physical universes are increasing as existing worlds

LivingEM: break apart, and the pieces generate new worlds.

LivingEM: Astrophysicists know that universes are shooting away from us

LivingEM: -- dividing from us.

LivingEM: The woman is married to herself.

LivingEM: The Primordial Serpent is female, but she has divided herself intopseudo-male, and female,

LivingEM: and has married herself to form this world,

LivingEM: which is a spiritual perversion when compared to the truth,

LivingEM: which is Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: We are in a perverse form, which is spiritual incest, because we are married to

LivingEM: ourselves, and spiritual homosexuality, because both the males and females of this world

LivingEM: are spiritually female.

LivingEM: So we, the personality, are the visible expression of our spiritual husband,

LivingEM: the fiery serpent, who is in the Primordial Serpent's image.

LivingEM: I suggest to you that the word "flood" should be in the present tense.

LivingEM: And the fiery serpent who was helping the woman, the personality,

LivingEM: the fiery serpent who was married to the personality, swallowed up

LivingEM: the flood of the cosmic, or collective, Satan,

LivingEM: the flood of negative energy that was released in verse 15,

LivingEM: as are result of the fiery serpent ascending to the seventh center,

LivingEM: and "biting" Leviathan.

LivingEM: According to verse 15,

LivingEM: the cosmic, or the collective, Satan, joins with Satan in the individual,

LivingEM: which is the unconscious mind of the individual.

LivingEM: It is important that we understand that Satan attacks from the unconscious mind.

LivingEM: She comes in the back door.

LivingEM: She enters into the sheep fold in an illegal way, so that the person

LivingEM: who is not spiritual, cannot see her coming.

LivingEM: And even the spiritual man cannot see her coming, unless he is trained to do so.

LivingEM: She is hidden, she is subtle, she is dishonest,

LivingEM: she is our strong enemy,

LivingEM: but in Christ Jesus, we have the victory.

LivingEM: So the earth, the fiery serpent, who is married to the woman, the personality,

LivingEM: joined with the cosmic, or the collective Satan,

LivingEM: to give her "wife," the personality, over to the cosmic Satan.

LivingEM: The fiery serpent is the "pimp" for the Primordial Serpent,

LivingEM: who is manifesting in her active aspect, as Leviathan.

LivingEM: And the fiery serpent swallowed up Satan, the flood

LivingEM: that was cast down out of Leviathan's mouth.

LivingEM: Last verse, Verse 17,

LivingEM: And Leviathan, the Dragon. was very angry with the woman, with the personality

LivingEM: who preferred Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: and was also angry with the fiery serpent

LivingEM: who had allowed herself to be separated from the personality,

LivingEM: the other part of herself,

LivingEM: and joined to Christ Jesus, in some of her spiritual molecules.

LivingEM: The Lord gave us a revelation

LivingEM: that these "spiritual molecules," are spiritual eggs.

LivingEM: One of the parts of this message on Revelation, Chapter 12, goes into that idea in detail.

LivingEM: It should not surprise us to find out that Hindu philosophy speaks of the "eggs of Brahman."

LivingEM: The fiery serpent is not a single entity, but an energy stream.

LivingEM: And, as a light stream in our physical world consists of many photons,

LivingEM: the energy stream of the fiery serpent, consists of many spiritual molecules, or eggs.

LivingEM: And, as we have been taught in previous messages, Christ Jesus is apprehending these

LivingEM: spiritual eggs, all of which are within are spiritual being, one at a time.

LivingEM: The Dragon was enraged at the personality for preferring Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: and enraged with the fiery serpent for not holding the line, and refusing to separate from her other self, the personality,

LivingEM: and he went to make war, not "with"

LivingEM: but "on behalf of"

LivingEM: the seeds, which were still in the Primordial Serpent's household.

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "with" in the phrase, "to make war with,"

LivingEM: means, "behind."

LivingEM: The Dragon went to make war "from behind"

LivingEM: her own spiritual eggs

LivingEM: or we might say

LivingEM: her own spiritual "germ seeds"

LivingEM: which were still married to the personality. And, of course, the word "behind" also signifies "from the unconscious mind. This war is a spiritual war.

LivingEM: The Dragon, who was pouring out of the seventh energy center of the counterfeit timeline as Satan, joined herself

LivingEM: to the fiery serpent in the individual, to strengthen her

LivingEM: against Christ Jesus, who was fighting against the fiery serpent

LivingEM: to release the spiritual molecules of the personality that she was joined to as a husband.

