Pride Is A Snake That Bites

Date: 99-03-10

From: xxxxxxx

To: Pastor Vitale


I learn again from my mistakes, I was just saying this morning that I can't or am having trouble hearing the voice of the Christ. This is troubling me, when I think I'm listening I'm not, and when I should be listening I'm not. I will do all I can to correct my error. thanks again. I confess my pride, and I repent.

God Bless


Pride is like a snake that rises its head, in the mist of everything. When it bites you, you feel the pain. Yes, I have been bitten a lot of time, and I know that there will be many more bites. The question is, what have I learned from the bites? What is the cure? Confession, repenting, and continuing on in Christ. I learn that this spiritual war is no joke, and nothing to play with. We who are in Christ face this snake, more than others who are not seeking the mind of Christ. This snake has many heads, and teeth to bite us with. Its ways are undistinguishable without the mind of Christ. When I was bitten tonight, its venom flowed through my spiritual veins. I heard this snake saying, quit this, this is too hard to obey, and man you can do what you want to do. I grabbed this snake head with the mind of Christ, and said I confess my sins. There's no condemnation to those who are in Christ. When a natural snake bites us, it is said that the venom can be lethal, and can cause one to be delusional. It's the same spiritual, if we allow the venom to remain, we will be spiritually delusional, thinking that we are okay, and so forth. When this spiritual snake bites, its venom is deadly, because it seeks to kill everything in you, it seeks to take your life energy.

Thanks again for pointing out my snake bite.

In Christ


Hi xxxx

Not hearing the voice of God is a sign that our sin has separated us from Him.

In Christ,

Pastor Sheila


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