More About How Division Works

More About How Division Works



There is another thought that has come to me about what you and Xxxxxx have been going through.  Let me give you some thoughts on what has happened to me, and still does, but it's getting weaker.  Many times when I have felt negative thoughts towards Pastor Vitale or division would enter my mind about something, it came up as legitimate in my mind, and yet as I became more spiritual, the Lord has revealed how much I have been hearing other people's thoughts who were divided against Pastor Vitale.


Like when she met with anyone new, or she told me she was ministering to a certain person and they were manifesting, I had to consider that it may be them manifesting and I was picking up on their thoughts and feelings, but it felt like me, it came to me as my own reason to feel divided, hurt, negative thoughts about Pastor Vitale.  This has not always been Pastor Vitale that I felt this about, but many times it has been Pastor Vitale because the enemy likes us to get divided mostly from those who are in authority over us.


So, now when the negative thoughts come, I begin to ask the Lord, could this be someone else that is manifesting that I am feeling?  Sometimes the Lord reveals quickly to me that it is.  Regardless of if it is someone else or not, we should rebuke the thoughts, but knowing who it is, gives me a much greater advantage on the warfare. Sometimes just knowing who it is sets me free of them because of the enlightening that comes into my being because of it.  If the Lord tells me who, or if the Lord reveals it through Pastor Vitale or someone I am speaking with, as we talk about it, then I say, I just strip this person's thoughts and feelings off of me in Jesus name, and soon I get relief from it.


In your case, I would like to make a suggestion to you:  The thought has come to me that you are being affected strongly by Xxxx's thoughts and feelings right now.  Things this person is going through and all of the division that is taking place, whether they are doing it knowingly or not, the person's carnal mind just may be playing with your mind, giving you thoughts and division, and negative thoughts and feelings, hurt, and the whole bit, it could be mostly that person.  If this is the case, you can have some victory if you do as I do when someone is on me.


You would say in this instance, the person's name that's manifesting, and then say, I strip all of your thoughts of division and anger and hurt and rebellion and retaliation off of me, and your whole personality off of me in Jesus name, and command all of these things to return to you in Jesus name.  And just pray this directly like that as the Lord leads you, and you will get relief.  You and Xxxxxxx could pray it together, it is probably affecting both of you.  Another thought is that you are involved with helping another disciple in the ministry, and that puts you in a place of direct target from from the person who is manifesting,  but probably everyone in the ministry is being affecting by the one who is manifesting these thoughts daily, and this may go on for a while.  Possibly after a while and as they go through some things, their mind could begin to break, but you can break them off of you also by these commands towards them.


I would suggest that you both pray this way, if you are not already, maybe someone has told you about this, but if not, here is the information for you.  Actually becoming aware of whoever is manifesting in the ministry is necessary, because if division enters our mind and negative thoughts about the pastor or elder, many times it is the ones who are manifesting at the time that are affecting us, and we must strip them off of us through prayer and command it to go back to them that they should feel their own feelings and thoughts in Jesus name. 



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