LivingEM: ...Which keep the commandments of God ...

LivingEM: The Greek word translated "which," does not mean

LivingEM: "which,"

LivingEM: but "this," "that" or "these."

LivingEM: or "those."

LivingEM: The Dragon went to war with Christ Jesus on behalf

LivingEM: of her germ seeds which were still married to the personality,

LivingEM: and "those ones" that the Dragon warred against

LivingEM: were those who keep the commandments of God

LivingEM: and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus is manifesting through a company of people

LivingEM: who are living out of His nature.

LivingEM: Christ Jesus is the only one who can keep the commandments of God,

LivingEM: so the only way mortal man can ever hope to keep the commandments of God,

LivingEM: is to live out of the mind of Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: The word "testimony," means "witness."

LivingEM: The witness that is spoken about here

LivingEM: is the witness that Jesus Christ was the son of God.

LivingEM: The proof that Jesus Christ was the son of God,

LivingEM: is that He lived totally out of the mind of God,

LivingEM: and because He lived completely out of the mind of God,

LivingEM: He was incapable of sin.

LivingEM: The testimony of Jesus Christ is that He was engraved with the nature of the Father.

LivingEM: Our testimony as to whose nature we have

LivingEM: is the mind that we live out of,

LivingEM: and the mind the we live out of, is witnessed to by the thoughts that we think,

LivingEM: And the thoughts that we think, are witnessed to by the deeds that we do.

LivingEM: The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

LivingEM: He who is born of God, cannot sin.

LivingEM: He cannot sin because his germ seed remains within him.

LivingEM: He does not sin because He does not give his foundation -- his spiritual molecules -- the germ seeds of His life, to be joined to the Primordial Serpent.

LivingEM: To be born of God, one must first be married to God.

LivingEM: When every one of our spiritual eggs,

LivingEM: or spiritual germ seeds, if you will,

LivingEM: is joined to Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: we will be incapable of sin.

LivingEM: Our seed will remain, not "in us," but "in Him" - in Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: 1 Jn. 3:9

LivingEM: Whoever is born of God doth not commit sin,

LivingEM: for his seed remaineth in him,

LivingEM: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

LivingEM: His seed doesn't remain in "himself," but in "Him,"

LivingEM: in Christ Jesus.

LivingEM: And when every single one of our spiritual eggs are joined to Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: we will be born again of God,

LivingEM: and we will be incapable of sin --

LivingEM: when we are born of God.

LivingEM: But for those of us who are born again of the

LivingEM: Primordial Serpent, they shall not only be capable of sin

LivingEM: but shall be the perfect expression of sin,

LivingEM: sin incarnate,

LivingEM: and they shall abide in this condition until the end of the age,

LivingEM: when Christ Jesus destroys this entire evil timeline.

LivingEM: I honestly do not know if there is any chance of deliverance for someone

LivingEM: who has been born again of the Primordial Serpent.

LivingEM: I believe that if it is possibile, it will be extraordinarily difficult.

LivingEM: Look at it this way,

LivingEM: if so few mortal men, including those who have a relationship with the Holy Spirit

LivingEM: and some with Christ --

LivingEM: if these men cannot overcome the fiery serpent when she is still

LivingEM: a maiden, and not yet married to Leviathan,

LivingEM: how will they ever overcome the fiery serpent when she is a married woman

LivingEM: and has the whole household of the Primordial Serpent standing behind her?

LivingEM: So, how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation

LivingEM: which at the beginning began to be spoken about by the Lord,

LivingEM: and was confirmed to us by them that heard him.

LivingEM: (Heb. 2:3)

LivingEM: "And them that heard Him,"

LivingEM: does not mean only the apostles.

LivingEM: It means whoever is "hearing" Him today.

LivingEM: God help us all, and may He have mercy upon the weak.

LivingEM: Raise up your Sons oh God, that we might be equipped to defend the widow and the orphan.

LivingEM: The widow is the one who is not married to Christ Jesus,

LivingEM: and the orphan is the one who has no father,

LivingEM: that is, those who don't have a personal relationship with the Lord,

LivingEM: either through the Holy Spirit,

LivingEM: or through faith in His Word.

LivingEM: Any questions?

LivingEM: The hour is late. May we all stand in the great day of His


LivingEM: God bless you.

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